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Question of the Day: What Do You Want to See in the Motorola/Google “X” Phone?

motorola x phone

In the comments section for the article we just posted about this rumored Google/Motorola X Phone, people are already setting up their wishlist in terms of what they want to see with the device. People are hoping for 4G LTE, a large battery, high resolution displays, and of course, an unlockable bootloader.

We decided to throw up this post to give people a proper place to start throwing out ideas for what they need to see in this device. As for the DL team, we have our hopes on a flexible display, the best camera to ever grace a smartphone, a move towards premium materials rather than the plastics we often see, and let’s throw in that Tegra 4 while you’re at it.

Let’s hear your ideas for the X Phone!

  • I wanna See some fricken battery life in these phones!
    If the “X Phone” Turns out to be a joke, I will turn to the Razr Maxx HD, even after all this time, im still waiting to get it.

  • mikeszekely

    A Nexus 5 with a 5″ 1080p screen, LTE, and more storage than the Nexus 4.

  • mcdonsco

    Better camera
    Fix moto keyboard lagginess
    Wireless qi charging

  • Fazil

    A touch screen that is as responsive as iphone; a 13 MP snapper(something on similar lines on Lumia 920 + features of galaxy camera) ; quad-core (2GHz or more),better GPU,3 GB RAM,5 MP front facing camera with wide angle.

  • kdjd8jd

    Introducing the X Droid Nexus. Original name. All kidding aside, if it is a Nexus it will not be a superphone. Nexus = vanilla. But we can pound on that point until the cows come home cause its great to have selective memory especially whan talking about boring topics like Smartphones.

  • sk3litor

    I wonder how the king of locked down bootloaders and the king of open source will come to a middle ground.

  • Adam Goldberg

    8 CORES, 16 mp camera, 5mp FFC, Bendable Screen, maxxed out battery, thin device, and ………KICKSTAND

  • dual quad-core (that’s right)

    powerful dedicated dual gpu

    min 4 gig ram

    min 32gb onboard storage

    massive battery

    1080p screen

  • aqua

    QWERTY slider keyboard. In Europe there is literally only one handset available with Qwerty android slider. If a flagship QWERTY slider is produced, i’m sure it will be a very successful phone, probably to the surprise of many die-hard touch only fans.

  • Jim Vitatoe

    One phone you can move from carrier to carrier (any carrier, one phone fits all)
    5 to 5.5 inch screen
    3500 to 4000+ battery
    SD slot
    2gb ram

    all the latest tech thats floating around at the time.

  • NWolvie

    No LESS than a 3,000 mAh battery.
    A GOOD camera (all previous Moto phone cams have been absolute crap)
    2 stage physical shutter button.
    Water resistant
    Removable battery
    SD slot
    Lanyard slot (yes – some of us still could use that)

    Finally, tell Verizon to keep their damn hands off of it – NO bloatware, no locked bootloader, no tether restrictions, etc.

  • john

    Nothing. I don’t want to see another phone release for at least 6 months. Let these new phones have their day. Companies need to stop making these new phones. Its ridiculous. Unless there’s a new OS then what other feature will these phones have? Now a days you buy a phone and within 3 months its old already.

  • Jane Fonda

    I follow the details here fly38.ℂom

  • i basically just want a quad core droid razr m except with 2gb of ram, and the quad s4 and a 4.3″ 720p display that is IPS (like the one in the rezound). and 2500-3000 mah battery would be nice and a slightly better camera, say a 13mp with f 2.0.

    that would be my perfect phone.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Latest, bone stock Android version. With absolutely no Motorola software (blur) on there at all.

  • an observer

    For the phone:
    Five inch, 1080p Sony screen.
    A big, removable battery.
    Sd slot up to 64gb.
    A decent camera, for a change.
    Change from $500, when bought outright.

    For the tablet:
    9 inch 1920 x 1280 screen
    9000 mah battery
    Micro usb connector
    32 and 64gb versions
    Sd slot
    3g model available from launch

  • considering its motorola making it, I just want them to leave the Bootloader alone and not lock it with a 1024 bit RSA key. If they do that I will be happy. Oh, and I hope for it to be made of Carbon fiber!

  • powdersuber

    Physical keyboard

    • aqua


  • njf

    Physical keyboard

  • Pete

    i just want the phone to be buttery smooth in doing any task,weather it is just a basic one or full hard gaming task,with the best and quickest camera in the world with the IPS 1080p screen(dont care if its flexible or not).oh and most important,it should be abt $350 to $400 and carrier unlocked with all the bands support. and pure android 5.0 out of the box…. thats it.

  • Dave Weinstein

    Here’s my laundry list:

    1) 6.1″ 2560×1600 IGZO screen. (http://blog.laptopmag.com/sharp-igzo-display-packs-in-amazing-498-pixels-per-inch)

    2) “zero” bezel design (http://www.gizchina.com/2012/12/05/6-1-inch-huawei-ascend-mate-phablet-leaked-quad-core-and-hd/)

    3) a large 4000+ removable battery.

    4) 3GB or 4 GB of memory

    5) a damn microSDXC slot!

    6) pentaband GSM/ quadband UTMS and hexaband (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 20, 40) LTE

    7) NFC and all the new goodies

    8) Sony’s new 13M super camera with hardware HDR and 120fps super-slow-mo. (http://www.gizchina.com/2012/12/16/oppo-find-5-camera-samples/)

    9) a decent near zero LUX front camera.

    10) Some super fast yet to be announced quad-core or opti-core processor. (http://www.gizchina.com/2012/12/05/6-1-inch-huawei-ascend-mate-phablet-leaked-quad-core-and-hd/)

    11) WiDi or equivilent and USB host capabilities for keyboard and mouse.

    12) Announce it at CES next month! haha!

    • 2easilyamused

      I’m with this guy except for a few items. I agree with Google. No SD. It really is a pain in the butt. With 32gb and 64gb, you really don’t need more anyway. The next one isn’t really me disagreeing with Dave. QI wireless charging. And finally, I’d like to see Nexus accessories for once. Still not sure why my GNex and Nexus 7 have Pogo pins…

  • sholling

    A Tegra 4 would be nice but what I want is a 4.8″ 1080P resolution screen and 2 GB of RAM and 64GB of storage expandable to 128 with a micro SDHC card. The lack of storage is why I don’t have a Nexus 4.

  • andrew

    dedicated nfc/google wallet button to make nfc and google wallet easy to ue without leaving nfc on all thw time and wearing the battery down

  • jucytec

    Intel i7 processor infused with Exynos SoC which is fully powered by a small solar cell in the front and back of the screen. and it’ll be nice if it was as thin as a stick of trident gum.

    while they are at it, they can throw in a nvidia GTX 960 without compromising the thickness.

    oh, also get 1920 x 1200 on SLCD in 4.5 inches which is also powered by a solar cell powering the hybrid SoC.

  • Crankintopwater69

    No slider kb for me plz

  • mjsplicer78

    Take the specs from a phone like the S3, bump them up by as much as you can with current tech unlock the bootloader and throw Blur out the window. DONE

  • Stone

    Made or assembled in the USA.