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Week of Holiday Tegra: Win One of Two Acer A110 Tablets and $25 AMEX Gift Cards From NVIDIA [Day 4] (Update: Winners Picked)

It’s Day 4! This week, we have teamed up with NVIDIA to bring our readers the “Week of Holiday Tegra” event. They have been extremely generous with the holiday gifts, so make sure to check out the Tegra Zone, where you can find the best mobile games available for Android.

Yesterday, we gave away a Transformer Pad Infinity tablet, matching lapdock, and a Logitech controller for an ultimate mobile gaming experience. We even decided to announce our winner on The Droid Life Show, which was a nice change of pace. Today, we have two Acer A110 tablets, coupled with two $25 AMEX gift cards. Ready to get your Tegra on?  

The rest of this week’s schedule:

  • Day 1 – (3) Nexus 7 16GB
  • Day 2 – Transformer Pad TF300 + dock + Logitech controller
  • Day 3 – Transformer Pad Infinity TF700 + dock + Logitech controller
  • Day 4 – (2) Acer A110 + $25 AMEX Gift Card
  • Day 5 – (4) Lenovo A2109 + $25 AMEX Gift Card


Update: We have our two winners! Cheers to David and Eric! Check back tomorrow for your last chance to get in on the Tegra goodness!

Prize:  2 (two) Acer A110 tablets and 2 (two) $25 AMEX Gift Cards.

How to enter:

1.  ”Like” the NVIDIA Tegra Facebook page or follow @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  ”Like” the Droid Life Facebook page or follow @droid_life on Twitter.
3.  In the comments, tell us a story of how your Android device got you out of a tough situation.


Today, at 4PM PST, we’ll randomly choose a winner from the comments.

Eligible countries:

US (excluding Puerto Rico and its other territories and possessions), Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Finland, Czech Republic, Australia, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, India (excluding the State of Tamil Nadu), and Brazil.

  • ImmaDroid

    I got super lost one time driving from NJ to NC. I stopped off the main highway in Virginia, and was driving. I saw an extremely bad accident.. Im talking Horrible! So my trust phone and GPS contacted 911, told them my exact location. Sat with the injured people until help arrived. Then mapped my way out of there. Thanks to my Smartphone!

  • Luke the Hitchhiker

    I was HITCHHIKING from Southern California toward east in middle of July. I got stranded in middle of the desert in the front of Mojave Desert and no one was picking me up (104 degrees, out of water). To make matters worse, there was a freaking THUNDERSTORM coming toward my way, so I took the next exit and took cover below the bridge, hating myself. Then I used my Droid Eris to look at the map, where I found a small town nearby (~3miles away) where I could find some cover.

  • zpartal

    Got lost, maps got me out.

  • Matolan

    Good toy for when my little son is screaming.

  • ChrisConner09

    Rerouted my dad’s flight around a storm

  • Was in the middle of no where, turned on Google maps and found my way out. This was in 2009 when I got my Droid from Verizon.

  • xraytedjim

    I just used the flashlight to see so i could jump start my car

  • This is more my android phone helping someone else out. On a daily walk from work I was flagged down by a frantic woman looking for a certain building near by and had been driving around for a very long time. She was lost, late, and confused where she was at. So I pulled out the phone and loaded up google maps. We were able to find where she was looking for and get her in the right direction.

    She was not the first for this, but the most flustered and lost one.

  • KRS_Won

    I was driving on 64 at 3A.M. when my car ran out of gas. I used the GPS of my brand new RAZR to walk 4.5 in the rain to get gas. It took 3 gas stations before I found one that took credit cards at the pump after hours. I used the Flashlight app to find an empty Arizona Tea jug in the dumpster to hold gas. As I was climbing out the dumpster, my wet phone slipped out of my hand and busted the screen:-( Then I got to use my GPS to find my way back to my car. Android has saved me more than once. Still haven’t fixed me screen after 6 months though…

  • Jordan Seaich

    I was able to use latitude to help find my brother when he got lost the last time we went on vacation. Took me at least an hour to remember I set it up on his phone. He just wouldn’t answer his phone scared my mom almost to death.

  • Aaron Sadler

    My phone saves me from a screaming toddler in the car.

  • I am a helicopter rescue pilot and had a critical patient on board.  I was taking him to a hospital helipad that was 60 miles away when my navigation system failed (no gps in the aircraft).  I took out my Galaxy Nexus and opened up google maps, punched in the hospital and navigated from the air with my phone.  My phone and google maps basically saved this guys life who was minutes away from dying.  Without that capability there is no telling how lost we could have gotten.  So my phone got the entier crew and the patient out of the stickiest situation.

  • HockeyTech

    During a bad winter storm last year, I was without power and internet for over a day. Having my andriod phone not only gave me piece of mind for safety, but also kept me entertained and connected to the world.

  • Jholland

    My Android phone is helping me get through waiting in this long ass line in Chipotle by allowing me to check out all the new posts on Droid life 🙂 I don’t know what I’d do without it

  • Used my Galaxy Nexus camera to prove to a friend she was cheating on him……Avoided a potenitally bad marriage

  • Billy Dillon

    My honeymoon in Florida…Google maps got us out of several high traffic areas and two highway accidents. Now if we had Apple maps we most likely would have ended up somewhere in the sahara.

  • Jason Brown

    i was visiting ny a few months back. i somehow got off on the wrong subway stop and ended up in the wrong neighborhood. luckily, google maps transit directions got me back on the right track to get where i wanted to go.

  • Charlie

    i was in a deposition, and needed an exhibit off the office server. used my GNex for a wifi hotspot, and used my tablet to vpn into the server and pull up the exhibit. saved some real embarrassment, and potential adverse consequences, with the partners.

  • Mike M

    I got shot during a gang fight. You know West Side Story? That was modeled after our gang. The bullet was going to hit my heart, but my trusty Android phone stopped the bullet. I’m pretty sure the iPhone would have been weak and let the bullet pierce my heart, but Android’s new beefed-up security features in 4.2 were secure enough to stop a bullet from passing through.

    I pour out a 40 every year in honor of my little dead buddy …

  • David Simmons

    I was on a short road trip with a friend but on the way back our phones’ batteries were dead. Thankfully, I had my tablet (no data) and precached google maps of the area to navigate us back.

  • Richard Abramas

    Maps saved me when I got lost in Detroit a few months back

  • An Iphone user tried to say their phone was good……then I brought out my Galaxy Note II…..I won.

  • Keyan X

    My smartphone has gotten me out of rough situation in school, when teacher hand out papers with questions on them for us to answers. Sometimes (you might even say “often”) i wouldn’t know these answer, and that’s where my trust phone and either chrome or Google Now came in to save the day.

    Can you believe the teachers would actually GRADE these papers on correctness? The nerve of them

  • Racer68

    I was driving down the road and came up on an accident that closed the interstate. We were forced to get off at an exit and so I used my “maps” app to find a suitable detour to my destination.

  • Jeff Broders

    Several friends with Iphones were complaining about 3g so I turned on hot spot on my GNex and asked how they liked 4G speeds. One of them asked if it was the new iphone. I told them yes, it’ll be out next year.

  • Lost, tired, almost out of gas…navigate saved me

  • erikiksaz

    For an interview during a job, my phone allowed me look up some extra history if the company that I forgot to look up prior.

  • Ben

    I work in a lot of remote towns on electric substations, and constantly need the internet to look things up, fire off a few e-mails, check contact info, etc. My Android phone keeps me employed and leaves great impressions on the higher ups and customers alike.

  • I can’t find my way out of a paper bag. If I had to rely on iOS maps, I would’ve wound up dead in a ditch. Thankfully, I have a droid with Google Maps.

  • Aaron Sobczak

    I flashed a bad ROM 🙁 Fortunately, it was easy to fix! YAY! 😀

  • Joshua Casey

    I used mine to confirm “that person was in this film” challenges all the time. Many drinks won from that!

  • Justin Galvez

    it got me out of a tough situation with proof that aliens are real by having a picture of them.

  • RoboRobP

    Easy, every time someone says their iPhone is amazing I just pull out my GNex. Crisis averted!

  • pmgdisqus

    My son was getting his hair cut and did not want to stay sitting for that long, so I got out my Samsung S3 and he watched movie trailers until he was done.

  • antinorm

    Just this afternoon, I was Christmas shopping. Was out of ideas, so I pulled out my GNex and looked up where the local bookstores are. Got a map of them, picked one, got turn-by-turn directions to it, and finished shopping there.

  • Byron Galvez

    It gets me out of tough situations everyday with maps tether and strong phone signals

  • mistergrub

    On a roadtrip from md to Florida. My friend insisted to use his apple maps app to lead the way. But we ended up in the country. Long and behold my android came through. He went to check out android phones the nexy day lol

  • My friend wanted to get an iphone and i showed him the galaxy nexus and told him that an unrooted android can do more than a jailbroken ios device

  • MJBigDeal

    Google maps helped me quickly get to a job interview when I was running really late. I got the job!!!

  • Don Walker

    I had my galaxy nexus at work with me on a midnight shift. It and a little plaque Inc help me through a long night !!!

  • PB&Jam

    My android phone once saved me from an extremely boring work meeting.
    I setup a fake caller app to “call” my phone about 2 minutes in, carried on a fake conversation with myself, and regretfully informed my coworkers that I had some urgent business to attend to.

  • Richard

    Whenever I repair my car, I take a series of pictures as I disassemble components. Then use my Kindle Fire to view the pics as I reassemble. Very helpful and the perfect size for use on the workbench.

  • My Razr MAXX bought all of my xmas gifts.

  • Scottyb112

    One time I was running through a patch of woods that I was unfamiliar with, and dropped the keys to my car. In the leaves, thick brush, etc.. Trusty Droid 2 Global came out, threw on the LED flashlight. withing 10 mins I found them. Would of been stuck there all night if not!

  • Maya Yoga

    Well I just got a Nexus 4 to replace my 7 year old Black Berry Pearl 8100. NUFF SAID!

  • Aaron Lee

    I forgot where my final exam was and had to look it up on my smartphone

  • rjt246

    I had an extended power outage at my house once and used my Gnex to order food and keep the family entertained for around 6 hours!

  • My Android device has saved me from being bored during numerous movies and TV shows.

  • It got my wife home after getting lost driving

  • Bart Denson

    I had to pay some bills, so my account was low….and while at this time I had to buy a cylinder head for my car. I was almost up at check out and lone and behold I pull out my EV…… 7 cents in my checking account. I transferred the money just in time and got my part, put it on the next day 🙂

  • Brent Newcomb

    I am an IT system administrator. One day I had a problem with one of my servers and I had to VPN into the network and remote into to the server to resolve the issue but was no where a internet connection. So I turned on Foxfi on my DROID Razr and then was get an internet connection to resolve my server problem. It just need to be rebooted. Thanks FoxFi and Verizon!!!!

  • used my nexus 7 and evernote to do my summer reading and take all my notes i needed to start my essay that was due the next day. procrastination at its finest

  • realfoxm

    I was on my way to a job interview and the night prior I had flashed a ROM that apparently didn’t have GPS working properly. I pulled over to restore a android and arrived on time. It was a crazy adrenaline rush. Long story short, I used Google maps/navigation to save the day.

  • S2556

    used my google maps & gps to get back inbounds snowboarding

  • Navigation with Google Maps when traveling on business gets me where I need to be. Plus the Delta app has saved me time when my flight was late leaving. Got a headstart to thevrestaurant over the herd at the gate.

  • Bryan

    Google Maps Navigation was a lifesaver when I accidentally broke my Garmin GPS on day 2 while travelling on an extended 18 day driving vacation!

  • Datboijon

    As a technician I have used my phone plenty of times to create a hotspot so that my work computer can connect to the Internet and let me work in the field. Android ftw

  • glcraven

    Needed to forward an email from my web mail account to someone working late at another location. With my Android powered phone, I was able to do it with ease.

  • Smeet

    Got lost on the expressway..google maps to the rescue.

  • gp126904

    Getting lost a bunch, and google maps is always there to save me!

  • WantaDroid

    On a road trip to a lake for a family vacation, GPS saved our lives( well Mine atleast” 🙂

  • Zach Jacobs

    Le lost on the Ohio turnpike with no sense of directions and BAM I remember my phones gps and Google navigation. Two tolls later I’m back in my hometown of Toledo and an Android fan boy.

  • I was lost when on vacation thanks to my wife writing down terrible directions. Our friend thought his iPhone was gonna save us. Not too surprisingly, the iPhone couldn’t even figure out where we were so my Galaxy Nexus came to the rescue because the navigation is spot on. Droid was pimp that day.

  • rei_load

    Simple. Forgot airline ticket at home, pulled it up on my Bionic when I was at the airport!

  • Tevik

    Every single day my Android phone saves me from the boredom of work by offering an easily concealable list of distractions to make the time past faster.

  • cfb

    My droid keeps me from getting lost in the city. Why are there so many one-ways and traffic circles in DC?

  • I’ll a recap of a story that happens on a regular basis. Traffic on I-95 becomes terrible. Android phone routes around traffic. I do a happy dance (after I’m done driving of course). The End.

  • shdowman

    One a job interview. Was able to pull up samples of work I had done that I wasn’t asked to bring in. Ended up getting the job due to my resourcefulness.

  • Luke Grissom

    My phone has got me home on a few occasions of being lost in a new area. Love google maps navigation!

  • CodeToJoy

    My android has saved me from being lost in new cities more times than I can count.

  • jjl207

    I was taking my then-girlfriend and her son to a safari ride park. The directions we were given were garbage and we got lost. So, with a five year old’s day at the safari park, along with the two families that were following us, my OG Droid (since upgraded) navigated us there no problem. The day was saved, thanks to my Android phone.

  • evltwn

    Google maps is more accurate than the GPS in my Lexus. It has kept me from getting lost. 🙂

  • rubthebuddha

    Some fine person has created a traffic app for Houston that steals data from our local Transtar service. Traffic on google maps is ok, but the transtar app also pings proper accident data in useful terms. Knowing the diff between regular traffic and a three-lane-closure accident can make the difference between a 20-minute drive home and a 60-minute drive home.

    I had this app on my OG Droid and now on my GS3.

  • Every time I drive it gets me to where I need to be…otherwise I’d be lost all the time!!!

  • evltwn

    Google maps works better than the GPS in my Lexus. It has kept me grim getting lost. 🙂

  • My sister in law got her phone stolen at the grocery store right after she got it. She did not have insurance. I got on the play store, pushed “where’s my droid” to her phone and pinged the GPS. Located it and called the cops. They went and retrieved the device and saved my brother $600.

  • Matthew Abramson

    Getting let off in an unknown area while riding the A train in Brooklyn. Somehow got me home! Thank you, Google Maps!

  • My friend had a UTI in Cancun, so we went to one of those little pharmacies where you can get pharmaceutical drugs (in America anyway) OTC. When I tried to explain to the pharmacist that she had a UTI, she gave us a medication. I used my android phone to look up what it was, realized she misunderstood and thought that I had said general infection, then used google translate to show her that I meant “urinary tract infection”. Saved the day!


    Was driving around with my nephew who uses an iPhone. He was guiding me and when we hit a dead end where it said we reached our final destination (and we weren’t even clos) – pulled out my trusted Google Nexus 4 and routed us to the right place (about 30 mins away).

  • 10yck

    I locked my keys in the car one day. I called my wife at home who had a spare remote for the door locks. She held the remote up to the home phone and pushed the unlock button on the remote while I held my Droid up to the door lock with the speaker phone on. It actually opened the car door. Saved me the time and money by not getting a lock smith or have my wife drive 40 miles to bring me the spare key.

  • Larry

    Saves me having to pull out my laptop…find an electrical outlet…plug in the power adapter…turn on my laptop…wait for it to load up…login…load the browser…browse the web.

  • Got lost in central pa and used my razr to find a gas station just close enough to get to before I had to get out and push

  • GoBigRed20

    Always use apps to price check, saves me money!

  • imhowie

    One time a villain was going to destroy the whole world and I used my Droid RAZR to call Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and James Bond through a hangout on Google+ and the world was saved.

  • CapnShiner

    I once was tasked with finding a restaurant in an unfamiliar area at which my family would meet. I only had about 15 minutes in the car to decide where we were going. I opened up the Yelp and Urban Spoon apps along with Google Maps to see what had good ratings and we very pleased with the Italian bistro I picked out. On that note, does anyone know of any other good apps for finding great restaurants?

  • Google Maps and Turn by Turn Directions anytime I need a route around construction or an accident.

  • DroidLifer

    Oh I’ve lost count the number of times Maps and Navigation has saved me when I was lost.

  • HuskerPower10

    My friend couldn’t sent a tweet on her iPhone because of the lack of 4G, so naturally my wifi tether saved the day.

  • We were out with friends and and when leaving cedar point we were pulled over on the way home. Our vehicle matched the description of a car that had just robbed a convince store earlier that afternoon. I was able to show the officer pictures of us throughout the day at the park. Saved by android!

  • Saved me from having to deal with apple maps for many years.

  • YariCavi

    The one tough situation that comes to mind was when I had ordered floweres for someone but then callled back and cancled. Though i don’t remember why I canceled i do remember the next day i received an email, on my phone, stating that the order was being sent out. To which i quicly called the company an indicated i had canceled the order. The flowers were never sent.

  • Josh Karwoski

    My friend and I were driving around and needed to find directions to a shopping mall that’s far away from our houses. He has an iPhone (with Apple Maps) and when he tried to get directions, the iPhone couldn’t even map the route to the mall right, luckily my Nexus was there to save our afternoon.

  • Lynx5969

    Google maps always gets me out of tough situations!

  • Burglar broke into my house. I stabbed him in defense. Google Maps helped me find the nearest garbage dump.

  • Alex Sturman

    As an emt I use google maps on my galaxy nexus all the time when going to a 911 call when the garmin GPS can’t find the address

  • bodotdot

    I took a wrong turn off an interstate; called up my GPS app and found my way back on the highway.

  • Hard to say when it got me out of a tough situation, because it always seems to save my butt a lot of time. Of course, I thing the most important time was when my wife needed direction when she was driving and lost in bad part of town. Not being home myself, I used my Android phone to give her directions over the phone while using a nav app to look at maps to guide her home safely.

  • Ty Brown

    I got my first Droid just before going to Haiti. While I didn’t have service down there, we got the wifi working pretty quickly. Between the PDF’s I had stashed in the uSD card (Special Forces Medical Handbook) and the ability to look up data sheets online (Thank you Honda for putting your stuff online), and the on-board apps (Epocrates), we saved lives, lots of lives.

  • So I’m at work and the group I was with needed to figure out how to get to where we were going. The city uses iphone for its standard work phone so all the higher ups around me pull out there phones to loom it up. I don’t get a work phone so I get my phone out and map it up before anyone else could. How sad is it when you can be beaten by a Thunderbolt. BOO YA

  • Joey Miranda

    saved me from a windows mobile phone with the droid 1 release day havent looked back since.

  • Brian Lombardi

    I do website development and I had a client call me while I was on a road trip, they had broken their main website page. I pulled over fired up the tether on my Android phone and fixed the problem. Saved me a lot of time and energy looking for a hot spot, and got the client working again very quickly.

  • Dillon Brown

    Spent 4 months in the middle of the jungle, my tab and some crappy satellite wifi provided me with some “entertainment” to pass the time.

  • I was at a residence working when the customer went into a diabetic shock( he told me what it was before he went unconscious). So I pushed the medical button on the security system and while talking to them for an ambulance I googled what to do on the Droid Razr I had at the time. Seemed to have given me good info.

  • ROBV_100

    At the car dealer trying to get a vehicle for my wife and felt I was being cheated with the interest rate and the price of the car. Quick searches for both on my Android phone saved me a lot of money.

  • Greyhame

    A sticky situation my android phone got me into, and out of.

    I was traveling in Atlanta and needed a taxi from the airport to my hotel. No problem, I’ll look one up on my phone. Google pointed me to one with a great rating, but few reviewers. Called them anyhow. After waiting three times longer than they said, a dude in an unmarked SUV shows up and signals me over. Okaay. There’s a lady in the front seat that appears to be his girlfriend. Whatever, I wanted to get to my hotel. I open the back door… dude’s baby girl is passed out on the back seat. The hell?!? He’s already loaded my bag into the back. I ignore the warnings bells going off in my head and jump in.

    Here I am in a city I’ve never been to with some guy who apparently doesn’t care that a complete and total stranger is sitting inches from his still sleeping baby girl. We’ve been driving for ten minutes now and no one is saying a word. I start to panic.. Where is this guy taking me? Why did I get into an unmarked car? Is this dude some kind of crazy serial killer? AM I GONNA DIE? Immediately I pull out my phone and enter the hotel address. We’re headed in the right direction. RELIEF. We finally make it to the hotel. Dude charges me $62! WHAT?! Well, at least I made it in one piece.

    TLDR; Don’t always trust Google reviews, OR judge a book by it’s cover.

  • I was in Chicago and my wife’s gps went out. Good thing I had my droid x

  • Nick V

    I was on vacation and the company I work for had an issue with the eCommerce site I manage, but did not know how to handle it. When they called me, I was able to get online and solve the crisis, thus allowing me to keep my job for another day.

  • I’ve used it more than a few times to figure out where I was.

  • My Galaxy S III made me through many tough situations, but I think the worst one was the day I couldn’t print my home work and it meant half my quarterly grade. So, with my S III and a bluetooth printer, at my school, I was able to deliver my work just in time.

    Another day my boss asked me to deliver his works for the college, and I simply made it with my cell. Android ROCKS!

