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Fourth Jelly Bean Update Leaks for Verizon’s Galaxy S3 as VRBLK3

We have been following the saga that is the Jelly Bean update for Verizon’s Galaxy S3 for some time now. At least three different Android 4.1 updates have leaked for the phone, none of which have become official, at least not yet. Last night, another leaked as build VRBLK3. As you may recall, the previous leak, which came out on November 20, was build VRBLK1. The jump from 1 to 3 should be fairly minimal, so I would imagine at this point that we’re squashing minor bugs. 

On a related note, the same anonymous tipster that said 11/16 could be the day that Verizon starts to roll this out, hit us up again this week to say that 12/14 is now the day and that the final build has been signed off. It’s “anonymous” so take whatever from that you will. The timing isn’t bad though, as days after he informed us, another build popped up. Still, take it lightly until we see an update roll out, hear word from Verizon, or find support docs.

If you would like to flash this leaked build, you will need Odin, root, and an unlocked bootloader. The full instructions can be found at the link below.

Via:  XDA

Cheers ItsASamsung!

  • WhooflTomp

    I just got OTA’d to VRBLK3….

  • e_droid

    Love how fast VRBLK3 is. Thanks for this!

  • will

    Verizon just release the F’n jelly bean already. This is getting ridiculous.

  • Ok flashed it this morning seems to be a bit more draining on the battery, but not enough to be a problem for me.

  • Running the latest leak and it is smooth and fast. It has the missing all share cast and a whole bunch of interesting features. I also installed the pop-up browser and can’t wait for the premium pack! For those that want to remain stock there is a flash that basically mimics the ota as everything is preserved.on xda. Only feature I notice missing is blocking mode.

  • Splicer78

    4.1 is nice, but I’ve been on it for awhile so how about we skip to 4.2 instead

  • Batman

    Wifi toggle?

  • Godzilla

    Why does it say you need root? You never need root for the other leaks

  • jeff laird

    Jelly wiz rls13 = 4.1.1 till the official comes out

  • Funny how everyone complains, but I would guess 95% of the people even reading droid-life already realize that Verizon is the absolute worst at speedy updates for their phones. Just unlock, root and go get yourself any one of 30 or so JB roms out there. I would recommend AOKP but that’s just my opinion…. CM10 (despite stable releases) is still buggy. Is it a reason to jump ship from VZW? I guess that is up to the end user…. I am just amused that there are still “shocked and appalled” people out there regarding Big Red’s ineptitude at updates.

  • Take your time Verizon. I want a better working build than something rushed just so I have jelly bean…

    • Kami3k

      Dumb ass.

  • guest

    will that picture in the post be a limited edition t shirt soon?

    • Brent Cooper

      That’d be awesome! +1

  • AxemRed

    I’d be pissed if the build that’s released is the same one that was leaked 2-3 months ago. But since this is the 4th build leaked, I’d be kind of curious to see what kinds of bugs were fixed from the previous 3. It would be interesting to see if this process actually fixes significant bugs or if it’s a total waste. I would love to compare a list of known issues between the AT&T and Verizon GS3 JB builds (after the Verizon one is official) or see the changelog between each Verizon build that is tested.

    • hkklife

      I know on the K1 that I was running until a few days ago, the media scanner was running almost constantly (thus killing the battery), there were a few camera glitches and the help tip thingies wouldn’t go away unless you disabled them. Otherwise, the new radios improved my throughput in solid LTE areas (still crummy in fringe spots such as basements etc) and everything was smooth and buttery. My favorite JB feature on the S3, believe it or not, is a being able to pause video recording them resume.

  • Soofdawg

    As an act of dissidence for VZ making my life slightly miserable, I now refuse to turn on my WiFi just so I can squeeze every byte of data with my unlimited plan. False sense of satisfaction, but leave me to my small victories.

    • none

      LOL i do the same thing.

    • Me too with over 7GB last month. I realize that’s not a lot by some standards, but I’m doing my part!

    • AE35

      I stream music and turn the volume off.

    • Zg

      ive used 59.2gb so far.;)

    • michael arazan

      So the SG3 will have a newer update to JB over the “Nexus.” At least they are still updating JB somewhat. Verizon is so cheap that they won’t invest any amount of resources into updating phones, other than the bare minimum. What’s next, they going to start charging customers for the updates for their phones?
      Maybe I should delete that not to give them ideas.

