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Quick Contest: Win 1 of 3 Galaxy Nexus Fantom Tempered Glass Screen Protectors (Updated: Winners Picked!)

The Galaxy Nexus on Verizon is still to this day one of the most popular phones among Droid Life readers. It was the first Nexus (maybe the last too) to launch on Big Red, providing this passionate community the only fully open phone on their network of choice in quite some time. But now that the phone has been around for almost a year, it seems to take a backseat at times to all of the new phones that hit the market. So to show the G-Nex that we still love it, we wanted to hand out a couple of tempered glass screen protectors for it.Β 

The Fantom, made by XGEAR, is practically scratch resistant, keeps off fingerprints, and is thin enough to not add extra bulk to your device. At 8H hardness, you won’t find this kind of protection from any other screen protector. Then normally retail for $29.99.


Update: Β Our three winners have been picked! David, ImmaDroid, and Sean, be sure to check your email!

Prize: Β 3 (three) Fantom tempered glass screen protectors for the Galaxy Nexus.

How to enter:

1. Β In the comments, tell us why you still love your Galaxy Nexus.


Today, at 3PM Pacific, we’ll randomly choose three winners from the comments.

*Winners need to have U.S. addresses.

  • Flyinion

    It’s the only fully open current model Android phone on Verizon

  • I just bought my galaxy nexus since im still on verizon. I work for verizon and its the best device I’ve ever sold.

  • Its the one phone that took me 7 months to root because I genuinely thought it was perfect the way it was. But then i had to root and get the lastest and greatest from Google since Verizon wasn’t going to keep me up to date in any way.

  • Love my galaxy nexus because it was the first verizon android phone that could truly stand on its feet as better than the iphone. I was an early adopter of android, but my friends were skeptical of the devices until the Gnex.

  • Chris Snow

    Openness! I love being able to make my Galaxy Nexus look however I want. Also, I love being able to hear someone with an i*hone talk about how much better their phone is then mine. I love going head to head and always putting them in their place! Thank you Google and Samsung! : )

  • Still wonderfully snappy, completely customizable, and doesn’t shatter when i set it down on my countertop!

  • Nole Lilley

    It still does all the work I ask it to, even though the big red V seems to hate it.

  • My Galaxy Nexus is still the best phone I have ever owned. It does everything I want it to do, and the custom rom I’m running (BAMF Paradigm) has it running smooth as silk. It almost never reboots or freezes. Despite newer technology being available, I have no desire to replace it (or my Xoom) anytime soon, and this is all coming from a tech nerd who has to have the latest and greats.

  • teevirus

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus because I am rooted and can still update my phone myself thanks to the awesome android developer community.

  • Aran Miller

    I love the fact that it’s officially the only 4g LTE nexus out. However, I hate that fact and wish that was not the case.

  • KitN

    Still love my Galaxy Nexus because it still gets the latest updates straight from Google. Hope I win. πŸ™‚

  • VICO Y

    I have and still love my GNex! Even though big red tried to tie it down, the dev community made it possible to make this phone so much fun. Its light, slim, and the screen is still superb.

  • nineleveno

    Because it will always be up-to-date with the current version of android (at least the GSM version).

  • Bugless Beast makes it worth it.

  • thower

    Just got it as a penny phone from the big red two months ago. Love it! And all my friends at work tell me to put it away because the screen makes their Iphones look sick.in a bad way.sent from my g nex

  • Dchavarr

    it’s a truly complete phone, it was what converted me from an iPhone to a die hard Android fan.

  • Jacob Thompson

    It is still a solid phone I am using until my new Nexus 4 arrives. The first one had a messed up earpiece speaker

  • Evan Wickes

    I got the GNex on the first day it was available. I still love it since so many developers code for it. If you want to be the first, the Nexus series is the only way to go!!

  • oddity98

    I waited for over two years to get mine after being under impressed by the Bionic and Thunderbolt. I finally stay up all night for the Google announcement. After all that it is over a month of false positives until it was fine ally released. Now I still have and love my gnex! It still amazes me to this day after having my of droid for so long. I plan on keeping this for quite sometime!

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus because, even though its on Verizon, I get the updates way before other phones and the developer community is amazing. Every time I get the urge to get a new phone I see how terrible their updates and developer community is and I remember just how much I love my Galaxy Nexus. Now to mention I love the sexy soft keys I can change to my hearts’ content.

  • James

    Because its gorgeous …

  • Please…

  • I still love this phone because I still get updates from developers every few days, going to be hard to give it up

  • ImmaDroid

    Its a perfect size, its easy on the Eyes, and its a Stock Android experience!

  • I love my toro because it’s a Samsung, it’s a Nexus, and it’s still better than any mid-level phone at that price.

  • I still love mine because it’s got an amazing developer community! And it’s easily customizable once you root it as well.

  • luisrb7

    I got it for 25 bucks from wirefly and because of the amazing developer community it is always running the latest android version not to mention it is sleek

  • duder

    I love my GNex ‘cuz it’s my only phone that I haven’t dropped in the toilet, or other stupid place that you really shouldn’t drop it.

  • Its Sleek, simple, pure Google goodness!

  • I recently got a Note2 as a work phone, but decided to keep my GNex as well because, even after a year, it’s perfect for me – sophisticated, great hardware, clean look, excellent developer support, and has LTE. I’m still 100% stock, and that’s how I plan on keeping it. I appreciate the “true” Android interface even more so now that I have the Note2 and its Touchwiz interface. Even with all the bells and whistles of the Note2, the GNex doesn’t feel overwhelmingly loaded with options, but I still feel like I have control over what I can do with it (unlike crApple and its iTunes bullsh!t). Even if I don’t win this contest, I’ll still be rockin my GNex proudly.

  • Kyleen Blanchard

    Doesn’t have a glass back and it’s still oh so sexy.

  • Roga

    My first Google phone, nuff said.

  • I still love my Nexus because some day the dream I saw of having those docking stations from the pre-release video will come true! Right Verizon? They will come before the Cubs win the Pennant! This year for sure!

  • Because it is mine and it loves me back. It’s a mutual thing….I think.

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus because, even with Verizon, it receives updates before non-Nexus phones. Also, it’s stock Android.

  • I still love my Nexus because I can still load roms on it super easily. Also, I still have my unlimited data plan with it, which is amazing.

  • Jon

    I still love the Nex because it is still one of the most rommable phones out there And almost guaranteed to have ROMs of the next release from Google:; official or not.

  • 9TEN11

    Its a Nexus device on Verizon with LTE

  • Dave Goldstein

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because um..yeah it’s great. This thing would have been great 6 months ago before I broke my screen! πŸ™‚

  • KalEl

    Learned to root, flash, and all that mumbo jumbo guys have been talking about for years on this phone. It does everything I need and I’m never more than a week behind on the latest Android build.

  • I still love my Galaxy Nexus because I can install the latest update from Google unlike Verizon which take forever.

  • diversion

    My G-Nex is durable, beautiful and sings lullabies to me.

    ….Ok, that might just be because I put music on it when I’m sleeping. Nevertheless, it feels like the kind of phone that can last and last. I don’t mind waiting for my upgrade, knowing that I’ll have this lil buddy to play with for months to come.

  • 720 screen, development, LTE…whats not to love?

  • Michael webb

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because it is a beautiful phone that serves me well. Best Phone I’ve owned!

  • Matt Gondek

    I love my Nexus for many reasons, most of which are a result of the little unlock icon I see everytime I turn it on

  • Jem

    Because it is still kicking strong 2 days from a year from release. I can do whatever I would like ROM wise with this phone since the developer community is so strong, and it does what I need to do without fuss or slowness. Truly a great phone, with help from the community.

  • I love the plastic back on my Galaxy Nexus for its durability!

  • John Julian

    Because It Still Does Everything I Need One Year Later.

  • epidemik

    because it’s under contract for another year and still runs as smoothly as the day I bought it.

  • Greyhame

    I still love my GNex because I can tweak it EXACTLY to my liking. It’s my phone and the openness of the nexus program allows me to bend it to my will, and not kowtow to any carrier demands.

  • Jason Pillow

    Just picked up the Galaxy Nexus through Sprint the other day. So far I’m extremely impressed by it. I still haven’t picked up a screen protector for it yet. So this works out nicely =)

  • Todd B

    I love the size, the frequent updates, and the power of the device!

  • Adam Staggenborg

    I love it for the openness. Won’t be upgrading until another one comes around.

  • Byron Galvez

    Words cannot describe why I love it so much.

  • Plane old vanilla Android

  • Bryan Saroza


  • SchwannyT

    ***SHhhh*** Don’t tell Verizon but they think they own my phone… *wink* they don’t. The best 4G LTE Nexus you can get… sorry.

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus because i can install the updates Verizon doesn’t want me to have

  • I still love my galaxy nexus because it is a stock Google nexus device and despite the delays on updates due to Verizon it will remain a well supported device for a long time thanks to all of the developers working with it.

  • I love my GNex is the first phone I rooted and I love all the ROMs that are out for it.

  • I stood outside in the cold the day it was released, making sure to be one of the first in Philadelphia to have the phone and it hasn’t let me down since. The tremendous support of the development community has allowed me to never have to wait on Verizon to approve an update…if I wanted to the latest features I just flashed over the ROM of my choosing.

    Most importantly though the reason I still love this phone is that it’s faster today then the day I got it. I’ve NEVER been able to say that before. I’m a proud Android supporter and have gotten many people to jump ship and join us on this platform. This is my first of many Android phones to come I’m sure, but it will always have a special place in my heart as the first.

  • 4n1m4L

    I love having the Cadillac nexus. Amoled screen and LTE and both docks. It will remain my phone until my work gets GSM service

  • Eldorath

    Love my GNex still, because even with all the flashiness and such that other devices are coming out with now… this one has everything I want in a device. Amoled, softwarebuttons, No stupid manufacturer skins.

  • brandito

    Rom support and development

  • beng8686

    USB host support!

  • TheKaz1969

    I know a lot of people will say “pure android experience” but coming from sense that really IS what I love about it!”

  • Seth Schorr

    My GNex still works as well as it did when I bought it over a year ago. Plus, even though it’s on Verizon, it is more up to date than about 98% of the other Android phones out there. πŸ˜› (Bronx cherry)

  • Brandon

    I still love my galaxy nexus because of the large development community backing it. Cid and pink unicorns keep my device fresh and fun with unlimited number swag.

  • Spanki

    No bloatware!!

  • I still love my Galaxy Nexus because I still think it’s the best phone on Verizon

  • Its fast and heavily supported by the dev community, I have yet to see another phone that has come out yet that I would want over this one.

  • I still love my Galaxy Nexus because it’s the only LTE-enabled phone on my carrier that doesn’t lock me in to one company’s idea of the mobile experience.

  • Luis Castillo

    I have loved my Galaxy Nexus since day one. I still love the support it gets from the Dev community. Not to mention all of the accessories that are available for my device!

  • Justin John

    Because its still better than a lot of phones out there. It’s pure vanilla Google, despite Verizon’s slow update process. πŸ™‚

  • jjg353

    I love my GNex because it was the first phone I rooted, and to this day impresses all of my friends. I will never go back to a locked phone, and you can never forget your first

  • Aaron Rich

    Best community supported phone out there with Verizon LTE network behind it.

  • BestonMars

    Was first in line at Washington Square to pick up mine, and it still performs as it did on day one. Love this phone!

  • Peter Lau

    Still able to get updates that I need. Fast and simple

  • samthomas86

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because there is a HUGE development community that is always around to help.

  • eddie

    I love it for the rom community!

  • Bradley Albert Nemitz

    I still love my Nexus cause it’s got a custom ROM community keeping it up to date with software, and I still get to keep unlimited data.

  • EdgeSetter

    Still love it cause it’s the only nexus on verizon

  • benjewman

    i love my g-nex more than anything. i got it looking like noone ever will but its still beautiful. and then it can take evrything i throw at it and then more. so happy i chose this over the dinc4g or gs3 never looked back.

  • MooseCat

    Even without VZW support, the phone is easy to keep up to date.

  • My VZW GNex is my frist smartphone and only smartphone. It has become such a part of my everyday routine that it feels like I’ve had it for the past 5 years where it’s almost been only a year (got it the day it came out). Can’t imagine having any other phone.

  • A Nexus device is about the only android device that’s not seriously injured by Verizon’s policies. My Galaxy Nexus is still the best phone on the VZW network as far as I’m concerned for that very reason. I’ve been running Jelly Bean for many months. Most VZW users cannot say that.

  • epicwins

    I still love my nexus because it’s a NEXUS. Doesn’t matter how long it takes Verizon to roll out an update because I am always up to date!

  • I love my G-Nex because it is the first phone that I did not have to worry about when I rooted it. It was designed to be customized and it loves when I flash a new ROM. Plus, it is super pretty and sleek. Although I wish Big Red would not do things to make my g-nex’s nfc chip sad.

  • Abdallah Hirbawi


  • Yousuf Ismail

    I love my Galaxy nexus because of the incredible developer support. Also because of the great software to hardware optimization by Google. As a result it still manages to compete with some quad-core phones in terms of everyday performance.

  • MarcMan

    It was the clear choice for replacing the OG Droid. I still consider my Galaxy Nexus a Droid. And I still love it even though my little brother got his Nexus 4 shipped to him today. The only thing lacking is BB… come back Peter…

  • Steve Palacios

    My GNex is still awesome because it is a GNex!

  • Kevin Mills

    I love it because it is the only nexus I was able to get one verizon.

  • DanielS

    I thought I didn’t. And then bought a RAZR M. Had to switch back after a day, the Gnex just works better (stock android.) – still has a great screen, great audio output (compared to M anyway), and great fluidity.

