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Contest: Yep, Another Nexus 7 32GB HSPA+ and $25 Google Play Gift Card Up for Grabs!

Day 4! All week, we’re giving away Nexus 7 32GB HSPA+ tablets coupled with $25 Google Play gift cards, thanks to the fine folks at Google. We only have two left after three days of amazing contests, so be sure to get in on the last couple. On Monday, you gave us your best Android haikus. You then followed that up with incredible artwork and panoramas. For today’s contest, we’ll make it even simpler.



Update:  Our winner is Nicholas, who described Android in 5 words as, “Android For The Win, boom.” Congrats!

How to enter:

1.  Share this post with your favorite social network:  TwitterGoogle+, or Facebook.
2.  In the comments, describe Android in 5 words.


Today, at 4PM Pacific, we will randomly choose the winner from the comments.

*Winners need to have U.S. addresses.

  • ndog21

    Custom ROM support!
    All Carriers
    Nexus devices!
    App support

  • David LaCivita

    My life, my love, everything.

  • The best mobile operating system.

  • Almost better than sexual intercourse.

  • Cyn

    Android, I long for thee.

  • William Peterson

    Consumes my workday & Homelife

  • Easy and fun to use!

  • Fabián Maldonado

    Open, Root, ROMs, Mods, Themes

  • Making life better every day.

  • Randal Anton

    Leader at what it does

  • Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  • Amazingly integrated into my day.

  • JSiNeM

    Addictive, fun, intuitive, fast, beautiful

  • Jonathan Schram

    Smooth, like freshly ground iPhones

  • spizzo03

    Better than the iPhone period

  • Omar Sanchez

    Android, it does it all.

  • pepperonijack

    Best mobile operating system ever.

  • Koolest kat on the block

  • What the people really want!

  • The phone of tomorrow, today.

  • Thomas Rogers

    Humanoid Android tech that works

  • Open source awesome operating system

  • aholland1

    Awesome, Useful, Fun, Open, Personal!

  • Fun, Fast, Customization, Open, Friendly

  • mikefromson

    Down with the evil Apple

  • Everyone else has an iPhone

  • sonicyoof

    Android is the best, obviously.

  • Open source, open up Now

  • Why we are all here 🙂

  • Damien Luna


  • luiz7955

    Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome.

  • beat it kook

    Ahead Of Steve’s Proprietary garbage

  • Ken

    Customizable, flexible, better than iOS!

  • mangst

    Android all day every day

  • Customizability, speed, variety, technology, love

  • Alex Perkins

    An addiction others don’t understand!

  • YariCavi

    The wave of the future!

  • The mighty green Android Beast…

  • mbagasao

    Open Source, Customizable, Limitless, Awesome

  • All I need for anything.

  • fast fun sexy smart friendly

  • Robert USMC

    Fast, Customizable, user driven, not Microsoft, and not apple

  • Smeet

    Most customizable/innovative phone ever!

  • Clean Versatile Fun Sexy Dominate

  • It’s Better Than Apple’s iOS.

  • Q’s

    Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

  • DLFanMan

    Kellen, Tim, Eric, Ron, Dave

  • Simply better than the rest

  • personal, adaptive, original, mobile assistant

  • Steven Letourneau

    Open Fun creative functional mine