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Official Nexus 7 Dock Unboxed, Nexus 10 POGO Charger Revealed?


Accessories for Nexus devices are a lot like Bigfoot or unicorns – everyone claims to have seen them and that they are coming, but rarely do we get to see them with our own eyes. Take these two stories as examples. The first, comes from Japan, where a guy claims to have been able to buy the official Nexus 7 POGO dock “a day early” at some sort of retail outlet. Now, as you all know, this dock is no where to be found here in the U.S., nor do we know if it will ever arrive here. We saw a listing on Asus’ Japanese site for it that mentioned it would be available in “early December,” so clearly, it hit that launch. Unfortunately, none of us are in Japan. Unicorn. 

The second story comes out of XDA forums, where a user posted up pictures of a POGO charging adapter for the Nexus 10. He has been semi-quiet on the details, but did offer up a potential price of $19.99 or $20 and that it’s very much like the magnetic power cables that Apple users in their Macbooks. He also said that it should be available within the next 10 days on sites like Amazon and that he works for the direct supplier of the cable in Korea. Bigfoot.

Why is it that we can’t seem to get official Nexus accessories…ever? They are always on display during launch, but then never seem to make it to market until months later. Remember that we originally saw this N7 POGO dock back in July, yet here we are in December with Japan availability, and that’s it.

Via:  Android Central | XDA

Cheers EDNYLaw!

  • dquicknc

    Awesome musical score! So dramatic!

  • Core

    isn’t that a U.S. style outlet on the wall ?

  • summit1986

    You know what they say about big-feet…. big docks.

  • nhizzat

    It’s about damn time…

  • Stephen Freeman

    If Google was smart they would stick with this hardware form factor with their nexus brands. Only then will we Android users start to see an abundance of Accessories like the iPhone users do.

    • Exactly. You can’t make form fitting accessories for devices that have a 9 month live as flagship when the replacement is COMPLETELY different.

  • SecurityNick

    +1 on where the heck the Nexus accessories are. I really want the “smart cover” for my Nexus 10. Pogo docks for the Galaxy Nexus LTE anyone?

    • nhizzat

      Pogo dock for the Galaxy Nexus LTE? Been a year since its release and I don’t see Samsung doing much of anything for it in terms of accessories moving forward.

      • SecurityNick

        Yea, I was using that as an example of Nexus accessories that never appear.

  • PalmerAdam

    Where is the Nexus 10 flip cover?

  • I”m hoping this will work to charge my nexus 7 since I dropped it a week after I bought it I can’t connect via USB or Charge the Tablet while it is turned on… it charges while its off fine and it performs great other than that… but I wont pay over 50 bucks for it either

    • c4v3man

      Your USB port is probably just screwed up. If you pop off the rear cover, you can see if any of the solder joints look weak.

      The nexus 7 will only quick-charge if the data pins are shorted (see http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1823377 ) . If your data pins are broken somehow, you
      A: won’t be able to see it from your computer
      B: Won’t be able to charge over 500ma, so charging will be slow/nonexistent when actively using the tablet.

  • EC8CH

    Pogo Pins… Sea Shells… whatever.

    • ArrowCool

      I still can’t figure out those damn 3 sea shells….

  • Nexus 7 dock better not be over $50 or else it’s not worth it!

  • DXOG

    Off topic. I just manually checked for software update on my SIII and Jelly Bean is now being downloaded!

    • Christopher Irwin

      Confirmed, seemed to be available at 11am CST. Mine just rebooted after applying update.

  • Ryan Powell

    Knowing how much money is to be made in accessory sales it’s a real head scratcher why these accessories never get a push in the States or at all. Let me give you my money ASUS/Google! … sigh

    • nhizzat

      Completely agree. Pogo pins have been a mainstay on Nexus devices since the Galaxy Nexus, yet accessories are far and few in-between. I’d like to know why it’s taken this long for any bit of evidence of a pogo-pinned dock for the Nexus 7 to show up, especially with how well it has sold worldwide.

    • mike

      Because the truth of the matter is, the vast majority of Android users won’t pony up the $$ to make accessories, etc… profitable. Coming from a BB to a Bionic, I didnt really notice as Moto makes a bazillion accessories for their phones (which can be had for decent prices on Amazon vs the retail rape that verizon dishes out). When I switched to a Gnex, I felt the pain…then I saw the light. Apple fanbois will shell out whavever mfg’s ask for accessories. We, on the whole, want a bargain. Bargains and profitability are counter productive to one another. So unless we start shelling out $20 for a proprietary cable, or $40 for a case….we wont get accessories. This is also compounded by the fact that our devices are not all the same size/shape.

      • ThatsHowISeeIt

        Based on posts and interests on this topic not many agree with you. I’d gladly pay $20 to charge my Nexus 10 quickly without having to fiddle with a USB cable. In fact I’d buy 2. One for my office desk and another for my bedside table. Whoever brings this to market will make plenty of money.

  • wastedspaceman

    waiting for something that my gnex POGO can use…

    • AnotherAndroidKid

      i bought the gsm gnex pogo car dock and took a knife to it as per many instructions. i love it.

      i chose to forgo the pogo desk dock though.

      • Daniel Clifford

        Easy to do? I was thinking about it but ended up deciding not to.

        • AnotherAndroidKid

          incredibly simple. just took a little time as i wasn’t going to put too much force on the knife and have it slip through my hand or something.

          but after a couple tests of “do i have it done enough” i got it and it works like a charm.

      • Pdiddy187

        You don’t need to use a knife. Just use a lighter to heat it up a bit. A few heats and insertions/removals and it works great. Also, this keeps the original finish almost perfect.

    • Ryan Powell

      I’m with you. Over a year later and I still love my Verizon Gnex as much as day one. I really wish I had access to the pogo docks. I’d even buy one for my work and home office.

      • 4n1m4L

        I wish I had bought 2. They are really slick. Should have been more made though

    • mike

      The car dock uses the pogos, and with 2 seconds of whittling will work with the LTE nexus. Poor machining on the hole for the volume rocker is to blame…otherwise it’s a stellar accessory.

  • Boles

    Lol. Nice music.

    • Trevor

      Haha that was my favorite part of the video.