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Google Kicks Off Surprise Calendar Countdown, $35 Credit Towards Hotel Booking

Today, Google is starting to spread some holiday cheer with the Surprise Calendar Countdown. From what we can see, Google will have special deals on apps, books, movies, tv, and music every day until 1/1/2013. Today only, Google is offering $35 towards a hotel booking through the Hotel Tonight application that can be installed from Google Play. Not exactly the type of app deal we were looking for, but it’s neat.

Can expect a 10 cent deal or something along that line as well this year? Fingers crossed.

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Cheers Justin!

  • teeth

    For the three people that used it, congrats, your cheap.

  • duke69111

    I signed up for this app and used the Promo code tonight as they did not have any hotels near me. Not it will not let me add the Google35 promocode since I already have one added.

    Edit: Just say this in the description from the app: Make sure to use the Google35 promo code instead of TONIGHT to get your $35 in credits! I guess I should not of installed from the source link. Dang.

  • I think google took down hotel tonight

  • Rick Lopez

    Does this mean the $35.00 I spend now.I can then later just pick a hotel for one night for the 35.00 I already paid?

  • Dr_Buttballs

    Anyone know if there is an expiration date on this credit?

    • i just downloaded the app and signed up with email and used promo the GOOGLE35 promo code and it says on the activity page the $35 expired on dec 17, 2013 at 5am pt

      • michael arazan

        Does that mean you have to use it by the 17th or do you just have to make reservations and still get it, cause people using hotels will be doing so the week of and after christams not before then. Cause if it works with just making the reservation befor the 17th for a later reserved date would be best

  • not a full out hotels.com kinda database to pick and choose whatever hotel you wish. i pulled up the app and they only have a few hotels in the area. was expecting to cancel my previous reservation and use this instead. no dice.

  • GuidZilla

    10 cent deal, SWEET MORE PAPER CAMERA!

    • lol i guess I wasn’t the only one that noticed that too. Great app that I still havn’t used

      • GuidZilla

        Bugs the hell out of me… if they are going to repeat so many of the same apps, at least expand on the list for the rest of us.

  • liar

    LIES!!! The headline is all LIES!!!!
    I read the title and expected a story about a football game with Team Google. And I expected them to be “kicking off” with calendar instead of a football. Well, needless to say, I was completely disgusted to find out that this article has NOTHING to do with football. I don’t know, maybe the calendar has a leather spline…but that doesn’t make it worthy of a misleading title meant to attract unsuspecting internet travellers. Shame on you Tim, SHAME!!!!

    • You have too much time on your hands. I’ll be reporting this incident to your employer. Good day to you.

    • belsonc

      U mad bro? (Hey, at least this time it’s appropriate…)

  • Charlie Rodiger

    It’s a shame most people have already booked their hotels if they are planning on doing Christmas traveling!

  • Heres an idea, on Christmas Day, Google buys each of us, 1 app from our Google Play Wishlist 🙂

    • Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter

      • I have no idea whether this is sarcasm or not haha.

    • Today, I’m adding apps to my wishlist!

    • Justin W

      I was going to say a nexus 4, but this works too.