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Deal: Use This Coupon to Save 50% on the New Galaxy Muse, That’s $24.99

Since the new Samsung Galaxy Muse is technically considered a “smartphone accessory,” you can use coupon codes on it that normally apply to things like cases or docks. One of our readers pointed out that a 50% off coupon code does indeed work for it. In fact, he said he went ahead and picked up three of them, which only ran him $75. Normally priced at $50, this coupon code drops $25 off the price, bringing it to $24.99. Interested, now?Β 

Use coupon code “rE156940u” at checkout. Buy here.

Update: Β It looks like the Muse is now backordered.

Cheers David!

  • r0lct

    It’s back in stock but they aren’t allowing the coupon code any more.

  • It’s back in stock, but the coupon code is no longer working. Bugger!

  • Medici

    Doesnt work anymore πŸ™‚

  • Anyone having problems applying the code? When I try to use the code I get a error message saying that I don’t have any items in my cart to apply it too?

  • Samsung really took this nature thing far.

  • matti861

    I’m a avid Google Music user. Is this compatible with it? I highly doubt it

  • wiz

    tempted to use this for the car dock – anyone know of where I could find the pogo car dock for a non-insane price?

  • Boblank84

    great tip! just ordered, hope it works w/ genx. worth the risk at that price.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Still 0.0 interest

  • Shane
  • Back Ordered.. I just tried to order one..

  • JT

    can you transfer songs from spotify to it?

  • Get me a coupon for another $24.99 off and I’ll order one.

  • Travis Penick

    I just tried to buy one, not working on the samsung website. Maybe its out of stock?

  • joejoe5709

    Hmmm actually what I’m interested in is something for my wife because she only has 8BG on her iPhone and she could use a cheap but good MP3 player to supplement the space. This is now cheaper and has more space than an iPod Shuffle. For me I wouldn’t mind a cheap little MP3 player that I can use on long road trips (which might not have good cell signals) and if I leave it in the car by accident, no big deal. Also, I don’t carry a lot of music on my phone. I really almost prefer a seperate device.

  • I need a new S-Pen since I lost mine the day I got my Note 2.. So I will add this onto my order.. I love deals like this..

  • Jack Holt

    Ordered one in white to go with my S3. I’m a sucker for random tech for my devices.

  • Joe Pedulla

    Sweet player for the gym. Always feel like a tool carrying my phone around in my pocket. “Is that a phone in your pocket…?”

  • Sidenote: The code works on ALL Samsung Accessories (assuming you can find some that aren’t on backorder).

  • Eric Soriano

    For $25 I bought it and have no idea what it’s supposed to do because it was half off! Better to get the deal and figure it out later than miss out and pay full price!

  • Just ordered one for the wife as a stocking stuffer.

  • Daniel Aceves

    for 24 buck i think it is worth a try

    • Michael D


  • Ok can some explain this concept to me. It’s an MP3 player, something I haven’t used since the original iPod Touch, that you buy to pair with your phone that already plays music, so that you don’t have to worry about the phone. Why not get a tube sock and hold your phone in that, or bluetooth headphones? I think Moto’s headphones are only $40 or so.

    • I think the largest benefactor for this device are people who are either: a) completely accident prone with their devices but yet enjoy listening to music with said device b) individuals who want the ability to listen to music but do not have the liberty to access their phone (work, school, etc.) c) outdoor enthusiasts who would rather break or lose a $25 device, rather than their $300+ smartphone.

      • Yeah when you put it that way it seems to make much more sense. MP3 players just seem so old to me now, but then again I’m not a huge music guy myself. I have about 200-300 songs on my phone but that’s also partly because I filed my phone up with apps.

        • Pedro


          I have my phone filed ‘Down With Apps’!

      • I was going to pick one up to use while cutting the grass, a job an old iPod shuffle clip currently performs. Being able to sync this directly to the phone would be handy. If only it hadn’t gone on back order…

  • Michael D

    Can I hook this up to my computer and put my own music on it?

    • Hunter

      Yep, I went out and read their document on interfacing with the various music apps (iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, etc.) and for some you have to actually download the songs to your PC and transfer them to the Muse. So what you are asking should definitely work.

      • Michael D

        Thank you very much. Just took a shot on it. Getting it for my tech-less father as low-risk high reward gift haha.

  • LewisSD

    and to think I almost jumped on this when it was $50. Now i really dont have any excuse!

  • Daniel

    double yawn…either use your phone, or get a Sansa Clip+ for like $25 and then be able to see what tracks you’re playing, and also expand the memory with a microSD card…I don’t really understand the point of this or any mp3 player without even a tiny screen

    • JoshGroff

      Have you ever had your phone fall out of your pocket when you’re taking a jog?

      • Detonation

        No because I use my Clip+ when I run, not a smartphone.

  • Michael D

    Can I hook this up to the computer and put my own music on it? Even if I don’t have a Note or S3?

    • Hunter


  • Prox

    thanks, good christmas gift.

  • Don’t forget to add $4 for the CHEAPEST shipping offer.

    • Well if you buy 3, I think you get the free shipping over $50 deal. πŸ˜›

      • Correct. Too bad I don’t have THAT many ears and/or phones πŸ˜›

  • Thomas


  • JolleyMan

    With media player controls on the lockscreen now, I don’t see the point.

    • Daniel Maginnis

      Have you read the article about the product? This doesnt control the phone. Its a companion MP3 player. Like an iPod shuffle but you actually manage the music on the phone.

  • Hunter

    Does it work with the Galaxy Nexus?

    • Nex__

      That’s what i want to know. Until we find that out its a no go for nexus users.

      • I don’t really know, but I have this feeling that it’s tied to TouchWiz somehow.

        • Hunter

          That was my suspicion as well, thought I’d ask

        • Daniel Maginnis

          Yeah… the app installed on my phone but since you connect over usb, I’m skeptical about how it will be detected. Unless it just reads as a usbotg storage drive

          • Only one way to find out πŸ˜›

          • JoshGroff

            I trust our developer community to make it work if it doesn’t. They can seemingly do anything.

        • Nex__

          Please God no

    • I believe it does. The sync app says it is compatible with all devices I own (Most are not Samsung).