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Jelly Bean Update Now Live for Verizon’s Galaxy S3!

Our inbox just filled up with pure joy. The Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) update for Verizon’s Galaxy S3 is live. Users appear to be pulling it like crazy, so if you haven’t been prompted yet, be sure to check your phone.

*Settings>About phone>System update>Check new

If it’s not there, we have been told that the “Google Services Framework” trick works.

*Settings>Apps>All>Google Services Framework>Force stop/Clear data

Full details about the update can be found here.

Cheers Jonathan, Craig, cmpx, DigitalEnforcer, TJ, Matt and Mike!

  • Mataman

    Not updating until FoxFi updates and works with jellybean.

    • i updated then i found out foxfi doent work? i tried it on my tablet and connected just fine…although the red mobile hotspot icon turned on tho

  • Tell me whats good about this update cause i dont see any positives at all

  • Kurt Weber

    how can i get back to ics….?

    • you and me both, i hate what jelly bean has done to my phone, very dim notification lite, lock screen is freaking hazy, and the top notification bar is grey

      • Kurt Weber

        yeah seriously… and there is a lot of annoying animations and my keyboard is laggy now. also i cant open the text messages directly from the lock screen.. i can open the messaging app but no longer the actual thread to the person that sent me the message
        and that really bothers me

      • hkklife

        Don’t forget the diminished battery life.

  • JTT4444

    Anyone else notice that “Filmstrip” mode for the gallery was not included in the update????

  • McDroid

    Lovin JB but can’t seem to find the Dormant Mode. Anyone know where this setting is?

  • Kurt Weber

    is there a way to get the thing on the home screen that showed an envelope and you slide on it and it opens up the text from the person that sent it.. i had it on ics but no more jelly bean.. and why are the notification lights dimmer..?

  • brian

    For those getting the service unavailable message, when checking for updates, a new sim card fixed the problem for me.

  • hkklife

    As an example of the horrible battery drain on K3:

    In a mediocre LTE area at work (2 bars, -111dBm, 44 asu) with sync turned on but every other feature disabled or turned off for power-saving, I unplugged from the charger 18 minutes ago with it at a full 100%. After 12 minutes of screen on time (web browsing, Facebook, G+, a phone call, a few texts and emails) I was down to 90% battery life. That’s the price we pay for this buttery goodness!

  • Mchl496

    Can we start obsessing over Android Keylime?

  • Mel

    The LED lights are a bit dimmer now

    • SexciiP

      I also noticed that.

    • I use LightFlow, and didnt notice a change in brightness. You might want to try it

  • Dan

    So I am clear, what is the best way to do this with an unlocked bootloader and root. Thanks.

    • Mrz1125

      I used voodoo to unroot and backup root and then ez unlock to re lock bootloader. I then used the same apps to restore root and unlock bootloader

    • motionmist

      All I did was use Voodoo OTA RootKeeper and did a temp unroot and downloaded the update and after it was done just hit restore root and unlocked the bootloader again with EZ-Unlock.

  • Ive also notice that imoji works but not like in ios.

  • nightscout13

    I have 2 GS3’s from California. 1 got the update, the second keeps getting “service unavailable” error.

  • Jack

    Installing Jellybean OTA from Ohio

  • Mel

    I like the update but on the lock screen, the notification bar shows up. Before the update, it wouldn’t show so it gives my phone a little more privacy and I liked it better. Can anyone tell me how to take it off?

    • DigitalDK

      Put a pin or password on it. It wasn’t really private before if you don’t have a pw on it in the first place…

  • etg9

    I got mine, looks good so far.

  • GregSki86

    Buttery smooth as promised, love this google now OMG!!!

  • rlarson_mn

    Great update. No issues with download or installation. Phone is faster, great additional features. Need to add that I do not mind waiting as long as the the upgrade will cause my phone any issues.

  • its like having a brand new device!
    literally, having to go through all the stupid “helpful hints” like I’ve never used a GS3 before.

  • Andy Christiansen

    works here in Chicago

  • Why is the status bar gray??? Its the only thing I dont like about the new update!!

    • Really that’s your only complaint and you yelling about it? Just saying man.

      • i hate the dim notification light and hazzy lock screen and grey notification bar myself also!

    • DigitalDK

      My GF’s S3 can’t even look for the update, it says service unavailable and you’re going to complain you have it and don’t like the grey? First world problems man 😉

      • ian

        I also get this service unavailable, have you figured out the issue yet? should I just wait it out?

        • DigitalDK

          I actually did, well not me. I called customer service and got the most helpful intelligent representative ever. He forwarded my GF’s MEID and build version to this guy who had to manually fix it. Low and behold when he had finished his sorcery it was in the process of downloading the 60MB file her phone never got then Jelly Bean shortly after. I will ask him if its possible to give his email out so he can possibly help others. In the meantime call customer service ask for tech support and tell them to look in their forums for people who may have had a similar issue that’s where my rep found the guy who could help.

