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Verizon Pushes Jelly Bean Update to All RAZR HD and MAXX HD Devices This Morning

Earlier this week, we wrote that Verizon was starting to push out the Jelly Bean update to owners of the RAZR HD and MAXX HD, but it was in small batches. This morning, it seems to be a wider push and we have a lot of readers writing in to say they are getting the update.ย With the update, owners will be able to take advantage ofย Google Now, enhanced notifications, Project Butter, and an improved keyboard.ย Beyond that, Verizon and Motorola also improved voice and data connectivity, the user experience in the calendar, and Back Up Assistant. They removed Verizon Video and Color application, but added in the suite of Amazon apps.

Go grab it!

The update is 276MB in size.

Cheers Erick, and Lee!

  • emm

    Why doesn’t my RAZR M support Flash Player!? I can’t watch anything I want to watch online on my phone…which is why I got it…because it says that my phone doesn’t diopter the player. What now??

    • emm

      Dumb fat fingers…doesn’t support the player…

  • aegii

    this update got rid of speed dial wtf

  • Don’t like it, lost my ability to tether

  • kurttheking

    My phone is downloading updates today. Hope Jelly Bean installs well and extends my Droid RAZR battery life. ICS reduced the battery to less than one day. ICS also lost 90% of my contacts. Probably won’t install it until after Christmas as there probably won’t be any support tomorrow. That means I’ll have a NAG MSG for a couple of days. Who pushes down updates the day before Christmas? Excellent customer service.

  • J B

    I have an Razr Maxx HD and the update was pushed to my phone and screwed it up! Give me back the previous version. My Bluetooth no longer works, things seem to run slower, and screen refreshes do not always happen completely. Some of my previous apps no longer work on this version.

  • STILL WAITING – brasil /

  • David Lewis

    Don’t update to 4.1 it does not support Flash plugin. I did it, now I am regretting it. Where is my Ice Cream Sandwich!! Adobe’s site states it does not support their flash player past Android 4.0. The Razar HD, is an excellent phone but without the Flash support it might as well be an iPhone. Thanks, Google for all the hype, I’m going back to my Droidx, at least it works.

  • I don’t see what the big deal is with the JB update. I got it on my razr maxx hd and honestly ICS runs smoother and uses less memory. The phone is buggy, sluggish and choppy. Games play worse also. I severely do not recommend doing this update.

  • Vincent Poy

    They also removed Slacker Radio which was in /vendor/app in the ICS version prior to this. The reason they removed Verizon Video is because that service will be gone on December 15, 2012 and replaced with Viewdini when one runs the Verizon Video app as shown here:


    Does anyone know if Amazon MP3 comes with the OTA JB update because I had Amazon MP3 before but I wiped the phone before doing the update and I have Amazon MP3 in /data/app, not in /system/app. Also, anyone know the exact filename for Google Maps in /system/app with the OTA JB update as I accidentally moved the file as a user app in Titanium Backup. Thanks!

    • Nick

      The Jb update does have Amazon MP3 and slacker radio

  • Awesome…glad I’m still waiting for the bug fix for my Razr Maxx 5 months after the fact…Thanks Motorola, I’ll never buy one of your crappy phones again!

  • Mike

    Issues with update: GPS does not work with latest Maps update. Had to uninstall update and now Traffic widgets do not work. Netflix zoom feature no longer zooms, it simply stretches to fit (looks terrible on 4:3 shows). Camera still lags way too much; figured they would have fixed or improved with software update. Text message shows read when accessing from notification bar even though the thread was never opened. All I have experienced so far.

  • erik

    Great update but why didn’t we get the new 4.1 camera features that job brings? Like swiping over from camera to see your photos then swiping up or down to delete them.

  • Mike in N.E. Philly

    The update last night screwed up the Swype keyboard. Evey first letter in each word is being converted into uppercase but I have that option turned off in the Options section. I had to download another keyboard (TouchPal Keyboard V5) to make it work properly. Anyone else have that or any other issues after Jellybean was pushed up?

  • sweaty_al

    This is awesome!!! I just got the update. Before, I’d always get sweaty nut sack after running up the stairs at work. But now, with the update, my nuts are dry as a bone. I also like how when I fart, my butt doesn’t whistle anymore. It was so embarrassing before, people always pointing and laughing. But now, with the update, my life has changed. I wish all updates were this good!!

  • RDM Katy Texas

    I hate my “Google Phone” (the Razr Maxx HD). The update changed the background on “People” to where I can’t read the list very well…just too too bright…eats battery like crazy.
    Also in “People” why do I have to have the empty head to the left of the listing? I will not every place a pic there…and there are no instructions as to how, if you can, place a pic there. Also why, if I do enable Google, does the Google search bar, logo, have to be on every page? I don’t want to be a walking advertisment for Google.
    I hate this phone, but all the others use just about the same software so I am just stuck aren’t I? This phone is supose to be the know-all and end-all of the phone world right now…just so long as you go along with programers who think they know it all.
    All I want is flexability…to refuse to use apps that Motorola/Droid thinks I need and to set up the phone’s displays the way I want them not the way some “hip” programer thinks I should have them.

