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Contest: Another Chance to Win a $25 Google Play Gift Card (Update: Winner Picked)

It’s Thursday, which means you have two more chances to pick up a $25 Google Play gift card. We’re happy with how many people are entering, but if you listened in on The Droid Life Show last night, you’ll know we have some big things coming your way for the holidays in terms of giveaways. Until then, let’s find someone to give this card to.Β 


Update: We have our winner! Congrats to Rob Shad!

Prize: Β 1 (one) Google Play gift card worth $25.

How to enter:

1. Β In the comments, tell us what’s on the top of your Christmas wishlist.


Today, at 4PM Pacific, we will choose the winner randomly from the comments.

*Contest is for U.S. addresses only.

  • phoenixp001

    Google Nexus 4!

  • Kristian Sandoval

    A Nexus 10 tablet.

  • Jonathan Unicorn

    I want a new CPU for my computer.

  • Bharath

    motorola nexus on verizon with google controlling firmware updates.

  • Futbolrunner

    Asus Transformer Pad Infinity

  • A Nexus 4 with a back that isnt made out of glass

  • S2556

    NEXUS 10!
    C’mon santa I know you have some android elves in the factory

  • Jon

    4.2 on my VZW GNex!

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    The Nexus 7, Is number 1 on my list.

  • Jerry Barbero

    Top of my wish list isa nexus 7.

  • Stephen Buck

    Safe travel for the whole family

  • I want a nice gaming headset.

  • The hobbit

    A note 2

  • Chad Rohrer

    A nexus 10!

  • Rolando Stevens

    Nexus 10 or 7. Note 2 or DNA. Decisions, decisions!

  • Joseph Ree

    Nexus 4

  • yenmanmap

    A house actually!

  • Michael webb

    I would love to get a Nexus 7 with HSPA+

  • dieringer scott

    Acceptance into college.

  • Ryan Taylor

    Some help figuring out what to get my wife for Christmas….

  • DigitalEnforcer

    I just hope Christmas happens considering the end of the world and all

  • Adam92Wilkins

    Top of my list right now is a moga controller… but only maybe. Thinking about rooting my tf300t and just getting a ps3 controller…

  • woozie

    Jellybeans for everyone!

  • On the top of my Christmas list is a Google Play gift card =p

  • Andrew Davis

    Nexus 10!

  • sam_evans7


  • Masterminded

    Nexus 10 32gb, not happening but one can hope

  • The Dude Abides

    A new bicycle

  • A raise…..my payrate isnt worth dealing with the general populous during the holidays. …

  • sbredflag

    Maybe a Transformer Infinity. Those are really nice.

  • note 2

  • Edward Bixler

    N10 fo sho

  • Nexus 10!!

  • Aaron

    Top on my wishlist is a job.

  • Sumit Banerjee

    Maybe a Transformer Infinity. Those are so nice.

  • B0063R5

    Octi-Core phone and tablet.

  • Galaxy Note 2 πŸ™‚

  • Nexus 7 and 4.2 for droid razr maxx

  • 2400 on my SAT

  • Chase

    Nexus 4 on Verizon.

  • Chromebook would go nice with my Note 2

  • tat2junior

    Nexus 10

  • beng8686

    A new computer build is at the top of my list… And no, no windows 8 with that.

  • Nexus 7

  • a new 65inch tv!

  • Vyrlokar

    A Nexus 4

  • The Lenovo ideapad yoga

  • cloudsnightmare

    A longer vacation.

  • theblakjak

    after reading a few comments it seems wrong to want all the nexus devices for christmas instead of wanting to wish for cheer and good tidings to all, but maybe i can have both

  • jan

    i wish for the 3G Nexus7, haven’t had a Tablet yet and it is a cheap powerhouse to get into the tablet world

  • galaxy note 2

  • Rigoberto Cabrera

    GTA Vice City, Slimport HDMI cable and a great Nexus 4 case.

  • Phillip Tindrell

    The Galaxy note 2 !!!

  • Nexus 10 is top.

  • Whats on top of my christmas list would be the galaxy note 2

  • Mikey Styles

    Galaxy Note 2 & a Droid DNA are on the wishlist for me & the Misses. Lol, hopefully S. Claus blesses us with both & a $25 Google Play gift card from @Droid Life #Winning

  • kselby

    Some new shoes. Maybe some aldo’s.

  • Tommy Nunno

    Google Nexus 4 if the website ever lets me order one πŸ™

  • thesailingboss

    Kindle Paperwhite

  • duckphan

    Golf Clubs!

  • Douglas Hill

    Simple this year- I want the Nokia Charge plate for my Nexus 4.

  • #Hatch_Tag

    Harmony One Universal remote. Coolest device out there without ‘Droid’ in the title.

  • Brian Winning Jr.

    A Custom PC build to work with multiple vm’s and do network simulations / programming

  • shelooga

    A red-eyed husky to name Ghost

  • chedberg88

    Nexus 10 and it’s not even close.

  • Alex Cox

    A Nexus 4

  • A new gaming PC.

  • hamblindave

    A big fat year-end bonus.

  • Kyle

    For rjm12rjm12’s wish to come true… Would mean my wife can get rid of her pump and all of the other crap that comes along with it.

  • Kevin Wright

    a nexus 10

  • Stephen Gaskins Jr.

    A Fresh Roast SR500 coffee bean roaster. There isn’t anything better than roasting your own coffee!

  • A 256GB OCZ Agility 4 SATA III SSD.

  • Erik Meyers

    The top of my Christmas list is Surly Beer. A Google Play gift card does nothing to help that, but it gives me something to play with while I drink in the merriment.

  • Alex

    A Nexus 10

  • DemoManMLS

    Top of my Christmas list is my New England Patriots finally getting that fourth Super Bowl win!

  • Nexus 10 or 7, I won’t be picky.!

  • umataro42

    The last thing I added was a portable charger for my phone, so that’s at the top, right above the Hammer of Thor bottle opener.

  • Scott Hardy

    Escrow to open on the short sale I’m trying to buy

  • A nexus 7 tablet.

  • a game

  • Amy

    Top of my Christmas wish list is a new tablet hopefully a Nexus 7!!