      • CelticBrewer

        You’re right, verizon is cheap. And this is all about money. I can imagine that it costs Verizon and other carriers a lot of money when an upgrade goes out and people start flooding the help lines or stores. Perhaps, if verizon DID charge for upgrades (or, better yet, just support for upgrades), we’d see more updates put out, and faster.

        As is, carriers make more money selling people on a new phone (and contract) versus upgrading an existing phone. Where’s the incentive to provide that update? Believe me, I don’t want to pay more money; but I would have given, say, $20-30 to have jelly bean a few months ago without rooting/flashing.

        • poopsandwich

          If verizon didn’t waste our time installing their crap bloatware we wouldn’t have to worry about this. We could just get updates when Samsung says they are ready.

        • poopsandwich

          Maybe if verizon wasn’t installing their crap bloatware we wouldn’t have to wait this long for updates. We could just get them when they were ready from samsung. I’m never buying a non nexus device again.

    • This may be funny and a “stick it” to Verizon, but if you are really doing it out of spite and not actually using Data you need (i.e. Streaming all day and turning volume off, etc) that is slowing down all of us unnecessarily. Not punishing Verizon, you are punishing me. But if you are genuinely using the data, more power to you!

  • Evan Wickes

    this is probably the reason for the delay..Note 2 features are being rolled back into the S3


    • Nope Leak 4 and all US s3 JBs are 4.1.1 Premium Suite is 4.1.2 which is just rolling out in Europe to i9300s

  • I’ve been running Cyanogen 10 for a short while now. I have never seen a better designed ROM personally. I love the feel of it and I love that it’s up to date. My only complaint is that battery life seems to have degraded a bit, strangely enough. Other than that, I love having a unlocked SGS3 with Cyanogen on Verizon w/ unlimited data….couldn’t really ask for too much more.

  • Yd

    Is this one signed like the last one?

  • Evan Wickes

    Verizon shouldnt even have their hands in this. These updates should come directly from the manufacturer. They should also push all questions to the manufacturer. It will reduce their headcount & will lower our bills!!

    • AxemRed

      As long as phones are tied to Verizon via subsidizing and support, this will continue. Verizon has an interest in testing updates because if a bad update is released, it’s Verizon’s problem to support it.

      • Kami3k

        That’s why all the other carriers with JB updates are perfectly fine?

        Lol, how pathetic your attempt at defending Verizon is.

      • Evan Wickes

        i know, but it shouldnt be. they should be able to say “here is the samsung/lg/asus US support number. call them. we are responsible for the airwaves & signal issues.” this will force more competition also between the carriers & reduce bottlenecks at Big Red.

  • rob

    This “Leak” is just an attempt to calm very upset customers up. I doubt it is any indication of the release of JB for the S3. If JB releases next Friday I will be a very surprised person. AND VERIZON..when JB does(if) comes out, it should come with an APOLOGY to your customers.

  • chey023

    some people are saying they are having wifi troubles, others are not. Flashing it anyways,

  • Famouz Starz

    and this is why im happily sucking down 30+gbs of data on unlimited! FTW and FU VZW

  • Bewara2009

    At least. You guys will get the update before the world ends on the 27th of this month.

    • jeff


  • People that are constantly whining about getting updates annoy the crap out of me. If you’re on Verizon, you know damn well that Verizon likes to test their software as much as possible before releasing to public. You know this.

    And the same group starts crying if they released it and had a bug or two in it. Just a non-stop cycle of crying. Go do something else with your life that’s more important than just waiting around for some damn software update.

    • C-Law

      I’m at the point where I agree with you and no longer whine. Verizon does take longer, and I’m rooted and unlocked so I stay updated via other means but they always release better radios with each leak and update and if that takes more time, it’s ok with me. My gnex signal is leaps and bounds better than it was a year ago on launch day

    • Travis Shepherd

      if they have a problem with waiting for updates or complain about bugs, just root & throw a custom rom on there. then you will be up to date sometimes weekly.

    • KB Smoka

      Amen to that!