  • Inspector

    As far as I’ve seen with the update, my battery life seems to have improved, LED notifications are all 1 color (Green). If you want the full use of the phone’s colors, use Light Flow. Auto brightness sensitivity is increased. Google Now is awesome. Voice commands are better. The contact list background is white. I’d prefer the original background. Over all, there are many improvements. I love the new update on my Razr HD. I held off rooting till I got the update just to prevent the problems some of you were experiencing. We all would’ve liked the update sooner but it was held off for a reason. The wait was worth it.

  • jt

    My dad got it yesterday morning. My explanation of google now was, “Creepy things you won’t want at first then won’t be able to live without.”

  • Bretton Key

    On another note…it’s so disrespectful that #VZW put this out so fast for the new Razr. If you look at this objectively…why do we wait so long for updates again…don’t give that crap about testing on the network.

    We all know that any software update does not eliminate all the problems or makes the phone perfect…I would so settle for a main update and a bunch of subsequent niche updates that focus on individual features.

    In another words I hope #VZWsucksand

  • Bretton Key

    I wonder what is done for the original Razr and Razr Maxx

  • n0m0n

    I was only rooted before the JB OTA, after Im not.
    Guess I missed the message that id loose root.
    How do I get re-rooted or I cant?


    • Diablo81588

      Voodoo still worked apparently.

  • Terrance Steiner

    I was having a hard time deciding between the S2 and the Razr and now Verizon sends out the Razr update on the same that my contract is up for renewal. I think I have made my decision. Well played Verizon, well player.

  • Ethan

    Thanks, Verizon, for giving JB updates to phones that weren’t even ANNOUNCED when I ordered my GS3. My turn yet? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Mike

      I wonder what’s more effective. B!tching and complaining on droid life or hitting Verizon in the wallet and switching carriers? If you aren’t in a position to switch carriers because of where you live, etf , etc etc What was the purpose of your post? Really?

      • Ethan

        I was neither complaining nor “b!tching”- simply sharing my frustration with other D-L readers, some of whom may have the same feelings I have. If you aren’t one of those people, you can just ignore the comment. But I’ve apparently offended you so deeply that you couldn’t overlook my post and felt the need to tell me off. You, sir, are a grade-A internet troll.

      • michael arazan

        I like to go to VZW community forums and bitch and rant about how much Verizon sucks. But they pay the moderators there , who say they aren’t paid by verizon. to delete and censor what you write in the forums, and the moderators will belittle your problems and praise how good verizon is, and never help you with your problems.
        I go to vzw community to actually help those that I can with real answers and solutions unlike the @sshole moderators there who treat the customers like [email protected] there because they need help or want to voice out their opinions.

  • Chris Hatfield

    The update removed the live wallpaper “map” selection. Any idea how to get that back?

  • One of my main reasons for getting this phone besides the battery and software buttons, Motorola seems to be the best at pushing out updates for Verizon phones. I’m looking at you HTC, never got my ICS for the Incredible 2.

    • The Bionic took over a year to get ICS. ..not really timely fashion.

  • Adam

    got my Jelly Bean update this morning at 215 love all the new stuff!!

  • wifi

    So sad, my wifi hotspot is dead now (unlimited data plan). FoxFi no longer works. ๐Ÿ™

    • LionStone

      It seems VZW is having issues with their Mobile Hotspot

    • Diablo81588

      If you’re rooted to could probably still do the sqlite hack. Been using that since I bought my phone over a year ago and has worked fine even after many updates.

    • Tyler

      Why use FoxFi when Wifi over Tether works better?

    • sillywilly

      Yeah, I’m bummed too. FoxFi is now a dead animal for me. The bluetooth tether doesn’t work and the WiFi tether doesn’t work. Boo!

  • droidsung

    Got mine last night. Got much smoother in home screens. But it seems they removed the option to disable verizon bloats and that’s bummer.

  • Got mine last night. One issue – the Calendar app used to have an amazing feature that would grab conference bridge (and passcode) info out of the invite and let you one-button dial into the bridge (with a popup to let you send the passcode when ready). That was a fantastic features.. and it’s now gone on JB. Thanks.

    • ezpotato

      i miss some of the more “Motoblur” features.. that was one of them i miss, as well as their newsfeed widget, and the motorola connected music player was awesome! I miss that too….

  • schoat333

    OTA Rootkeeper is a great tool. Updated my wifes phone, was able to keep root, and freeze all that bloatware again.

  • Got it on my RAZR MAXX HD. Went past the “what’s new” program though without checking it out (needed to load an app). And now I can’t get back to it. Any way to get that to run again?

    • K L

      Use the Help App.