  • nexus95

    Uh, because its back doesnt crack like the new one and is the best option on Verizon.

  • MikeAR

    latest software with LTE! That’s hard to beat.

  • jcorf

    It’s a Nexus

  • i got the white housing for it. and it is definately a looker. the satin finish on the white housing makes the phone feel so slick and surreal to touch xD

  • Gaurav K

    Its my first smart phone on vzw. I definitely love the ability that I’m able to customize my phone any way I want it to be (definitely helps out my new hobby of making home screens for my phone). And I can’t forget about the huge developer community for it.

  • BrionBrown

    It’s a great phone that gets updates immediately and it doesn’t have a glass back!

  • Droidzilla

    Actually, it’s not for me but for my sister (who can’t access DL at work). She still loves her GNex (Verizon) because, even with all of the issues, it’s still the best Android experience available on Verizon bar none.

  • Kpirate

    I love that despite being on Verizon I am able to easily root my device and keep up to date with android on my phone

  • Eric Hauser

    Because it’s still a great phone in spite of newer hardware out there. It’s got a not too big screen, LTE and it’s able to run the latest software Google has to offer. Not to mention the unbelievable community that’s grown around the phone. Running 4.2.1 without any issues and I’m sure that great support will continue. Verizon might have abandoned the phone but with the great community behind it, I’m sure I’ll be enjoying the crap out of this phone until next summer when my upgrade is available.

  • carluverdrm2004

    After waiting for a worthy phone to update to from my OG Droid, and after passing on the Bionic, I decided on the Galaxy Nexus. I have been nothing but pleased! Whenever it got to the point where I really wanted 4.1, I researched rooting and unlocking the bootloader and whatnot. I’m no tinkerer, but rooting my G-Nex made me appreciate Google and Android much more than I previously did. I don’t care if the camera isn’t perfect, or that the battery sucks…. I’m lovin’ my Nexus.

  • Andrei

    best possible android experience for the better part of a year

  • mgamerz

    I love my gnex. I love the feel of the device. However I do not like the screen not being scratch resistant like my atrix. I would love a protector… I don’t like ones that bubble either. Please, let me win πŸ˜€

  • Jovan

    Well, I stuck with OG Droid for 6 months after my contract was up. in the 4th month it died completely and I had to use Google Voice to communicate with only neessary peoples.
    SO, after nearly getting my GNex at best buy a week before it was actually released (I’m still upset Employee Derek) I was the second person to get a galaxy nexus in my area!
    All to say I love it because I have it rooted, get awesome ROMs (BB) and expect to have this phone well after VZW contract ends

  • brandito

    Rom support and a bigger screen than my Incredible.

  • Charles Roberts

    I love my GNX because it is the first and only Android phone that got me off the iPhone…the GNX has a style and subtle allure that’s hard to explain…or resist!

  • Earl

    Because my GNex loves me back

  • strows

    Cause it’s the only NEXUS that Verizon carries.

  • its a year old and its still one of the best phones out there.

  • Bakercj

    It has one of the cleanest faces with no buttons on the front. I LOVE the on screen buttons. And dev rom support is great. I will never own another non-nexus device again.

  • Bob Schmidt

    Because it will, eventually, get 4.2…right?

  • Jason Jackson


  • It is my first awesome phone after the horrid BB Storm…*shivers*

  • Egg_Omelette

    Unlocked and Rooted! Need I say More?

  • cscotina29

    i love my gnex because it does not have bloatware like every other android phone on verizon

  • Rafa Sandoval

    Vanilla Android on Verizon

  • I got my Galaxy Nexus on launch day. I paid full retail for it because I was tired of being with the Bionic. From Day One I have been more than satisfied with this phone. I love the freedom it gives me and the new software at my disposal since I’m rooted and unlocked. There is no phone currently on the market that makes me want to ditch the GNex, and I don’t anticipate leaving it for anything other than a polished Nexus phone that has Google in control on Verizon’s network. One can hope right?

  • quiklives

    I switched from the VZW Nexus to a GSM Nexus on a cheap prepaid plan, which is quite frankly all I can afford as a poor college student now. Nonetheless, I really don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything, even still. The Nexus 4 is pretty and all, but I don’t think I like it any better than what I have, and the GNex is certainly less breakable.

  • It’s the only way for me to have stock Android and LTE. It’s everything I want and then some. I’m not changing phones for a while.

  • I was using a Samsung Galaxy S3 from the day it launched up until the Nexus 4 was rereleased (when it was sold out on the Play Store). Then I sold my S3 and bought the N4 16GB version. Greatest purchase of my life. TouchWiz wasn’t bad by any means but the pure Android experience I’m getting on my Nexus 4 is absolutely phenomenal. Everything from the software (love 4.2) to the hardware (quad-core processor and industrial design) skyrocketed my phone experience to a whole another level! After using the N4 for about a week now, I honestly cannot see myself using any other phone that isn’t a Nexus device.

  • Unlimited LTE + always having the latest Android OS = longterm relationship ;D

  • Marc Franz

    The screen, the form factor, 32GB of storage, and Jelly Bean.

  • NEXtUp3

    Ever since my OG Droid I have wanted the Nexus One, and now that I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus it’s like the gift I’ve waited so long for and I would love to protect my investment. Other screen protectors don’t seem to do the job, a Fantom Tempered Glass Screen Protector would be the icing on top. I’ve been looking into having one of these!

  • Yellowsnow

    I love it because it’s open, and it isn’t made of glass πŸ˜‰

  • HollywoodWebber

    It has 4g LTE and an unlockable boot loader.

  • jathak

    It’s a Nexus on Verizon.

  • Nearing a year of gnex ownership and love it more each day. While it is starting to show a little age, the sheer hackability of it has alleviated these worries. With V locking down devices left and right, they’ll have to take my gnex from me kicking and beeping

  • afike147

    Started my life with Android sporting a Droid X. Got the Galaxy because it was the most advanced smart phone on the market at the time. It had 4g, NSF and a beautiful screen. It can do so so so much more than any iPhone. I admit that it is annoying that it is not considered nexus phone anymore, but I can see myself using it for years to come. LOVE IT
    LOVE the Nexus community too.

  • I love my G-Nex because it is true Google.

  • raoul duke

    Went from d1 to dinc to this. Always unlocked rooted & rom’d. I like my vzw service so I’ll stick with it till my unlimited gets pulled.

  • okp3

    I still love my GNEX because of the great dev community!

  • Gage

    I don’t have a G-Nex but would love to give it to my brother for X-mas.

  • Artjoseph Caballero

    I love my GNex because it’s simple, straightforward, and runs smooth as butter. And the on screen buttons are awesome. Something no one else seems to want to do.

  • Why wouldn’t we all still love our Nexi(?)!? It’s still speedy, completely unlocked and most importantly, able to be used on Verizon’s network. All of us holding on for dear life to our unlimited data plans have the best option available at this time!

  • AnothaMexican

    I love my G-nex cause of the styling and dev community that supports it. Much love to everyone who strives to make this phone that much greater with all the roms and tweaks.

  • Samuel Victor

    Beacuse it is not an Iphone

  • Mike Yost

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus because it was my original Nexus device, it showed me just how powerful Android could be while also showing how amazing the stock interface looks. Now own a Nexus 7 and may be getting a N10 and possibly an N4 sometime soon!

  • bonanzalarry

    I still love my Gnex because it still does all the jobs I need it for and the future of Nexus devices on VZW isn’t lookin to great.

  • Trevor

    Best developers. Their roms make my nexus better than most newer devices.

  • kevin larue

    love knowing if I’m grabbing to top or bottom of the phone right when I reach in my pocket

  • I went from the original Droid to this, the day it was released at Verizon. It was my first Samsung and I have been completely thrilled with it ever since. It does everything I need, it’s a perfect size (a big, beautiful screen that will still fit in your pocket), and it doesn’t make me look like one of the hipster d-bags standing in line for the newest, greatest thing that will be released next time, in the Galaxy commercials.

  • jahsoul

    I still love my GNex because it does 105% of the things I need it to. Oh yeah, provisioned for the future.

  • David Elisha

    It reminds me how bad my blackberry was.

  • Derek Britton

    I can keep up with the new Android versions whenever they come out

  • dirtytofu

    I love how you can customize EVERYTHING on the phone!!!

  • TCCE

    Why do I love my GNex? What is there not to love about it!!! Long live our beloved GNex.

  • thefullritz

    Always the latest w/o getting a new phone.

  • LjHe80

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because I am rocking 4.2.1 on it, without any hiccups.

  • Josh Sleeper

    ROMs, ROMs, ROMs! I’ve never had to stress about waiting for Verizon to push updates. Doesn’t get any better than that haha.

  • Kalash71

    Because I just got one!

  • It’s simply the best. Can’t beat a classic.

  • Lane252

    simply put, capable of root, its sleak and it works.

  • Josh Karwoski

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because after nearly a year of owning it, it is running faster than ever with AOKP, Jellybean, Franco.Kernel, and various other tweaks. I have had an amazing time flashing ROMs, kernels, and anything else I could get my hands on, thanks to the unbelievable development support. My “Nexusversary” is on December 15th and this would be a great gift for my little beast, running as smooth as butter.

  • Higher_Ground

    I still love my gnex because she’s beautiful, smart, and doesn’t mind when I slide my fingers over her perfectly curved gl.ass in public πŸ˜‰

  • Harvester4

    Dat vanilla experience

  • Love that I have so many choices in roms, keeps me up to date with latest android.

  • Jared Tau

    I still love my nexus because it just feels right

  • Jason Brown

    i still love my gnex because of jellybean with google now and flashing of roms to stay up to date with the latest OS knowing damn well that verizon loves to take their sweet old time pushing through updates.

  • YarHsoj

    I love my Nexus because of the pure android experience, large screen, and sexy curves!

  • Nicholas Kent

    I love the openness of the device and generous mod community, even if Verizon doesn’t!

  • his is the first phone that I followed from the day it was first rumored…oh the nexus prime…even in the midst of the DNA and note 2 I can still rely on my nexus prime to give me the latest and purest aosp

  • Sam Freistedt

    I love it because a year after its release it still runs on par with the latest and greatest smartphones IMO. I have no complaints about my Gnex. My OG Droid was great while it lasted but it seemed to get dated much faster than the Gnex.

  • I love that it works seemlessly out of the box and I can do whatever I want with it. I also love that I’ve dropped it a ton of times and it just keeps on going… tough phone.

  • coltinunruh

    I still love mine because I consider it to be the best phone on Verizon right now. If this didn’t come out when it did I would have been stuck with something awful. I desperately needed to replace my og.

  • dolphinmarino

    Because of the Customs Rom’s, Won’t be waiting around for Verizon for my updates…

  • Hakeem Purnell

    I love my GNex because it’s like once you find that right girl you stop looking at other girls. I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve even been back to a VZW store to look at the new phones. Plus with all of the roms out its like a new phone everytime i which to a new rom. Long live the GNex.

  • Zebov

    It’s a Nexus device (sort of) on Verizon. Refuse to buy anything else. Even though I’m STILL waiting on a car dock…

  • robertlwalters

    It is still beautiful and of course easy bootloader unlock and the roms!

  • Jon

    lol. I think we were more likely to get the MOGA

  • maldevil

    It to me is still a great phone. I love it!

  • because of all the developer support i can get on this phone.

  • Dev

    I love my Galaxy nexus as it is still the best Nexus device in terms of speed, factory Android 4.1 and Stable! This is the best Nexus I have had.

  • benjamin Kilar

    It is possibly the ONLY Nexus on vzw. I am still on unlimited, so until another nexus is on big red, I am keeping my GNex

  • WCM3

    Love the OEM! I usually hold onto a phone for about three months. The galaxy nexus has been with me for a year so far. I bought it on launch day.

  • alex

    Love the 32gb storage for my apps.

  • hgomes30

    Easy – curved display. The trendsetter…ahead of it time, and if you asked me, it’s still relevant. A father to many (included the highly praised…SG3). Great marketing from Google. Too cool for school

  • Besides the G-o-o-g-l-e on the back, the screen is awesome. The form-factor is not too big, not too small, not too thick, not too thin. Love the LED.

  • Ozyman666

    It’s cool.

  • huskerkate

    the GNex is still a beast, even after a year! many phones are obsolete within a few months of release. with the GNex, i can run the latest OS versions thru custom roms, and i can customize and tweak it however i like – unbrickable, just like the OG! it does everything i need it to, and still does it amazingly well and fast. i can easily see holding onto this thing until next year’s Nexus.

  • JetsFan316

    It’s a nexus!!! Have tried CM9/10, AOKP, CNA. SO MUCH FUN, but I always go back to AOKP (Where is 2.2.1 already?!!). My father has an S3, and obviously as a DL reader I HAD TO root/unlock and the roms are so much less stable. NEXUS FOREVER!!!

  • CurtisNic

    I love mine because it can hang with the best even though its a year old! I cant say that about my Incredible though…

  • Chris

    Even after a year it’s still the best phone VZW has got to offer. It just works for me. Simple as that.

  • Samuel Lim

    I was originally waiting for the iPhone 5.. When the iPhone 4S came out, I realized that Apple was.. Chaining me down… The Galaxy Nexus was right there for me. I bought it the day it came out, and loved it since day one. It’s fast.. It has a beautiful screen.. And.. The best part.. It’s not made by Apple.

  • kretz7

    I love my Gnex because of it’s screen – gotta love those deep blacks.