          • ian

            great, thanks man. I will call and give it a try!

          • Jenna

            When you called customer service were you calling your cell carries customer service or samsung customer service? Both have been entirely unhelpful for me.

          • DigitalDK

            I had to keep calling back Verizon until I got someone who was useful. Maybe you can give tech his name and see if they can look at his notes regarding the issue. His name is Andrew Bagnor. I haven’t heard back from him in giving out his email, but hopefully that may help. Make sure to tell tech to look back at September and October in their forums or whatever regarding this issue. I hope that helps and sorry for the delay.

    • yeah.. its pretty ugly

  • Just installed fast and quick one issue though has haptic feedback now not working on soft keys tried to turn off feature and turn it back on and also did a reboot still doesn’t work. Anyone having this issue?

  • mel

    I like the update. However, when my phone is locked the notification bar is still showing at the very top of my screen so my screen isnt really showing my whole lock screen wallpaper. Before the update, it wasnt there and it would only be the lock screen for more privacy. Can anyone tell me how to take it out?

    • DigitalDK

      If you didn’t have a pw before it wasn’t really “private” being able to access the status bar is a Jelly Bean feature, if you don’t like that someone can slide down the status bar and open text messages or emails as opposed to unlocking your unsecured device by sliding across the screen and tapping on email, text, or fb put a pin or pw on it.

  • Sydney

    I’m having a problem pulling the update. It says “Service Unavailable”. My last update check was October 3rd. Is anyone else having this problem, or knows how to fix it?

    • DigitalDK

      I’m having this issue, no luck in resolving it yet. Call customer service and complain so it becomes a more well known issue.

    • brian

      a new sim card fixed the service unavailable issue for me

  • Glen

    Updated after i checked for updates while on wifi. XSope browser still runs flash and Amazon instant video after update. Northern California.

  • Gabe

    Currently downloading here in Roanoke Va OMG THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!!

    • theShamrocker

      I got it right away in Radford

  • I tried all the steps in here still nothing.. Any body have any idea I even restarted my phone

  • Not working for my wife’s phone. My galaxy got the update just fine….

  • Anyone else notice that when activating FoxFi 1.91.2 (older version) it turns on “mobile hotspot”? Will I suddenly start getting charged for using mobile hot spot or what?

    • I have this on my galaxy note 2 but I don’t think I am getting charged,

      • michael arazan

        I used it on my Gnex running ICS and then JellyBean, and I have never been charged for it on verizon with an unlimited plan.

        • Avery Dejuan Herron

          c-spire charges users to watch YouTube that should be illegal as well they already pay for data already and youtube is free

    • so i guess im ok using foxfi still??? and i have the newest version unlocked

      • M3D1T8R

        I’m still waiting for a clear answer on this too. Until then, I’m sadly denying the update. Reading here, other sites, and dozens of foxfi reviews on the Play store, I still don’t have a clear answer on weather or not this kills Foxfi. Some report it still works. Some say it breaks it. Foxfi’s own compatibility page still says GS3 not compatible, do not upgrade to JB. But does not specify carrier. Sprint seems to be a definite no. Verizon and att more unclear.

        I’m unrooted stock Verizon GS3, latest ota update before JB, and on unlimited data, and have paid the $7 for the full Foxfi, which works good now.(You just have to know the tweaks, like force stopping the app, restarting it, to get the hotspot to show up again, which is easier than restarting the phone or constantly renaming/passwording your hotspot etc.) Maybe being on unlimited data or not is a factor. If it just enables the stock jellybean hotspot, that’s useless, as Verizon will I assume catch on to it and charge monthly for using it. If it works and just shows phone hotspot “on” while actually bypassing Verizons sign up “additional charges”, great.

        Anyone with any further insight? As much as I want Jellybean, until I know for sure, I’m not updating, as WiFi hotspot is essential for me.

    • wingedmantis93

      If you are on a tiered data plan, you wont be charged for tethering so you are fine. If you still have the unlimited data plan, use it to your own discretion.

    • Attek Workken

      which carrier? VZ doesnt charge for hotspot usage, atleast the new plans

  • well, for whatever reason my S3 keeps saying to check back for updates when service is available. Connected to WiFi and have full 4G atm… so weird. I’ve even tried the framework trick and a reboot with no success.

    • DigitalDK

      Call customer service, a ton of people seem to be having this issue. My GF’s phone hasn’t been able to check since September 27th. The more people call the more they realize this is an issue.

  • jzwerlz43

    Just downloaded it! Love project butter and google now!!! The new samsung keyboard is pretty nice as well major improvements!

