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Sony “Yuga” Device to Feature 5″ 1080p Display – Could We See It at CES?

According to overseas sources, Sony is planning to release their next flagship device sometime in Q1 of 2013. The device is codenamed Yuga, but not much is known about the phone except for some photos shown above and handful of specs. A site that claims to have the device in their possession, says the phone sports a brilliant 5″ 1080p display, powered by the new Snapdragon S4 Pro chip, along with 2GB of RAM. Additionally, the phone is said to have a 12MP back-facing camera, as well as run Android 4.1. 

Last year in Vegas, Sony launched their Xperia lineup which could mean they would feel comfortable to do the same this year. If not CES, then there is always MWC in Europe.

Interested in anything Sony has to offer these days? Although I will say, I am liking the mainstreaming of 1080p devices.

Via: The Verge

  • dennis_t76

    CES is really shaping up fast and will be one of the more interesting years. I look forward to the OLED news that will be coming out. http://hidefplus.com/category/sony-tv-reviews/

  • Alan Paone

    That’s too soon, Sony never releases anything until after we stop wanting it. We’ll see this at CES 2014 at the earliest.

  • chris125

    I would be if they actually brought their devices to more carriers. They make nice devices but seem to bring their crappy devices to verizon

  • Bionic

    Sony sucks. Not even their tvs are the “best” anymore. I’m a loyal playstation user but now Sony is considering never building a PS4 and exiting gaming. Sony sucks, especially at phones. I’d rather a LG than Sony.

  • yarrellray

    They can keep this device. Samsung will blow past these guys like they always do. Sony is soft.

  • Kerry Davies

    I really like the look of sony devices but they are never for VZW

  • itznfb

    I picked up a Xperia S to play with for a while. So far it’s been my favorite phone. I liked it more than my GNex and Nexus 4. The MAJOR downside though is that current gen Sony phones max out on any network at 14.4 Mbps. On T-Mobile you’re stuck on Edge for some reason even though it has the hardware to run on T-Mobile’s HSDPA network.

    I’d love to see a HSPA+ or VZW LTE Sony device with a 4.7″ screen. I’d be all over it.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    Yup… saw this name pop up at my job. . . . about a month ago.

  • Radgatt

    It doesn’t matter to me if we see it at CES or not. Its not like we will see it on Verizon.

  • jester

    The specs that I read on another site said it may sport 3 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Sony leading the push to the cutting edge. . . .? I highly doubt that.

    • Ben Edwards

      You sure you’re not confusing a couple of articles about Samsung with Sony? There have been leaks of apparent test mules using 3GB of RAM and word that they’re producing 128GB flash memory chips.

      It is far more likely Samsung will come out with this tech than Sony, since they run their own component R&D and manufacturing.

  • Austin

    I hope this comes to Verizon

    • Austin

      yeah but verizon would fill it up with a bunch of useless crap and make it run stock, i prefer oem

  • Sean Rowe

    4.1? So its already outdated?

  • woo Im excited.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    Has a slot loading blu ray drive!

  • T4rd

    Too bad it prolly won’t be on any US carriers besides AT&T. It seems that’s the only carrier that Sony likes.

    • paul_cus

      Very true, Sony and Verizon seemed to fall out after the mess that was the Xperia Play.

    • 1bad69z28

      I won a Sony S from DL not too long ago and found the enhancements to
      the Android platform on the Sony S pretty damn good. I would rather have
      stock Jelly Bean of course but for the most part Sony has done a great
      job integrating Sony’s remote control for games and TV’s as well as
      their PS3 controls from your tablet to your Sony game console.

      Just wondering why more people haven’t liked Sony’s S Tablet besides the ugly teardrop I finally got use too. I noticed Sony was constantly sending out updates to improve the

      • e diddy

        I have a Sony xperia s tablet and I love it. It replaced my gtab 10.1 and my Nexus 7. Great design, runs smooth, has a full size SD slot for my Sony Next 5N camera, and has great build quality

        • 1bad69z28

          Sounds great, glad to see another Sony android user happy with their product. Hopefully DL will cover more of the Sony products 🙂

    • Anton Martin

      I’m a bit shocked with that; in Spain Sony devices are available in most of the carriers and I have to say that they are pretty good ones.
      It’s a shame that in here there isn’t LTE and some of the gratest phones doesn’t arrive here like the HTC DROID DNA anf for example motorola is going to stop selling phones and tablets by the end of this year. I’m pretty sad beacuse it’s my favourite brand, in this moment I have a defy(my 5th motorola) and I was planning buying a RAZR MAXX HD, but the last motorola device we received was the RAZR MAXX, so I’ll go fot the nex nexus

  • TheCheapGamer

    Don’t even bother at either event.
    I want to see new tech at these events, not rebranded DNAs

    • hfoster52

      “HTC’s phone uses a display from JDI, a company that Sony is heavily
      invested in, so there’s a possibility that the manufacturer could use
      the exact same part, but JDI recently revealed a 5-inch 1080p WhiteMagic display that uses a white extra sub-pixel to offer brighter images or longer battery life. Given the Droid DNA’s battery woes, a WhiteMagic display would be a good differentiator for Sony.”

      Does that qualify?

      • snowbdr89

        Why does everyone bring up this so called dna battery woes, im easily getting 16+ on my dna!!

      • TheCheapGamer

        I was speaking more in terms of its looks and it’s a 5″ 1080p with a quad core.