  • Kj14

    I use my gnex to win arguments with my wife

  • Ivan92116

    I use a flashlight app when walking my dogs at night to find their poop. 🙂

  • jfdrangula

    Had to reroute around an accident. Google maps helped me navigate the back roads to get home

  • true story – I am a pastor, one time I was guest preaching and forgot my sermon manuscript, but I was able to pull the copy off of my blog and use the tablet as my notes. not only did it cover my absent mind, but it made me look cool to some of the younger ones.

  • forum8417

    i drive alot for work and some areas are in the ghetto so getting lost can be scary but i have navigation so i dont have to worry about it thanks to my android powered device.

  • xix19

    Getting lost numerous times and I used Google maps everytime

  • I was at Lansen National State Park. With no signal on a 75 mile radius, there was no way to get relative data on where to go and how to get from point a to point b. Lucky for me, with the offline map feature in Google Maps, I had downloaded the map for the area from the state line of Nevada to the i5 highway line. Hence Google Maps and Android saved my rear end from getting chewed by my wife, by not planning accordingly.

  • kminer1

    I haven’t experience that situation but my 70 yr. young sister got completely lost one night and her Droid helped her find her way home!

  • Matthew Caplan

    My tablet always saves me when I’m on a long car ride with the kids and they can play all their favorite games.

  • Simple simple. My old phone wasn’t keeping a charge. I contemplated buying a new battery for it, but finally getting a smartphone was the no-brainer, so that was it. My Android device, my first and obviously new smartphone, bailed me out of a tough jam by allowing me to use my phone away from a charger. It is an Android device so this does apply, right? 😀

  • Shane McKeever

    I was working 12 hour night shifts and didn’t go mad…because of my phone.

  • Stephen Ta

    my android phone helps me survive everyday while I’m stuck at my desk

  • Jay

    I was the planner for my brother’s bachelor party. The band we wanted to see cancelled at the last minute. Within 30 minutes, I had a different show lined up for (all 12 of) us, bought all the tickets online, and even made reservations at a restaurant right next to the venue. He had a great time, all done on my HTC Rezound. (This was in NYC, and I live in Baltimore, so I know very little about the goings-ons in that city)

  • datafox

    Tablets are fun, every one should have one.

  • ScottyByrd

    Helped me find my wife the perfect gift for out 9th anniversary

  • I got lost with my friend while he was driving. We had no idea where we were but after driving around unsuccessfully with him saying he knew were he was going, I finally took out my GNex and used the gps and google maps to successfully navigate back to civilization. I should’ve taken it out sooner, but he insisted he knew where he as going and foolishly i believed him. Man was I glad I had my phone.

  • Justin Bowers

    I wanted to leave a story about how my RAZR Kevlar protected me from enemy shrapnel. Unfortunately it doesn’t sound as heroic when it was shrapnel from a fire cracker we used to explode a watermelon. Gallagher would be proud though

  • James Hill

    I was with the wife shopping and couldn’t wait to leave. I just then pulled out my gnex and started playing doodle jump.

  • My phone saves me every day with its GPS

  • MJ

    Every time I use Google maps since I have no sense of direction…

  • I was traveling for work and I thought that the hotel that I was staying in had WiFi. I was wrong. But with my Wireless Tether app I was able to get all of the work done that I need to.

    This contest makes me think of the guy in Atlanta that had a HTC Droid Incredible that stopped a bullet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AU3TLIrqLRI

  • ritesh golani

    gmaps helped me getting lost in san diego and exploring new roads and alleys 😛

  • shehippie

    We went out on a 4wheeling adventure and got lost, literally lost! I used my original Droid to get us out of the woods.(it took me 3 hours to remember I had navigation. LOL) Since then I never leave my house without my phone.

  • Rbq

    Some uncomfortable looking dudes were talking to me, so I whipped out my phone and pretended to make a phone call so they would leave me alone. Awkward.

  • Kevin Rees

    Used my note2 to draw a picture of a railroad tunnel in a mountain cliff when I was being chased by a coyote…luckily the coyote smacked into the note2 thinking it was a tunnel and got compressed like an accordion and wobbled away leaving me safe and sound!

  • Google maps has saved me numerous times finding my way after I make a wrong turn somewhere!

  • Moved money around to make a major purchase with a tiny frame of opportunity. Saved me tons of money!

  • teevee1163

    Have to drive to unfamiliar places sometimes and Maps is always there to keep me headed in the right direction.

  • Jean Rivera

    First time driving to New York and getting lost with a Garmin gps. Thanks Google for Maps

  • AnthonyMoya

    When I first started my job the head honcho asked me to help with a diagram for a lecture for him. There was a chart in a book that he needed to use as a hand out so I took a picture of the chart with my phone. I converted it to a PDF and made some slight color touch ups and emailed it to work email. Because of my GNEX I was able to create a PDF for editing and have everything he needed for his lecture.

  • CGull

    I was new to the area, and it literally saved me from getting completely lost in the city!!

  • James

    Nasty finger gash handling a knife. Used the tablet to google for “finger cut”. Got good advice like keeping the finger elevated above the height of the heart.

  • My campus’ WiFi was temporarily down last spring, and I was able to get my classroom connected by tethering with my VZW GNex 🙂 I’ve since moved on to the N4 on AT&T though.

  • samthomas86

    Went of vacation with my WHOLE family this summer, got to the place, found out it was $20/day per device at some insane dial-up level speeds. Grabbed my rooted GNex, flipped on 4G, opened up AOKP’s WiFi tether and dropped my phone on the table. Needless to say we used a TON of data.

  • shcommish

    My husband and I were driving in the car and he was using his iPhone for Navigation. I shouldn’t have to say more. We ended up at a dead end in an abandoned railroad yard. Gnex to the rescue.

  • sean

    Because I would die from boredom without it!

  • Kevin Hebert

    My OG helped me to navigate to a relatives new house in the middle of the woods for Christmas. It was the middle of the night so there was no one to call if I needed to. After we arrived, the ol’OG provided internet access to everyone after at+t and t-mo failed them.

  • humidity

    One time I got a notification about a serious storm that was headed my way and had to cancel plans because of it.

  • Benjamin Worrel

    Simple. Moving into a new apartment and Comcast says its going to be a couple of weeks before they can manage to send someone out to connect the magic cables. Well, unlimited data + tethering (screw you Verizon) = problem solved.

  • Jonathan Unicorn

    I use my device to quell boredom.

  • Ashley Horne

    It keeps my son busy during shopping trips with my wife. Man shopping is a headache but at least my phone keeps me from having to hear 2 people screaming at me 😀

  • SubMatrix

    google maps has gotten me out of plenty of tough situations where I was lost, or needed the quickest route somewhere, or wanted to see if I needed to use a different route to avoid traffic. probably the #1 reason why I value a smartphone.

  • Michael Forte

    One time I had no Internet to do some school work, but the built in tethering saved me.

  • Justin Oliver

    Instead of using a slow internet connection at a remote site. I was able to download updates from my phone over 4G. Save about an hour of download time.

  • avinash kumar

    I was dropping off my sister for an exam, I started a bit late and the traffic updates on Google map really saved me that day.

  • Username14281

    One time I was stuck in a sticky car situation, but luckily with the availability of my phone, I called up for some help and managed to pull through the situation

  • David

    I used my android device to defeat all the apple drones that were attacking me.

  • buck4225

    I was in the ghetto accidentally. Well my phone actually led me through the ghetto, but it also let me out of the ghetto.

    Also I am cheap. So my phone has gotten me out of the tough situations of over paying for merchandise in the store.

  • soccerburn55

    When I showed my apple loving uncles you actually can send pictures with NFC.

  • I was once completely lost but G maps saved the day

  • While up in Central CA, we need a Navigation system. We tried to use Siri and that was total joke (this was before Apple Maps). We then switched to my wife’s SIII and the balance of the force was restored.

  • PAJ

    I was lost in the wilderness and used my lighter app to start a fire, then activated my beer live wallpaper and kept myself hydrated.

    • CapnShiner

      Funny but alcohol will actually dehydrate you. *The More You Know*

  • Once upon a time I was stuck in a Blackberry Storm and a very nice Droid X came to the rescue and changed my life forever

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Using my brand new Android phone, I was able to order my wife an android device while she yelled at me for buying another device. Her phone was ordered before the scolding was over and when she discovered I ordered her one too, “but it shipped late,” she was fine again. 😉

  • Trevor Clement

    As a loyal VZW customer, it was tough having to watch my friends with their I-phones while my Storm 2 and I fumbled through the day. Then, like an angel, Droid saved me from the shadows and brought me into the light…

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    I was able to re-route guests to my house using an app after discovering a major accident on the roadway to my home. They would have never found their way had I not seen the accudent and sent the new directions.

  • DanRunsWithSwizzors

    With Smart Tools and with the compass app.

    I could prove that a neighbor was building over my property line.

    Thanks Android!!!!!

  • B J Books

    Always gets me out of tough situations….like every time I get stuck talking to someone in the hallway that I don’t want to talk to. Crazy how someone always calls at the most “inopportune” times. 😉

  • Wendy_VA

    In the summer of 2010, I was on the road and saw some insanely wicked looking weather a short distance ahead of me. I pulled over and opened up the weatherbug app and the radar showed a vortex signature (tornado) moving to the NE. With Google maps I found a road going SW and got out of the storm. I heard the next day that a tornado crossed the interstate where I was originally headed, tossing 2 tractor trailer trucks off the road. No siren or radio warning would have saved me that day but my now *old* HTC Droid did. Android fan? You betcha!

  • MITBeta

    Saved me $25 in a hotel: tethered phone ($10 saved in Internet charges), connected tablet from across the hall in friend’s room , and watched movie from Amazon Prime ($15 saved in room movie fees).

  • Lee Vang

    I used my GNex to find the location where my girlfriend dropped her phone… on the side of the road 3mi. down the neighborhood.

  • Brian Williams

    the blazers were playing and i was at work. thankfully i had my android and was able to find and watch a good stream. that was close.

  • We were driving to meet someone at a store and my TomTom had us lost. So I clicked my Google maps and put in the address and we were able to get there on time. So score 1 Google Maps and 0 TomTom

  • Greg Roaf

    My wife couldn’t find her keys while I was at work. Luckily, I photo sphere every room of the house each morning so I was able to help her look for them from 13 miles away.

    • CapnShiner

      Cool story bro

  • sonicyoof

    I bludgeoned a pack of wolves to death in the Alaskan wilderness with only my Galaxy Nexus. Unfortunately everyone else in my party died. The phone still works great.

  • Alex

    Trying to get home from downtown Chicago, during traffic hour, is horrible. Maps helped me find another route home that didn’t have any traffic.

  • My Galaxy Nexus allows me to surf the web with flash while I’m in a boring lecture in class. It saves my life everytime.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    I traveled out of town and was going to unfortunately miss my local football team while away. Luckily for me, at that time, I had a Droid RAZR and a Desktop HD dock. Once I was in my hotel, I plugged that sucker into the TV, naviagted to certain Russian sports sites and within minutes, my local team was streaming in HD onto my tv in my hotel room. Priceless.

  • Visited NYC for the first time in august and Google maps got me around town without a hiccup.

  • Chris Wright

    I use my Galaxy Nexus to find my way anywhere. Google Maps is best thing since sliced bread.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Actually, I was on vacation in another country when my digital camera took a dive. Although I would have never thought of using my phone as a primary camera, it saved my butt and I actually got some excellent shots. The phone portion didn’t work in that country so with the radios off, my camera really didn’t drain the battery much either.

  • Tyler Rynberg

    Maps app has saved me more times than I could count…

  • 1bad69z28

    Ok, A real how your Android device got you out of a tough situation. On a plane flight from San Francisco to Charlotte, NC with the family with two little ones 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 on a crowed plane I thought we were ALL doomed.

    Both our laptops were out of battery (which we thought were both charged, I’ll put that on the wife, I told her to charge both of them!!! Women) plus being on a crowded flight with no movies ot cartoons. My youngest was screaming her head off and my wife was looking like she wanted to jump from the plane because my oldest was getting figidity and yelling at her sister to shut up LOL (I can laugh now)!!! Thinking how we can get my youngest under control with the screaming and plenty of passengers looking back and giving us that false fake smile of (it’s ok we understand) Yeah right they were wishing that we were on another flight. lol

    So I quickly tied into the planes WiFi service and hey all of the kids movies were right at my finger tips. My little was nice and quite tell she fell asleep and my oldest was kept busy with movies and games for the duration of the 5 hour flight. Man, you talking about getting out of a tough jam and thanking the Android Gods lol My Android GNex saved me and the wife plus the passengers on board from a screaming 1 1/2 yr old.

    Know thats a Jam!!!!!

    • duke69111

      How did your g nexus last five hours?????

      • 1bad69z28

        United Airlines has power outlets in the seat handles. Some Airlines have this which is very cool for customers.

  • agentorange1985

    Google Maps saves my life any time I go father than 25 miles from my house. End of story.

  • Brian

    A huge traffic jam with no end in sight slowed our trip home. The next exit would be in 20 miles, and Google traffic showed the backup went on for at least 5 miles. We took the exit and maps navigated us through a Wisconsin back woods windy road that got us around the jam in no time at all.

  • I was lost in Milwaukee and my Droid Incredible guided me to safety. Well, OK it guided me to a parking spot at Miller Park and my groups tailgate.

  • tucker williams

    I used my Galaxy Note as a mock ninja star when someone tried to rob me. I threw the Note at his neck while I used my S-Pen to jab him in the eye. Needless to say, that mugger went out and bought a GNote for himself.

  • jajones82

    my android device has helped me in New Orleans many times getting out of questionable areas with GPS.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    I remember a co-worker trying to tell me how superior her iPhone 4 was to my Droid X because it had a front facing camera and could use it for chatting on facetime. I asked her, don’t you need wifi for that? She replied, yes unfortunately it can’t do it across 3G. I replied, “let me turn on the wifi hotspot on my Droid so you can show me that useful that camera app is?” ha haha haha

  • Sean Grimes

    Last summer in the middle of a late, late night rainstorm I had broken down on the side of an Upstate NY country road – outside of a data coverage area, completely in the boonies. Thready 1x by my side and thinking I would be unable to pull up a map and even see where I was I remembered I had downloaded offline maps through google maps. Within in 90 seconds I knew where I was and was able to successfully pinpoint where I was and get a text out to my friend who called AAA for me.

    Without the ability of offline maps, I’d probably still be out there!

  • Chris C

    I have also used it for when the network at school is shaky, just turned on wifi and did our presentations from google docs. (cloud work)

  • rreich49

    I was surrounded by 5 thugs with bad intentions. One of them noticed my Gnex in my hand and asked me what phone it was. I started showing them the features and how it was better than the iPhone (which they all had). They liked it so much, they took it and left me unscathed.

  • Chris C

    the network at work went down. Our work is cloud based, and I had reports due at the end of the month, so I turned on my wifi and my laptop and viola, got my reports done and turned into my boss…who also used my wifi connection to forward those documents.

  • I was lost in the woods

  • seanrobot

    I was driving down the street and my car broke down. I then looked at my android phone and my car instantly worked again.

  • akidmtco

    Wolfram alpha app and calorieking.com let us count carbs quickly so we can manage our daughter’s type 1 diabetes and still enjoy mealtime

  • Christopher Virgin

    Every year, on my wedding anniversary and her birthday it reminds me 30 days in advance to start looking for new gifts/ideas! Amazing! 🙂

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    I used my wife’s old Droid Eris to get the wobble out of my desk. That was the most helpful thing that phone ever did.

  • TimXer

    Google maps!! has gotten me out of many a tough hood…

  • Brian

    Used my tablet to find a YouTube video on dryer repair. Followed the video, trouble shot the problem, bought the right part and fixed it myself with my Droid tablet right there beside me! Laundry day was saved! And so was about there husundred bucks on a repairman…

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Last night I used google now to find out how far Depoe Bay, OR is from my house in Milwaukie. Real tough situation but Gnex saved the day!

  • burnswell

    gps saves me almost daily….might have even forgotten how to read a map!

  • Adam Staggenborg

    I use my Gnex as a flash light all the time

  • My buddy was driving me home after my sister’s wedding and we got a bit lost. As he didn’t have a GPS or smart phone, I was drunkenly able to navigate thanks to my android phone!

  • David Sellars

    Two words: PYKL3 Radar. Tornado watch in progress, away from my standard desktop and weather radio. Full battery on my phone kept me and my kids safe!

  • dfecko

    I used it to Win One of Two Acer A110 Tablets and $25 AMEX Gift Cards From NVIDIA. Without it, I wouldn’t have won, which would have been a tough situation.

  • ccbyrob

    Was out of town in a hospital with my son, ran out to run an errand and received a call that insurancei& needed papers that I had with me. Used camera and cam scanner app to get them what they needed.saved my hiney in a tough situation

  • Rob

    I was on vacation in Boston and my gps unit kept taking me all over the place. Switched to my GNex and google maps and all was saved..

  • alphathirteen

    I was able to direct my fellow plane crash survivors out of the plane while using the flashlight, then i was able to use my phone to find first aid techniques online, and finally we used the gps and google maps to find our way to civilization.

    Nah, j/k. But, it did help me find my way to an unfamiliar restaurant when I was running late one time. I made it just in the nick of time!

  • Brian Walker

    When Adolf Hitler ascended from the depths of the underworld, he asked me various trivia questions. Since he’s from the 1930s, he didn’t realize I was cheating by using Google Now. When I answered with 100% accuracy, he was forced to go back from whence he came.

  • GuidZilla

    Whenever I travel to our farm land, “up north”, I use tether for access as the only thing available at the farm is dial-up, and not even “good” dial-up. Verizon is also the only carrier out of 4 that I have tried over the years that gives me useable data service there(3g only, but very useable).

  • One night, I was cornered in a dark alley by a behemoth of a man holding me up at gun point. I am no slouch of a man (as can be seen in the picture next to this comment) but this particular specimen could rival the almighty Zeus, so I was not going to commit proverbial suicide and attempt to escape by instigating a physical altercation but there was no chance of me giving up my countless frequent buyer cards which had accumulated thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of rewards. Thoughts began racing through my mind on how to neutralize this beast. As I looked around for anything to help me, I saw a broken window up on the building side and I knew at that moment what needed to be done. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my 2 day old Nexus 4. When I received the phone, I remebered all the Droid-Life articles detailing the glass on the back-side and it’s potential to easily crack just from temperature change and I thought to myself ‘They’re wrong, I’ll show them. I’m going to make it 2 years without cracking this precious jewel.’ Two days later, in that alley, that thought popped into my head and I never wished I was more wrong. I heaved my only lifeline at the perpetrator and in the most disturbingly beautiful scene I’ve had the pleasure to witness, I watched as the backside of the device caught him squarely in the nose , shattered, and sent shards of glass directly into his eyes. The man was instantly blinded and collapsed to the concrete grasping both eyes.

    You may call the Nexus 4 glass back impractical or fragile, but I call it a lifesaver.

  • there was this one time we were pinned down by enemy fire. Our comm link was down and we needed support. I was able to pull out my trusty droid bionic and make a call out to get covering support. That was an awesome night of playing Call of Duty.

  • thesocialshift

    Traveling between two major cities there was a 5 mile backup because a truck caught fire on the interstate. I had a date followed by a job interview so I couldn’t be late. Luckily I was able to use the map to navigate on to some unknown back country highway and save 30 minutes off the wait.

  • mising

    finding my car in a parking lot in a strange city

  • Jerald Bondoc

    Couldn’t decide where to eat for dinner, used Yelp app on GS3 to find Hawaiian restaurant I’ve never been before, problem solved.

  • A friend on mine and myself were driving home from a concert one night and his iPhone has not picking up a signal and we didn’t know the way back. Luckily even though we both had Verizon my GNEX did have signal and GPS working. We still almost didn’t make it because we weren’t sure if the battery would survive but it literally died right as we got to an area that we recognized and made it home safely.

  • Tim Buchanan

    If boredom counts as a tough situation, then my 12 hour flight from LAX to Santiago, Chile would qualify. Luckily I had a couple of EA games on my Gnex. Made for a much more enjoyable trip.

  • Douglas Burch

    tough situation,
    living in a foreign country where you can only read 2 of the 3 written languages.
    I would have been lost must everyday of my first year here if I didn’t have my Android device to help me look up train routes, schedules,gos coordinates of my current location, aedict to translate certain words I am having trouble with etc…

  • Using Google Maps/Navigation to go to a soccer match in DC… took a wrong turn and ended up in NorthEast DC… Finally got a GPS signal on my fantastic Droid 3 /s/ and then got me out to 495 beltway to my game on time.

  • I forgot that I had a meeting and a reminder popped up on my phone.

  • Steve Douglas

    With no cell phone service, my offline google maps came to the rescue and got my sorry butt back home.

  • honeymoon: air traffic controllers in Jamaica went on strike once we landed in atlanta on our layover. Had the option of staying in the airport, or changing destinations. We switched to the bahamas with 1 hour to catch a flight. My OG droid was able to help me find a new hotel and book while running across the atl airport.

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    I got out of a ticket!! The cop that was issuing my ticket, saw my Galaxy Nexus on my dash mount. We started talking about Android & rooting.

  • CorranHorn421

    We were having a diagreement as to whether Aaron Rodgers looked like Jake Gylenhall. Broke out tabbed browsing to give a side by side comparison. Not entirely sure I even won the argument after that. . .

  • Kevin Jones

    My Galaxy Nexus is currently getting me through a sticky situation. My old WRT54GL router died 2-weeks ago, and my replacement Asus router has yet to arrive in the mail. In the meantime, if I want to use anything other than my desktop or phone to browse the net, I just fire up my GNex and turn on the hotspot.

    Yay for unlimited data!

  • Do I really need to say more?

    Google Maps Navigation.

  • feztheforeigner

    One time my family and I were visiting a cave to see the bats on Austin. We got lost and my Droid X’s flashlight saved us!