  • Bradthor

    Spending time with family.

  • Alex2190


  • NEXUS 10!

  • My Top Christmas wishlist is the Nexus 10, no doubt…

  • Brian

    The company of my best friends.

  • Canon 7D (Mark II when it comes out) πŸ˜€
    I’d settle for a nexus tablet though

  • Fredy Nativi

    Dear santa,

  • T mobile Note II πŸ™‚

  • DanRunsWithSwizzors

    A kidney…

  • A new phone! Preferably a Note 2. My samsung sidekick 4g is slowly dying. It makes me sad to watch it suffer.

  • Mine craft!

  • Android controlled Drone πŸ˜€ Parrot AR 2.0

  • Some new upgrades for my bike!

  • mike mcginnis

    A new car speaker system for my car.

  • Aran Miller

    My top wish this year is to be able to see my family. I am not sure if I’ll be able to this year.

  • Douglas Lin

    nexus 4!

  • Despyse

    Another GTX 680 for my comp. Don’t need a new phone/tablet…

  • A Nexus 10!!! πŸ™‚

  • therealjbriggs

    Nexus 4, y’all.

  • Leslie Wong

    This $25 Google Play gift card!

  • The top of my list is a galaxy note two for Verizon.

  • Top item on my christmas list: Nexus 10. Realistic top item: Pair of socks

  • Top would be spending time with family.Especially those that I haven’t been able to see in a while due to one thing or another.

  • A Google Play Gift card!

  • MGF

    Galaxy Note II

  • stephen shavers

    At the top of my christmas list is a new nexus 10. Pretty sure im going to have to buy it for myself though.

  • The Nexus 7.

  • Brendon

    Some sleep!! Working 12 at night then taking care of my son and daughter while my wife is as work and only getting 2-3 hours of sleep a day all I want is a a great sleep

  • Chad

    Nexus 7

  • To get my one and only sleigh fixed in time for Christmas, got to get the presents delivered!

  • New ski boots

  • A nexus 10

  • gardobus

    A nexus 10 would be sweet. πŸ˜€

  • ROBV_100

    Nexus 7…. still haven’t gotten one yet…

  • David Elliot Washington

    Very simple… Google Nexus 7 to enjoy all those Android goodies from the Google Play store thanks to DROID LIFE.

  • SplashMTN

    A 32gb Nexus 7.

  • A new Android phone

  • violator702

    Good health for friends and family.

  • A Nexus 10 — not that anyone’s going to get me one!

  • Jelly Bean for my Verizon SGS3.

  • Jordan

    Nexus 7!

  • Mark Mann

    a nexus 10

  • yellowsnow

    A new video card.

  • top of my list is for tim-o-tato to come have a drink with me

  • #1 on my xmas list: all the drama in my life to give me a break

  • This card!

  • A tablet

  • mystikalrush

    Having fun with family.

  • A wireless controller for my N7 or a decent escort πŸ™‚

  • BeerguyOE

    Google Play gift card


  • Derek Dudley

    I’d love to get a nexus 7

  • ryan f

    some new on ear headphones and a nexus tablet top my list! and maybe some help towards the upcoming wedding day

  • Kevin

    A safe Christmas.

  • Fattie McDoogles

    40″ LCD TV

  • Nexus 7 for me. Have wanted one since they were released!

  • Julian Coronado

    Android Jellybean on my Verizon GS3! If not then one of the flip cases!

  • Pearl Z

    a PINK samsung s III :)!

  • Derick Sheehan

    New Gas Grill

  • luiz7955

    A Verizon 4gLTE motorola nexus. Otherwise I’m gone.

  • nexus 7:)

  • Nexus 4

  • Daniel Zhao

    nexus 7, 10 or the andru chargers

  • Trevor Clement

    Peace on Earth, and Good Will to Men.

    hahahaha… j/k, I want a Nexus 10 of course.

  • taka torimoto

    A hot girlfriend

  • Joshua Marroquin

    My wishlist starts with a Nexus 7 Tab!

  • evltwn

    Nexus 10 or Note 2

  • Sabinog3

    A safe and fun Christmas with my family and friends πŸ™‚

  • The Razr Maxx HD, It has been my top item since the day it was announced back in September.

  • tony

    nexus 4, driod dna, or jelly bean for my bionic

  • GuidZilla

    A shiny new Bow πŸ™‚

  • Modern combat 4 and grand theft auto vice city Is my son an my Christmas wish list.. Gaming brings a good father and son time!

  • JamisonFrady

    Sny remarks…

  • Brian Ruden


  • Fly home and see my family! Please santa?

  • Bobby Cornwell

    To have Verizon release 4.2.1 for the Gnex. But I have a feeling they will let me down as usual =

  • Alex Sturman

    A laptop!

  • A Nvidia card so I can actually enjoy HD on my computer.

  • Finire

    My wishlist? Simple enough, the new book by George Takei, Oh Myyy!

  • Gabriel Rios

    A new Google chromebook

  • Austin

    On the top of my wishlist is a shiny new Nexus 7 (and maybe a google play card from droid-life :P)

  • For my kids to be happy and enjoy their Christmas (they’re getting Nabi 2’s btw).

  • nexus 7 hspa+

  • Kory Knopp


  • Jason

    10 incher

  • MasterEthan

    Nexus 4 on Verizon LTE… I can dream right? If not then I guess I’d go for a Nexus 10.

  • Hatyrei

    iPhone 5. lol πŸ˜›

  • TweetrGuy

    For everyone to just get along.

  • John Miles

    samsung Galaxy s3

  • ramifications

    Acceptance into an engineering masters program would be awesome! Thanks Droid life.

  • Howard Marlow

    “Dear Santa,”

  • Kernschatten

    Nexus 10

  • Nexus 10

  • A Nexus 4 w/Verizon LTE…

  • Inquizitor

    A new phone for my girlfriend.

  • iScream4

    A nice, new wireless charger for my HTC DNA πŸ™‚

  • A’s in all my classes.

  • bonzix

    Klipsch Bluetooth Headphones. Or Bugless Beast 4.2.1 πŸ™‚

  • Peace.

  • A day off

  • Sam

    Nexus 10!