  • Alan Taylor

    I love the galaxy nexus so much because it is customizable, i have put roms on it about 100 times, i believe its the phone someone on verizon should have that i have made over 12 people get the phone when it was time to renew their contract since february. I trate this phone like my baby and it needs screen protection that only this product can provide

  • his is the first phone that I followed from the day it was first rumored…oh the nexus prime…even in the midst of the DNA and note 2 I can still rely on my nexus prime to give me the latest and purest aosp

  • Emmanuel Korkodilos

    This phone is still my favorite handset to date. I like that it is unencumbered by bloatware. I can and have flashed a multitude of ROMs always ensuring i have the latest and greatest Android available. The size and weight are just perfect. Even with an extended battery it still feels light and fits into my pocket nicely. Watching videos on it is a great experience. Rock Solid performance with no issues to speak of.

  • s2k_848

    The only Nexus phone on Verizon and had tons of devi.

  • bheider

    I love my galaxy nexus because it’s the only verizon phone that can be updated quickest with a little tinkering.

  • I payed a $600 early termination fee to get away from TMo and get the GNex (Okay.. that’s not even half the reason, but it was a factor). I still love mine because it’s the latest Nexus device VZW has, and it runs 4.2 better than my N1 was running CM7.

  • I love my GNex! It is easy to load anything I want on it and I still get comments about how good the screen looks. Going to be hard when I have to replace it.

  • Rtsousley

    Gave my wife my gnex when I got my s3, traded back! Enough said

  • I still love my Galaxy Nexus because every time I see my room mate’s iPhone I think, “Dear Lord do I love my Galaxy Nexus!”

  • shdowman

    This would be for my wife, but for me, it was the phone that actually got me more excited than the OG Droid. I only upgraded to an S3 due to camera, yet still run stock as Google untended. Basically a nexus in a different body.

  • Grabber

    I love my G-nex because it comes from a magical place high in the mountains. A very special place where it rains robots, that ride on unicorns.

  • James fisk

    went from the DX to a GNEX… being able to freely do what i please by having a nexus makes me never want anything but nexus…still an amazing phone

  • because it performs just as well as any new phone out there!

  • i love my gnex because of the dev support. that’s everything.

  • The Wraith

    It’s thin, light, fast and sexy. It also has tremendous Dev community support for staying up-to-date with the latest OS version and customization is nearly endless.

  • Tim Buchanan

    Still love it because it’s pure Android.

  • Because its still the best nexus πŸ˜€

  • I love my GNex because it does everything I need it to do and more and is still oh so sexy!

  • havokx626

    I still love my galaxy nexus because it is my first nexus phone and I’m not gonna get another one until I deem it worthy!

  • fixxmyhead

    git er

  • Fredy Nativi

    I love it nectar of the developers. Verizon can’t slow me down with their slow updates. The developers are giving me the latest.

  • ToddAwesome

    Having spent months and months reading Droid Life ahead of the Nexus launch, I knew what I was getting, a phone that even a tech simpleton myself could have fun with. Nexus 4 Life. Oh, and, uh, FACKWORS!

  • Joshua Rewerts

    I love an underdog…

  • Because I love it.

  • Jason Smith

    Because I feel like I’m using the laptop the battery life is so bad.

  • Guest

    his is the first phone that I followed from the day it was first rumored…oh the nexus prime…even in the midst of the DNA and note 2 I can still rely on my nexus prime to give me the latest and purest aosp

  • kaufkin

    why love my Gnexus? Easily rootable, easily re-lockable, and plenty of support from Pete and CM. and Big Red’s Network! #FTW.

  • Drew Clouse

    I love it because it still runs like a boss, and still gets plenty of dev love

  • Pedro

    I love mine because it’s still unlocked, rooted and AOKP’d.
    It will give my wife a phone to live with until the VZW contracts are up when I leave for T-Mobile/StraightTalk/ATT with the Nexus 4.
    It will ALWAYS have onscreen buttons.

  • Android At It’s Very Best: No Bloatware And No Nonsense!

  • Firelight

    I had an OG Droid and a Droid X. The OGD was heaven – when I discovered I could root it & ROM it. Then I found DL and the rest was history. With the GNex – even on VZW – I still have that feeling I had on the OG Droid. It’s a tapestry – that can be wiped clean over-n-over – that can be played with. I can experiment with new ROMs and features LONG before Verizon ever approves them.

    And as a piece of hardware: I really like that I can swap my battery out if necessary and get great use out of my fully operating POGO pin car dock. CANNOT live without a proper car dock anymore…

  • My Galaxy Nexus does everything I need it to do, and with future updates guaranteed for at least the next 6-8 months, there’s a lot to look forward to.

  • Because it is the closest thing to a nexus we will ever have on Verizon.

  • Because its a Nexus on Verizon!

  • Jeff Coleman

    What’s not to love? Still getting updates, still getting custom roms, and most importantly still doing what I need!

  • kraymanbauer

    I got my gnex in January and came from a tbolt. I love it based on its design and being that’s its my first Sammy phone I could not be happier with the brand. The phone may not be the best but I love my pure nexus…even if its on vzw

  • Futbolrunner

    Because it allows me to do whatever I want without any boundaries.

  • jakebites

    I love my Gnex because of the incredible support it had as soon as it hit the market and continues to have. Always keeps me busy with flashing new updates. Also all of my friends who had the iPhone were actually jealous of my phone when it first came out. That was nice. πŸ™‚

  • JonJ

    Love my galaxy nexus so much I got a second one. Decided to switch to prepaid and got a GSM to replace my Verizon Gnex.

  • Taylor Wulf

    Only (and probably ever) Nexus phone on Verizon. It is also still a good smartphone to this day with Jelly Bean.

  • It’s a Nexus and the dev community is strong with this one.

  • KPunk

    software, hands down.

  • Travis Shepherd

    I got mine the day it came out, still love it for all the reasons one loves a nexus. unlocked and rooted the first day, totally customizable from color/image of the onscreen keys, to changing the whole theme all together.

  • jasonlee1

    Love it cause I’m running what I want when I want, not what VZW tells me I can.

  • Because it’s a Nexus.

  • so many roms. latest updates. I can’t ever go back to non-nexus phones.

  • This has been the best phone ever. I used to go threw phones every few months, but with this one ive had it from launch day and havent looked back. flashing roms has kept me happy.

  • I love my nexus because it is the best phone I have ever used and I love it

  • I love my Nexus because of the openness and the ability to still be so happy with a year old device. The GS3 is wonderful but I am still quite happy.

  • Jeremie Hittenmark

    I love mine because I am still not tired of it after 1 year, every ROM and launcher makes it feel like a brand new phone.

  • chanstar

    First of all….I hate VZ!! I love the GNEX because it makes me feel like a rebel with VZ. After being able to flash the latest build and enhancing the performance with tweaked kernels, its still a beast. I feel like I have a new phone every time I flash something as well lol.

  • LV

    There’s a great development backbone for all Nexus devices. We (Verizon customers) were lucky enough to even get our hands on a Nexus device and I’ll continue to hold honors to that privilege. On top of that, it’s a slick, sexy phone which is proven by the influence it had on the Nexus 4 design. I don’t need the fastest phone on the market, I just need a Nexus.

  • Coming from a Droid X, my Nexus is by far the best phone I have ever had. It’s still peppy a year later (whereas my droid was awful after a few months) and I love the freedom of installing custom ROMs – I’ve decided that I want to try to buy only nexuses from now on!

  • Rosemary

    I still love my nexus because my boyfriend showed me how to unlock and rom my phone, so i can make it the way i want it.

  • Mark Lewis

    Every device needs to be loved.

  • CG Nobles

    I purchased my g-nex knowing the nexus 4 was coming out. I’m a huge Samsung fan and want to support their cause at any turn that i can.

  • Kevin Kremer

    Just got my gently used nexus in the mail today and this would be a welcome addition. I’m excited to get back on the android train after being stalled for a year. Would absolutely LOVE to have this screen protector. Let’s make this happen!

  • nvitone23

    Ummm…because it is a Nexus device on the best network…what more needs to be said?

  • RR

    I upgraded from a Thunderbolt. Enough said.

  • violator702

    It’s the last subsidized phone I will ever have on Verizon.

  • ryank25

    While verizon’s “updates” to is are horrible, the dev community still shows it love.. for the most part. Still waiting for BB 4.2 to drop. Oh well, Pete has a life too πŸ™‚

  • I love my nexus because it ended up bringing me to this site when I searched for ways to pimp out my phone. Now I visit droid-life 100 times a day. My favorite thing I have found is rooting and running sixaxis so I can use my ps3 control to play message rom

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus because its sexy, clean, rooted, and still relevant!

  • PurNrG

    I love my Nexus because if I get bored with it, I can load a new ROM onto it and have a brand new feeling phone. I also like it because it’s good looks makesome of my iPhone toting friends jealous.

  • pezjono

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because I have already had it for over a year and I still feel like it is a major competitor with the newer phones coming out. Thinking back to my OG Droid days, it felt like a slug after a year. I am still super impressed and know I will not be hankering for a new phone when my contract is up.

  • Dan

    It was my first smartphone, and I have yet to see anything that makes me want to switch.

  • Ron Morse

    Because it is still awesome no matter how old it gets. Especially with the great developer community.

  • i love my nexus simply it’s a nexus, it’s my second smartphone and i don’t know how i ever lived without it. i’ve been trying to get this cover for months now but it’s a little expensive but i know it’ll be worth it if i have to pay for it.

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Still the best device out there. I will be up for a new device soon and I cannot see myself jumping to anything unless it is magical…

  • andrew egger

    i love my Gnex because iv’e got all the roms i could ever want

  • napes22

    I love my Nexus because it’s still incredibly fast, easy to root, and pretty to look at.

  • Caarterr

    It’s a two year old phone that can still outperform the best of them. It will remain up-to-date for years. It will get a key lime pie ROM, it has a bigger screen than even the newest Iphone. It does everything I can throw at it. There’s an amazing community behind it. It shoots laser rays.

  • ldhbmc

    I still love it because it’s all mine, mine I tell you it all MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • andrew mcmearty

    i love my galaxy nexus because, as fast as tech moves, a year later, it is still relevant

  • tehshift

    Only Nexus device offered on Verizon

  • Why I love this phone? Seriously, this is the BEST phone ever made on the planet….I’ve been hacking phones since back in the Blackberry days and there’s NOTHING yet that’s been released that would make me leave the GNex!!

  • Guest

    i love my galaxy nexus because, as fast as technology moves, it is still relevant!!!

  • Dee Mann

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because quiet simple…its the greatest phone on Verizon … Ever!

  • Milton

    I love it because it has LTE, and I’m not getting another phone for a while so a tempered screen protector would be nice.

  • blazerjim

    I still love my Gnex. The ability to hack it to hell and back make it the reason I will only use Nexus devices.

  • brian melton

    i love my galaxy because its not an apple.

  • Beelow319

    My galaxy nexus is my best friend. I take it every where I go and include it in everything I do. awesome for pictures and sharing and gaming. Putting ROMS and other cool things on it is a breeze! Also, its power button quit working on saturday – but i still love it!!! Had to get a new one so I lost my Fantom screen protector that I had on it and would like a new one because it was honestly the BEST screen protector I’ve ever had on a phone.

  • Ryan Fogleboch

    I love my nexus because while everyone else is at the mercy of their carrier to update their phone the day after a new version of android comes out I can flash away!

  • 4G LTE, Still Love the Contour Design and how it feels in my hand without a case and of course the never ending amount of ROMs.

  • KnappyRoot

    endless possibilities with a nexus and awesome dev community is why I love mine

  • Christian Farr

    I still love my nexus because of the developer community and support from users that it will continue to have throughout its life. Its also the only android phone on verizon that doesn’t have any corporate branding on the front to keep it looking classy

  • I still love my Galaxy Nexus on vzw because I can get the newest verisons of Android whether vzw wants to give them to me or not due to the awesome Android community and my unlimited data on LTE is a bonus

  • I still love my galaxy nexus because of LTE, when a new nexus comes out with it, I will jump ship.

  • Funny enough, my reason is pretty much the same as paintblljnkie. Originally had the Droid X, loved it when I got it. Then I heard about the Gnex coming out, and I knew I wanted it. Unlockable bootloader, more options for flashing than I’d ever thought of. But I couldn’t afford ~$600 to buy it outright for Verizon, so I waited until March earlier this year, and I’ve been loving it ever since

  • Gary DiFilippo

    Because it represents what’s best about Android; fast, cheap, open and always up to date.

  • PhillipCun

    Why I love my Gnex? Its the only Nexus with REAL LTE :] that’s good enough isn’t it?

  • Jack Paleczny

    I love it because it STILL have great ROMs and has LTE!

  • Because the dev community is still working hard for this device! Thanks devs!

  • How could you not love the Gnex on Verizon? Yeah, not getting updates quite as quickly as they come out is a bummer, but LTE and an open phone? Win Win.

  • fauxshizzl

    I love it because it is the first device I have owned since the OG that I didn’t feel I needed to immediately root to get the desired performance I wanted. Pure vanilla delicousness. But due to the Otterbox that was supposed to protect my phone, the dirt that got between the screen and case gouged it pretty bad. I could use one of these to make it look beautiful again.

  • cheezer88

    it’s a nexus DUH

  • NEXUS!! What else is there?!

  • erico

    the greatest phone ever made

  • I have went through 3 stinking GNEXUS phones because of 4G problem, now Verizon thinks I should pay them for the last one “that didn’t make it back”…. but did. Love the phone, don’t like the way I have to get it re-Furbished like broken.

  • Tony Harper

    Still the best phone I’ve had experiences using by far! Most importantly, Not an Apple!

  • travis

    4G LTE
    Shiny/whatever rom I feel lit

  • da

    Still love my Gnex because it is the only “pure” device on VZ and receives plenty of developer support.

  • ericsorensen

    Because I’ve been running jelly bean for months now.