  • violator702

    My friend and I saw a hot girl at this bar. I blinded him with my flashlight from my Smartools app, and I was able to talk and get to her first.

  • Breakfast4Dinner

    Just last week I forgot to set my Fantasy football lineup. I would have lost in the playoffs if it weren’t for my Android phone (and a nice 4TD effort from Drew Brees).
    One more solid week from my Android (and Drew Breed) and I’ll be celebrating a championship!

  • dapbmonkey4u

    Anytime I travel, especially for the Holidays, I use my phone for Google Maps and make sure I get to where I need to be.

  • google maps

  • Gary Patrowicz

    one time at band camp… wait wrong story. But android has allowed me a lot more fredom from my desk where i can now work from any where as long as i have my phone the newest one being the dna or tablet nexus 7

  • Was on vacation with my family and my wife and I felt her GPS was leading us astray. I pulled up Google Maps and got us back on track with minimal loss of time.

  • Patrick Maher

    Having access to email at all times has saved a lot of time a suffering.

  • Jaime G.

    My android phone kept me from getting lost in the desert.

  • Sean Misa

    One time, when I was sooooooo hungry, I wanted to eat somewhere. It was late, and I didn’t have much money on me. So I paced around and tried looking through this thing called a “phonebook” in the “yellow pages.” But it was so hard to find something. It made me wish there was something, I could do to find places to eat and organize it by hours, and price. Then, my friend showed me the way. Yelp! I was then truly saved from being starved to death. I found a place to eat which was close by and they were open while being wallet friendly! Truly a life saver.

  • mjsplicer

    Was running late to pick up a chick on a date. Was using sat nav in car, which was leading me in circles (in what was it turned out the wrong neighborhood). Turned on goggle maps, led me straight there where i picked up my now wife

  • Hazadriel

    My wife and I had a tire blowout on the freeway in a very unsafe area(on a ramp interchange between two freeways without enough space for us to get out of the car or do anything safely). Used my GNex to call our roadside assistance, search for the cheapest tire replacement, and entertain my daughter in the backseat with Netflix while we had to wait 45 minutes for the tow truck.

  • With some friends in the twin cities after a twins game and we got lost for over two hours before I could convince the driver to follow the directions off of Google maps on my og droid. Needless to say we made it out alive

  • Francis Scardino

    System Admin. On travel for work when MSA unit drops 2 drives. No one techinical in the house to replace drives. So fire up Gchat Video and walk someone through swapping out of drives. Array rebuilds, replication occurs, day is saved. Thanks to Android and Gchat. Getting it done. Happy Holidays.

  • While visiting my grandma, she has no internet, so I tethered my phone to my laptop and was able to drain all the unlimited data I wanted and access the internet. We also used it to help us out around the town working on some chores, but that’s not as exciting.

  • Steve Young

    All my friends had iPhones. I had a blackberry. I felt like a loser because they had cool phones. That’s a tough situation if I’ve ever heard one. I bought the OG Droid and made my iFriends jealous. The Droid X made the jealousy worse and now when they see my GNex or my wife’s S3 there skin is greener than grass. Thanks Android!

  • Joshua Dudash

    I was on a work call to a site out some 60 miles away in the boonies. I was completely lost and running late back to the office.
    If it wasn’t for my Droid 1 (back at the time) i would have probably had to call for AAA roadside assistance and hopefully even they could find me! Thank god they didn’t have to. Google Maps with Navigation has to be one of the most useful applications of our time.

  • Kevin Rankin

    Took a trip to South Africa. Had to navigate from Johannesburg to Kruger NP, which is about a 6 hour drive. There is no CDMA, but thanks to my GNex and offline Google maps, I was able to get there without ever making a wrong turn.

  • Got lost in a bad neighboorhood, Google Maps got me out of there as quickly as possible!

  • umataro42

    When I bought my first Android phone (OG Motorola Droid), I was driving on the freeway and there was a huge traffic jam. I was able to use maps to see why (accident) and find a way around it.

    Later on my GNex I was able to use the ODB app Torque to get some peace of mind when the check engine light came on (it wasn’t anything urgent).

  • I tried to always be prepared to not be in a sticky situation. But I guess a good use of my android device was doing my NFL picks from my phone when I forgot to do them on the computer.

  • r0lct

    On way back from Baltimore heading north and the highway was jammed up for miles/hours. I had kids in the car, KIDS! Google Maps got me through the side roads and made a 3 hour delay a 45 minute detour.

  • We were traveling in upstate new york way out in the boonies.. we thought the waterfall we were taking the kids to was a couple exits away.. well it was but those exits were about 30 miles apart … what do u know.. gas light comes on and we r literally in the middle of nowhere.. i pull out the gnex.. google .. “where is the nearest gas station”? Pulls a citgo right up and boom directions too!! Disaster averted

  • GreeKNastY

    honestly..the flashlight app saved my arse one time when the power went out….

  • Patrick Richardson

    Usually when I get lost 😛

  • Brian

    cute girl at a study lounge had no wifi. Tether to the rescue!

  • thistimearound

    Lost in Houston with no signal and a broken GPS on a custom rom. Pulled the SD card on my Evo and put in one with a different rom/GPS. Flashed and moved on.

  • Doug

    Google Maps (Navigation) and GPS – enough said

  • got a severe weather alert notification and was able to make it home safely before the blizzard!

  • I don’t have an android device, but if I get one I’m sure it’ll help me out of many situations.

  • Eric Soriano

    We just moved a month ago and the movers were scrambling as they couldn’t get the refrigerator out of the kitchen. They were ready to just leave it and leave me hanging. I pulled up the manual on my S3 and showed them how to take it apart. My wife would have killed me if I made the call to leave it behind.

  • MKader17

    I needed to hide a body so I…. wait… wrong phone and I need something useful…

    Seriously, Google maps live traffic at least 10 times… this week.

  • Allen ‘Gramps’ Sandifer

    Went to KC to pickup a couple of motor homes and bring them back to STL. We knew where we were as we had been there before so the GPS was left at home. There was a problem with one of the motor homes and we needed to pick something up at the local Walmart.

    Android phone and navigation to the rescue, took me right to the store and back to the auction house lot. Probably could have done it without it but it sure made my life easier.

  • I consider myself to have a good natural compass. It doesn’t take me long to establish this in a new city. I use this compass to get around and to make sure that I get to where I need to go. It frustrates me when people don’t know where West is in an area they’ve lived in their entire life. Before getting the OG Droid I relied on my natural compass to point me in the right direction. After getting acquainted with my Droid I used it often. I live in Los Angeles and have plenty of 3G coverage. What I didn’t know was that I would be very unprepared for my business trip to Butte, Montana. There was no 3g coverage or any data coverage in the area I was in. Like some caveman I tried to use the directions faxed to me to find the regional office I was supposed to be at. I get lost easily and don’t know where the hell I am. I see buildings but no souls in them. I felt like I strolled into Silent Hill. I start to get very nervous and as time passes I get closer and closer to being late and losing this important account. I then realize that Google and their wisdom to create a map service could help me out. I enter the address I need to get to forgetting that I have no data coverage. It doesn’t work. I then remember that there is an offline mode that I can use. Long story short, I use the map to get myself out of Silent Hill and into the office and seal the deal on a monster sale. We don’t have that issue now with the expansion of mobile data coverage but at the time Google and Google Maps saved my ass.

  • Sparktweek

    I telecommute from home, but out here “in the sticks” I only have a shotty satellite internet connection. Whenever there is the slightest storm, my internet connection goes out. During this one REALLY bad storm over the summer, my internet went out AND it knocked out my home phone line. My Galaxy S III allowed me to still get my work emails, phone calls from the office, and it provided me with internet to be able to continue working, seamlessly.

  • When we blew all the fuses at a catering event I was still able to see because of the torch and get all of the food out to the 200 person event, while using my pdf reader to keep the menu close at hand.

  • Willow22

    I’m from a small town and hate driving in the city, but last summer I had to go to a funeral in the cities. I wasn’t expecting all the construction and got completely turned around! Luckily I had a Ap that gave updated directions, even accounting for the new construction, and I was able to stop my panic attack I had at just the thought of missing the funeral.

  • Tron_67

    I just replaced my old BB with an android for a work trip, The voice navigation saved me hours of being lost.

  • Rich Wentz

    My buddy got us lost in the boonies with his I*hone, GNex to the rescue

  • Scott Martin

    i was around a bunch of hipsters, i pulled out my sgs3 and they all scoffed at me and walked away. phew, that was a close one.

  • parking space reminder has saved my butt a bunch of times

  • mike mcginnis

    Power went out and I used my phones flashlight to not fall down the stairs

  • DigitalEnforcer

    I got lost on the freeway once and didn’t know if I was going North or South. So I pulled out my Thunderbolt to figure it out, but it was already dead. So i threw it out of the window only for it to hit someone’s windshield and crack it as they were passing by. Thankfully, it was a cop and he told me which way I needed to go.

  • pharmdy

    Got me out of tons of Southwest Airlines check-in scenarios

  • SJ Prettyman

    Just as many people have said, Google Maps has gotten me out of a lot of backed up, snarled traffic before I ever get to it. Being able to see live traffic flows helps guide my commute to roads with less traffic so I’m never late (well, hardly ever late).

  • Once i needed a smart phone to do eerything i ever wanted.. then i got my droid.

  • ddfuji

    Couple years back I was caving in Oregon and my flashlights bulb blew out some how. Freaking out thinking that I’ll have to get out the cave blind. But remembering my DROID 2 had a flashlight, digging through my bag for a good 15 minutes I finally found my phone and I was able to get out with some light 😛

  • I have the maps cached for where I live in Montana. I was up in the mountain roads, no cell service, and was able to find out of the middle of nowhere.

  • Jason

    I wanted to watch some flash videos while I was traveling but didn’t have my laptop. Thank God for my droid

  • droidify

    One time I was shot and the bullet hit my gnex and slipped right off of the “hyperskin” back. I’m so thankful that Samsung has perfected the art of coating plastic.

  • Michael Gillenwalters

    Drove cross country with my OG Droid and my Viewsonic gtablet with gps tether app . It was a great trip and 2010.

  • Long ride up north, restless kids who don’t like long trips, Android and Netflix to the rescue. Thanks for saving my sanity!

  • mitcht64

    Mywife was mad at me and wanted to share her ‘loving words’…She came up on caller id and I didn’t answer…good day, boy that was a good day.

  • Saves my butt with the parking space reminder app. i always forget where i park

  • DroidDoug

    If I don’t have access to a computer late Sunday morning, I can rely on my RAZR to let me set my fantasy football lineup.

  • cns2007

    My sister’s TomTom went on the fritz when we were headed to a family friend’s new home for a BBQ. Guess what saved the day?

  • My friend had an iPhone, and I was able to get directions while he was still waiting…

  • Believe it or not it will help me end my life without a android device.

  • kevintufts

    The other day I was installing a new programmable thermostat and I couldn’t find my level. Gnex to the rescue.

  • xxseiferxx

    I’m at the airport right now and I needed a way to access and respond to my work email. I am using Foxfi tether right now to do this.

  • Brian Spearman

    I was a passenger in a car who was using Apple Maps for navigation. Apple Maps got us close, but Google Maps is what got us there haha

  • google maps on my android device gets me out of tough situations on a daily basis! I have no sense of direction,so i am always getting lost. google maps comes through for me everytime!

  • Kawika Kahikina

    I was out driving around looking for a prostitute and I got lost,… Oh man was I lost, lol. Mind you I was NOT in the best of neighborhoods being that I was out looking for a prostitute. Oh no! I thought to myself as I drove around endlessly. Not again! I shouted. Then it came to me Google maps to the rescue man! Sure enough it knew where I was, and where the nearest dollar store was. Perfect! There’s got to be some shady characters loitering around that location. So off I was. In no time Google maps had me at my desired location and ready to deploy my loaded weapon of mass destruction. So there I was sweaty and covered in mustard. I hate mustard! I thought to myself. But I had to figure out the name of that song! What was the name of that song!!!! Oh wait, I have an app for that on my android phone. In fact I have a couple apps made just for that. So in a matter of seconds I pulled my phone out of my pocket and the answer was mine. “Christina Aguilera – Ain’t no other man” Thats right, thats the song I said as I slapped my hand to my forehead. It was at that exact second a passing blonde happened to over hear my excited reaction. Thats my favorite song she said

  • Kyleen Blanchard

    My galaxy nexus saves me everytime I eat out with the kids. “Here, play this and shut your mouth”.

  • my girlfriend used latitude on a mutual friend’s phone to find out that I was often lying to her about where I was. We broke up. Now I’m Single. Seriously. It’s great.

  • Larry Franks

    I am a real estate appraiser. The droid light on my phone always helps me in the scary dark houses I have to appraise.

  • sam_evans7

    LED Torch has been a lifesaver countless times! 🙂

  • Got lost, google maps saved me.

  • JustinRhode

    Mine got me to the store in a totally different part of the country while i was on vacation.

  • Hmm. Oh! Every time I see someone who I don’t want to talk to, I pull out my Galaxy Nexus and act like I’m doing something important!

  • In Philly to catch the first night of Pearl Jams 3 day show that closed the Wachovia Spectrum. My buddy won tickets and a hotel stay 2 days before. So we drive down, find the hotel, and discover its like 60 bucks a night to park at the hotel. So its after the show, 1 am, we find a place to park a few miles away from the hotel that isn’t quite as pricey. Staggering and exhausted we used google maps to find our way through the crazy maze of one way streets in Philadelphia back to our hotel. That was scary and I don’t think we would have made it without google maps. On a Droid Ally of all things!

  • I live near some of the worst traffic on 95. Google Now has saved me more than once when someone wants to jump off a bridge and tie up traffic for 4 hours. (and yes, we’ve had 2 jumps and 2 attempted THIS YEAR)

  • ouch1976

    My 4 yr old vomited in the car while on a road trip…while I love the stench of freshly regurgitated nuggets, milk, and oranges, Google Maps with Voice Search got me to the nearest McDonalds in a jiffy…

  • Google maps. Saves me every day.

  • After hurricane sandy I had no internet so I was able to do all I normally do thanks to my Android phone.

  • Driving down a deserted dark road, flat tire, cold, no beer….you get the drift. My handy droid made the call for help. Now if only it could dispense beer.

  • Patrick Sterenchuk

    My Rezound can be a hotspot, and I have used this, with my laptop, on numerous occasions. One day, I had a new client calling from Australia, via Skype. As the time neared, our internet went out…for the whole block. Thankfully, with my phone as hotspot, I was able to keep the appointment, and it led to 3 other new clients. Talk about turning lead into gold. Thank you, Android!

  • I used my android phone to find my car after a concert using the Park Me Right app. The concert was at an amphitheatre where the parking lot was not marked off at all. With my android phone, I was able to navigate to my car with no problems. Lifesaver.

  • Used led light to find keys in the grass at night.

  • I once forgot an aniversary, android helped me play it off like a champ and find things to do.

  • Christian Jacob

    I was totally missing an Epic BEARS game and I was able to stream the game to my phone from my Windows 7 Media Center PC! Amazing Game Amazing Phone!

  • I was in a dark place – a place without Internet. Luckily my phone had reception and I was able to tether inorder to fuel my addiction. Thanks to my phone, I’ve never had to go a day without Internet. My phone got me out of a grave situation.

  • One time some friends where arguing over this and that to decide who was right and wrong, so we just simply asked Google Now and the issue was solved immediately.

  • j24l99

    I was at my local Verizon store and was about to buy an iPhone but then i saw the droid x sitting there with Android and all it’s glory…..saved me from having a horrible smartphone experience.

  • TokyNeg

    My 2 kids have been driving me crazy. whine whine whine.. so I got them 2 Razr Ms.. and now I dont even see them. its so quite and nice. LOVE IT.

  • Andy

    My droid bionic got me and my screaming 1 year old around dead stopped traffic in the middle of BFE Oklahoma.

  • Sean

    I was the best man in a friend’s wedding about a week after getting my first Droid. The bridal party was on the bus, going to a picture location before the ceremony. The bride and I were chatting and realized that the trip was taking much longer than I should. She asked the bus driver what the deal was, and he kind of blew her off. She was visibly upset, thinking everything would be late. I found our destination and navigated him to our stop on time.

  • I had service on a mountain pass when my car broke down in a storm. Called AAA and they came to the rescue!

  • Dustin Billings

    My android phone, YouTube app, and camera bailed me out the first time I had tie a Windsor knot

  • Kyle Stambler

    Google nav has saved me countless times in the middle of nowhere, to get me home safe.

  • Sven Enterlein

    The Android devices in our house keep wifey and baby occupied. That’s a win right there.

  • mobritten

    I’m never lost with Google maps! tturn by turn, street view!! wow

  • on Thanksgiving, my husband and I were traveling with a very soon to be grumpy mother in law due to heavy traffic, Google maps helped us find a better route, we got to our destination without the anger heavy traffic can cause, and she has a better opinion of technology now!

  • A long night after driving, we decided to walk home from a party… it was super cold out and we seemed to be headed no where… I pulled up the navigation app. we had walked two hours in the wrong direction.

  • Bill Georgen

    It saves me every day by providing me access to everything I need at an instant. Instant access to email, documents, PVR scheduling, streaming music or data from my home servers. Not to mention finding places, maps, that I was sure I knew where they were but quickly realized I was wrong.

  • I got a tough decision to make when I want to upgrade my phone, between iphone & windows phone. But I made the right choice with Samsung Note 2.

  • My Thunderbolt helped get me from Arizona to Colorado for school even when I was going through the mountains. I went over how to get there prior to leaving, but Google Maps kept my nerves down by guiding me the entire way.

  • GXM

    I lost the key fob to my car…when the replacement came it had no instructions…. whipped out my Razr…youtubed it and i was able to program it for free

  • Tyler

    I get lost easily and attempted to go home without the use of gps. A half hour drive took over an hour but after figuring out i missed my exit my OG Droid safely navigated me back home.

  • Ryan

    Google maps ftw. Thought I knew where I was going and ended up taking a wrong turn or two, that turned into being lost in a maze of a development.

  • Philip Lex

    Alternator went bad in my truck on a road trip, found me a local shop that I buy one. Bought the alternator and tools, installed it and was on my way to in less then an hour.

  • Cliff_McAllister

    Using my camera flash as a flashlight to find the emergency flashlights during a recent blackout.

  • The salesman was trying to sell me an iPhone but I already had my GNexus.

  • Google maps with Nav. Nuf said

  • Eric Ramos

    Went up to a cabin at eagle lake where there was almost no service. Our power was out and my motorola atrix 4g was the only one that found service instead of the other 3 iphones that were there 😀

  • When I graduated from Community college to a 4yr institution, I had no idea on how many books and lectures I would have to endure killing my back and mind. Until I received the Droid Bionic as a gift . At first I wasn’t too sure about it then I did some extensive research teaching myself to program my device unlike people who just text and talk on smartphones etc. I found many interesting apps in which later would come in handy, recording lectures, research on demand, multitask capabilities while also having some fun all in one device with games, videos and music, eliminating the extra weight of handheld console’s. Keeping in mind my back pain would be done with seeing how almost all my textbooks are on it. Giving me the opportunity to workout and play sports without any pain. I have went from Noob to nerd on smartphones in which I chose to help many other college students in programing and fixing their damaged smartphones. If it wasn’t for this little advancement in my life I would be a 23 year old who feels like their 70 years old because of the constant physical demands of juggling college life and working out/ playing sports

  • Thomas

    My nexus saves me constantly when lost; but it critically provided internet at our new house after we moved, allowing me to set up all our services online.

  • Shayyan Arshad

    I was able to finish an online exam 2 minutes before the deadline! My M got me an A! ^^

  • Fresh

    I have an i*Phone 5 for work and a Galaxy Nexus as my personal daily driver. The Nexus has gotten me out of a number of “tough situations” as I am not directionally savvy (read: frequently get lost). Until recently when Google released maps on iOS, if it weren’t for my Andriod device I might have ended up in a desert in Austraila somewhere…. 🙂

  • Michael

    Navigation has bailed me out a couple of times. Also I can always look up facts to help my case in debating coworkers.

  • I had to retrieve some documents from Dropbox while away, and was able to use my Droid Bionic and email the file to the host site.

  • QQpayne

    Lost in a bad neighborhood, the kind where if you stop you will not have wheels on ur car anymore. Very simply, whip out the phone, turn off the worthless garmin, and google maps myself to safety with much awe and wonder from the others with me.

  • tehshift

    One time this guy walked up looking really tough and trying to get my attention. I got a phone call and walked past him. It was a close one.

  • I had to try to find someone in order to help them out of a jam…during a snow storm. Thanks to lattitude/maps we were able to find each other (without it we would have been over a half a mile away from each other)

  • Mark

    Our professor told us we could have open notes and open internet on our final exam. Good thing I have a Nexus 7!

  • My Android devices have helped me win countless arguments.

  • delesh

    When some low life broke into my car and stole my wallet and phone I was able to use Lookout to lock and remotely wipe all of my precious data. I was also able to get a nice GPS location for the scumbags house, where they had apparently been running quite the crime ring.

  • Andy_mak

    Google Navigation helping me day in and out for the past 3+ years

  • Had to prove insurance while getting pulled over for speeding, geico app on my note 2 saved me from a horrific $515 ticket!

  • I use my tab and phone daily as an ER doc. I use it to check the correct dosing for medications. It has saved me from giving the wrong dosage numerous times (there are just too many meds to remember them all!). Oh, and I have no sense of direction, its gotten me out of the getto… every time I try to find my own way

  • Jason Olmstead

    It was night time and very snowy. I was trying to take a shortcut to avoid a big hill that was not clear and I had to use Google Maps on my Thunderbolt to get me home. Took a little bit but I made it.

