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GO Team Releases Next Launcher, a $16 3D Powerhouse

The GO team, who has released popular apps like GO Launcher, is ending the year by releasing their next project, fittingly dubbed Next Launcher. It’s $16. Yes, that sounds steep, but we have seen other super-powered launchers succeed at that price, most notably TSF Shell. And I would definitely consider this on that same level, especially after watching the video below. 

Next Launcher works with any device running Android 2.3.3 and above, but GO is recommending you have a dual-core processor.

The launcher itself, includes a massive set of features. Your home screens have endless possibilities since there really are no standard grids. You can rotate icons and move widgets around as you see fit. There are fancy 3D transitions, multi-select tools, quick resizing and arranging of icons, 3D widgets, and more.

At this time, it sounds like only a select few wallpapers work with it, but the GO team says that they are working to open it up. They also mentioned in the description of the app, that themes are on the way.

$16 is a steep price to pay for a launcher, but it looks like it has potential.

Play Link ($15.99)


Cheers David!

  • got it yesterday… its really working smooth and aces on my Sony xperia T.. however unlike other go apps…there is a lack of content here…. Will keep it for future…as for now i prefer the default Sony Look over all the other launchers etc etc

  • Ok, here we go:

    I’ve gone through my fair share of launchers (Apex, GO, Nova, ADW, Next) and I just want to share what I think with you all.

    NextLauncher is by far the best looking launcher available. I combined it with the stunning HD widgets and I almost shed a tear when I look at my home screen. Obviously look isnt everything so I’ll break this down.


    $16 is definitely too much for a launcher, but the thing is it isn’t just some launcher, it comes with more apps/widgets that most people would pay for in separate apps.

    We also need to keep in mind this is 1.0.0, really people it will only get better.

    I’m not saying it is worth $16 but it does contain enough apps/functions to make it worth more than $5.


    By far the biggest feature of NextLauncher that already lets it fly by most other launchers. The only launchers you should even begin to compare to NextLauncher would be ADW, Apex, and maybe just a little bit Nova. Nova is good don’t get em wrong but Apex and ADW outshine it. NextLauncher has most if not all of Apex/ADW’s features while being much more attracting to the eye.


    My Samsung Galaxy S3 runs all transitions and features smoothly with no jitters or breaks. All animations run smoothly even when left in loop for hours. Battery life is average just as Apex/ADW. Looking pretty good so far.

    Other Features:

    I absolutely love the custom app position and I mean completely custom. Rotate side by side (as close as you want), upside down, etc. It’s just a marvelous feeling being able to customize so much on this launcher. This is a feature no launcher has reprodueced quite like it.

    Notification App Drawer, the app drawer button has an animation for when a new app is added so you can easily find it. This isn’t a super important feature but I find it very nifty.

    Transitions, has basically all the GO Launcher transitions (which is a lot for those of you who have used it), and has a Random Transition feature, which I myself use.

    App icon animations, yep that is right apps can animate on press with a nice list of animations as well as a random animation feature.

    Now for the darker part of NextLauncher, I’ll talk about some of its lackings.



    The Dock, as far as I can tell dock is limited to 5 apps for now. I have tried countless items to add more. I personally love this feature and do expect and hope for it to be added in later updates.

    App Drawer, lacking custom tabs. I loved being able to have tabs in my drawer for all sorts of my apps, games, favorites, widgets (widgets was indeed very useful), etc. The folder feature is ok but you can’t have apps in 2 folders at the same time, definitely a bummer for me.
    Widgets, I found that some widgets would simply disappear if I placed them in a position just barely off sometimes. I had a 4*3 widget calendar and a 4*1 widget under it and when I tried to move the 4*1 just a little bit it would disappear after I left the page.


    Final words on the matter, this app is chocked full of cool stuff and isn’t just eye candy, it is very bit as convenient as every other launcher out there.

