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Pixel Twist for Android, a Fantastic Puzzle Game From Noodlecake Studios

I stumbled upon Pixel Twist just a bit ago in Google Play. So far, I’m really loving it. For a puzzle game, it isn’t all that hard, but what I do like is the concept. You’re given a bunch of random-looking pixels and an image that you need to match them up with. To make it look like the image, you have to twist or spin around the jumbled pixels until it matches. Allow me to use the word “nifty” for this one. You need to twist them as quickly as possible because you’re on a timer. The quicker you solve one, equals to how much time you have to solve the next one. 

It’s free in Google Play and comes from the makers of other popular apps like League of Evil and Huebrix.

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  • cns2007

    Kind of cool. They should make it so that the finla cluster of pixels is broken up in 3 or 4 smaller groups. Then those have to be twisted and placed within a cube shape to form the single large cluster, which then has to be oriented correctly.

  • Boring, too easy, and repetitive

  • pretty good, but will get sick of it soon

  • Dave Miller

    Deleted it yesterday after playing it twice…got boring and repetitive…

  • EvanTheGamer

    Looks fun! And gotta love the music!

  • KleenDroid