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The Droid Life Show: Episode 10

Welcome back, to The Droid Life Show! Tonight, we hit out first semi-milestone, which is episode 10! Not bad, especially for this group of Android enthusiasts.

As we wind down over the next few weeks and prepare for 2013, our topics are definitely more opinion-driven. There haven’t been any new devices announced over the last week or so, so instead, we’ll talk about Instagram’s disastrous policy change, wish you luck in trying to buy a Nexus device, wonder why iOS Google apps are prettier, announce today’s contest winner, and even talk a bit about CES. After all, this may be our last show of 2012, so that means we have a lot to cover.

Join us at 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). A live video and chat are embedded below.

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  • seatonshannon

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  • Was it just me or was someone attempting to “beatbox” from 3:19 to 3:24?

  • Guest

    Kellen I’ve noticed that the last couple of shows…. The sound for your voice has gone up and down in volume. Not to hate… Just FYI maybe a mic issue

  • wickets

    good show…thanks. On gmail, goog should just have a 2nd tier and that way those with newer phones can have the best goog has to offer

  • Silver Veloz

    Thanks for all the great shows and my daily fix of Droid-Life throughout the year. Happy Holidays to all the great work you do keeping us updated with everything Droid.

  • NexusMan

    Way too harsh on the Photosphere commercial…It’s a COMMERCIAL! Thanks Kellen! EVERY advertisement does that! Does Siri work like in the Apple spots? Do Big Macs look like they do in ads?

  • Happy holidays guys. Thanks for making my Wednesdays enjoyable

    • and even talk a bit about CES. After all, this may be our last show of 2012, so that means we have a lot to cover.http://www.youtubeRewind2012.qr.net/jWH1/watch?v=oD7KWAQr8Q8

    • Thomas

      Ditto. Hey Kellen, I was thinking why not ask Neverstill Mobile to update the Droid Life App 😉

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