  • Mike M

    Wishing for snow on Christmas. Come on, it’s Colorado!!

  • Treadway

    Or to get Ice Cream Sandwich for my DROID incredible2……

  • Justin Veda

    Some Bluetooth headphones, man I hate cords.

  • Chromebook

  • A $25 Google Play gift card

  • Treadway

    To meet you guys.

  • Kevin Blondina

    Samsung S3 for sure

  • JamesU513

    I already got myself a N7 for christmas so now I want some Rx Sunglasses…Contacts suck

  • Adam Pereyra

    Oddly enough, a (some) Google Play gift cards (that my family can’t seem to find) and a case for my Nexus 7.

  • Nexus 7

  • Frank2.0

    To All A Save and Happy Christmas and a Nexus 10

  • We just had our first baby, so at the top of my wish list is a healthy baby.

  • a $25 Google play gift card

  • A quadracopter.

  • Grady

    That I pass all my Final Exams and have a great Christmas because I passed them all

  • A 32GB Nexus 10

  • JStamp627

    Nexus 10

  • Christopher Mann

    Nexus 10!!

  • whosinaname

    Nexus 10

  • James Murphy

    A damn wireless charger for my N4, what gives Google?

  • mohkg

    A kidney for my daughter πŸ™ I still hope.

  • CorranHorn421

    007 Legends for the Wii U.

  • Chris Marquardt

    Only thing I need for Christmas is my Daughter.

  • Tom Burke

    A shiny new Nexus 7 is on the top of my Christmas wishlist! I don’t think I’ll get it though πŸ™

  • nobody72

    note II !!!

  • PetiePal

    A nice side sleeper pillow.

  • Frank Fricker

    Nexus 10 32GB

  • lethal216

    Tops on my Christmas list is an Android tablet and considering that I normally don’t buy apps (I just use the free ones), this card would enable me to finally buy some quality apps!

  • Temporalwar

    Nexus 10! droid-life ROCKS

  • Samsung Galaxy Camera so i can take pictures when i go study abroad in Japan in January

  • pezjono

    NBA Baller Beats. Need to work on my left hand dribble!

  • Timothy McGovern

    I want a nexus 10. I’ll probably get a toothbrush and a pair of undies.

  • nightscout13

    Win the Lottery….

  • My Christmas Wishlist is the HTC One X+, or the Nexus 4, or Samsung Galaxy S III.

  • Whats on the top of my wish list? My Nexus 4 to get here before christmas!

  • Evan Wickes

    Mrs Clause!!

  • I want a Nexus 7. That is on the top of my list. For sure.

  • RBI411

    I need a new keyboard. Ol’ reliable G15 is on its last legs.

  • A stable working phone…or at least the kernel source for Dinc2 from HTC. C’mon man!

  • Jim

    Peace and comfort for my daughter…

  • An android tablet

  • To be able to buy a house!

  • Samuel Victor

    red one camera

  • David Hayden

    I want to get a Nexus 7, and it’d be nice to have some extra money to buy some apps for it.

  • Good health and happiness. And a MP3 player.

  • bheider

    32GB Nexus 7 for sure.


  • droidify

    Galaxy Note 2

  • David Imel

    Getting accepted to the college of my dreams, UC San Diego!

  • fred

    nexus 4

  • Not Much, I have all the tech I need right now. But if someone gets me a Nexus 10, there will be no complaints.

  • New Teeth (sad I know πŸ™ )

  • Scott Breitbach

    Nexus 4!

  • Nexus7

  • Raven

    A safe flight to Texas where my family is spending Christmas with the in-laws.
    * A Nexus 7 – 32 GB would be nice too πŸ™‚
    I just got one item on my list early last night, a new Jawbone Jambox!

  • Chris

    Pass my medical boards!

  • jaxxmjd

    The new computer I just built last night.

  • docnok

    Energizer charging pad for my new DNA

  • Jeff B

    Google play gift cards

  • strows

    NEXUS 10

  • Macbook Pro Charger cus mine keeps breaking!

  • Money money money

  • jcorf

    Nexus 7

  • not to have to deal with cancer again. Been a long year.

  • bionicwaffle

    Lots of time with my family!

  • A Bumper for my Nexus!!

  • Rich Eakin

    A 32GB nexus 7

  • megid

    Google Play gift card

  • As dumb as it sounds… A “Little Giant” ladder. I’ve got a ton of things I need done around my house and for some odd reson I don’t have a freaking ladder?!

  • Jorge

    For Christmas I would like the latest Crystal Castles album, “(III),” or world peace. Whichever is more realistic.

  • rjm12rjm12

    A cure for my sons Type 1 diabetes.

  • chants92

    Nexus 7

  • CompCrash

    The top of my list is a actually Razer Black Widow Keyboard.

  • A $25 Play Gift Card…

  • Nicholas Micucci

    Nexus 10 32GB tablet FTW!

  • Steven Lenhert

    A Nexus 10! What a beauty!

  • Nerxuses!!!

  • This isn’t very exciting, but I need an external battery charger for my S3

  • Alan Burnstine

    I was going to say Parrot AR Drone, but with all you people being all noble and everything, I’ll have to go with “peace on earth for all mankind”.

  • Strash63

    In the spirit of the post below me,

    “Dear Santa,”

  • A nexus 7, or 10 πŸ™‚

  • John Simonelli

    Raspberry pi!

  • gk08

    Nikon 35mm 1.4 lens, Android-Nexus 10

  • Dillon Brown

    the BB update for 4.2

  • giovanny

    I want a nexus 10 for christmas!!

  • Vice City for my Nexus 4 that is on the UPS as I type.

  • Nexus 10

  • Besides the title, The Nexus 10 32gb is at the top of my wish list.

  • Dave

    Note 2

  • wiz

    nexus 10

  • chaosrv

    a martin logan “stage” center speaker

  • Jim Sheeran

    Scooby snacks!

  • Chris

    hot women! πŸ™‚

  • Trab Dub Da Vet

    I’m waiting and wishing for modern combat 4

  • NEXUS 4!!!!!!

  • Your mom is. “Hey Tim’s mom, give me back my Christmas list!”

