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Gameloft’s Modern Combat 4 Live on Google Play, Proceeds to be Incompatible With Everything

This afternoon, Gameloft’s highly anticipated Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour hit Google Play. The game looks to bring console-like gaming to your mobile, as you play through an intense story mode, as well as an insanely in-depth multiplayer mode. Does it have enough to take down Shadowgun? We shall see. 

Naturally, like all good things, it isn’t quite ready yet for download. For now, it is marked as incompatible with all of our devices, but we’re guessing that will change once Gameloft decides to give it the green light. In the mean time, charge up your device because we’re guessing it will be a ridiculously sized game!

Play Link ($6.99)

  • Jon Garrett

    all you guys need to do is download it on your compatible device then transfer it to your “non compatible” device and install it.

  • Daistaar

    This just in… New Gameloft game takes up all 16gbs of the DNA’s storage lol; jk

  • fauxshizzl

    Does this game finally support external controllers yet?

  • Kevin Rees

    not available with note2? dang

  • just checked again… its available for my nexus 7 and galaxy nexus… no DNA yet 🙁

  • spunker88

    Compatible with my Droid 3, and the Galaxy S2 which is actually the device imitated by Bluestacks build.prop for app compatibility.

  • Finire

    It’s available for my rezound, but not for my Transformer Infinity… I’d prefer to game on my larger screen devices thank you.

  • Maxim Zhdankin

    yep it seems to be good to go on Rezound here

  • summit1986

    Compatible with both Nexus 7 and GNex

  • Gabriel Lopes

    This app is compatible with your Motorola RAZR.

  • Currently showing compatible with ALL my devices…

  • Josh Flowers

    1:04 video = 4seconds of game play footage, 1 minute of cinematics. come on GameLoft you gotta do better than that to earn $7 from me.

  • Bards Tale went on sale a while back, I’m still on it

    • Thanks for the tip, downloading the Data pack now (thanks VzW Unlimited plan!) 🙂

  • Bobby Cornwell

    Not available in the USA? Does gameloft not want to make money?

  • so what country is it released for? I see plenty of nexus 7/10 and GS3 reviews… I’m not getting my hopes up for my DNA but if it is available I’ll be loading it just to see how it looks

    • jb

      You can review without downloading it. That’s why several of the reviews say that it “will be” a great game.

      • jb

        Sorry, I’m an idiot, google was just kidding with the “write a review” button.

    • I’m “hoping” to grab it for my DNA, too. If nothing else, I’m sure my Nexus 7 will support it.

      • Danon

        I also have the DNA, n its a same that they wouldnt make this game compatible for a powerful, true full HD device like the DNA…SMH

      • if you download it on your nexus 7 back up and export the 11mb backup file you can side load it on your DNA and it runs flawlessly… went 18/3 on multiplayer mostly because I got zero lag … you do have to download the 1.9gb file again though

  • hahahaha


  • I always get these games when they’re 99 cents during Christmas. The game looks amazing, but I can never finish it because the gameplay is so repetitive.

    • Same here. Although for me I usually don’t get that far because the gameplay just requires too much attention for a lot of situations where i’d be gaming on my phone, between just the type of game and touch FPS controls.

      • michael arazan

        I hope it doesn’t start you off with a pistol with 32 rounds and you have to buy IAP’s just to get through 2 levels, just to force you to buy a weapon and enough rounds that actually kill things enough to advance.

  • EvanTheGamer

    What else is new?

  • Guest

    “This app is incompatible with all of your devices.” And I have lots of devices.

    • It says the reason is not available in your country.