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ZeptoLabs, Makers of Cut the Rope, Release Pudding Monsters to Google Play

Earlier this month, ZeptoLab who created Cut the Rope, started to tease Pudding Monsters for iOS and Android. Another game based on super cute characters, it gives off sort of a puzzle-like feel. Although, the characters and their interesting “language” are not cute. Besides my nitpicking, the game plays very well and is incredibly smooth. Does it have the same replay value as Cut the Rope? We shall see. 

Pro tip, after playing the free version for 2 minutes I was basically forced into buying the HD version. The free version probably has the most ads per square inch than I have ever seen. On top of that, between every few rounds, there is a 15 second video which you cannot skip through. Really lame.

Play Link: Free | HD ($0.99)

  • jaredgreenwald

    Downloaded after this post went up and already got 3 stars on all the levels. Pretty fun game that makes you think. The real challenge is to get each combination of stars per level (none, 1, 2, 3) which gets you a crown for that level. Anyway – pretty cool ZeptoLabs.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    There is something about the name “pudding monsters” that doesn’t sit well with me…

  • What the hell is the HD version?

    • Wha?

    • its the lower resolution version

      • EvanTheGamer


    • Hmmm, better graphics? HD is like in “high definition”.

    • EvanTheGamer

      You ask a question like that? Really?

      Okay, let’s see here…why do cows moo and cats meow? Because they just do, silly! Gosh!

  • Won’t be playing as I despise those tactics.

    • Think of the free version as a full functional trial. I think it’s fair to ask users pay for your app.

      • In essence, with how many ads there were, they’re probably making more money off the free version than they are the paid. It was ridiculous!

        • I don’t mind ad-supported, but damn, is it really that bad? I guess ol’ Zeptos gotta pay the bills somehow.

          • Go check it out. I’m sure there’s worse, but every second there could be an ad, they put one in. And then the video ads for Windows phones on top of it? Killin me!

          • QQpayne

            Video adds for windows phone, a platform that will probably never get this game.

        • That’s quite possible. I think it’s a smart business strategy. Definitely better than releasing paid only version (like cut the rope) or limited trial.