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Verizon Flips The Switch On 29 New 4G LTE Markets Today

Verizon is green lighting 29 new 4G LTE markets as of today, bringing their official count to 470 4G LTE markets in total. They have been discussing these light ups for the past couple of weeks, so we could tell this was going to be a big move for them. In terms of competition, it looks like AT&T still comes in a far second with 146 markets. To see the full list of new cities, check below. 

New Markets:

  • Hastings, Neb
  • Kearney, Neb
  • McCook, Neb
  • Oskaloosa, Iowa
  • Mason City and Charles City, Iowa
  • Marshalltown, Iowa
  • Clarksburg, West Virginia
  • Farmington, NM
  • Gallup, NM
  • Prewitt, NM
  • Flagstaff and Williams, AZ
  • Casa Grande, AZ
  • Prescott and Prescott Valley, AZ
  • Saddlebrook, AZ
  • Payson, AZ
  • Ruidoso, AZ
  • Mayer, AZ
  • Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek, AZ
  • Cottonwood, AZ
  • Lamar, CO
  • LaJunta, CO
  • Price, UT
  • Richfield, UT
  • Klamath Falls, OR
  • Roseburg, OR
  • Sutherlin, OR
  • Kennewick, WA
  • Pasco, WA
  • Richland, WA
  • Port Angeles, WA
  • Sequim, WA
  • Port Townsend, WA

Via: Verizon

  • Randy Luna

    at&t isn’t far behind but at least their store reps don’t treat customers poorly or blacklist them

  • Guest

    at&t will be their soon

  • Mancetucky

    Northern Michigan got lit up this week, yet no word of it. Check the coverage map!

  • Oklahoma City and surrounding towns all have 4G LTE. Even the ones 20-30mi out. Lawton and Tulsa have the same deal. Oklahoma has a great 4G market.

  • Mark Mann

    they forgot (insert name of city and or metro area here) how dare they! *whine*

  • ostensibly

    woo hoo Sequim! now with clams AND 4G.

  • Mat Collins

    More speed with less bandwidth usage! Thanks Verizon!!!

  • They list Farmington and Gallup, NM, but dig through the site and it says Roswell is a new city. Dig further and they say they’re lighting up Ruidoso, NM today. Ruidoso is 75 miles west and 3K feet up from Roswell. //cries//

  • This list is missing Sidney, MT. Our tiny little town just got it today.

  • I still don’t have 3g at my house.. 500ft all around my yard has 4g. 🙁

    • David Verba

      I have the same damned issue. It’s crazy…

      • Matthew Merrick

        have you guys tried signal extenders?

        • Chippah

          Keep calling VZW and bitching, they finally got tired of me and sent me a network extender for 90% off. Service in my area is ran by a small indenpendant cellone monopoly…

        • Yeah, I bought one a few years ago for $250. Back when they were giving them away free. They wouldn’t give me one, because in their database, my address is down the street (which gets 4G). They “sent a tech out” to physically test my location (again, went to wrong place) and said that I have 4G. I asked the CS Rep to LOOK at their map, and pinpoint where the tech went. I explained that my house is about a block away from where their map shows, and that I had told EVERY CS Rep that I spoke with.. All play dumb and say “oh, it shows that you live over there!” – Even after explaining it multiple times. They don’t get it, nor care. The extender I have only does basic phone, no data. And does it VERY poorly. Drops calls, has HORRIBLE range (5,000ft my arse). 30ft or so and i lose signal. /xtremerant

          • Matthew Merrick

            don’t third party ones exist?

  • Those who have it at all are lucky as far as I’m concerned. My little ole city of Fort Dodge was listed as going live at the same time as the rest of the Iowa cities listed here way back on Oct. 9th… yet here i sit with no 4g. Big shock

    • Todd Tuinier

      This… I walk two blocks and I’ve a solid 4G signal. In my backyard I’ve barely marginal 3G. Typical suburban neighborhood, nothing to block the signal. Bermuda triangle of reception.

  • Yuma

    Its funny. I got an official Verizon email stating that Yuma, Az is new market with 4G. I just called that B$#it. There is no 4G what so ever.

    • Geoff Johnson

      Check the coverage map, depending on the size of the city it may just be the city center that’s covered.

      • I’m in Yuma visiting my parents for Christmas. I got an email from Verizon as well about Yuma, AZ getting 4g LTE. I looked at their coverage map and all of Yuma still shows 3g. I even called Verizon to confirmed that it wasn’t an issue with my phone (Wanted to see if there was an issue with the PRL not updating)

        The CS rep told me that’s a 4g LTE market but couldn’t tell me when it’s going to be active.

        Interesting that Flagstaff and Prescott have 4g LTE, which were new cities in the email from Verizon.

  • NolimitzR1

    4g added to Stafford Springs CT yesterday ft!

  • PhoenixPath

    Well, I guess you can’t say they aren’t doing anything with the gobs of money they’re charging us…

  • Chris Brunetto

    Show the East Coast some love Verizon. Feelin’ mighty neglected over here in CT.

    • Geoff Johnson

      They added tons of new LTE areas in NH and ME, that’s east coast 😉

      • Chris Brunetto

        True true. I highly doubt I’ll ever get 4g as I live in a rather rural part of the state, but a boy can dream damnit.

        • Danrarbc

          If you get 3G, not roaming but Verizon’s actual network, you should get it in 2013.

