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Contest: Win a Nexus 7 32GB With HSPA+ and a $25 Google Play Gift Card! (Update: Winner Picked)

If you listened to The Droid Life Show from last week, then you’ll know that we have two weeks of contests ahead of us that are filled with tablets, tablets, and more tablets. For this week, Google is the host, having offered up five (5) Nexus 7 32GB HSPA+ tablets and $25 Google Play gift cards to go with them. Together, they make for one hell of a holiday pairing. You get our favorite tablet (Nexus 7 review), plus $25 to spend on content for it. How can you beat that?

So each day this week, we’ll be handing out a Nexus 7 and a Google Play gift card to one amazing reader. The contests, as usual, will be simple so that everyone can join.

But before we jump into this, we’d like to thank Google for putting up these great prizes. They told us that with Android having such an amazing year, they simply wanted to thank sites like Droid Life by giving away a bunch of goodies to readers. Thanks, Google.


Update: We have our winner. Their name is Its N1nja and their winning entry was:

From bombs and shrapnel
Android life is for the win
And down goes Apple

We received a ton of great entries, but of course the winner was selected at random. We will create a special honorable mentions post tomorrow so we can share our favorites. If you didn’t win, don’t worry! We have four more days of tablet giveaways.

Prize:  1 (one) Nexus 7 32GB HSPA+ tablet and 1 (one) $25 Google Play gift card.

How to enter:

1.  In the comments, give us your best Android haiku.
2.  If you need to learn more about haiku, hit up Wikipedia.


Today, at 4PM Pacific, we will choose the winner from the comments.

*Winners need to have U.S. addresses.

  • Cudemonster

    Galaxy Nexus
    enjoys tasty jellybeans.
    Please get key lime pie.

  • Droid fanboy I am,
    I’d rather a Nexus 10.
    Nexus or nothing.

  • Aaron Latham

    Such a boss
    O Nexus
    I love you

  • Kidqwik

    Glowing robots, 4.8″ display, got maps

  • jfdrangula

    Love my Bionic,
    But Nexus 7 is sweet,
    Could do more with both

  • A gift for the wife
    From Droid life
    A zero cost Nexus
    Much cheaper than a Lexus
    Much cheaper than a Lexus

  • With Tegra 3 in its Belly.
    and an OS made of Jelly.
    Nexus 7 I want to win it 🙂

  • Drewgy

    The products of SamsungI have other brandsNone as great as Nexus

  • Legomancer

    Mobile pond…
    The Nexus leaps in
    The winner

  • Laurak

    Light speed fast it is,

    exploring the universe,
    of technology.

  • Flyinion

    From the gift card apps
    From the Nexus unbound joy
    The human is pleased

  • Thunderbolt loses
    Life quickly HTC
    Update please.

  • Android is the best
    iPhone is for sure the worst
    Android is the best

  • I don’t have Nexus,
    It’s nice; Android’s so awesome
    Elder tab’s good too.

  • jathak

    Verizon Nexus
    Where is Android 4.2?
    Thank you custom roms!

  • androidkin

    Quick and Speedy
    Yet Small and Portable
    Is the Nexus 7 Tablet

  • A Google bounty.
    Loaded with candy goodness.
    Sweeter than Apples.

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    android flowers are blooming
    no apples attached
    good thing that I am route

  • G-Nex in my hand

    I’m trappin’ on my Samsung

    Reppin’ that Jelly Bean

  • Michael webb

    Forever Awesome
    Google Nexus please be mine
    For you will be loved

  • Tyler Hupp

    Straight from Mountain View
    From Cupcakes to Jelly Beans
    Google is a Plus.

  • The big droid fills my void.

  • Droidzilla

    Leave the walled garden,
    and enter the forest wild.
    Viva la Android.

  • Thomas Rogers

    Apple blossoms
    Life is lost
    Stirs the heart

  • Justin

    With Google in my hand Apple is now gone innovation is Google now

  • Bassam

    Waterdrop Tap Ploop
    O, the cool sounds android makes.
    A Nexus Poppa?

  • harryharry

    Apple is the worst
    And screw the iPad Mini
    Give me a Nexus!


  • termiNader

    I want a new tablet
    Haikus are too hard to write
    ’cause I’m disabled

  • Freedom and Customization
    Power to the User
    Nexus FTW!

  • Ramon Aarons

    I want something sweet
    Something to suck
    Jellybean! Is what Im thinking

  • Andro / meda
    She must have an ID.
    It’s AndroID

  • Bassam

    little green robots
    awaken the world with truth
    your success will rise

  • Bassam

    SUE. Court. SUE. Court. SUE!
    Oh..get over it apple.
    think of something new.

  • Adrian Lopez

    G1 to Nexus
    Android Inc. to Google Inc.
    5 years and counting

  • Sean Futach

    Android splash
    I thought my grip was strong
    Bag of rice I must purchase

  • Google Acquired it
    Apple loves to hate on it
    Android For The Win

  • adam king

    Apple and Android
    Never be Friends
    Frivolous lawsuits never end

  • JustinRadice

    Vanilla android
    There can’t be another one
    Soon you will be mine

  • I love the Nexus
    Please give me one for Christmas
    Android for the win!

  • Android is my life
    Use it every single day
    Apple is garbage

  • Douglas Burch

    Power on demand.
    Nexus 7 in my hand.

  • Craig Lambert

    Nexus 7 Christmas.
    Only The Lucky Will Win!
    I Suck At Random.

  • Josh A

    No iPad mini
    You really cannot compare
    Nexus for the win!

  • The world in my hands
    Maps and videos that work
    Now laugh at iSheep

  • J.Michael Stanton

    why do i bother
    i wont win the nexus 7
    they wont read this thing

  • Steve

    Buttery smooth like Jelly Bean
    Android on my Nexus 7 Tablet
    A gift from Droid-Life

  • Trevor

    Vanilla Android
    Nexus Four tugs at my heart
    Damn you Verizon

  • Taylor

    Device flavoring
    Always the sweetest tasting
    I will take Android.

  • Jnell

    Windows wished they could.
    Apple thought they answered it.
    Android conquered all.

  • Android my great friend

    Life is not the same without

    So many flavors

  • Kory Knopp

    FOSS unlocks the gate
    The playground is wide open

  • cloud36426

    I love the Nexus,
    It is my favorite brand,
    Please land in my hand.

  • Hey dear Nexus,
    Imagine the things we could do
    We can rule the day

  • derrickmcc

    The Nexus 7.
    What a nice tablet to win.
    Droid-Life Forever!!!!

  • Christopher Adkison

    Would love a Nexus
    Have iPad collecting dust
    Would sell but dad bought

  • Michael Singer

    Once there was a phone
    Fell in love with a tablet
    Sold both, got phablet

  • scott braunworth

    Oh Android oh Android, how I love thee
    A nexus 7 with Jelly Bean
    And 32gb’s all just for Scotty!

  • Long do I seek you
    Vivid colors of Google
    Many thanks Droid Life!

  • Don’t cry dry your eye
    Android’s little green robot
    Crapped in Apple’s pie

  • Buckoman

    Get a case, it cried
    Refused, but when I dropped it
    It’s screen shed a tear

    (True story of my Droid X)

  • Google is greatest,
    I have a Samsung SII,
    But it’s not Asus.

  • I need a new tablet
    My moto Xoom has crashed and burned
    Hook me up droid life

  • Mike Davenport

    Smart, open, Andy
    Love the dessert monikers
    Hungry for Key Lime

  • Matthew Caplan

    Android is the best
    Nexus seven here I come
    I need one right now

  • Seven inch tablet
    Crazy fast and feature-filled
    Give me some sugar.

  • Armorthane

    This thing just proves
    As long as it fits in your groove,

    7″ is all you’re ever gonna need…

  • Scottyb112

    Look at that small little green man.
    now with Jelly Bean. he can do much more than Apple can!

  • S2556

    First came the OG
    Second came the GS3
    Now N7 to me?

  • forum8417

    how i love android
    it makes me very happy
    your loyal droid fan

  • paul

    Click clack fingers tap
    On project butter smoothness.
    Sans nexus, sadness.

  • Android and I
    Walking with the freedom
    to conquere the apple.

  • Chris

    I’d like a Nexus
    Seven inches is plenty
    Forget Verizon

  • Open-source Android
    Innovates without compare
    Do what you may dare

  • cole hartman

    I love Jelly Butter

    The smoothness is amazing

    Better than Iphone

  • Bassam

    industry leaders.
    we are android believers.
    androiders will rise.

  • DroidXFanatic

    My beloved Android
    You’ve grown so much

    Nexus 7 is all I need

  • jeg

    Open-source beauty.

    Kernels of custom roms. flash!

    Customize, it’s yours.

  • “Does anyone know
    which direction I should go?”
    Get a map iSheep.

  • this guy

    Android is the best
    Nexus seven would be great
    Droid life please pick me

  • 7 inch Nexus of glory.
    That’s what she said.
    I win the internets.

  • Rob Barbulescu

    A tablet so nice
    It runs stock vanilla droid

    I want one right now

  • Verizon why me?
    That you have such great 4G.
    Share plans restrict thee.

  • First was OG Droid
    Then it was the big Droid X
    Now I’m all Nexus.

  • Jellybean is cool,
    But key lime pie is coming,
    Apple will copy.

  • Steveo94

    Out of all smartphones
    Android is the king on top
    Even Siri knows

  • “Yeah uhuh yo check it chickii, wabooti chikii
    Mic Check 1 2
    Yeah Dj uhuh
    my snare sawn..raise it up a bit”

    Android (community), the ferocious monster been top at tech games

    Innovation as they call it, these cats(developers) know where they stand

    Apple, Nokia, Rim, windows and meh.. whatever, patent wars is all you can claim


  • drewfus0929

    It’s really too bad
    The Nexus Seven has a
    Crappy Tegra 3

  • Mike Head

    Breathe in the sweet air
    Andy beckons from the Nexus
    FREE from iPhone!

  • mbagasao

    Nexus, oh Nexus
    With your bootloader unlocked
    Learn Motorola!

  • Ariej

    little green robot.
    your success always prevails.
    android never fails.

    ANDROID 4 liiffffeeee <3

  • Piotr G.

    I was never good with poetry

    NFC on verizon you say
    To Google wallet they say nay
    So root and laugh away

  • Android is fastest
    It beats iPhone any day
    Its open source too

  • Christian Jacob

    A new free tablet?
    Twenty Five Dollar Gift Card?
    The Answer, Droid Life!

  • Aaron

    Android always sweet
    Key Lime Pie will be sweeter
    I am getting fat

  • tehserver

    Bigger but not thick
    Seven inches of glory
    Nexus completes me

  • Jorge

    The sound of water
    frightens the Nexus Seven (7)
    Otterbox it is.

  • Better than apple,

    It’s why we love you so much

    Phones, Tablets and such.


  • Aaron Scott

    An Android haiku
    I’ve written one for all you
    Now time for a poo.

  • Scheme47

    Nexus seven soars
    Google did great with this
    Droid Life pick me please

  • Androids, in my dreams,

    Send me to far galaxies
    Via Android Beam

  • Mark43019

    At This I Am Bad

    Good At Haiku I Am Not

    Android Is AWESOME

  • NexusMan

    I’ve waited so long
    Seven inches so pleasing
    The best tablet yet!

  • James

    a community,
    developing, with a code:
    free, open…android.

  • From Droid to Nexus

    We have loved every second
    So did I win yet?

  • Shane McKeever

    With my Nexus rooted
    I am a chronic flasher
    The ROMs, not the root

  • David Weeden

    An iPad, what’s that?
    Give me the Nexus Seven
    with them JellyBeans!!!!

  • Android in my eye
    a green robot marching
    through December snow.

  • kevd

    Press swipe swipe tap swipe
    Tap enter contest tap close
    Wait for Nexus 7

  • I need a new phone.
    Jelly Bean is for the win.
    My goodness they’re huge.

  • Trenton Wilson

    Restricted you say

    But by crapple it is not

    For the win android

    ( Yoda )

  • Tony Byatt

    Waiting for JB
    On VZW GS3
    Just won’t let it Free…

  • With Nexus seven,
    Convert all nonbelievers,
    Rise, android army.

  • Greatest thing ever
    More than you will ever know
    Gift to everyone

  • Joe

    I love my Note two
    I love Android too
    While Apples I chew

  • Scotty Butler

    If not a Nexus,
    what else is left but iPad?
    Blasphemy, says I!

  • PB&Jam

    Where am I, I’m lost
    Apple Maps bad directions
    Android save me please!

  • Ryeinn

    Ice cream? Jelly beans?
    In my pocket, not melting?
    What is this magic?

  • jmstearns

    Wow technology.
    Use it to walk my own road.
    Android makes me smile.

  • Seven inch tablet
    Made by Google and Asus
    There’s no better choice

  • tootechy

    meetings and meetings
    waste of time, enter Nexus
    freedom for the mind

  • Brian Sanborn

    Note 2 or DNA
    I cannot decide
    For free I’ll take a Nexus 7

  • Corey Foltman

    Vzw gnex is fast
    It has 4.2.1
    Rooted indeed.

  • i cant think of anything right now but heres to hoping i win 🙂

  • Joseph Jacob

    Android leads the pack.
    Technology so advanced.
    Invigorates life.

  • Android is the Best
    Better than all of the rest
    Apple sucks my dick

  • A true nerd you’ll know
    For they would never dare bear
    An Apple logo

  • maldevil

    A DL contest to win today…

    I wish for a Nexus 7 to play…

    and 25 dollars NO WAY!!!

  • George264

    A little tiny Android,

    Eating lots of jelly beans

    He is really fat.

  • Open Source
    Don’t eat from the tree
    My device is free

  • Nexus seven for he.
    A four for she.
    Two happy Nexi’s to be

  • My Android does things
    that the iPhone cannot do
    it is the best phone.

  • Studying for exams
    A Google Nexus would be awesome
    To get away

  • Dilson Silva

    Of Nexus I dream

    Bloggers, make it rain Google

    Live the sweet droid life

  • My wife loves iPhones,
    So I bought her a Nexus.
    iPhone’s on Craigslist.

  • Android, oh so nice.
    How I wish to feel you twice.
    On toilet, and bed.

  • Jerod Singley

    An Android a Day
    Keeping the iPad away
    Purple monkey sway

    (I suck at haikus
    Because I’m out of practice
    But, Droid-Life is cool)

  • Droid is life.
    Google happens now.
    Nexus 7 makes happiness.

  • Bassam

    industry leaders
    its success continues to rise
    android believers

    ANDROID 4 Liiffeee <3

  • android is the best
    there is no doubt about it
    trust me on this one

  • Nick

    My phone has it all
    And enjoys eating Apples
    It’s Android, stupid

  • This looks amazing
    I wish I had one right now
    Please Droid Life Santa

  • Brad Heaney

    droid life is my life
    Christmas comes but once a year
    nexus connects us

  • Jeremy Nguyen

    Android Nexus tab
    Taking notes during chem lab
    Finals week’s a drag

  • android is amazing
    google’s better than apple
    i love my nexus

  • A nexus 7 that is
    I want to have
    I want to use
    to make my Android Life complete

  • Android is the best
    The Nexus will stand the test
    Craple, fools the rest

  • ScottyByrd

    The note 2 rocks
    It will never fail
    Android for life

  • I hate UPS
    They lost my lovely Nexus
    They are really dumb.

    Give me a Nexus
    I can use it as a phone
    Please make me happy

  • Martin Pelant

    With a Daydream or not
    Nexus always runs like clock.
    Android is so buttery
    That I want one utterly.
    Give it to me!

    • Trevor

      not a haiku

      • Martin Pelant

        Alright then:

        Nexus 7 wins
        With speed and ubiquity
        It’ll always be there

  • Joe Bassett

    Tiny Linux box.
    Most people have no idea.
    Finally I breathe.

  • erkleehoo

    My nexus is lost.
    To the kids when I am home.
    Give me back my own!

  • fifteen hundred posts
    my chances grow very small
    yet this will be mine

  • Matthew Herring

    Bionic mistake
    Then got Galaxy Nexus
    Now Nexus for life

  • Galaxy SIII
    Wow TouchWiz is so awesome
    Said no one ever

  • fajitatt

    To: Kellex and Droid Life

    Thanks for great contest and news
    From: Loyal reader

  • Guest

    The Galaxy SIII
    Wow, TouchWiz is so awesome
    Said no one ever

    • woops, forgot to sign in when I wrote this one.. Wrote another as signed in, can a mod delete this one?

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    Lawsuits left and right

    Begun the patent wars have

    Can’t we get along?

  • How about you get
    a nexus for christmas too
    or we will boo you!

  • Theo

    Batteries delight
    When my device is in flight (mode)
    Worth it for control.
    (I think I’m high right now)

  • Matthew Kaufman

    I will use this for porn
    And playing games all day long
    But mostly for porn

  • Number7grace

    “Don’t Panic!” it says
    Large Friendly Letters in front
    Who reads Books these days?

  • Open and free
    Fast and reliable
    Sweeter than apples

  • Justin Latham

    Android blue light

    a nerd digs silently

    into the source code

  • How about you
    get a nexus too
    Iphone gets shoe!

  • Derek Gelinas

    the future is here
    of course it’s free as in beer
    we’re all google here

  • Nexus seven is
    The best tablet of them all
    pick me pick me please

  • Dashing through the snow
    On an open platform phone
    Running jelly bean

  • Craig

    Google, set me free!
    Wait, it’s just another tablet.

  • athom07

    nexus 7 here
    thanks to you droid life contest
    i am so grateful

  • SSR

    On cold Winter nights
    Nexus brings warmth and comfort
    iPad grows colder

  • Make me a winner
    I have been a long-time fan
    I need a Nexus

  • Mike M

    Can’t believe I’m doing this
    A haiku for a tablet
    Lament sets in

  • TimXer

    Haiku, droidku, applefu

  • glo

    Kindle or Nexus

    versatility does rule

    Nexus, the winner

  • Roboto is sleek
    Holo is clean, change is good
    This is Jelly Bean

  • My haikus are crap
    But trying to win tablet
    No, still pretty weak

  • Jeff Bank

    Galaxy Nexus
    Bastard child of Verizon

    Thanks for dev support!

  • Jason Kirk

    I once had a phone
    Now I have a smarter phone
    It is an Android

  • android3376

    Small and mighty
    Oh, those 7 inches
    Better than sex?

  • stephen shavers

    I use my android,
    To tape me punching your face,
    Man I am ausome

  • Two-Hundred Bucks, pal.
    More tablet for less money,
    Thanks again, Google.

  • Sam

    I love android haiku.
    I love writing it on Nexus.
    Droid-life knows it.

  • Ariej

    little green robot.
    your success always prevails.
    android never fails.

    ANDROID 4 Liiffeee! <3

  • Mike Ahnen

    my first, gingerbread
    along came Ice Cream Sandwich
    hungry for Jelly Bean

  • Andriod to Apple
    Nexus 7 to IPad
    Noble Nexus Wins!

