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Verizon Announces More 4G LTE Markets to Be Lit Up on Thursday

Last week, we posted up two stories full of cities and towns that were to receive Verizon’s 4G LTE speeds this Thursday (Dec. 20). Well, Verizon is going to keep that list going today as they announced an additional 19 cities to go along with the list. Currently, Big Red services 440+ 4G LTE markets in the U.S. and with these, they’re well on their way to a full 500 markets. 

  • Hastings, Neb
  • Kearney, Neb
  • McCook, Neb
  • Oskaloosa, Iowa
  • Mason City and Charles City, Iowa
  • Marshalltown, Iowa
  • Clarksburg, West Virginia
  • Farmington, NM
  • Gallup, NM
  • Prewitt, NM
  • Flagstaff and Williams, AZ
  • Casa Grande, AZ
  • Prescott and Prescott Valley, AZ
  • Saddlebrook, AZ
  • Payson, AZ
  • Ruidoso, AZ
  • Mayer, AZ
  • Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek, AZ
  • Cottonwood, AZ

Via: Verizon

  • Bryan

    I happened to be in Flagstaff this week and 4g lit up on Tuesday 12/17. I had 3g since I was up here and suddenly switched to 4g in the afternoon.

  • Lte went live 12-18-12 here in casa grande, az. I had 3G over by Walmart d/c and it just jumped to LTE

  • Richard Utt

    i was pleased to discover 4G coverage had suddenly appeared here on Cape Cod.

  • sr_erick

    My hometown area in NW Minnesota just got the switch flipped this week. My buddy in a neighboring town 7 miles away with a population of 200 is getting 47 Mbps down and 6 up. I think we’ve reached the tipping point now, probably just waiting for some of the rural towers to get a decent backhaul.

  • Craig Rohwer

    yesterday I picked up some LTE in Anchorage AK with my Rezound. I happen to know they haven’t turned on the server farm up here yet (my brother just finished commissioning the HVAC). Next time I’m in that part of town I’ll get a screen cap, I shouldn’t be able to pick up “Extended LTE” coverage from the local providers.

  • Trevor

    I thought that was Marshmallow Town and I got really excited.

  • Sam_22

    About time Nebraska got some coverage!

  • nightscout13

    BREAKING NEWS: Verizon’s LTE network slows down ever further with saturation.

    • Tom Z

      I live in the Saturated City of Chicago and my speeds are usually up around 25 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up. That’s pretty good for a city that has had LTE for a while!

      • Andrew Roth

        I have the exact same speeds. At the busiest times I drop to 12mbs but offpeak i’m 25-35mb down and 15-22mb up. This is in the suburbs right outside Chicago.

      • nightscout13

        When i first got LTE in Sacramento, I was getting up to 50Mbps. Now my speeds are hitting 25Mbps max.

  • Spider210

    Upstate NY where are you? Adirondacks would love some 4g… Come on partnership

    • Dillon Brown

      Rocking the LTE in the Glens Falls woot woot! Any more north you guys just are lucky to have just gotten cell service at all.

    • summit1986

      Plattsburgh or bust!

  • Emile Pelletier

    Yay, now I can have LTE when I visit Dad in my hometown in Cottonwood.

  • Mike Petty

    Farmington, NM. When I go visit the folks I am covered now…

  • Hastings Ne is already online with 4G LTE. Has been for a couple weeks when I travel thru tthere.

    • Sam_22

      No it doesn’t. I live in Hastings. But Grand Island does and sometimes you can pick up a 4G signal a few miles north of hastings.

      • That’s weird. I wonder which tower south of hastings has it then. I travel thru the South edge of Hastings and Blue Hill and pick it up.

        • Sam_22

          Weird! Do you get 4G signal consistently? I go through that area sometimes and have never gotten any signal. What device are you using?

    • Tyler Bowden

      I was in Hastings on Saturday and didn’t get any 4G. They probably had one tower up for testing. There always seems to be people posting that they’ve been getting 4G before a market officially gets it. It’s nice setting the rest of the tri-cities getting 4G though.

    • Bsody

      Yea Kearney has had it for awhile too. They even lit up Holdrege about a week and a half ago.

  • Screw you Verizon! We NEED 4G LTE in the northwoods of Wisconsin… but you’re leaving us with limited choices as AT&T has 4G coming.

    • Danrarbc

      Which 4G?

      • HSPA+ (I specifically didn’t put LTE)

    • Scottyb112

      lol I thought I was the only person who didnt have 4G yet.. Sucks, still a few towns away

    • FknTwizted

      It’s because nobody fricken lives in North Wisconsin! Go play with some beavers.

      • Not sure I’ve seen many beavers up here… but you’re right, there aren’t to many _residents_ of the northwoods… more vacationing, carpet baggers from the south.

  • Tyler Mathews

    Ahhhhhhhhhhh Finally! It has been some time now with 4g basically in a circle around my town lol.

