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Contest: Win a Nexus 7 32GB With HSPA+ and a $25 Google Play Gift Card! (Update: Winner Picked)

If you listened to The Droid Life Show from last week, then you’ll know that we have two weeks of contests ahead of us that are filled with tablets, tablets, and more tablets. For this week, Google is the host, having offered up five (5) Nexus 7 32GB HSPA+ tablets and $25 Google Play gift cards to go with them. Together, they make for one hell of a holiday pairing. You get our favorite tablet (Nexus 7 review), plus $25 to spend on content for it. How can you beat that?

So each day this week, we’ll be handing out a Nexus 7 and a Google Play gift card to one amazing reader. The contests, as usual, will be simple so that everyone can join.

But before we jump into this, we’d like to thank Google for putting up these great prizes. They told us that with Android having such an amazing year, they simply wanted to thank sites like Droid Life by giving away a bunch of goodies to readers. Thanks, Google.


Update: We have our winner. Their name is Its N1nja and their winning entry was:

From bombs and shrapnel
Android life is for the win
And down goes Apple

We received a ton of great entries, but of course the winner was selected at random. We will create a special honorable mentions post tomorrow so we can share our favorites. If you didn’t win, don’t worry! We have four more days of tablet giveaways.

Prize:  1 (one) Nexus 7 32GB HSPA+ tablet and 1 (one) $25 Google Play gift card.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, give us your best Android haiku.
2.  If you need to learn more about haiku, hit up Wikipedia.


Today, at 4PM Pacific, we will choose the winner from the comments.

*Winners need to have U.S. addresses.

  • Steveo94

    Out of all smartphones
    Android is the king on top
    Even Siri knows

  • “Yeah uhuh yo check it chickii, wabooti chikii
    Mic Check 1 2
    Yeah Dj uhuh
    my snare sawn..raise it up a bit”

    Android (community), the ferocious monster been top at tech games

    Innovation as they call it, these cats(developers) know where they stand

    Apple, Nokia, Rim, windows and meh.. whatever, patent wars is all you can claim


  • drewfus0929

    It’s really too bad
    The Nexus Seven has a
    Crappy Tegra 3

  • Mike Head

    Breathe in the sweet air
    Andy beckons from the Nexus
    FREE from iPhone!

  • mbagasao

    Nexus, oh Nexus
    With your bootloader unlocked
    Learn Motorola!

  • Ariej

    little green robot.
    your success always prevails.
    android never fails.

    ANDROID 4 liiffffeeee <3

  • Piotr G.

    I was never good with poetry

    NFC on verizon you say
    To Google wallet they say nay
    So root and laugh away

  • Android is fastest
    It beats iPhone any day
    Its open source too

  • Christian Jacob

    A new free tablet?
    Twenty Five Dollar Gift Card?
    The Answer, Droid Life!

  • Aaron

    Android always sweet
    Key Lime Pie will be sweeter
    I am getting fat

  • tehserver

    Bigger but not thick
    Seven inches of glory
    Nexus completes me

  • Jorge

    The sound of water
    frightens the Nexus Seven (7)
    Otterbox it is.

  • Better than apple,

    It’s why we love you so much

    Phones, Tablets and such.


  • Aaron Scott

    An Android haiku
    I’ve written one for all you
    Now time for a poo.

  • Scheme47

    Nexus seven soars
    Google did great with this
    Droid Life pick me please

  • Androids, in my dreams,

    Send me to far galaxies
    Via Android Beam

  • Mark43019

    At This I Am Bad

    Good At Haiku I Am Not

    Android Is AWESOME

  • NexusMan

    I’ve waited so long
    Seven inches so pleasing
    The best tablet yet!

  • James

    a community,
    developing, with a code:
    free, open…android.

  • From Droid to Nexus

    We have loved every second
    So did I win yet?

  • Shane McKeever

    With my Nexus rooted
    I am a chronic flasher
    The ROMs, not the root

  • David Weeden

    An iPad, what’s that?
    Give me the Nexus Seven
    with them JellyBeans!!!!

  • Android in my eye
    a green robot marching
    through December snow.

  • kevd

    Press swipe swipe tap swipe
    Tap enter contest tap close
    Wait for Nexus 7

  • I need a new phone.
    Jelly Bean is for the win.
    My goodness they’re huge.

  • Trenton Wilson

    Restricted you say

    But by crapple it is not

    For the win android

    ( Yoda )

  • Tony Byatt

    Waiting for JB
    On VZW GS3
    Just won’t let it Free…

  • With Nexus seven,
    Convert all nonbelievers,
    Rise, android army.

  • Greatest thing ever
    More than you will ever know
    Gift to everyone

  • Joe

    I love my Note two
    I love Android too
    While Apples I chew

  • Scotty Butler

    If not a Nexus,
    what else is left but iPad?
    Blasphemy, says I!

  • PB&Jam

    Where am I, I’m lost
    Apple Maps bad directions
    Android save me please!

  • Ryeinn

    Ice cream? Jelly beans?
    In my pocket, not melting?
    What is this magic?

  • jmstearns

    Wow technology.
    Use it to walk my own road.
    Android makes me smile.

  • Seven inch tablet
    Made by Google and Asus
    There’s no better choice

  • tootechy

    meetings and meetings
    waste of time, enter Nexus
    freedom for the mind

  • Brian Sanborn

    Note 2 or DNA
    I cannot decide
    For free I’ll take a Nexus 7

  • Corey Foltman

    Vzw gnex is fast
    It has 4.2.1
    Rooted indeed.

  • i cant think of anything right now but heres to hoping i win 🙂

  • Joseph Jacob

    Android leads the pack.
    Technology so advanced.
    Invigorates life.

  • Android is the Best
    Better than all of the rest
    Apple sucks my dick

  • A true nerd you’ll know
    For they would never dare bear
    An Apple logo

  • maldevil

    A DL contest to win today…

    I wish for a Nexus 7 to play…

    and 25 dollars NO WAY!!!

  • George264

    A little tiny Android,

    Eating lots of jelly beans

    He is really fat.

  • Open Source
    Don’t eat from the tree
    My device is free

  • Nexus seven for he.
    A four for she.
    Two happy Nexi’s to be

  • My Android does things
    that the iPhone cannot do
    it is the best phone.

  • Studying for exams
    A Google Nexus would be awesome
    To get away

  • Dilson Silva

    Of Nexus I dream

    Bloggers, make it rain Google

    Live the sweet droid life

  • My wife loves iPhones,
    So I bought her a Nexus.
    iPhone’s on Craigslist.