  • John Santoro

    Android Desire
    First a Droid now a Nexus
    Can’t wait for key lime

  • Honeycomb tried a XOOM…
    Ice Cream Sandwich played a Prime
    and Jelly Bean found a home…Nexus 7

  • My tablet is dead and my day is blue, If i win the nexus, My dream will come true,I will thank god and then i would thank you, for making me feel so brand new .

  • jahsoul

    Love since one point five
    But with haiku I do suck
    Whatever f*** it

  • Sam

    Apples hanging around allover.
    One stone hit em all.
    Stone grave says ‘Android’

  • Android, you are so…
    Why do I even bother?
    I’m not gonna win

  • Andrew Cambridge

    I cannot believe.
    I might own another Nexus.
    My wife will be pissed.

  • Dan Dean

    seven inches will work for now!

  • The droid is hungry.
    Oh what shall he eat today?
    Why an iPhone sir.

  • Nexus for freedom
    From the data capping fools
    Apple wants to sue

  • Kindle to IPad
    to the noble nexus7
    and…. the NEXUS 10


  • Holding the day
    between my hands
    an Android tablet

  • Little green creature
    gets me through everyday
    with not a complaint.

  • Tevik

    Android love is pure
    Though my tablet itch unscratched
    Christmas, come early

  • ProfessAndObey

    Ingress addiction
    working with complete strangers
    never felt so good

  • IPad to Kindle
    Now an amazing nexus
    Which is 4.1

  • 14 percent left,
    Need a battery thats fresh
    Tablet, you are in.

  • SSR

    The cold of Winter

    Nexus brings warmth and comfort
    iPad grows colder

  • Pro Grammatic

    are you kidding me?!
    no USB-OTG??
    soothe souls with freebie

  • Samsung Galaxy
    Is the ideal phone to use
    No other compares

  • humidity

    Best Android Nexus
    No More LG Nexus 4
    Android Fan for Life!

  • Owewil3225

    To have and to hold
    Always cherish my nexus
    Jelly bean and all.

  • t0ked

    Nexus for the win
    apple, nook, kindle try but
    Google wins again

  • I wait for the night
    when the children are asleep
    to adore Nexus

  • Benjamin Choi

    probably wont win.

    figured i should at least try
    wont you prove me wrong?

  • Salvationalizm

    Geeked Out On Google,
    Loving Each Awesome Nexus.
    Droids Rock Out In Droves!

    (capital letters spell out….)

  • Vanessa Louis

    Nexus for Christmas?
    Oh, if it could really be….
    Happy I would be!

  • WCM3

    Slick asus gadget
    Jellybean and data added

  • cfb

    Wishing this x-mas
    For Santa Andy to show
    With Nexus in tow

  • Ryan Teal

    Mythbusters are smart
    Jack should have survived, so
    move over you mule.

  • Ryan Holt

    Courtrooms and lawsuits
    Desperate for sales
    ‘Tis the life of Apple

  • luisrb7

    triumphant Android,
    you are Apple’s one demise.
    Do not be evil.

  • Veridor

    Sweet, sweet jelly bean,
    Nexus treat for the masses,
    updates come fastest.

  • GreeKNastY


  • SMP

    Phone looks like an iPhone
    But it is not an iPhone
    Must be an Android

  • Javier Garza

    Android is the name
    Fast and easy is my game
    Where are all the girls

  • lend me your arms

  • DroidCzar

    Christmas is coming
    Androids for all good people
    Apples go rotten

  • A man named Larry
    Page steers awesome green android
    Into the future

  • Happy Banger

    Android is becoming a trend
    With devices like the Nexus
    I feel like Apple want to sex us

  • Jamie Davis

    The Nexus of life
    is a powerful device
    and freedom to Play.

  • Fistandtias

    Apple grown from mind.
    A legend passes away.
    New legend: Android.

  • Yarsh

    Bad Piggies and Flow
    Cut the Rope Experiments
    Played on Nexus soon?

  • Little robot man
    Green and short drive my table
    With your android ways

  • JMonkeYJ

    i once found a bug
    but an android dev fixed it
    thanks to open source

  • Nexus beats them all
    Apple mini bites the dust

    Nexus For The Win!

  • jbegs

    Open source for all
    Google and Android are here
    Dive in and enjoy

  • Victory reigns when
    Droid, Nexus, and Galaxy
    slay the Spoiled Fruit.

  • Thom Murphy

    Nexus arrives, connected, expanded
    Shrivelled and dying, fruit forgotten
    7 inches of love, or apples rotten

  • satrn

    Nexus is my name
    Being rooted is my game
    Sweet, two Antennas

  • Alex Lancaster

    Such a great device
    Will my random numbers hit?
    christmas could be great

  • Phablet or iPad
    Too much to bear, Goldilocks
    Seven sounds just right

  • So want a great tab
    this is my chance, so here ’tis
    only droid-life helps me

  • Refreshing and cool,
    Android is a sweet summer rain
    that washes the world.

  • Diana Garza

    Haikus don’t make sense
    Nexus makes the perfect gift

  • buck4225

    An Android Tablet
    For This Christmas Twenty Twelve
    Happiness abound

  • I love my Android
    Yes I will always be true
    Well, how about you?

  • Austin

    This is perfection
    You got nothing on this Apple
    Nothing is as cool

  • ICS, Jelly Bean

    Will give you Belly

    Aches, Key Lime Pie NOW!

  • Brian Milner

    Seven inch tablet
    Jobs said they were D.O.A.
    Android said “Nom Nom!”

  • M1 R1

    I screamed and you also screamed,
    Finally Ice Cream Sandwich,
    Wait, what there’s Jelly Beans?

  • Greyhame

    Heuristic patent invalidated
    The crack in the dam
    Nothing stopping us now

  • Green little man.
    Wants to be released.

  • Small, fits in your pants
    The best seven inch tablet
    200 dollars

  • Caleb Martin

    I need a Nexus.
    May I have a free one, please?
    I’ll thank you, Droid Life.

  • Android you’re so cool
    I love you so much
    And this isn’t a haiku
    I couldn’t understand what it was

  • Free to be Android
    Nothing held back from users
    Why you choose others?

  • Sean

    A feast for the eyes
    No more small phone web browsing
    Life synced by Google

  • I made a haiku
    To win a nexus seven
    Please pick me to win

  • Chad Erisman

    Apples not filling
    Give me a dandy Reuben
    Cook and the Jobs done

  • Nexus 7 is dandy
    In my possession is handy
    Jellybean is candy

  • Scott Baron

    Touching it Lightly
    Smooth yet solid 7 inch
    Who wants an iPad?

  • newboyx

    Favorite dessert,
    What could it possibly be?
    Jelly beans of course

  • nexus95

    Always up to date.
    Bootloaders always unlocked.
    All but Verizon…

  • Android is great

    Nexus is great

    I want to win it

  • I know what I don’t
    Seven inch I hear


  • pharmdy

    Android is quite cool
    It makes my day robotic
    Zero one zero one one

  • nsnsmj

    Future is certain
    Android will stay pertinent
    Always relevant.

    . . . .

    Haha, I suck at this haiku thing.

  • please please please please please
    A nexus seven would be
    so freaking awesome

  • It’s the perfect tablet for easy use

  • Quentin

    in droid i trust
    nexus 7 32GB is a must
    just pick me already, jeez

  • Definitely not
    A freaking iPad mini
    Android for the win

  • glee24

    An Android Phone
    World in my palm, along with
    Maps that work

  • Niall Fox

    me, myself and i
    we play and play on our phones
    which are the best ones

  • jer85008

    Nexus Seven Ay

    My phone is just not enough
    Size matters, for a screen.

  • Philip Van Luke

    I need a Nexus.
    My daughter took my iPad.
    Droid-Life is the best.

  • My wife and son both
    Have Nexus 7 tablets
    I want my own too

  • Please Google Play With Me
    I Want A Nexus 7 32 GB
    Droid Life $25 GPGC Me

  • a dream becomes real
    no more waiting or wanting
    nexus is coming

  • JT

    My lovely S3
    Watch my little one play it
    I’ll use the tablet

  • CorranHorn421

    Completely open
    To customize as I need.
    Apple’s worst nightmare

  • Nate Warner

    Tiny, small, and green
    A bug of technology
    Bugdroid does it all.

  • tablet-less I lie
    seeing this

    catches my eye do.

  • S Bosworth

    We Have JellyBean
    iPhone has no Google Maps

    Yet again Droid Does

  • d503

    Absolute control
    Google is benevolent

    Best thing no iTunes

  • christmas time is near
    the child’s seven is wrapped
    where is the father’s?

  • first the OG Droid
    Then came the Galaxy Nexus!
    Bigger is always better

  • Mike

    My Mom loves Apple
    I am all about android
    Xmas Nexus PLEASE!!

  • Droid-Life Rules
    Apple Drools
    Only for Fools

  • jothen2002

    created from the ether
    brings reality

  • mising

    I am Android
    Your world I dominate
    I know the way

  • Android Give-a-ways
    To feed my android addiciton
    Droid-Life fan forever

  • Stephen Shumaker

    Haikus are hard
    Tablets are awesome
    I’ll take good care of you.

  • spudskier

    Green Jellybean Love
    I love my Droid Razr Maxx
    Too much Android? No.

  • 2easilyamused

    Having much trouble
    Thinking up contest Haiku
    Wrote this crap instead

  • Osa Obanor

    Phone I call
    Call IPhone

  • LV

    The wind blows so strong,

    The leaves dancing in honor,

    Wait… you said Android?

  • ramifications

    Galaxy Nexus.
    Not quite good enough this year.
    I need a new phone!

  • TechieWife

    Give me the tablet
    Will make my husband jealous
    I am the tech nerd

  • ACR3597

    Get rid of iPhone
    Android is simply the best
    No argument here

  • bonzix

    Nexus 7 with 32
    Enter a new champ
    How else to read this beautiful Haiku

  • Nexus Android tablet

    Gift card to google play
    anxious hand awaits

  • Jacob Scroggins

    Widgets and Desert.
    Something quick and very sweet
    Makes Android a treat

  • Dave

    Droid cannot be beat.
    Only losers use iPhones.
    Apple can suck it.

  • Kevin Kremer

    The little green man
    That lights up my room and life
    I long for him now

  • A nexus for me,
    How I dream of your splendor.
    I hope that I win.

  • shdowman

    A gift for my kid.
    From her daddy who loves her.
    Santa gets credit.

  • ewilliams1009

    Droid Life makes me smart
    Android makes my heart thump thump
    Nexus Xmas treat

  • Motorola Droid
    Started my love for Droid-Life,
    The best Android site

  • Mom has a Pantech.
    It is an awful tablet.
    No Netflix on it.

  • pezjono

    Droid Life is the bomb
    Haikus they request from me
    Here you go Droid Life!

  • Andy Foard

    small package
    big punch
    that’s the way i like it

  • muffstic

    I love some Android
    I need a Nexus 7even
    I’d love a tablet.

  • Where is my comment?
    Well gee dang, it got buried.
    Can I try again?

  • Stuart Taylor

    Opening Sources
    The playground is now open
    Let the world rejoyce

  • Austin

    I love you, Android
    Green robot for whom I gush
    I need more charge

  • Brian

    I love my Android
    It suits me like a warm glove
    Cold is on the way

  • AranelAlasse

    Open source is great;

    unlocked bootloaders wanted.
    Nexus for the win!

  • sk3litor

    Pink unicorn joy, cm and liquefied toys, no iPhone fanboys

  • Judi

    When Phones like an iPhone

    But it is not an iPhone

    Must be an Android

  • Cowboydroid

    mobile frontier . . .
    a frog leaps in
    becomes green android

  • Jed Hwang

    Android is the best
    Apple is on it’s way out
    Get with the program

  • Real Mobility
    ’cause i have no where to be
    man where’s a dang plug

  • Patrick Maher

    Cupcake Gingerbread
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jellybean
    Android is so sweet!

  • google play all day
    if i had a nexus 7
    free and open, win

  • my wife loves me, she likes droid, i like toys

  • Daniel Zhao

    Nexus devices
    Such a big breath of fresh air
    Just pure Jelly Bean

  • Android is the best
    Apple can suck all the rest
    Lol I love Droid Life.

  • First I Thought About
    Getting an Iphone But Then
    I made the right choice

  • droyd4life

    I love my girlfriend
    I love my nexus 4 too
    shes jealous of it

  • Three updates behind!
    Kiss my Black ass, Verizon
    Key Lime Pie a dream

  • Chuck Norris owns one …
    … Not an iPad, you dummy!
    He knows Nexus rules!

  • What’s A Haiku?

    Apple Maps Take Me There

    Drove Off Cliff…

  • The Google Nexus 7. (No haiku needed)

  • In a world where most
    Are content to be a sheep
    Android sets us free.

  • ticky tocky tick
    Google Now saves me seconds
    swiping up at home

  • Oscar A. Carreño

    Android in its core
    The tablet to rule them all
    A post from my hands

  • Nexus in my dreams

    Keeping hope alive for contest

    Winning come to me

  • Jason James

    Google’s Nexus
    Comes in many sizes
    i want the seven

  • Jason Brown

    present: phones, tablets, internet
    future: mobile network
    Google world domination, nearly complete.

  • Nicolas

    Tegra 3, 3g,
    32 gigs, free money,
    That makes me happy

  • Christopher Williams

    A nexus?
    Made by Motorola?
    On Verizon’s 4g network?


    Android is the best
    Apple is like a prison
    Baaa, say the iSheep

  • Joshua Dudash

    Seven whole inches

    Made from holiday wishes

    Keeping idle hands at bay

  • dantespeak

    Note II is really great

    Galaxy Nexus was too, minus the camera

    But OG-Droid Rules them all.

  • Famouz Starz

    its 7 inches of goodnes i swear
    its not the size of the screen
    its smooth motion of the j bean!

  • Angel Estremera

    Android release me
    From this prison of iPhone
    Nexus means freedom.

  • Coolblue272

    Android is my friend
    Yes Google Now talks to me
    IPhone can suck it.

  • Scottz Razr

    Android Amazing
    Open source Jelly blazing
    Feeds my tech craving

    • Famouz Starz

      ruff ruff GRR GRRRR
      Ruff Ryders!
      Stop Drop shut um down open up shop!

      I swear Scottz is DMX ghost writer

  • Nexus 7 or 10.
    No traces of TouchWiz, Blur, and Sense.
    An Android tablet, I want.

  • Daryl Batson

    A Haiku for you
    What you need Android can do
    Nexus, Pure and New.

  • The Nexus of technology,
    The epitome of it all.
    Able to bring the best of tech in one experience.

  • Andrew Egger

    My Android does everything
    that the iphone cannot do
    so it’s the winner

  • A world at my hands
    Jellybean, google, nexus

    The best, we all know! 🙂

  • Its N1NJA

    From bombs and shrapnel
    Android life is for the win
    And down goes Apple

  • here is my haiku
    i wrote it for all of you
    now the tablet, please

  • evltwn

    Android vs iOS

    Luke vs Vader

    Autobots vs Decepticons

  • DBK

    The false god shudders.

    Cascading flock cries in pain,

    Android has arrived.

  • Chrispy513

    Quality software
    Only nexus devices
    Seven inch tablet.

  • Scott C

    The ‘murican Dream
    Jellybean on my Nexus
    A piece of that pie

  • Craig Price

    I want KDE
    plasma fusion on this
    I’m betting sweetness

  • That little green dude
    Is always buttery smooth
    Nexus 7 rules!

  • My phone is Android
    It is customizable
    Plus, the map app works.

  • Tony E.

    delicious flavors,
    dessert for the mind at play
    on phone or tablet

  • teevee1163

    Droid long ago
    A future time I could see
    Eat not apple tree.

  • Nexus 7 is very smooth like butter but the wife would like the 10inch

  • jdomann

    A brand new tablet
    I compose bad haikus on

  • littleneutrino

    I only see amazing Androids
    Nowhere will I ever see horrible iPhones
    Bathe me in free stuff

  • There once was a reader named hoodie
    he needed a new android goodie
    he went on a quest to seek’th the best

    and Droid-Life delivered the booty

  • Android comes complete
    Australia with Apple
    I’m Dead already

  • A contest here
    I entered there
    Lost them everywhere

  • Chaz Allright

    Droid Life subscribers
    Attempt to compose haiku
    An endless struggle

  • John C

    Its so much MORE- ABLE-TO-DO than iDevices! It has so many selections and never get bored!

  • Justin Q.

    Dear Nexus 7,
    I have never wrote a poem.
    For you, I made one.

  • I need a Nexus
    AOSP is for me.
    Nexus Seven please!

  • Hail

    Android Poetry,
    But Emotion is human,

  • Alex

    Haikus are easy.
    But sometimes they don’t make sense.

  • Seymourpus

    Kindle for reading
    IPad proprietary
    Nexus a homerun

  • MotorolaorDie

    The Chosen One
    Android Is It
    There Is No one else(Condolences To Everything Else)

  • Angela Baldwin

    Nothing needs to change
    Perfection within my hand
    Vanilla Android

  • Guest

    Android is most free.
    Loving it is with great ease,
    This tablet for me.

  • Farrel Lang


  • Tyler

    The perfect tablet
    light, fast, open-source goodness

    The Google Nexus

  • Fresh

    Open source platform
    Revolutionary specs

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    Jellybean, Honeycomb, eclair.
    Cavities galore.
    No dummy, it’s Android.

  • RP3P0

    Google and Android

    Building better devices
    Who wants some key lime?

  • Scott Hardy

    Nexus four, seven,
    and ten. The best of Google,
    now in three sizes

  • Kellex forcing culture,
    and for this a gift;
    a nexus for Porn

  • Don Walker

    Just put it in !!! The network.
    The feel of 7 inches of nexus !!
    Ohh yeah feels so buttery smooth.

  • jaxxmjd

    Jelly Bean is sweet
    Buttery smooth and tasty
    I want Key Lime Pie

  • strows

    G-NEXUS in my hand
    i5 in my friends hand
    We all laugh at iSheep!!!

  • SirRobin83

    Apple Sucks A Lot
    A whole entire bag of dicks
    Android FTW

  • David Hayden

    Never wait
    for an update

  • David Weinstock


  • Cdclark

    Roses are Red, Galaxy S’s
    Everybody loves android
    And I do too

  • Kernschatten

    Choice and openness
    What Google has delivered
    Other options pale

  • JamisonFrady

    Apple iThing
    a diametric competitor
    Android rises above

  • The Nexus Seven
    Infinite power in hand
    Android Overlord

  • A Happy Wife,
    Equals a Good Life,
    Nexus 7 Please.

  • Uriah Bullard

    Oh my Android mate
    How long must we wait
    For “CheeseCake”

  • Jigga_Z

    Green, happy Bugdroid
    Wanting a tasty dessert
    He craves Key Lime Pie

  • Michael Hartpence

    This seven incher,
    Is quite the little beasty,
    And comes with 3G.

  • Nexus in my hand
    Pure Google in my fingers
    Why is it sticky?

