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Instagram Receives Update on Android – New “Mayfair” Filter, More Facebook Sharing

instagram android

Instagram’s Android app received an update this morning, one that introduced a new “Mayfair” filter and Facebook sharing to Pages. The changelog for the update also says that there are performance enhancements and bug fixes, along with support for 25 languages.

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  • snowblind64

    Down with Instagram! There, I said it. 😉

  • Stewie

    Instagram + FB: Regardless,, payy attention: All Your Images Are Belong To Us ….

    • michael arazan

      FB changing the terms to Instagram to make it read like so much lawyer jargon you won’t even know that you just signed your soul over to them

  • LionStone

    I thought Instagram went down?

  • foob0t

    I wonder if they integrated their “photo selling” features in this. I wouldn’t flash anything instagram on my phone after that release. Before you know it your gallery images are being sold on the market.

    Anyone else notice on the new facebook app there is an option to sync your entire gallery from your phone onto facebook? That would be bad if I accidentally did that.

    • Ian Ward

      Your photos are on their servers no matter what version you have. It has nothing to do with the software update.

      • foob0t

        Yeah I just don’t feel right having anything instagram on my phone being able to have any access to my galery

        • Ian Ward

          Have fun with Google Now then!

  • chris

    the effect is ok im guessing.