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New Droid Life Limited Edition T-shirt Available, Classic Logo for Classy People (Update: Hoodies Now Available Too!)

You are staring at the newest limited edition Droid Life t-shirt, from our fine friends behind the Exploded Andy series of shirts. In the past, we’ve gone with cartoonish Bugdroid designs, confusing art pieces that included bears, and even took inspiration from classic t-shirts. This time, though, we’re keeping it simple. We have never done a shirt with the DL logo front and center, so that’s what we’re doing.

Update:  We’ve got hoodies now too! Thanks to enough requests, we’ve added a link below.

For those comfortable in their own skin, we have the black tee with our classic pink and white logo. For those not ready to go pink-in-public, we also have a black tee with Android green and white logo. Again, it’s simple, but never before have we given you the DL logo like this on a shirt.

As always, the t-shirts are 100% cotton American Apparel. For those not familiar, American Apparel cotton is some of the finest in the business. They are extremely soft and hold their size through multiple washes, very well.

The t-shirt (hoodie now too) is on sale from today through Sunday evening and then they are gone for good. Again, they are “limited edition.”

Buy.  (T-Shirt $17 + shipping)

Buy. (Hoodie $25 + shipping)

Men’s size Small-2XL. Women’s sizes, men’s 3X, and hoodies ($25) available upon request. Contact Dion at dionbriggs[at]gmail[dot]com for those.

  • trumpet444

    got the (pink) shirt so i can represent year round!

  • Patrick Chapman

    My wife just got me one for Christmas!!

  • I have a pink hoodie coming hopefully next week. I’m proud to rep Droid-Life in any color, but I chose the orignal. I’ve been coming to this site since the very beginnings. It’s become a home away from home I guess you could say when I come on the site to chat with other Androiders about the tech of the day/week. Droid-Life staff is awesome and so are the followers. I really hope some of my fellow Android peepz are buying either the t-shirt or hoodie in my town and I see someone with it. That would be bad to the ass hahahaha. LONG LIVE DROID-LIFE AND ANDROID!!!!!!!

  • YankInDaSouth

    Can I get mine with a Verizon logo? Please and TY 😛

  • master94

    When shipping goes down a bit to $4 or less, I’ll get two. I really want to see a Android Andy Hoody for babies. My daughter would look great in that. Please make it happen. Thanks

  • silvawhishaw

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      Your divorced friend is a webcam whore.

  • jaw_shoe_uh

    Ordered pink. $6 for shipping though… Boo!

  • CJ Vanilla

    Bitdefender says nono to that site. It is blocked by cloud protection. Also, not to hate, i go to DL everyday, but the picks of the shirts look like you photo-shopped a dude in a black hoodie. the logo has no wrinkles, which looks odd. Maybe something you could improve upon. I do have to say though, im probably going to be strolling around with a black pink one when i get paid. 🙂

  • Geo

    I wanted a hieroglyphics hoodie but they’re sold out, this would have to do and they’re cheaper too

  • do they really need to charge me twice for shipping?

  • Larry

    Pay 17 bucks to advertise your website…sign me up.

  • Steven Gonz

    Sites back up! for the hoodies!

  • Kellex. Let me say this is SOOO much better than the last attempt. I’m actually buying this one.

  • Cam

    Would love to get the hoodie, but… “NOTICE: This domain name expired on 12/06/2012 and is pending renewal or deletion.”

  • Steven Gonz

    The androidhoodies.com is already an unregistered domain name that is waiting for renewal or deletion.

  • frankandsimple

    17 dollars for a T-shirt? Yea OK.

  • drebin

    Can I get a XXL hoodie? Gotta rep’ my droid life homies. nah mean?

  • George

    It would be cool to have the green one. Hey Kellex and the gang, Don’t you guys have enough pull for designing a new Droid Life app? The smartphone one sucks and the tablet one is just non existent on the Nexus 7. At least takes notes from the boy genius report one or Phandroid apps. Or make a better one. Just sayin… You guys are doing great.

  • truth_cutz

    be careful wearing the hoodie in certain parts of FL…

  • Andy Blystone

    The Hoodie link is dead…

  • Carl Rosati III

    The website for the hoodies doesn’t work anymore. It says the domain expired yesterday.

  • Thomas

    You stay classy DL…Ron Burgundy.

  • moelsen8

    Green hoodie, pink shirt! 😛

  • Stevedub40

    Too cool. I asked my wife for one for Christmas!

  • jab416171

    I just emailed Dion and I’m getting a zip up hoodie with the logo on the back, and free shipping.

  • FINALLY! This is what I have been waiting for. A shirt that just promotes DL with nothing extra. Thank you.

  • Geoff

    where’s the deep V?!?!?

  • JamesU513

    give me a 3X and I’ll buy one 🙁

    I’m not fat, I’m big boned

  • These are some clean shirts DroidLife….CLEAN!

  • I would buy a hoodie, but I forgot I moved from NY to Florida. :'(

  • Wow hoodies at a decent price for once. Shirts are a bit much though.

  • Green and done! Looks nice!

  • jcorf

    Definitely going with pink, but I really shouldn’t be spending the money. Ughhh.