  • Jerry

    Galaxy s3

  • Josh Waymire

    Nexus 7

  • Awesome pair are in-ear Headphones! any suggestions?

  • I don’t really want much for christmas, but one thing I do have my eyes on is an xbox 360 live membership.

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    Nespresso Lattissima! Give me coffee baby!!

  • Eric Yan

    Nexus 10 for sureee

  • A nexus 4. if they ever have stock.

  • Rich Dross

    Nexus 7

  • Donnie

    The last wheel of time book!

  • Nexus 10

  • QQpayne

    Droid DNA

  • Daryl Batson

    Happy to see my Family that’s flying in from out of state. Sadly cause we will be in Arizona, No Snow.

    One day I hope to be somewhere for a White Christmas, wake up and see fresh snow upon the ground and play in it.

    Had to go to the mountains to actually even see snow.

  • Tony Byatt

    Continued good health…28 Months Remission…

  • Probably a Notebook or Nexus 10

  • Tim Buchanan

    Metolius hangboard for rock climbing practice.

  • dre4

    A loud subwoofer for my car.

  • cfb

    Nexus 10

  • droyd4life

    A Droid-Life T-Shirt!

  • Nexus 7

  • Justin Bowers

    On my wish list I want Google to put out a moto nexus device in the first half of next year.

  • GTA: Vice City for Android!

  • Nexus 4
    Nexus 10

  • Jesse McCall

    For Google to say “Just kidding guys! We’re releasing a 4G-LTE compatible edition of the Nexus 4 tomorrow!”

  • slyder0244

    A laptop is at the top of my list

  • gtx 690 πŸ˜€

  • ScottM

    At the top of my wish list: Sonos Play 3 w/bridge of course… but alas, that’s not going to happen. So I’ll just settle for smiles from my grand daughter on Christmas morning.

  • Nexus 10 right on top

  • Snow!

  • Josh Karwoski

    Nexus 10!

  • Geoff Johnson

    A brand new tablet!

  • This Google Play gift Card. πŸ˜›

  • RobAllenHomes

    Nexus 7

  • Top of my wish list is to see my mom and family for Christmas. I haven’t seen them in 2 years due to my wife’s health problems have made it impossible to travel. That’s really all I want, and I hope we’ll be able to see them finally.

  • kevintufts

    A Nexus 13!

  • The world not to end.

  • Galaxy Note 10.1 32GB for my arts

  • Guest

    To spend it with my girl in Paris

  • schmaltzy

    Nexus 10

  • That will get me up to $200 towards a Nexus 7 for my wife. She keeps borrowing mine. πŸ™

  • Gerald Westbrook

    Top of the list….Verizon jellybean update for the GS3 already!!!!!

  • Gary

    A Nexus 7

  • MikeSaver

    A chrome book

  • d503

    Kindle Paperwhite

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    Air Jordan Retro XI Black/Red Size 13

  • Seth Arrazola

    Galaxy note 2! I’m saving all my pennies to get one and keep my unlimited data on Verizon

  • A road trip with my family

  • Geran Smith

    A red rider BB gun.

  • SexciiP

    On top of my list is a Samsung Full 1080p HD LED Smart tv, and a HP pavilion laptop with a 3rd Gen i7 Core processor…

  • SexciiP

    On top of my list is a Samsung Full 1080p HD LED Smart tv, and a HP pavilion laptop with a 3rd Gen i7 Core processor..

  • Brandon Sikes

    Personally a Nexus 7 or 10. Not being selfish? I would say for my friend’s ankle to heal and her get a SUV.

  • Matt Guinn

    A Canon 60D and a Canon 70-200 2.8L lens. Or at least some money to go towards buying it!

  • MrMLK

    Coincidentally, its a $25 google play gift card.

  • mydroidphone

    Padphone to be available on VZW!

  • Captain_Doug

    An Archos Gamepad.

  • My wish would be a nexus 7.

  • A Nexus 7 (32 GB, of course.)

  • new Laptop

  • thistimearound

    Just want to enjoy the holidays with my family. Been a long year trying to get into medical school.

  • Matthew Neilson

    Safe travels and good times during my visit with family.

  • Sobr0801

    I just bought my family a Nexus 7 for christmas, whats at the top now is our family together. That would be awesome.

  • Edwin M

    NEXUS 10!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not that it makes a difference because as a dad, we buy all the gifts for everyone else.

  • brandito

    For my Nexus 4 to get here before Christmas.

  • Jordan

    NEXUS 10!!!

  • Tex

    2 TB external HD, never again does anything not get backed up!

  • usmitcboy

    To get a refund on my Google Voice credit

  • J. Wolf

    I wish people would remember the real reason for the season.

  • Tim Hickman

    Nexus 10

  • Tom Jones

    Winner winner chicken dinner

  • Mark F

    Nexus 10

  • nexus 7

  • Scott Friedemann


  • Tyler

    Tickets to Google I/O!

  • carluverdrm2004

    For Christ to remain the center of my CHRISTmas.

  • Sool777

    New Phone.. (Nexus 4?)

  • VZW Note 2 bootloader to be unlocked πŸ™‚

  • drkylecArchvile

    a pair of beats wireless

  • a Nexus 7 tablet

  • Tom Dwenger

    An ice castle fish house

  • Sergio

    An Ingress invite.

  • Adam

    Galaxy Note 2

  • GS

    A LG bumper for my yet to arrive Google
    Nexus 4

  • Adam Cargal

    I think a Nexus 10 would take the top spot on my list.

  • Jared Fulgham

    A Spigen backpack that was reviewed on Droid-Life a few months back. It’s sitting under the tree calling my name…

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

  • I want a NEXUS 4 :)!

  • J. Mo

    The Rapture

  • overclock

    Droid Razr Maxx HD

  • Nexus 10

  • The top of my christmas list is a new wood burning stove to keep my house (and wife) warm

  • Boles

    A new couch and chairs for my living room. My current furniture is awful.

  • Matt

    a 4G LTE Verizon Nexus 4!!

  • Nexus 10

  • Michael Forte

    An Asus Zenbook Prime. Not gonna happen but it is a wish list.