  • Sam Al-Haqab

    I had the OG droid when it first came out when most people didnt even have smartphones. My friends and I would go to different restaurants and this was when my friends barely got their licenses so we didn’t know the areas we were headed into and we often got lost, but with the help of my droid, we always found our way back home, time and time again.

  • J. Gilbertson

    My Garmin was getting old and collecting dust and the maps were becoming outdated. But my old Droid 2 Global and my new Droid RAZR Maxx helped replace it with Google Maps.

  • Rob

    Wireless Tether on my Galaxy Nexus helped me get an important report out to a client after our office lost internet connection.

  • JMonkeYJ

    not a life or death thing, but i was at an airport and my connection was delayed leading to a looong layover. i hadn’t put enough video content on my device to entertain me that long, and i was bored. i used Jump desktop to log into my home computer and add some movies to my dropbox, then i downloaded them off of dropbox to my phone and used MX Player to watch them without having to worry about any sort of conversion. that was really awesome.

  • Jimmie T

    If you have teenage children, you understand how much school has relied on technology for your kids to complete homework and projects theses days. My kids have to email certain assignments to teachers, film, edit, and create projects for classes, surf the web for information to finish assignments, etc. etc.. Last year, I purchased an Android tablet for each of my two teenage boys. Being it was the tablet boom and the prices on what I knew to be “quality” tablets was out of my reach for one, let alone two, I went with what i could afford and my boys were SO excited! They could do everything they needed right from their own tablet using our wifi connection. it was great! It saved our laptop, and stopped constant bickering about who gets to use the internet/computer, and that made all of us happy. Unfortunately each of the tablets has died in one way or another, and due to only being able to afford a, dare I say, cheap manufacturer, they wont replace them, and we cant afford to buy another tablet let alone 2. Also, our little outdated laptop is back to being the one work horse for for the Mrs., the boys, our 7 y/o daughter, and myself. This would be such a great help to win, so much so I don’t think you could understand. Thank you for the chance to try!

  • villian1998

    Since I live in Seattle and use transit everyday, using my android smart phone saves me from standing in the cold rain for a long time.

  • weysonn

    I forgot to bring my confirmation # for a English exam but luckily I had my Evo with me to look the email up.

  • One time in the car with my friend, his iPhone couldn’t figure out directions. So I handed him my Nexus…

  • SStewart654

    Love me the google maps… they really save my bacon a few times when I am in a city I don’t know very well

  • Was at a wedding at which the groom forgot the ring in his apartment. I was able to find a friend near there who was coming anyway and he broke into the guys apartment and got the ring.

  • I was going down on a fat girl, and at some point lost my bearing and could not find my way out. Turn by turn navigation saved me from a dark, damp, smelly grave…

  • travis

    The batteries in my Roku remote died once…Android to the rescue, and I was able to watch more King of the Hill. Lifesaver.

  • roswellraygun

    I was trying to meet up with a friend and latitude made it way easier.
    Pretty much anything with location and directions it has really helped

  • Mas21

    I once got lost taking a “detour” that lost signage soon after getting on it. Lucky me, I whipped out Google maps and still arrived at my destination with good timing.

  • My basement was dark…used my super big bright screen to find my way out. I was likely to be eaten by a Grue.

  • Sakebomber77

    just like a lot of people the turn by turn directions save me more times than I can count.

  • JetsFan316

    In NYC, you can’t travel without google maps.

  • David Rosen

    I learned how to change a tire with the help of my android phone at the tender age of 30…

  • ankit199

    Google translate and Maps saved me when driving to Montreal from US where all signs changed to French as soon as I entered Quebec.

  • edson

    I landed my job because of my xoom tablet.
    Here’s the story. I was in line along with other applicants ready to be interviewed. While I was waiting I began to read about the lumber products the company I applied for carried. I read the history of the company and the reviews they had online. When it was my turn to speak to the owner he asked me 3 things. What do you now about my company. I went on to tell him it was a family owned business and one of the oldest in the city. 2nd question n was if I knew anything about wood. I told him there was many different types and depending on the a. lication there was also different species. 3rd question was if knew what the slogan of the company was. I told him the wonderful world of wood. He hired me right then and there. He told me all the other applicants knew a nothing about his company and that because I knew all this I would be a great fit. if i had not used my xoom to read all that i would have been just snother applicant without a chance.

  • Tethering with my old droid has saved me countless times while on the road for work.

  • Jordan

    The OnStar MyLink app has truly been a life safer for someone who consistently locks up his car keys!

  • topherct

    Google Maps turn by turn saves me all the time.

  • During a softball game for my daughter that I was coaching there arose a play around a seldom used rule. Two coaches, one umpire, and the president of the league couldn’t get it sorted, pulled out my Droid X, pulled up the league’s policies and rules and was back to playing in a few minutes. Yay for Droid.

  • pouxonu

    My phone gets me out of bad spots all of the time (sometimes daily). I’m awful with directions and Google maps/nav is always at the ready for me. Helps me get past heavy traffic with ease and I’m never lost now because of it. Which is great because I can get myself pretty lost if I’m not careful

  • There I was… face to face with the meanest son-of-a-gun in the west. I knew he drew a pistol faster than me, but I couldn’t let him call me yella’ bellied. Sweat dripped down my brow and I saw him move,,,, pow!…. He fired before I knew what happened. As I hit the ground I realized I was okay. I drew my pistol and put one between his eyes. Reaching in my jacket where the bullet entered, I found my DINC with the plastic backplate shattered. My DINC saved my life… and that’s how the west was won.

  • J. Wolf

    My GNex helped navigate from Fresno to Carmel. We were in Fresno visiting family and there was construction and the directions from family wouldn’t help. I fired up the google maps and bingo, on our way.

  • Stretch44

    When my wife and I moved into our new home we didn’t have internet and couldn’t get it hooked up for two weeks. We had to use my Droid Razr as hotspot for two weeks! Thank god for unlimited data!

  • zakry obrien

    Found myself in a bad part of town and used Google maps turn by turn to get me out

  • I was in Virginia last month for a wedding and I was unable to take the same route home due to an accident, thankfully Google Maps was there to get me to where I needed to be without getting lost in unfamiliar territory.

  • NotTheTodd

    My Droid 3 gave me all the latest information after Hurricane Sandy so I could make an informed decision as to whether I should stay put or try to leave the area. Thank you Google! 🙂

  • Every single work day it keeps me out of traffic jams in the Washington DC area!

  • Chazzhd3rd

    Man during a long presentation where I wasn’t really paying attention, my good ol Droid kept me plenty entertained with games and Marvel comics

  • sakebomber77

    of course just like many of us the turn by turn directions while on vacation save me more times than I can count.

  • barrel4life

    I was reconfiguring the electrical system on a machine at work, and had an electrical question. I snapped a picture of the disconnect box and shared the image with a friend, who instantly got it and walked me through the fix.

  • StealieSubie

    I was walking on the beach with my girl friend several months ago and we came across a crowd of people. As we got closer I saw the object of their spectacle. A beached whale about 100 yards off shore.

    So I started to walk into the water. I won’t lie to you
    boys, I was terrified! But I pressed on and as I made my way passed the
    breakers a strange calm came over me. I don’t know if it was divine
    intervention or the kinship of all living things but I tell you at that moment I was a marine biologist!

    I got about fifty-feet out and then suddenly the great
    beast appeared before me. I tell ya he was ten stories high if he was
    a foot. As if sensing my presence he gave out a big bellow. I said,
    “Easy big fella!” And then as I watched him struggling I realized
    something was obstructing his breathing. From where I was standing
    I could see directly into the eye of the great fish!

    Then from out of nowhere a huge title wave lifted, tossed
    like a cork and I found myself on top of him face to face
    with the blow-hole. I could barely see from all of the waves crashing
    down on top of me but I knew something was there so I reached
    my hand for my trusty OG Droid and used it to pry free and pulled out the obstruction!


    • umataro42

      was the sea angry that day, like an old man returning soup?

      • StealieSubie

        Eye, it twas.

        Can’t believe I missed that line. Just added 😉

    • CapnShiner

      Awesome. You might want to correct a tiny mistake. It’s tidal wave, not title wave.

  • zachjen

    Was camping and was in charge of getting the groceries the following morning. Left and when i hit to the site i has no wallet. Hour and a half round trip drive saved by Google wallet. They had a pay pass and i had google wallet. Whew!

  • Boles

    We were staying at my in-laws beach apartment in Florida. They have no internet access there and the TV options are extremely limited. So every night, my kids start losing their minds with the lack of access. Using my rooted phone, I could pulse a wi-fi signal they could use to get on YouTube. I also downloaded and streamed movies and TV shows to the TV using my phone. Droid does.

  • Helped me out of a jam when the Garmin could not.

  • Gage

    It let me stream a movie from glister while driving to Vegas wth my crazy grandparents
    They’re crazy people

  • Jason Tully

    Loosing my home internet during a power outage, I was able to hookup my phone to a portable battery pack and tether with my laptop. Connectivity restored thanks to Android.

  • I wrecked on my motorcycle once. My phone hanging on for dear life allowed me to make one last phone call before it died. I’m glad it was able to hang on just long enough for me to call for help.

  • MANU_M

    My Android has kept me from becoming an iphone user

  • Jtay23

    Saves me everyday when I text one gf on my real # and the other gf from my google voice # 🙂

  • Chris

    My Android phone saves me on the daily from getting lost in a new city. So thankful for reliable internet connection and GPS at my fingertips.

  • One time my DINC put me in a situation then got me out of it. I was at an arcade with some friends when I realized I must of forgotten my phone on a control console of Donkey Kong (my wife called while I was playing)..went back to the machine..gone. Frantic, I grabbed my buddys phone and called..3 rings then VM..someone had my phone and was silencing it..called again..same thing. Now we’re rushing through the arcade as I call over and over..looking and listening. Not finding it. Then I remembered I had mobile recovery installed, I quickly log into the website on my friends phone and set my phone to alarm. 2 seconds after I click we hear it, no more than 15 feet away from me was a man standing behind his maybe 5 y/o daughter trying to pry the back off of my phone to pull the battery. I confront him and he starts mumbling about how he couldn’t figure out how to use answer the calls and that he was going to turn it into lost & found…sure you were dick….sure you were…

  • Well my GS3 got me away from iOS 😛

  • Howard Marlow

    Google Maps, Was lost, now am found. often.

  • E Diddy

    I was in Brazil for work. Previous to my trip, I downloaded the Brazil map pack for our company TomTom since I would be driving during my visit. To my surprise, the maps for TomTom were terrible and got me very lost. I busted out my Android phone, launched google maps, and reached my meeting only 15 minutes late.

  • Mike Weaver

    I was lost once and was able to use Gmaps to find my way home.

  • That’s an easy one, I’ve had multiple surgeries on my head affecting my memory. I can’t remember directions for the life of me when driving around town so I usually use GPS like TomTom to get me around. Well this one time I was out in the deep part of my city where there are barely any GPS satellites around and my TomTom crapped out on me, making me lost in the process. I was pretty much freakin out because I wasn’t on a road that was near a major highway or anything like that. SO, I turned my OG Droid on and enabled all location settings and GPS, the little beast found me and Google Maps got me home……3 hours after I was supposed to be home hahahaha. I don’t leave home without my car charger and my phone ever since.

  • Aardvark99

    The camera flashlight has been a life saver more than once. The GPS got me out of Chester, PA after a wrong turn.

  • Friend of mine had a heart attack while a few of us were at his house. 911 was called, CPR was being performed by another friend, and then I noticed that his four year old was just staring wide-eyed at what was happening. I grabbed her and took her into another room where we used my GNex to watch cartoons on Netflix. She was still shaken, yeah, but it distracted her enough while we waited for the ambulance.

    Friend made it through okay, BTW.

  • JP

    Used wifi hot spot on the razr maxx to tether to 4 different laptops when the power went out so we could finish up a sales presentation at the office.

  • google maps got me out of the a BAD spot in the city once… it was a bad situation.. thats all i got to say about that.. 🙂

  • subiedude85

    I wish I had a great story but I feel that my Android devices have kept me from getting into those tough situations by keeping me one step ahead.

  • jcorf

    Google maps has saved the day many times when my friend’s iPhone couldn’t.

  • It was finals time at college, and I was on my way to take one. When I arrived at our normal classroom, I saw that no one was there, and the exam was supposed to start in a minute or two. I was frantically looking on my phone for an email saying where the exam was. Thanks to Gmail search, I found the email (which I don’t remember getting). I showed up to the correct room seconds before it started.

  • WAldenIV

    I started using my Droid X as a GPS navigation device and a laptop for business travel as soon as I got it on launch day in July 2010.

  • HollywoodWebber

    My GNex’s camera led keeps me from stepping in my dog’s ‘landmines’ every night.

  • erikbjerkeli

    having Google in my pocket has helped me out of an infinite number of tough situations

  • Jerry

    The power went out at my house one night and I couldn’t find the flashlight I normally keep in my room so I used the LED light on my phone as a flashlight.

  • Greg

    Saves me from the pain of apple.

  • Had a user lock their self out of their PC by mis-typing their password multiple times. I was at an amusement park at the time (day off) but luckily had my trusty Bionic with me. Fired up Teamviewer and logged in to my AD server and reset the account and password. Day saved and I was a hero (like I wasn’t already?)!

  • Ayyy

    Lost count of how many times I used to dropped my OG droid face freakin first down on pavement and it came out unscathed….at least not broken haha. Usually when I’m out and about (where I need my phone the most!). Thanks crazy strong OG! Hopefully razr maxx HD will do the same b/c I’m a klutz!

  • JasminJasarevic

    I had to take a online exam once for a great job and my router decided to take a poop on me. My SIII and FoxFi saved the day!

  • azholio

    As a salesman I drive everywhere and Google maps has literally changed the way I drive. It has saved my bacon more times than I can count.

  • Arsenal1204

    I got lost visiting my girlfriend for the first time and Google maps saved my butt from being late

  • iScream4

    I lost my keys playing football in a field in the mountains and used my flash to help find them. A definite life saver!

  • Endless times when I’m driving and get lost. I can just hold down my search button, yell “Navigate Home!” and bam, instant navigation.

  • My Android phone regularly saves me every time I go to the movies, as I use it to see if there is any reason to sit through the credits!!!!

  • J.Michael Stanton

    I don’t get into tough situations since I have a Android phone…

  • Jeff Ayers

    Forgot tickets to a show and was able to download the tickets on my phone and scanned at the venue.

  • Bakercj

    Perfect for road trips. Stream music, navigation, and lookup hotels for the night. Made my trip form NC to AZ and back so easy.

  • Sawyer Jinkens

    Lost in a strange part of town. I thought I could navigate myself, but it was late at night and I couldn’t recognize anything. Google Now->Navigate home.

  • DrewNusser

    I smashed a spider with mine once. Who knows, it could have been really poisonous. And don’t worry, it was in a case.

  • DanWazz

    Was on my way to see Jimmy Eat World a while ago and my stupid g/f at the time wanted to eat first. So we had dinner at a place that took WAY too much time. Thankfullym I had my DINC on me and used Google Maps to check traffic and find the best route to the show. Since we avoided a huge traffic jam cause by an accident, we only missed a couple of chords of the first song. Jimmy and my DINC ruled that night.

  • I was lost deep in the backwoods. It was late, I had a crying baby, which made me have a crying wife. I plugged into Google maps somewhere to eat and let’s the navigation volume run. I then let my daughter watch videos of herself and also some mickey mouse clubhouse which settled her which then settled the wife. I love my G-Nex.

  • Helped me take a detour when i ran into a bad accident on the freeway. I was on my way to a job interview and i could not be late. I was not late and now i have a new job!

  • Davros

    Last year during a snow storm we lost power for 6 days. Being a college student I needed to do online assignments. My kids were getting bored and restless. Tethered my phone to my laptop so I could do my online homework and the kids could watch Netflix. (charged them from Jeep)

  • Jesse McCall

    I once walked into a room full of iPhone users. I instantly felt superior.

  • One time, my home DSL went down for almost an hour. Good thing I realized that I could USB tether to my desktop. I could have lost my mind. Close call.

  • Nirav Desai

    Google Apps on Android phone are always to the rescue !!!!

  • I was walking in a very poorly lit street and didn’t know where I was also so I took out my gnex to use it as a flashlight and for navigation.

  • eddie

    My droid helped me find a safe and open place to get dinner late one night in Cleveland. Not a good place to be at night.

  • this one time i was bored, but thankfully my trusty phone was there to provide hours of entertainment

  • PudgyPanda

    Calling my dad to help me out when my car broke down late at night

  • Goldy

    The GPS in my car couldn’t find it’s way out of a paper bag and couldn’t get a signal. I pulled over, turned on Google Maps on my Galaxy Nexus, and it immediately figured out where I needed to go.

  • Well it let my wife make me a sex tape and send it to me with NFC for my business trip, couldn’t have survived my trip without it!!!

  • haileunlikely

    While on call for my job I was paged while at an eagles game. Instead of needing to get all the way out to my car just to fire up the company laptop( and likely miss more than an entire quarter), I downloaded the citrix app on my phone, remoted to my office desktop, and was able to troubleshoot the ticket from my seat! Best feeling ever.

    • Aardvark99

      This year you might have been better off missing a quarter.

  • My phone has helped me numerous times when being on call and not in a wifi area. Tether via wifi, connect over vpn, and fix the problem!

  • My friend locked his keys in his truck. and it was raining. its a one person job to try to jimmy a lock from the window with a hangar. so i was sitting in my car. so i googled “how to slim jim [make] [model] truck. i shared my research from the first result with him (through the cracked window in my car, and BAM, popped lock.

  • Jim Gar

    I manage our VOIP phones and there have been so many times where I forget to set up vacation greetings and configure our system to enable our closed Auto attendant for those days we are closed. Luckily our system can be accessed via web and I can do everything remotely and a few times my phone have saved me where I didn’t have access to a computer since I’m either out or tavelling for work. On top of that its flash based web so having flash player on my phone really is an advantage. If I had in iphone there was no way for me to do this and the possibility of getting fired if there was no way for me to change our system remotely.

  • Been many of times where I have been out in an install and I have no internet access for my laptop. Whip out the old phone turn on tether and I’m back in business getting my install done and on to the next site. If I didn’t I would have had to drive multiple hours back to the office to get new equipment.

  • Prime7

    Anytime I’m lost, my Android device gets me out with Google Navigation.

  • Dan Cole

    I was lost. Google maps actually worked. (I know, not very exciting, but true)

  • Google maps saves me all the time… At least once a month

  • We needed driving directions – in a car full of iPhones, enough said.

  • Jaime G.


  • My wife forgot her Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon at home. (whips out gnex, pulls up hobbylobby.com, gets coupon) Who’s the hero? This guy.

  • Flyinion

    Maps saved me the other night. We were downtown for dinner, couldn’t find street parking. So we used the valet. Only problem was we had no cash. Hmmm, pull up maps, and search for nearest ATM’s. Win!

  • Jeff Cauley

    There was this one time I was walking down the street. A snarling monster leapt out at me but I kept my cool. Knowing that Angry Birds soothes the savage beast, I loaded up the latest version, and handed him my Android. He quieted down and played happily for about 30 minutes, getting 3 stars on numerous levels that had previously stumped me.

    His name was Fred. He was a nice monster.

  • Navigation has saved me a number of times in unfamiliar places. Just last night led me to a Best Buy.

  • Cory Smith

    was literally stranded in the middle of nowhereville, google maps got me out of that 😀

  • Driving with a friend completey lost about to be running late for $50k company deal .. turns out this guy is getting his directions from Apple’s Maps .. SMH .. should of known .. So pulled out my handy Note II w/ superiour G Maps and got us on the way, in time, closed the deal !! – #BoomGoesTheDynamite !!

  • TanketTufff

    I was new to smartphone era running around with OG Droid. Got lost and remembered something I read on my droidlife app…android has google maps. opened the app and easily found where I needed to go. Sucks that iphones have access to google maps, now we can’t poke fun at them anymore.

  • Earlier this month I drove 25 miles to a pick up a lens for my DSLR at a different Best Buy than usual. When I got there I realized I had left my wallet at home. Although the Best Buy didn’t accept Google wallet, there was a CVS Pharmacy next door that did. I used Google Wallet to buy enough Best Buy gift cards at CVS to by my lens.. and saved myself another trip and 50 miles in extra travel!

    • Haha, nice save.

      Kinda makes me want Google Wallet. Damn Verizon!

  • N8shon

    Two weeks ago, six of my friends and I were travelling in PA and were sent out to get pizza for 12 people from a random Little Ceasar’s in the middle of nowheresville, northern PA. The person driving was using Apple Maps on his shiny new Iphone 5. Yeah, Apple Maps led us into the sticks, 5 miles away from the pizza. I then got to solve the problem by pulling up this elusive Little Ceasar’s on my Note 2 in Google Maps. Of course, Google Maps had no problem finding the place and getting us there. Problem solved, people fed.

  • just yesterday I had to go to a supplier. I thought I.remembered where they were located. missed my turn and ended up not knowing where I was. used Google now and navigation, got.me.there in 2 minutes.

  • I locked myself out taking the garbage out last winter season. fortunately, my Android phone was with me. OK, I still had to wait 20 minutes in the cold for my partner to come home and let me in.

  • morrey35

    When my daughter got her phone, my Evo 4G became my son’s so he would not be jealous = whine saver

  • delerivm

    My Android tablet has saved me from being tied to my desk / office for ridiculously long hours on many occasions. During crunch time, I’ve spent many late nights working from the comfort of my couch on my ASUS Transformer, using a VPN link and VMWare Viewer for secure remote access to my office machines. That’s just 1 example, but there are countless ways that my Android phone and tablet have improved my productivity, and quality of life!