  • Michael Johnson

    Put simply, it’s still the most complete package available. Newest version of Android running (and looking) just as designed. Sexy hardware (still the best design of any phone, IMO). LTE (one of the only reasons I’m not jealous of the N4). In my eyes, the Galaxy Nexus is still the device that defines Android as an ecosystem, and it should be what every Android manufacturer strives to supercede!

  • Like others have said…open, nexus, and grandfathered unlimited data. The screen scratches super easy though. Need that protector pronto.

  • USCCoder :3

    I still love my galaxy nexus because it is a hard working machine and has yet to fail me (Verizon’s network on the other hand….), But with teh NFC, and unlimited data, i will have my GNexus for some time to come.

  • DjDonFrancisco

    My GNex is like a work horse that I won’t let die, despite the fact that it’s being dismissed and replaced by it’s parents. I show it the love it deserves.

  • John Arnst

    Because it’s on Verizon and one of the best phones out still.

  • Howard

    Still a powerhouse phone, a bigger display and it would be perfect.

  • Though it will now take a back seat to the newly released Nexus 4 the Gnex is still I feel a must have fun. It is still one of the top phones on Big Red and I love its wonderful LTE connection on the Big Red network. Yes they have the slowest acceptance process of new updates but thats only a minor problem when you have the ability to root that pure open google device in your palm, and flash that latest update!

    That is why I still love my Gnex!

  • Parker Martin

    Because my friends with iPhones that don’t follow tech still think it is a new flagship phone because they are so impressed by it!

  • Velmeran

    The fact that it’s a nexus, and the by far the best phone I’ve had on Verizon in ages. Sure official updates pushed form Verizon may be slower than on other nexus devices but with the great dev community that problem is easily solved.

  • Brent Thomas

    I love the fact I never feel like I need to root it. I have gotten four others to buy one as well. Plus with all the new additions like Google now it always feels like a new phone. Other than the few scratches on the screen it has held up well.

  • Steve

    Great phone, still keeps me happy with all the new devices coming out.

  • Aaron Lee

    I love how simple yet awesome it is. it’s my first smartphone and I’m definitely happy I chose the gnex

  • Sean

    plethora of rom choices. period

  • Because it was the start of a revolution in the android phones development.
    <3 My Galaxy Nexus!

  • Jimmy

    Because of the half-curved screen of course!

  • Open Device, Verizon Network.
    <3 CM10.1

  • boehmer365247

    Vanilla android and fast (by Verizon standards) updates. I waited in line on my birthday for it.

  • I love my Nexus and my wife loves hers. And I look totally smart when I show her features on her phone that she never knew about!

  • RJS

    DUH!! It’s the Galaxy Nexus!! What other reason is needed??

  • I still love my Nexus because of the community behind it. The crew of amazing developers that continue to support this device make it a no brainer. I have an upgrade due, the Note 2 looks like a beast but I am sticking with my Nexus for the foreseeable future!

  • Cheryl

    Love this phone, the best phone out there IMHO.

  • Jason Mullens

    I love my nexus because even at a year old it still does things that no other VZW phone can

  • Mack

    I love it because it’s a year old and still does more than the iPhone 5. I just got one a few weeks ago and I love it.

  • Drew

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because it is an overall wonderful phone. The plastic is durable, the screen is a perfect size for me, and the possibilities are endless when it comes to Android. I really love that Google still pushes updates almost immediately to my phone!

  • Thomas Roff

    The gnex doesn’t feel old at all that’s the best part about it. All my previous phones started to feel really old less than a year after getting them.

  • Howie

    It is still one of the top 5 phones on the market, and one of the very few running JB. Great phone!!

  • Seamus Weir

    Because with aokp I can pretty much do anything I want. It’s a nice way to stick it to verizon.

  • Vermillion

    Are you freaking kidding me?? It’s a Galaxy SIII nuff said!!

  • Aaron Scott

    Quicker updates and more dev support than any other Verizon phone. Love this thing.

  • 3. Its got LTE
    2. Its a Nexus.
    1. AOSP Roms aplenty (BB FTW)

  • Only phone I have owned where I felt like I was taunting Verizon every time I picked it up.

  • GotSka81

    I love my Nexus because it’s open. Give me vanilla android and an active development community and I’m always game.

  • TheGreatNate

    I still love my Nexus because I love my unlimited data!

  • InyRules

    I love it because *I* own it – Not my carrier. I get updates straight from the source, sometimes within hours, and some times within just one day. I also love it because even for being a year old, it is still running like a champ. I am still able to use it the way I always have, and I currently have no reason to go out and buy a new device.

  • ajdad

    I love the developers support for my galaxy nexus. Bugless beast rocks!

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus, Lilly, because she’s amazing! <3
    She she doesn't nag, she does what I tell her, she's reliable.
    I wouldn't need my girlfriend if my Galaxy Nexus did some of the things she does ;D

  • Sparktweek

    I think the Galaxy Nexus is still great because it is a GOOGLE device…even though it is on Verizon’s network. It may be the last of its kind!

  • Richard Beals

    I still love the Galaxy Nexus as it is the only phone on Verizon that has the full potential of android without being held back by the carrier. Open Bootloader for life.

  • Jay

    I’m stuck to a contract, until then is my one and only love. I luv u Galaxy Nexus!

  • Rick Lopez

    I love my Nexus because until a manufacture makes a phone as beautiful as an iPhone and as open as my Nexus I don’t plan on ever changing.

  • Michael

    Simple, it’s a google phone. I don’t have to deal with locked bootloaders, great developer support, and personally I think it’s the best phone for me!

  • keithsmith22

    I don’t have to tell you why, I prove it with my actions. I bought mine the day it came out. Since then I have bought one for my wife and son and have recommended it to friends who have purchased. It’s in the actions not the words.

  • Diego Diaz

    My Galaxy Nexus is running beautifully as a stock machine with updates straight from Google. Can’t go wrong!! Photosphere ftw

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus because I finally have and use ASOP where everything works! And Google Now Rules!

  • My Galaxy Nexus does what I need it to very well, plus does lots of things I don’t need but enjoy that it does — plus it’s easy to change ROMs. Imagine that — a piece of consumer electronics that actually lets *me* decide how to use the hardware!

  • Terry Steege

    It just works, and it is pure Android and very easy to ROM. It just rocks!

  • I still love my Gnex because, like a fine wine, it gets better with age.

  • Litso

    What more could I ask from a phone? Its speedy, great LTE coverage, hackable to the max, and its still sleek and sexy!

    Plus it makes me bacon every morning. Mmm, bacon.

  • tomruark

    I still love my Nexus cause it is the first cell phone that I had that just flat WORKS.

  • PapaBear

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because it was the first device I unlocked, began installing amazing custom ROMs and fell in love with the true awesomeness of the Android OS.

  • tyguy829

    It came out 2 days shy of a year ago, and can still hold its own against any phone on the market. Decent specs, and unlimited hackability. I’ll be running the next version of android (through roms) before phones like the DNA even get 4.2. True story.

  • Jason

    I LOVE my galaxy Nexus, it DOES EVERYTHING I need it to do, work, play, and family.

  • I love my GalNex because I can upgrade to the newest Android version faster than Verizon!

  • I love my galaxy nexus just as much as the day I bought it because I can customize it any way I want.

  • Jamarcus White

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because its the longest I’ve had any phone on Verizon…Unlimited Data is hard to ditch.

  • Greg Poe

    It was my first nexus device, and I can’t get through my workday without it.

  • Liz

    I still love it because of Google Now. Obsessed!

  • Alexa White

    It has everything I want except wireless charging… and thanks to Verizon, Google Wallet.

  • lesprince

    I love the ability to easily root and unroot on demand. I am a ROM Addict I need help but the Nexus is my savior. I have a Note2 but still find myself still admiring the Nexus, it’s still an awesome phone love it can’t leave it.

  • Hazadriel

    I love the simple purity of my GNex running stock.

  • I love my gnex because there is still a lot of community support for it.

  • heldadavid

    because it still holds up! it’s the second coming of the OG droid, it’s quick, and runs 4.2 πŸ™‚

  • silverWRX03

    Android 4.2.1 how many devices can clam that. Nexus!!!!

  • I love my nexus because it receives so much DEV support and because of that I can keep up with every new release via ROMs. Currently with paranoid android 4.2! (tablet UI 2 icons currently)

  • slider112

    Ease of rooting and manipulation. Nothing else even comes close…

  • David Hickes

    Because aside from the sub par camera, it will always feel brand new with Roms like CM and AOKP

  • I still love my GNex because what else am I going to use on Verizon that gets updated (relatively) quickly and keeps me fat and happy with unlimited data?

  • Rob

    it’s still the most fun phone i’ve ever had…

  • Allen

    The reason I still love my Nexus is because of all the customization I can do on it with Roms. Love the fact that I have an open device just like the OG Droid.

  • Jim Campbell

    I love my phone even though I had to root it in order to get timely updates. It is very easy to root, and there are some great roms out there.

  • I love mine because it doesn’t suck ass like my TBolt did!

  • The galaxy nexus has been the only one hone I’ve had for over 1 year the effort all of our talented developers put into this phone us unreal and will keep me enjoying it for some time thank you to all of you developers

  • Stephen Gaskins Jr.

    I still love my Gnex because I get LTE. I am rooted and running Bugless Beast, so I don’t have to wait on Verizon for anything. Best of both worlds!

  • Normandroid

    As far as phones go, what other set up can be -w and flashed back to factory? We’re looking at you Nexus 4……. My Gal Nex is as fresh if not fresher than anything else out.

  • PSU_DI

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because my wife still loves hers. It’s also the first phone ever that hasn’t made me feel phone envy from the latest greatest phones to hit the market. Even with the latest batch of high end phones that has released I don’t feel that they have anything in them that strikes me as a must have. But back to my wife, this is the first phone she has had that she doesn’t complain about plus I can tinker with the phone and I don’t get yelled at since I’m not putting on some hacked together ROM that may or may not have certain features working.

  • Cory Parker

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus, because over a year later it’s still the most efficient device I’ve ever owned. Especially with Google Now, it’s made doing things much more efficient from a business and personal perspective.

  • CraigK-B

    It’s a nexus!

  • Legionaire

    Even though it’s the red-headed step-child of Verizon, It’s rooted. And that means I get the coolest SH** long before V decides to scrap the update for it.

  • Mas21

    I still love my Gnex because it had 4G and great support from the development community. It has never given me problems and I got it on the day of its release on Verizon. Rooted and loving it (AOKP currently ).

  • I love my gnex cause it’s flashy… GET IT!??!?! HONOLOLO

  • I love my Gnex because it just keeps trucking! This thing has taken some abuse and tons of rom changes, and it still just keeps on going.

  • With help from ROM developers, my GNex still provides everything I need from a phone. I can’t see any reason to ditch it just yet.

  • NexusPhan69

    Because it’s it’s my first post-apple phone. Fully intended to return it within the return window. Then I turned it on and never looked back. (converted 5 friends to the GNex, one to the Nexus 4!) Oh, and my Fantom screen protector that I bought shattered and I had to remove it. This is perfect timing!

  • WickedToby741

    I love my Nexus because it replaced my Bionic about a month and a half ago. It’s the phone I should have waited on instead of the Bionic. I love that a cool $50 got me stock Jelly Bean and ended the many headaches I had with the Bionic.

  • I snagged the Nexus after using a Droid X for far too long. I love the gorgeous screen, the fantastic speed, the LTE and the fact that it’s totally open. Tinkering with my Nexus and trying out different ROMs and launchers is practically a hobby for me now (though I am pretty much dedicated to Bugless Beast at this point). It’s also a fantastic partner to my Nexus 7. I’ve never loved a phone so much.

  • theincrediblechrisg

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because it’s not an Apple.

  • Because it’s rooted, unlocked, and running Bugless Beasts Nigthlies!

  • steven sullivan

    Still loving my gnex because of the great developer support, 4G LTE, 32gb of storage and just the right size to hold in your hand.

  • ForrestTracey

    It’s pure Google Android with LTE,..That’s why!

  • It’s a powerhouse in my pocket. It does just about everything I need it to while I’m on the road.

  • Lance Udasco

    I still love my nexus because even though it is a year old, there is no other phone I would rather have.

  • sirmeili

    It’s just an awesome phone. I don’t have 4g where I live and I work from home, So I use wifi 95% o fthe time and it can last forever on one charge! However when I go to the “big city” I still get the use of 4g if I want to (though normally I turn off 4g and just use 3g).

    And lets not forget that it’s so buttery smooth since JB got put on it πŸ˜€

  • Lots of reasons… Primarily though, it is still the only Nexus device available on Big Red. Not that I need an upgrade anyway. It is still more than capable!

  • TheDrizzle

    It hard to love my GNex right now. The radio keeps going out every 30 minutes or so and it’s absolutely infuriating. However I do love that I have the power to go and change the ROM I am on because of its unlocked bootloader. Unless this is a hardware issue, then I don’t love my GNex at all. I really want to switch to a Nexus 4

  • onDroid

    I love my Gnex because of the unbelievable community support. The Gnex is still the phone to have if you want to go all hacktastic on your phone.

  • deslotnick

    seriously? What’s not to love? if I had to choose, it would be the overall stability and snappyness. I haven’t even rooted and I still love it to this day!

  • William Cameron

    I love my GNex because it isn’t my Thunderbolt.

  • Stephen Morrow

    Because I get the newest versions with the best add ons from the top developers without having to be all hacky on my $500 device.

  • dirk

    I still love my gnex because of its sleek form and lightweight body. Its still a great device!

  • Rodeojones000

    The developer support is second to none.

  • I still love my Galaxy Nexus because it is the only phone Verizon can’t touch!!!……well, they can just with hold updates….