  • C_B_P_L

    And begin the entitled coastal state whining about “flyover” states getting LTE begin!

    • Chippah

      Damm Flyover states getting LTE again!, Northern NJ- NEPA still stuck on 1x speed 3g.

  • nightscout13

    …..further saturating an already over-saturated LTE network. They don’t carry enough bandwidth with all these new markets….

    • Danrarbc

      A new market in AZ has no impact on the bandwidth in Georgia – let alone on an even closer location. A Flagstaff suburb has no impact on the Phoenix market, heck it probably has no impact on the other side of that actual market.

      If you pay attention to the full lists on their site they also upgrade/improve/expand multiple markets on a similar schedule.

      • nightscout13

        I wish this was true. I adopted VzW LTE a few months after initial launch, and the speeds used to be BLAZING! I’m talking 40Mbps average! But the more new markets get updated, the slower it’s become. I’m going off my own personal experience with the matter.

        • Danrarbc

          I experienced it in St. Louis too. It has nothing to do with new markets, it’s new users arriving on the local network.

          St. Louis went from 40 to 8-15 for me, then all of sudden it went back up – then a month or two later it showed up on one of these lists as a market that expanded. They added additional backhaul. When I left 3 months ago it was still usually above 18Mbits or so.

        • Geoff Johnson

          Shortly after launch not many people had LTE phones, now every smartphone produced has LTE.

        • Matthew Merrick

          you’re an idiot. that has nothing to do with cell tower saturation or bandwidth, it has to do with the sheer number of lte devices on the network. of course if the service came out and youre the only one under your cell tower with an lte device, youre going to get great speeds. if you hook up a few thousand lte devices, OF COURSE youre gonna see a speed decrease.

          • nightscout13

            No reason to lash out with personal attacks. You could have written all that without the first 3 words, and it would’ve been fine.

        • Tony Allen

          It has nothing to do with other markets, get off your rocker.

          • nightscout13

            No not at all….

  • Evidently they left Lewiston Maine off that list because I just noticed I had 4g.

    • gIMpSTa

      Came here to see if Lewiston was on the list.

    • Denny Hostutler

      They also left out Bradford Pennsylvania, we also got 4g today too, i was shocked to find out that i had a 4g connection because i have not heard a thing about it being put in here., but i love it! Fastest speeds i’ve got on speed tests so far were 20.40Mbps Down and 12.30Mbps Up.

  • I wish they could do this with out taking the rest of the network down. Every time they upgrade the system I loose 4G. Right now I have no data and have to use my computer how. So Weird.

  • Does anyone know what “Extended 4G” service is? Everywhere around me I get 4g, except my house. So I looked on the coverage map, and it says my house is in this Extended 4g. The rep in the the store had no idea what I was talking about.

    • scottyb

      That means its basically on the boarder line of the 4G area. So if the wind is blowing in the right direction you might get 1 bar lol. Like my house shows in extended 4G area, but I dont pick up 4G unless im 6-7 miles down the road, almost 2 towns away. Honestly, I think they do that to make their coverage map look bigger

    • skinja

      I think it means that the signal strength will not be as good. We had extended at our house for several months according to the coverage map before it went to regular LTE according to the map.

      I suspect this is based on not every tower in the area being LTE, or some hodge podge of the LTE bands that are available.

      Eventually we had full LTE coverage according to the maps. But Extended LTE was just as fast regular LTE.

      A fun experiment would be to try different LTE phones in your home. For example. Samsung tends to have weaker antennas vs Motorola or HTC phones.

    • cool, thanks you guys. yeah, i don’t get any 4g at my house. and 3g isn’t as strong either. it sucks, but oh well. i guess i’ll just have to hope that i will get true 4g someday for my new DNA… 🙂

  • Jake

    Kearney, NE has had 4G since the end of November. Nice to see Hastings/McCook getting it, too!

    • WAldenIV

      I swear, it seems like Verizon has added at least 10 new spots in NE this year.

  • Geoff Johnson

    The coverage map shows that LTE is now in Keene, along 89, and near Franklin and just north of the White Mountains in NH.

  • Scott

    Its still 2 towns away from me 🙁

  • I don’t think I’ll ever get it. Right outta Chattanooga, TN

    • 45 minutes south of you in Fort Payne, AL has it!

      • When did this happen? I was down theere 2 weeks ago and only had 3g

        • You must have just missed it! Coverage was in and out then but has been stable the past week! My GSIII is alive!

          • Must be nice. Im in south pittsburg and my note 2 is still dead

  • ragnarok180

    Yuma County in Arizona is seriously neglected…

    • Mike

      Probably has something to do with the Air Station being there. They might need to make sure it won’t interfere with the Marine’s frequencies. That was what happened at Camp Lejeune before it went live

  • Joe

    Richfield and Price are in the middle of nowhere. Pretty cool they’re getting LTE.

    • MafiaMM

      Obviously if someone kidnaps you or you get lost hahaha. You’re going to NEED to use that 4G to google how to escape a kidnapping/ surviving in the wild

  • Malikai Looper

    I’ve yet to see anything mentioned Lake County, CA…We’ve been seeing Verizon LTE for about a month now. My SIII finally lives!!!!!!

    • LionStone

      Yep, much of Sonoma County into Mendocino has it too but has not made it on the official list.