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Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus Receives CM 10.1 Nightlies, Flash Without Losing Any Data

The jump from Android 4.1 to 4.2 apparently didn’t confuse developers that much and fans of CyanogenMod will be happy for that. The first nightly build of CM 10.1 for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus, otherwise known as ‘toro’, has just been posted and is available for download now. 

If you aren’t satisfied enough, the CM team has better news for you. The team’s Google+ was updated and said that the build has been ‘tested extensively on older devices’ and that you shouldn’t need to wipe data when upgrading to 10.1. The only caveat is the Clock app does not work at the moment. CM’s version of the application and Google’s don’t play nice, but if you need to fix it just clear the Clock app’s data in the Settings menu.


Via: Google+

Cheers Shawn!

  • wow, i am downloading, thanks

  • shane

    Hi I really need help I don’t known how to do anything to update it please help please

  • So has anyone had all Google apps crash on open consistently?

  • Can anybody tell me where to find the debugging feature? Ever since I
    installed the latest rom (Cyanogenmod cm-10.1-20121218-Experimental) I
    can’t find it anywhere….much appreciated. I’ve looked thru every setting I can think of.

  • Can anybody tell me where to find the debugging feature? Ever since I installed the latest rom (Cyanogenmod cm-10.1-20121218-Experimental) I can’t find it anywhere….much appreciated

  • John Anderson

    Works great! Had to reinstall google music, books, magazines, videos, currents and you tube apps because they kept crashing but working flawlessly now.

  • Beto

    Flashed CM 10.1 works fine, download Gapps below from Rich Wentz link. I keep getting “There is no application registered to handle the type of file selected”. Suggestion? Been searching on forums all day… what gives..

  • HOLY HELL the battery life im getting from this is ridonkulous…well done CM team, well done…also how do i access the dev settings, im either blind, dumb or they just arent there :/

  • joejoe5709

    I know it’s a nightly (and the first of a new version on a technically unsupported phone) so I’m not necessarily complaining but this has been one of the rougher nightlies for me. Had a heck of a time with several apps FCing and System UI keeps freaking out on me (which is probably the one downside of having on-screen keys because now you’re screwed). But all the 4.2 additions are included in a seemingly logical way. Overall I really like CM10.1. I had to reselect the improved 4.2 keyboard. For some reason it kicked out the 4.2 keyboard I downloaded weeks ago. I don’t know if I’ll keep it enabled, but I really like the left and right side notification/quick settings. I really don’t like having the regular settings thrown into the quick settings menu, but that’s a 4.2 thing. I hope CM can put a link to the regular settings menu back into the notification bar or add it within their own quick settings menu. Definitely some kinks to work out, but thank you CyanogenMod!

  • ok, i took their word and didnt clear any data/cache/dalvik. updated. rebooted. but then my Google/gmail account was gone. anyone else with this?

    • joejoe5709

      I didn’t wipe (haha) and it still put everything in a new folder named “0”

      • i cant get to my restore from clockworkmod, can you?

        • Nope, that whole 0 folder is why I managed to boot loop my GNex. Had to flash CM10.0 and the update, still trying to get my media out of that folder, but at least Android re-linked it for me. Anyone have Gapps that don’t crash everytime you launch them?

  • First 4.2 ROM I have seen to implement the unique pull down feature that the N7 has and put it on Mobile …pull down far left get notifications/ pull down far right pulls up quick settings….This is now my daily driver.

    • joejoe5709

      Definitely. I think the quick controls idea needs a little work though, but that’s not CM’s fault.

  • brando56894

    What’s interesting is that I’m running JBSourcery 4 (based off of 4.2.1) and I’ve had it since wednesday or thursday.

  • SamXp

    Looking good. Made a few phone calls. Tried Mobile Hotspot. Boot is really fast! Battery seems to get a little hotter than previously. Signal seemed to be worse, but it comes and goes around here, anyway.
    Wish WiFi Tether still worked, though = Anyone get that to work?

  • Scott

    Flashed this and immediately realized that the linaro based AOKP preview builds that Stevespear has posted leave this in the dust.

  • mtbhk44

    The bluetooth audio quality is a deal killer for me. I’ve been on 4.2.1 ROMS for a couple of weeks now and I just can’t get past how terrible the bluetooth audio is. XENON was amazing – the best of the bunch for me. But I’ve rolled back to 4.1.2 until Google fixes this mess they made

  • cizzlen

    Anyone else’s com.phone.process keep force closing? I re-wiped and re-installed twice. Think restoring apps + data from Titanium might have to do with it, but I never restore system apps.

    • Sam Kirkland

      Same thing here. I wiped and started fresh. Didn’t restore anything from Titanium or otherwise. Can’t make a phone call!

    • soccerburn55

      Yea I had that problem and I also couldn’t get data to turn on it was Wifi or no data.

