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GO Team Releases Next Launcher, a $16 3D Powerhouse

The GO team, who has released popular apps like GO Launcher, is ending the year by releasing their next project, fittingly dubbed Next Launcher. It’s $16. Yes, that sounds steep, but we have seen other super-powered launchers succeed at that price, most notably TSF Shell. And I would definitely consider this on that same level, especially after watching the video below. 

Next Launcher works with any device running Android 2.3.3 and above, but GO is recommending you have a dual-core processor.

The launcher itself, includes a massive set of features. Your home screens have endless possibilities since there really are no standard grids. You can rotate icons and move widgets around as you see fit. There are fancy 3D transitions, multi-select tools, quick resizing and arranging of icons, 3D widgets, and more.

At this time, it sounds like only a select few wallpapers work with it, but the GO team says that they are working to open it up. They also mentioned in the description of the app, that themes are on the way.

$16 is a steep price to pay for a launcher, but it looks like it has potential.

Play Link ($15.99)

YouTube Preview Image

Cheers David!

  • got it yesterday… its really working smooth and aces on my Sony xperia T.. however unlike other go apps…there is a lack of content here…. Will keep it for future…as for now i prefer the default Sony Look over all the other launchers etc etc

  • Ok, here we go:

    I’ve gone through my fair share of launchers (Apex, GO, Nova, ADW, Next) and I just want to share what I think with you all.

    NextLauncher is by far the best looking launcher available. I combined it with the stunning HD widgets and I almost shed a tear when I look at my home screen. Obviously look isnt everything so I’ll break this down.


    $16 is definitely too much for a launcher, but the thing is it isn’t just some launcher, it comes with more apps/widgets that most people would pay for in separate apps.

    We also need to keep in mind this is 1.0.0, really people it will only get better.

    I’m not saying it is worth $16 but it does contain enough apps/functions to make it worth more than $5.


    By far the biggest feature of NextLauncher that already lets it fly by most other launchers. The only launchers you should even begin to compare to NextLauncher would be ADW, Apex, and maybe just a little bit Nova. Nova is good don’t get em wrong but Apex and ADW outshine it. NextLauncher has most if not all of Apex/ADW’s features while being much more attracting to the eye.


    My Samsung Galaxy S3 runs all transitions and features smoothly with no jitters or breaks. All animations run smoothly even when left in loop for hours. Battery life is average just as Apex/ADW. Looking pretty good so far.

    Other Features:

    I absolutely love the custom app position and I mean completely custom. Rotate side by side (as close as you want), upside down, etc. It’s just a marvelous feeling being able to customize so much on this launcher. This is a feature no launcher has reprodueced quite like it.

    Notification App Drawer, the app drawer button has an animation for when a new app is added so you can easily find it. This isn’t a super important feature but I find it very nifty.

    Transitions, has basically all the GO Launcher transitions (which is a lot for those of you who have used it), and has a Random Transition feature, which I myself use.

    App icon animations, yep that is right apps can animate on press with a nice list of animations as well as a random animation feature.

    Now for the darker part of NextLauncher, I’ll talk about some of its lackings.



    The Dock, as far as I can tell dock is limited to 5 apps for now. I have tried countless items to add more. I personally love this feature and do expect and hope for it to be added in later updates.

    App Drawer, lacking custom tabs. I loved being able to have tabs in my drawer for all sorts of my apps, games, favorites, widgets (widgets was indeed very useful), etc. The folder feature is ok but you can’t have apps in 2 folders at the same time, definitely a bummer for me.
    Widgets, I found that some widgets would simply disappear if I placed them in a position just barely off sometimes. I had a 4*3 widget calendar and a 4*1 widget under it and when I tried to move the 4*1 just a little bit it would disappear after I left the page.


    Final words on the matter, this app is chocked full of cool stuff and isn’t just eye candy, it is very bit as convenient as every other launcher out there.

    Is it worth the $16 at the moment no, I do think the price should either be lowered to about $10 or add in free trials. This launcher is easily worth $10 in my opinion with all the extra apps heck maybe even $12, but $16 is a bit much, but hey I am loving the launcher so far so I’m not complaining.

    Overall Score:




    Features (as of version 1.0.0):

    Extra Features (the ones that aren’t launcher related):


    I hope this helps you all make a good decision on this launcher.


  • It’s worth the price to those who like pt.

  • foob0t

    I used this launcher for about 20 minutes before switching back to Go Launcher EX. It looks really cool and is very smooth, but lacks a lot of functionality that I require. Its odd to me considering Go is made by the same company, and free. For instance, you cannot change the icons on your dock, add additional icons (over 4), and cannot assign gesture launches from the same icon. All of my icons on my dock have press and gesture actions, and I can assign whichever icon picture I choose. This keeps my home screen from becoming cluttered.

  • jimmymac

    Only $16 for all of these battery draining features?

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    This is a joke right?

  • digitalicecream

    Overpriced and resource intensive. I’m done with overpriced launchers that I end up not using. My last purchase was Chameleon. What a dud, the launcher is buggy and the widget development won’t be nearly useful for some time. Great Kickstarter project |: . Well I’ve learned my lesson. I’m using Nova Prime and Relaunch on my AOCP ROM’d Galaxy Note. Check out Relaunch on the play store here. http://goo.gl/07utQ