  • sconchiti

    I just got a replacement G-Nex as my usb port went bad on the original. The screen on the new one seems better (it was made in China as opposed to the original from Korea) but maybe it’s a placebo effect. Either way, I’d like to keep the screen nice. I love the G-Nex with AOKP 4.2 – I’m going to make it another year on contract no problem.

  • Jake

    I’d say for the community… Not to get all sentimental but all of the people that stuck with the OG Droid forever then finally graduated to GNex have a special bond

  • Been out for over a year and can still do things better than most most phones that come out today

  • SlicK

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus because every time I load a new ROM, and I get that feeling. The feeling that you get when you’re holding your brand new phone in your hand that you’ve been waiting months for.

  • The Nexus is the first phone where I have decided that it just cant be any better than it already is. Certainly the battery life can be bad sometimes, but when I use the phone as a tool instead of a toy (like I should…) it works out perfectly.

    I just love the phone, and I wont be upgrading until I absolutely have to.

  • Jimmy Mac

    Why I love my galaxy nexus..
    1.great roms, Big Red can’t hold me down with their slow update process
    2.no branding on the front of the phone
    3. SHINY

    This was the the first android phone that I felt validated my years as an android advocate. ICS was so smooth and intuitive, and now Jelly Bean…just wow.

  • I love my GN because it was my first phone! I have sentimental values towards it…

  • Rob Miller

    I love it because of the dev community and the fact that I can always turn to said community for custom roms and tweaks.

  • Best phone I have ever had. Makes my day a lot easier. So many custom ROMs.

  • Evan Whitaker

    Gnex for LTE,root, no logo on the front, wallet (so there big red). Oh yeah, curved glass (I know, I have to look hard to see it. I do love this phone though.)

  • Michael Nichols

    I still love my galaxy Nexus because it’s rooted and I can do put any rom I want!!!!

  • Fabyloso

    Love my Gnex cuz the dev community is a beast! I have no need/desire to upgrade!

  • jonnay

    I love my gnex because of 4.2, unlimited data, the phone is just too damn sexy not to love. And with jellybelly I’m getting battery life that is out of this world!!!! 14 hours on average.

  • ProfessAndObey

    I’m loving the developer community around my gNex!

  • RustyTechGuy

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus because well simply put it still rocks and also I enjoy owning a device that was built by a company who isn’t afraid to take Apple head on…in the words of Charlie Sheen “Winning” hahaha

  • mike

    I still love it to use as a modem. Unlimited lte is good.

  • Goodriddance183

    I love the GNex because it’s still better than my HTC Rezound and will run JB.

  • zachjen

    still my favorite because don’t need to wait on verizon for their updates thanks to the great devs for this phone.

  • kniceguy

    I love my galaxy nexus because it is arguably the most future proof phone built to date….arguably. And that is only because the Nexus 4 (does)n’t have LTE. But its awesome and still there is no other phone I would rather have.

  • Because my G Nexus still gets all the updates before almost all other phones…

  • Robert Ledonne

    Love the development community behind the G-Nex

  • Lesser Version

    Unlocked, up-to-date NEXUS!

  • James

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus because it has LTE and well, it was my first Android phone.

  • rooster215

    Despite big red lack of love, its still a great phone that will live on with roms. Sure people will hold on to this phone as long as they did the OG droid.

  • Lucas Richter

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus because stock Android is beautiful and powerful.

  • Because it is and will be the only Nexus device on Verizon’s network for the foreseeable future….



  • I love my updates! Looking forward to 4.2!

  • Been rocking chair 4.2 for several weeks now. I love mine because the developer community just plain rocks!

  • NB3

    I love this phone because ever since I got it, I haven’t wanted anything more.Despite newer phones, I’ve never once regretted this purchase. And the mic on the bottom is nice.

  • I Finally rooted it to get the latest jelly bean rom, pete’s bugless beast.. Also, the straight black face without (almost) any buttons gives it a clean look

  • Sean Grimes

    Ohhh the GNex, minus its ocassional VzW LTEness flaking… you have a great form factor and contains most of everything I’d want in a phone. I do worry about your beautiful screen though, and I’d love you to last until the “Nexus 5”.

  • matt holton

    As long as customs ROMs keep coming I’ll allwayng love my gnex

  • Kevin Morales

    The Galaxy Nexus’ dev support with roms and kernels πŸ™‚

  • Orlando Ja, Jr.

    I’ve had mine for a year come the 15th. Its been the longest I’ve kept a phone that I haven’t gotten sick of. Even though Verizon has turned its back on it, the XDA community has helped keep it as fresh as the day I bought it. That screen protector will help keep it around a lot longer πŸ™‚

  • Still a well performing device with a great screen and relevant software

  • mark

    I love my nexus because even a year later it still can surprise me!

  • Helen Read

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus because it has plain Vanilla Android, and is/was the first smartphone I ever bought. Yup, I went from a flip phone to the GNex.

  • mpinter

    I love my VZW GNex because I get the best of both worlds – fully rootable and LTE. The folks at CM keep me stuffed to the gills with awesome nightles. Everytime I look at the Nexus 4 with it’s front-and-back glass, I just remember why I love the curves of my GNex.

  • Burntoast

    The galaxy nexus is my favorite phone yet. I love that it came with no skin and was so simple to root and unlock.. I can’t wait for the next update. If only Verizon wasn’t the devil and approve the next build.

  • bose301s

    AOSP baby, takes 10 seconds from the time a new version of Android is pushed to AOSP and when ROMs using the new version are available. Love having open bootloader, custom recovery and custom ROMs, the reason I returned the Note 2 to stick with the Nexus.

  • topherct

    Because its still the best phone on Verizon. I love all the ROM’s available for it.

  • TallSteve

    It’s got stock Android straight out of the box and it gets updates before any other carrier phone. Nuff said.

  • maratu

    Because it’s become brand new again every time I try a different rom!

  • JoshGroff

    4.2.1 on Verizon.

  • Powerful, Beautiful and Open. Galaxy nexus is the epitome of 100% Android Awesome.

  • Dan

    It’s still a great device. Verizon’s support for it sucks, but the phone is fantastic

  • NolBi-Wan

    Nexus on Verizon’s network.

  • Kevin Voelker

    Because before my nexus I used a Droid Eris, and by the end of 2 years with the Eris, my nexus still feels like the best phone in the world.

  • legacystar

    love the feel and the on screen buttons

  • TweetrGuy

    Because it is probably the only nexus Verizon will ever get.

  • Please

  • Jared Fulgham

    I love that I can run the most recent version of Android now, without Verizon’s “stamp” of approval.

  • unlocked, rooted and TONS of ROMs…..OH and still on unlimited data

  • Marc Cohen

    …in the tone of the MIB movies… “This is the last phone you will ever own”…. Because of the dev community and openness of this device, I don’t see why I would ever upgrade it. Went from OG to Nexus and it will take another big leap in tech for me to change from here.

  • Still love the Galaxy Nexus bc the dev community support is beast! They won’t allow VZW to hold it back!

  • Kevin Fetterhoff

    I love tweaking it with the fastest up to date roms.

  • love the curved screen!

  • W. Paul Schenck

    My Galaxy Nexus feels so great in my hand! Jelly Bean runs so smooth! The display is flawless and everything just works all the time. Combined with my Unlimited Data on Verizon I may never upgrade again. I could love this phone forever!

  • Muddy B00ts

    I will always love my Gnex. Undoubtedly my favorite form factor yet. And I love me some on-screen buttons.

  • As you guys mentioned, first Nexus on Big Red. I have seen no need to get another locked device yet. IT’S A NEXUS!

  • br_hermon

    I love my Galaxy nexus because its been good to me. No thanks to Verizon and ALL the thanks to Pete and Bugless Beast. To this day I’m still happy with the specs and speed it offers. And I still think it leads in the general populations’s phones (Sans all the latest and greatest phones), many still don’t have NFC, MHL or other advanced features.

  • Marco

    I love my galaxy nexus because it’s one of the few devices that are on jelly bean and I can always flash the latest updates to my phone. Upgrading to another phone, I would lose everything I love about this phone.

  • Eric Sherman

    i love mine because its unlocked rooted and running cm 10 – and i can change that daily if i want

  • i still love it because i get the newest builds days after google releases source. i’m a crackhead i know

  • Wishinitwas

    Rooted, AOSP, Dev support up the wazoo. Keeps me tweaking, beginning of the new era of phones whats not to love!!

    Please let me win one of these!

  • logan3414

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus because it does everything I need it to do, I like the design, and I can customize it all I want.

  • supermiah

    It is a Nexus on Verizon…enough said

  • SagarPatel


  • Jon Drain

    I love my galaxy nexus because I hate the iPhone.

  • EDNYLaw

    Because the Galaxy Nexus was the first smartphone that I was actually satisfied with. I traded up from the OG Droid to the Droid X to the Droid Bionic to the Droid Razr. It wasn’t until the GNex with it’s amazing developer commitment that I was finally happy with a smartphone. Now its Nexus or nothing!

  • r0lct

    Loving my GNEX until it sells on swappa, then it’s time for a Note 2. This would help it sell faster! πŸ˜›

  • Jesse Dick

    I still love my galaxy nexus because Its only gotten better with software updates.

  • nexuschimp

    I can root unlock and ROM all on vzw plus it’s still one sleek looking phone but I desperately need a screen protector.

  • I love it because it has a unique, native look. No skin, nothing.

  • xxseiferxx

    Because it has jelly bean !

  • SupaMarioPlaya

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because it keeps me connected with the Android community through ROMs and other tweaks.

    Shout out to AOKP with Linaro

  • Christian Le

    It has amazing developer support like all Nexus devices

  • I can change to whatever ROM I want on a locked down network and not have to worry about turning it into a paperweight if I make a mistake.

  • I still love my G-Nex because it is now my in my wife’s possession as I have moved onto the Nexus 4 to test other networks. πŸ™‚

    We will both be off Verizon next December when her number is no longer under contract. Until then, we must protect the G-Nex with the power of tempered glass!

  • Once I got the GNex, I stopped caring about what newer, better phone came out.

  • Dale Bloom

    LTE, easy to root and flash, perfect size.

  • Josh Hendrix

    The second word. NEXUS.

  • villian1998

    It’s lightyears beyond the OG, it’s still rootable, and fast with LTE

  • Marc Ross

    I think the GNEX is the best!

  • DanSan

    I love it because it was the first mainstream nexus and the only reason i say that is because it was the first one verizon. no doubt if a phone comes to verizon its usually a huge hit. especially coming from my thunderbolt i love this phone more and more everyday. i love the tint of the screen, i love the feel, i love the development community behind it and i love owning multiple nexus devices (have a nexus 7 as well)

  • Christian Jacob

    Nothing better than the pure nexus Google Android experience!

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus because it is still the best phone from Google and it has all the proper functions.

  • Adam Lauver

    Because root and ROM!

  • antwonw

    Besides being a Nexus…

    LTE, removable battery (I’ve got 2 Standard and 1 Extended), and 32GB of storage!*

    *If comparing to Nexus 4.

  • dukester

    It has some great curves.

    dukester1 at gmail dot com

  • dhirensavalia

    It’s a Nexus device. It’s the perfect size for my hand. It’s just a gorgeous design, in my opinion. The real question should be, “What do you not like about your Galaxy Nexus?”

  • I still love my GSM Galaxy Nexus because it keeps me current with the Android development and looks mad sexy while doing it. The display is so beautiful and must be protected at all time, this would be an amazing upgrade. Good luck to all!

  • Nathan Buth

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because Google gave it to me and it is great to develop on. That being said, it is unfortunately not my primary carrier. Before I got my S3 though I took it with me everywhere along with my Droid X. XD

  • Abbie Rosario

    I still love my galaxy Nexus because of its atrocious battery life.

  • A.J.

    Being stock it’s still fast and smooth. Even though it doesn’t have 4.2 or a quad-core processor, it’s still super quick and honestly the best phone I’ve ever had.

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus because I am heavily into modding and with it being easily unlocked, it just makes it so much easier. What other phone had Jelly Bean a day after it was announced(thank you dev community)? Even after a year, it’s still a great phone to show off to friends. I will probably hold on to this phone for quite awhile unless Big Red decides to allow another Nexus. I don’t really care if this phone was restricted on their service, it still functions just like any other Galaxy Nexus.

  • MSlab

    The community support and software flexibility is unmatched in the phone world. After a year with the device I have zero interest in trading it in. It’s still the best phone out there.

  • Tristan Attwood

    Reasons I still love my GNex:
    -Stock Jelly Bean
    -User replaceable battery
    -I have gotten far more “wow, what phone is that” reactions then ever before with it.

  • chris jones

    I love my nexus because it has been the best phone ive had yet! and well its a nexus whats not to love!

  • Adam Winslow

    Unlocked bootloader phone on verizon

  • kuboo99

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus because there is still tons of development going on for it.

  • Sami Hamid

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because it has proper 4G and isn’t all glass.

  • I still love my Galaxy Nexus because of the amazing developer community. 4.2.1 a day after release. There’s nothing better.

  • Jim Webber

    I still love it because I still have a year on my Verizon contract.

  • mike brewer

    I love the nexus because of all the ROMs. It is like anew phone every week!

  • RedXander

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus because while some are replacing phones every six months, I load a new ROM that has features that Apple or Windows phones won’t see for a few years.

  • because its still mo frackin awesome

  • Cause its a freaking Nexus!

  • lexicdys

    Available ROMs, great size, LTE. Not a phone out there I would upgrade to…yet

  • Brian Spearman

    I love my GNex because I have the latest version of android with CM10.1 running alongside a great custom kernel all on a very fast LTE network. Battery problems and a couple of screen scuffs aside, I’m still very happy with my nexus πŸ™‚

  • Because all of my friends with I phones are STILL jealous of what it can do and they’re phones can’t.