  • Grammy G3 (AKA Droid Grammy)

    Snow falls – bored inside

    Techy Grammy – wants Tablet…

    Please, Please Santa K

  • GreggC

    seven things to love:

    quad-core light fast jelly bean

    google now play fun

  • Seth Arrazola

    I Am Not In School
    Stop Making Me Think So Hard
    Just Give Me Nexus7 Reward

  • Steven Letourneau

    S = k Log W

  • ryan sevilla
  • ConCal

    Droid Life gives me news
    Android gives me a mobile life
    damn I have no life

  • Jim Vitatoe

    Nexus today

    Android for the future

    Can not wait for summer

  • Jack Stone

    Android is Future
    Droid-Life is Champion
    And just give me the Nexus tablet

  • iPad? Not for me!
    Sounds like a cyclops’ tampon.
    Nexus is the boss!

  • The card Play
    Equals endless fun
    With the hand of a Nexus

  • dcstix

    My tab. was broke by rock
    If you have some in stock
    I’d really like to try my luck!

  • Good laughs with Android
    Google now question of life
    Your answer not stallion

  • quiklives

    GSM G-Nex
    It’s all I could ask for now
    Low cost plan winning

  • Troy Fillerup

    Android is rising
    Taking over the iPad
    All hail Andy

  • alienlandingpad

    wetly drips the sky
    drops make large small dots; my driod
    likes the water not

  • Android is the king of it
    phones, tablets, and more
    Why would I settle for less?

  • Jeff Shelton

    My hand is empty
    Waiting to slide my fingers
    On your Jelly Bean

  • Josh

    Open source freedom.
    Apple losing its traction.
    That must sting a lot

  • Seeking Nexus
    Droid-Life is hope

    No money in bank

  • ROBV_100

    Loving my android
    Phones for over two years now
    Never going back

  • vicki

    Seven inch delight
    Morning, afternoon, and night
    Jelly bean consort

  • addicuss

    I am a small man
    ipad is too big for me
    nexus 7, perfect.

  • Walter Bennett

    OG Droid Starts it out
    Droid X kicks it up
    Nexus line For the Win

  • Brian

    A modern marvel
    Nexus 7 floats aloft
    Quad buttery smooth

  • mikefromson

    Open source greatness
    Developers Abundance
    Down with the apple!!!

  • Charles Eger

    Green little robot.
    Making our lives easier.
    Fast and powerful.

  • ‘Twas the night before Christmas
    Santa gave to me
    New Google products for free 🙂

  • maxphoto

    Cuddled with my Android late into the night
    Awesome apps floating through my head
    Sleeping… trying not to drool on my phone

  • Miguel Hernandez

    Tablet for xmas?
    Can’t beat a nexus 7!

  • randompsychology

    Good Morning, Bugdroid.

    Nice to see your cheery face,

    First thing every day.

  • Tony Harper

    Android is MY choice.
    Hands are empty.
    Nexus 7 is the answer.

  • At the ancient ROM

    A user plunges in to

    the sound of updates

  • kselby

    Android all day
    Apple forbidden
    I need me some Nexus

  • Bryan Saroza

    imagined when young,
    been taken to new places
    can’t wait for future

  • DanRunsWithSwizzors

    Streaming through depths of data

    Droid is what you are looking for
    To touch, feel and see

  • Jeremiah Brockman

    Nexus is a tablet.
    Seven inches long.
    Plays games good.

  • Jeremy Martin

    With every passing year
    Google’s Android gets better
    Now it comes with sweet butter!

  • Brenden Monroe

    sleek, handheld nexus
    games, movies, google to go
    home and bus best friend

  • Android takes the cake
    nexus seven with jellybean
    you will always win

  • I need a nexus
    No desire for ipads
    Only android friends

  • Scott Hardy

    iPad mini won,
    but sold the very next day,
    bought a Nexus 10

    • Scott Hardy

      True story, just happened over the weekend

  • Adam Horowitz

    A Haiku? What’s that?
    About Android, you don’t say?
    So confused, so lost.

  • Mr ilheis

    limitless while bound by none
    clench the true essence of handheld power
    beyond your dreams with root

  • chanstar

    Roses are Red,
    Violets are Blue,
    F*** Apple!

  • Matthew Mone

    Nexus is Nexus
    Converging form and function
    To and from Nexus

  • King of Nynex

    First there was Apple
    then Android made new tablets
    Forget Microsoft

  • Breakfast4Dinner

    Root me, root me now,
    Please unlock my bootloader,
    Custom Firmware Rocks!

  • bevosangryghost

    Little green robot
    Though you are named for desserts
    You are not tasty

  • Vyrlokar

    Four, Seven, and Ten

    Objects of my Desire

    Obviously referring to the Nexus models, that had some availability issues 😉

  • taka torimoto


  • Galaxy Nexus.
    Wish I had a Nexus 4.
    Nexus 7 would do.

  • HollywoodWebber

    Past Ice cream sandwich
    Jellybean is the present
    Future Key Lime Pie

  • Yasin

    ANdroid will rule
    Apple is filed with a buncha fools
    Nexus`will rule

  • Matthew Bennett

    love nexus seven
    Another one would be great
    Google is the best

  • Masta Marc

    The brutal storm gives way to a sunny sky.
    Android is awesome!

  • Jeremy Price

    Jellybean goodness buttery smooth touch,

    My laptop asleep and collecting more dust,

    My Android tablet still number one.

  • JoshGroff

    Google is the best
    Crushes Apple, no contest
    Especially Maps

  • Kristopher Meyer

    Custom Rom’s and Themes
    Google Now on Jellybean
    Nexus 7 is So Clean

  • thesocialshift

    Oh the winter blue
    busy lives, too fast they move –
    Now I stay synced too.

  • Jason Hansen

    Haiku is hard, so
    pretty please pick me!

    Android is easy. 🙂

  • Jason Jackson

    Android equals freedom good day DROID – LIFE

  • YARDIE87

    My daily intake.
    Vitamins, Fish Oil, & one more.
    The tablets of my Life.

  • Bryan

    iPhones can’t compete
    Android makes my life complete
    So let me win it

  • wordsmither

    randomness seeks
    a meaningful union
    the nexus of life

  • who doesn’t love a android tablet, and one today
    to win to top it off with a google gift card?

  • Apple is childish
    Pouts and takes toys and goes home
    Open Android plays

  • RustyTechGuy

    Droid Life is so grand
    Google is simply the best
    Ship my Nexus fast

  • okp3

    nexus 7, yum
    jelly beans are so tasty
    how ’bout them apples?

  • Adam Lauver

    Pinnacle of tech
    It does everything I ask
    Nexus I desire

  • bluefolder

    OG Droid came first
    Still rocking VZ Nexus
    Help grow collection

  • Kyrok7

    The cake is a lie?
    I really wanted some cake.
    Give me frickin’ cake!

  • jore13

    Don’t know what to do
    But I want to win badly
    Pick me, oh yeah, Android

  • maxphoto

    Android is with me late into the night

    Awesome apps dancing through my head

    Sleeping….trying not to drool on my phone

  • me08053

    Little Android Man
    Threw wrench in Job’s master plan
    His patents get canned.

  • Chris Bercaw

    Android I love you
    you complete my mobile needs
    now let me win please!

  • Wasted my money
    On the 200 8 gig
    This will stop the tears.

  • Zachary Perschau

    Floating android cloud
    Raining jellybean wonder
    You’d think it’s heaven

  • Android yet to be
    can you come and play with me
    Droid life will decide

  • Michael Ford

    You are not to thick
    Girls love to check out it’s width
    You are great, nexus tablet

  • My Android does things
    That the iPhone cannot do
    It’s better than jank Phone.

  • AranelAlasse

    Poetry is nice.
    Iambic pentameter
    is my fav’rite, though.

  • Peemee

    Nexus 7 I want to play.
    I would root this right away.
    Apple Blows I say.

  • Christmas Comes Early
    Winning a Nexus 7
    Pick Me Just Once Please

  • matt c

    Love me some android
    Entering contests for years
    Never have won yet

  • Jtay23

    samsunb gs3
    droid life and me
    make one hell of a team

  • Alvin

    Android has my heart
    For iOS or Windows Phones I will NEVER part
    My skinned phone needs an AOSP friend
    Would love to own a Nexus again 🙁

  • brandon kosanovich

    Cell phone and tablet
    Android not yet updated
    This could help me out

  • Yasin


  • TheBandit

    Apple, oh, Apple
    Ipad mini, Nexus 7
    My decision, Jobs would cry.

  • Sool777

    Nexus this and that
    Android fun and whacky
    Give me nexus tab

  • Ken

    Not like a fruit from a tree,

    Always in season.

  • Jay

    Customize your life

    With a powerful device

    Tis the Droid season

  • jmasterj

    Best punch for the price
    T-Mob data for thirty
    The Nexus Seven

  • BK

    iOS was king
    then Google Now glory came
    Long live the new king!

  • Sean Foy

    Greener than apple
    A garden with fewer walls
    TouchWiz is still rough

  • Graham Oxborrow

    Nexus 7, great
    Jelly bean, even better
    Getting them free, best.

  • Andrew Burrage

    An Android haiku?
    Ain’t no one got time for that.
    We all know it’s best.

  • hatboysam

    Android Jelly Bean
    So fast, thank you Matias
    Can’t wait for Lime Pie

  • Been using Android
    But never on a big screen
    I want that tablet

  • It fits in my hand,
    Its nexus seven indeed!
    Bye ipad mini!

  • What is a haiku
    I don’t even know do you
    Give me that nexus

  • GreenMeansGo

    December one-oh

    With new Nexus 7 it’s like

    December two-five

  • Gorilla phone that’s unbreakable!

  • I wish I had one.
    Oh man why am I so broke?
    Droid-life, please supply.

  • John Simonelli

    Covered In Rubber.
    Perfect, Not To Lose It’s Hold.
    A Nex 7 I’m Told.

  • To compare Android
    To Apple is to compare
    Chocolate to poop

  • Cut from the same stone,
    More useful than an iPad,
    But needs some polish.

  • Disqus_engadget13

    Apple this, apple that, humpf
    tis’ the time for giving droids
    great stocking stuffer

  • gamble2gain

    I woke up with roids
    Androids with Jelly beans

  • Toy for my daughter.
    Tool and reader for my wife.
    A tablet family.

  • roswellraygun

    Oh Nexus 7
    As I watch you from afar
    I’m lost without you

  • Nervous commenter
    typing slowly at first then
    Nexus seven love

  • Fistandtias

    Apple grown on tree.
    A legend passes away.
    New legend: Android.

  • Sam

    A dessert in a desert.
    Simplicity among the fancy.


  • Android razr maxx/ it is a mother flippin’ treat/ why you look at me

  • joemega2010

    How are you droid-life?
    I want a nexus 7
    So please let me win

  • Justin Bowers

    Android is the name
    Run wild and free is the game
    Apple we put to shame

  • Jacob Shaver

    Fresh winter snow flakes
    Dreams of jelly beans dancing
    about my Droid filled holiday.

  • Corey Hass

    It is my birthday

    Open Sourcing for the WIN

    Gimme NEXUS please!

  • Google Now is slick
    Better than Siri and quick
    Gets me all the chicks

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    Nexus got me girls
    B***** on my D***
    Unlock,root, rom dat B****

  • DroidLife holiday contest
    Every Android fans want
    A Brand New Nexus 7

  • A Nexus Seven
    With a wireless connection
    Could one ask for more!?

  • powerful tasking
    sleek smart design in my hand
    answering phone calls

  • Touchwiz Nature, bewail.
    Flavors with Vanilla are Supreme.
    Sweet Stock, spoiled.

  • Inevitable!
    My biology merges;
    Synthetic synapse.

  • Android is awesome
    Open-Source makes me happy
    Apple go away

  • Delonta Wilson

    nexus is android
    seven inches of tablet
    Adds to my habit

  • JoshGroff

    Best Android news site?
    Obviously it’s droid-life.
    Nothing else compares.

  • huskerkate

    Android or Apple?
    I’m a crack flasher, tis true
    then Nexus for you!!!

  • themattbradley1

    This nexus is a jar
    sweet treats I can almost taste
    jellybeans for me

  • Tammy O’Neill

    Beautiful and sleek
    nexus is a great device
    a joy to play with

  • AustinML

    Perfect size and weight
    Grips soundly in either hand

    If only was free

  • Sean Cahill

    About fragmentation:

    Developers and users united
    To secure their mobile freedom
    Out of many, one android community.

  • Guest

    It is my birthday

    Open Sourcing for the WIN

    Gimme NEXUS please!

  • I need a Nexus7,
    a tablet of the gods,
    the wife would be happy.

  • Javier Ceballos

    Nothing like kicking back in a hammock, with a cold one and in the company of android.

  • BenS

    Stuck on Gingerbread.

    When will my upgrade be here?


  • Sarah Snider

    Husband has to have you
    I don’t know how to use you
    My kids love you Android

  • AranelAlasse

    Androids are awesome.
    Long live Star Trek TNG
    and Linux cellphones.

  • cn

    A Nexus tablet
    Courtesy of Google Inc?
    Thank you very much!

  • Jonathan Presnell

    iPad no thank you
    Envious the neighbors be
    for my win of thee

  • Jxpinc

    Android Razr Maxx, a real mother flipplin’ treat, typing on it now

  • Sam

    Samsung n HTC dress android beautifully.

    But naked is more beautiful.
    Nexus is naked Android.

  • farmerbrian

    apple fans make fun
    my droid is still number one
    I’d love a nexus 7

  • chanstar

    The Nexus 7…a powerful device,
    A gift for me…and my wife,
    Am I winning this? Yes from Droid Life!

  • Nick Notte

    HP Touchpad
    What the hell was I thinking.
    Please gift a nexus

  • Sam

    There is a book named technology.
    Mango and Doors are writing few chapters.
    Android was used as a reference guide!

  • Greg

    nexus one s four
    Verizon where is my phone

    Moto Nexus yes

  • Anthony

    nexus 7

  • Daedeus

    RAZR maxx HD
    I finally have a phone
    That goes the distance

  • Root my O G Droid,
    Phone works well for two years.
    Why can’t all use stock?

  • martyhalpern

    Seven inches of black, night.
    Firm button press, on.
    Google lights, day; joy!

  • Sam

    Jack of all trades.
    Also, Master of all.

  • Dennis Grant

    Apple was the king

    Android, once a lowly prince

    New king has risen.

  • Ayyy

    Mad Nexus goodies
    Make me spit that hard haiku
    Android going HAM!

  • Ah, nexus haiku
    Though a poet i am not
    nexus nexus bam

  • Sam

    My girlfriend likes it.
    My girlfriend loves it.
    I envy you, Android!

  • Jsin Jaques

    BugDroid, my name is
    Eat deserts, I truly do
    Pie stained face is soon

  • geonautics

    Glorious morning.
    Nexus Seven in one hand,
    Coffee in other.

  • ralphwiggum1

    Best Android tablet.
    “What is the Nexus 7?”
    This is Jeopardy.

  • Only the Protoss,
    Wished they had,
    A Nexus like this.

  • Sam

    Haiku is a kind of poem.
    Old dictionary Still says.
    Forgetting its a new way of getting nexus!

  • One Hundred Zeroes
    Is A Google. Pick me now.
    So I Not Hundred One

  • Google sets us free.
    Free from Apple tyranny.
    Android: we all need.

  • There are many ways

    to entertain, work, and learn.

    My choice is Android.

  • Apples may be green
    But that is the only thing
    They share with Andy

  • Logan

    I’ve played with iPads

    Why all the restrictions, Apple?

    Google Nexus wins.

  • Sean Archer

    Verizon Nexus
    Quick to update software first
    Someday maybe soon

  • First HTC horrible
    second moto stupid
    Should of gone to Google.

  • mitcht64

    Heavenly Android,
    Your smile so wide,green and bright.
    Makes my life complete.

  • Wes H

    Glorious tablet
    I love you with all my heart
    Please give me free stuff

  • Travis Faulkner

    Started with a Droid

    Loved it so much I could Die

    Now my g-nex I love

  • What? Change the keyboard?
    Wait, I can’t change the keyboard.
    Sucks to be you, dude

  • skylog

    galaxy nexus
    made me smile for one year now
    apple go away

  • felipeghale

    Google a rhyme,
    In time today; Devine.
    Fast, smart in time.

  • Pick up the Nexus
    It is one of my children
    I will love always

  • Roga

    Not too small or big.
    Seven inches, all I need.
    Just perfect for me.

  • Froyo was okay.
    Gingerbread was better, but
    Jelly Bean is love.

  • Mean and Green is he
    Android man to the rescue
    Let your phone be free!

  • My boyfriend loves me
    But he also loves Android
    He loves Android more.

  • Google device in my palm…
    Do I use my computer any more?
    I’m more MOBILE than that!

  • If you wish to know
    All Android news worth knowing
    Droid Life is for you

  • Josh Karwoski

    Their choices may perplex us
    Always go Nexus

  • Justin

    this contest is genius
    google nexus seven i love
    let us join forces

  • Droid life and Google
    Have partnered this season for
    Free swag for us all

  • Guest
  • Jeff Cauley

    I am not a poet
    Though I bet Droid Life knows it
    Just want the tablet

  • Jason

    free android tablet
    a chance to win one today
    google gift card too?

  • Android is awesome
    iPhone is not close
    Jellybean kicks as

  • Erik Parshall

    An Apple a day
    Is like taking too much coke.
    One day you will learn.

  • David Oliver

    Have tried the rest
    Android comes out the best
    Really, no contest!

  • 2 years later, one
    Droid X continues to run
    Still Froyo, 2.2

  • Neal Horowitz

    Android, the OS
    I love to use and tinker
    iOS, no thanks

  • Justin

    A tablet i need
    google play card you keep now
    droid life please hear my desire

  • Need a new tablet

    Can’t afford one on my own

    Won’t get an ipad

  • Guest

    My boyfriend loves me
    But he also loves Android
    He loves Android more.

  • Intuitive UI,
    Use with any device!

  • Jordan

    Studying for exams
    A Google Nexus would be awesome
    To get away

  • Drock274

    I like my Android.

    Life is so much easier.

    Droid-Life is the best!

  • Prime7

    Verizon users:

    Updates are never coming

    Use a custom ROM

  • Kyle Hughes

    I started with cupcake
    Now I am on jellybean
    Android dominates

  • Cheap is good

    But free is better

    Nexus 7 and Droid together

  • Connected to all aspects Droid

    Life without it is meaningless

    Nexus brings them together seemlessly

  • android for my phone
    also for my tablet, duh
    no apple for me

  • annarbor

    Slender, fast, and grey.
    Children silently reading.
    The Nexus silences saves the day.

  • MasterEthan

    Boot it up
    Plug it in
    Unlock the wonderful Android magic within

  • Last month I thought I was lucky when I found an iPhone 4 in a parking lot…turned it in and was never claimed so I was contacted by the store and they gave me the device…well it’s the biggest piece of garbage I have ever used. I currently have the Droid Razr and would love to get my hands on one of the offered google devices for my boy, since I can’t afford to buy him one, but he sooo deserves it. He has been through a lot this past two years and a google device and beats audio headphones is all that 14 year old young man on the house wants!!!! Google rules, iPhone drools!!!!

