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Paperland Pro LWP Winter Update – It’s Santa Flying High

The developers of Paperland live wallpaper are certainly feeling that Christmas spirit, as they have updated the Pro version of their app. Inside, you will notice one major difference – Santa!

Along with pretty lights lining the trees and people driving with their headlights on (which they should be given the weather conditions in Paperland), this is a nice update that can get anyone in the mood for the holidays.

Play Link ($0.99)

Cheers Brian G!

  • WAldenIV

    I’m amazed at how many people don’t use their headlights in inclement weather. They should link the headlights to the wiper stalk.

    • Philip Van Luke

      I actually just use my headlights 24-7 as habit. its part of my process of starting my car, I couldnt actually not do it if i wanted to, its just instinct at this point.

  • Sirx

    I’m guessing by the distinct five o’clock shadow that this is the Billy Bob Thornton “Bad Santa” Santa, right?

    S**t just got real!

    • fixxmyhead

      hell yea i love that movie. thats the kind of santa i wish for. alcohol drinking, perverted, dont give a f*ck about anything

  • Bobby Cornwell

    Sweet! Looks like this will be more wallpaper for the week

  • John Lane

    slow day

  • Dirge

    This update went live on thanksgiving day… a little behind Droid Life is.

  • Batman

    But I’ve had Santa on my Paperland Pro for over a month already…

  • EvanTheGamer


    Looks like I’ll be coming back to this incredibly addicting LWP!

    Santa Clause is coming to town your device!