  • Dustin Billings

    HTC Bluetooth Receiver

  • Dylan Wednieski

    gta vice city

  • Taylor Daniels

    The top thing on my Christmas Wishlist are a pair of Air Jordans. To be specifc, the Air Jordan 11 “Bred”

  • Mason Lammers

    I am in the need for a new Vacuum (Dyson)! Two dogs (English Bulldog – Watson and Irish Terrier – Bocephus) that challenge my current vacuum and it is time for an upgrade. My wife expects one soon anyway…

  • a new fly rod to go fishing with!!

  • Yoderz

    A new dslr camera. My wife will be pissed! Totally worth it

  • El Niche

    The Alpacalypse

  • I’d like a Nexus 10. I’ve been debating buying one for quite a while.

  • zachjen

    A new house for me and my family

  • Blade

    An alarm system for my scion tc πŸ˜€

  • br_hermon

    Why a Google Play giftcard, of course! πŸ™‚

  • Jerry

    A Nexus 7.

  • Kalaster

    a Cure for my grandmother’s cancer πŸ™

  • kevg73

    Nexus 10 32GB absolutely top of the list

  • Droid DNA and Nexus 7… all on line 1!

  • Zack Walker

    For Google Fiber to determine my city is the next logical place to install…

  • nexus 7

  • Larry Franks

    1969 Dodge Charger, painted orange with an 01 on each door. But it’s been on the top of the list for quite a few years. Maybe this is the year…

  • Matthew Whitaker

    A Playstation Vita!

  • Bill Slowey

    At the top of my wishlist is how to afford everything all 3 of my kids are asking for.

  • Blue tooth radio for my truck

  • Nick V

    What is on the top of my Christmas Wishlist??? A Canon 5D MkIII. That would top off two years of gifts for me.

  • brandon johnson

    christmas wishlist? not so much…just want a nexus 4! if not, then atleast a gift card?

  • Fazor

    a Droid DNA!

  • Jem

    Good Christmas’ with my girlfriend and her son, my family, and her family, and a healthy and happy 2013.

  • Ryan

    Top of my list: nexus 10!

  • Alex Mosqueda

    I’ve got a whole bunch of I fix it stuff on mine trying to start up a little something to try and make a little money since being a broke college student isn’t working out to well haha

  • 9TEN11

    Macbook Air

  • An acceptance letter for graduate school

  • jothen2002

    A nice, safe home for my family to live…:) ok… and nexus 10 …but that wont happen …lol…

  • A Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1

  • Kutter Ross

    A case or wireless charger for my new DNA

  • A pair of thick, woolen socks.

  • Nexus 10!

  • Google Wireless πŸ™‚ …we can dream, right?

  • Mark Traverso

    batman on blutay

  • Damien Garbett

    an elusive google play gift card!

  • JMonkeYJ

    not too exciting, but probably the JayBird Bluebuds X bluetooth headphones.

  • fajitatt

    What’s on top of my list… Faster internet!!! Convinced my wife to bump up our internet speeds! YAY!

  • anything i can get and be thankful for.

  • Rick Trujillo

    At the very top of my list is hoping my kids are happy and get most of what they want! That $25 card for me would be nice too! πŸ™‚

  • Peace and good will towards all… Or a Porsche. Not sure.

  • YARDIE87

    One month courtesy payment for my student loan, mortgage, day care tuition, and car payment. YES!! all of this is on line 1 of the list

  • MITBeta

    Children who appreciate what they find under the tree on Christmas morning…

  • Greyhame

    The top of my Christmas Wish List is, without a doubt, the N10!

  • TravisHannon

    Amazon gift card

  • Brian Spearman

    Nexus 7

  • utes_86

    Graduate from college with my Bachelor’s!

  • SD_Scott

    Madden 13

  • An acceptance letter to medical school.

  • RJPa

    nexus 7

  • Rx7freek

    A seidio case for my girlfriend’s Droid X.

  • tagrzadz

    time off with my family and friends

  • A new phone… the Droid X isn’t cutting it anymore.

  • jdomann

    An LG Nexus 4 and no more VZW contract!
    More realistic/fantastic: a STABLE, (mostly) BUG-FREE build of 4.2 from Google. Also want it on toro.

  • Daniel Clifford

    New short throw shift for the car, oh and official pogo dock for my GNEX.

  • Kyle Bailey

    A new external hard drive.

  • vonny571

    32gb Nexus 7

  • vonbane

    I asked for a Nexus 10, and already got it. (I’ll root my eye out).

  • Michael C.

    a puppy!

  • antwonw

    Bugless Beast with Android 4.2 for my Galaxy Nexus

  • A $25 Google Play gift card, to make good use on the Nexus 7 I bought last weekend.

  • Well, I already got my Wii U… so really it just come down to a Nexus 7. I probably won’t get it as I have a lot of other things to buy and having just spent well over $500 on Wii U related hardware and software “for the family”. lol

  • sciroccohsd

    Audi RS5

  • thisguy

    On the top of my list is definitely the nexus 7!

  • willis23

    Nexus 7 32GB + HSPA+!!!

  • Michael Ramirez

    I want to get a nexus 10…and some google play credit!

  • 25 Google Play card is on the top of my list… hint hint lol.

  • Jeff Broders

    Grandma’s heart surgery is successful. Hopefully after that, her bladder surgery to remove cancer is successful. Been a rough couple of weeks.

  • A Droid razr Maxx hd just because I’ve been using most of the Droid line up for most of my time with Verizon… Hopefully Motorola gets their act together and releases a beast of a phone just like when the. OG came out

  • I could say that I want “world peace”, but that would not be an honest answer…what I really want is a SSD for my laptop…. and then “world peace” would be next.on the list.

  • antinorm

    A solution to the “fiscal cliff” bickering. I like being employed.

  • Jonathan

    A Pebble smartwatch!

  • Ben Modica

    A new HDTV.

  • Jason Brown

    Nexus 7 or Nexus 10. I haven’t decided which one to get!

  • Champlification

    RVBX: Ten Years of Red vs. Blue Box Set [Blu-ray]

  • beyourgravity

    A Nexus 10

  • Alexa White

    I bought a house a few months ago and there are 2 water heaters. I’d like to replace one or both with energy efficient heaters. It’s not a toy, but would save me like $500+ a year in electrical costs which could be put towards gadgets.