    • chris125

      not to mention you can always download and easily install one of these leaks especially this late into it it probably is less buggy than what verizon will end up pushing

    • SamsungFTW

      I agree and disagree. As some others have said, I am rooted so I don’t really care when they release updates. But I do find it a bit unacceptable that they release updates after almost everyone else on the planet. For their flagship Android phone (or at least what was their flagship for the past few months, prior to DNA and the like), it seems a bit unreasonable for them to be two iterations of the operating sytem behind (counting 4.1 and 4.2, but not smaller iterations like 4.12). Not that there is anything wrong with ICS, it is a fantastic operating system. But in a competitive world, where it is important to other carriers to provide their customers with the latest software, that is one very big point against Verizon. And I am not sure it comes down to thorough testing so much as it does carrier customization. The other realeases seem to be pretty thoroughly tested, and some were released months ago. I think it has to do with Verizon wanting to control everything that your phone is capable of and everything that can be installed. This attitude is evident in their illegal blocking of thethering apps and Google Wallet. I have Verizon and am very happy with the coverage, but not happy with the fact that they prioritize decisions based on what is good for the company over what is good for the customer. It reminds me a lot of Apple. When it is time to renew, I will go with Sprint, not strictly because Verizon is slow to update, but because of the underlying issue, that Verizon does not respect their customers.

    • My thought is when Verizon takes months longer than everyone else and still releases a buggy product. I refer you to nearly every update on the Original HTC Incredible. They couldn’t even fiugure out how to push out the OTA update with out it crashing the phone.

  • Aardvark99

    There’s plenty of bugs in the ICS version, hopefully this wait results in a higher quality product.

  • Shawn

    the “tipster” should diaf with all due respect 🙂

    • chey023

      haha, with all due respect.

  • Who cares when it officially drops? I’ve been using the latest leaks as the become available in the forums.

  • CRH45


  • I’m thinking about flashing this to mine.

  • One of my SGS3s has been on the second leak since it came out… No issues at all… Love it

    • AE35

      Yeah, I’m using Scotts ROMS which are based on the leaks but de-Verizoned. Quite happy.

  • jowaldo

    Just release it already!

  • mustbepbs

    This is pathetic. Imagine if Verizon delayed the iOS6 update for months while other carriers didn’t. They’d be ripped apart. What is taking them so long?

    • 2001400ex

      No Apple delays the release of their software. You just I don’t know it cause they hide everything better than Google.

      • hfoster52

        I think you bring up a good point. Apple rolls all the software out at once for all the carriers. They can delay however they want and everyone has to live with it. Also you have to look at how many versions of hardware they have compared to each vendor of android. The only way to compare Apples to Apples is look at the Nexus (not gnex) products and see how many updates Google sends out vs Apple.

        You also have look at when the iPhone first came out they made the carriers bend to their will because of demand was high so they had carriers make exceptions. Android was a trickle that turned into a stream.

        • evltwn

          Never mind

          • hfoster52

            🙂 Yeah I saw your comment before. VZ GNex is just another Galaxy Phone with out touch wiz as far I am concerned.

    • E Diddy

      Three letters … LTE. It’s proprietary.

      • hfoster52

        Is it? I can find System on the Chips with VZ LTE capability through Sierra Wireless and Qualcomm to name a few. Also I thought LTE was suppose to be open when VZ took that spectrum?

    • LionStone

      You have no one to blame but yourself, if you jumped on the S3. Its a nice, mediocre device that quickly got popular yet got outdated just as fast heading into the holidays…timing is everything.

      • hkklife

        WTF are you talking about? The S3, especially once it gets JB, still stacks up VERY well to the latest devices on VZW or any other carrier! The DNA and Note 2 (and arguably, iPhone 5) are the only VZW clearly superior to the S3 hardware-wise. And if you want 32Gb INTERNAL storage + a microSD card, the S3 trumps the DNA and Note2!

        RAZR MAXX also has 32Gb + microSD card (and of course the radios/battery/build quality) but it has a smaller, worse-quality screen and a much worse camera and only 1Gb RAM. There’s still nothing dated whatsoever about the S3’s feature set!!!

      • meddler

        Really? What Android device would you say is better on Big Red? This is not rhetorical, I’m legitimately asking because I’m getting a GS3 for an upcoming birthday. Here’s my reasoning for asking for that as opposed to other devices.
        1. I’m not interested in the Note, I have a tablet, I don’t want a phone that I struggle to use with one hand.
        2. I considered the Nexus 4, but that would have been problematic since my verizon contract doesn’t expire for a few more months and I’m part of a family plan big enough to actually justfy (grudgingly) switching to Family Share. Plus the lack of expandable storage gives me pause.
        3. I also considered the DNA, but the only advantages it has is the screen and that it launches wtih JB (which isn’t a permanent issue, and it would hardly be shocking if at some point the GS3 didn’t push ahead of the DNA in terms of updates, as a current TBolt user still on Gingerbread, I can attest), and really, we’re at the level of diminishing marginal returns with added pixel density on these phones. Expandable storage and battery life/removable battery were much larger concerns, both areas where the DNA lacks (though if the DNA had those, it WOULD be superior).
        4. So that leaves the only other device that compares the Razr Maxx HD, which I legitimately did consider, but I don’t see how its appreciably and objectively superior. It’s a bit more vanilla, and it has the big battery, but the reviews I’ve read of it’s camera are pretty poor and it won’t have anything close to the level of ongoing community support as the GS3, not to mention the notorious difficulty Moto’s created in unlocking their bootloaders. It’s also quite a bit pricier.
        Am I missing some hidden gem or something?