  • dave

    nexus 7
    a great device
    would be better if it was mine

  • Tyler

    Verizon is great
    Their updates all come too late
    I would rather not wait

  • RobertE

    Tablet wanting
    Wise ones buy Nexus
    Apple sours

  • nobody72

    Hee Haw Hee Haw

    Haiku Haiku Haiku
    Hee Haw Hee Haw

  • Mustang5Oh

    Android is the one
    That makes Kellen say FACKWORS
    Yay for Nexus 4

  • Small tablet in my hand
    Big universe under my hand
    Control I wish over it

  • My Droid Bionic
    Finally Has ICS
    Now need a tablet

  • Chris Mulliner @x_Asteo_x

    How many questions
    Can you ask Google Now?
    Siri, sit down.

  • android makes me happy
    icecream sandwich is yummy
    banana hammack

  • Franz

    Tegra 3 is good.
    ASUS build is also good.
    Google married both.

  • Lee Long

    A Tablet I Want
    A Haiku Must Be Penned
    A Win For Me

  • Justin

    Apples are for eating
    A tablet is fleeting
    Droid is king

  • Happy green robot
    Extirpate evil red fruit-
    Juice! Raucous laughter.

  • Shawn B

    I dream of Android
    and winning a Nexus 7
    Powerball? Not me!

  • xRand0mx

    Apple and android
    Why must we fight patent wars
    Can we get along

  • Futbolrunner

    Android is heaven
    Apple is hell
    Droid Life keeps me swell

  • Nexus contestant
    So deliver this present
    Droid Life lieutenant

  • steven baker

    Epic is this

    Android I say!

    A winner, clearly will be made

  • Justin

    A tablet I dont need
    But my want is greed
    Droid I do bleed

  • Jroc869, Cool story bro

    Android is the best
    The Nexus will stand the test
    Craple fools the rest

  • larry wright

    Android tablet in my hands
    With out you
    I’ll be lost again, again

  • James

    7 inch goodness
    in a tablet form
    surfing internet pipes like a boss

  • Android, I love you
    Electronics dream of you.
    Droid will never part.

  • dhirensavalia

    All Androids are great,

    Tis the season of giving,

    So let me have one.

  • Gingerbread houses
    The roof covered with ice cream
    Topped with jelly beans

  • Lester Washington

    When I win this
    My friend will love it
    And so will I

  • Guest

    Gingerbread house
    The roof covered in ice cream
    Topped with jelly beans

  • Chavez Y Chavez

    I am Broke 🙁

    Free Google Nexus 7


  • lzcool

    Black and mean in its league.
    Strong and banging.
    Go Nexus now or perish with the rest.

  • Nexus 4 I love
    but no SD card there is
    very bad phone you are!



    Seven inches to small
    she said, so Google
    Whiped out the Big ten inch

  • TheRealHotshot

    I need a Nexus 7 for work
    iPad won’t do
    Android for the win

  • Guest

    Gingerbread housesThe roof covered with ice cream

    Topped with jelly beans

  • mising

    I am Android
    Your world I dominate
    I know the way

  • wife want’s ipad 2
    Android user i do be
    save me some money

  • Galaxy Nexus
    One year you have served me well

  • Nexus 7 or other tab
    Go with the best above the rest
    Nexus 7 smashing all of the rest.

  • Zach Ramaekers

    Need My Stocking Filled
    Nexus Seven on My List
    Droid Life Be St Nick

  • Darren Anderson

    Better Than iPhone
    Haikus are very hard to do
    Bacon Bacon Mmmm

  • Steve-o

    Galaxy Nexus
    Wants a homecoming dance with
    A Nexus Seven

  • Justin

    DL contest I entered.
    Winning a tablet is concern.
    Tonight I find out.

  • Riversidian

    Woeful of my waning battery life
    I re-root and seek a custom kernel
    Phone now shuts off when I take a picture

  • bhoward4181

    A Nexus Seven?

    And a Google Play gift card?

    No chance I’ll win this.

  • For a prize of two –

    Oh MY! The things I would do..

    Or .. just write Haikus?

  • Akeem McAllister

    Christmas is so soon
    Droid Life giving this
    How thoughtful and so awesome

  • Erik

    Secure bootloader

    Allows for no Android fun

    Should have bought Nexus

  • If I do not win
    A new Nexus 7 tablet
    Tomorrow I’ll buy

  • My life was a mess
    Then came a special OS
    Ah the life, Android

  • sean field

    An open source kingdom
    Gets Jobs done
    An apple a day…

  • A Nexus Seven
    Would look great under the tree
    Happy Holidays!

  • Mason Lammers

    nexus tablet king
    a prize of you we adore
    now come to dady

  • JustinD2473

    galaxy note 2
    verizon finally has
    even if it’s locked

  • Whit Procter

    Haiku for tablet
    Random winner is here
    Big shoes to fill.

  • An open system
    Developers dream of such
    Google makes it real

  • deslotnick

    For you and for me.

    So amazingly friendly.
    Andy the Android.

  • My daughter has an
    Android Tablet of her own
    My wife needs one too!

  • IPad is useless.
    Google over Apple wins.
    The Play Store for me.

  • Matthew Arthurs

    O Droid X
    Boot 4.0.1,
    But slowly, slowly!

  • bobbymay1

    The phone that I use
    Droid, with the glowing red eye.
    Not the puny i

  • Liderc

    Jelly Bean, it’s beautiful
    You often make me smile
    Going to have my Nexus for a while

  • Freedom, openness–
    Two of what it harnesses;
    Power in OUR hands!

  • Mark Woods

    Happy is the one
    Who uses Android daily
    A clean slate satisfies

  • bamastang

    What is an Android
    Open source mobility
    Once bitten Apple is not

  • Seth Kelley

    Bought a Nexus Phone!
    But now three updates behind?
    Damn you Verizon.

  • Dan Frese

    The power of Droid-LifeI’ve brought on my phone!Gift from Google

  • Christopher Schaefer

    Google succeeds.
    Apple impedes.
    While Microsoft clings to it’s past.

  • Nate

    Unfathomed power
    others may strive to achieve,
    an android platform

  • fully fantastic
    I really need a tablet
    why not choose me please

  • Nexus7 Like The Wind
    Shrouded In Mystery
    You Can’t See It,
    But Oh What Bliss.

  • Ryan Malone

    Android or Apple
    What does one choose
    Android of course

  • Really want to win
    I suck at writing stuff good
    Nexus has auto-correct

  • CJ Gould

    Convert my wife
    She loves apple
    Must set free

    • CodeToJoy

      This is not haiku.
      Five, then seven, then five more.
      Syllables in lines.

  • Drew Yaktus

    Want a new tablet
    Transformer prime outdated
    Nexus 7 please

  • Have an iPad 2
    Played with husband’s 7 tab
    Now I need my own

  • DroidLife and Google.
    Together reach their zenith.
    Nexus is my bliss.

  • ThatHelpfulGuy

    slick seven incher
    apple trys to imitate
    no tablet sicker

  • Love me some haiku,

    But I’d prefer a Nexus,

    Life’s good, either way!

  • Will I need to wipe?
    Same ROM thread, ten posts later;
    Will I need to wipe?

  • Better than Apple Always
    Multitasking and taking names
    Always in my hand

  • Tyler Mathews

    A clever Android

    It knows how to get me home

    <3 you Google Now

  • Frank

    I see a tablet
    It’s for me in the future
    Old goes to mother

  • Michael Maher

    Wonderful Nexus,
    Seven inches of sweet screen
    and high speed data!

  • Andrew

    When I want to play
    I reach for my favorite
    Booze, cigs, and android

  • Little green robot
    Dances in my dreams at night
    I want a tablet

  • butterhasbeenspread

    Nexus for the win
    Pure Android experience
    Nothing is better

  • Mark Lewis

    Apple can suck it.
    Dessert is sweeter than fruit.
    Nexus 7 wins.

  • Josh Ingram

    New Android Version!
    But my phone is six months old…
    ICS always

  • Will Rehse

    OG Droid Starting
    Ever Failing Bionic
    GNex Jelly Bean

  • Jay W.

    In my pocket now
    HTC EVO 4g
    Thanks to all the devs

  • mikehill33

    My Android OS.
    Open, not walled.
    I can haz widget.
    iOS jealous.

  • Galaxy Nexus.
    In need of a friend real soon.
    7 is it you?

  • bigmatai

    An android haiku!?! what’s this?
    Just pick up this tablet
    Don’t be Apple’s next b*tch!

  • CodeToJoy

    Without the limits
    Of iOS and Apple
    Android rules all phones.

  • Alex Cauttero

    With Jellybean here
    In my tent, nothing to fear.
    Keep the kids happy.

  • Mark Lewis

    A cheap great tablet.
    Google has a winner here.
    Maybe I do too.

  • Big Red hates us all

    Damn encrypted bootloaders
    Locked blocked and bloated

  • tjubb

    HIckory Dickory Dock, some chick was…..OHHHHHH!

    Wait, that’s not a haiku, that’s Dicedroid.

  • Skamikaze

    Google Now is great
    Tracks my every step and move

    No college scores yet

  • Dave Goldstein

    Wife wants a tablet
    She can’t have my Nexus 10
    must win this for her

  • Kevin Rees

    That little green droid
    Brings joy to the world
    I’m allergic to apples

  • Starting to drool,
    Goodbye HP TouchPad tab,
    Off to better place

  • Ninjak

    Nexus Thirty-two
    The paragon of tablets

    Thank you Google team

  • Craig White

    Nexus 7, already have
    the wife is always stealing
    she loves Apple no more

  • Eric Peterson

    Love Nexus Seven

    Alas Poor Apple Fanboys

    They have been so Jobsed

  • Android comes to us
    In all its deliciousness
    The sweetest O S

  • Elliott Rains

    Ice Cream Sandwich
    Jelly Bean
    Who needs fruit?

  • MrChase209

    No more Patent for Jobs!
    Now Apple will Fall!
    Android for All!

  • Jonathan Adams

    To download an app
    Insufficient storage now
    Uninstall an app

  • br_hermon

    Nexus or Knock off,
    This winter, trust DL, gift
    what I can’t afford 🙂

  • Here goes nothing…

    Green man dominates
    I-Sheep start to weep
    Siri Suck it!

  • bmandrews7

    Is the news of choice
    Nexus 7 I would rejoice!

  • Kevin Rees

    That little green droid
    Brings joy to the world
    Im allergic to apples

  • beautiful yes?
    android has been there for me.
    iPhones aren’t the best..

  • Bill Anderson

    Hi Nexus 7
    Why would I want this tablet?
    You have maps that work

  • cloutist4

    Give me a Nexus
    Please please give me a Nexus
    That is all I want

  • Iphone would not allow
    I didn’t know how
    Until along came Google now

  • Data always there
    Nexus tab uses the cloud
    Bye bye to WiFi

  • CoryDobak

    I suck at Haiku
    Android would make me better
    Not sure how that works

  • iDevices suck
    Nexus or iPad mini?
    Android FTW!

  • maratu

    I do not need one
    But if handed a Nexus
    I would not let go

  • Mark F

    Android ecstasy…….
    wishing it would come
    this Hanuka.

  • See the Mountain View
    Open source, the only way
    Jellybean, feed me

  • Ice cream Sandwich
    andnow Jelly bean, Nexus
    isa fat kids wet dream

  • Android is freedom

    Form factor be damned I say

    Live long and prosper

  • Mike Strollo

    A Haiku from me
    Is a Haiku just for you
    Thanks for the tablet

  • CheeseMcGee

    Droid does, Apple don’t.
    Am I now a Droid fan boy?
    Yup, cause Apple sucks!

  • Jamie Breakfield

    Delicious desserts
    Nexus 4 and Nexus 7
    We all are winners

  • Alexander H

    Oh Hello Droid-Life
    The techy ones are we all
    On artsy we fall

  • Mr. Joshua

    Blows away rivals
    Productivity for the win

  • Batman

    Apple maps a flop?
    Steve Jobs spinning in his grave.
    Get a Nexus 7.

  • Android is awesome
    Open-Source makes me happy
    Apple go away

  • droid life, a friend,
    it blooms in the sun,
    seven inches of nexus,
    the internet sways,
    huzzah, says GOOG.

  • violator702

    This is Tegra 3
    One tablet to rule them all
    Nexus is with you

  • ant

    haikus are easy
    but sometimes they don’t make sense
    give me a tablet

  • kevintufts

    I love google play
    Always has the apps I need
    Best on my nexus

  • David Cosme Jr.

    Apple cell
    Give me freedom!
    Andy wins

  • Nexus seven love
    much amazon Kindle hate
    DROID life bring me joy

  • Sean

    Challenger appears
    Overcomes mighty forces
    Dominates market

  • larry wright

    O my driod tablet
    without you in my hands
    I am lost til time ends

  • sirmeili

    Open, fast and smooth

    Android surely rules them all

    With choice and options

  • slyder0244

    beautiful screen
    android is superior
    apple loses soon

  • blackbird2150

    Starting on Eclair,
    Through Nexus a new king born,
    Seven inches true.

  • Corey Earlie

    Cutting edge green perfection
    Sweet dessert confection
    Bright as night
    The Apple has started to rot.

  • android is awesome
    google is beast
    can wait for moto to get a piece

  • AntiJeff

    Nexus Seven “Hmm…”
    “Judge me by my size, do you?”
    “For Size matters not”

  • MITBeta

    Were I to win this
    My winter days would have less
    Dad, is it my turn


    Droid-life wants to
    give me a tablet
    and i want it too

  • Bradon Says

    Need nexus 7
    Or maybe i just want one
    no matter must win

  • Stephen Gabriel

    No ipad mini
    Just straight up Android for me
    love that Nexus 7

  • jkp

    Android, your joy
    Android, your toy
    Android more than a phone

  • hamblindave

    Android, my dearest!
    My electronic mistress–
    You entertain me.

  • Steven Lenhert

    Nexus 7 tablet
    Oh so much better than Apple
    That is the request

  • subiedude85

    Android is my friend
    I always wipe his system
    Android loves me back

  • 9TEN11

    Only a Nexus
    Jellybean and unlocked
    True Android device

  • Mike

    milk milk
    around the corner fudge is made

    • Tony Harper

      around the corner iFudge is made

  • The OS is os
    It’s a Google plan

  • SysWiz

    Droid Life must pick me.
    A devoted fan always.

  • Dustin G

    Tabs, sliders, and bricks
    Customize launchers and roms
    A typical droid

  • Not an Apple phone
    No need to break out of jail
    Simply unlock it

  • Brent Cooper

    An awesome tablet.
    So lightweight and portable.

  • Adam Pereyra

    Writing droid haiku
    Do not like any of them
    Won’t win Nexus 7

  • Roswell Cummings

    Amazing Nexus
    Beats Apple’s iPad mini
    Google is awesome!

  • Nexus I would have
    Would make me very glad
    Thank You Droid Life

  • Beelow319

    my gnex just broke
    and im very very sad
    this prize, wish i had

  • Droid Life Christmas Time

    Gifting Tablets For Us All

    But Mostly Just Me

  • LA W

    Beloved Android
    Winter Rain
    Happiness exists

  • silverWRX03

    Wishing for Nexus for Christmas….
    Santa is a Sham!
    Droid Life is new Santa?

  • Earl

    Google Android Jelly Bean
    Powerful and portable
    Nexus 7 the best of Google

  • Blackshowman

    Out with Android Beta
    In with Android Jelly Bean
    Will Kie Lime Pie enter the scene

  • I love my Android
    Customizations galore
    Apple can suck it

  • Brent Newcomb

    Motorola XOOM
    Xoom XOOM XOOM
    I want the seven incher nexus

  • I am not greedy
    But this tablets so speedy
    Want one indeedy

  • duke69111

    Acer and Nexus
    My life’s never been better

    Please come play with me

  • Collin Jackson

    Should I buy Apple?
    Absolutely! But only
    If you like to suck.

  • JG

    A sweet device was born.
    Nexus 7 is hoot.
    Never buy the fruit.

  • l morales

    Nexus 7 tablet.
    Sounds a lot better.
    Than something called, Mini.

  • Doug8307

    Do I need tablet?
    No, but too cool to pass up.
    Please pick me, Droid Life.

  • Jesse Dick

    A device for me
    no fruit in my pants pocket
    Nexus phones for life

  • Oh my Thunderbolt
    It does not have ICS
    I hate HTC

  • Guest

    Motorola XOOM
    Xoom XOOM xoom
    I want the seven in her nexus

  • Brad Dickmann

    So pretty and light.
    Can do whatever I like.
    I will win one day

  • wish this was random
    dont really know how to write hakiu
    hope this is correct

    • CodeToJoy

      Close… two too many syllables in your second line. 🙂

  • Daddo0711

    Galaxy S3
    Languishing on 4.0
    Jellybean save me

  • BrionBrown

    Flash a new ROM, wipe 3 times,
    Android is the best

  • Rich Wentz

    Ice Cream Sandwich sucks
    Jelly Bean is much better
    Key Lime Pie awaits

  • Droid-Life you are the best,
    Kissing Your Ass Should Not Fail,
    If so I have Cash.

  • jaybar

    Sweet are all their names
    From cupcake to jelly bean
    Android is a life

  • nexus 7 i need
    droid life i do adore thee
    pick my poem please!

  • Seven inches of Jelly Bean
    All Googley and sweet
    A tablet you fool don’t knaw on his feet.

  • Play with Nexus
    All Day and Night

  • Brandon Sikes

    Little green monster,
    The time for android is nigh,
    Sell off Apple stock.

  • Alex Layton

    Better than iPad
    A developer’s delight
    I can’t stand fanboys

  • I broke my Nexus
    Wife won’t let me replace it
    My heart is broken

  • Franklin Kuzenski

    Many Angry Birds
    Feel their work will not be done
    Until Pigs can fly

  • Muddy B00ts

    gift cards and tablets
    I would really love to win
    my life is lacking these

  • Rami Vuorinen

    Can I find you here?
    You are so close to me,
    but yet I can’t get you.

  • Kwesi King

    You know you’re getting old, when Santa starts looking younger. But this Nexus 7 would bring me right back to my boy hood.

  • interstellarmind

    Making pie of Apple phones
    Andy you are top
    I’ll take Key Lime Pie instead

  • saundersadam

    Ice Cream Sandwich Was.
    And Jelly Bean OS is.
    Key Lime Pie will be.

  • Give me Nexus
    FCC might arrest us
    Unlock it, my manifestos

  • Ben S

    Android for the win
    Apple and their iOS
    Doesn’t stand a chance


  • The Nexus rules all
    I can’t stand Apple iSheep
    Android FTW!

  • Kevin T

    Google is open source
    Nexus is Google
    Android is nexus

  • Zhangchun Ying

    I dream of open play,
    not fenced in, jobs,
    Give me google today.