  • SexciiP

    On top of my list is a Samsung Full 1080p HD LED Smart tv, and a HP pavilion laptop with a 3rd Gen i7 Core processor.

  • nvitone23

    Nexus 4!

  • SchwannyT

    A new case for my Nexus 10!!!!!!

  • Nexus 10, must have all Nexus devices!

  • A sword. No really, that’s what I want.

  • My top wish is a jellybean update for the Razr Maxx.

  • rdnrvn

    Galaxy Note 2

  • Brian

    Google Play Gift Card

  • Getting into Pharmacy School

  • Josh Parish

    Nexus 7

  • An extra battery for my G-Nex.

  • Bryan

    Google TV

  • Fadi Al-Mubarak

    A Nexus 4 πŸ˜€

  • BikerBob1789

    Happy kids.

  • Bryan

    Nexus 7

  • Bob G

    Nexus 4 Official Bumper

  • LowCalGH

    That my kids will have the best Christmas yet.

  • Quang Tran

    Nexus 10 for me

  • dapbmonkey4u

    I only want my kids to laugh and have fun for Christmas.

  • Jeff Bank

    A Nexus 4 with LTE

  • Nexus 10 bro duh

  • A Nexus 7 is at the top of my list. It’ll come in handy for all the history textbooks I have to lug around campus.

  • Top of my list? Hoping my mom has a successful aneurysm surgery.

  • erikiksaz

    Colorful socks.

  • Nexus 7

  • James Jun

    Nexus 7. That or a Nexus 10. Want a developer tablet to work on that’s nice to read on.

  • ChristianJohnson

    my two front teeth

  • Cothek King

    Less instagram?

  • Chris Brunetto

    GMAT prep books…yay.

  • Jonathan Berry

    I have no idea.

  • Brian

    For the mother of the boys my wife and are watching can go home free of cancer and illness, after battling for her life these last few days in the ICU.

  • ssjnimma

    A NEW CAR!!

  • G930 wireless gaming headset

  • Nexus 7!

  • A Nexus 4

  • Eric Callahan

    Obviously a Samsung Chromebook, but apparently they don’t actually exist in the wild…

  • A Nexus 10.

  • My Christmas list is always short, because I never wait to get things until Christmas time. All I want is my friends and family to be healthy. Shouldn’t have to wait til the end of the year to get something I want.

  • Jean Rivera

    Nexus 7 for my kid

  • I want an android device that comes with stock JB. Sounds like a Nexus device to me lol

  • Larmcat

    Verizon gs3 jb update already, got flow from St Nick at least though!

  • andrew egger


  • papajohn

    i want an Android 7″ tablet

  • My big ticket item would be a laptop. I’ve been needing one for awhile now. Something for work, but that can still handle some little games for when i’m bored.

  • Eric Shelley

    Google play gift cards obviously.

  • Bradley Ruiz

    A new PC, the one i have is dying πŸ™

  • David Oliver

    Why, World Peace of course!

  • Radiohead – In Rainbows Special Edition. Never got around to getting one earlier.

  • PyroHoltz

    $25.01 Google Play give card.

  • Brad Dickmann

    My two front teeth

  • galaxy note 10

  • Nate Olson

    A new nexus 7… for my parents

  • jasonlee1

    The Buffalo Bills to make the playoffs :-/

  • Nexus 7. Don’t think it’s happening, but that’s the one.

  • Michael McAfoos

    Coincidentally, its a gift card to the Google Play store!

  • Patrick Maher

    Nexus 4 on Verizon. Hey it’s a wishlist, doesn’t have to be realistic.

  • Expendables 2 on Blu-ray

  • david fung

    Everyone has a Merry Christmas!!!

  • Aaron

    A warm pair of socks.

  • drewfus0929

    The Nexus 10!

  • VZW gift cards so I can pick the phone of my choice when the time comes (Liberty ROM just breathed new life into my DX). [Side note, are comments via Twitter account acceptable?]

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    For my grandmother to get home safe after her trip to see her mother on her 100th birthday in Nicaragua πŸ™‚

  • Larry

    Need a new laptop and you can never go wrong with more hard drives for storage and backups

  • Juan Arroyo Flores

    Starting work on my MA thesis…

  • YariCavi

    World Peace. (^ _ ^)/

  • Timothy Kennedy

    The downfall of apple as “the phone”

  • Heyitspeej

    Nexus 10. Hands down

  • B J Books

    Nexus 10….no doubt about it.

  • Brent Cooper

    Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon

  • nsnsmj

    My number one wish is to find a job.

  • Nexus 10!

  • Todd London

    DNA! foo

  • Kelly Hauenstein

    Nexus 7!

  • wii U

  • Nayners

    LEGO Town hall, to complete my collection.

  • A new desktop pc

  • Cody

    Nexus 7 for sure

  • tjubb

    all the bills paid off!

  • ewilliams1009

    galaxy nexus tablet

  • bonanzalarry

    nexus 10 all the way

  • Jeff

    Denver Bronco Super Bowl victory!

  • GoPro Hero3 Black Edition!!!

  • thefullritz

    A Nexus 10 to go with my Nexus 7!!

  • dukenilnil

    1000 more wishes

  • RJS

    An opportunity to return to the workforce…been unemployed for nearly a year now…

    • Aaron

      Feeling your pain. Been out for 3 months.

  • Money so that I can afford Google Glass (yes, I am an explorer)

  • I have always wanted a 25 dollar google play card. Maybe this is the year.

  • eck79

    A buyer for my house.

  • Daniel Rosseau

    Nexus 7!

  • Phillip Miller

    a $25 google play gift card

  • Brandon Morehouse

    Lamborghini Aventador J

  • Edson Sanchez

    The top of xmas wish list is a nexus 7

  • Ed Clem

    Nexus 4.

  • Roga

    A promising new career!! Stupid job market….

  • Joshua Flowers

    Nexus 7!
    in addition to an MHL adapter and my current OTG cable to make one beast of a tablet

  • r0lct

    New Samsung 3G Chromebook

  • A Nexus 7

  • to be able to travel home to see my wife’s and my families.