  • Neil Lund

    One day an iphone user asked me directions to the hospital. They couldn’t seem to find it using their iphone, so I just used voice search and my Android phone quickly pulled up maps and directions which I emailed to them. Needless to say, they made it to the hospital to see their loved ones.

  • skrusrnmz

    My 20 month old loves to see “babies!” on Facebook. When she’s on the verge of a nuclear moment I whip out my GS3 and dish up some babies fast. Works every time.

  • I had to get a document to my boss wanted by the end of the day. I logged in to citrix receiver from my galaxy nexus and sent the document via email.

  • Using the walking navigation option on Google Maps got me to an important business meeting.

  • Scott Hardy

    I had an iPad that I wanted to get rid of, so I posted it on Craigslist and when someone wanted to meet up to see it, I did a factory reset and left to go meet. The guy wanted to look at the general preferences to make sure that it really was the 32GB model (even though its printed on the back). He couldn’t get past the setup because it requires you to connect to WiFi. I flipped on the hotspot, got him in to check it out, and sold the sucker the 2-year-old iPad for like $300. Used that to buy myself a new Nexus 10!

  • Christopher Heidt

    I found out about DeskSMS and TabletSMS, which delivers text messages that i get on my Android phone to my Nexus 7 and my desktop. It’s saved me many a time when my phone was in another room charging (or I was just to lazy to get up and look at who texted me!).

  • Terry Poulin

    When I was visiting a very special girl for the very first time face to face, my Android was able to pull up all of the contact data I needed at the boarder. It even stored all my trip data so I didn’t need to worry about paper copies of my itinerary and maps.

  • br_hermon

    I wouldn’t call it a tough situation per se’ but my OG Droid’s Navigation was the only GPS I had while visiting Hawaii. I’d never been there before so if that went out on me, I was hosed.

  • phenotype

    WiFi tether app on my GN has saved me a bunch of times.

  • Thomas Kefalas

    I work weekends on-call for an IT company and have to be available to work on something in an emergency until 9pm. I didn’t have a laptop nor was I near a computer. I had my galaxy nexus and nexus 7 tablet. I got a voicemail for an emergency situation. I tethered my tablet to my phone for data and used it to remote into a client’s server to fix the issue. Definitely helped the client out big time for being able to respond so quickly.

  • Jeremy Begley

    I was driving through a small town to get to a store. I didn’t realize that on this day the town was having it’s “Town Day.” All the stores and local shops were shut down with the streets that I know being closed to pedestrians only. Police were controlling traffic and detouring people. I was detoured in a direction that I wasn’t sure how to get back home from. I pulled over and popped on the Google Navigation and got back home in one piece.

  • Kevin Raymond

    I had a paper in college that needed turned in, and I was doing it right at the deadline. Right as I went to upload it, my home internet went out. I quickly booted up FoxFi and connected my laptop to my phone’s 4G. I turned the paper in with 12 seconds to spare!

  • adinfinitum

    constantly have internet, music, games, and GPS with me…. gets me out of every situation!

  • howie35

    Perfect tabs for my parents for Christmas!!

  • Worked on a document from home via google drive (docs), pulled the doc to my phone via google drive, emailed it to my boss…..like a boss.

  • Jem

    Got in an accident last year (someone had hit my friend, I was in the passenger seat) – I got out immediately and took pictures of the damage. It turns out the guy didn’t have insurance and took off before police arrived (had said he was getting in to get his insurance card and such). Thankfully a couple of the pictures had his license plate in them. Even better, is that they were already uploaded to Google+, just in case something had happened to my phone.

    Honestly, I don’t know how he thought he could run, he saw me taking the pictures. If you’re gonna take off you don’t stick around first.

    I’ve also taken pictures of the serial numbers of my more expensive items and they’re up on Google+ as well, just in case they were to ever get stolen, or for proof of ownership if there was to ever be a fire or something (yay insurance).

  • Evan Wickes

    google navigation has saved me lots of time…i doubt i could say the same for IOS maps

  • Alexander H

    Maps are huge, as is the ability to tether for internet access during a meeting after the power went out

  • Jeremy A

    Google maps, enough said.

  • I use my Galaxy Nexus to pull my car out of the ditch my buddy iPhone snapped on the first try

  • Jonik Cannon

    Was back home at a football game, meet a girl at the bar, afterwards we sat in the car for hours watching movies on Netflix. All b/c we couldn’t go back to her house b/c of her folks

  • jonathon johnston

    Google maps kept me from getting lost…Thankfully I upgraded from an iPhone years ago or who knows where I would be?

  • When I was driving home from downtown where it’s all one way streets, I ended up doing circles for 10 minutes. Turned on GPS and face palmed my way home.

  • on a regular basis my nexus saves me. gps, google search, an app for everything. without my little buddy id be lost.

  • Google map, help me not get loss in the big APPLE.

  • Headed to a fancy dinner a little late and needed a classy gift – Google Search for nearest place to purchase Grey Poupon. #nailedit

  • Whelp I was riding with my buddy who was using Apple Maps to get to this bar across town. When we literally ended up in the middle of some farmers driveway I hit up my google maps and we were there 20 min later.

  • Dogbird

    WiFi tether when my home ISP was shut off 😀

  • Once I need directions cause I was in a jam and POOF my device

  • Joseph Joffe

    On vacation in LA 2 weeks ago, the rental car GPS freaked out. But, we fired up my GNex, asked Google Now for directions, and got where we needed to be (and returned the GPS to the rental agency …)

  • rodney11ride

    i utilize “log-me-in”. in my line of business this is how we control out work computers from home and through out the night during flood season. i work in water/river delvery

  • MSlab

    Galaxy Nexus has gotten me out of innumerable tough situations by way of Google
    Maps for navigation, Google/Wikipedia for answering bets, Spotify in the car to
    avoid having to listen to my wife for an 8 hour drive… but it has also
    prevented me from getting into a tough situation. Google Now informed me of
    terrible traffic right before leaving work for my commute home, allowing me to
    avoid the parking lot of a highway.

  • My Bionic can text IFTTT which will give me a call so I can escape a situation if need be, it can come in handy in those weird situations!

  • once I needed to make a call…then my Android phone was there…winning 🙂

  • antwonw

    I once wandered into a really bad part of the city in my car. Things looked super sketchy. I quickly pulled out my phone and open Google Maps/Navigation and got out of there uber fast.

  • A few months ago, I got caught in traffic in NYC on my way to LaGuardia, and was about to miss my flight when Google Maps rerouted me around the traffic. My TomTom doesn’t have traffic updates, so Maps saved me!

  • my wife and i use Google search to settle most of our arguments now. Voice search comes in handy on my nexus 4 all the time.

  • jra716

    Once when I got pulled over for not signaling at a stop sign on my way to my cousins apartment, my cousin kept calling me wondering where I was. The officer told me to keep my hands on the steering wheel and not to move. My ringtone at the time was “The Dream – Fast Car” and it made me cringe each time the phone went off. An hour later of BS I called my cousin to find out where his apartment was and got smashed.

  • I was running out of gas on the interstate, so I pulled of to fill up but the price was outrageous! Pulled up the Gas Buddy app and saw that it was 20 cents cheaper 2 miles down the road, and I had 7 miles of range left. Just another example of how my smartphone saves me money.

  • I was stuck in the middle of nowhere here in Maryland with horrible GPS signal I was almost late for my first assignment on a new job and my CoPilot navigation helped me out when nothing else could. Seems it stores the data if the GPS no longer works. I don’t know that I would have done if I not not have another option, besides Google, on my Android phone. #TeamAndroid forever!!

  • Dave Sampley

    I once got lost and my android phone using google maps and navigation got me to the interview on time and got me the job I hold today. Thanks Android!

  • So this one time in band camp… In college while I was studying for my finals, my school’s wifi network was overloaded and my original Droid saved the day. It allowed me to tethering my phone to my computer and continue studying.

  • Andrew

    Yesterday I had an urgent emergency: I needed the best tacos within a 5 minute drive (I was starving). Thankfully, Android guided me in the right direction.

  • My memory is terrible. Astrid Tasks + Evernote to the rescue! Plus Maps is a given – great for getting you out of a jam or when you just seem to get lost somehow.

  • Will Rehse

    I work at manufacturing facilities that often don’t have reception for iPhones due to them mostly being on AT&T and so, I turned my phone into the glorified conference call phone for a group going through a work crisis, it was louder and clearer than all the iPhones in the room. crisis averted. Money made. Google/Verizon ftw.

  • Jeff Davidson

    I couldn’t get home in time for a phone job once so pulled over in a parking lot and was able to pull up the conferencing info and made the call right then and there.

  • Sam

    I forgot my computer’s remote the day of a presentation. I was able to install an app to control my powerpoint while tethered to my computer over wifi. Worked great and didn’t interrupt the flow of the presentation at all.

  • Lost in the woods, GPS to the rescue!

  • [email protected]

    well i was stuck in the dark jungles of vietnam surrounded by VC, they were closeing in on my whenin the distance i hear a bell go off.. it was then when my android alarm woke me & got me out of that tight situation 🙂

  • Kiter86

    My android device got me out of an unruly place with turn by turn navigation.

  • Muddy B00ts

    On my way to an interview to get the job i currently have, the email directions they sent me got me lost. Google maps got me there in no time.

  • Christopher Mann

    stuck in the heart of downtown Atlanta at night with no clue where i was going. Thankfully GPS on my OG Evo was able to guide me back to the interstate and I was able to get home unscathed.

  • Helps me in situations when I’m arguing with friends about why they need to switch to an android phone and get away from the Iphone, just pull it out and show them all the great things my GS3 can do over their phone

  • s2k_848

    Toughest situation was getting rid of my iPhone! Not really, it was the easiest situation I had to deal with.

  • Awilner

    Once I had to pick my daughter at a friend’s house after a playdate. I didn’t have a GPS in the car, and pulled my Galaxy SIII. I highlighted the address from an email, copied and pasted on google maps, and then used navigation to get there. Nice and easy.

  • boardindude

    Google Navigation and Maps on my Android have gotten me outta several situations where I didn’t know where I was or how to get to where I want to go. Works perfect!

  • engwalker

    My phone has saved me from being lost in several cities I wasn’t familiar with, and finding fun things to do.

  • I pinpoint locations in google maps for job sites with my boss all the time so we can send them to other employees

  • sciroccohsd

    Evernote for Android has helped me out of jams by storing my list medications and part numbers for misc. parts/supplies I need.

  • Guest

    I was tinkering around with my Droid X, flashing ROMs and such, when I bricked it. It took men for ever to try and sbf it back to working condition. You’d think I’d learn my lesson, but I later did the same thing to my dads Droid X. *Face Palm*

  • I was once trapped in bed, and so I quickly grabbed my Galaxy Nexus and googled how to get out of bed. I was amazed how helpful it was when it not only showed me how to get out of bed by a video on youtube but listed several sites that gave me tips on how to get out bed easier.

    Simply put Android is full of Win and I’m no longer trapped under the covers waiting for someone to free me from my slumber.

  • Ben Johnson

    We lost our internet connection after Hurricane Sandy… OMG what can we do? So, we turned on mobile hotspot and BOOM we’re back on the air!!

  • Right after 4.1 updated, my traffic card pointed out heavy traffic on 95 due to a jumper on the bridge. According to friends it saved me 3 hours in traffic. Maybe that helped me avoid a difficult situation rather than get out of one… Who knows

  • Google maps plain and simple….does anything else really need to be said

  • Got turned around and lost a few miles from my camp site. Used the GPS feature on my Droid Incredible to find my way back.

  • I have a more funny story of how my android got me into a sticky situation… I was texting my wife i forget what about, but things were going well until my phone decided it would rather text an old argument we had from weeks before which rehashed the whole situation. Now for how my android got me out of said situation. I took a screen capture of what i actually had sent her and compared to what she received. Problem solved, but very strange indeed.

  • It gets me out of a tough situation daily – I use it to check traffic on the 91 fwy from Orange County to Riverside, in Southern California. It has saved me tons of time.

  • Last year in college, I had an assignment due at 1145pm. I went out for party cuz it was a Friday night. And I completely forgot about the assignment. I’ve been drinking, for some reason I remember the assignment, then I went out and pop my Droid bionic to finish it. And I got 85% when I was little tipsy haha

  • Disney World and Universal line wait apps. A true life saver. With GPS, so you know how far away you are from a ride and how long the wait time, it made it possible to see both parks in 4 days.

  • watched flash replays of cowboys winning last week and able to show it off to an iphone using steelers friend.

  • Was on a work trip to Austin Texas, first time travelling for work alone, and I had decided not to rent a car. Got off the plane and realized I had no idea where my hotel was, how to get there, or where anything else was for that matter. Pulled out my phone and the Navigation app told me where to catch a bus, when it would arrive, what the price was, and when to get off, etc.. I ended up using it the whole trip to get around, was extremely happy with the performance, and never regretted not renting a car!

  • Justin Brayman

    Used TeslaLED to find my keys at night after loosing them while sledding.

  • vonny571

    Reminded me of my wife’s birthday…crisis averted.

  • Matt

    My android device saved me when I left some documents at my house for a meeting. Thankfully I was able to pull them up on my device with Google Drive!

  • Helped me communicate with the staff at the Brazilian hotel I was at on my honeymoon where no one spoke English only Portuguese.

  • chuckfu

    True story from last Saturday. My family of 5 was visiting my wife’s grandmother’s grave at the cemetery. It was a pretty cold Nebraska day, so my 2 year old daughter got cold so my wife placed her in the car. Well, the car was running this whole time, so the keys were in the ignition. We were right outside the car and figured that as long as my daughter stayed in the passenger seat and watched us, there wasn’t any risk of her putting the car in drive or anything like that. Plus, we were only going to be there for a few more minutes. Suddenly- ‘click’. She hit the door lock button. So, we tried to explain to her how to unlock the door again, but since the door lock button was below the window line, it was hard to explain to her what we needed her to do (she just turned 2). She got near the button a few times, but didn’t understand to hit the ‘unlock’ direction instead of the ‘lock’ direction. Then she’d lose interest after a few seconds and want to sing songs or play patty-cake through the window. Anyway, after a few minutes, we started getting worried that she would start crying or something and we’d be in trouble. So, i decided to try something- I took out my G-Nex and thanks to the curve of the door/window was able to take a picture downward of the door handle and the lock button. I zoomed in on the lock button so it took up the whole phone and showed it to my daughter through the window. I showed her the part of the button to press and had her do a dry run through the window a few times. Then I pointed down to the armrest and bam- she pressed the unlock and we got in.

  • MattBonjovi

    Google maps navigation out of the HOOD!

  • tobidashi

    I was on a business trip in VA and only had the building name of my appointment. I used my Samsung Vibrant with Google search and Google Maps to find the building without an address and made it on time!

  • ewilliams1009

    google maps gets me un-lost about once a month. Its a lifesaver.

  • Brandon Sweetness

    i used it to convert my iphone loving supervisor into a Galaxy note II owning sir

  • Justin Koch

    When I am travelling its great for not getting lost, has helped many times.

  • Was visiting a friend I hadn’t seen for a while.He lives out in the country and his roommate needed an update for his PS3 for something (don’t remember what it was). He had no internet so I just downloaded the update to the sd card on my phone hooked it to the PS3 with a usb cable and updated his machine via usb device. Worked like a charm. He was very grateful.

  • Thanks to LogMeIn I was able to remote into a work computer that grants us door access so I could get in a little past 5pm. No, I wasn’t trying to get in to do extra work.. you see, I had left my keys on my desk, walked out, and then couldn’t get back in with my keycard. Without my keys I couldn’t drive home.. so without my phone I would’ve been walking!

  • Daniel Maginnis

    Every damn day I can’t figure out how to get to where I’m going. Google maps with nav has helped me every time.

  • Tom Sturdy

    Road trip to Canada, didn’t want to be charged for mobile data. Good thing I had pre-cached Google Maps for the areas we would be staying. Our group was able to successfully find pubs on the way thanks to my phone, and I didn’t get charged for mobile roaming!

  • blackcatroad

    My Droid keeps me from being a pretentious douchebag i*hone owner,

  • Of course google maps has gotten me out of some tough situations (with not just driving directions, but transit, and walking directions too) but I’ll go with something different. The torque app on android with a bluetooth ODBII reader has help me diagnose things on my car and cleared a many check engine lights

  • Malz

    Many times. just recently the feature of being used as an wifi hotspot. seriously this thing is much better than a lapop now. Using Galaxy s3.

  • several times while traveling and trying to use my wife’s maps in her iPhone we were going the wrong way. luckily we realized it was wrong by the street signs so I used my galaxy nexus to correct.

  • Ran out of space on my iPod and google music saved me. was able to fit everything on my cloud and onto google music.

    I know… real tough situation

  • I travel a lot and find the Maps/Navigation invaluable. I land in a city with a rental car & no clue of how to really get anywhere. First step is always positioning my phone on the dashboard & getting the navigation going.

  • At a job interview I forgot the name of the person I was supposed to go meed with. Luckily I had entered all of the information in my calendar entry plus my contacts for references, a digital copy of my resume to look over and think about what they might ask and finally, google maps to get me there early. I can’t live without my android razr.

  • Used it for many tough situations but the most critical was in a dark cave like area when the headlamp went out and backup that worked earlier in the day in testing failed to turn on. Would have been stuck completely if not for the flash light program downloaded from the play store. Literally a life saver!!

  • nightscout13

    Used my OG droid 1 to call 9-1-1 when this lady flipped her car where I work, and I helped her out of the car. And cut my hand on glass 🙂

  • Every time I am somewhere unfamiliar and make a wrong turn (or have to detour for some reason), I just tap Google Maps Navigation and get myself back on track… much more efficient than trying to figure it out myself with many wrong turns.

  • Travis Brown

    Stuck in Chicago with no idea where I was and Google Maps saved me once again!

  • being able capturing all moments, esp the funny ones that can ridicule someone FOREVER

  • Jeffho

    My Android settled many a bar discussion. The old days you argued all night long without being able to find out the answer to who has the most lefthanded homeruns.

  • Sammy V

    Google maps saves me from getting lost all the time.

  • Yarsh

    My Android devices actually prevent me from having plenty of tough situations. When traveling, I look up my destination on my phone beforehand, thus never getting lost. Need to know the name of that song to impress people? Bam! Soundhound, Shazam, or Google’s new SoundSearch. Android’s got me covered 🙂

  • Sapko82

    google maps helped recently during business trip in asia

  • Corey Hass

    While on my honeymoon, there was a crash on the one lane highway that went around Maui. Instead of waiting for the accident to clear, we circumnavigated the island to make our flight on time, courtesy of Maps on my S3

  • Kyle Luis

    Once, the internet went down at work and I tethered them with my android phone and was able to finish our sales until our internet came back.

  • John

    Went out drinking with some buddies. Bartender noticed my license had expired. I was able to jump on my phone & renew my license. I was then sent an email that you can use temporarily until one is mailed to you. It was a close call but I did end being able to drink.

    It was almost the worst day of my life.

  • cloud36426

    I got lost and was in the middle of nowhere. Tress all around and hadn’t passed a car in as about an hour. Google maps to the rescue.

  • zial

    On more than one occasion, power and/or cable has gone out, but having a mobile hotspot in the form of my android phone has saved my bacon and allowed me to meet my deadlines!

  • We were on our way to visit my mother-in-law when she called to inform us that the room we were planning on using at her house was not available. I whipped out my phone, found a great deal on a hotel a couple blocks away, & overcame that wrinkle within 10 minutes.

  • I tried to extend a vacation one day at the lake cabin when things got busy at the office. I was able to “work from home” by firing up Bugless Beast on my GNex and using the wifi hotspot to VPN my laptop into the work server.

  • I hate to copy everyone else, but Google Maps has totally saved me dozens of consecutive hours getting me to the right place.

  • BikerBob1789

    Bails us out when I let my wife navigate.

  • Rich Howe

    Maps has gotten me out of several traffic jams. Camera has saved me a few times when I’ve forgotten the “real” camera. Internet access has bailed me out with loacl information when traveling.

  • I really wanted a burrito for lunch, so whipped out my S3 and searched for nearby burrito joints and discovered that Qdoba was down block…so good

  • CompCrash

    I was trying to help a customer who spoke Spanish only do I used translate to get the general conversation going.

  • Alan Paone

    My galaxy nexus has been out of commission for the last 2 months and I’ve been using an iphone, my nexus 7 is basically the only way I’ve not gotten completely ilost

  • latitude has def saved me from bad confusion as to where I was before… lol

  • lou staffieri

    Google maps is all I have to say, it’s a pizza delivery mans best friend. 🙂

  • GPS navigated me to some booty… we’ve all been there right ?

  • Kevin Moses

    I was recently in Italy and had no way to contact my wife other than my RAZR.

  • Helped me win an argument with my wife…first time for everything, with an assist from android/google

  • Themanhere10

    I got kicked out of a party and realized that I had no idea where I was. Used my g s 3 to get me home.

  • bamastang

    Heard Krispy Kreme on 12-12-12 had buy one dozen get one dozen free, and the “Hot Now” sign was one. After listening to a couple people order in front of me, you needed to have a coupon. Quick Google search and was able to bring the coupon up on my S3 before have to pay and show the coupon. Lovin some hot donuts!!

    • CapnShiner

      They said tough situation, not sticky situation.

  • Mark Lewis

    I don’t have internet at my new house since AT&T is at “maximum capacity” (monopoly much?). However, I can do most important things online anyway thanks to my Droid Incredible and unlimited data.