  • Josh Kruse

    I waited FOREVER to get the Gnex and it hasn’t disappointed one bit. It does everything I have ever wanted and the developer following is AMAZING. I did, however, have to purchase a new Gnex a few months ago due to my last one slipping out of my pocket and nicking the screen…which eventually turned into a crack the entire width of the phone. Droid LIfe, PLEASE help me keep this screen unharmed with a new Fantom tempered glass screen protector

  • The experience in stock Android is unbeatable. Google Wallet and Google Now are killer features (I have the GSM version). And I need one of these Fantoms to cover up cracks in the glass near the front speaker.

  • I still love my Galaxy Nexus because of Mmuzzy. If it weren’t for that developer I’d be complaining until my Verizon contract was up.

  • I still love my Galaxy Nexus because of team BAMF

  • J. Wolf

    LTE, unlimited data and it is simply the best phone on the market, still!

  • Travis Faulkner

    Cause its such a step up from my OG Droid and I dont I am still excited about all the stuff it does!

  • KleenDroid

    I loved my Droid 1. Now I love my Galaxy Nexus.

    Either you fully understand… Or you don’t.

  • Jason Hatherlee

    I love my GNexus because I never wait long for updates.

  • it has lte and not too huge!

  • NCSUgolfer01

    It’s still the best phone Verizon has to offer.

  • Because it epitomizes one word – choice.

  • Sapko82


  • mtandroid

    Because it’s the best phone on Verizon. Pure Google is the only way to go!

  • ski4404

    Because it is like carrying a real computer in the palm of your hand. I don’t bring my laptop on trips anymore thanks to this phone.

  • eman313

    Doesn’t have all of Verizon’s bloat…..and another year left on my contract.

  • David Arensdorff

    I love it b’cus its a NEXUS! Might not have the best hardware specs out there, but it still keeps up with the best of ’em.


  • Jim Sheeran

    It’s a Nexus!

  • Liderc

    Because it’s the sexiest device on the planet still. And the only Nexus with actual LTE.

  • gHostDog

    I still love my nexus because I think that it’s still the best phone out there.

  • I was lucky enough to get my GNex on a grandfathered unlimited plan, and it was the best purchase I have made in 2012! It has all of the features I wanted in a next generation phone (coming from a DINC). It is so loveable because I can throw any new version of AOSP on it, and I have the choice of a wide variety of ROMs.

  • Ryan McFadden

    I still love my GNex because it’s still working great and I have unlimited LTE. I do really want one of these sweet screen protectors to cover my still naked phone!

  • tomwhite86

    This is ironic, just scratched my screen for the first time ever yesterday. Still love this phone because it was the phone that introduced me to the world of unlockable, customizable and (mostly) bloat free Nexus phones.

  • gbenj

    Because its so easily updated due to the awesome dev and community support.

  • SD_Scott

    I love the amount of ROMs available for this phone… I flash a new ROM about once a week. I benchmark it, give it a few days then move on to the next. I cannot express how happy this makes me. Thank you GNex dev community.

  • i love my nexus because i get it for free

  • jmu33

    cuz it get all the latest updates

  • My Galaxy Nexus is everything I’ve ever wanted in a phone. I can accomplish any task I need to on it. Worth every penny, and then some!

  • Andrew k

    I still love my nexus because it has the openess and the best network. Oh and i still have unlinlmited data!

  • Rob

    It is still one of the easiest phones to keep up to date with the support of an amazing Development Community. Gonna be hard to top this phone!

  • Brettm2277

    How many devices are running 4.2? Exactly.

  • Ankur Singh

    I still love my Gnex because 1+ year into my contract, I have ZERO bloatware, the latest JellyBelly ROM, and complete control of how I want it to look/work/feel. I still love my Gnex because I’m not stuck with Big Red Stock. And mostly, I still love my Gnex because I have ZERO desire to upgrade to anything else.

  • One Word. Four Letters.

  • AnthonyMoya

    I still love my galaxy nexus because it’s still stock android with no skin!

  • hatboysam

    Because it’s a Nexus! And because if I managed to crack the screen on this guy the back of my Nexus Four wouldn’t last a week….

  • Jay

    The fantastic dev support means I have the newest builds without waiting for Verizon

  • I still love my galaxy nexus because it is still a viable phone even if Verizon wants to label it “end of life”. It still works great and a new nightly from CyanogenMod almost everyday makes it great

  • Jeremy Gill

    The beautiful screen. Pentile be damned.

  • Andrew Remmers

    Feels great in the hand and is still considerably fast! Free to do whatever I want with it!

  • It still kicks butt. They learned from the Nexus S and made the perfect device.

  • Alleycat51699

    I don’t need a reason to love my G-Nex, I just do.

  • Booyah

    It’s more relevant than half the phones on the market!

  • Edubb

    I love my GNex for being able to what all of my staff’s I*hone’s cannot!

  • ed m

    Still the best looking phone with its curved glass

  • Andrew Weckstein

    I love my gnex because it’s a nexus. Will never buy a non-nexus again.

  • Great dev support and awesome custom roms!

  • I still love my Nexus because it’s the nicest phone I’ve ever used and still does a great job as a daily driver.

  • paintblljnkie

    I waited for a year to get mine. Originally started with a Droid X. When the Nexus came out, I didn’t have the money to buy one at full retail, so I had to wait. Despite all of the new phones that have come out since, when I went to a get a new phone last week, I knew it still had to be the Gnex. Its like my long lost love, and we have finally been united.

    I am still learning this phone, but have already fallen head over heels for it.

    • I got mine just a few weeks ago. I had money for the sgs3, Note II or even to pre-order the DNA. But I was escaping alltel. And ever since i got my HTC Hero ages ago, I knew I wanted a nexus device. So it had to be the GNEX. i love it.

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus because it has 4g.

  • Its a quick little bugger that still show it self to be a great phone even after a year of android evolution and also it has LTE.

  • Jessie Rivera

    It is a good looking phone that still provides all the things I need from a smart phone!!

  • jdomann

    I love my Nexus because of the rom stability, the great size, and the fantastic community!

  • I still love it because it gets updates before any other phone. (Yes I am GSM but still love this blog)

  • mising

    The screen and performance is still awesome, and even though Verizon won’t give me updates in a timely manner, the Android community always comes through!

  • its still one of the best phones around. I have it stock rooted and it still beats anything iPhone ever does. its versatile, its simple to use, and it ‘just works’. πŸ˜‰

  • Brian Thiellen

    I still love my Nexus because it gets a ton of dev love.

  • CM

    The development community makes this phone awesome.

  • Dc

    It’s an amazing phone, and most likely the last Nexus on Verizon.

  • tanknspank

    I love my Galaxy Nexus for the fact that it still holds my attention in spite of all the other devices released.

  • David Bell

    I still love my G-Nex because it is the complete Android package, except when Verizon delays the upgrades!

  • nick rigsby

    how are winners contacted through all of your contests anyway?

  • Champlification

    Because it’s probably the only Nexus that will ever be on Verizon.

  • I love it cause it’s still a nexus

  • Because it receives faster updates within the community.

  • Jonathan Thomas

    Because there’s nothing you can’t do/get. Want 4.2? You can get it.

  • Kenny Li

    i still love it because i get the latest updates and all the developer support.

  • SysWiz

    Nothing else better on Verizon…yet.

  • I still love my Galaxy Nexus because I work in an office with mostly iPhone 4/4S/5 users and I can just sit and know that my phone is still better.

  • jnex

    custom, custom, custom! I love me some custom.

  • Because today it will be a new phone to me – I am trading my crappy old Thunderbolt for my mom’s Galaxy Nexus – Anything is better than the Thunderbolt, right?

  • Matthew TenHulzen

    It’s the best phone out there. Nothing beats a pure stock nexus! Unlocked bootloader, custom ROM’s, LTE…. the list goes on!

  • I still love my Gnex because of Paranoid Android.

  • Baker

    its still a beautiful beast of a phone

  • Erik Phinney

    You never forget your first love.

  • Great phone and I like that I can keep it updated toothed latest android release.

  • Illini

    I love this phone still because of it’s 4g LTE and I can put the Xenon HD rom on it. It’s an all round great phone for the android experience

  • droidikas

    This phone is simply amazing and still best on verizon, i wish verizon had more of phones like this Galaxy nexus

  • Charles Cheeks

    It works amazing and I love bone stock JB.

  • Ohhiimrob

    GNex is still a great device. LTE coverage where I live is pretty excellent too. My only complain isn’t w/ the device itself- just Big Red’s slower than Google update cycle which I suppose is to be expected.. I haven’t seen one of these screen protectors personally, but it looks pretty interesting. Here’s my name in the hat for one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I upgraded from the OG droid to the nexus, i still love it because playing and tweaking with it and all the ROMs available is awesome. the number one reason i fear another nexus will not hit verizon again! (fingers crossed for an almost-nexus via motorola)

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    I love butter!!

  • root4life

    Its a sexy mother and I love that curved glass

  • Hunter

    No phone has ever shown me as much love as my GNex. <3

  • Francisco Rosales

    I love my Verizon nexus. when I heard Verizon was going to shared plans I waited to the last moment to get it at the lowest possible subsidized price. Because I need unlimited data (already at 13 GB for this month) this will be my only phone for years to come and I couldn’t be happier. the screen is fantastic. jelly bean is awesome. I have 4G at home that I can use it as a hotspot to watch Netflix on my ps3 when my home internet isn’t working. it truly is to me what R2D2 is to Luke Skywalker. A best friend. I have 2 extended batteries and 3 regular ones so that it is never without power to do the awesome things that it does. there is no phone on the market i’d rather have

  • Elliot Gardner

    It’s the only Nexus phone with LTE

  • Shaunwin

    It is my first Android phone. Came from windows mobile 6.1. Great phone to learn what Android has to offer.

  • Because I can do anything I want with it and Verizon can’t stop me!

  • nickyc98

    It’s reliable, smooth, easy to use, and never cracked from multiple drops. A phone’s phone.

  • Jose Calderon

    I love my SGN because of LTE, BB rom.

  • Even though the updates are slow, it’s still a Nexus on the Verizon network. Android in its purist form.

  • Because i can still do things my friends with iphones or even other android phones cant do yet.

  • Xious

    I joined the Android community with the OG Droid and am now on the GN. I get excited with all the news of new phones (Droid DNA, RAZR HD, etc.) but always end up staying with the GN. To this day (a couple hours ago actually), I still load new ROMs just to try new things. And what other device has this kind of development community? BTW, just bought the Phantasm and absolutely love it!

  • Chris Wright

    I still love my Nexus because… it’s a Nexus!! And it’s on the America’s best network!

  • It’s dev community. Though it’s over a year old and not officially getting updates, the dev community still gives me every update and feature I could want.

  • Turb0wed

    Love it because it was my first Nexus. Unfortunately I was with the iPhone at the time the Nexus one and S came out.

  • nick rigsby

    n. e. x. u. s. enough said, actually, awesome updates, developer community still super supportive of this device, and plus it looks great right next to my nexus 7. πŸ™‚

  • Joshua Casey

    I love my G-Nex because of all the great developer support is has and all the great ROMS available to play with.

  • Mike Menard

    I can flash any ROM that I want and make it my own.

  • I love it b/c I don’t have to root and rom to have stock android. Even if VZW has pretty much ceased supporting it.

  • Trevor Clement

    It seems like my Gnex and I have been together for a long time now and despite big red’s attempt to kill her spirit, she never lets me down.

  • Sherman J. Buster

    I love my wife’s GNex, because I get to compare it to my TBolt that I’m sick with. Wouldn’t you love the GNex too, in my situation?

  • tagrzadz

    Its unlocked and on Verizon and until my contract is up I’m not gonna be looking elsewhere

  • Joshua Marroquin

    Its a beast of a phone ive dropped it so many times and it looks freaking new!

  • wade Thompson

    I still love it because of all the roms available for it. And I’ve yet to find a device that is as comfortable in your hand.

  • She is still sexy and does everything I need. The Rom community is bitching on this phone.

  • Bigwavedave25

    I love my Galaxy Nexus so much first because of ease of unlocking, secondly because of all the developer following. Tons of Roms to choose from of all shapes and sizes.
    And I love that because of using a lot of AOSP “stock-ish” Rom’s I have forced myself to learn how to make my own modifications. Some I am able to share with others too! It’s been a great experience on Android to be sure!

    And it can still run the most current version of Android!!!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Because it’s everything I wanted and more in an Android device.

  • Zargon335

    I love the beautiful screen and all the devs that make sweet custom roms for this beast.

  • Because i just got a new case for it.

  • monkey082506

    The development for the Nexus is incredible, the look on everyone’s face when I say “No this is not the iPhone 5, this is THE FN NEXUS” is priceless.

  • mangst

    I love my galaxy nexus because it is pure google and is still up to date with new software. Runs as fast as it did when i first got it and continue to customize the look every so often.

  • Endless customization! I rework my rom at least monthly. Sometimes I have no navigation keys at all. Even though I have burn-in and my phone is a little worse for wear, it has been faithful to me.

  • Usmaan Bajwa

    Who wouldn’t love all the android development a nexus device retains!

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus because because I can have stock 4.2.1 (or whatever’s newest), a choice of carriers and there’s something about Super AMOLED that I love. (Not a Verizon slave anymore)

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus because it still performs on par with the newer models.

  • drarkansas

    Still love my gnex because I’ve only had it for a few months and it replaced the OG Droid that I had used since 2009!

  • My Galaxy Nexus is still the most well rounded, feature packed phone on the market. Great screen, VZW LTE speed, fast processor, and so easy to hack. Cannot be beat for the ability to customize and tinker.

