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The Droid Life Show Episode 9 is Live Tonight at 6PM Pacific!

We’re nearing the end of 2012. It’s been one wild ride so far, so let’s start capping it off with another episode of The Droid Life Show. Episode 9 will air tonight at 6pm Pacific, so be sure to swing on back by and join in on the fun. We’ll be talking about the unlocking of Verizon’s Galaxy Note 2 bootloader, Android OEM on Android OEM crimes, and be doing a basic recap of what 2012 meant to Android as a whole. After that, if you’re still awake, Tato will be unveiling a separate project after the conclusion of the DL Show. After hours fun, anyone?

Again, we’ll be live at 6:00PM Pacific (9:00PM Eastern). There will be a live video embed and chat.

If you can’t catch it live, then be sure to subscribe to our new show feed (podcast).
  • usausausa

    Hey how many Mexicans does it take to build a hou…..shit their done already

  • Nikko

    The icon or whatever by Rons name is clearer than his video feed lol

  • nikko

    Rons hair looks like a bad Conan O’Brien hair cut lol

  • nikko

    Yayyyy more cheesy sarcasm from tim-o…and hair stylings from Ronnie can’t wait….o and kellens rosie red cheeks….ooooo boy can’t wait

  • omgimerect

    OOO Ron your not a lame guy….now that hair style ehhhhh can’t say the same.

  • There better be some Vice City talk

    • bigboi

      Vice city talk how bout some gf lame lol

  • up to I looked at the check that said $7997, I accept that…my… brother woz like they say trully earning money parttime from there new laptop.. there dads buddy started doing this for under fifteen months and recently took care of the dept on their apartment and bourt a great audi.

  • I’d watch/listen, but I’ll be seeing The Hobbit in 3D tonight at 9 😀

    • Captain_Doug

      Do you really like 3D?

    • zackislame

      Officially a lame this guys has it folks lame if the site loser….hobbits in 3d hahahah and last time you got laid was about half past NEVER

  • Thomas

    Ahhh..can’t wait. Hot phone nerds talking phone stuff. Why am I excited all of a sudden 😉

  • EC8CH

    It’s the Late Late show with Tiiiiiim-OOOOOOOO-TATO!


  • EC8CH

    Tato…. After Hours???

  • Droid Life Show. I listen to these and think Kellen, Time and Eric seem like some pretty cool guys. I like that you guys are posting the mp3 so I can listen instead of have grainy images on my screen for 2 minutes before I minimize and start doing something else, and just listen anyway.

    • But that “Time” guy is so fun to watch! 😛

      • Damnit, LOL

      • EvanTheGamer

        Father Time? Where?! I have a bone to pick with him!

    • Does that mean I seem like a pretty lame guy? :-p

  • Aaron Kaufman

    pls tell me Tim’s extra will be recorded as well….will be missing the show tonight sadly :/

    • The After Hours show WILL be recorded for everyone to enjoy at a later time. Although, it is marked as NSFW if that’s where you had planned on watching it 🙂

      • Aaron Kaufman

        lol ok good to hear! and haha im in wi so no i wont be at work…..bball game tonight. but will def watch when i get home! you guys make wednesdays the best!!

        • aaroneatsbutt

          They make Wednesday the best lol you gotta get out more