  • androidkin

    use my android device to settle arguement with friends

  • Was able to submit an assignment online just in time after my ISP crapped out thanks to using Wi-Fi tether on my GNex.

  • As a teacher, I constantly use apps and technology in class to interest students on a daily basis.

  • Kevin Rees

    On the way from PA to Myrtle Beach in Aug 2012 for vacation using google maps, my wife noticed the travel time went from 4 hours to 6 hours in a second. We were on 95 south north of the North Carolina Virginia border. My wife looked at the live traffic and found 95s from the border of N. Carolina up about 30 miles north was all red. We got off 95 and paralleled 95 past the traffic. Turned out the torrential rains had overflowed Roanoke Rapids spilling over 95 shutting it down for 8 hours. We found out afterwards what had happened since google maps with live traffic allowed us to completely bypass the issues with minimal delay.

    Android and Google Maps saved the day and my vacation!

  • SRMcDonald

    I used my Samsung Galaxy S2 and Google Maps to figure out where a surprise party was taking place as I was running late.

  • I got lost in a very bad neighborhood in Detroit….Google Maps on my Gnex saved the day.

  • chris125

    Google maps helped get me and some workers to the right destination when the boss gave us the wrong address. Plugged it in and got to the meeting right away and used my phone to download a file one of the coworkers forget for our meeting

  • Chad Erisman

    Quick lookup of symptoms when my kids are sick, or use the torch led app to check pupils after a hard fall.

  • Paid some bills before it was late; GPS/Directions to anywhere!

  • Mina Beshara

    Had to hand in my final paper, which I placed on a thumbdrive. PC labs wouldnt read the thumbdrive, so i panic. My Razr and the USB adapter saved the day, dragged and dropped from the thumbdrive to my phone, and emailed it over, with minutes to spare!

  • William Wells

    Last year, 10 minutes before my fantasy football draft was about to start, my internet went down. Didn’t even bother with calling my ISP. Tethered to my EVO… The rest is history. League Championship. No way autodraft would have navigated the draft the way I did.

  • me and my girlfriend lost our way to a restaurant once ,and we couldnt figure it out because we didnt know the local language .but fortunately google maps on my android saved us .

  • not really a hard situation but i show off my phone to everyone in the company and pursue them to jump off the blackberry and apple tin cans and jump into the android ship! S3 ftw!

  • David Serrano

    Saved Someones Life, Really

    I work at a nursing home as a Nurse. One of our patients fell in the shower after saying he “felt weird”. The other nurse on staff said to just have him cleaned up and check on him in the morning.

    I, however, felt something more was wrong. I spoke to him about his symptoms, but couldn’t quite put my finger on it. So I pulled out my GNex and looked up his symptoms and his “feeling weird”. Sure enough, things point to T.I.A. or Transient Ischemic Attack or small, momentary strokes. I called 911 right away and had him take to the ER.

    Doctors told me the next day had he not been admitted he surely would have had a Stoke that night and most likely die, as he is a DNR or a Do Not Resuscitate.

    TLDR; My GNex saved an old cowboy’s life.

    • Jessica

      Wow! Great catch on that T.I.A. I’m a nurse too and I use my phone all the time to check on patient’s symptoms and whatnot, but have only diagnosed a few skin rashes. Thanks for saving the old man’s life, from one Geriatric lover to another.

      • David Serrano

        I really do like old people. They have awesome stories. Yes some are crabby and mean, but it’s a defense mechanism. Just have to work on them and find common ground. I’ve yet to find someone I couldn’t crack.

      • CapnShiner

        I’m not sure “geriatric lover” was the best choice of words lol

        • David Serrano

          True, I don’t like old people in that way. Although there’s plenty of Golden Girls who will pinch my cheeks – not the ones on my face…

    • wow, good work!

      • David Serrano


    • CapnShiner

      Wow, if that’s not good PR for a GNex I don’t know what is. Also good on you for caring enough to follow up on the symptoms. That other nurse should be fired.

      • David Serrano

        I don’t blame the other nurse, although she has done other questionable stuff, since it’s something that didn’t seem to serious (old people fall a lot). But, nonetheless my GNex FTW.

        Samsung, are you listening?…

  • bryanmaple

    I’ve been using Skyvi on my Droid 4 frequently for sending texts while I’m driving because then I don’t have to take my eyes off of the road. It works great when I need to reply to something right away, but I’m in a lot of traffic. I just hit the button, and tell Skyvi what I want her to do, and the reply is sent. Keeps me OUT of tough situations!!!

  • Rodeojones000

    I’m sure this scenario will be repeated 1000 times, but it’s hard to ignore how helpful navigation is with Android. The first time I used it was when I was in downtown San Diego for work and used it to get me to a pizza restaurant I’d heard about.

  • Tex

    Used Zumocast to grab a file that I need on a job site, plugged my phone in to the laptop and went to work.

  • Jim Sheeran

    By helping to prove my friends right or wrong daily on trivia stuff.

  • Mike Yost

    Well, I got lost in the middle of Pittsburgh (I know not that big of a city but still) and really had no idea where I was going so just powered up Navigation and was out in a jiffy. I mean there are a ton of other things it has helped me with but this is just the most memorable.

  • My buddy and I were sightseeing through downtown Chicago and Maps gave us awesome walking directions to get around the city.

  • Turn by turn nav is a life saver.

  • PhillipNorris

    Used 4g hotspot when on vacation instead of the crappy hotel wi-fi. Disaster averted

  • Aaron Rich

    Had to use it to provide VPN access to company President right before a customer demo. Now she remembers me as “The guy who has the phone that does everything”

  • Waiting at line for Black Friday last year, wanted to watch the end of the UT A&M game. Espn 3 and flash to the rescue on my droid bionic. Suck it Texas.

  • Masta Marc

    In College — I had to take an online quiz by 6pm that i COMPLETELY forgot about. Had another class from 5-630– During this class I remembered the quiz. Instead of leaving class, I popped out my OG Droid- Went to Blackboard (The location of the quiz).. Took it and passed. LOL I’ll never forget that day because it was my first smart phone!! Saved my life. lol

  • Raymond Dionne

    google maps on my phone has helped me on plenty of vacations

  • cjgoudy

    Being able to make changes to my paper on the day it’s due via Drive while in class before emailing it to my professor…

  • nextstepbasketball

    My Note 2 eats iPhones for breakfast, thus decreasing the number of iPhones in circulation and making the world a better place to raise my children.

  • kdunne

    I travel for work, normally about 30 hours a week. Needless to say, Netflix+Moto=Greatness

  • HellRa1SeR

    Lots of times I have been into situations where I need some document or excel for a presentation or a meeting, and then dropbox or the gmail helps me out. Thanks to Android

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    Friend was driving using his iPhone 5 to navigate us half way across the country…. enough said

  • Lambo_21

    Well i got lost in Philly trying to get to a museum (with written directions) .. and got sent through a rough part… the GPS got me out asap and back on track fast

  • R Andrew Wright

    It seems to be a pretty common response but my android device has definitely put me on the right track with maps/voice navigation. No really specific instances.

  • I recently went to Minnesota to watch the Vikings play. I had to drive in a blizzard and all of the signs in town were covered in snow. Lo’ and behold, Google Maps saved my life. Told me which way to go flawlessly and before you know it I was on my way.

    • Who know’s where I’d be right now if I had to rely on Apple Maps

  • Mike DeBlock

    Navigation has saved my bacon (mmmm bacon…) more times than I can count! Always gives me the proper directions and time to get there. Unlike some other directionally challenged apps…

  • ostensibly

    My buddy thought I was making up the lyrics to that Mouth song by Bush. I googled it with a pitcher on the line. Turned out that the lyrics are even worse than I’d remembered… lost the bet but got to keep my dignity for not knowing the words to a song by Bush.

  • I thought a paper was due on a friday and it turned out to be due on thursday at midnight. I didn’t catch wind of this until i was out at the bars drinking with my friends at 11:45pm. So thank god I hate it saved in my dropbox. So i just attached it to an email and sent it in before I ran out of time.

  • iceburgh

    Lost in the South Side. Turned on my Google Maps. Found my way home.

  • Jigga_Z

    I once forgot my notes for class at law school and got cold-called by my professor. Thankfully I had my phone and the documents saved in dropbox so I didn’t make a fool of myself in front of everyone!

  • andrew

    forgot my presentation at home remembered it was on dropbox downloaded it on my phone and hooked my phone up tp the monitor

  • Scene: Thanksgiving
    Setting: Inlaws
    Plot: My father inlaw is wearing a fedora. My brother inlaws are taking turns flipping off the camera. Every inlaw is smoking a cigarette at the dinner table while discussing NASCAR. I have Dead Trigger on my GNexus. ‘Nuff said.

  • the screen helps me read websites

  • We decided to start watching the walking dead during the 3rd season. Never saw the first two. Downloaded them from the play store and used the hdmi out to watch them in hd on my tv!

  • Greg Reese

    Used Google Drive on my G-Nex for some last minute cramming before a final. Paid off because the specific thing I studied ended up being the bulk of the final.

  • My friends and I wanted to see a movie together on a whim. I pulled out my Galaxy Nexus and used Google Now. I quickly found what movies were about to start and which one we were all going to see.

  • Nelly547

    Maps, maps, maps!

  • Can’t say its got me out of a tough situation other then the boss getting a hold of me

  • How about every time I drive anywhere outside the town where I live and I freak out because I don’t know where I’m going.
    Also Google maps was handy when I went to Chicago and the friend we were visiting was delayed meeting us for a couple days


  • Scott Meyer

    As I traveled south down the coast of Cali it helped me find a place to rest my head every night and a place to imbibe as I rolled into obscure towns. Fantastic.

  • By keeping me from getting lost in Las Vegas using maps

  • A coworker is on T-Mobile, and he has terrible reception. So I started my mobile hotspot for him (Gnex 4G) so he could watch some new movie trailers he wanted to see. Toughest situation I have been in in 6 months! 😉

  • Both liked on my Facebook ;

    So, one night Im sitting at the bar, Ive just gotten off work and im trying to have a beer and relax. All of a sudden this group of 4 guys come up and accuse me of stealing their iPhone. After I pull out my HTC One S and show them I only use Android, they scoff and drunkenly walk away. Jokes on them for using iPhones.

  • Derek Waldrip

    When I applied for a job I sent the company a DVD of my work. When I got called in for an interview, the person conducting the interview didn’t have my DVD. I realized that I uploaded all of my work to my Google drive. I busted out the old Thunderbolt and we went through my work. (Didn’t get the job though.)

  • Tania N

    Not surprising but Google Maps on my Nexus has saved me too many times so I think a story with regards to that would be best. Once I was going to this job interview and initially I was confident as to where I was going (based on bus stop names) but the bus I was taking was taking a detour and basically would skip my stop (which of course the bus driver hadn’t mentioned at all -_-). So I had to get off at a stop before the detour and walk. It was quite a walk and because I didn’t know the area but only the bus stop that I was supposed to get off at, it was hell. Good thing I had the directions saved as an offline map on Google Maps because the network in that area was terrible too! Luckily I reached alive and surprisingly on time thanks to Google maps on my Nexus. <3

  • gamafree

    Using mapping to get “unlost”

  • Bigwavedave25

    Moved to a new state last year and went to get our cars registered at the local DMV. Thought we had everything we needed ready (but I guess you never really do!). They needed the loan info on my car because we were still paying on it. At the counter I was able to pull up my Honda Link account and find the info on the spot from my GNex.
    I did not want to have to some back and stand in that line again!

  • BrianBrick

    My friend had an i*hone and was talk about how he loved its versatility. I proceeded to show him my new(at the time) rooted unlocked gnex and also pulled up droid life in my browser to show him. Needless to say, he doesn’t have an i*hone anymore. I think he is currently on a GSIII

  • My phone gets me out of a difficult situation every time my wife wants to go shopping.

    Bench + Phone + Sunday Ticket = I don’t mind shopping so much.

  • Ashish Raj

    While on a vacation, my friends were showing off their new iFruit 5. However, their map could not locate even one restaurant near by. My innocent Evo LTE showed them their way!!

  • Matthew Durst

    got lost when running in a new neighborhood, used the voice navigation to get me back home safely.

  • lschrock

    I had the top off my jeep wrangler and the radar now app got me home nice and dry

  • dizzle

    Got into one of those pointless drunk arguments on how old Lebron James was, so I asked Google Now and voila it was settled. And wow u wouldnt think he was 27 with that hairline.

  • When I want to reserve the new game release from Red Box before someone else gets it.

  • mtaylor924

    Used my 4G LTE GNex to tether my laptop for a work presentation that included youtube clips when the wifi went down.

  • Jason

    Needed bank account balance while on the road. Logged on and was in the know. 🙂

  • AranelAlasse

    GPS and Google maps are always there to help me find my way.

  • geedee82

    I was traveling last weekend during the Redskins game, so I just pulled out my Gnex, launched Tune In Radio and started streaming DC’s ESPN 980 – disaster averted. Crushing the Browns with Kirk Cousins starting was also pretty sweet.

  • Bobby Cornwell

    I used to have a blackberry. Android got me out of that tough situation

  • After a security breach, the security group made the firewall rules as restrictive as possible, which meant that it was nearly impossible to get any work done on our LAN. Using Android running Azilink, I tethered my laptop (disconnecting from the LAN) whenever I encountered a site I was unable to access on the LAN. Many development groups became less productive, but I continued to get work done.

  • it has helped me many times get out of traffic and get home quickly and safely.

  • Futbolrunner

    I used my gps to find my way home..350 miles away.

  • Jason Kirk

    Pretty much anytime I was lost, Maps saved my butt

  • Alex O

    I moved to a new city and I needed a cab, I used Google Now on my Nexus S to get the cab number

  • Got lost in a foreign city. My Android device helped me get back to my hotel safely.

  • dhirensavalia

    I’ve never have really been in a “tough situation,” but my phone once did give me directions to get to a location that my navigation system didn’t know.

  • TheWenger

    Going home from a poker game (that I won) at night and avoiding traffic kept me from pissing off the wife for getting home late (since I won).

  • Corey Foltman

    When some annoying person is talking to me and i pretend that im getting a phone call so i can get away.

  • therealjbriggs

    My old Galaxy s1 navigated me out of some ultra sketchy downtown Los Angeles neighborhoods at night on vacation. Well, navigated is the wrong word since those phones shipped with the most broken GPS ever. At least google gave me directions I could read out and get back home!

  • MisterFrancisco

    Pretty much whenever I’m traveling Google Maps proves to be crucial.

  • frankly

    Maps helped me lead a group of my managers to a good bar for drinks! They were happy with the choice so I got (worthless) brownie points!

  • When my brother and sister-in-law had their baby, I left work early to go see my new niece. It’s a 2 hour drive. I stopped at a rest stop on the way, and as I was getting out of my car, got a phone call from my boss. He was about to do a presentation, and was all set up, but couldn’t find the presentation on his computer. Using my Droid Bionic (then new) with Logmein Ignition, I was able to remotely takeover his computer, find, and open his powerpoint file for him. He was able to get started with his presentation on time, and I was able to support him (which is my job), even though I was in a rest area parking lot.

  • moccor

    My Android phone saved me in a tough situation because unlike iPhones or any other iDevices, I can plug the phone into a PC and it’s no different than a flash drive. I had a friend who had a virus on their pc and it wouldn’t allow any browsers or Firefox to start. Well, I downloaded the files and programs needed to fix it onto my phone, plugged it in, and began cleaning.

  • Sean

    Power was out for hours during a storm. Tethered to my tablet with my 3 spare batteries and watched netflix

  • ForrestTracey

    I work in rural EMS and while responding to a 911 call we were having a hard time finding the house (due to complete lack of road signs and street names along with people not putting the house numbers up too) I used my Galaxy Nexus and brought up Google Maps. It took us straight to the callers house! I now use Google Maps almost every day at work!!
    Rock on GOOGLE and ANDROID!!

  • While driving from California to New York, I was able to use my OG droid to change my route and avoid all the tornado activity!

  • Had my car GPS die in an area I wasn’t familiar with….luckily with my Samsung Galaxy S2 and Google Maps/Navigation (amazing!), I was back on my way. No need to ever get my GPS fixed ! 😀


    I used “FAKE CALL&SMS” during a date I really didn’t want to be on. Had an SMS sent to my phone from “my boss” saying I was supposed to be at work and that I was super late and in jeopardy of being fired.


      On another date i checked when the sun came up with Beautiful Widgets, then used Google Sky to find where exactly the sin was going to rise. Married that girl!

  • cloutist4

    I used to frequently use my Motorola Droid to rebook flights when flying stand-by.

  • I use to not have a phone. Android got me out of that.

  • kdunne

    I travel for work, normally 30 hours of driving a week. Netflix+motor=greatness

  • Samuel Victor


  • Yu Lee

    When I want to avoid eye contact or talking with someone, I take out my phone and start browsing on it so it looks like I’m distracted and busy. Sometimes, I just don’t want any company. Android-block those awkward, tough situations.

  • TomStieger

    Used my phone at work to find a wireless access point that we couldn’t locate. It had fallen off a shelf into a dark corner.

  • mbagasao

    Went to Sri Lanka over the summer and found my way around the city with my saved offline map.

  • I was kidnapped by a bunch of apple extremists and my galaxy nexus jumped out of my pocket, beat down the geniuses, and untied me.

  • Forgot my wallet at home and used Google Wallet to buy lunch. Disaster avoided.

  • chanstar

    The beauty of Android saved me from becoming an iSheep.

  • Christopher Irwin

    Was at a client’s site and they had no internet, and I needed access to my desktop at the office. Tethered my Epic4G (since have a GS3), connected my Asus Transformer TF101 to its wifi, and used Splashtop to reach my desktop PC and get the enformation I needed. Quite the marriage of a number of technologies there.

  • had a drunk friends friend in my car who washaving flashbacks to war in middle east pulled up navigation to get me to the nearest hospital before he punched out my Windows!

  • Jason Pillow

    Decided to take some back roads back into town. Needless to say, we got lost. My phone was dead, but my Nexus 7 wasn’t (wife only). Started up Google maps and loaded up the offline maps I had downloaded earlier that week to find our way back =P

  • Google Maps got me out of a tough situation, since I often drive places assuming I know where they are, but get lost. 🙂

  • my Andrioid powered Droid X once got me out of the woods after getting turned around!

  • While at the last session of a class held some distance from my home, I realized that I had forgotten to submit a paper that was due that day. Fortunately, I had saved the document in my Dropbox account and was able to email it to the professor from my phone. Saved my bacon.

  • I was lost on a mountain road and I didn’t get enough signal to get maps data, but I could get a gps lock. My friend could get data but couldn’t get a gps lock so I tethered off his phone.

  • Danrarbc

    Faked a phone call for a polite exit.

  • I was recently laid off. My phone allowed me to apply for unemployment benefits, update my resume, and email said resume to prospective employers.

    Tomorrow I have an interview. Wish me luck.

  • Travis Knight

    My Nexus 7 has saved me so many times it’s hard to decide which one is best….probably one of the times that I’ve had to use it to keep myself entertained with games while my wife nags me about useless crap that didn’t even apply to me!

  • My sense of direction is non existent. Google maps has been getting me where I needed to be since my Windows mobile days…And now Google navigation on my gnex keeps me from getting lost.

  • Andy Raynor

    Had to hit Chicago for a business trip. Working, accurate transit and pedestrian apps helped me get everywhere I needed to go on time and a lot of great music apps kept me entertained along the way.

  • SD_Scott

    Google Maps guided me to safety when I got lost in Long Beach. I am still thankful to this day.

    • SD_Scott

      Google Maps also saved me while I was wasted in the middle of Baltimore (not a good area) trying to find my way back to my hotel…

  • Google now showed me the way during a recent trip to Houston as it knew my flight details, delays as soon as they happened as well as my hotel reservations.

  • johnny22334

    All my life, whenever it comes time to make a decision, I make it and forget about it.

  • CleverUsername6

    This one time at band camp, my friend had an iPhone. He wanted to watch a video, but alas, he had no flash. Nexus to the rescue.

  • Josh White

    Using Iris to answer questions before Google Now came around

  • Some months ago while in my local bank a robber entered, waving a gun and ordering customers and employees to the floor. I fearlessly approached him, deflecting bullets with my Android phone. I then karate-chopped him with Android’s edge, calmly called 911, and modestly acknowledged the grateful applause of the relieved crowd. (Hoping my entry wins in the fiction category.)

  • johnny22334

    No poet sings because he must sing. At least no
    great poet does. A great poet sings because he chooses to sing

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    I got shot at and my razr max was in my shirt pocket and deflected a bullet! Lol just kidding. My gnex does however ensure I never get lost with google maps and all the girls be like damn thats a sexy ass phone!

  • reybie

    I was ready to get the BB Storm and then the Droid came… crisis averted!

  • jakemyster84

    Google maps saves the day many times over again.

  • Greg Poe

    My old G1 got me back on track after being lost in the swamps of Central Florida on my way to Walt Disney World.

  • cashclay

    Finding yourself lost after a wrong turn on a back road, surrounded by miles of farmland and having both passengers in the backseat trying to navigate for you from shiny, new iPhone5’s… that just can’t seem to find a signal?? Stop the car. Pull out the Nexus. Ask Google Now for directions. Navigate home with maps. Problem solved.

  • Mike Cecche

    Razr Maxx got me out of a potentially ugly situation on a recent trip. Company sent me to Nashville and, not being the best with directions, I ended up in a part of town which could easily have been the inspiration for Wrong Turn the movie. Rental car died, AAA app got me roadside and Maps got me the heck out of there all in under a half hour.

  • Jeremy Case

    Earlier this year I got lost in let’s say a “rough” part of Atlanta coming home from a concert. If it weren’t for Google maps it might have gotten ugly.