    • vincet3

      You need to change your Data setting to LTE/CMDA and reboot. I had that issue for 15 minutes until someone on XDA straightened me out.

      • cizzlen

        Will try this. Thanks man!

    • Prince

      I’m actually having that same problem with quite a few apps: YouTube, Play Music, Etc.
      Not sure how to fix it. Help! 🙁

      • cizzlen

        What version of g-apps did you download? Also, did you fully wipe data and cache before flashing (as recommended by the developers and most others)?

  • md2572

    how can I do all that stuff yall was talking about

  • md2572

    Can I get some help please!!!

  • Maurice Davis

    I just got the Galaxy Nexus about 3 months ago the get the latest update… I know I am no genius, but I don’t get all the boot-loading, ROM’s. unlocking, restoring… I need help!!! no one has ever explained all this to me and I’m lost!!! (but the way Verizon sucks)!!

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      if you scroll all the way up you’ll see a menu up there. hove your mouse over the root section and click “Galaxy Nexus.” you can follow the steps from there.
      Its a complete guide and will guide you through the whole process.

  • Michael G

    Ok… So I flashed the nightly. My Gapps weren’t there so I flashed the most current Gapps… Now my Setup Wizard won’t start. Just says it’s not responding. I wiped the cache & nothing. I’m afraid to do a complete factory reset/wipe since the Setup Wizard isn’t working. Any suggestions?

    • joejoe5709

      Setup Wizard was having trouble on mine too, but it did start and it did finally push through. But it was a little rough.

      • Michael G

        I got it working but I had to put the 10.1 zip in root, the gapps in root, do a factory wipe and re-flash both files.

  • Sammy V

    I really need some help. My phone is stuck in a bootloop on the startscreen with the cyanogenmod logo, and I don’t know how to get out of this? I tried pulling the battery and it didn’t work. Can someone please help?

  • TweetrGuy

    Run Sheeple Run

  • Nicolas Zdarzyl

    Cant log into Google on 10.1 =(

    • Sammy V

      I’m having the same problem

  • Jonathan Ofalla

    Is it recommended to use Super Wipe before installing? I haven’t used it yet but all the ROM developers seem to recommend this now. Also, does anyone know if Super Wipe deletes photos?

  • Horseradish

    I’ll wait for an official nightly from AOKP. Also I’ve heard that there are audio fidelity issues with Bluetooth streaming over 4.2. Until someone fixes that, I’ll stick with 4.1.

  • Does this include GApps or does that need to be flashed as well?

    • cizzlen

      You’ll have to grab the latest from goo.im

  • Bobby Cornwell

    This is why CM is the best! Stable, fast, reliable. Doing Verizon’s dirty work

  • Nicolas Zdarzyl

    Where can i get the GAPPS for 10.1. I did a complete wipe and it does not boot up into a setup menu?

  • David

    if im coming from BB 4.1 do I still need to do a data wipe when flashing this?

    • Yes. You have to wipe everything when switching ROMs (i.e. switching developers). There is no wipe necessarily iff coming from CM10 to CM10.1.

  • Greyhame

    I’m assuming you don’t lose data only when coming from CM10. I’m on the last (ever?) BB build, and wondering if I should make the jump…

    • I’m on the same boat. I am going through the forums now, trying to pick my new dev.

      • Greyhame

        Kiril, ever find that new dev you were looking for?? …I’m getting the itch to flash again.

        • I went with Shiny. This guy has been developing ROMs for a bit (I’ve heard the name before), and the Galaxy Nexus is his daily phone for right now (so pretty much the same way Pete started out). I’ve had no problems with this ROM for the past two days. Here’s the link:


          • Greyhame

            Nice. Read his post. Sounds legit. How are you liking 4.2?

          • The battery life seems better, and the camera is great. Other than that, I haven’t noticed much… just small improvements here and there.

  • My device is stuck in a bootloop after updating? Any ideas please?

    • Sammy V

      I’ve got the same problem after trying to go back to a previous10.0 nightly. Can anyone help?

  • Nicolas Zdarzyl

    Turn off your security pattern before flashing. It didn’t save my preferences, and I had to do a full wipe.

  • Brandon

    Anyone know if this supports the AVCRP 1.3? Looking for a stable ROM with that… Either way CM here I come!

  • If you have a custom unlock pattern (4×4, 5×5, etc.) you may want to hold off a bit. It defaulted to the the 3×3 option so I had to do a complete restore as I was locked out of my phone. Should have made a backup. 🙁

    • Nicolas Zdarzyl

      same thing happend to me, and with no backup I did a full restore. Though I think it will run better overall.

      • Nicolas Zdarzyl

        Do you know where I cant get the GAPPS? Since i get no setup at all?

      • KleenDroid

        With the Droid Life virtual wooden spoon I smack both of you guys on the back of your hands for not making backups before flashing a new rom.