  • Chip Chipperson

    Flyover states again get lit up on LTE and Northern NJ/NEPA (sussex-pike counties is still on 2x speed 3g.
    Way to go Vzw,…

    • Danrarbc

      Might want to check to see if your municipality has signed any agreements with AT&T, or what it takes to get new backbone in.

      In some areas it’s incredibly difficult to get this stuff installed because of roadblocks put in place to protect a monopoly.

  • bcat

    every time I see these stories i get a little hopeful only to be dropped like a no 4G having rock

    • Scottyb112

      haha I do the same thing.. and I look, and Its never even close to me lol

  • asianrage

    This is great news and all. I just need them to expand more in my home area (20 min. North of Seattle). It’s been the same coverage for the last 2 years. There must be like one tower around there. In the beginning, it used to be 20-26Mbps with the TBolt. Now, 5-8Mbps, and worse on my GNex. It’s much faster, with 10-20Mbps Up/Down, in the major Metro area.

  • Daniel Aceves

    about time AZ gets some love:)

  • Silver Veloz

    When I finally got 4G LTE in my area (Santa Clarita – north of Los Angeles), just close to a couple months ago, I noticed a huge increase in my smartphone experience. I never realized there would be that much difference. Congrats everyone being lit up. I waited a long time and now it’s totally worth it.

  • Arizona is sure getting hooked up!

    • ragnarok180

      Except for the ONE city in AZ that needs hooking up. My city… -__-

  • zepfloyd

    I’m definitely starting to notice expansion for the gaps in existing markets too. Places embedded in LTE markets I frequent where I drop back to 3G are starting to have 4 bar LTE. Good stuff. (northeast)

    • Lambo_21


    • so true… i get better 4g than 3g at my house.

      • Weird my phone always falls back to 3g at my house 4g at my houce is terrible.

    • Tcali

      Same here in the southeast.

  • Its Oskaloosa, Iowa

    • Greyhame

      It’s* 😉

    • That’s what it says! 😉

    • Max Ervin

      It’s been in Centerville, Iowa too for about the last week. Never heard a story about them expanding down to here, but I’m glad they did. Before this, about the farthest south I had been able to pick up 4G was Knoxville.

      • Mike

        Cedar falls/waterloo as well have been up for a month or so, verizon hasn’t said a word. Goes all the way to Waverly (but doesn’t stretch all the way across town).

  • Droidzilla

    Now that I have my Nexus 4, this just doesn’t matter to me like it used to.
    Then why did I comment here, you ask? Because you touch yourself at night.

    • TheDrunkenClam

      16 GB of storage is unacceptable to me. And yes, I have all my music on the cloud. I have a large assortment of high quality games. I also like to flash custom Roms (after all, it IS a Nexus, right?) which means backups of Roms and apps. 16 GB simply doesn’t cut it.
      But I’m glad you enjoy the phone enough that you took time to troll about LTE!

      • Droidzilla

        I’m also glad you took the time to tell us about your storage needs. We’ll all sleep more soundly tonight.

        And the circle of irrelevance is complete.

    • Diablo81588

      Glad you’ve settled for your watered down phone and come up with excuses as to why missing features are no longer necessary.

      • Droidzilla

        What’s watered down about it? I went from Verizon LTE to T-Mobile/AT&T HSPA+ (prepaid so I can switch them up if I like) and I haven’t noticed an actual speed difference. Speed Test has them as the same speed, too, but that’s not as reliable.

        Where else is the compromise? 1.5 GHz quad core S4 Pro? Vanilla Android coded by Google to run on this device? Photosphere? Newest Google Now? I really fail to see where this is compromising. If you really need a removable battery or over 16GB of storage, then OK. I’ve had both and never ended up using them, so for my personal usage it’s a non-issue.

        • Jarred Sutherland

          It’s no use to try and convince people with limited capacity for free thought that there are viable alternatives to Verizon and LTE. These are really the same people that have no clue what LTE is and are really enjoying their new share everything plan with UNLIMITED!!! minutes.

          I will be dropping VZW after my contract is up as well and moving to a true Nexus device not crippled by Verizon, not to mention paying a much smaller bill.

          • michael arazan

            Let’s all pray that Dish and Google will join together for a Nexus Carrier as a viable alternative for all of who’s contracts will be up in a year to a year and a half.

  • QQpayne

    Still nothing in north Georgia. Give us some love up in the mountains!!!!!

    • kixofmyg0t

      I’m 30 miles south of Savannah and I have 4 bars of LTE, my town isn’t officially listed as a LTE market.

      • QQpayne

        I live in Blairsville and work in Hiawassee, nothing for me so far.

      • Same with some town about 3o miles away from where I live

    • I live in southwest GA it is all over here in Valdosta, Thomasville, Quitman, Bainbridge, and Waycross. I know they have been expanding all of those out a good bit to.