    Is it worth the $16 at the moment no, I do think the price should either be lowered to about $10 or add in free trials. This launcher is easily worth $10 in my opinion with all the extra apps heck maybe even $12, but $16 is a bit much, but hey I am loving the launcher so far so I’m not complaining.

    Overall Score:




    Features (as of version 1.0.0):

    Extra Features (the ones that aren’t launcher related):


    I hope this helps you all make a good decision on this launcher.


  • It’s worth the price to those who like pt.

  • foob0t

    I used this launcher for about 20 minutes before switching back to Go Launcher EX. It looks really cool and is very smooth, but lacks a lot of functionality that I require. Its odd to me considering Go is made by the same company, and free. For instance, you cannot change the icons on your dock, add additional icons (over 4), and cannot assign gesture launches from the same icon. All of my icons on my dock have press and gesture actions, and I can assign whichever icon picture I choose. This keeps my home screen from becoming cluttered.

  • jimmymac

    Only $16 for all of these battery draining features?

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    This is a joke right?

  • digitalicecream

    Overpriced and resource intensive. I’m done with overpriced launchers that I end up not using. My last purchase was Chameleon. What a dud, the launcher is buggy and the widget development won’t be nearly useful for some time. Great Kickstarter project |: . Well I’ve learned my lesson. I’m using Nova Prime and Relaunch on my AOCP ROM’d Galaxy Note. Check out Relaunch on the play store here. http://goo.gl/07utQ

  • azndan4

    Ugly and expensive

  • TSF shell was worth every cent back when I bought it. It was the only perfectly smooth launcher for gingerbread Atrix (despite all the 3D effects lol) and I also loved it’s concept.

    The devs really put a lot of work to develop and optimize it.


    Looks pretty cool. Hopefully a dev can include it in a custom ROM 😛 Either way, if it drops to $5, I’ll snag it. Bonus day is next week, so I may just buy it anyways.

  • no thanks! looks cheesy and useless

  • Steve Benson

    Just wait, this will drop in price quickly. There aren’t that many idiots that will spend $16 on a launcher.

  • fallsgable

    Nova Launcher FTW!

  • megacorn

    I dropped a duece today, ya’ll. It was BIG. Mega-corn too. Took like a half a roll of tp to wipe it outta my nether region. Never again will I eat at Sloppy Moe’s House of Hash. Peace out!!!

  • ganjaweed

    I paid around that much for spb shell,where is it now?Give us a trial version first!

  • gfacekilla01

    These guys are doing tooo much. I’m running go launcher ex, circle launcher and 2 screens. I see absolutely no reason to buy or even consider this, even if it were free.

  • zerocool79346

    Never thought I’d see the day when I actually thought SPB had built a better launcher implementation than another launcher, but theirs is definitely better than this.

  • Nico J

    Glad the “GO” team is moving past the blatant copying of MIUI.

  • jawonder

    Doesn’t have the music player as in video .

  • pilot25

    I’ll take Nova and spend the other $15 on apps. No thanks.

  • Nathan K

    Did this just use the same bubble out animation for the icon options as TSF Shell? Like verbatim the same thing? hmm…

    and I want functionality. having three different modes of 3d effect to just PREVIEW home screen windows…. how does that help me? opposite of efficiency. I did just pick up action launcher but havent tried it. seems useful actually. TSF seems great, but its not everyday i need to triage 100 apps into different folders. Yes it gives you lots of shortcuts, but isnt that the kind of thing you only do once in a while?

  • Kyle D

    Is it just me or it this a complete copy of TSF Launcher!

  • This looks playful, but amazingly outdated at the same time. Like GO Launcher, it would be a nice alternative on Gingerbread. But as we have Jelly Bean now, and the absolutely awesome pair of Nova and Apex to go along with it, I wouldn’t even use this if it was free, sad to say.

  • Christopher Moore

    Hate to sound like a broken record but way too much. Maybe $5 just to show some support but $16 is crazy. And the bad part is that I don’t really like go launcher ex when compared to Apex and Nova.

  • Pay $16 to slow down my phone? No thanks.