  • Justin Bowers

    Just emailed Dion ( dionbriggs[at]gmail[dot]com) about hoodies. Cmon zip ups! I will post if they get back to me soon

    • jab416171

      He’s getting me a zip up 🙂

  • Jace

    Got mine!! These look great, thanks, guys!

  • paul_cus

    So getting the hoodie with the pink logo.

  • Justin Bowers

    Where is the hoodie option?

  • Rickerbilly

    Ordered mine!

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  • Bought it. Gotta support my favorite blog.

  • Ilya

    Just got a green and pink. Thanks!

  • azndan4

    I really would love to get one. But it is way too expensive. 20$ for a t shirt is not justifiable.

    • JoshGroff

      Cheaper than some band tees. Also cheaper than a month’s supply of Arizona 99c Golden Bear Mango Lemonade. 😉

    • guest

      its worth it, for an american apparel t? made in the US and the material is so soft, and it ages so nicely.

  • DanWazz

    I had to get pink, because I’m an OG classy dude.

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I stopped wearing cotton t-shirts 5 years ago. Synthetic is the way to go. Packs smaller, dries quicker, lasts longer, holds shape better over time, no fading. Cotton… meh

    • Boooo, cotton always wins. 😛

  • I live in Portland. Can I just pick them up somewhere?

  • Mine mine mine!

  • hmm

    what size should i get? i hear these shirts are somewhat slim, size up?

    • May want to, they do run a bit slim.

    • They are a bit slim. All the better to show off your muscles in though lol

  • Butters619

    Any self respecting DL reader would go with Pink

    • I like that. 🙂

      • are you getting vz marketing people here? $17 plus shipping?? I wonder how much are they going to be on Amazon 🙂 lol

        • michael arazan

          Do you have vintage shirts that say, “Android, Froyo, and community, Droid-Life”? JK, will you have Zip-up Hoodies? Pull overs mess your hair up

          • Mack

            Dude are you really that worried about you hair??

          • michael arazan

            When you wear sweat shirts to work and/ or you want take it off once your inside

          • mustbepbs


          • I like that why the down votes …

          • jab416171

            You can request a zip up with the logo on the back

  • DJyoSNOW

    Droid Life – An intense Android news community bringing …!!

  • Pdiddy187

    And I thought the Note 2 on VZW had a massive logo. Yikes.

  • JoshGroff

    Finally a choice between pink and green. So those of us that are manly enough to accept a pink logo on our shirt can buy one, and those that aren’t can buy a green one.

    Everybody wins! 🙂

    • Tried to hit everyone. Glad you went pink, though. 🙂

  • Order placed!

  • Barlog

    Aww, this is the best Droid – Life shirt yet, why does it have to be a limited edition? I don’t get paid till next week. You guys should make this one available all the time in your store

  • zepfloyd

    Hmmm…Pink is original form for sure…but as a guy, the green is really badass. Decisions decisions…

    • JoshGroff

      Or you can get both. 😉

      • zepfloyd

        Haha I genuinely thought about it, but then it also doubles the shipping. It’s a cool shirt but I don’t really need two of these. I really like the classic Android Green and it mixes better my other stuff.

        Next time we should get a Holo Blue as an option 😉

        • JoshGroff

          I wear a lot of black, so either works. I thought it would combine shipping, but alas I was wrong.

  • Justin Kos

    Let’s have a contest for a free one! (and a secret handshake for those that get one)

    • JoshGroff

      Secret handshake FTW!

  • Guest

    I love American Apparel t-shirts, its the perfect fitting T

    • As a buyer of many tees, I have to agree. Once I heard they were AA, I was happy 🙂

      • FAL_Fan

        Hey Tim, how is the fit on these shirts? I’m trying to decide between a medium and a large but I’m unsure.

        • Woot woot! Thanks!

          • FAL_Fan

            Ordered the pink hoodie zip up as well.

  • Justin W

    Kellex – how often do you have limited edition shirts?

    • We have maybe 3 to 4 a year. Tops. That counts for hoodies too. I think we’ve done 3 this year? Not many!

  • Apostrafee

    how much for tha hoodies

    • Dion just told me $25.

      • JoshGroff

        Pull over ones or zipped?

        • jab416171

          You can get a zip up upon request

      • Apostrafee

        Yes sir just picked one up!

      • Gustavo Escobedo Jr.

        Kellex, just wondering, but why did you pick pink? What made you I mean, was droid life colors ever red and black?

        • La2da

          It got answered in one of the Droid Life Q&A sessions. I can’t quite remember the answer, or the exact Q&A article it was, but the answer is on the site if you feel like digging.


    This is badass. I’m buying one. Note to others that buy this T-Shirt… if I see you in public wearing this, I will exclaim the following: “Android baby!!! Yeeeeeeah!!!” You’ve been warned.

    • Justin W

      Lol. Waiting to hear it 🙂

  • Thomas

    What ever happen to the site android life ?

    • Justin W

      From what I can tell it’s still around, but hasn’t been updated since like May of this year. Everything should be ported here and that site should redirect to this site (in my opinion).