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Thursday Poll: Rooted or Non-rooted?

It seems like we ask this all of the time, but it has been over a year since we last asked the DL community if their phone is rooted or not. So today, let’s do it again. We like to stay on top of the trends here on the site, and this is one of the more important ones.

What’s interesting, is that the last time we asked, most of you had a single-core phone that was running a custom ROM. With almost all phones now sporting a dual-core processor, we don’t need to go that detailed – all we need is a simple “Rooted or non-rooted?”

And as always, we’d love to hear from both parties on this. If you continue to root your phones, tell us why. If you choose not to, we’d also love to know why.

Rooted or Non-rooted?

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  • Not rooted. While I’d like the ability to be able to overclock, get rid of bloatware and such, though admittedly don’t have an interest in ROMs (obsessing over which is best which I know could easily get out of hand for me) etc, I don’t trust the process unless it came that way via a developer version from the manufacturer. I don’t like the idea of it being less secure/having security holes, messing with the phone in that sense especially seeing how Motorola puts checks to see if it’s been rooted. If I think that could in any way leave me open to some bad legal issue down the road, I won’t even bother. Besides that, there are so many things you can do with todays UI/OS and the hardware is so much more advanced, the app store that much bigger with so many more choices that it’s almost become unnecessary. If there was a way to overclock without needing to root that would be sweet. Seems though that there are app options for tethering, hotspot and screenshots are already built in now. Hated the days when I had to use java or a software to get those to work. The only thing left for me I think is really bloatware. We can even now hack the apks to get them to work in the multiview, so I really can’t see any other reason to root.

  • I don’t even know what rooting means or does for me. I have a PANTECH Burstâ„¢ with Android ICS 4.04

  • NathanDomier

    I was rooted back when I had my OG Dinc, but I haven’t yet rooted my SGSIII (SC-06D – Docomo in Japan) All of the reasons I rooted my Dinc are gone – my phone comes stock with flashlight capability, free tethering, ability to hide bloatware, and other things… I can’t really remember all the things that gingerbread didn’t have or support.

    That said, I probably would have rooted my phone if the dev community for the SC-06D wasn’t so small. We’ve got one working port of CM10, and that’s about it. Plus, the process isn’t as simple as things were on the Dinc, requiring you to flash back to stock recovery every time if you want to keep most of your hardware working.

    Also… I had more time for these things in college XD

  • Christopher Theofilaktos

    Rooted all the way. My first Android device was a HTC Desire Z (G2), the HTC software on it was horrible… And I mean truly horrible I really was not enjoying the experience, once I rooted and installed a custom Cyanogenom based rom I never looked back, the phone was running so smooth it was like a totally new phone, and it still holds up on Jellybean pretty well (Besides the occasional lag), while my S3 with a quad core CPU and 1gb ram had to redraw every time I pressed the home button on touch wiz. Root ftw, AOSP ftw.

  • DNA rooted

    I rooted my DNA day one, bricked the 1st one tho (they took it back). Anyway wanted to root it to use my unlimited data plan for free hotspot, and if I have to pay full price for a phone I’m going to make VZ pay for it to. I was able to successfuly root my 2nd phone and set up wireless teathering. đŸ˜€

  • mcdonsco

    Usually always rooted but only to enable free hotspot. I don’t like paying twice for the same data. But on my new DNA that I paid full retail for to keep unlimited data the root processes ive found look a bit risky…so unrooted until I find a process that doesn’t look quite so risky to do.

  • RARU

    Non-rooted; The Razr M got JB early.

  • ryanallaire

    Rooted tbolt, to get rid of sense mainly. Yes i still have a tbolt, but i’m ready to upgrade and looking at the DNA. Any suggestions??

  • I’m not rooted, but on the other hand I am unlocked, just to flash updates.

  • Lakerzz

    Rooted for customizations and updates. D2vzw with unofficial AOKP 4.2 (no working camera yet)

  • you mean there are ppl who dont root?

  • owan

    Root/unlock bootloader were done within 48 hours of receiving my GNex. Verizon’s update schedule is so obnoxious that they basically force your hand.. it took them months to resolve the issues with the radios.