  • elemeno

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because Bugless Beast! Come on Pete, we need 4.2!

  • lnimmer

    one word : Pure! πŸ˜›

  • Mike_Cook7

    I have gone to the GS3 and back to the GNex, the GNex just has the best size weight and just over all feel. I personally think its the perfect size.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    I love the gnex because it has 4.2 and runs super smooth
    The developer community is fantastic!

  • BTLS

    Because, on the insdie, it’s still the newest & most customizable phone out.

  • craig1989

    Because no matter what I’m always running the latest version of android and enjoying 4G speeds, just takes a little more effort.

  • I feel the same love for this phone as I did for my OG Droid. Verizon had to pry that phone out of my hands, and I have a tighter grip on this one!

  • BK

    Coming from the LG G2x, I feel like the Galaxy Nexus is a phone I can rely on. It’s my first Nexus phone. Don’t need to worry about tmo bloat and not getting the latest updates. Love it!

  • Larizard

    My OG Droid introduced me to Android, but my GNex showed me the way of Rooting and Custom ROMS. Mine already has a tiny scratch on the screen, so maybe to prevent more damage, I need one of those! Haha!

  • Buckeyes1212

    I love my GNex because of the dev community!!

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus because it WORKS for everything that I want to do!

  • I still love my Galaxy Nexus because I wanted an N4, but they left out the most important part–> Verizon LTE

  • Jean Rivera

    Stock experience is unmatched

  • Brandon Bias

    Plain and simple…it’s a Nexus running pure Android.

  • Steve Edholm

    It still kicks ass.

  • I love my galaxy nexus because I haven’t found a phone on verizon that comes close to replacing it. It’s been my best phone ever.

  • Nick Petrefski

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because it can still do what all these other noob devices can, and pretty well at that!

  • My GNex is still going on strong. Easily updated, now on Jelly Bean…. while many other phones of it’s time are still running ICS. Loving it!! Not going to anything new for a while.

  • Mclovin

    It is pure Android no skin!

  • summit1986

    4.2.1, GameKlip+SixAxis, 4G LTE, tons of ROMs to choose from, and it’s a MFin’ Nexus.

  • Because of all the custom ROMs and it’s a Nexus.

  • 10lbmustache

    It’s a nexus and I still think it’s a looker.

  • gian

    i love my galaxy nexus because of all the dev support, and I can show off to the i*hone users that all their “new features” is old news for my droid.

  • woot

    guaranteed updates either through google directly or the dev’s roms

  • Its still the best and does everything I could want!

  • I still love my Gnex because its so popular and i do a lot of my theme testing on it

  • Nexus with LTE

  • Chris Clark

    My first Nexus phone and was a huge upgrade from the OG Droid. Love it!

  • David Peterson

    Still lovin’ my Galaxy Nexus, cuz it just works great. Still loads of development for it, lots of roms to chose from.

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus for two main reasons. First off, it’s a Nexus. This is my first nexus device and I must say: Once you go Nexus, it’s hard to go back. Secondly, in my area, Verizon is the only carrier that has decent signal.

    Along with those two, thanks to the huge crowd of people that own this phone, the modding community is fantastic!

    I’m pretty sure that I’ll still be using this phone past my upgrade date without there being another phone from Verizon that I could love nearly as much.

  • Prime7

    It’s still the best phone I’ve ever owned, and the Fantom is the best screen protector I’ve ever used. I’ve sent a lot of business XGear’s way because of it.

  • Mark Woods

    Just because it is a Nexus and has LTE.

  • Twofourturbo

    Its the only Nexus on Verizon.. What’s better than that..

  • I still love my Nexus because I’ve had it almost a year and haven’t felt like I have to replace it yet.

  • Lance

    Because I can make it do whatever I want cause its free from a crappy overlay!

  • Simply because of stock android. i know i can get it on pretty much any other phone out there if i want it. but there is just something about the nexus that doesn’t let me get rid of it. it is the only phone i have had in the last 3 years that i have kept for over 7 months. it will be with me until my verizon contract expires mid/late 2013

  • Damian Chavez

    Even though I got my GNex a year late, I’m not regretting buying it outright. Thanks devs.

  • Ryan Cota

    Because its STILL everything i need in a phone, allows me to be updated with the most recent Android version when i want due to ROMing and still fly’s through applications and tasks like it has since day 1. My favorite phone I have owned!

  • PixelTycoon

    It’s a Verizon Nexus.

  • Timothy Warne Jr

    I still have my Galaxy Nexus because of the Dev community it has and because I use my spent all my money on College Books and other supplies.

  • Eric Franca

    All of the ROMs ever. Nothing like a Nexus. Even stock is bearable!

  • David Louie

    i still love my galaxy nexus because nexuses are legit. TOO legit. TOO LEGIT TO QUIT.

  • gardobus

    I love it because the back isn’t glass, it has 32gb of memory, LTE, and still runs the newest OS!

  • Rentedlunchbox

    I love it because it still works, Its one of the few phones I have not had an ounce of trouble with.

  • love my GNex cause its still the only nexus with 4GLTE

  • Travis D.

    The best phone I have ever owned. Easy to root, great ROMs, and great support from droidlife.

  • rndLandHere

    First to get custom ROMs. Community support is high.

  • chris carosino

    I know it is lame, but stock android is just so much better! You can add whatever you want but you get the choice to do what you want to do with it and isn’t that what America is all about?

  • I still love it because its the straight Google experience phone on Verizon and has a huge development community behind it.

  • Jason Blanchard

    AOSP 4.2 Jellybean runs flawlessly on her still!

  • C. Johnson

    Love the pureness of Google. My first Nexus is the bomb . com…. Lol

  • running an mmuzzy ROM on mine, nothing beats stock android. also: other phones need software buttons ASAP.

  • JohnFoam

    Because it’s the best darn phone Verizon has ever offered!!!

  • Chris McGee

    Because I can still run the latest and the greatest, unhindered.

  • Jon Barnhart

    Fast, easy to use and reliable. It just works!!! No desire to even think about moving to another phone yet.

  • krair

    Love it because even with all of the new phones coming out, I still have the most up-to-date software on my year old rooted GN while the GS3 is just getting JB months later!

  • Aside from it being rooted (AOKP) and that it takes a beating and still performs great…the main reason i love this phone is for sentimental reasons, meeting my then best friend of 8+years the morning of its release to buy the phone. 1 week later, met at the bar to hang out, me and her were showing off our new nexus’ to everyone, later that night i made my move…2 months ago we moved in together πŸ™‚ best year of my life

  • Marc

    Love my GNex because it is slim with a huge screen and decent camera. Main thing though is that it’s a Nexus, no bloatware, (relatively on VZN) quick updates, and easy to unlock and root.

  • Developer support is untouchable for the galaxy nexus.

  • ModXMV

    I still love my Nexus because I can update the software myself without carrier interference and it works perfectly.

  • Boles

    Ha! That’s a toughie. I love it because of the software — and the fact that with Verizon’s new data policies, it will be my last subsidized phone. [sigh]

  • Barry Travis

    I have a Verizon G Nex and I still love it because even though its 3 versions of Android behind Its a solid phone on a solid network that always has my back, unless I want to use it for more than 5 hours without a charger!

  • I still love my Gnex because it makes reading Droid-Life so pleasurable.

  • Because it still gets updates

  • alexkirkp

    I love my Galaxy nexus because I have the option to easily switch between Stock android and CM10.

  • cyan-000

    I love my wife’s Galaxy Nexus because now I can buy myself the Nexus 4… πŸ˜€

  • djpayne2

    Best network and no skin.

  • Trusstopher

    Still love my G-Nex because it can still do everything I could ever ask of it and it looks sexy while doing it.

  • Tyrian

    Its the gift that keeps on giving

  • jakemyster84

    Open, perfect size screen, many many custom roms to choose from. And beats the hell out of the Thunderbolt I had before it.

  • James Baranowski

    Awesome phone with a lot of developers supporting it.

  • Peter Bailen

    quick updates

  • pe4710man

    The Galaxy Nexus is the best phone out there. Being open there are numerous ROMs and kernels available making it possible to add many features that make my Nexus as current if not more current than the newest phones hitting the street. The forums on the Nexus give anyone an opportunity to learn and experiment as well as get help when things to not go as planned.

  • DanWazz

    Cause the development community keeps it up to date, even though VZW won’t, plus dat LTE!

  • Mike Norman

    It’s a good size for me and custom roms make it fly

  • Daniel

    Having a phone that gives maximum freedom as opposed to being forced to take what other companies give us is why I love my Nexus; unlocked bootloaders, the backing of the community, and the fact that this phone is powerful enough to be my daily driver and still double as a developer phone is why I won’t be leaving my nexus any time soon.

  • greenskidog

    Unlocked bootloader…enough said!

  • I still love my nexus cause it’s mine. I got i it fully customized. Everything you can tweak on a phone I’ve done it to this one and i love it. I won’t need a new phone for a while. Just like my. Og droid which i still have. Long live OG Droid and OG Nexus.

  • Kal5el

    I still love my GNex because it’s still the only Nexus with LTE. The fastest speed on the cleanest device. And because romming keeps it up to speed and able to compete with any phone released since.

  • Bladerunner

    Freedom from Verizon included software. Custom Roms and ultimately because it’s not an Iphone.

  • Brendan Fitzgerald

    I bought a second one on Monday after my first broke with CDMA issues.

  • zakry obrien

    I still love it because it was my first nexus..and sadly probably the last as well

  • ewilliams1009

    It obeys me

  • Joshua Dudash

    I still love my GNex primarily because of the overwhelming support for it. If one rom doesnt seem to fit the bill, there surely is one that will. It might not have an S4 Pro, but it still pulls its weight in most games. Mine at least, overclocks well and I havent experienced much slow down in all but the latest games. Going back, I would buy it again.

  • Paranoid Android on it πŸ™‚

  • ScoobaStv

    its the phone ive loved the most since my OG droid

  • It does everything I need it to, and keeps up with the new phones. Still get all the newest roms. If its anything like my last phone (OG) then I will have it for a while more.

  • 2Berad

    curved glass, ease of unlocked+root, development community and Verizon. In that order The Verizon thing is a love hate relationship but in my area its the only real carrier.

  • aaron casto

    It still works πŸ˜›

  • Lionel

    Still love my GNex because the Dev community still loves it. So many ROMs to flash, so little time!

  • Scott G.

    I love my nexus because it is still one of the best phones on the market. The Gnex offers amazing flexibility and capability with an attractive design. I love the screen and being able to have this power house on the best network around is a no-brainer.

  • xzombiex66

    I love mine simply because i have had it since the day it came out and have not had one problem that needed a return. Unlike my past 4 phones that i had to return multiple times just to get one that worked right. I plan on keeping this until it no longer works, at this pace i may have it a while.

  • Ross Sanchez

    Aside from backup assistant, no bloatware and being able to unlock it makes this my favorite vzw phone. My wife has the RAZR and while I think it’s a cool phone, I hate bloatware!

  • fajitatt

    Putting 4.1.2 on my GNex breathes new life into it. Timely updates just make the phone feel new again! πŸ™‚

  • Mike Wilkinson

    Because even though I have Verizon, My phone is completely open and easily mod-able.

  • RGiskard

    I still love my Nexus because it is the only phone on Big Red that can be kept truly up to date!

  • Roshan John

    Still love the G-Nex. And i just got my first scratch on my screen… was thinking about getting a cover.

    Love G-Nexus because i absolutely love being on the bleeding edge of technology and software (ex: Jelly Bean/Google Now)
    What else… it’s a Nexus and hacking is encouraged. That’s all.

  • Love the freedom of having a Gnex

  • JohnDrosieko

    Best phone on market. New roms everyday.

  • Travis Knight

    The Galaxy Nexus is simply the best phone I’ve ever owned. It will be a long time before I even think about replacing it.

  • Love my VZW Galaxy Nexus because Kellex and Tato told me to buy it. I haven’t looked back since.

  • Alex Sturman

    I still love my nexus because I can customize it to my liking and get updates early

  • ddevito

    Two reasons why I still love my Galaxy Nexus

    1. Nexus (pure Android)
    2. LTE

    That is all. Cheers

  • RobLanier81

    I love it for the ROM development available

  • Easily my favorite phone of all time!! Love the clean design and form factor.

    Got me into the rooting game and I am forever grateful!!

    AND, in a year that saw many high profile phones released, the GNex easily stood toe-to-toe with them all!!

  • Stock android and unlimited 4G LTE!!!

  • I love my Nexus because of the developer community.
    Less then 24 hours after JB was announced (not even out) I had a ROM on my phone.
    Amazing work,

  • Still love my Nexus because there are endless, literally endless, things to flash without having to BS your way through some complicated unlocking and root procedure.

  • Its still the best phone Verizon offers! With no future Nexus in sight on the Red Menace, this looks to be our king for a while.

  • cpuandmore

    Roms, Roms, Roms!

  • cashclay

    Freedom to make it my own. Custom ROM, Custom Case, Custom Dock, Custom Theme… IN the words of the seagulls from Finding Nemo… “Mine, mine mine, mine!!” All courtesy of the best Mobile OS on the planet, Android.

  • duke69111

    I still love my galaxy nexus because the Nexus 4 is not available on Verizon.

  • Josh Ingram

    Because it’s my first Nexus. I love all the options it has compared to my old Droid X.

  • Christian

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus because I can develop for it as much as I want to with no restrictions! It was still running Jelly Bean far before any other phone on Verizon, and that’s why I still love it so much to this day πŸ˜‰

  • CodeToJoy

    Quite simply, it’s the only Nexus device on Verizon, which I am begrudgingly still subscribed to.

