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Verizon Approves Jelly Bean Update for Galaxy S3, Likely Available in the Coming Days

Moments ago, Verizon posted up support documents for the Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) update of the Samsung Galaxy S3. I’d call that “official.” We had heard from sources that the final build had been approved and that December 14 was looking like the targeted release date, something that now appears to be spot on.

The update includes all of the Jelly Bean features you’d expect, like Google Now (even though they label it above as “Plus”), better notifications, smarter widgets, and Project Butter. Beyond Jelly Bean, Verizon also included support for Isis Mobile Wallet (still only available in test markets), turned the phone into a global roaming beast, and fixed a variety of bugs.

The update appears to be 400MB in size. The build number is VRBLK3, which leaked last week.

Update:  We aren’t sure why, but Verizon just changed the support docs back to a previous update. We’ll keep an eye on it and see what happens.

Update 2:  The new Jelly Bean docs are back. They updated the top doc to say “Google Now” instead of “Google Plus.” They also removed the “Starter Mode” mention from document two.

More info.

  • ljlj

    my galaxy just updated but I’m having problems with the gmail sync. I had ICS set-up so that my calender was synced but not e-mail. But with JB everytime I sync my calendar by e-mail also syncs. Is there a way around this?

  • bama_medic

    I got mine friday night. 4.1.1. So I think this article is wrong.

  • etg9

    I got mine. Looks nice so far.

  • mike s

    im getting it as i post this.. portland Oregon

  • Scott

    It’s back. And it’s been corrected.

  • thajack

    In related news, I just got permission from my ISP to install a Chrome update on my computer. Yay.

  • will the update kill my ability to root/unlock bootloader in the future?

    i waited this long for JB and if it is a battery suck, i’m going to root it. I’ve just waited because I don’t want to use any camera app but the samsung one… unless someone will attest another ROM’s camera is equal or better than the stock camera in functionality

  • RC

    This is a Hoax

  • wekurtz74

    Does anyone (can anyone at this point?) know if the OTA version can be rooted after install and does it break the bootloader unlock tool for new unlocks? Trying to decide if I should go the rest of the way and install custom myself or just wait for the OTA if I can re-root and, if I decide in future to unlock after support for this phone falls by the wayside.

  • Andrea licchetta

    In italy are in 4.1.2

  • Bretton Key

    I thought the update would be larger…I hope jelly bean allows you to change earphone shortcuts, voice action improvement, camera enhancement, better clock, make power save mode work fully.

    I wonder will the PRL get updated and improves in the radio be included too.

  • This is a cruel hoax. Got me all excited at first, but then I noticed that the leaked image for VRBLK3 was 1.2GB file size. The last Verizon OTA was exactly 62MB in size. The “Support Documentation” that’s going around is just the PDF from this last tiny update in October. And the screenshots are recycled from the interwebs. The “Google Plus” image was posted to shiftdigitalmedia.com on 9/13.

  • If it don’t come soon I’m dropping this s3 and buying the note 2

  • theShamrocker

    Can anyone tell me if this jellybean update removes that stupid f**&^ing wifi connection prompt everytime I open an internet using application?

  • hkklife

    I was really hoping for a newer build. I flashed the latest K3 stock build to my S3 the other night and my battery life has plummeted. Reception is a tad better, as is performance, but I cannot live with this atrocious battery life. and yes, I have disabled every sort of background location reporting, done all power-saving optimizations, and as much bloatware as is safe to disable. Another strange symptom is that the phone now takes ~15-20% longer to charge, using the exact same USB cables and chargers that I have around the house as previously.

    At least the aggravating media scanner bug is apparently fixed.

  • Mataman

    I do t want stupid jelly bean. I love my FoxFi the way it is. WORKING!

  • dean2359

    Will I be missing something by not downloading this when it becomes available,im rooted and already running Jb ? I’m always afraid that the official update contains something extra then the leaked builds.

  • Shy_Tech_Jane

    Like so many things marked “Verizon” I’m sure it will have more than its fair share of bugs and problems.

    Does anyone know if this update will be “pushed” (forced) onto all phones… or can I optionally install it about a month later? (After the bugs have been worked out.)

  • rob

    The pictures show this update as 62MB. I bet this is just screenshots of when the last small update Verizon released for ICS. This is all a bunch of crap and we are no closer to an update than we were before..My opinion only.

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  • Shane Shelton

    Solid release. I’ve been running it ever since it leaked last week and I’ve only had one random reboot. Battery life has gotten a bit worse though with the VRBLK3 update.

  • chris125

    They probably removed it because they made so many errors( misspellings, on screen keys, etc)

  • nightscout13


  • FortitudineVincimus

    Oh shizz…. I have rooted and hacked the shizzzz out of my system, time to put it back so I can get the update and not have the OTA fail.

  • Soofdawg

    Please don’t play with my emotions…I’ve been hurt in the past.

  • Nic

    My carrier approved the JB update for my SIII 6 WEEKS ago. Still waiting for it to be pushed out. I wouldn’t hold your breath

  • I just hope this fixes the force-close-on-copy error on the SGS3. It’d be nice to be able to copy and paste again.

    • Beau Wilson

      I’m with you on that! I Rooted (noxious ninja tool) and did a fix that an XDA member posted online for the copy paste issue. I’m not yet sure if I should do the OTA update or ROM. At the end of the day it would be nice if the most basic feature in the world just worked.

  • HotRodJohnson

    Now can we get some of that for the GNEX?

    • EvanTheGamer

      Root/ROM/Bugless Beast 4.1.2. BAM!

      • HotRodJohnson

        I’ve already rooted it and got MMuzzy 4.2.1 (BB hasn’t gonna to 4.2 yet). I’m just protesting the fact that Verizon isn’t letting this phone be all it could be without making you jump through the hoops of rooting. When I bought the Nexus from Verizon it was with the expectation that it would be treated like every other Nexus phone and be up to date and current, with little effect on my part. If rooting is the solution then in theory I could buy any old phone, but the Nexus name implies that it is an up to date Google Android device, and it seems that Verizon is the one that is keeping that from happening. I’m trying to be a loyal Verizon customer (I got unlimited LTE), but the means a bit of protest when they don’t deliver. This is a protest post.

    • Ryan Cota

      My GNex is free now, and so much more fluid after Unlocking, Rooting and ROMing, I recommend you do the same. Use MMuzzy 4.2.1 ROM, its great and has no bugs. Used to use Bugless Beast, but I wanted 4.2 already and i have no regrets switching!

      • HotRodJohnson

        One of my favorite things about MMuzzy is the additional of the Quick Settings Editor. The Quick Settings was on of those things that I think Android could have fixed very easily by letting you choose what is up there and MMuzzy’s did just that. If BB doesn’t have the editor, I will probably sick with this ROM for a while. My post was more of a protest to Verizon than a wish for Jelly Bean. I’ve been running JB since the first ROMs were available for GNex.