  • NorCalDroid

    blah blah blah blah
    I want to win a nexus 7
    blah blah blah

  • nickingninaj

    Vulnerable as a PC
    Invoking the rage of DROIDS

  • J. Wolf

    this is the best tablet
    everyone knows it
    apple can suck it

  • Perfect for Christmas
    A gift for me or my child
    to battle over.

  • I would like tablet
    Google makes one called Nexus
    DroidLife give me tablet

  • video chatting
    with all of his grandchildren
    merry christmas, dad!

  • To stay connected
    Android has been perfected
    Good as it gets

  • Your Gonna Like the way it works. I guarantee it.

    Nexus Lineup.

  • Artificial intelligent
    made of Linux
    and Google geniuses

    lives in my hand

  • rmoyer62

    Apple was jealous
    They unleashed the lawyers but
    Victory us ours

    • rmoyer62


  • For my christmas wish

    I’d like Google Fiber please
    For all the country

  • Geo

    wanting a tablet.
    too many to choose for me.
    just give me one free.

  • delesh

    a warm glow beckons
    my life pours from the display
    machine and I are one

  • Seven inch tablet
    Plus twenty-five dollar card
    Equals hours of fun

  • Brad G

    Love Google Nexus!
    Want a Nexus Seven Please!
    I Thank you Droid Life!

  • caline1

    I want a Nexus

    Enough to ignore my boss —

    “Why aren’t you working?”

  • SchwannyT

    That’s right, I’m Sokka,
    it’s pronounced with an “okka”,
    young ladies, I rocked ya!


  • Android is the best
    Running circles around iOS
    To gloat is the desire

  • My wife has iPad.
    I have a toshiba thrive.
    “Why do you need this?”

  • DJ

    GS3, I own
    Nexus 7 tab, I want
    No money, I have

  • Brandon M

    I want a nexus
    i am bored with my kindle
    so pick me droid-life!

  • mcdonsco

    Android or ios
    Nexus make obsolesced
    Siri is a whore

  • Brand new sweets and treats
    Still I wait for new updates
    F*ck You Verizon

  • the middle sibling
    of the nexi family
    getting attention

  • Oh nexus seven
    Do not fall I fear you’ll brake
    I will cry 😉 😛

  • ahaltcj

    Got a great new game!
    This is fun, I am happy.
    Crap, it just force closed.

  • Jason

    Faster than ever
    os new and improved
    Fruit is boring

  • Masterminded

    Always up to date
    Latest version of Android
    Nexus forever

  • Mrxalon

    To win this tablet would be… Droid-tactic!

  • Graham Wilson

    Android forever
    All day and night
    I love you with all my might

  • Dillon Brown

    Holo is the soul

    Flowing through veins like butter

    Now a Droid is Life

  • StirCwazy

    Seven Inch Android
    Awesome thing in my two hands
    Free, your cost to me

  • Good enough for her,
    Definitely not for me,
    Wife has an ipad.

  • tu3218

    graduating this semester from college
    studying for finals
    a nexus 7 gift to push me through it

  • Alex Dzwill

    Customize Android..
    If you don’t like it, change it..
    Don’t be an iSheep.

  • ArrTooDeeToo

    A song of freedom
    “fastboot oem unlock”
    Music to my ears

  • Larry Franks

    I want the tablet
    I don’t know how
    to write a haiku

  • Girlfriend needs new phone
    Motorola Droid Dying
    Would be best Christmas

  • The Android tablet
    No better combination
    Outstanding value.

  • Matt

    I love me some droid
    So much better than apple
    And it is not close

  • Android is my life
    Hspa plus device
    For me would suffice

  • chilltech

    Explore the Freedom
    The Freedom of Custom ROMS
    Customizing Bliss

  • garcia525

    Android Jelly Bean
    How I deeply long for thee
    Nexus destiny

  • It’s open for all
    To customize as they want
    Root, ROM, and enjoy!

  • DaPenguin77

    My Google Nexus
    Unlocked, overclocked, rooted
    Full device control

  • Kal5el

    With Nexus seven,
    Convert all nonbelievers,
    Rise, android army.

  • Steven Trifu

    Something laughable:
    For breakfast, lunch and dinner,
    Android eats apples

  • thiefnthanight

    Wonderful droid life
    Life isn’t always kind right?
    Please nexus me, yes?

  • Joco1289

    I need this tablet

    There is only one reason

    True AOSP!!!

  • chris carosino

    Thanks to an Ipad,
    Lost in the Aussie brush.
    Send Nexus! Save me…


  • A Nexus Tablet?

    And with true on time updates?
    Gotta love Google B-)

  • Tattoo seen by all
    Tupac remix across back
    Droid life is Nexus

  • Joshua Casey

    Nook cannot compare
    Things to do, Nexus I need
    Kindle Fire, no

  • Ice cream sandwich
    Jelly bean too
    I love Android

  • Danrarbc

    Started with Froyo
    2.0 and 2.1
    Next came Gingerbread.

    OG forever.

  • Jobs hated Android
    They stole my freakin idea
    Picard disagrees

  • rslh

    Nexus Google Play all day
    Read watch consume? Okay
    Digital Droid
    Is Life.

  • dman244

    Waiting replacement
    Nexus 4 broke, backlight gone
    Nexus 7 help me

  • Tuna

    Please Do Not Tell My GirlFriend
    Google Forever

  • Google made android

    Verizon came with Droid does

    and Google fixed it.

  • Kellex my brother
    Please give me the tablet
    Horrible Haiku

  • Lovely Nexus 4

    A product launch we longed for

    Oh! Damn you Play Store!

  • Kevin Matthews

    an android approaches
    will he come toward me now
    only time will tell

  • Lewd1

    Google Nexus Sev
    You will be mine gat dam it
    Droid Life for the win

  • Nexus 7 yes please wow
    Facebook Twitter Google Plus
    Butter smooth fast and clean

  • bqluong

    The flightless bird hops
    Waddle waddle waddle flop
    And down it tumbles

  • True Inovation!
    Can any slow android down?
    Just patent lawyers.

  • Scott Green

    I want a Nexus.
    Seven, if that’s possible.
    Ten would be fine, too.

  • The nexus seven
    If I could win
    I’d be in Heaven

  • KnappyRoot

    Like android a lot
    Open is better than closed
    I never win these

  • Austin Baker

    Convert the Girlfriend
    From Apple to the Nexus 7
    Best Christmas Ever

  • a nexus 7
    not a 4 & not a 10
    nexus 7 please

  • Bob G

    Oh my nexus 4
    Till what ends do I love thee

  • nightscout13

    Haiku? Pfff

  • Sabrina Lin

    Little green robot
    That eats apples for breakfast,
    Android is awesome.

  • BTLS

    Nexus is Android
    Pure vanilla feeds the soul
    Droid-life is whipped cream

  • kev2684

    get ready peasants.
    nexus is coming to town.
    i ain’t even mad.

  • dhuff44

    Nexus is no fruit
    Google Now has smoked Siri

    Apple will lose fight

  • The root of your problems
    What a super user your are
    Stuck in jail with an iPhone

  • Chris

    Nexus, my Nexus
    Always up to date android
    Until google stops

  • Adam Metzner

    Old tablet shattered into pieces
    Droid Life Santa deliver anew
    Happy hacking once again

    Wow I suck at this!

  • Aszaszin5

    Who needs an iPhone?
    So plain and ordinary.
    Give me my ANDROID!!

  • Nikko

    Oyeah @ Mr valadez

  • hfoster52

    Droid life is Awesome
    Free swag is the best
    Nexus in my hands please

  • Apple, pwned.
    Emulators I <3 thee.
    DrodLife Always

  • YEMan0443

    Red and green jelly beans.
    My Verizon S3 is still without.
    I would love N7 Jelly Beans.

  • Haikus are easy

    But sometimes they don’t make sense




  • ejtsang

    A Nexus Seven
    From Droid Life is up for grabs
    I hope I win it!

  • Android contest
    Fall win
    Great joy

  • avinyc

    Ugh, contest rules suck.
    But this Nexus is awesome.
    Happy Holidays!

  • nyc67

    The tablet shimmers
    Unfolding system soars

    This goal nearer to me.

  • Stephen Hicks

    This haiku should win.
    Droid Life is my go-to source
    For all android news!

  • scott

    HP Touchpad’s cracked
    Still, it’s running Jelly Bean
    Nexus 7, please

  • How much better
    Is Android VS iOS

  • use android and go home
    use google maps
    or don’t make it home

  • Inquizitor

    Nexus with 3G
    What a perfect gift for me
    To give my girlfriend

  • Scott

    Your customizable companion,
    for productivity or something really random,
    Only the Nexus 7.

  • I have a fever
    And there is only one cure
    A Nexus 7!!!!

  • Chris

    Google is amazing.
    They really care for us.
    I love Android!

  • android, android, and

    android, android, android, and

    also an android.

    tablet please. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mdn379FVn31ro2d43.gif

  • Eric Richardson

    Built on open code
    Possibilities galore
    Nexus in winter

  • $25 to play
    Fit for 7 inches.
    I just googled

  • Arie Hoogendoorn

    Android for everyone.
    Nexus the only way to go.
    Get out there right now.

  • JeffPodwats

    nexus on the brain
    watching apple slowly die
    android rules my world

  • John Davids

    Apple Maps can kill

    Police warn it’s not a thrill

    Google, navigate!

  • Smooth rubber back
    Nexus 7 in my dream
    Beautiful crisp screen

  • dojaroNJ

    Seven by GOOGLE
    A NEXUS tablet so fine
    Android drives the line

  • Evan Costanzo

    Pockets a full
    Devices too many
    Now one along came robot

  • Nexus on Verizon

    Says updates on the horizon

    Should be pure Google

    Instead you get the Big Red Noodle

  • Brian Bonner

    bathroom shelf empty…
    no reading material…
    kindle on nexus???

  • Android is the best.
    Apple can’t contest.
    So sue them all and patent the rest.

  • Geran Smith

    Lol lol lol lol lol
    You have an iPhone, lol lol
    Android is the best

    Pronounce “lol” as it is spelled.

  • Sebastian S

    Android is the best,
    So I think Apple hates us,
    But where’s my Nexus?

  • Jason Maze

    Haiku for entry
    Droid Life laid down the gauntlet
    Nexus will be mine

  • Jerry Schorr

    A Nexus Tablet For Me
    Root From A Tree Not To Be
    It’s A Droids Life See

  • John E. Jablonski

    Present for my son
    So that he can read his books.
    Now get off my phone!

  • Josh Flowers

    nexus, you say.
    for the rest of us.
    what a festivus.

  • Nschemmaster

    Nexus defined as
    A connected group of things
    Google Nexus Me

  • NolBi-Wan

    Zombies are coming
    End of the World is near
    go get my shotgun

  • Fredy Nativi

    Give me this tablet
    Verizon won’t update me
    We need Jelly bean

  • KB26

    Switch my home screens up.
    Dragging on some new widgets
    And changed the background.

  • James

    OG DROID miss you
    S 3 where is my JB?
    Verizon I’m sad

  • Thin and crisp
    Tegra 3 chip
    Not a Doritos, you dip.

  • David Peterson

    Proclaimed once by all
    The now sour fruit falls behind
    The mighty android

  • Dale Bloom

    small and sweet

    a celebration of Easter come
    jelly beans fill my mind

  • Chris Wright

    The android will always prevail
    Against the very dark evil of Apple
    Android shall continue to rise

  • iceburgh

    This device called A Nexus
    All Android fans want today
    Play with it one will

  • TerranceGilmore

    Thunderbolt no longer
    Unlimited Data remains
    Lucky that mom never upgrades

  • Greg Poe

    Window to the world
    Ever changing my view
    Here in my pocket

  • sean hopkins-feuerborn

    Oh, to have tablets,
    A desire almost lusty.
    (We’ll marry in Maine).

  • David Sellars

    I lust for Android goodness
    A Nexus would be swell
    Christmas for me!

  • fiveHellions

    an open OS
    its power harnessed
    by great devs

  • bjayjr5679

    I have one
    Mine is already full
    As usual f’d early adopter

  • StockGS3er

    Better watch out now
    Patent trolls are watching us
    Apple likes to sue

  • 10 inch, 7 inch, 4 inch a winner, 25 dollars sure will come in handy.

  • Ivan92116

    From the beginning
    G1 to Droid to Nexus
    Android delivered

  • Arsenal1204

    Google and Android
    Much better than
    Anything Apple

  • Johnny Five, Bender
    Data, underneath the hood
    Powered by Android

  • benny pernice

    Apps, music, and mail
    Seamlessly integrated
    Customized my way

  • Justin Oliver

    Jellybean for you.
    Ice Cream Sandwich has no now.
    Gingerbread is dead.

  • Galaxy Nexus
    Verizon 4G data
    Goodbye battery

  • Br_d

    No need to worry
    If your phone comes with bloatware
    Just root and remove

  • tpappas

    Android and Apple sitting in a tree. Android bit the Apple and now we see. Nexus 7 is best in it’s class and poor mister Apple can kiss it’s ass…

  • Yu Lee

    Android, here we are.
    Key-lime pie is not too far.
    Will it raise the bar?

  • alphathirteen

    Open source powerhouse
    Custom functionality
    Delicate Beauty

  • Sparktweek

    Free is just a word
    But it is my favorite
    Droid Life free stuff rocks

  • Ryan T

    Oh Verizon please
    Give me great jelly bean please
    On my s three please

  • This is my haiku
    I am trying to win here
    Android is the best

  • Christopher Quan

    If you prefer control
    an apple product
    Should never be the first choice

  • Android is best you see

    The other guy is just a phony

    One Android to rule all

  • Nikko

    Its a tab not MEAT
    You sucker learn how to rhyme
    Oh no bozo….MINE!

  • Haiku with 12 on, not syllables

    Kusatta ringo
    Jinsei wa yoidesu

    Rotten apple,
    Life is better

  • KleenDroid

    Android Nexus way
    Customization galore
    Call, text, chat, surf, Play

  • Greg DeBrun

    Stunning seven inch
    More powerful than iPad
    Jelly Bean machine

  • Spawned from thine freedom
    A system of great power
    Nexus of seven

  • Android kicks much ass
    It rules over all others
    Apple can suck it

  • Charles Braswell

    A Nexus 7
    from my Asus Transformer
    the perfect upgrade

  • My Android does things
    that the iPhone cannot do
    it is the best phone.

  • I broke my Nexus
    Wife won’t let me replace it
    My life in shambles

  • Sb

    Android tablet is
    My favorite contraption
    I hope I win one

  • zial

    Simple physics proves
    Apples fall, but Androids rise.
    Google shall prevail!

  • alexbeast15

    Inside my pocket
    My Android phone plays a tune
    Clearly my love speaks

  • My screen is so bright
    Having enough battery
    is my only fright

  • He who uses an iPhone
    can’t see the world

    He who uses a Android
    will travel the world

  • Why I love Android
    Apple is more expensive
    And No Google Nav

  • Arthur Boddie

    Nexus is the Key To power
    The power to Live life full and free
    google is the core of the ever changing

  • Oh Toshiba Thrive

    How I want to toss you out

    Seven’s much cooler!

  • Elegant fast open
    This is my freedom
    This is Android

  • Andrey Pankov

    love my nexus 7
    my, the nexus lines improved
    if only VZ could

  • Iron_Catastrofe

    4.8 inches of fun
    Its beam penetrates other phones
    The Galaxy Slll

  • puma5000

    really? haikus?

    um nexus seven awesome

    excellent haiku

  • duoexo

    Droid and life.
    Pick my life to droid.

    A Nexus 7, to Droidlife me.

  • jdrewakl

    Verizon G S3

    Where the hell is my update

    To root is the question

  • Sam

    Open but close to you.
    Free but priceless.

    Android but only Android.

  • Derek Lockovich

    Desserts, Desserts. Yes!
    Eat them all I will, gladly!
    With every update.

  • Jose Duran

    Droid life is the best

    All I want for Christmas is

    A Nexus Seven

  • Jerald Bondoc

    Studying for tests
    A new tablet would be best
    To procrastinate

  • Byron Galvez

    I want the Nexus
    the Nexus I want
    please please give me one.

  • mr_taxi

    A seven incher
    More than big enough for me
    That is what she said

  • Mike Brewer

    Droid life, informs me.
    Shows me cool apps,games and stuff.
    Grants tablet to me.

  • faganm24

    Android customized
    Company skin cripples us
    Nexus forever

  • Give me the nexus
    Also the Google Play card
    I will be happy

  • Need gift for girlfriend
    Not much else to get for her
    Help me Droid Life please.

  • E Diddy

    DroidLife is the best (5)
    Thirty-two Gigs free to test (7)
    twenty-five just spent (5)

  • SJ Prettyman

    Google and Droid Life
    Perfect partnership they make
    Android forever

  • It’s not an apple
    It’s a powerful robot
    Android is its name

  • cylence

    Android untamed wild
    Freedom power chaos; and
    you are not Apple

  • Brian Bonner

    need some brainpower
    to win a nexus 7
    from droid life contest

  • Fabyloso

    Android is awesome

    What would we do without it

    Sheep can only tell

  • coffeechip

    In snow covered fields
    Mud elephants leave no trace
    Just what I wanted!

  • Chavez Y Chavez

    Nexus 7 Completes Me!
    Google Loves to give stuff for Free!
    Now I’m gonna WIN, you’ll see!

  • Dc

    Haikus are great fun
    But so is my Nexus 10
    Droid-Life for the win!

  • Sam

    All have touchscreen.
    Fingers and LCD talk.
    Android is heart touchy!

  • Michael davis

    Android and Google
    My life faster and better
    Hail the overlord

  • Rodeojones000

    A tablet for me
    Thanks Google and Droid Life
    Am I the winner

  • Stud Muffler

    Android and Nexus
    Best buddies of the season.
    Dream is exhausting…

  • marc

    An old Xoom . . .The need for changeA REALLY old Xoom

  • Ty

    Android is the best
    It beats out all of the rest
    Please pick me to win

  • Benjamin Oberts

    Tabletless I am
    Nexus is desired
    Android is the Best

  • xHabeasCorpusx

    My life with Android

    Is all I need to fulfill

    a life without friends.

    🙂 Forever alone, yet happy.

  • onDroid

    Christmas is coming.
    Nexus 7 awesomeness.

    How I covet thee.

  • ForrestTracey

    I want me some Updates
    Verizon sucks it
    I wish it was with Google

  • TheWenger

    I have many phones
    And I have many tablets
    And Apple aint one.

  • Jason MacLean

    I want Google Now
    Stuck with my RAZR for now
    Hope I can win this!

  • Sam

    An early Christmas
    The droid I am looking for
    Give thanks to droid life

  • Brian Walker

    A Nexus, for me,
    Is all I will ever buy.
    Google is my king.

  • Josh Wenthold

    Cold winter wind.

    Droidlife Nexus win.
    Warm Christmas cheer!

  • my droid razr maxx.
    battery life is awesome.
    iphone cannot last.

  • mr_taxi

    A Nexus 7?
    Give me the iPad mini!
    Just kidding, of course.