  • Countless times when I am lost and have no idea where to go I turn to my Galaxy 3 and BAM I am no longer lost!

  • addicuss

    Used google nav to successfully get out of manhattan during 9-11 memorial ceremonies. For those that don’t know, half of manhattan is effectively shut down. Somehow google nav knew this and router me to the only open street where I could cross over to take the bridge out of town.

  • larry wright

    My Android device helps me get through every days tough situations . It saves me from boredom. It’s great at work and in school. With my DROID phone I always have something to do.

  • Getting lost while working out of town and having Google Maps save me and tell me how to get back to my hotel multiple times

  • i was being attacked by steve jobs, but with my superior android device i was able to win the match.

  • muffnman

    I was producing a live video stream for a teacher’s continuing education conference and the hotel’s internet went down minutes before we were supposed to go live. I ditched the tricaster and setup a simple tethering solution using my Nexus, connected a camera to my laptop and said “F-it, we’ll do it live.” Good times. Don’t really miss the stress though.

  • I’ve won a ton of late night bets using Google searching

  • Google Now’s saved me tons. When arguing a point i simply ask Google and before i even receive the answer, the person will usually back down.

  • epidemik

    was driving with a friend to the bay and was using his iphone maps navigation to get us to our destination. Surprise, surprise…apple maps took us to some random spot not even close to where we wanted to go in a shady looking neighborhood. Good thing I had my GNex and busted out google maps and found our way with no problem.

  • keith begeman

    Google maps has saved me countless times…always pulls through for me.

  • While working as a Deputy Sheriff in rural Northern Virginia my partner and I were trying to locate 2 individuals on foot we were in an area near a creek that neither of us was familiar with and Google Maps on my Droid Incredible helped guide us back to the main road

  • Once I was really really really bored and i got my Android device out…….

  • Michael Ford

    i forgot to bring my roku to watch netflix with my girl, good thing I had my s3 I hooked it up to the tv instead, worked great!

  • Big

    I left my phone(SG3) at the beach and I used “lookout” to locate it and the person at the condo went out and found it on a beach chair and mailed it back to me..Could not do that with anything else. Thanks

  • bwarwick98

    A buddy of mine was in the outback (Australia) and was lost (he was using the Apple Map App on his iPhoney 5). He called me using his last bit of battery and I was able to safety guide him to a real town using the Google Map App on my SGIII.

  • DemoManMLS

    Too many times has Android help me. That includes directions on the go (via GPS), medical information on the go, getting product availability at my work when our computers are running too slow, answering long tooth questions for my father, and most importantly music for the long bus commutes.

  • Google Maps and Waze – saved me countless times. Also nice to get rid of my old, large, crappy TomTom GPS.

  • While taking an over the top, ridiculous test for a music appreciation class, my Droid got me through with a passing grade. We had to identify 20 second segments of classical pieces. Soundhound! Still made a C. That professor was looney.

  • For me it was when I ran into a detour in NJ and subsequently got lost. NJ has so many one way roads. Loaded up GMaps and my GNex saved the day!

  • Captain_Doug

    Was working a job when the power went out and we couldn’t finish the job. Pulled out my phone and used the flashlight function. Finished the job and I got a bonus. =)

  • Masterminded

    Maps, I was lost and Maps saved the day

  • My android device got me out of a tough situation. I used to have to use iTunes and a combination of a cell phone and an iPod to meet my communication and entertainment needs. Now I have an Android.

  • I left a super important powerpoint at home, but was able to download it on my phone from a computer backup. The school proxy blocked access to the backup site, but my phone didn’t.

  • It’s always tough to be lost, but nav gets you home every time.

  • Kory Knopp

    I forgot my wallet at home but luckily was still able to pay for my lunch with NFC.

  • Cornered in a dark alley by a street bandit, I pulled out my Galaxy Nexus, and thanks to SwipePad, I was quickly able to access my Flashlight app, blind my assailant, and make a quick escape.

  • One time I was working where I drove a lot. I ended up lost in what seemed like a bad neighborhood. I quickly pulled up Google maps and it directed me out of the area.

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Lots of tough spots..

    I have even used a Hazardous Materials application to identify how to handle a leak of a chemical drum.

  • Charles Eger

    I’ve made a few online purchases over mobile that I would have missed, including the recent free MOGA offer.

  • phekno

    Countless times with access to a huge amount of contacts, the web, and GPS for sure.

  • juan

    My droid device got me out of a tough situation in line at CVS. I went to make a purchase using my bank of america debit card but my account had no money in it. I grabbed my droid and using the BofA app I was able to quickly transfer money to my checking account. The whole process took less than a minute and I was out in no time. Love my droid.

  • Kathy Rambow

    Google Maps is my friend!

  • JoshGroff

    If someone said they texted me and gets mad at me for ignoring them, I use the excuse I was flashing a new ROM and had to wipe data. Saves me every time.

  • Kidqwik

    Google Maps alllllll the time on my S3 like it did on my Droid X. From going on job interviews, vacations, or anyplace i need to go, Google Maps has saved me!

  • At the end of last year going to Maresias beach enjoying the turn of the year, when halfway lose ourselves lucky I was with my motorola milestone 2, we had to use google maps to can arrive at our destination. 0 / 0 /

  • P T

    We were debating how to pronounce Jason statham and i was proved right by my droid

  • Last year I was looking to toy with Windows 8, along with a newer release of Ubuntu, not having any blank discs, and having disc drives that almost never read discs, I had to come up with a solution. I realized that I could use either my HTC Thunderbolt or Motorola Milestone A854 to install the OSes I was seeking to use. Granted they don’t entirely like the format used to make the SD cards bootable.

  • Chris

    Tethering on my galaxy nexus saves my butt all the time when our shared WiFi goes down and I have a project due

  • Prox

    During Hurricane Sandy, T-Mobile was the only internet I had at home and my GNEX WiFi HotSpot reminded me what first world civilized society was like during the darkness for 10 days straight.

  • pezjono

    On vacation in Texas, a coworker needed a file on a locked down folder on the server at work. Giving him my password was out of the question, so I was able to RDP to our terminal server from my phone, log into the file server and copy the file to a public area where he could grab it, ALL while staying on the call with him (4G FTW!). Thanks for making me work on vacation Android! 🙂

  • My savior, Google Maps.

  • Jason Jackson

    While arguing with my friend Mark. Who is currently an ipatch user. We went to a friends house to play some ps3 but no Internet connection. Thanks to my Samsung Galaxy Nexus rooted using Peter Alfonso roms hot spot wifi tethering was a life saver for playing call Duty black ops 2

  • C Glenn

    I spent a lot of time traveling for work last year. Being in a different city every week got to be very tedious. I was able to keep things interesting by finding local places to eat and visit using maps, but more importantly I was able to keep in touch with my pregnant wife who was more than annoyed with my constant traveling.

  • I went to turn in a term paper that was due at the end of the semester, and when I got to school it was no where to be found and had to be turned in that day or no credit. Using Gdocs and cloud print I was able to print it right in class.

  • I use the GPS on my SG3 quite often. It has prevented me from getting lost numerous times.

  • abhisahara

    Having many GFs makes a tough one for remembering the birthdays for each and msg wish them exactly at 12 am. So came to rescue the sms scheduler of my Andy phone and just once entered for the whole year and automatically the msg gets delivered to my GF and they are happy and i get to have all of them LOL 🙂

  • The maps app and tethering.

  • DennisHeffernan

    My Android device gets me out of a jam every time I try to follow my mother’s directions, thanks to Google Maps. :p

  • dieringer scott

    Google latitude saving my life. Stranded on a road in the middle of no where and my mother used it to get to me

  • brandito

    Maps and navigation is the most obvious answer. Also, RunKeeper has helped become more active.

  • mpinter

    It was Florida. 2012. Spring. A long family road trip from Wisconsin. 18 hours on the road and everyone was getting stir crazy. The kids were in back watching DVDs on the portable player when suddenly they couldn’t decide – Ice Age or Harry Potter! Potter! Manny! Hermione! Sid! The screams got louder and louder. I could tell my wife was going to lose it at any moment when Bam! it hit me. I told my wife to pull out the Acer Iconia, plug in my USB stick with MP4 DVD rips, and she handed it to our daughter. Now my son could watch Potter while she watched reruns of Wizards of Waverly place. Crisis…averted!

  • Google Maps, and looking up phone numbers on a regular basis.


    I used “FAKE CALL&SMS” during a date I really didn’t want to be on. Had an SMS sent to my phone from “my boss” saying I was supposed to be at work and that I was super late and in jeopardy of being fired.

  • David Caccavo

    I was on my way home from a client in a rough part of town and my gps died. Not wanting to get out I had enough time at a red light to enter my address in Google maps and since G maps has a voice I didn’t need to look down or constantly hit refresh.

  • iamevie

    Got lost driving in a very dangerous looking area, luckily I had Google maps on my Android phone and it promptly helped me get out of there and onto where I needed to be. Phew!

  • Pavel Lukyanchykov

    When I need to go to completely new place and stay there for a month or so studying/working, my Android phone helps me in everything. Find apt, locate grocery stores and restaurants, point of interest, commute and at the same time stay in touch with my family and friend all over the world. All this would be much more difficult without it. Can’t imagine now how I can live without it.

  • On my way to California I missed my exit to the connecting highway to Anaheim. I ended up in the wing part of town, I remembered I had Google maps on my smartphone and of course hit back on track. I usually know my way around California pretty good buy not that time.

  • Erik Cho

    So I found myself on a date one time thinking I new where I was going of course… turned out that I didn’t know how to get to the restaurant from my date’s house. With voice search not only was I able to get the navigation going in a blink of an eye, my date (iPhone user) was also very impressed by the fact that my Galaxy Nexus got us to where we were going without sassing back ;).

  • calwaller

    Garmin had me turning down 1 way streets in downtown SF. Google maps on my android phone to the rescue of me and the oncoming traffic.

  • Zachary Perschau

    Saved me 30 bucks at best buy on a price match. Also the numerous Chuck Norris arguments and the countless times Google maps saved my behind. Love my phone!

  • Kernschatten

    Our network was down at work and we had to get some contract documents to a consultant. Scanned the documents as a PDF using my phone and emailed to the consultant.

  • Google maps helped me get out of a tough spot when I got lost on the way home from Kentucky

  • I got pulled over the other night. The officer asked for my information. I gave it to him and he went back to his car to run it. He came back about 5 minutes later and proceeded to talk about why I got pulled over. I had attempted to update my phone whilst driving(could be why I was pulled over LOL) and the phone was rebooting(Samsung GSIII) The boot animation is very colorful and bright. He saw it and asked what it was. I told him. He said “Oh, that is the phone I want. Would you mind if I looked at it?” I thought, hmm that’s weird, but whatever. I said sure and handed him the phone. He looked at it for maybe 5 minutes or so. He had a big ole grin on his face like a kid at Christmas. He handed me back my info and my phone. He said, “that is one beautiful phone. I will definitely have to go play with it some more when I get a chance. Thanks. Have a Merry Christmas and drive safe.” And he sent me on my way. Without issuing me a ticket. Whew 😀

  • i was stuck in montana with no internet to watch netflix on, luckily i had my android device and teather setup so i could easily stream netflix on my laptop, no problem! 🙂

  • Josh Ingram

    If I did not have Navigation I would be lost in the wilderness by now.

  • Frank Urbanski

    For beating my friend in Apple/Android comparisons. I always enjoy the fodder of winning searching/ voice assistant debates.

  • Jared Tau

    It gets me out of a tough situation everyday. I drive over an hour to work and stream my podcasts and music through Stitcher and Google Music. Without that I would go mad and run everyone over.

  • Brian_2112

    Tough situation…hmm…haven’t been in many tough situations that a phone could get me out of. I guess I’d have to say any time when I’m in my car and there’s nothing but commercials and pop garbage on the radio…my EVO 4G (rooted w/Beats Audio drivers) saves me from a music-less drive home after a long day.

    Doesn’t sound like a big deal, I know…but when music is a big influence in your life, the lack of music is troublesome, to say the least.

  • Christopher Quan

    “When in doubt, Google it” you can do this anytime. It’s a life saver

  • The maps got me out of the ghetto:)

  • Live traffic on Gmaps helps me avoid traffic jams all the time.

  • constantly using maps to find where I am going..

  • niick

    google now traffic updates, everyday on the way home from work

  • Was literally a few seconds from hopping on a freeway (stopped at a red light) when Google Now informed me of a heavy delay. Took the streets home and found out later it took about 3 hours for the freeway to be cleared for transit. Bullet dodged!

  • Wireless tethered while in the passenger seat of a car driving to a work meeting to download an updated presentation file tht my team had changed.

  • Gabriel Hart

    Navigation saved my butt from getting lost a few times

  • JeffPodwats

    My Android reminds me when my Anniversary and my wife’s birthday is. The tough situation being dealing with my wife if I ever forget either one of them.

    Possibly even a life saver!!!!

  • rockstar323

    Within a week of getting my OG Droid, I was with a friend when the car blew a tire. We had to get someone to come get us because we couldn’t find a tire iron. I used Google maps to take us from the side of the interstate to the closest auto parts store in a town no one was familiar with. Didn’t get lost once. The friends that were with me bought Android phones soon after that.

  • Mine has saved me from losing countless arguments.

  • Been traveling the better part of the year and can’t count the number of times I’ve used my phone to help save the day: directions, confirmation numbers, flight changes…

  • Jon Hopson

    I’ve had to use tethering a number of times for work and emergencies.

  • evileclipse

    My gnex is my only connection to the internet and it has saved me hundreds of times. In general, my family members think I’m a genius because almost any question anyone can come up with, I can find the answer to. My gnex makes me a million times more resourceful!

  • Mike Lazaga

    Google maps has gotten me out many bad situations

  • SagarPatel

    it gets me out of a sticky situation everyday, talking with the boss. just pull out the phone swipe down the notification tab, even if there is not anything there, and end of conversation.

  • It saves me from pointless boring meetings all the time.

  • hfoster52

    This is a hard one since I have used my phone for pretty much everything. From GPS coordinates to a level on my wall.

  • my plane was delayed and the gate changed and my droid 2 updated me when I landed making it so I could make my connection.

  • mplacido9

    my wife sent me to the store with a list of things to get. I wasn’t sure what one of the items was. Luckily I had my phone and called her. Would have been a tough spot if I came home with the wrong thing.

  • mike h

    First smart phone was a droid. Enough said

  • chey023

    got lost going to Detroit to pick up my English staffordshire bull terrier. I just bought a Droid X and it didn’t dawn on me to use my GPS.

  • Steve R

    I had to drive over 2 hours (each way to a town I had never heard of) after a long day at work to pick up a GK RBH 115 and a GK RBH 410 for a Christmas present for my son. I didn’t have my Magellan GPS with me so I decided to try my phone and Google Maps for the first time. Not only did it work flawlessly, I had Pandora streaming the Pearl Jam channel the entire way. On that particular night, I didn’t hear a bad song the entire trip (4+ hours)!!!

  • Earl Echols

    Between Internet look-ups, tethering, and GPS, Android has kept me out of many situations where not having it would have been tough. Price checking or looking up specs from store items are one of my favorite things to do. Losing a phone would be tough, but I could use another Android to locate it.

  • Kent Burton

    A group of us android geeks where looking for the big android BBQ a few years ago. Driving around Austin Texas lost. Then it hit me. Stop a guy we know is at the right place we can just nagivate to his latitude icon. So we did and we had BBQ … awesome !!!!!

  • ChuckDz3

    A long time ago when I still had my OG, I was lost in Chicago with no idea where I was or how to get back to my friends apartment. I was in a cab and the cab had no idea where to go, and all of the sudden I realzied i could use my device to look for my friends apartment and then Google maps to get me back to a place I recognized!

  • Google maps on my Galaxy Nexus got me home from the bars… walking directions!

  • seafarer76

    When I’m right and I have to prove it to my wife, I can immediately look it up on my nexus.

  • papajohn

    not that tough of a situation but was in a restaurant with such dim lights and had a hard time reading the menu with small prints. Also being middle aged my near sight vision wasn’t great either. I wiped out my android phone, turned on my flashlight app and magnifying glass app and was able to order and have dinner with my wife. Android saved the evening!

  • Finire

    My android got me out of a tough situation when I flipped my car and it still managed to call 911 connected to my car.

  • T4rd

    I need to look at some questionable content on the internet, but didn’t want to leave my bed to do it and I didn’t have my laptop on me. Android + Flash = I can watch everything =D.

  • Andrew koke

    Seeing someone that you haven’t seen in a long time is either a happy reunion or an awkward encounter, sadly i had an awkward encounter. luckily i had my Galaxy Nexus in hand! so i pulled it out and covered my face, just swiping your apps/homepage makes you look like you’re busy. finally the old friend did not see me and my insecurity was untarnished! thanks android!

  • Jonathan Bunch

    Incognito tabs….that’s all I’m going to say. 😉

  • The country roads in Indiana can be scary and intimidating. Thankfully there’s Google Maps!

  • dragonflyr

    .. long trip in car with a child .. aDownloader … cartoons … happy child.
    ALSO … iPod tethered to my nexus … netflix … another happy child.

  • fiveHellions

    Ever since my son was a baby we played a Jewel Lullaby cd in his room while he slept. Recently the cd player in his radio broke. It was ok for a couple of nights without music, but he is two and on the third night he wasn’t wanting to go to sleep so he starting crying that he wanted to turn his music on. I quickly uploaded the jewel cd to my google music account and hooked my nexus 7 up to the aux in on his radio to play it. That calmed him down enough that he layed down and went to sleep.

  • Was on my way to my university for a final and realized i had left my entire final project on a flash drive still plugged into my computer. Didn’t have time to turn around, so I got to campus, used Splashtop remote desktop to drag the file to my dropbox, downloaded it from a campus computer and printed it out. Took me all of 5 minutes as compared to the hour long round trip. I never would have had it in time to make it back before my final began otherwise.

  • My OG Droid saved one of my D&D parties life. I had downloaded the PHB and used it to verify that the DM was using the wrong death rule, and he had 1 HP before perma death 🙂

  • MR

    Navigation has saved me more than once..

  • Lost my way to a strip club while in another city for work. Between Google Maps, Google Wallet, and several camera apps…well let’s just say, my Android device saved me that evening 😛

  • SchwannyT

    In my wifes family if someone asks a question there is a pause and everyone looks at me. “Where is the nearest resturant?” , “Who does the voice of ____?”, “Where’s Perry?”

  • Franz

    I had texted important information to myself. I had flashed a clean ROM, I never bother to restore SMS.

    Remembered that it was sent using Google Voice. Retrieved the info with the handy search feature.

    Doomsday avoided.

  • i am always lost…can’t count the number of times turn by turn directions have saved me

  • gokusimpson

    I wake up every Sunday morning 10 minutes before kickoff and I don’t even have to roll out of bed to update my lineups. Thank you, Droid X

  • My power went out one night and I couldn’t see a thing. So I used my phone’s flashlight to navigate to my backup generator.

  • Tony Byatt

    During Hurricane Issac power was out for a week, so with my Rezound I was able to keep in touch with all my family and keep up with all news & alerts that were going on…

  • My wanted dishes wanted and laundry folded. I gave her an early Christmas present… My RAZR M. I haven’t heard anything about dishes since 🙂

  • Lost while vacationing in Florida, trying to get back from Kennedy Space Center. On the way back to the hotel, there was a car accident involving an oil tanker that took out an overpass. I used my phone, Google Maps specifically, to find another route back to the hotel.

  • Droidzilla

    One year we went out to cut our own Christmas tree. I used my Android phone for great awesome. First, I tracked our progress through the woods using MyTracks. I then marked the map when anyone in our group would happen upon a tree they might like, and I’d also snap a photo of the tree. We could then easily retrace our steps back to a candidate that we had passed up (anyone who’s even cut their own tree knows that a tree that looks on;y so-so will look better and better the longer you’re out there without finding something!). Android win.

  • I use the GPS all the time when I’m stuck in downtown traffic to see which way to get out of town fastest.

  • I was going to a different Best Buy store that I never went to. I looked at the map online thinking that it wasn’t far that the it would be see to see from the road. After 45 minutes of driving and looking, I realized that I was way off from where I should have gone. Luckily my phone was with me and help guide me back and found the Best Buy store.

  • bam4yd

    With the original Droid I was able to drive in finishing nails when I was unable to find a hammer due to laziness.

  • Jpm7714

    I was the first of my roommates to get a smartphone and took a lot of bull for having an “Internet phone.” a few tough GPS situations on the way to parties saved the day and convinced most of them to get their own androids

  • Too many times to count but when the phones and internet went out at work, I used my Galaxy TAB and Galaxy SIII to keep truck drivers moving,

  • I was given the task to drive into the heart of Montana to fix a customers DVR. Being from Washington I knew I needed to get in and out as fast as possible before the natives realized I didn’t belong there. Using GPS and Google Maps I found the quickest route in and got the job done. I didn’t take into consideration that I would be hungry on the drive back and using Yelp app I was able to find a great road side eatery. Jumped back into the car, set Pandora app to speed metal channel and booked it the rest of the way home safe and sound.

  • google now let me know numerous times it was time to leave

  • nick

    I was out to eat with family from across the country, of course, I was on call for work that weekend. Sure enough someone called in an issue with our software and I was able to remote into my office from my droid and find the solution rather than going home. Thanks android!

  • Chris A.

    I was in the middle of taking a test online and the internet went out. I brought out my ViperRez Rezound and tethered to my laptop to finish the test. Very handy!