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    I have such a raging phonner right now.

  • Just downloaded and the damn permanent WIFI notification came back. Been looking around with SQ editor for the settings but it looks more locked down than before. Anyone know how to turn this BS off?

    • Karl Wooster

      Mine too, would REALLY love to figure out how to turn that off. As I recall, it was there when I first got the phone (pre-ordered), but then disappeared at some point. Been looking all day for how to turn it back off!

  • It’s really buggy and touch wiz home keeps force closing 🙁

  • jboogie1289

    I thought the gallery was supposed to have that spiral look to it or that Rolodex type layout?

    • jboogie1289

      Never mind. Asked Google now and it explained it to me clearly.

  • iceburgh

    Just got it now. I was unlocked but the last OTA update broke it, and otherwise no issues getting the JB update. Buttery smooth.

  • Lewis Lightner

    Getting it now in North Carolina! There goes all the plans I had for the rest of the day B>)

  • Batman

    For anyone interested, I was rooted and had EZ-Recovery installed. When my S3 rebooted it went to the recovery after the update “failed”. It gave me the option to apply the zip and I did so. and it even asked me if I wanted to fix root (I did not do this part). When the phone booted it stated that the update had failed, but in checking my Android version is definitely says 4.1.1.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      I have read a few posts on XDA that confirm this as well.. unexpected

    • herpaderp

      Mine failed too, turns out the error code 402 was from having J1 radios flashed. I put on the HE that came with the last OTA and all was well. Super slick!

    • joesapo

      I had the same – I had to go into root explorer and copy the zip file from the /cache to the root of my sd card and I just used CM recovery to pick the zip file manually. Worked like a charm, and I *think* it kept root!

  • Grabbed the update and installed (took about 5 minutes in total).

    First and quick impression: Seriously makes the S3 run like butter!

    Question: Has “Verizon Wireless” text ALWAYS been at the base of the drop down menu? I don’t ever recall seeing it there before the update…

    • Here’s a screenshot to clarify what I mean.

      • jboogie1289

        That’s new. How did you add the circle and question mark?

        • Chris Hollenbeck

          I assume MS paint (maybe that should be an app…)

          • Yep, photo editor 🙂 – Looks like VZW wasn’t satisfied enough with branding the home button on the Note 2…

          • LionStone

            Yes they’re sticking it wherever they can, it’s there on the bottom of the pull down on DNA too.

      • Travis Penick

        No, I just checked and it’s not there on ICS

    • hkklife

      Please let us know how your battery life is compared to ICS. i have done a full K3 “leak” wipe and flash and I am noticing significantly worse battery life than ICS. Though, it does indeed run like “butter”, even in power-save mode!

  • ArrowCool

    “Data Charges May Apply”

    Seriously?! Dammit Verizon. For once, take your hands out of the proverbial cookie jar.

    • JazzoRenee

      It’s always said data charges may apply, but when you have unlimited data, you don’t notice those things.

      Sorry dude.

      • ArrowCool

        I too still have unlimited. And I don’t own a GS3. However, what I am doing is voicing my concern for my fellow DL’ers.

        To quote Big Worm from “Friday”…

        “You see, it’s the principal. There’s principalities in the whole thing.”

        • JazzoRenee

          I loved that hahaha.

  • zak

    Got it and its wonderful… Boston

  • Jonathan DeJong

    My screenshot! Sweet!

  • Jimbo Thrasher

    It wouldnt let me update over wifi “service unavailable” i tried it 15 plus times. I eventually did the mobile network and sure enough it goes first try. Am i paranoid to think that this is intentional, as 400mb is a significant amount of data when they charge you by the gig..?

  • Corey D

    Screen still lights up when receiving texts, and picture messages still play as videos. My only gripe with this so far.

  • Finally! !

  • nightscout13

    Can someone walk me through the exact steps after clearing framework cache?

    • jboogie1289

      If I’m not mistaken; Settings>, Applications Manager>, all Apps on top right>, scroll down to Google Services Framework >, Forcestop >, Clear Cache (ok on both) >, back out to Settings list>, scroll down to about phone and then check for update. It may take a couple of tries but don’t get discouraged.

      • Eli Pomerantz

        Go to Google framework services clear data force stop and go to check for updates

    • themiracle2012

      Settings>About Phone>Software Update>Check New

  • jboogie1289

    Took less than 15 minutes from beginning to end, including reboot. Seems as if the vibration isn’t as strong as before but may need a lil fine tuning. Sweet though.

  • Jack Holt

    Downloading in Billings mt at the moment.

  • Mchl496

    This is amazing… it cures cancer and fights crime.

  • CornBread

    Downloading now as I’m typing this on my Galaxy Note 2!!!