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Battle Alert: Red Uprising For Android, Tower Defense Gameplay to the Max

Battle Alert

For fans of real-time strategy games and epic tower defense gameplay, check out Battle Alert – Red Uprising. Since hitting Google Play, the app has seen some crazy download numbers, which always reminds me that people are very passionate about these types of games.

The objective is to build up your army and destroy the opposing forces that march on your land. Much like other games of this genre, there are in-app purchases after the free initial download. That comes with the territory.

Check it out and see if it is to your liking.

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  • EvanTheGamer

    RTS AND TD? Count me in!

    Downloading immediately.

  • Justin Kos

    Is this like red alert 2? I’d go ape sht for that

    • jb

      Best red alert style RTS for android is Shogun Total War (still quite limited). Gameloft made a Starcraft-rip a long time ago called StarFront but it’s not on the play store and last I looked hadn’t been updated for modern devices.

      • jb

        It’s kind of odd but mobile FPS, which should be limited on mobile hardware, has come the closest to recreating the console/PC experience. Strategy games (RTS/TBS) on mobile are trapped in either a “retro” (robotic planet, star armada) or “minimalistic” (eufloria, auralux) mindset. I can’t wait for some devs to put together some C&C, MoO2, Civilization, etc style games that have multiple unit types, multiple research arms, more than 4 building types, etc.

  • aj522

    Don’t care how many people have downloaded the game, if there are IAP I never play, I would rather pay $4.99 for the game and be able to enjoy it fully.

    • JoshGroff

      I’m fine with a game having IAPs as long as it doesn’t hassle you to buy them or make it a requirement to complete the game. Hell, I even paid to unlock the 4 books in Wind Up Knight just to support the developers.

      I mean Need For Speed: Most Wanted has IAPs, but the difficulty is not increased to the point at which you need them to win, and that is fine by me. It lets people who want to unlock stuff sooner get to that point, but the average gamer can still unlock things without much of an issue. When it gets to the extreme where the gaming experience is crippled and IAPs are basically required to get through the game, then it’s an issue.

      • Agreed. There’s a lot of hate for anything IAP, but on many games I’ve played, they’re not that bad, at least when they don’t intefere with the gameplay at all. I don’t mind devs giving players an option to pay for shortcuts, especially if they released the game for free.

        • AranelAlasse

          Are IAPs safe? Does it charge you through your google account (like a regular app purchase)? or do you have to input your credit card information on some new server that’s just another place to worry about getting hacked?

          • Any apps downloaded from the Google Play store that have IAPs work together. The App never gets your credit card information, it tells google play that you want to make the purchase, and google play handles the transaction. In short, your paying google, and google pays the developer. I prefer apps with IAPs to keep them free, then if I enjoy the game I can pay for the specific things I want for either the shortcut or to support the developer. In battle alert, I don’t feel any purchaseable content gives you any unfair advantage. Although the wall upgrade is seemingly impossible without using cash, the walls health boost through upgrading is so tiny that it really gives nearly no advantage on the battlefield. And I can always attack other bases for resources over buying them. My only gripe is the game gets a bit stale and has no replay value once your base is fully upgraded and you’ve accomplished all your missions and tasks.

      • jb

        I switch devices so often that I don’t want to worry that the IAP I make on one device won’t transfer to the new device so despite spending more than I should on games, I haven’t spent a cent on IAP.

        • JoshGroff

          If you’re a root user, you can use data sync, it’s your best friend for transferring app data from one device to another. I also ask before making IAPs to see if they are transferable.

  • JoshGroff

    In other news, Spectral Souls, Generation of Chaos, and Blazing Souls Accelate are all on sale for 7.03 instead of the usual ~15.99. Just figured I might as well mention that. I’ve had them on my wishlist for a while now and noticed the sale this morning.

  • Thomas

    Tim..was Santa good to ya ? 😉