  • Nexus with Android
    Seven inches of pleasure
    Mail it to my home

  • JStamp627

    Android mean and green
    It is faster and stronger
    Eats apples for lunch

  • catherine meehan

    android i love want my android now have never won anything android please let me win android

  • villian1998

    Android and tablets
    A match made in Nexus 7
    A welcomed tech gift

  • Sam

    Search it. Past.
    Google it. Now.
    Android it. Soon.

  • Brad G

    I love the Nexus
    I need a new toy today
    Please Pick Me Right Now!

  • nextstepbasketball

    Droid-Life contest sucks
    No one knows what haiku is
    Just give me tablet

  • Battery Jones

    Fast fun Freedom
    Awesome Asus adventure
    Jolly Jelly journey
    Desperately desired device

  • Jon Kean

    Worldwide sensation
    Believe that this is the droid
    You are looking for

  • Roog

    No hesitation
    In submitting this to win
    A Nexus Seven

  • Anthony Fetter

    Galaxy nexus
    Wonderful and dev friendly
    Nexus seven too

  • Droid Life makes me smile
    with all their amazing gifts
    I hope I win it!

  • Andrew Davis

    I want a great treat
    Something quite good I can eat
    Nexus 7? Sweet!

  • Two weeks till xmas
    I wish I had a Nexus
    If not Festivous

  • Malav Desai

    Lightwieght no limits
    Seven inches of open source
    Apple destroyer thats Android

  • John Simpson

    Need Nexus Seven
    I want a Nexus Seven
    My Nexus Seven

  • Oh, Galaxy Nexus, why?
    So much potential…
    Lack of updates strikes

  • PuzzleShot

    I, for one, welcome
    Our new Android overlords
    They bring Jelly Bean

  • Versonymous

    wowed by jelly bean
    flick screen to see what I mean
    google is magic

  • Matthew Hays

    My favorite treat
    Is not fudge or salty snacks
    For my taste, Android

  • Colin Hayes

    Little green robot
    Without opposable thumbs
    I am your fanboy

  • Android outsells Jobs
    Siri crys WHY ME Tim Cook
    Eric Schmidt smiles

  • glee47

    for the holidays
    all i want is a nexus
    oh santa, baby

  • Sam

    I love the android brain.
    I love the 32 size.
    She is a beautiful nerd!

  • Howard

    Let me win today
    With giftcard for Google Play
    Brighten up my day

  • Eric Shelley

    Android, I love thee.
    Add to my collection now.
    Nexus 7 please.

  • A Nexus Seven
    Alone no one to hold it
    Cannot wait to win

  • Kyleen Blanchard

    Dear Saint Nicholas
    I would love a Nexus tab
    Gift card too? Awesome.

  • toosurreal01

    Merry Christmas All
    I really want a tablet

  • Started so simple
    Growth has been vast and speedy
    Android has arrived

  • Kwab Tanks

    Tablet win I must
    Droid Life award me I trust
    No win much disgust

  • Hunter

    Oh little green guy
    Wonderful gift from Google
    Controlling my world

  • Android is…
    Android does…
    Android always will be.

  • Android is my life.
    I could marry this tablet..
    Is that illegal?

  • Marcus Thomas

    I want a Nexus
    I’m stuck with the G2x
    Dear Droid Life, save me!

  • Jelly Bean Dreams
    If only AT and T
    Didn’t make me scream

  • adm516

    good louk for people in US

  • Jon Kean

    Ted Bundy was good
    Jeffrey Dahmer was better
    Nexus kills em both

  • USPTO Karma
    Everyone rejoice
    Apple multi-touched with anger

  • msnight04

    Writing a haiku.
    Trying to win a Nexus.
    Should I be working?

  • Michael Kelly

    Seven inches of awesome
    Two hundred big ones gone
    If I was single…

  • Urugami

    My Nexus Seven
    Purchase has been put on hold
    ‘Til I build the Lab

  • A tablet I’ve sought.
    For reading, gaming, and fun!
    I can has win now?

  • Jon Kean

    Stuck in labor camp
    At least I have a Nexus
    Argh no Wifi here!

  • Style is nice
    Shackles are not
    Android rocks out

  • mexicanjohn

    small but powerful.

  • Google is the best

    Giving us the green lil’ guy
    Can’t wait for what’s next

  • Donnie laplante

    Is the second best reason
    to own a tablet

  • Shannon Hoff

    Google partners sued
    Apple patents are no more
    Can’t we all get along

  • Phil Onyschuk

    Droid Life is bookmarked

    For the latest android news

    Loyalty rewards!

  • raphael gray

    A nexus seven
    How pleasing
    With magic in my hands!

  • Verizon G-Nex.
    Their updates nowhere insight.
    Just root it, baby!

  • #androidfail they say?
    @windowsphone spreads malware myth
    Blue screened marketing

  • ChuckDz3

    Droid-Life never fails
    To continue to amaze it’s readers
    Now I wait to see if I win

  • eddie

    roboto tokens
    spread across the amoled

    icons in the mist

  • Mark

    Open source AND linux based?
    The sky’s the limit.

  • Winner, winner
    Chicken dinner

    Droid Life, FTW!

  • Alot of haiku’s
    do not make sense

  • Power and might
    Sitting gloriously in my hands
    Anew Nezus7,yeah

  • Sam

    Sold Galaxy Nexus.
    Ordered Nexus 4.
    Haiku’ed Nexus 7.

  • Did you notice
    Droid Life contests have the most
    Ridiculous rules

  • English Major

    Didn’t read the directions
    Didn’t figure it out

  • Lawrence Hrivnak

    Droid Life
    Twice as nice
    on Nexus 32GB.

  • Navarath

    Texts cannot be reached,
    sky towers glisten the night.
    Where is my nexus?

  • Jon Kean

    Have you a Nexus?
    No Sir, I have no such thing
    Awww, how sad that is!

  • Ross Newhouse

    Its the next big thing
    No way, i do not think so
    Its already here

  • vega25

    A New Dawn
    Oh Its Divine

  • Sam

    Life is boring.
    Android is interesting.
    Droid-Life is Androiding!

  • tech247

    The GNEX i do rock
    An Iphone it is not
    Over 4 inches or bust!

  • bjrapp

    Beam with NFC,
    Annoying girl in line asks,

  • WAldenIV

    Don’t want a Lexus
    I need something Android-based
    Dream of a Nexus

  • Logan Edwards

    Had a DroidX first
    It made me fall into love
    Now for a Nexus!

  • How does one compose
    With a swype of a finger

    On seven inches?

  • Rudolph Bistrovich

    A free nexus
    I am epic win
    win free epic nexus

  • Diego Diaz

    The Nexus Seven
    Battlestar Galactica
    Andy Ate Apple

  • Matthew Neilson

    Incredible 2
    Still waiting for ICS
    Screw you, HTC

  • Speedy Jelly Bean
    Google Now Update My Life
    Leave Apple Behind

  • tharealoc

    I can write haikus
    Android haikus are the best

  • Hesedguy

    Google in the hand
    Power equal to PC
    On scales, unbalanced.

  • jakymiwm

    Droid Life prize
    Nexus 7 win
    Big smile me

  • Android in the winter
    Wild in it’s root
    Ice Cream Sandwich

  • anthony dantzler

    My Acer is gone
    My RAZR battery sucks
    I want the nexus

  • This winter cold

    dream seems real
    nexus 7 wait for play

  • Not sure how to write
    But I love Nexus tablets
    Never Apple here

  • My Nexus 7!
    Concede to Valadez? Ha!
    Yes, I am clueless.

  • Billy

    iPhone users scoffed:
    “Android; clunky, no support… ”
    Now beg,” Google Maps! “

  • Skyskioc

    Hello my nexus7 tab
    I bid farewell
    To my Apple Ipad

  • never won before
    in need of the new flavor
    android 4 point 2

  • Nexus or iPad
    Choice is simple as pie
    Nexus kicks pad butt

  • sat in the bathroom
    world at my fingertips now
    my ass fell asleep

    navigate to store
    end up in field miles away
    need google maps now

  • Sam

    Destination is Important.
    But the journey is more.
    Let Android Navigate!

  • Christopher Allen

    Google overlords,
    With their little green robots,
    Take my soul away.

  • why do i always
    flash so many roms? backups
    always forgotten

  • Paul Woo

    Along comes a green robot:
    Under to growth of mold,
    my Blackberries.

  • Kellex from Droid Life

    Says Hiaku is easy

    Sure, sure if it means a Nexus,

  • ankit199

    Nexus tablet rules
    It wouldn’t make me look like a fool
    Winning would be cool

  • drewbie_al

    Tiny and Speedy
    Now with some mobile data
    My Nexus 7

  • Joseph Joffe

    Nexus Seven or Samsung Note

    Both with screens of prodigious size

    which to choose?

  • Chandler Cottrell

    I need you in bed
    exams are just not as fun
    can we play tonight?

  • ROM_Ulan

    Android way of life.
    Amazing developers.
    Great Community.

  • I have no money
    I’m a broke college student
    Surrender the tab

  • This Device is Sick
    I would Love One For Christmas
    Droid Life Owns Santa

  • Nirav Desai

    How many Nexus7
    Of Google-DroidLife Giveaway
    That I want ?
    Only One

  • diversion

    I am wondering…
    Since Google can do it all…
    Make a haiku app?

  • Here’s hoping that I
    will win a Nexus Seven.
    Pretty, pretty please?

  • Kahsay Cooley

    Verizon, no friend
    Oh wait nexus win win win
    new updates, think again.

  • 32 gig drive
    going to fill it with apps
    give me this thing now

  • I can’t write this stuff so please accept this. 🙂

  • Kevin Rankin

    Nexus in airplane
    Helps the pilot find his way
    Avoid bad weather

  • Lance Udasco

    Android runs my world
    Google without you life ends
    I am an addict

  • aero0311

    It’s not an iphone
    It’s touch and rectangular
    We’re gonna be sued

  • Sam

    Samsung is android king.
    But Sam is Android’s love.
    I am Sam.

  • Bitches gonna be bitches, yo
    Just give me the damn Nexus
    my Ipad gets the Heave Ho

  • Nerds Logic

    While some say iCAN
    And others say iCANT
    AnDROID does.

  • Hockey puck55

    Droid-life is the best
    Google tablets for Christmas
    And some play store cash

  • Josh Oberg

    I love android os
    Google is the best search
    Apple go to hell

    Sorry I’m not very good at poetry

  • Christian Velardo

    The future is now,
    People huddled and eager.
    Android has arrived.

  • Okki125

    Contest with prices
    nexus and cash
    Not one, both please.

  • Customizable
    With widgets on my home screen
    Beats Apple products

  • Jeff Juett

    My Nexus Seven
    The perfect tablet for me
    Droid Life give me one!

  • Androids power my
    Phone and probably my heart

    Now, give me a tablet

  • 3M4NU31

    To root?
    Or not to root?
    That is the question

  • Dave Smallcomb

    Andy is the best!
    He likes to bite the apple
    Open-Source or death

  • Sam

    nexus 4 looks small.
    nexus 10 looks big.
    I want 7 ( (10+4)/2 )

  • onDroid

    What is a Haiku?
    I just want a new tablet!

    I give up, this sucks.

  • Brian Parkerson

    To whom it may concern
    7 inches of pleasure
    A tablet to help us learn!

  • Freedom to tinker
    Beautiful stock jellybean
    Nexus tablets rule

  • Nexus sanctuary.
    User fill me with content.

  • antwonw

    The Four seven ten
    Best of Google, once again
    Nexus family

  • Guest

    I don’t like to write
    Especially a haiku
    Give me the tablet

  • Tablet in hand
    A world at my fingertips.
    Peace sublime.

  • Rob Dennie

    An endless struggle
    Brings me my device daily
    Nexus gives new start

  • ChaoticChris

    Tweakable and fast
    On my devices because
    You are not Apple

  • Christmas holiday
    Nexus 7 giveaway
    I would like to play

  • Travis Knight

    Christmas shopping sucks.
    A free Nexus would be great!
    Now wife won’t kill me.

  • EC8CH

    My search a small seed
    fruitless without form, no sprouts…
    Green robot with beans

    My Haiku is meant to draw attention to android’s ability with Google Now to harvest for us the answers to our searches, before the questions are even fully know to ourselves. There are also some hidden meanings sewn into the 17 syllables as well, see if you can spot them 🙂

  • Andy is my friend.
    From my phone to my tablet.
    Not a computer.

  • rodney11ride

    fantasy football
    perfect on larger screen
    me want to scream

  • Dan Balan

    My Android does things
    that the iPhone cannot do
    it is the best phone.

  • chris gsell

    It’s been a rough year
    No tablet has crossed my life
    Merry Christmas, me

  • Michael Forte

    Android dominates.
    Jelly Bean is the latest.
    Key Lime Pie, can’t wait.

  • Kevin

    Fall brought Nexus 4.
    Where will we see Android next?

  • Sam

    Give me the seed.
    Let me root it.
    Wanna see App flowers.

  • Jon Kean

    Oh don’t be clever
    Come straight to the point and say
    Android gods, GIMME!

  • Bionicman

    I dream of Android
    With my Galaxy Note 2
    there is more to come!

  • peeyourownpants

    Haiku contest brings
    Christmas for one penis jokes
    for all thanks Droid-Life!

  • xx xx xx xx xx

    xx xx xx xx xx xx xx

    xx xx xx xx xx

  • Jeremy Sanchez

    Easy to Hold
    A user touches the screen
    Beautiful images abound

  • Aeran Doron

    I don’t make phone calls.
    Just a hair bigger than your
    Galaxy Note II.

  • Jon Kean

    Hello there Johnny!
    What can you make out of this?
    This? Why, a Nexus…

  • Apple I Hate

    Nexus Save My Soul

    MOTHER Please Don’t 🙁

  • Stuck with Verizon
    The last to get an update
    Would love a Nexus

  • Evan Wickes

    with 4 screaming CPU’s
    running a bite-sized sweet treat
    its gotta b a Nexus 7!

  • Jimmy Hogoboom

    With an Android phone,
    true power lies in my hand.
    It’s the cutting edge.

  • I Google Now
    I love Jelly Beans
    I can Map my way home

  • M

    Delicious OS
    From Cupcake to Jelly Bean
    Best in the Market

  • Android is the king.
    Dethroned controlling Apple.
    Gonna get sued now.

  • cmonnats23

    Nexus Seven Greed
    G Now better than Siri
    Get in my hand now

  • Will Newsome

    G Nexus is beast
    Apple crawl under a rock

    Android for the win

  • I don’t like to write
    Especially a haiku
    Give me the tablet

  • Jeff Tennyck

    I want a nexus

    nexus 7 that is

    or a giftcard

  • Jon Kean

    Should not be begging
    But I cannot avoid it
    Dear Leader bring Nexus!

  • Wes Thomson

    My companion
    On the Ingress Battlefield
    The Nexus Shall Be

  • I need a Tablet
    The Nexus line is the best
    Hook me up Droid-Life

  • Abbie Rosario

    I turn on my phone
    And find myself gleefully
    Knowing I’m no sheep.

  • Sam

    I need nexus.
    I need a haiku.
    Searching a haiku app.

  • no thunderbolt ICS
    What a mess
    life sucks

  • Fresh

    iPhone 5 fail me
    Galaxy Nexus suceed
    Android for the win

  • The nexus 7
    With it’s smooth and soft finish
    Leaves sheeple wanting

  • Daniel

    Droid-life is the best,
    When read from my Android Phone
    Sitting on the pot.

  • Gary Artinger

    Nexus seven won
    Brings much happiness to me
    One can only hope

  • Boundzy

    A Nexus Seven
    In my hands for Christmas Day
    Joyful is my world.

  • Ice cream sandwiches
    And now jelly beans galore
    Up next: key lime pie?

  • svonavja

    Nexus 7 oh so heaven

    Jellybean makes me scream

    4.2 still waiting for you

  • Jeff Broders

    Haiku, a haiku.
    What kind of contest is this?
    Eighth grade poetry?

  • To each his own
    and to each a new phone
    with a new Android tablet!

  • Brian Spearman

    The right to win this
    Should not be based on poetry
    But here goes nothing!

    The Android OS
    Overtaking iOS
    How far it has come

  • Love the nexus line
    hate ios
    pure android forever

  • realfoxm

    Android is good
    Nexus is great
    Let’s have some cake

  • DjDonFrancisco

    My Maps steer me wrong
    Siri please help

  • Evigilant

    An android device
    Like a Google Nexus 7
    World is now accessible

  • Jon Kean

    Apple has no soul
    Android bring us together
    Not like an iPad…

  • thronez

    Robot Green of skin.
    Brings us apps and fun within.
    We oogle google.

  • Google, hold my stuff.
    Watch it safely in your cloud.
    Who needs memory?

  • Oh Android Tablet!
    Jelly Bean is in my hand,
    Making me happy!

  • Open sourced
    Freedom in customizing
    Android Supreme

  • sam_evans7

    Android addiction?
    Need more customization
    Flash another ROM

  • AnthonyMoya

    Android has saved me
    And with Android by my side
    I cannot go wrong

  • Evan Wickes

    with 4 screaming CPU’s
    running a bite-sized sweet treat
    its gotta be a Nexus 7

  • Chris Peterson

    Love my Nexus 10.
    Playing movies all day long.
    Games, email, dream screen.

  • StormOfL337

    Here we go again
    I try to win a Tablet
    WIll I win? Who knows?

  • joel

    where do i begin
    not as easy as i thought
    hopefully i win!

  • Bounce, pounce, trounce, them all
    Google OS makes them fall
    Android standing tall

  • Jon

    Nexus seven rules.
    It would help me in grad school.
    Winning would be cool.

  • Jon Kean

    A haiku you say
    Grants me Nexus ownership
    I don’t believe it

  • DigitalEnforcer

    The End of the World
    Jelly Bean on Verizon
    Neither will happen

  • Jérôme Besnard

    Windows is not open
    iOS even less

    May Android be blessed

  • Sam

    I wrote a haiku.
    My hand wrote one.
    Competition from the same body!

  • Jon Kean

    You really got me
    Oh girl I want you badly
    Thy name is Nexus

  • chris gsell

    The tablet is mine
    Let us make it so Droid Life
    A perfect pairing

  • I bought an S 3
    Still no bean of the Jelly
    Damn you Verizon

  • erikbjerkeli

    Xoom on Verizon
    The updates are super slow
    Timely updates please

  • Android does things
    that iPhone cannot
    droid life is the greatest

  • Andy the Android
    Silently judges me like
    An “Elf on the Shelf”

  • Jason Eddings

    Cupcake, Jelly Bean
    It’s been a fabulous ride

    Where is Key Lime Pie?

  • mbentley311

    Jelly Bean Seven
    I hope to win you today
    Droid-Life is the best!