  • gopro 3 black edition

  • boogie_monster

    I never got a gift on Christmas!

  • A trip to Vegas with new nexus tablet and phone would be nice.

  • gp126904

    A Nexus 7, or 10 for that matter really but a 7 will do just fine!

  • mbagasao

    A blessed and prosperous 2013 is on top of my wishlist.

  • Bob Sacamano

    Sharp – AQUOS – 60″ HDTV

  • A nexus 7 for my son is on the top of my Christmas list. The gift card would be a great compliment.

  • I am all androided out so please just get me Vice City on my Nexus 7 and Galaxy S3 DroidLife 4 Life baby!!!!!


  • Velmeran

    Some decent accessories for the Nexus 10 (like a pogo dock maybe?)

  • Big_EZ

    I want the attack on our 2nd amendment to stop

  • Remmington 870 Express.

  • money

  • K. Nelson

    I just hope the world survives until Christmas!

  • Google Play Gift Card. πŸ˜‰

  • Prime7

    Win Lotto

  • BSweetness

    Mine is blank. I’m asking everyone to do something more worthwhile than buying something for me with their funds this Christmas.

  • glee47

    looks like a plan!

  • other than “world peace”
    i want a nexus 10 πŸ™‚

  • ThinkPad Carxon X1 Touch

  • jaciz

    A Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with the Asus Infinity display. Come on Wacom!

  • jafunk

    the offer my wife and i put in on a house to go through!

  • A Samsung Chromebook!

  • martyhalpern

    I’d just like to wish everyone a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season!

  • Sapko82

    any gift will do

  • sx1ong

    Google Nexus 10 (32GB)

  • VZW Note II.

  • realfoxm

    I’d be satisfied with a bottle of Makers Mark. I’m not picky.

  • Alyssia Norton

    My number one wish is to see my nephew who was born yesterday

  • 640k

    A timely and successful closing on our new home!

  • At the top of my wishlist is the samsung galaxy note 2

  • Paul Garza

    I would like a Nexus 7

  • ankit199
  • ericsorensen

    HTC droid dna!

  • Flyinion

    Top on my list would be rock sliders for my Jeep πŸ™‚

  • will

    laptop and tv

  • I already got my Nexus 4 so gift cards are making up my Xmas list this year.

  • A way to afford the Wii U for my kids.

  • Brian Ober

    #1 on my Christmas list? A relaxing / stress-free vacation.

  • I would reallyyyyy like a new yoke for my flight sim.

  • Josh Oberg

    Nexus 10

  • Tommy Pratt

    Top of Christmas wishlist = getting into the school I’ve applied for. Google Play credits wouldn’t hurt though. πŸ™‚

  • Peace, love, and nexus 10

  • Wii U

  • King of Nynex

    32 GB Nexus 7!


    My #1 wish is a Nexus 10!

  • Politically, down with the nwo. Technologically, the Galaxy Note 2.

  • kwwwar

    Nexus 7.

  • Micky

    To buy a 2013 Honda Civic.

  • Roog

    Nexus 4, even without LTE.

  • ProfessAndObey

    Currently it’s a tactical flashlight to mount to my airsoft rifle, but that’s just cuz the way Amazon does things. I’m sure I’m gonna like whatever my wife gives me.

  • Rick Decorie

    A Samsung Galaxy S III phone.

  • new digital camera

  • MrClark

    Peace on earth, goodwill toward men…and a Nexus 10.

  • Prince Wonder

    My item is a Nexus 7. I’m an iPhone user, and many people have been asking me to check out Android. I have a “practice” Nexus 7 from work, and so far, I’m liking my experience. If I were to win this gift card (or more), then I would definitely invest in a new Nexus 7!!!

  • Charles Hucks

    A $25 Google Play gift card. What a coincidence.

  • aholland1

    I’ve actually been looking at the IMITO MX1 as a TV solution to have a dedicated Android device in the living room. Probably gonna hold off though since reading Asus is reportedly working on something. It looks very cool though and portable so easily moved to another TV if needed. Thanks for another chance to win!

  • DanSan

    canon 5D mark2 lol

  • Nexus 10 and a google play gift card

  • monsterenergy22

    1 Google Play gift card worth $25 [:

  • Graham Oxborrow

    Nexus 7

  • Jonathan Presnell

    Nothing tangible on the list. Hope to see two happy children on Christmas morning.

  • Alan Taylor

    A Droid Life T-Shirt with the Droid Life Logo

  • Mark Woods

    A new Android phone – I’ll try DNA.

  • rsosa01

    Samsung Chromebook

  • idahofan11

    nexus 7!!!!

  • Greg

    Anything android!

  • Atst88

    I think I would like to have Unlimited Data with Verizon Wireless. I hope I can find an account to buy/take over before the end of the Holiday season!

  • littlebaldy13

    That I won’t have to travel for work the day after Christmas so I can spend time with the family.

  • corgimas

    Top of my christmas list is a Scott Hampton Cypod kite!!! (google it!)

  • A fan for my XFX 6990.

  • A Nexus 10 is at the tippy-top of my list, since I’d have to sell my soul to the devil to get a Nexus 4, at this point :/

  • Mustang5Oh

    The Safety of all our troops still serving overseas.

  • fiveHellions

    Some nfc stickers.

    After spending all that money on the kids there isn’t much left for me. I usually get my toys at times other than christmas.

  • John E. Jablonski

    Another Serenity movie….

  • a new phone

  • Alex Rieck

    nexus 10

  • Brian Walker

    My birthday was at the end of November, so by Christmas I’m all gifted out (I don’t need much), so my wish is for my wife and kids to have a memorable Christmas and that we get to enjoy some quality time together.

  • Daniel Maginnis


  • I’m Jewish…

  • Kevin Morales

    Sony Nex 7

  • A nexus 4 that’s been hacked to work for voice and data on CDMA πŸ™‚

  • Travis Faulkner

    A new car, I’m afraid mine wont make it through the new year

  • auronblue

    Peace on earth…..or a Nexus 10:-)

  • iphone 5… wait, what?

