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Netflix Ranks ISP Speeds, Google Fiber Beats Out Comcast and Verizon’s FiOS

Not that this is a total shocker and given that Google Fiber currently only serves a single city, Netflix has ranked America’s Internet service providers based on their average streaming speeds. Currently, Fiber outperforms all of America’s other offerings like FiOS, Comcast, Time Warner, Charter, and basically everybody else in existence by a hefty margin. 

In terms of speeds, Fiber pulls on average a 2.55MBps stream while coming in at second is FiOS at 2.19MBps. As advertised, Google’s service provides up to 1Gbps in total download speeds on a fiber optic connection, but thanks to throttling, those numbers are also different than what we would see in an actual test. You have to take in that this is just streaming from Netflix and not an overall tell for who is the best. Now go, feel free to wonder why this one is faster than that one and etc. Don’t forget to squabble about the difference between MBps and Mbps as well.

Via: Engadget

  • dovebreast

    They obviously have not compared it against the first gig network by EPB in Chattanooga, TN

    • jhnnyevans

      I agree…..still waiting for price to go down though..these speeds are old news

  • mbaldwin85

    I have no problems with charter

  • Jeffrey Garcia

    Charter FTW!

    • michael arazan

      Seriously? I hated charter, I was promised fast speeds then found out I share bandwidth with my entire neighborhood that uses Charter. I was supposed to get 15-20 Mbps and i was getting 6 down 2 up over the hard line, not wifi. And I live 6 miles from charter HQ and 2 miles from a charter service office. Charter sucks and so does their digital cable with antiquated dvr boxes.

  • Aaaaand i have access to none of these. Thx verizon.

  • John Simonelli

    Strange, the number seems low. Since streaming from my Plex server I need at least 6 MBps to achieve 720p. Maybe most of their content streamed isn’t HD.

    • Squabble

      “Don’t forget to squabble about the difference between MBps and Mbps as well.”

    • TheOiulkj

      Bitrate is irrelevant to resolution. You can stream 720p with 1KB/s or with 6MB/s, it doesn’t matter. Although, there would be an obvious difference in quality.

  • Tom Z

    How can Verizon Mobile be so low on the list? It’s about 7 times faster than my AT&T DSL.

    • zepfloyd

      Majority of traffic is still on 3G…

    • U have to remember of all the iPhone users still waiting for things to load on 3G!

    • itznfb

      My Verizon LTE is also faster than my Verizon FiOS lol

  • NYAvsFan

    And Time Warner wonders why I’ll never come back from Fios.

    • Chris

      where do you live i want fios in my area 🙁

  • Nexus_FrEak

    And… ATT Mobile is at the bottom.

  • Maybe I should switch to Fios. U-Verse is #11

    • cns2007

      Trust me, that’s a no brainer.

  • j__h

    So I assume that 2.55MBps is where it saturates and not actually need any higher for the video stream.

    • Yeah, I saw a few people commenting on the source article that were worried by the low numbers. No need to have your Netflix downloading at 30MBps lol

      • EC8CH

        “No need to have your Netflix downloading at 30MBps”

        speak for yourself 😛

  • S_T_R

    Is that megabits per second, or megabytes? It’s hard to tell when everything is capitalized.

  • zepfloyd

    “Don’t forget to squabble about the difference between MBps and Mbps as well.”

    Damn, beat me to it…

    • Justin W

      I honestly wonder why a fight would ensue over this – one bit equals 1/8 of a byte, one megabit equals 1/8 megabyte, one gigabit equals 1/8 of a gigabyte. With Google Fiber, you actually only get 128 Megabytes per second down at max.

      • TheOiulkj


      • Geoff Johnson

        That’s faster than you can transfer files to a flash drive, and just as fast as your LAN.

  • itznfb

    FiOS or FiOS Quantum? I would imagine Quantum trounces everything.

    • Not sure what type of wire FiOS Quantum is but fiber optic cable is by far the best wire to use in terms of speed.

      • FiOS is fiber optic as well.

      • eric grant

        FiOS is fiber optics to the house. It’s been around for years, they just don’t offer gigabit service like google does because nobody needs it.

        • Jack Sparrow

          I needz it for allz of my WAREZZZZZ

      • Stephen D

        FiOS is fiber optic. Verizon doubled speeds with FiOS Quantum, up to 300 down. Which isn’t as fast as Google Fiber, however, it’s available in a lot more areas. And, with my 25/25 FiOS connection, I regularly see 30-80 down, so I imagine you’d get more than the advertised 300.

  • First!

    • Bewara2009


    • Booyah

      Please, please, please stop this nonsense.

  • Must be a slow news day.

    • Still one of the most useless comments someone could make.

      • j__h

        Even if useless, I kinda want to know what it was now that it is deleted.

        • The dreaded “must be a slow news day” comment. Don’t ask me why, but it just grinds my gears lol

      • funny my comment was deleted. wasn’t offensive nor breaks any rules, just my opinion. classy.

        • TheOiulkj

          Being annoying is against the rules of society. Even more so when you annoy a person in charge of making the rules.

        • That’s what is awesome about being an Internet cop.