  • Nick

    Working great on Maxx HD. Did find I can finally toggle off the little keyboard icon that showed up in the notification bar when typing. Those little things that make my ocd go crazy.

    • 2001400ex

      Where is that setting at???

      • steve0617

        It’s not a setting. You have to only have a single keyboard selected/available.

        And since the Android keyboard is enabled but uncheckable in ‘language and input’, you have to go to Settings/Apps/All/Android Keyboard and disable it.

        Then make sure all other keyboards except the one you want to use are also unchecked (like google voice typing). Reboot and you *shouldn’t* see the keyboard icon in the notification bar anymore.

        Now, I haven’t done this, but I wonder if the Google Voice Typing keyboard is needed for Google Now and its translation.

        • 2001400ex

          Didn’t work for me. Grrr

  • GS3 owner…..STILL WAITING for JB!!

    • billy routh

      Root it. Flash it. No more waiting.

    • You STFU Troll!!!…..Wait…where’s Greg’s obligatory STFU post to reply this post to?

      • fixxmyhead


  • Smh…because Razr Maxx owners didn’t have their’s first or anything…

    • Diablo81588

      It’ll be here soon enough.

    • dipshit

      You really wanna open that can of worms? All the bionic owners should be going nuts… everyone knows vzw gives CURRENT flagships the priority when it comes to updates

  • Brent Cooper

    What about Razr/Maxx non HD owners? I’m not feeling the love

    • Greg Morgan

      That will be early 2013, but you will get it.

    • Greg


      • K L

        You STFU Troll!!!!

    • nini

      i know :c unfair


      Should have got an iPhone

  • shawn

    standard S3 owners still getting screwed post ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Greg


      • BroRob

        You STFU Troll!!!!

  • Keith B

    yeah !!!!
    updating now, halfway done !!!

    • John

      let us know when you’re about to reboot too!


    • Any updates on this? How’s your cat taking the new firmware? Did you tell your mom?

  • Go Hawkeyes

    Hey Verizon, why don’t you push JB to the much larger customer base that bought the GS3?

    Not that I really need Verizon to do it since I’m running LiquidSmooth JB, but it’d be nice for the millions of other GS3 owners to have JB too.

    • jboogie1289

      I got near halfway thru the rooting process last night and thought, “what if this bricks my phone”. Reason being is I saw one of the screens that said “if it doesn’t update then something has went terribly wrong!” Enough to make me back out. Ugh, I want JB soo bad.

      • Go Hawkeyes

        What process were you using? It’s not a complicated process to root and unlock the bootloader. There are 1-step methods available.

  • 2001400ex

    Got mine last night, started downloading at 10:00, or midnight eastern.

  • update keeps failing on rooted maxx hd. i used ota rootkeeper as well as updated su binaries. anyone have a fix for this. I want the JB goodness.

    • DanSan

      if you removed any stock bloatware apps they need to be put back. i hope u didnt delete them. best practice is to freeze with titanium backup or just move them out of the /system/app folder.

      • no I didnt delete and bloat. i just disabled them in ICS i am trying to reenable them and try again. would having the ICS version of google now affect this?

        • DanSan

          no idea. worse case, reflash stock rom and go from there. try removing google now and then go for it. i assume it gets like half way through the update process and then gives u that orange triangle error and reboots?

          • yeah thats what is happening. im backing everything up gonna try to remove google now first. then worst case restore to stock

          • kixofmyg0t

            Did you temp unroot before trying to update? That will cause it to fail if you don’t.

          • yeah temp unrooted and had latest binaries.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Well if all else fails you can use this to get where you need to be.


          • thanks will give this a go if needed.

          • had to use the utility. went back to stock ics then rooted and installed voodoo. temp unroot finally worked after that with thre JB update. thanks again

          • kixofmyg0t

            I thought you might need it because I had to use it yesterday lol. Good to know you’re on JB now.

          • Are you using any BootStrap or SafeStrap recovery?? If yes, that has to be removed first…

          • Diablo81588

            Having root will not cause the update to fail. Changing system files will though.

        • Tom Wilson


        • MooleyBooleyTroll

          Any changes to files such as build.prop will make it fail also. The update has a list of files that it checks for integrity and if they are changed or just not there the update will fail. FYI having extra files or changing files permissions won’t make it fail ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mudokon83

    No love for DROID RAZR MAXX people?

    • T4rd

      No, their phone is a year old now. Verizon/Moto shuns them =p.

      • Diablo81588

        Nahhhh ๐Ÿ˜›

  • zmberven

    Wonderful. Can the OG RAZR/MAXX have it now, please?

    • Sparxx2k7

      We have to wait – I’m an OG RAZR owner. But I’m going to safestrap-boot a JB ROM or two to play around until then! ๐Ÿ˜›

      • endurotech

        You are expecting an update for a flip phone?

        • I think he’s talking about the Droid Razr