  • Winter protesters,

    Capitol lawn covered in snow,

    Ingress game cut short

  • Schaweet

    Oh, Merry Christmas
    Seven Inch Nexus I see
    DROID Life Hook Me Up

  • s2k_848

    how many favors
    of deserts do you want
    no apples

  • Jeremy_Bowling

    I know not haiku
    But for Nexus gonna try
    Hoping I can win

  • C Glenn

    Unlock me, it cried
    Anticipation sets in
    Be free, little droid

    • JoshGroff

      Now that’s a haiku.

  • Thomas Tubergen

    Jellybean update?
    How about Ice Cream Sandwich
    for my Thunderbolt.

  • Joshua Patrick

    Nexus is the Best
    Merry Christmas to us all
    Android For the WIN.

  • Apple systems needs aren’t meeting/ Android tab it seems I am needing/ even kneeling please I’m pleading!!!

  • Daniel Sanchez

    Apple falls from tree
    Newtons Nexus falls from hand
    Gravity is born

  • Sam

    Screen fixed at 7.
    Memory fixed at 32.
    Power fixed at Infinity.

  • Anthony DiMatteo

    Apple maps are wrong.
    Australia drives are long.
    Bring Nexus along.

  • Raven

    I won a red case.
    Protect a Nexus 7,
    I would if I won.

  • Usty

    Ice cream Sandwich and

    now Jelly bean, Nexus is

    a fat kids wet dream

  • Spongehead

    the laughter I hear
    two children in the next room
    my Nexus is gone

  • J. Gilbertson

    Hello Google Now.

    I Need Nexus In My Life.

    Without is fackwors.

  • lots of cash is saved
    if the nexus choice is made
    no apple tax paid

  • Oh, Nexus 7
    Object of my affection
    To win would be bliss

  • Knox05

    Is it BeOS? Simple, light, and fast

  • Want to win tablet
    Must make up silly haiku
    Android is the best

  • Azazel_Hellion3

    Rainy weather outside.

    It’s Sunny in Philadelphia.

    Happy within my palm.

  • Ipad mini is hot?
    I think not
    Nexus 7 u are the hot trout

  • When May flowers blossom

    Blooms new season of Android

    Sure to bring delight


    Android is to open what Apple is to closed.
    The choice is never more so clear.

  • craig1989

    My Nexus 7 is so rad
    Not just an apple fad
    Only the Elderly should by an iPad

  • travisvesely

    I need the Nexus

    Please let me win the big prize

    I write bad haiku

  • Jon Kean

    I should be honest
    How I will use this Nexus
    Should be kept secret

  • Nicholas West

    Nexus7 from You to Me
    With Android updates that are delay free
    With HSPA+ for some speed

  • Mark Brainerd

    Android is my choice
    There can be no other way
    DroidLife for the win!

  • Brian Wolfman

    Nexus 7 so right
    So much I can do with it
    Its all Id ever need

  • Rob

    I love my Android
    It is a really good thing
    I can haz Nexus? :O

  • Nathan Webb

    How do I love thee?
    Oh you, dear android of mine,
    Sweet, sweet jelly bean.

  • Larry G

    Used to hear “These are
    not the droids you’re looking for.”
    Not anymore: Android.

  • chey023

    Fantasy playoffs
    I want the number one seeding
    Help from my nexus

  • Shaunwin

    Little Android Flakes

    With his new friend Frankie Frost

    Christmas they await

  • If I ask you, Now,
    What will you say is the truth?
    What is kangaroo?

  • InyRules

    Jellybean is great
    4.2 is not so smooth
    Want my lockscreen back!

  • vega25

    We are all Androids afterall
    Sourced from nature
    We eat apples and pears

  • My Wife Had A Droid
    She now Has An iPhone 4
    She Misses Android

  • SagarPatel

    google nexus 10

    i already own you now

    need your brother too

  • Dont Be Jelly

    Awesome 3G
    Butter Smooth

  • Jonathan

    My favorite dessert
    Seems to always be changing.
    s key lime pie good?

  • Sam

    29 year old ears.
    Comes a new year.
    Let “Google Play” (music)

  • Android is awesome.

    One word describes everything.


  • Donald Galyen

    Android Haiku rules:
    Five syllables, then seven,
    Five more, then no more.

  • Sean Stone

    Off to Mildura
    iOS Maps it’s a trap
    Android my savior

  • merlin3212

    Hot rod in your hands
    Quad core, Jellybean on board
    Blue pill it is not!

  • auronblue

    Android is the best

    A tablet under the tree

    Greatest gift ever

  • Edwin Mann

    This would make a great Christmas gift. I would give it to my girlfriend and show her the light

  • Anthony

    Google made Android
    Love for the masses
    I can haz?

  • nexus seven. great.
    Data on the go. Awesome
    Can I haz one. Please

  • W. Jeff Wayne Jr

    Open source for all
    delicious desserts, not fruit

  • Contact widget favorite
    But you still never call
    Home screen lover

    My emo haiku.

  • xerogravity731

    android is the best
    works great for graduate school
    helps me get my A’s

  • Trevor-kai Craig

    I love my Nexus
    It has everything I need
    Shout Out to Droid-Life!

  • ultimate form of 7
    gift of play
    season’s completion

  • EricMayBell

    Android is King
    Number one is its last name
    I want a nexus

  • Phil Austin

    what is a haiku
    i’m learning as i go forth
    i want this tablet.

  • Steve Roche

    Smooth, Sleek, Fast, Powerful… Just like it should be.

  • Governed by man’s mind.

    Power unmatched by others.
    Android is its name.

  • daniel.archibald33

    I am one with android
    Android is supreme

    I am a Nexus

  • Terry Tang

    Sexy and Sleek.
    Android tablets are so sweet.
    a free one i need.

  • PaulWall

    Android is best
    Make fun of Apple
    I’m not good at Haiku’s

  • David Escalera

    One day with such luck
    I’d like a nexus 7 so much
    And if I lose
    I promise not to fuss

  • Google hold my stuff.
    Watch it safely in your cloud.
    Who needs memory?

  • Gnexer-jpg

    G-tablet still lives.
    Seven would be a big win.
    Droid-life forever!

  • Adam Kaczmarek

    Google, bright and kind
    Poor college student am I
    Only wish for Nexus

  • kniceguy

    An amazing year,
    Amazing new devices
    Better than magic.

  • I love media
    many games I can play
    With google all day

  • Namoh21

    Android android and
    android android android and
    android android win

    • tbhooptie

      yup… point made…

  • SubMatrix

    Galaxy S 3
    Where the heck is Jelly Bean
    Damn you Verizon

    • we think the same…see mine 3 minutes earlier

  • Need me a tablet
    A Nexus 7 for me
    Give it to me please

  • Sam

    Life is mechanical.
    Android is a robot.
    Robot makes life human.

  • iOS KOd

    Windows Phone never got up

    Android is the champ

  • Jose Antonio Quinones Jr

    Little green bug droid
    Taking the whole world by storm
    Android’s number one

  • huskerkate

    Andy or Apple?
    I’m a flashaholic, true
    then Nexus for you!!

  • FelisLachesis

    Android on nexus
    We should all have jelly bean
    Key lime pie is next

  • gardobus

    Want Nexus 7.
    To unlock and root and rom.
    iOS pls go.

  • Android is wonderful
    Life organizing goodness
    Thank you for the help

  • Jamarcus White

    DL – WTH – SWAG

    IFIDW – AN7 – FML


  • arthur2142

    Mobile Porn Machine
    Vibrating In My Pocket
    I Love My Android

  • Matt Kessler

    Little green robots
    Under the lit Christmas tree
    Dog chewed it, F**ker!

    [email protected]

  • Aardvark99

    Nexus Seven Back
    Inspired by Steve McQueen
    That is Friggin Cool

  • Kirk Lei

    apple for the isheeps.
    Nexus for the rest!

  • Android embodies openness.
    Full on Power and speed.
    I need one in my fist.

  • yellowsnow

    Everybody poops and if they don’t they’re an android . . . and must be destroyed!

  • Mark Traverso

    Android Oh Android
    You started with the G1
    Android I love you

  • Lambo_21

    Nexus is awesome
    Google technology God

    Run Apple run fast

  • hollerwt

    droid life is awesome
    always sharing android news
    and a chance to win

  • vega25

    With mobile data,
    They proclaim,
    You roam free.

  • Kevin Hockett
  • oh Samsung tablet
    still using software so old
    nexus save me now

  • Android gonna stay
    From HTC to LG
    All a person needs

  • supermiah

    Google, Oh Google
    I, with one Gmail account
    My life in the cloud

  • I mean, we’re looking down on Google’s basement.
    Only that’s not Google’s basement.
    Isn’t that weird?

  • fishboy7296

    Big Booty B**ches
    Nexus 7 32GB
    Things I would like

  • gp126904

    Droid life is the best
    Nexus 7 plus Google play
    Would make me happy yay!

  • David Willden

    Android and Apple
    A never ending battle
    Nexus always wins

  • TomStieger

    I want a NEXUS!
    The only way to get one,
    is to write haiku.

  • cashclay

    Life before Nexus
    Senses Blurry and Touchy
    No epidermis needed.

  • Stephen Wesner

    Android makes me grin
    Sometimes Droid-Life makes me laugh
    Nexi make me scream

  • Smartphones and tablets are vast and wide.
    So much out there to explore.
    Right now, let’s eat lunch.

  • Prize for little sister
    Excuse of a father
    Android!OMG you are:D

  • Fred

    A Nexus 7
    A Christmas present for me
    A great gift it be

  • Trevor

    Google is the best
    Make apple suffer next year
    Droid over apple

  • Google maps precise
    Apple maps chopped up and diced
    Android clear vision

  • outstandingpimp

    G2x update soon please
    A taste of ice cream sandwich
    Shall wait many moons
    Want jelly beans instead…

  • Andrew Smith

    Dancing pictures shown
    Cool water just below glass
    Galaxy S3

  • wiz

    thought about apple
    but i need good directions
    now i have android

  • A tablet awaits
    It does not like the fruit taste
    Is green with envy

  • A mobile device
    With the power of Google
    Android is freedom.

  • gooner13

    My HTC Rezound
    Wants a friend
    N7 BFF4ever!

  • Once you go android… you never go back! Love me some nexus!!!

  • ansen

    Nexus Devices
    I have a Four and a Ten
    Seven? I must win!

  • Sam

    Nexus is tech.
    I am an android haiku.
    Let tech meet Poetry!

  • EKT

    Google in three size
    Where do I focus my eyes?
    On my new NEXUS

  • Matthew Shapiro

    Android is the one
    Custom sleek open useful
    Apples are breakfast.

  • Versonymous

    customized and mine
    balanced just the way I like
    speed, function, long life

  • Captain_Doug

    HTC Nexus
    I dreamt of you last night
    I love Droid Life show

  • vega25

    Kellex, Oh Kellex
    I salute you and Droid Life,
    Is it Christmas?

  • Sam

    Nexus is tech.
    I am a an android haiku.
    Let tech meet Poetry!

  • Android innovates
    While apple imitates
    Love nexus seven

  • Weston Dudley

    Nexus7 is so sweet
    Jellybeans in my teeth
    Time to root

  • Jon Kean

    What do you mean now?
    I can have this for free now?
    “Yeah, right” bait and switch

  • #ingress is loved thou
    jellybean is part butter
    #droidlife gives so much

  • NCSUgolfer01

    Droid Life is the best!
    Please award me a Nexus 7.
    Would make a great gift!

  • roses are red
    violet are blue
    i want to win and i would be so happy.

  • Chris Brunetto

    Google’s Nexus Tab
    Beats other, pricier, tabs
    Fanboys are jealous.

  • Josh Haug

    VZW Nexus
    Y U No Update
    Never Ever Again VZW

  • Google over Apple.
    Her second best decision.
    Life is zen.

  • Wayland Lee

    Nexus giveaway,
    So many good Haiku posts,
    Why not just give to Way?

  • If I win this seven
    I will give it to my sis
    Or my old touchpad

  • I aint got no strings
    a leaf on the wind I soar alternate 2nd line (moto droid-life mo-ther-f*ck-er!)
    Nex in my pocket

    for the sheep:

    i-phone-ey mar-ching
    con-scrip-ted i-tunes en masse
    blind to free-dom lost

  • Google Nexus wins.

    fastboot oem unlock.
    a pretty command.

  • Kpirate

    Free and evolving
    the best of them all by far
    little android green

  • My Note Two does

    Your Nexus Four Does Not

    I split the screen and run two things.

  • Donald Galyen

    Can I enter twice?
    The rules don’t say yes or no.
    I will anyways.

  • DanSan

    I love my nexus
    No iSheep here!
    Go team, Go.

  • MKader17

    I love my Android
    Oh yes, you know that I do
    Give me Nexus Plz

  • fallenshell

    Powerful and Grand
    Microcomputer in hand
    Android I will Own

  • Dan Livingston

    own this tablet now
    Droid Life will make me complete
    Christmas cheer for all

  • Bill M.

    The Holidays bring joy
    And Android aplenty
    Ummmm…Apple sucks.

  • Zann

    I prefer to use my note 2 with jelly bean than my window 7 laptop. I can read, write, watch , record, share, explore, navigate, shop, relax, listen, play, sing, calaulate, draw, chat, text, control, talk, scan, transmit, ………………..endless. Android is everything and everything becomes Android.

  • Android is sleek and speedy
    Open source system
    Easy to use and customizable

  • George M

    A press of a button

    the screen alive

    exposes the world to my fingertips

  • Alex Sturman

    Droid customizable
    Allows me to have control and choose
    To make my own phone

  • Gerret Walczak

    Walking through the cold

    Hand covers my Nexus screen

    Snow drifts in the air

  • Google play is Great!
    Let me have a Nexus 7.
    Droid Life is the Best!!

  • Jon Kean

    Let me play with it
    Do not be such a bad boy
    Oh you meant Nexus…

  • JAndrei

    I write a haiku

    Rewards, they are forthcoming

    Android tablets, joy

  • Gimme that tablet!
    I’ve got grown-up things to do…
    Incognito, son

  • Boles

    Despite Jelly Bean
    Slow actions from Verizon
    Make rooting a must

  • Oh my, That is huge!
    Too big to fit in my hand
    Galaxy Note 2

  • Donald Galyen

    Android is my choice
    But it’s not for everyone
    Like zombies and Jobs

  • The color is GREEN

  • When young and foolish
    I bought myself an iPod
    Older, Wiser, Droid.

  • PhillipNorris

    Thunderbolt time up
    Note 2 you are mine soon now
    Stupid H.T.C.

  • Apple’s Bane is here.
    The ipad’s days are numbered.
    Steve is cursing now.

  • Chuckleb0ne


  • SD_Scott

    No change with the fruit,
    cannot wait to root,
    The custom roms are endless.

  • Many cores

    perfect size

    the best OS

  • DirtyRule

    android a moment to treasure,lost in the universe counting apps,android sets the mind into a different gear.

  • Apple vs Google
    Apple claims iPhone “Perfect”
    But Maps is a lie

  • Donny Kong

    Christmas dream come true
    An N 7 for the win

    Droid Life is the shizzz!

  • With a new Nexus
    I can dump my Nook Tablet
    AOSP… win

  • View Askew

    Droid Life, oh Droid Life
    A new device I covet
    Every seven weeks

  • nycorduroy

    Happy Holidays
    Show Me Android Love Droid Life
    Nexus Tablet All for Me!!!

  • mydroidphone

    Android for me and you,
    Will Jobs want one?
    Yes, when Nexus rules the air.

  • A gift for my rents
    To bring them to the present
    They are oh so old

  • Yoji High

    nexus 10 too big

    nexus 4 way way too small
    i guess ill take 7

  • Sven Enterlein

    Android is evolution

    The Apple a fruit
    That’s falling fast

  • Jason Cordes

    Winter holidays
    Are better with an Android
    Phone or real robot

  • Craig Barrett

    I want a Nexus 32GB
    One with HSPA+ and $25 gift card
    Give it to me now

  • corgimas

    Walking in Boston

    The clouds covering the sky
    I NEED new android

  • Open Source
    Limitless Customization
    No OEM skin
    Nexus for life

  • DemoManMLS

    Droid RAZR
    Needing Jelly Bean
    Like Right now!

  • Bradley Albert Nemitz

    So very beautiful,
    Made of the finest materials,
    I must have you now.

  • mgamerz

    December is back
    So give a present
    To me droidlife

  • Sam

    Android is open.
    But close to my heart.
    Opens my heart too!

  • The Galaxy Line
    Is the same as the iPhone
    Android for the win

  • Cliff Wynne

    Android Evolving
    Apple ever fighting changes
    Battlefield is strained

  • David Poma

    Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house

    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.Just me with my Nexus!

  • will

    Google is the best
    Android beats out I O S
    Forever android

  • raoul duke

    awesome nexus tab
    smooth butter google android
    from droid life, the best

  • mrdavidpayne

    Nexus is our hope
    iPad mini is a joke
    Watch Apple go broke

  • Christine

    Data mumbles, why?
    tricorder processes at
    the speed of light. why?

    an android ponders Android. 🙂

  • Phone’s not an iPhone
    because I’m not an iSheep
    Android for the win.

  • Flexible and Fast,
    Customized with no limits,
    Android is a blast.

  • I’d Love A Nexus
    Instead Of More Damn Dreidels…
    Happy Hannukkah!

  • N 7 is great
    AOKP is awesome
    Apple can suck it

  • Terry West

    On the Nexus Tablet
    I would like to use
    a gift from Droid Life

  • matt

    Thoughts of a nexus
    Almost too good to be true
    A gift from Google!

  • Battery life is

    a pain in the ass, you know.

    still love my Nexus.

  • Holiday travel
    Need comic books and movies
    On a seven inch

  • mangst

    my galaxy nexus
    big red will not update it
    need an upgrade please

  • Anthony Cowen

    Soon the world will know

    The Apple’s days are numbered

    Android for the win

  • Borster

    Android is so cool

    It really is the very best

    Android is the best

  • My life is chaos
    Need something to help me out
    But please not Apple

  • Heyitspeej

    G-Nex Tab 7 inch.

    Jelly bean and Now a cinch.

    I won? Need a pinch.

  • Kassidy Klink

    Android is like the ocean

    Wide-open and free

    Android is a developers best friend

  • trumpet444

    Given an iPhone,
    Quickly sold it for Android.
    Much happier now

  • For all Android news
    The best reviews on the web
    Droid Life is for me

  • Kyle Stambler

    A Nexus Tablet
    Experience Pure Google
    Rejoice Open Source

  • Gmail your outage the pain
    I pause to plead my tablet desire
    must have it my precious

  • christmas is coming
    and this would be nice to have

    I often end haiku with the word “refrigerator”

  • my rezound is great
    thanks go to chad and neo
    keep me up to date!

