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Reminder: Catch The Droid Life Show Episode 10 From Last Night


Last night, we hit our first milestone for The Droid Life Show – the 10th episode! It’s available for replay if you missed it live. We have the video embedded above, but be sure to subscribe to the show’s feed as well or add us on iTunes and Stitcher. We also have a dedicated show page here in case you wanted to download the .mp3 of each episode or listen right from the site.

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  • Dillon Brown

    I’ve actually taken a photo sphere picture without any issues that I could see. The trick is to take them very slowly without moving your device except for rotating it as if it is fixed to a central axis. so if they used a tripod they could have gotten that picture probably.

  • Jeremy626

    wow. finally these clowns get an RSS FEED after 3 months… great job….

  • Silver Veloz

    Thanks guys. Watched the replay late last night. Happy Holidays and thanks for the daily updates. Droid-Life is awesome.

  • We also find out the Kellen likes to drink his wine during the show. Taken from the Tato show’s drinking contest idea?

    • Thomas

      And we also learned that Ron is OCD about his phone commercials.