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AirDroid 2 Beta Invites Are Up, Go Sign Up

People love AirDroid. From looking over reviews of the app in Google Play, you can see that it’s a pretty incredible app that allows for the management of your Android devices through your computer. Well, it looks like AirDroid 2 is on the way! The developers have called for beta testers, but it doesn’t look they’re taking everyone. You must supply some basic info, but then also give them a brief description about your job and how you utilize AirDroid. 

As for what’s new, it appears there will be a new Wireless Management feature baked in. According to the site, you will be able to manage your device from an AirDroid account anytime anywhere, no longer needing to be on the same WiFi connection.

If you’re up to the task of three months of testing AirDroid 2, then go sign up!

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Cheers Allan!

  • Elliot Kotis

    It isn’t working, could it be because I have a ethernet cable connecting my PC?

  • FortitudineVincimus

    So many dumb and worthless apps mentioned here, AirDroid is not one of them. It is an awesome app, awesome functionality, awesome GUI… fanfriggentastic app. But it is not a social media app or a dumb game, so it gets overlooked.

  • JamesU513

    what planet have i been on? Just set up AirDroid for first time. Neato Bandito

  • lnimmer

    is there a similar app that does this but without using wifi to connect the computer to the phone? dont mind using a usb cable since im at work and wont be able to use a wifi connection…?

    • sczmn

      try SnapPea. it’s got a pretty cool UI

    • Kie


    • It is not well documented, but you can use AirDroid through a USB cable. Just connect the cable to you computer, turn on USB tethering and make sure the phone is not connected to Wi-Fi. Provided your PC has the appropriate drivers, the phone will appear like another ethernet card and you will be able to connect to AirDrroid through this connection.

  • meetloaf13

    I had to send out a mass text to several people in my contact list when I changed phone numbers. After wasting time looking for apps on the app store, I realized I could do this on android VERY easily.

    LOVE me some AirDroid.

  • I used to use AirDroid to send text messages from my computer, however it was flaky (about 9 months ago). I have since switched to Mighty Text and never looked back.

    • Bionicman

      Mighty Text FTW!

      • Does your phone and computer need to be on the same wifi network for mighty text?

        • Brian Meredith

          No it does not.

          • michael arazan

            Can I do this with a Nexus 7 or for pc’s only?

          • It works with Tablets. NOTE: It uses your phone’s SMS/MMS plan to send messages.

      • mjmedstarved

        Love Mighty Text.

    • Mighty Text is just as flaky. I’ve actually switched to using FB Messenger as much as possible instead.