  • Earl Echols

    G1 T-Mobile
    Never would have imagined
    How much you would grow

  • Android oh android
    So open-sourced and free
    Slayer of iphone

  • nocreativity

    Apple is tasty
    When eaten by green robots
    Android is the best

  • Mattish

    Oh no I am lost
    I can navigate with maps
    Not an iPhone 5

  • josh nolte

    I want a Nexus
    Please let me win this contest
    Droid-Life for the win

  • Geekzilla

    Android elevates…
    while IOS masterbates.
    RIMM looks longingly

  • Pick Me

    Keep the new tablet
    Give my old one to my mom
    Delete the porn first

  • Michael

    Mine, this tablet is
    Others should not win at all
    Praise be to Google

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    Best system today
    Beats Apple hands down
    Don’t get duped by hype

  • cpuandmore

    Nexus would be Nice
    Because Droid-Life is the Best
    News above the rest

  • Google celebrates
    Prizes to make the fans smile
    Happy Holidays

    • Side note: I liked how there was a delay at the start while everyone brushed up on their Haiku skills. Surprised to see so many flooding in already, but people love them some Nexus 7 goodness, don’t they?

  • Dylan Wednieski

    Android is the best
    It puts Apple to the test

    And destroys the rest

  • Nexus Seven, Yea
    Android Four Point Two, Oh My
    Jelly Beans Taste Good

  • MikeD675

    Compact power in your hands
    Android rules the day

  • Susan Shambaugh

    Android is the future
    rocking the world
    with coolness

  • Reallytho

    Nexus 7, greater than iTablet running version 6.
    6*6*6 jellybeans is a diabetic hell but with 7 you are in heaven.

  • DavidHollinger

    Nexus, No better
    All others are imposters
    Android is my life

  • Rebecca Corbin

    I yearned for cupcake.
    Honeycomb was the bees knees.
    Now a jellybean.

  • Wow, I’m not good at this, but here goes:

    Early adopter
    Now more space I see is here
    16GB not enough!

  • Android is freedom
    No boundaries hold me back

    No looking back now

  • DROID life, Android, win
    Best phones for mobile “lovin”
    I do not mean zoosk…

  • Jerrod Schultz

    Christmas is coming
    A new tablet would be nice
    Nexus seven please

  • Murphy

    Two, four, six.
    Key Lime Pie makes eight.
    Android will always dominate.

  • Nicholas Benson

    Space dilemma: Eight?
    I laugh. Sixteen? I would hope.
    Thirty-two? I know.

  • Wesley

    Droid-Life makes my day!
    Looks like there’s a giveaway

    Please send it my way.

  • RyanK

    Always expanding

    Our market leader today

    Android dominates

  • Droid Life subscribers
    Attempt to compose haiku
    An endless struggle

  • Kevin Jones

    I have a 7
    My wife has an old iPad
    Help me replace it!

  • Adam Staggenborg

    I wish I could
    Win a Nexus 7
    Please let me do

  • Nexus Please
    With 32GB and HSPA+
    I hope I win

  • epidemik

    can’t beat stock OS
    sized for portability
    google does it right

  • Roshan John

    Nexus over all other
    Wins this seasons tablet fever
    Google – humble champ

  • Jason Smith

    Galaxy Nexus
    Still Running AOKP
    Don’t need Verizon

  • A google nexus
    Its all that I need
    Way better than getting a lexus

  • Big_EZ

    Variety, the spice of life
    Android can’t be beat
    Apple accept defeat.

  • boybert

    Since the OG DROID
    Android’s been my companion
    Phone, tablet, TV.

  • PAJ

    A tablet in hand
    Not forbidden fruit

    Sweet Jelly Beans

  • bobco


    wiki says haiku is for.

    droid rad, rest blows /thread.

  • Leo

    I’m a poor Mexican in need of a nexus 7…. That’s it

  • Matt Tanner


    Customize to my desires

    Android is the King

  • Christopher Ferguson

    Some people don’t know,
    Haiku’s are five, seven, five
    Go to English class

  • yummy

    Tablets are so cool
    They’re enough to make me drool
    Call me, yummyman

  • Dustin Gerlach

    Sweaty are palms
    Jelly in the fingers
    Key lime to come

  • Herb Brust

    A Christmas present for me.

    From the great Google.

    The tablet is tops.

  • As smartphones arise
    the heavenly fruit will fall!
    as Android rules all

  • David Caccavo

    take a bite out of apple,
    little green android

  • hickhamt

    kids are theives.
    my tablet is gone again!
    my own, wish i had.

  • Ben Johnson

    My first tablet died
    I have been without for ages
    Nexus time has come

  • Atst88

    The Android is mean
    It takes away my money
    I NEED the device!

  • Winner, winner Nexus 7 with dinner!

  • Rooted and booted
    Always awaiting updates
    Forever changing

  • ivo shandor

    Jellybean is grand
    The best tablet period
    Sky is the limit

  • Damian

    He who use Nexus
    WIll be free of any worry
    Android is the path

  • Consequence

    Little green robot
    With you I am connected
    The playground is open

  • John B

    Android and Nexus
    Breezing past the Apple trees
    that little green guy.

  • I talk to my phone.
    Need to correct a little bit.
    Better than SIRI.

  • Shaun Heckman

    Cupcake was the first
    Oh how it has come so far
    Strive to be the best!

  • Free Nexus from Droid Life
    Gives us the best of Google Android
    Hope to win at 4

  • Always wanted one
    Funds are running a bit low
    DroidLife help me out?

  • Kevin Jones

    Just bought a new phone
    Sold the old one on Swappa
    More money for apps!

  • changing UI now
    my screen is never the same
    launcher 2 has crashed

  • SirSoloDolo

    Interior Crocodile Alligator
    I rock an Android Movie Theater

    (Nexus Q) 🙂


  • ryanwv24

    Little green man
    you have me in a trance
    oh i love how you dance

  • Guest

    Droid Life subscribers
    Attempt to write haiku poems
    An endless struggle

  • Jonathan Bunch

    Android is awesome
    So Awesome awesome awesome
    Android is aweome

  • zakry obrien

    Android four point two
    Android is the best
    Apple is the worst

  • Stephen Bodey

    Oh Android OS,
    Your silky web spun.
    Wrapped in the Jelly Bean core

  • If I win this contest,
    I get band new Nexus seven.
    It gift for Christmas.

  • Todd Parsell

    I wamt a nexus 7
    New stylish different
    Android is the one to bean

  • Ramon Gomez

    My Gnex does things

    That iPhone can’t do

    It it’s the best phone

  • Ming

    iphone i don’t want
    something cool like that jelly bean
    is what i really need

  • You have come so far
    My attractive robot friend
    No more skins for you

  • A tablet called nexus 7
    You will use it 24/7
    It’s really heaven

  • Obi5683

    I have a Motorola XOOM
    Tegra 3 is a must for games
    I need a Nexus 7

  • Android; the leader
    All the other phone; bow down
    The true pioneer

  • Josh Wendt

    speedy bot swiftly
    managing tasks actively
    achieving greatness

  • Open as the sky;
    Dynamic as the currents,
    Android is our summer!

  • Kent Burton

    what am I to do
    but write an android haiku
    to entertain you?

  • Kevin Jones

    Love my little Droids
    I now own three devices
    Nexus overload

  • carl rainey

    Machine in my hand
    Opens the world to me
    With just one word Google

  • KoTiell

    Google is the very best
    Nexus 4, 7, and 10 they invent
    Number 7 I want to test

  • I now juxtapose
    New Android and old Nature
    By using Touchwiz.

  • Joseph Ayala

    With any Nexus
    Catch lightning in a bottle
    Google will always

  • Rob

    An HSPA+ Nexus
    $25 extra to spend
    Merry Christmas

  • rdnckcub

    My Android is great
    Way cooler than a fruit phone
    Droid Does everything

  • Matthew Divack

    h s p a plus
    mixed with the nexus seven
    sounds like true heaven

  • squrel23

    Customize your world
    Open to all
    The Nexus reigns

  • A Nexus 7?
    Write a haiku and you’ll see…
    Droid-Life has it all!

  • Alone in wilderness
    Phone’s maps my only way out

    Luckily, Android

  • Kevin Neyland

    Android does
    Fragmentation, life continues
    Another lawsuit

  • Why you iPhone 5?
    When Google play does all.
    Give nexus 7.

  • Don’t be evil.

    The fruit litigates

    Whilst Android originates.

  • Rory Green

    Android is awesome.
    Apple will finally see.
    Andy eats apples.

  • This contest has made
    me wonder; do androids dream
    of electric sheep?

  • Zac St. Louis

    Android or crApple
    can only be one

  • Matt Myslewski

    Android is the best
    Do not bother with the rest
    A fool you would be

  • LGT

    Love my S 3

    Nexus Seven Gifting

    Android Christmas

  • I like the butter
    spread on a 7 incher
    is even better

  • Dubbaduba

    With you in my hand
    We can conquer everything
    Oh give me the joy

  • lnimmer

    Android you say?
    why yes of course I say
    iphone your just lame.

  • own nexus
    but on verizon
    give me something that will get updates

  • Prox

    open source android
    quick deliver me knowledge
    my mind will grow strong

  • The winner

    me, myself and I,
    nexus seven thirtytwo!
    me and my nexus

  • mikel61101

    My kids both have one
    I’m to cheap to buy a nexus
    I should totally win

  • topherct

    A nexus 7 would be swell
    An ipad mini would also do me well
    But who wants ios when they can have jelly bean?

  • DennisHeffernan

    Google heralds
    the winter of Microsoft
    Android beats Clippy.

  • xgshortbus25

    I sell them in electronics at Wal-Mart and I try to talk everyone into buying them kinda kills me that I cant afford one myself but when customers come back and tell me how much they like it i’m glad I could help them make the right decision!

  • Seth M

    Android is the best
    But fanboys gonna hate it
    Unnamed fruit goes here

  • Butters619

    The names of dessert
    open source and free to change
    Android reigns supreme

  • Android is the King
    iPhone must be the Queen
    No child for that throne

  • iPad restriction
    It must be undone. Too late
    The Nexus has one.

  • Javi C

    An old silent pond
    A Nexus. Jumps into the pond
    Splash! Silence again

  • bobbyou812

    Powered On
    Now I can breathe

  • Oh Nexus Seven
    Why are you always so cool?
    Banana rocket

  • T4rd

    I got a Note 2
    But a Nexus would be nice
    Just for stock Android. =D

  • Daniel Clifford

    Droid Life gives
    Android Christmas cheer
    Dessert upgrades are yummy

  • A mobile OS
    Each release named for dessert
    Each one just as sweet

  • My kids love tablets
    Please declare me a winner
    So I may peace

  • Chris

    ironic burning
    these days I think haunted dreams
    small green androids grinning

  • jambalaya32

    For Christmas this year
    I’d like to win a new tab.
    Droid Life, please pick me!

  • Karen Rapposelli

    Ever since OG
    Android is the tool for me
    Apple can **** off

  • Jpjamiso

    Android Jelly Bean
    Widgets Home Screen N F C
    Plus no line for me

  • JMac726

    Android Android Droid
    Droid Android Android Android
    Android Android Droid

  • Will Hartwell

    Straight from Mountain View
    And, with stock JB on board
    No need for CM

  • Nexus Seven Free
    Fast and Light Tablet You Are
    Much Joy You Will Bring

  • CRH45

    android is powerful
    android is king
    looks like nexus 7 for me

  • Jailbreaking no need
    for I’m the greatest
    like Muhammad Ali

  • DanWazz

    Hard this contest is
    For a tablet I do own
    But still I enter


    Jobs is dead
    Apple is dying
    Google for life

  • rp780

    Android since D1
    Cupcake to jellybean so good
    Keylime pie up nextLeave a message…

  • Tweak it as you like
    On the best device for you
    Live the droid life

  • Android is the best
    There’s a reason why it outsells the rest
    That’s why Apple should just give it a rest

  • EncyclopediaRed

    Nexus bests iPad

    With a tasty Jelly Bean

    Definitely want

  • Vacation to Outback
    Maps I need
    Don’t want to get lost in wilderness

  • Lucas

    Android moonlight—

    a droid digs silently

    into the Apple.

  • Kevin Jones

    Android fan for life
    Indoctrinating daughter
    She’s my little Droid

  • If you wannabe / my go-to tablet, gotta / be Nexus 7.

  • pooh

    what is a haiku
    let’s see if i can get it
    oh yeah, android rock

  • Open is not always free
    Unless it is a gift to me
    Android is still the best

  • Mosely23

    My phone by my ear
    Galaxy held without fear
    Always loud and clear

  • Jonathan Hughes

    Android is butter

    Smooth and crisp and likes to

    open the refrigerator

  • Marci Neighbors

    Android top selling
    Apple puppets cry alone
    Bow down to Android

  • I hear crackling
    Crunch, of my tablet as it falls
    And know it won’t last
    So I will leave it
    Since I will win one today
    Happy new day

  • Android devices
    So much fun
    I’ll take one!

  • Brand New Phone
    Droid Razr Maxx HD
    Powered By Android 4.1

  • Warwick

    Motorola Droid
    Is THE way to go Android
    Hope we go Nexus

  • nexusplay

    The proceed button I clicked
    Until my finger was blue with grief
    Why can’t they just figure it out?

  • Travis Bond

    Android I love you
    I spend so much time with you
    My wife hates you so

  • Jason Peters

    The ROM I prefer to use
    On tablet and phone

  • Rich Jenkins

    android rises high
    shoots apple out of the smart phone sky
    shining in GooG’s eye

  • Brad G

    A Google Nexus for ME
    with 32GB & HSPA PLEASE
    plus some Google FREE!

  • Open boot loaders,
    Removable battery,
    Widgets, enough said.

  • strikeir13

    With Google Integration;
    Essence of Android.

  • James_Kernicky

    Remember I cannot
    What Haiku is about
    Nexus for the win

  • Where is Jellybean
    Verizon holding hostage
    Galaxy S3

  • SUDO, Android Wins
    Anything You Can Achieve
    With Nexus Device

  • Android is so great
    Versatile, simple, awesome
    Custom ROMs for all

  • Wobbler

    Jellybean for all
    Gingerbread for some users

    Google all the way

  • ipad dumped

    Ipad sitting here
    What is all the fuss about?
    Wait, I’m on Craigslist?

  • Netflix and music
    Angry Birds, Dead Trigger, Tweet
    Android does, do you?

  • Andru the Android
    So fast and so open source
    Noise cancelling mic

  • Nature in techno form
    Breaking through yet contained
    Setting free the world

  • HowDoIShotWeb

    Tech in Santa’s sack
    Hard to buy on Google Play
    Don’t scratch on chimney

  • I love my Nexus
    Too bad I got Verizon
    I am still waiting

  • Kevin Jones

    iPad crashed again
    Gave that piece of crap to wife
    Hi Nexus 7

  • Russ

    With my Android

    Everything seems possible

    Nexus device is what I need

  • Jelly Bean has Flash
    Even though not supported
    Can still view porn sites

  • ldhbmc

    I love Android stuff
    This web site is a must
    Both winners will be

  • morrey35

    Google made a tablet
    Thanks benevolent over-lords
    Our day made awesome

  • My Dearest Android
    With all your apps and widgets
    You are my +1

  • Jason Hatherlee

    My wife needs a tablet
    A Nexus 7 would make her happy
    Matsurbation is getting pretty old

  • I only use ‘Driod
    Apple has forsaken me
    I like winning things

  • Stephen Partington

    A perfect fit
    I touch the screen
    It comes to life

  • Charles Hucks

    Why do I Android
    Because I am not a sheep
    And Android is king

  • Android is a beast.
    Unleash its unbridled rage
    Convert the masses

  • Nexus and Android
    Go together so very well
    apple go to hell

  • Daniel Aceves

    I want to win this,

    so my girlfriend will love me,

    I’m in the dog house.

  • Hi I am Android
    Buttery Smooth Fast and Clean
    Use me as you wish

  • I thought about iOS
    Android is best
    I want to win

  • Old Phone
    Jellybean onboard
    Man happy!

  • Eric Hauser

    Open source code rocks

    Jelly Bean come to my phone

    No more ICS!

  • Apple Can Suck It
    What whiny little bitches
    I am Droid 4 Life

  • Redmagic

    Jelly Bean power
    To Apple never cower
    Play by the hour

  • Jeff Wallace

    Nexus…Joy in Life (5)
    Apple has no place with me (7)
    Android runs my world (5)

  • I love my Android
    I will never let it go
    Apple will not win!

  • This is hard, but without further adieu here is my Haiku:

    I lack haiku skills
    Is there an app for this crap?
    Have a friend in need!

  • threein10

    A 7 would be so nice
    Better than sugar and spice
    Jelly bean FTW!

  • Hurricanedt

    Whilst Gmail is down
    I will never be afraid
    This Nexus is mine

  • Javi C

    An old silent Android
    A Android jumps into the pond,
    Splash! Silence again.

  • Oh Andy that I love
    You give me joy that Apple can shove
    Open and free for me

  • casbar

    Amaze me Nexus
    In my hands where you belong
    Let’s Google, bitches

  • rtdroid72

    Android is the best
    No need for Apple products
    Google dominates

  • free and open
    and ever.

  • Doggie925

    Android is my life

    Nexus Seven rocks my world

    twenty five bucks too

  • redidas

    Android giveaway
    Requires haiku entry
    Best contest ever

  • Jared Reed

    Android domination
    Google appreciation
    Droid Life readers rejoice

  • Mark

    Google Nexus Four

    Madly Mashing Add To Cart

    Living Between Clicks

  • ouch1976

    Android Life Begins
    Steve’s Project Tyranny Falls
    Horizons Are Expanded

  • make my dreams come true
    one tablet to rule them all

    nexus for xmas

  • Bobby Cornwell

    A 32 GB HSPA+ Nexus 7
    So sleek and beautiful

    My arms await you

  • Kenny

    Little Green Robot
    He is and ANDROID
    The Revolution is Beginning

  • Nexus is King
    Unskinned Android is the

    only way to be!

  • Erik Meyers

    Google’s OS is great
    Other things they need help on

    Customer Service?

  • Here goes Nothing
    Good Luck to Everyone
    Crossing my Fingers

  • QQpayne

    I’m loving Droid-Life

    It is my android news source

    Sodomize Apple

  • Aaron Decker

    iPhone is so daft
    Jelly Bean makes life a Blast
    Its so fun and fast

  • Mike Cox

    oh Nexus 7
    how i loved the
    then i dropped you
    now your gone

  • I love Nexus 7
    Boobs are fun
    Win win for me

  • It’s on your tablet
    Best operating system
    Also on your phone

  • Jon

    Google makes Android

    While Apple makes ios
    Apple is so screwed

  • Droid Life giveaway.
    I do hope that I win, but
    is Nexus a Droid?

  • Matthew Durst

    Galaxy s 3
    Verizon no jelly bean
    Epic epic fail

  • Press Power to give life
    Swipe right to break the bonds made
    Sync and be updated

  • Cody Stamps

    Android or Apple
    Only one winner can be
    Best choice is robot

  • Give me this nexus
    Much love from me you shall have
    For I’m an android guy

  • MAV2

    Samsung GS3 + JellyBean is sweet
    But how I wish the winds of Christmas
    Will bring a shiny new Nexus 7 for me

  • Zack Walker

    Sharing can be fun
    But not when it’s my Nexus
    My wife needs her own