  • master94

    I like the folder option, but $16 dollars is steep. $7 or less I’d buy now. Action launcher is my preferred launcher right now, since I don’t see a purpose to 3D launchers except eating up ram and slowing down my phone.

  • Bionic

    Eh no thanks. I love go launcher but I’m not into 3D stuff especially at $16. They should have a one day free trial

  • steve30x

    After paying almost that amount for spb shell I have learned my lesson, eye candy is nothing when Nova or Apex is smooth with icon themes is all I need.

  • Aaron

    I tried it when it was in beta. Didn’t like it. Big departure from how Android normally works. It did look slick, but they changed simple stuff like how you add apps to the home screen. I also didn’t like the lack of a grid. But I’m kind of a neat freak.

  • Tyler

    $5 maybe, $16 no thank you

  • I shudder to think of the battery drain just to get to an app

  • Dr_Buttballs


  • Interfaces were designed to be useful, not flashy first.

  • Buckoman

    Why do I need that. My Nova Launcher works just fine.

  • Can someone tell me how they recorded the screen? I know that there is one but it will not work for the Galaxy Nexus.

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    It looks so tacky and silly. I wouldn’t pay more than $4 for this and definitely not the $16 asking price.

    • Steve Benson

      Everything Go makes looks tacky and silly.

      • Raven

        After the GO Wallpaper Team started trying to sell LWPs based on the open source code for Really Slick Screen Savers without the author’s permission I rather lost faith in the entire GO company. With GO Launcher they had a really good launcher at the time at the great price of free, but since then, with everything else they have been trying too hard to make money by copying other peoples ideas and selling them at too high of a price. With GO Launcher they copied LauncherPro and released it for free. Now they are trying to copy TSF Shell except this time they are trying to sell it for a little more. Fail. They should sell it for $5 and call it good, I am sure they would make way more sales and hence more money overall.

  • termiNader


  • EraserXIV

    All I see are a bunch of gimicks


    man i used the beta version of this app just before it got published and this thing is not worth 16$ at all. I mean granted beta means it still had some minor bugs but damn this thing was laggy even on a dual core. I got better use out of ATOM launcher surprisingly.

  • enigmaco

    Too much going on for my liking the simpler you keep things, the less problems you will encounter.

  • Man, that thing looks like clutter city. I’ll stick with my Action Launcher. Money well spent.

  • Nathan Corachea

    dang. thats cool. but idk. i wouldnt have time for that. i dont think i would really need those candy features.

  • Rocketjrb

    Looks like a hot mess. Also having the Galaxy Nexus running gingerbread is a bit distracting.

    • cizzlen

      You have a Galaxy Nexus running Gingerbread?

      • HamsterHuey

        He was referring to the video. The notification bar icons seem to indicate Gingerbread or at the very least a Gingerbread theme

        • cizzlen

          Lol I realize that. I’m just making a joke bud 😛

      • Rocketjrb

        No, but looks like GO Team does.

      • deez

        The video does…

    • They most probably have it running on GB to test compatibility & performance on stock GB as the launcher is supported on 2.3.3 and above.

    • Steve Benson

      No, not gingerbread. That’s actually the GS3’s notification bar in ICS and JB.

      • Rocketjrb

        Nexus running Touch Wiz is also confusing.

  • Bought tsf shell already and they have been good and plentiful with updates. This launcher is pretty much an exact copy of tsf shell.

  • teejaycard

    It’s flashy and eye candy. I like that. But when it comes to all of the nice flashy things they show on there, 9 times out of 10 that’s not where you’re spending most of your time. It’s nice to have cool animations when you’re setting up folders and moving your icons onto different pages, but once you’ve done that…that’s it. I don’t do it over and over again so I can see how awesome it looks to do it ha.

  • Boblank84

    Apps like this really need a trial version (or some way to try it longer that 15min) maybe it’s worth it… But without a chance to spend a few days with it forget about it.

  • Short of the eye candy, I’ve never really understood the point of 3D launchers when options like Apex and Nova offer much smoother UIs.