  • Arie Hoogendoorn

    1000 Miles, 24 Stops, 8 Cities, 6 Days, 5 Airports, 3 Hotels, 2 Rental Cars, and 1 Droid Incredible in the middle of Illinois…

  • One day I went to the store to pick up a present for my wife. I was in line with a new vacuum when my RAZR went crazy. I put down the present and it stopped immediately. I took that as a sign that said vacuum was a terrible idea (even though we could use a new one), and a further sign while I was in line with a pair of diamond earrings and it was buzzing reassuringly in my pocket.

  • My android gps locked right on and got me out of South Detroit with no marks to show!

  • Jeremy_Bowling

    Was about to purchase my daughter her Christmas gift when I thought maybe I should check the price at other stores to make sure I was getting a good deal. Found the same item at another store for a lot less. Thanks to my Droid Razr and Google Chrome!

  • Bionicman

    i needed to remotely install some software on 10 computers for a training class. I used my Note 2 with SPen to remote into my work computer and was completed in a few minutes.

  • Mat Collins

    My Android device get’s me out of a touch situation every day on the way to work. Apps like Waze and Google Now help me to plan and navigate my way to and from work on a daily basis!

  • Navigation…enuf said.

  • SkullOne

    5 hour drive to visit my parents on Thanksgiving morning. Wife and I left with the 13 month old at 330am.

    Kid woke up with about an hour left on the drive. Pulled over, wife took over driving, I hopped in the backseat next to the kid. Listened to Sesame Street songs/skits from Youtube for the next hour. Kept him happy though until we got to the house.

  • hurric

    I usually just use maps but navigation is when I’m totally lost and hopeless..and it’s been more than I like to admit

  • I don’t know how many times I’ve been lost and Google maps saved my butt. I mean, come on, it’s gotta be the gps.

  • Lost my wedding ring one time and was actually able to use the metal detector app the find it!

  • Got super drunk and it navigated my walk home. It was in my phone’s history the morning after. I don’t remember that walk.

  • droid209


  • I was doing medical studies while going to college and when I checked in I had to sit at a table for 8 hours to start with no plug ins for my computer, My Android device kept me occupied for most of that 8 hours so I did not go insane.

  • Weather and GPS/navigation

  • Matt Angiulo

    I forgot to change my fantasy football line up and just before the game, i went on the NFL mobile app and changed my lineup. I won that week.

  • GPS told me to make a right hand turn and I narrowly escaped a collision with a Rhinoceros.

  • Ilan Alpert

    Google Navigation saved me from being late for a very very important meeting by showing me alternate route around the big traffic mess, whew!

  • HowDoIShotWeb

    My Android phone got me out of a tough situation when I couldn’t find a Lego Wii remote for my son, Google shopper to the rescue.

  • Benjamin Oberts

    My android device (droid 2 at the time) was my saving grace one fateful evening in downtown Chicago. My wife and I went to meet some friends downtown and I ended up parking on the street at the end of what I thought was the parking area. Well it was apparently not good enough as I got towed. If it was not for my droid 2 I would not have been able to map my way to the impound lot which was at Lower, Lower Wacker. That is right, two stories down. Get my car and go home. Would have been a bad night with out that little green android.

  • it gives me access to my security cameras to monitor my home wherever i am….

  • PicoDeGiao

    My mother-in-law brought the wrong Groupon to a restaurant, so I pulled out my trusty Galaxy Nexus and was able to find the correct Groupon. Everybody wins!

  • Rob

    My Xoom (when i had it) let me remote into my work desk to through RDP while tethered to my Galaxy Nexus for data. This allowed me to then remote from my desktop through Remotely Anywhere to the other machines in my department to fix any issues that people where having (unlock print spoolers, install software, etc…). That was a wonderful power to have….would love to have another tablet to be able to do this with.

  • Usty

    I got lost in North Philly trying to find my cousin’s house, using Google Navigation I was able to get to the right spot and out of the not-so-nice part of town.

  • Silver Veloz

    We visit New Orleans whenever we can. Now you know you can drink, bar to bar, carrying around a drink anywhere in the streets. Well, after a night of debauchery (LOL). We ended up just outside the French Qtr. From what I hear, in a bad area of Marigny late at night (Rampart – if any of you know New Orleans). We were unsure which was the quickest, most direct way back to the Qtr. Well thanks to Google Maps (and Navigation), we were able to stumble our way back to “safety” without incident. If we had walked the opposite direction, “TROUBLE” could have easily found us. Thanks Google and Android for making it able to look forward to more trips to New Orleans.

  • My android device got me out of a tough situation aka a BlackBerry.

  • KThatch27

    Hit road work on the way home from the beach and had to take an unfamiliar route home. This was my first experience using google navigation and I will never go back to anything else. Works perfectly every time

  • jer85008

    A few days ago I needed to scan some documents and e-mail them right away, I used a scanner app that properly sized/enhanced/and converted them into one PDF document and e-mailed them right from my phone.

  • Eldorath

    Not going to make anything odd up here, but when heading to shoot a wedding (Photography, not rifle ;p a few years ago.. the primary shooter’s 2 GPS devices failed to give us proper directions… Go Go google navigation on my Droid 🙂 Turns out to get to an area we needed to go to, we had to back track about a mile to turn into a little side street that was overgrown with bushes and such. 🙂 Thank you Google and Android 🙂

  • George Rudgers

    Maps / Nav saved me from being lost in a sketchy part of the city one night.

  • Jason Maze

    I was stuck in the bathroom with no toilet paper. Luckily, I was able to locate my nearest friend through an app on my phone and have them deliver some t.p. to me. It really saved my ass.

  • Michael Clark

    Saved my butt with Bill payment reminders from my gmail calendar.

  • nikko

    Well my situation was I was addicted to blackberry and bbm while all my pals used android…so finally I got a gnex….then I was lost was an adroid user for a week and my friend told me use Google maps so I did and I went from being lost to finding my destination… def couldn’t of done it with a blackberry

  • InyRules

    Driving around Orlando, FL on a mini vacation, the drive of our car kept getting lost finding the parks and our hotel, so I whipped up Google Maps on my Galaxy Nexus to find our way around. Yeah, navigation is a standard/expected answer, but it’s so damn useful.

  • ProfessAndObey

    Google Now reminds me of things I forgot, at just the right time.

  • Kevoskee

    Was going for my first smartphone in 2010. I was eyeing the iPhone with intentions on buying one. I picked up the Motorola Droid in the Verizon store and saw the campaign they had on the display. What Droid Does. The buying situation became kinda easy at that point brought the OG Droid and never looked back. Got blessed into the Android family and community.

  • Had an app that handled measurement conversions. Cups to tablespoons. This saved Christmas dinner. Happy holidays everyone.

  • By using a fake call me app to get me out of being at the in-laws house… That’s always a blast!

  • Google maps has gotten me out of more than I can recount

  • I just start playing with it (that’s what she said) and I don’t have to deal with some annoying peopl .

  • james

    Was able to show off what Android can do on my Gnex & saved my bank account from my wife buying an overpriced ipad.

  • Skel

    Saved me from paying a ridiculous $15/day fee to use the hotel internet while on a business trip by using the hotspot.

  • Easy, GPS and a Maps program that works… No sweetie, I am not lost! …enough said.!!

  • It was a year ago around Christmas time. We had traveled home to spend time with family. While we were driving down the road we witnessed an accident. My girlfriend used my Android phone to call 911 while I jumped out to attend to the two vehicles involved in the collision.

  • Gps and maps, also one time helped me locate car when i lost it in a huge parking lot lol

  • Adam Minichelli

    Stopped a bullet on its way to my femur…

  • Kaz

    latest time was when running late for a movie.. ordering the tickets on-line was a huge time-saver!

  • Erik B

    Used my phone to keep up to date and informed when we didn’t have power for a week during Sandy.

  • maps is always handy when i’m not sure where to go!

  • i was on vacation and my work needed a signature so i used the Handyscanner app on my phone to send them back a scanned PDF file.

  • google maps saves me bunch

  • Ben Johnson

    Google Now traffic widget has let me know numerous times it may take me longer then normal to get to work. You don’t want to be late to a new job.

  • It got me out of the tough situation of having to deal with iTunes Sync issues and waiting for jailbreaks to come to my iPhone.

  • Diego Diaz

    I am an avid photographer and take lots of pictures with friends and family at various events.
    I have all my photos on picasa and now G+…I like to end debates by showing pictures of evidence, etc It is a great to go back to memory lane as well

  • I was in downtown sacramento and was in a very bad part of town.. didn’t know how to get home (back onto the freeway) so I pulled out my phone and said “navigate to home” and within seconds it had me on my way out of the ghetto!

  • Mike Vasquez

    Anytime the destination is unknown, Google maps gets me where I need to go. Better than the Garmin Nuvi in our car. I also think the traffic prediction is better with Google.

  • I manage two servers from an Android tablet. There’s been plenty of emergencies I’ve been able to solve from wherever I am.

  • JSal

    My buddy and I were arguing about who was hotter, Kate Beckinsale or Jessica Biel, so I took out my Nexus and proved my point: clearly Kate Beckinsale.

    • Captain_Doug

      Such a hard choice though..

    • T4rd

      Definitely Jessica Biel =p.

    • BrianBrick

      (un)Luckily for me, I’ll never really have to choose between the two

    • If I could Kate Beckinsale in Jessica Biel’s body I’d be happy.

    • Clearly it’s Jekate Beckinbiel….duh.

    • Kawika Kahikina

      Kate 4 the win!

  • kurt711

    I had taken few pics with my droid x and luckily google was backing up the pics since one of my many rom updates I accidentally wiped the sd card…resynced with google and pics were back on..i know ios now does photo stream and icloud backup but this was 3 years ago and way ahead of ios.

  • strikeir13

    I cook a lot and don’t keep recipes written down. I use Pocket and my Chrome-synced bookmarks for all my recipes, so when it came time to cook Thanksgiving dinner, I was able to look up all my old recipes on my Nexus 7 and read them directly from the tablet while cooking!

  • Lost somewhere in Camden after getting off patco to go to a baseball game…my friends and I felt totally unsafe but using walking gmaps we were able to find the stadium relatively quickly…

  • Malav Desai

    My android device got me out of a very tough situation. I needed to edit and submit my files to the professor but I had no internet, I was getting very nervous then I remembered! Thank the lord for google! I was able to turn on my hot spot work on my files and submit them one minute before the deadline! Thanks android!

  • Travis Bond

    I was on the road to a conference when our biggest customer (at the time) called that their server was unresponsive. I used my Galaxy Nexus to tether my laptop and I was able to remote in and fix the issue. Customers loved it and so did my boss as they gave me a bonus (not much but still)!
    Android FTW

  • jakymiwm

    Got me home from Chicago.

  • Chris

    Was able to move to a new city and learn how to navigate the light rail thanks to maps.

  • My SIP home phone just died, and I was waiting for the interview for a graduate school! I installed an SIP app on my android, and got connected again. And here I am in the most wanted graduate school.

  • Abbie Rosario

    Driving in LA for work, I had to quickly find my way back to LAX and I inadvertently ended up in Central LA. I was turning around, I was using my voice search to get me back on the highway and onto LAX. Only spent about 1 minute in the Cesar Chavez area, but still felt out of place. Thankfully Android came to the rescue with quick response and navigation.

  • I was once lost in Champaign, Illinois my freshman year and my trusty OG Droid helped me find my way to the Verizon store to change it out for my Droid X.

    It was a said day for the OG Droid, but he still pulled through.

  • I was running guns for the Amish Mafia. I needed a storage unit to stash them til the heat wore off. Hit the home button twice and Google Now led the way. Two weeks later when I went back to get them so I could deliver them to Levi I was promptly arrested. Hit the home button twice and got me a lawyer. It was all a moot point because Levi paid off the cops to get me out. I guess the question is, who helped me more, Android or brother Levi. Probably Levi but still….

  • Was conducting an investigation at a client’s home, and somehow we managed to get locked out of the house. Of the 4 of us onsite, only my Verizon DInc had a signal in the client’s remote location. Was able to contact the client to come unlock the door.

  • Goodriddance183

    I was able to find various places for work, also the GPS is great when exploring a new city or neighborhood. My phone has found me many a great brew.

  • Anthony D’Agosta

    I am an archtiect, out on site, there always seems to be an issue regarding differences in drawings…having my old trusty Asus Transformer tethered to my Galaxy Nexus and use TeamViewer app to zoom in on a drawing I had open on my desktop…always feels great when you can show up someone who doesn’t know that they’e 100% wrong and you have the info to prove it!

  • Fredy Nativi

    It gives me comfort not winning any of these contest.

  • cesar dominguez

    Last year we had a blackout for about 6 hours, so my phone became the lantern, after a while we got bored so it was our tv.

  • Google maps and navigation help me get around. I just moved to Utah and the roads make no sense to me but navigation saves me on an almost daily basis!

  • Bryan Saroza

    one day, i was driving on a mountain in south florida using ios maps and almost drove off a bridge to my impending doom.

    then i remembered that i’m an android user and opened google maps and realized there are no mountains in south florida and that what i was actually driving on was a mound of trash covered up with grass. lol.

  • google maps with navigation has been saving me all the time ever since the OG Droid

  • After the Hurricane Sandy aftermath, Google Maps and Gasbuddy helped me search and find gas stations that actually had fuel available. Also was able to look up estimated wait times and find the best spot to hit.

  • The winner

    Tough meeting at work, fake caller app rings the android phone, out of meeting, saved my butt

  • Kevin Mills

    Helps me prove my co-worker wrong, every time we argue I open google search and hopefully get it right.

  • moelsen8

    i once had an iphone. ’nuff said.

  • I was in the middle of travelling across country for vacation when I received an email from work needing a return on investment report done asap. Since apparently my office is helpless, I pulled over at a rest stop, made the report in Excel, turned on wifi hotspot on my GNex and uploaded that bastard. I helped save 4 accounts while driving 1300+ miles.

  • Champlification

    Anytime I don’t have my Android phone with me is a tough situation.

  • Superstorm Sandy! No power/internet, but my 4G was up and running within a day or two. Was able to get updates on power, check news, etc.

  • Evil-D

    I can think of a time I wish I had my android that I didn’t. Locked out of my house at 5 AM on the coldest morning of the year, wearing only jeans and a t-shirt and shoes. Tried for 20 minutes or so to break in unsuccessfully. Then had to bother a neighbor at 5:15 in the morning so I could call a locksmith and warm up in their house. First time I had every met that neighbor too. They didn’t know me from anyone.

  • My car GPS sent me a way a-la Apple navigation so my phone came to the rescue and actually got me where I wanted to go.

  • How do I possibly get out of the tough situation of ordering a free MOGA gaming controller while grocery shopping with the wife…Android Device.

  • Susan Shambaugh

    My boss needed to get a file off his iPhone, email wasn’t working, so I logged into his account from my Nexus and opened and printed the file.

  • My Galaxy Nexus with GrooveIP helped get me out of Turkey when I was stranded by Hurricane Sandy on my honeymoon!

  • i used my s3 my the power goes out

  • Andrew Herman

    I was so lost in Toronto one time…I was able to download the subway map via my Droid Razr (luckily I had battery left) and orient myself.

  • Matthew Hays

    My GPS gave out when I was in the middle of Boston. Google Maps to the rescue!

  • fallenshell

    I was lost in New Jersey with a car load of people trying to get to a wedding. We were “following” people with no idea where we were going. The folks we were following took off through yellow I stopped at it. We had no address just a name of the church. So a quick google search yielded the address and then maps got us there!

  • Jose Calderon

    Work! Internet services was out. I use my Galaxy Nesus (BB Rom) to access e-mails. PC’s had wireless access and I turn on the wifi hot spot. Didn’t hurt since I have unlimited. : )

  • Steve Edholm

    Over in France while on vacation, I had no idea where I was going. I used my DInc to search for wifi spots and would pour over maps as fast and as best I could to get to where I needed to.

  • Chris B

    Like most everyone else, GPS/Maps

  • Michael Siegel

    Once I had this date with this girl who was so annoying, she wouldnt stop talking about nonsense so luckily I had my android phone and can look at the football scores and play angry birds

  • I was lost in Calgary, AB and even though I didn’t have data due to roaming, I was able to find the way using GPS and offline maps (thanks to Jelly Bean)!

  • ynksbsbll2

    Moving to a new city, I had no clue where I was going. Thanks to Google offering maps for free, I had no issue navigating until I became more accustomed to my surroundings. Without it, I would have had to use my dad’s TomTom. Let’s just say I probably wouldn’t be here typing this if I did.

  • gonecks1

    Was supposed to leave early from work one Sunday to go home and watch football. Because of a sick call I had to stay. Luckily for me I had my Xoom with me and was able to watch all the games via Directvs Sunday Ticket app.

  • I once decided to wash down a Crave Case of jalapeno sliders from White Castle with Egg Nog. I was on the toilet for a long time. Thanks to my Galaxy Nexus, I was able to listen to music, play Angry Birds and even take a picture of the gastric destruction I unleashed.

  • I lost my phone downtown. Needless to say, I had Lookout Security on it. I was able to track it and play the siren on it. Found it at the restaurant that I had eaten at three hours prior to finding it.

  • Neil Ostrander

    I was DJ’ing a roller skating party and the wireless internet wouldn’t work with my laptop. I used my phone as a hotspot and was able to DJ the entire party without a hiccup.

  • Greg Abbate

    I was driving to the inlaws new house . The in dash navigation got me lost in a bad part of town. Good old trust google maps navigation saved the day. Now I just use that as my default navigation.

  • will

    google maps from getting lost in the city

  • Kevin Rees

    My first android got me out of a tough situation by replacing my windows 5.5 phone. Now that was a tough situation!

  • xXAaronSXx

    My daughters iPhone got us lost, my Gnex got us found. Nuf said.

  • DanSan

    the internet went dead at our office here twice in 2 months during the last week of both months. it crippled our sales team and they were dead sticks. I plugged my gnex into a charger, fired up the wireless tethering and everyone in the office was enjoying 4G goodness

  • Superdroid

    I was hunting and ran into a lady who was waiting for her son to come out of the woods and was 4 hours over due. She had an iPhone and could not get signal, I was able to text with my Droid on VZW and find help. It all ended well.

  • Gets me out of tough spots all the time. I have an iPhone issued by work that is awful. So when I am out of office and need to do some work, just forward emails and attachments to my Android tablet, where I can actually download them, edit them, and do what I need to do with them. Easy…

  • Tom Jones

    Maps, the navigating they do, go me out of terrible construction in Santa Fe on the way to Phoenix.

  • BPStroh

    My girlfriend once thought I was cheating on her because I wouldn’t answer her calls between 5-7pm every night, but then one night she used latitude and showed up where I had been spending an inordinate amount of time – the gym.

    • CapnShiner

      Hmmm…….*note to self* open strip club, name it The Gym.

  • I use my phone for work. I came across a really weird error code on a copier that I was working on. I was able to look up the error without having to contact the manufacturer back at the office. Did I mention I was working on a copier 2 hours away from my office?

  • Roswell Cummings

    my android phone has allowed me to get rid of all the other devices (gps, mp3 player, point and shoot camera) that I used to lug around

  • EvanTheGamer

    I went to gaming convention once in Los Angeles. After the convention, it was late at night and there are so many wrong way streets and freeways that it’s VERY easy to get lost. I thought I knew LA pretty well, but got turned around and found my way in a bad part of LA. Very bad part. So bad that you see people walking in the middle of the street like they own it. Also see people packing.

    So then it just hit me, “WTF is wrong with me?! GPS dummy!” So I was stopped at a red light, I quickly got my Droid X out of my pocket, then went directly to Google Nav. I typed in my address and was finally headed in the RIGHT direction. That was pretty scary and unsettling, knowing that you could get shot at at any given moment. I was headed home finally and didn’t get shot. That was a good night.

  • My wife and I went out shopping in another town and we needed a new battery for my pickup. We used the Google Maps feature on my droid x2 to find a Batteries Plus. We also used the Dolphin Browser to find out their business hours to make sure we would make it there before they closed.

  • elemeno

    Can’t count the number of times google maps has saved my bacon.

  • I tore a bunch of ligaments in my ankle on Tuesday while running to catch a train, but because I had installed Nova Launcher Prime on my GS3 I was able to use the swipe action on my homescreen to call my girlfriend to give me a ride to the hospital. Without my phone, I probably would have been lying there unable to walk for god knows how long.

  • Colin Hayes

    Already liked/followed

    After I moved on to another phone, I rooted my old Droid X to upgrade it and gave it to my girlfriend as a media device. It made a great quick gift.

  • I was driving, my girlfriend was getting directions from Apple Maps. It got us lost, tried to take down a dirt road blocked by huge boulders. My SG3 with Google Maps got us out of there, the correct way.

  • Josh Haug

    Sorry I can’t say that it has. With Google maps I plan my trip ahead of time and it prevents me from ever getting in a “tough situation” in the first place.

  • nwd1911

    GPS all the way. Traveling on business, looking up directions ahead of time then getting lost. Phone -> GPS -> Destination -> Happy

  • Hesedguy

    On the way back from a trip to LA I got stuck overnight in San Fran with my fiance because of bad weather. I was able to book hotel rooms for us both using Priceline.

  • Thomas

    My wife was out of town for a week & it gave me great pleasure.

  • MTPenguin

    My android device got me out of a tough situation. The situation was being tied to my phone during vacation. It got my out of that situation by jumping into the porta potty during 100+ degree summer heat on a full tank. Needless to say, I was no longer on a leash for the rest of my vacation!


  • Cannot beat the maps… Getting lost in a sketchy part of town is no good.

  • the CEO accidentally deleted his email and I was on vacation with no internet connection. I took out my Galaxy Nexus and tethered, vpn’d in and saved the day!

  • Capt. Crunch

    Google maps got me home when I was lost, glad I don’t have apple maps.