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ZTE’s 5″ Grand S Features 1080p Display, Will Be Unveiled at CES


It’s confirmed! 2013 is actually spelled “1080.” At this year’s CES, we are sure to see a ton of devices sporting 1080p displays, but according to the newest leaks, add ZTE’s Grand S to the list as confirmed. Other than its 5″ display and uni-body design, not much else is known about the Grand S beyond its tagline, “the world’s thinnest for 5 inch FHD smartphones.”

Will we ever see it on a US carrier? My money is on it being on a smaller carrier and not making its way to any of the big four. But if it did, would ZTE interest anybody? In terms of brand recognition, I can’t say they have much going here in the U.S.

Via: Engadget

  • Jimmy Mackey

    I have been reading about this phone all day and the information that ZTE has put out. I guess since it was leaked they figured they might as well go legit, LOL! The thinnest of its kind is pretty cool, but the phablet market isn’t known for thin phones, so we’ll have to see how much they beat the 10mm record. I know my buddy at DISH loves to be the first to buy things like this and he’ll probably talk to the rep at CES about how to buy one. I love my Galaxy Note II because it has the largest screen available, 5.5-inches. I also use the Sling Adapter for watching TV on my portable devices when I’m away from home, using the DISH Remote Access App I downloaded. It works on my Android phone and iPad so I can watch more TV than I used to since I can watch anywhere I go.

  • Android Man

    Apple Lawyers are already preparing their cases claiming infringement because the device is a phone that displays the time, has rounded corners, and contains an ‘E’ in the name making it much too close to Apple. Consumers might become confused believing they are purchasing an advanced iPhone 8 or even and iPod Touch.

  • I could give a crap about brand recognition if the product is good. Unibody is nice, thin is nice, and the design looks good. I’d be worried about updates though.

    Still, another reason to be pissed that the carriers get to dictate what phones we can buy in this country.

  • Andrew Stone

    I have a Droid X. It works. I’m thinking about upgrading to the DNA but I sorta want to wait. However, there doesn’t seem to be any phones on the horizon. Wait or upgrade?

  • metaldroid

    Phone itself is freakin ugly. Idk about the rest without hands on.

  • Roger W Turner

    Well, yes indeed, 1080 in base 12.415273 (approx) is 2013 in base 10.

  • that widget is stunning..

  • The ZTE Flash on Sprint is a decent phone. They are an unknown or relatively unknown manufacturer in the US but, are well reputable company from China. I would be willing to try it out. The true test is in real-world use obviously. If it was a KIRF type handset then I would write it off, but you never know.

  • Why is there a menu button?…

    • usmitcboy

      Because it makes more sense than a “Recent apps” button. You see that HTC… Sense… get it? I crack myself up. Lol

      • the GS3 also has a menu button….

    • Jon

      I’d rather have a menu button than a recents button. Just like the SIII. You just long press home button to get recents.

  • ok

    I… I like the icons..

  • Depends on the spec’s. If it’s a nice phone, people will buy it, and it will get roms made for it.

  • Brian Walker

    I mentioned this at the source link, but I just can’t trust a phone unless it has a manufacturer who is known to provide software updates after release. So far, at least in the US, ZTE makes only budget phones that are all still on Gingerbread. I don’t care what the specs are, if I can’t trust them to update, then it’s worthless.

  • Ibrick

    It’s like a GNex and a One X had a bastard child..

    • michael arazan

      And it was missing a chromosome

  • Al

    WOW, I think I actually hear crickets.

  • Sobr0801


  • My friends phone is a ZTE phone on Cricket.. his is quite bad. But, this would make an awesome Cricket phone.

  • QQpayne

    They have made some aircards for Verizon that have been decent.