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Zeitgeist 2012: A Year In Review of Google Searches


Google seems to really love the Internet, but for good reason. Thanks to them, there were over 1.2 trillion web searches dealt in over 146 languages. If there was one company that could sum up the happenings of the world in a single 2 minute video, it would be them. 

Plus, Google sure does like Easter eggs. On the bottom of the Zeitgeist page, you can try to find this cute little Gangnam Droid.

Via: Zeitgeist

Cheers Chris!

  • cizzlen

    Great video…!

  • Daistaar

    Yep, that brought a tear. As effed up a society as we can be, we’re still part of an amazingly beautiful world. Thanks Google.

  • Last year’s video nearly brought me to tears. This one went all the way.

  • Trevor

    That was cool. Gotta love Google!

  • bill_murray

    If you think Johnny`s story is incredible,, 1 week ago my auntie’s best friend easily made $6418 sitting there a seventeen hour week from their apartment and their best friend’s half-sister`s neighbour was doing this for 5 months and earned over $6418 part time on their computer.

  • New_Guy

    Epic video!

  • Droidzilla

    Great mash-up by Google! Bear in mind, this isn’t what was important according to Google, but what was most searched for using their services.

    • Because if it was what they thought was important im sure honey boo boo or w/e that thing is wouldn’t have been in there. Probably why she only flashed on the screen for a second, probably gritting their teeth as they edited that in XD