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Madfinger Pushes Winter Update to Dead Trigger, Prepare to Battle Zanta


The Madfinger development team is definitely in the Christmas spirit, as they just launched an update to Dead Trigger revolving around the holidays. Inside, you will find a new North Pole Christmas arena, including a new boss called “ZANTA.” On top of that, you can equip a grenade launcher which should certainly help you get through a few waves of rabid reindeer. 

What’s in this version:

  • How many waves you can defeat in the new NORTH POLE CHRISTMAS ARENA?
  • Prepare for an encounter with ZANTA, a new Christmas Boss!
  • Try out the new GRENADE LAUNCHER…you’ll love it!
  • Equip yourself well and shoot your way through the NEW STORY MISSIONS!
  • New special PRICE OFFERS on weapons!
  • Solve the underground puzzle and WIN a DEAD TRIGGER T-SHIRT!


  • The Mini-Mortar has been improved to be more deadly

Bug fixes:

  • Memory optimizations for low-end devices

Time to die, Zanta.

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  • TheGuyUpNorth

    I am a daily follower to this site, but for some reason I am really struggling with this review today. I mean no harm, and realize some may think I am crazy, but it is really tough to see these images of a game after witnessing the grizzly horror of Sandy Hook. I am not crusading for a ban, just that we be a little more sensitive of timing.

    • sdfadgsdfg

      Messing around with my phone is my escape from reality. We’ve all been inundated with horrific images and stories of the massacre, and I cherish the fact that I can visit this site for a few moments each day and get away from the atrocities of the real world. I also happen to love this game, and this will provide a nice distraction for myself and many others.

    • Linda Jameson

      Yo Guy, you are a pussy.

      • TheGuyUpNorth

        Linda, your statement only serves to demonstrate why atrocities of this nature take place to begin with. No respect or compassion for the dignity of mankind. Go ahead toss another jab………I would not expect anything less.

        • Linda Jameson

          You’re still a pussy.

  • nyr2k2

    This update fixed the issue of graphical glitching that had made the game unplayable since I moved to a JB rom. I’m also psyched about new story missions.

    FWIW, the grenade launcher is effective but pretty stupid. Not nearly as cool as the crossbow.

  • Chris Pinola

    i really like this game, but the micro-transactions killed it. i’d rather pay $5 upfront and have everything.