  • $16?? No thanks. I’m happy with Nova that I picked up on sale. Offer a free trial and try to convince us the price is worth it.

  • Michael

    Nexus 4 running gingerbread? You’ll see it

  • looks cool but not worth that much… i purchased the old 3d shell for 14 long time ago and it was cool but i got sick of it real fast

  • Glock

    If I’ve observed one thing concerning launchers, its that they come and go and developer support drops. Look at Launcher Pro, Go Launcher, and ADW until VERY recently. $16 is crazy….I have a hard time paying $4 for a launcher anymore after my observations. Good luck Go Team but I can wait until Google has a holiday sale on a more reasonable $.99.

    • Go Launcher EX support is CONSTANT, in fact annoyingly at times (updates get pushed daily). I Still, no way in he’ll ANY launcher is worth $16

    • Stephen D

      And there are still promises of an update on the LauncherPro forums. I still can’t believe I paid for the garbage.

      • Steve Benson

        Yup, first launcher I ever bought. Federico, what an ass.

  • polioman

    >selling an app for $16
    >not making any sales

  • Rodeojones000

    No launcher is worth $16.

    • Trevor

      TSF shell is. THis one is bland and SPB is behind the times. I cant go back to nova after switching to TSF shell its the best just takes a little to get used to definitely more than the 15 min return window.

    • I paid $15 for TSF back in the day. Used it for about a week before moving to a more functional alternative that was free. 3D screen previews, and pretty much everything else on TSF (and on this new one, from the video) are just eye candy, and make them use crazy resources. Meanwhile, free launchers like Nova and Apex have orders of magnitude more customizability.

    • kselby

      I am not really a fan of No Launcher so I wouldn’t pay $16 for it. I guess I understand why you think it is worth it though.

  • Chris Pinola

    yeah, its flashy, but not worth $16. for me, the entire point of a launcher is to get you to where you want to be, and quickly. i don’t understand how people have more than like 5 homescreens, just doesn’t seem very efficient.

    • philnolan3d

      So you can get where you want to be quickly?

      • Chris Pinola

        personally I feel that ActionLauncher allows me to find and launch any application way faster than swiping through a bunch of homescreens does. again, at the end of the day it all comes down to preference, which is why we’re all drawn to android in the first place 😉

      • Kurtis Tamez

        Yep. And i do it all on ONE homescreen page. Weather and clock widget on the top row, and 8 folders full of apps and shortcuts on the two outside columns grouped by the general type of item it is (Work, Finance, Shopping, Games, System Tools, Quick Contacts, Multimedia, and Travel).

        • philnolan3d

          Eh. I like having more than one or two widgets.

        • dezignstuff

          What’s the difference between a folder and another homescreen. Still requires a touch/slide to access.

        • JoshGroff

          I have one home screen blank so I can see my wallpaper, and I have only a few apps i need installed and all stock apps I don’t use hidden with nova or apex launcher. Everyone has something different, which is what Android all about, right?

          • Kurtis Tamez

            Can’t disagree with that! 🙂

          • Glen

            Get the free app “show off” that will remove all icons from any screen to see your live wallpaper. I put it in my a scrolling dock bar so it can be accessed from any screen. No need to leave blank space to have fun with live wallpaper.

          • JoshGroff

            Also, most of my used apps are in the scrollable dock bar, so there’s nothing gained from me covering up my wallpaper with apps or widgets.

  • jrshermz

    how about giving a weeks free trial before I dish out $16.

    • foob0t

      Because then once you see that its all flash and no function you wont purchase

  • Quite happy on Nova/Action Launcher.

    • I’ll agree with your sentiment about Nova, but Action just does not have the feature set to compete with the big boys right now.

      • I do agree, but I like how different it is. Hopefully it’ll get things like hiding apps from the app list, drag and drop apps from the app list, scrollable dock, customisable rows and columns, icon set support…stuff like that.

        Has amazing potential though.

  • No thanks, I’ll pass.