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Limited Edition DROID DNA Devices End Up On eBay, Feel Like Getting Me a Christmas Present?


Feel like picking up one of those limited edition DROID DNA devices that are exclusively for Verizon employees? If you head over to eBay, there are a few listings for the device, all of which are either already over or on their way to being over the DNA’s MSRP. That’s to be expected, right? 

For those interested, the limited edition variant has nothing different internally to the regular one. The only change is the red back, which could be enough for some people. Me included. Although, I can’t justify a purchase like that at this time of the year. Consider it added to my wishlist.

You can check a few of the listings here, here, and here.

Cheers Bob!

  • coronaExtra

    So if it randomly reboots or malfunctions will you return it or just keep it as a nice coaster/conversation piece?

  • For those wondering, I received my red dna from ebay and activated it went to a store and received a sim and had them activate it. Had no issues and works great. So lets please stop telling people they wont work on a customer account.

    Also for those selling they can be fired for selling for a profit but Verizon would have to prove they are selling, the employee could easily say they gave it to someone.

  • Keith Sumner

    Correct, they can be activated by a non employee account, however….

    the employee who purchases the phone from verizon agrees not to sell or trade the device, violation of this results in termination.

    Source: a very good friend of mine is an engineer for motorola mobilty and told me this.

  • Ron_Swanson

    That is uglier than a veggie burger.

  • Ibrick

    Now if they did the white version.. I might be tempted.


    Here’s a way cheaper one…


  • Jane Fonda

    Read more here fb26.ℂom

  • Kevdroid

    Ive got one and it works fine. And no I dont work for Verizon…

  • It can only be used to call other Verizon employees.

    • LOL? Where the hell did you hear this?

  • evltwn

    According to a reader in this posting, they are locked into employee accounts only. Scroll down.

    • Also in the same link people have said they have limited edition razr which was a employee phone and they are not employees and they work fine.

      • Dubbaduba

        They were saying it can only be purchased by employees (they go through their own web portal), but non Verizon employees could still have them activated on their own account,

        • I agree with that, but the people at the top of this post like butters are saying they wont work on customer accounts, I disagree. I have a friend who works for Verizon and this is how it worked for us in the past.

      • evltwn

        I know, i was one of those people. But this is from a VZW who said he was locked into the phone for 2 years.

  • enigmaco

    I thought consumer can’t use these phones?

  • Yeah, because the problem with the original DNA’s design was not *enough* red.

  • The red back destroys the styling of the red accents on the original color scheme.

  • Thomas

    Tim, go ahead & bid it’s on me bro. 😉

  • Dubbaduba

    I’m on an employee plan and ordered one for my girlfriend for Christmas who is on a different plan. I will try activating it tonight for her and see if it works. Also, was surprised to find out it came with the wireless charging pad. It is a great deal.

    • laffingrass

      I’m fairly certain they’re cracking down on this sort of thing now. I was even warned to be wary of selling my non-Verizon Exclusive equipment because it still technically violated policy because I got it on a 1-year contract.

      Not sure how serious they are about tracking non-exclusive ESNs, but everything I’ve heard says that they keep an eye on the exclusives. Tread carefully.

    • raptor87

      giving away would be ok, selling it for profit is not.

  • Butters619

    Doesn’t Verizon lock the ESN to Verizon employees?

    • I was under the same impression….

    • Nope they do not, ordered one for myself. Done this before and never had an issue

      • Butters619
        • I see posting on that link saying some have the limited edition razr and they are on a non employee account and they work fine.

          I feel like this is just like when some people told me the DNA could no longer work on AT&T, I said it could and said I have done it and some still thought I was lying.

          I have used a verizon employe edition phone on my account before, I am 100% this will work come Monday

    • nightscout13

      Yes they do. They verify that the ESN is on a VzW employee account.

      • hawkfan

        That is correct. These people will be fired.

        • The people might get fired but the phone is fine to be used on a customer account. Go check out xda forums, others have already done this. I’ve done it before.

          I’ll make sure to post back on Monday with my new phone. Glad I got a down vote for speaking from past experience and from other users with this phone already.

          • hawkfan

            That’s a good point as I’m sure they know Verizon is tracking these. You can activate them but if you care about your job you wouldnt sell it.

        • WCDave

          Yup. They’re gonna regret selling those. Its also seen as direct competition with VZW to sell employee equipment.

  • zepfloyd

    IT’S A TRAP!

  • MKader17

    IIRC it is impossible for a non-employee to activate an employee phone on their own line. So essentially most people would be bidding on a wifi-only device…

    • I saw a thread on Swappa for another LE device and the VZW employee said it should be fine. Always good to ask though.

  • QQpayne

    Nice, but I just got mine in black, and am quite satisfied with the current color scheme.