  • DroidzFX

    Anyone know what features/options are baked in? Theme chooser etc..

  • beng8686

    …and I’m waiting for BuglessBeast 4.2. CM has always had stability issues for me.

    • John

      Pete just announced that he really doesn’t have time for BB anymore. You might see an update here & there, but honestly, I’d try & find another ROM if you are looking for updates.

      • Jamie Davis

        This makes me very sad 🙁 I wonder if enough people donated, he would make the time.

        • As a developer, they can’t rely on donations to pay the bills. He’s given so much of his life already for our phones. Let’s wish him well with his future endeavors!

          • KleenDroid

            Pete has been with us since the Droid 1. He has given us a lot of his time since back then. I am very thankful for everything he has done for us.

            I know it has been a rewarding experience for him. And I hope he has great success!

          • Cowboydroid

            My goodness, it’s not like the man died, why is everyone writing his eulogy?

      • beng8686

        Yeah I read last week… Its going to be hard to find a new developer that pumps out extremely clean stock ROMs…

        • Give BAMF Paradigm a shot… They are working on a 4.2 build now, but 4.1.2 is amazingly stable.

          • John

            Agreed. I’ve run theirs a while back. I actually thought they stopped making builds for the GNexus. Nice to see they are continuing with them to 4.2.x

        • Check Mmuzzy’s ROM. Based on 4.2.1, mostly stock but with some small useful mods (reboot menu, for example).

      • XenonHD is on 4.2.1 its stable and fast as hell. check it out for sureeee

      • johnc7995

        I’ve been using DroidVicious until he decided to ditch development on his stock rom for stupid MIUI.

      • Pete must be working for Verizon now. O well, it was good while it lasted. Been running Shiny for a week without any issues. Go get it.

        • John

          Actually, he works fine t mobile

    • The Shiny ROM is incredible and stock. Had it for over a week and had zero issues. I’ve had AOKP, CM, and BB in the past and all had small issues. The Shiny ROM is top notch. Find it here http://rootzwiki.com/topic/36706-romaosp4211272012-shiny-ota-like-stock-android-421-jop40d-no-bugs/

    • snowblind64

      I gave up waiting for BB weeks ago. Try “Shiny” over on RootzWiki it runs great and has no bugs. Best of all it’s almost fully stock and you can flash mods over it if that’s your thing.

      • You must have beat me by a few seconds. I am enjoying Shiny a lot so far.

        • snowblind64

          Haha, great minds think alike.

      • beng8686

        Will try! Thanks for the recommendation.

      • Same here. I dirty flashed over BB without any issues.

    • Jim McClain

      still waiting for Bamf 4.2 also

    • TheDrunkenClam

      Jelly Belly is the best ROM. Very clean and near stock. Give it a try.

      • beng8686

        Jelly Belly looks nice. Will try it too! This is like early Christmas with ROMs. Haven’t seen these cruising the interwebs.

      • David Cosme Jr.

        Have a link?

    • napes22

      I’ve been running Roman’s AOKP 4.2 pre-release build for the GN. It’s been incredibly stable and has most of the AOKP goodies in it.

      • droidify

        Where would I find that? I didn’t think they were doing nightlies with 4.2

  • Mack

    Clock app works just fine for me. It force closed once but I didn’t have to clear data.

  • kwick

    cant wait this should be good

  • How stable are the CM nightlies? I’ve really only flashed AOKP builds/milestones before

    • teejaycard

      they actually go through the trouble of listing the main builds as “stable” and not the nightlies so there you go haha.

      • Right I mean i’m not expecting a bug free experience I was just wondering if it’s usable or just lag and force closes all around

    • bose301s

      Honestly have found CM nightlies to generally be just about as stable as most other ROMs milestones or final releases, they are just that damn good.

  • Ross Sanchez

    This is awesome! I love CM10! Can’t wait to try it out!

  • Claire


  • thedonxr

    Hope it downloads before I get out of range… Going on a Christmas cruise

    • James_Kernicky

      Better check that MD5…it would suck to carry around a brick the whole time if you wipe.

      • David Gilson

        What is the MD5?

        • 9TEN11


        • guest

          I have the same question. can anyone shed any light?

          • T_Dizzle

            It’s a way to verify if you received the correct download and that it downloaded properly.

  • My big question, does Hulu Plus work with this build? It never has with AOKP and although it isn’t a deal breaker, it was sure annoying.

    • Cyan Dvai

      Hulu plus works with 10.0 so it should work with 10.1
      I run Hulu, HBO and Netflix just fine with the previous build

      • Thanks. AOKP has no problem with Netflix, but has never been able to play Hulu Plus for some reason. I have worked with them to add the DRM blobs but that doesn’t seem to fix it.

  • Rich Wentz

    CM team does it again. Its amazing they can get a fully-functioning custom ROM running and Verizon cannot even get a stock version for the GNex.