  • gnothisafton

    I’m in love with my Galaxy Nexus. It’s got LTE, a dual core processor that cuts through any app I throw at it, an incredible screen, a beautiful physical form, and to top it all off — it’s a Nexus device! I’d choose it over the Nexus 4 any day!

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus because its fast, reliable, and it looks great.

    It’s sleek and elegant without being gaudy. It has the latest version of Android.
    It’s easily hackable. The screen still holds its own. It has 32GB’s of memory.

    Bottom line, I love it because its the best phone I’ve ever owned.

  • John

    It has a huge community making ROMs for it still, and it still is performing perfectly fine for my needs. Oh…that & I’m still stuck in a contract.

  • I love the display still. Seriously, the thing looks pristine, and watching anime on it, the colors just pop. They may not be perfect hues, but when they all look that good, who cares?

  • Nick S

    I love the beautiful display, the unlocked bootloader, and the amazing dev/support community. This is still my favorite device – one I plan to have for quite a while, if for no other reason than to irk VZW every time I flash a new ROM!

  • Just paid at the store with Google wallet. Lady said it was “the coolest thing she’s ever seen, no lie”. That’s why i still love my nexus.

  • trainplane3

    It’s still the only phone on Verizon that can be modified in anyway. Also, it lets me keep my unlimited data!! (yes i know the GS3 and Note 2 can be, but the Nexus was meant to be out of the box.)

  • Rohit Deshmukh

    I dont have enough space to write the all the points πŸ˜›
    Everything google!
    4G LTE
    Perfect screen size!
    Good looking !
    Easy to root! (I dont need a a stripped cable to root it :P)
    Already has Jelly Bean.

  • Matthew Jaquish

    Because I want for nothing as far as features/capabilities with this beastphone.

    I can’t think of a time I saw a phone and thought, “I wish I could do that…” I didn’t even get envy for the Nexus 4 because it looks pretty much the same (from the front)!

  • BloodiedWraith

    Still love my Nexus because I can do whatever I want to it without having to go through exploits and such. I wanted a phone that I could do whatever I wanted to it like the original Droid. I will never own a device with a locked bootloader or Verizon’s awful logos all over the phone.

  • I love my VZW Nexus because of the sheer beauty of the device itself. I still think that after all this time it is one of the best looking devices around. Aside from this, I love that HD Super AmoLED screen. +10 for always getting updates (if you’re rooted of course πŸ˜‰ )

  • BrianLipp

    The things you said. Only easily hackable, ROMable phone on Verizon. Sure, it doesn’t get instant updates like the gsm one, but it’s better than other phones.

  • Ryan batty

    no stupid VZW bloatware!

  • PicoDeGiao

    Awesome developers keep it alive.

  • Mike Bates

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus because even though it is a year old, I can make it run almost as smooth as a brand-new device. The community is still strong and will continue to keep it supported for a long, long time.

  • Because TouchWiz and Sense make my eyes bleed!

  • erikbjerkeli

    verizon network quality, with a stock android experience and an unlockable bootloader!

  • hfoster52

    I still love my Nexus because I still can easily manually update it through ROM’s instead of holding my breathe waiting for VZ.

  • HuskerDroid

    Always gets the latest OSs and so many different ROM choices.

  • Still love because: JellyBean uh duh

  • Because of the awesome developer community!

  • Cliff Wynne

    I love my galaxy nexus because its the last Nexus with real LTE and on Verizon…

  • It’s not the Verizon part. I love it because it offers up to date ROM development and an awesome community of people.

  • Logan Anteau

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus because I can compile AOSP for it and I have since made my own AOSP ROM (www.slightlyepic.org).

  • Russell Sprague

    Because it has 4.2 and LTE!

  • Prox

    I love my GNEX so much I sold the N4 I purchased. It has a removable battery, unlocked bootloader and still runs like a champ after 10 months of use.

  • Frogskins

    My GNex never leaves my side. I still consider it the best phone right now for people who want to easily mod. I will never go to a non-Nexus phone again.

  • I love my Galaxy Nexus because it is stock, sexy, smooth android. Thanks Droid-Life.

  • This phone is just awesome for me. All the developers that update it make it so smooth. I’m not a big phone guy but this is the best phone I’ve ever owned.

  • Carlton Madden

    I was late to the party and only picked one up a couple of months ago. It is easily the best phone I’ve ever used. Wish the volume rocker and power button were on the same side but other than that I can’t fault it in any way. Wonderful device.

  • DroidLifer

    Such a great developer community.

  • PaulCarlton

    My GN is the best phone I’ve ever owned. Can multi task like a pro and super hackable.

  • Natticus

    Still does everything I could ask for, very capably.

  • Chris Mullins

    Why do I not love it? Fast, great updates, shows off the best Google has to offer, impresses my friends and family, and I’ve never been able to brick it beyond repair! I love my Nexus

  • MTPenguin

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus cause I can’t yet afford the Note II! That and it still ROCKS! With Shiny ROM.

  • PuzzleShot

    On-screen keys!

  • plumed

    Over one year later and the phone still handles everything I throw at it. Perfect size and the most customizability in terms of ROMs, kernels, and hacks. Best phone I’ve used to date as I haven’t had the need to get the S3, Nexus 4, or Note 2.

  • HuskerPower10

    I am running 4.2.1!

  • GuidZilla

    It still does what I ask, except have decent battery life.

  • I love my nexus because 1) it’s stock android 2) was able to be unlocked as soon as I got home and 3) tons of developer support.

  • Bobbo

    I love my GNex cuz it loves me back unconditionally.

  • maineultraclassic

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus since it does everything I need it to do with no bloatware or overlaying crap. It runs JB, plenty fast, and plenty of storage.

  • Heyitspeej

    Unlocked boot loader on vz!

  • theentropic

    Simply because, it may be my last smartphone purchase for a long while… in hopes of VZW doing the right thing and releasing another Google device on their network…. only this time WITHOUT carrier intervention.

  • Josh Haug

    It’s still a better design then the nexus 4.
    PS. I’ve already had to replace the screen once.

  • bigknowz

    Even though I have VZW Nexus, developers keep me up to date (Shiny ROM and Zen Kernel). Also, I get to upgrade in less than a year, the December 2013 Nexus should be awesome.

  • Jon

    Love my nexus because I can make it mine! And, what you’re giving away fits it πŸ˜‰

  • Because I can drop it from practically any height and not have to worry about anything shattering. Hating cases and being clumsy makes it a keeper in my book. A little screen protection never hurt though.

  • Jonathan Berry

    Officially unlocked bootloader on the Verizon network and runs vanilla Andoid out of the box. Still nothing else that can say that.

  • I love it because the development community is so strongly behind it!

  • Kevin Rankin

    Verizon LTE, easy unlock/root, current version of Android, dev community, USB OTG, removable battery, on-screen buttons, the list goes on…

  • Because it’s still awesome!

  • great screen, fast, up to date software (if you root). awesome phone!

  • Although VZW has comletely failed when it comes to updating the Galaxy Nexus, I still love this phone because it can be unlocked, rooted, and loaded with a custom rom and kernel so that it will always have the latest android version on it!

  • It’s a Nexus. Need I say more? Even on verizon, easy too unlock and root to get my updates!

  • I cherish my nexus because it is the most developer friendly phone ever.. U can make it feel new everyday by flashing a new ROM!!

  • Supabrotha

    Developers, developers, developers!!!!!

  • Neil Ostrander

    Almost pure android (vzw version)

  • Pure AOSP, even compared to phones with newer hardware, everything still runs perfectly smooth on the Nexus.

  • Just got one.. pure android is all about choice

  • Jordan Parker

    It’s one of the most customizable phones with the backing it has in the community. Also it’s a nice bathroom companion.

  • dp917

    clean face (no branding)

  • John Scott

    Because it is everything that other phones are not.

  • Kirk Hayes

    I love my GNex! Fast, Unlocked, and Beautiful design.

  • Amelia Wood

    Pick β™« mi, mi, mi β™« Because I own a NEXUS!

  • Keith Mathews

    It’s a Nexus.

  • humidity

    I love the updates and overall design!

  • skylog

    unlocked…just an overall solid device

  • I love my GNex because there is a strong developer community out there producing ROMs for it. Being a Nexus device keeps it open and allows devs to keep it updated to the latest AOSP codebase. For my next device to not be a Nexus it would have to be a really, really compelling set of specs.

  • Kyle Stambler

    Because I can unlock it, and run whatever i feel like it. that freedom, and no physical buttons on the face of the device make me love it so.

  • zak

    Still the most open phone on Verizon! honestly even with the under powered GPU it has been my favorite android phone ever.

  • drewbie_al

    It’s an AOSP device on VZW. It’s about as rare as Apple being conciliatory… or maybe even more so.

  • Bobby Cornwell

    I still love my Gnex because of how fluid it is. The form factor is great and it fits in the hands great! Dev support is still great even after a year of release and it has 32 GB storage and LTE! LOVE my phone! πŸ™‚

  • Travis Bond

    Nexus, Verizon 4G, and AOKP… Plus its sturdier than I thought! GNex FTW

  • EC8CH

    No buttons, no branding, just screen.

  • pierce

    Love my nexus because I can put updates on it faster than Verizon… And the phone is dope!

  • Great phone that runs phenomenally even after one year. Can’t live without it

  • Mark Wilk

    Because I still have unlimited data..

  • Brian Wingert

    because having a developer phone on a carrier that REALLY seems to not like this style phone is a dream to have… even though they don’t like giving quick updates i can still root and unlock the phone to update it regardless if they don’t like to πŸ˜‰

  • ArrowCool

    I love my Galaxy Nexus because it allows me to stay up to date with OS changes, even though I am on the worst carrier for receiving updates in a timely manner. (Don’t think I need to mention who that is)

  • GNex has still got the moves! Oh, did I mention IT’S A NEXUS?!

  • Still has just about any feature you could ask for. Still feels great in the hand. Developers bring updates to Android fast. Most importantly, GTA Vice City works great!

  • It has one of the best developer communities behind it. Love my custom ROMs

  • DustyBottoms

    The screen is still top notch, the battery is still removable, it’s running vanilla android, and it still has LTE.

  • It can do everything i want it to do and with awesome development community support to boot!

  • zomygodowned

    Though vzw hasn’t been up with the updates the custom ROM community is huge and I do love that many apps are made with the nexus as a benchmark usually compatibility is never an issue

  • My Galaxy Nexus isn’t as snappy as say the Nexus 4 but it still is easily hackable and still gets all of the new Android updates when they come out.

  • Still my daily driver since I’m stuck on Verizon for another year.

  • sl249

    Android 4.2.1. Nuff said.

  • iScream4

    Nexus + The best network, hands down

  • rockstar323

    fastboot oem unlock

  • unlockable means that i can get the latest version of android no matter how much verizon seems to not want me to.

  • Most awesome Android phone I’ve had since my original G1!!

  • Teng Taing

    I still love my Gnex because i have VZW and they have not released another Nexus and may not ever

  • Matthew O’Sullivan

    Why not love it? It’s a great device, and it’s been reliable from the start. Plus, I still get new android AOSP support via our wonderful dev community.

  • Alex Hernandez

    LOVE MY GNex because it so friggin SMEXY! That’s one sexy mexican holding a sexy Gnexy. Seriously, it’s a bad ass phone and would love to have this protector for it! THanks for the chance! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

  • Spike760

    Still love my Nexus, it’s still very capable and running a newer version of Android than the majority of other devices on the market. Would love it more with a screen protector πŸ˜‰

  • moe6

    I think the one thing that makes me fall in love wth the Galaxy Nexus over and over is it’s almost entirely black glass face. On my black desk, black mouse pad, black 7.1 speakers, black monitor. black mouse. It just belongs.

    To the point where I regularly “lose” my phone that’s right under my nose.

  • xformulax

    no phys buttons, easy updating, unlocked bootloader… etc

  • Love using it as a hotspot on road trips while 90% of my teammates with iPhones beg for the password!

  • the community support for it.

  • ChrisConner09

    one word: unlocked

  • John B

    It’s my first smart phone! So glad I went with this over an iphone.

  • T4rd

    I still love it because it’s a Nexus and easily modable. Nuff said, right?

  • CM10 + GNex = speedy

  • I still love my Galaxy Nexus because, while Verizon has completely neglected it, the community still treats it with the highest esteem. I get all the updates I want from an incredible community.

  • Greg

    unlocked bootloader!

  • will bartlett

    loving me the on screen buttons

  • Nex__

    Besides that fact that its a Nexus. Exactly what you said and we all fear.. that its probably the first and last on Verizon!

  • Thomas Schiferl

    I love it cuz I have VZW 4g, but don’t have to deal with VZW bloat

  • It’s the closest thing I can get to a pure Google device on Verizon at the moment.

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    Cause even though Verizon sucks at updates, I can still have 4.2.1 goodness on my phone with ease.

  • Zachary Stone

    Reliable and fast and Verizon bloatware free!!

  • tat2junior

    Simply because it’s a Nexus on Verizon

  • Jared Howard

    Best phone I’ve ever felt in hand. Love the curved edges of the screen.

  • Because it’s a Nexus. Go Nexus or go home!

  • theswillmerchant

    I still love my Galaxy Nexus because I can completely bypass verizon and update the software myself.

  • muffnman

    It’s the most reliable technology device I’ve ever owned. Also, it’s the closest thing to a tricorder I’ve ever owned.

  • I love it because it’s always up to date (thanks to the devs)!

  • I still love the 720p screen and the endless choice of custom ROMS.

  • peter

    the active community on the forums is a plus compared to my old thunderbolt!

  • Drooooid

    Its fast, its open, but mainly for the quick updates!