        • LionStone

          What I think would be better simply comes down to my preference. But to answer your question, to me, the DNA. After that, yea, the MaXXHD. I cannot stand TW but that’s me, I don’t go on and on about it like some people do about Sense. Even when the S3 gets JB it will never be superior to the DNA hardware wise. Expandable storage/ removable battery is negligible, that comes down to preference. Neither hinder my user experience so the DNA is superior to me. What you think lacks are pluses to me, form factor, build quality, built-in wireless charging, great camera, great screen and not just the quality but the design with the smooth edges how it waterfalls off the sides. But hey, you’re getting a free S3 for your birthday, that’s great, you can’t really beat free, Happy Birthday!

          • meddler

            Hah, thanks! Fair enough. My only thing is you didn’t really state your initial post as opinion, you made it sound like there was some sort of objectively quantifiable reason the S3 was inferior, like it was dated hardware. I just don’t see how you can make that argument. I can definitely see preferring the DNA or even the Maxx HD (though with price point factored, the latter is a bit tougher), but in both cases the raw hardware is pretty damn close, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages (the Note is really a different class of device, so I’m leaving that out). If you don’t care about rooting, don’t mind spending a bit extra, and want the super-battery, go with the Maxx. If you want the 1080p screen and wireless charging and can live with limited hard-storage and a single stock battery, you go with the DNA. The S3 really is the best all-around compromise–it has a better display and camera than the Maxx HD while it also offers better battery performance (from what I’ve read) and the expandable storage that the DNA lacks. The DNA obviously wins with it’s display, while the Maxx HD with it’s battery life, and I’ll even concede that I prefer the build quality of both as well. But, for me, I need the expandable storage. I’m maxed out on the initial 32 GB on my T-Bolt plus have 6 GB of my SD card taken. Could I micromanage that a bit better? Maybe. I don’t buy the “cloud it” argument now that my unlimited data is gone. Could I get it down to 16 GB without too much headache? I’m skeptical. That immediately took the DNA out of the picture for me. I could have gone with the Maxx HD, but ultimately, I decided I’d like the community support, unlockable bootloader, and superior camera of the S3 over the battery and build quality of the Maxx HD. I also had a few people tell me about negative experiences they’ve had with recent Moto devices, though I do think they seem to be headed in the right direction. I also used to hate TW, but from what I’ve seen, they’ve done quite a job turning it into something usable with the Nature UX. I like the new Sense too, but again, after living with a TBolt, I’m also really skeptical about buying an HTC phone with a non-removable battery (I have a Rezound Battery in my TBolt and keep the stock battery charged and on me most of the time as well as a backup). But, as you say in your second post, most of this is a question of preference, not factual superiority, which is really why your first post raised an eyebrow. (and yes, the person buying this gift is so inept with technology that they just told me to do the research and tell them what I wanted, lol)

        • Mike

          Good choice. Unlocking the bootloader is easy and I’ve been running Jellybean for weeks. The Jellybean Rom also allows you to use ATT Sims and most likely international sims. Little tweaking needed to change APN. Also due to popularity of S3 there will be many unofficial updates in the future.

      • CelticBrewer

        LOL at “mediocre”. It’s still the best smartphone out there, period. The Maxx HD and DNA have significant faults. And the iPhone 5 is just a bigger 4 with LTE- but still a piece of crahp. There is nothing outdated about the S3 except the OS which is a quick fix if you can’t wait for an official update.

  • I will believe it when I see it.

  • Genghis


    • EvanTheGamer

      Nay…it’s gonna be 12/21/12.

      Oh wait…

      • Andy_mak

        Who needs OTA, Liquid smooth FTW.

        • fixxmyhead

          its ok on my s2 but just got my nexus 4 yesterday so yea

    • PhoenixPath

      It’s Verizon. You won’t see it until 12/13/14. 😛

      • Chris

        You mean until 6 months after the Galaxy S4 is out

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