    Probably a Nexus 10, but when you get older for some reason Christmas is never what it use to be!

  • David Escalera

    Good health and luck to all those I love

  • JSiNeM

    Samsung’s Galaxy Camera

  • Kevin Raymond

    Either a Nexus 7 or Nexus 10; I’m not picky.

  • Gary Patrowicz

    s off on my dna

  • tomgillotti

    It would be to see my family, but that’s probably not going to happen this year.

  • Kevin Moses

    For my wife to be happy with the gifts I got her.

  • To actually get something

  • Nexus 10 tablet is at the top of mine!

  • duke69111

    A win by Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl! Also my tickets being upgraded to better seats would be nice.

  • My top is to recieve my nexus 4 before Christmas.

  • Nexus 7!

  • Calvin Garner

    A Samsung Chromebook. My MacBook from 2008 needs a replacement.

  • I would like at least one of the last three updates for my Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Just one.

  • A big TV for my new place.

  • Jon Youngblood

    Nexus 7 32GB… I’ll need to gift card to load it up with some awesome apps!

  • Rodney Figueroa

    Number one on my list is to make sure my family is taken care of at home. Times are tough

  • DennisHeffernan


  • Ignacio Cardenas

    My wish is to win a really nice prize… and for Verizon to bring back unlimited data and annual upgrades.. πŸ˜‰

  • Rob

    A Google play gift card!

  • Alexander H

    An epic camera

  • quiklives

    Vibram 5 fingers shoes.

  • Dream gift is the Nexus 10.

  • Nexus 10, for sure.

  • deejaypay

    The Galaxy Note 2!!!!!!

  • chikinboi

    With 3 kids running around under the age of 5 the first thing on my wishlist is sleep.

  • A “University of Linux” hoodie that says “Kernel Crew” on the back πŸ™‚

  • Marty Goetting

    Nexus 4

  • pouxonu

    Well, since my birthday is on the 22nd all I really want is for the world not to end in 15 days. LOL. But, a 25 Play Store gift card would be great so I can grab Vice City when it re-drops.

  • Robert MacDonald

    Hmm whats on top of my Christmas list? For my wife to be happy. $25 from the play store will do that. Droid-Life rocks.

  • Matolan

    Nexus 4 32gb with Verizon LTE

  • Micah Gemmell

    Just to enjoy the time off from school

  • Todd B

    Top of my wishlist: original 1995 Theatre of Magic pinball machine.

    it’s never gonna happen, but a guy can wish, right? at least I can play the table in The Pinball Arcade app in the Play Store!

    Good luck to all who enter!

  • Benjamin Sicard

    I would love a Nexus 10, only so I can gift my Nexus 7 as a hand-me-down to my nephew, of course! He goes nuts every time he sees me using it.

  • The Droid Razr Maxx HD

  • Divorce papers

  • 3M4NU31

    To see everyone in my family happy!

  • Brock Costley

    Droid Razr Maxx HD

  • Jbrookshire

    I got my present a month early. My top item is the Droid RAZR HD Maxx.

  • Matt Schepp

    NEXUS 10!! So I’ll need a $25 credit for apps!

  • Jelly Bean on my Droid Razr Maxx.

  • TheDrizzle

    Peace and joy. Or a Nexus 10, either one really.

  • Sparktweek

    A two week vacation is at the top of my Christmas list!

  • Nexus 10 is number one in my list. My Galaxy tab 10.1 is getting a little out dated.

  • Ethan

    Top of my wishlist: Not visiting the in-laws this year *fingers crossed*

  • Kevin Mills

    Nexus 10 of course, it’ll match my 7 and GNex so nicely.

  • SJ Prettyman

    At the top of my Christmas wishlist is to make it through the holidays by seeing as little of my family as possible!

  • TheCarbonPatriot

    Guitar gear… haha

  • djxkxoz

    My own Vineyard

  • Robert Butler

    Looking at a nexus 7.

  • Kevd

    Happy kids!

  • pharmdy

    The $25 play card is top of my list!

  • Top of my Christmas list is a GoPro 3!

  • Heather Johnson

    Spending time with my grandmother πŸ™‚

  • Wishlist? Doesn’t matter. End of the World on Dec 21st. Christmas is cancelled.

    LOL I jest. I am just happy to see all the goodies my kids are getting.

  • If I had a wishlist, I guess I would want a 32GB Nexus 7

  • Doug8307


  • Jared Pannell

    And nexus 10

  • My number one wish is that my mom and siblings are able to come up for the first time in over a decade to have a Christmas day with the family.

  • Susan Shambaugh

    An Android tablet, preferably Nexus 10 πŸ™‚

  • A new camera. Not gonna happen, but it’s on my list xD

  • Jamie Davis

    Bugless Beast Jellybean 4.2

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    Nexus 10

  • Kal5el

    Nexus 10

  • Goldy

    My first puppy!

  • Ilan Alpert

    Android Tablet, hopefully Nexus 10

  • Kidqwik

    I’d like a new job to afford all my tech gadget desires. :-/

  • PuzzleShot

    Wii U

  • Tyler

    Nexus 10

  • Shaunwin

    Breitling Datora

  • Mack

    Top of my list? A hardware refresh of the Nexus 4 that runs on Verizon’s LTE.

  • Sigeli zmax ecigarette

  • Eddie

    A double walled stainless french press with hand bean grinder and lower bearing upgrade kit for stability at coarse grinds πŸ™‚

  • John Huie

    i think… Nexus 7 w/ a Portenzo case. Intellistand feature.

  • A puppy for my wife and kids. πŸ™‚

  • Ivan92116

    Nexus 10

  • I would say a new laptop as mine is getting a bit dated, but between my Nexus 7 and Note 2, do i really need one?

  • My #1 for X-mas is an all expense paid trip to the Moonlight Bunny Ranch. Lol

  • FireflyBebop

    An Asus Transformer tablet 64 GB. But seeing as I’ve yet to win the lottery I have a feeling this is going to be on my wishlist for a while. πŸ˜‰

  • For my Nexus 4 to stop pending and start shipping!

  • LGT

    New surround sound speakers…..or a #75 Wilfork jersey.
    Go Pats!

  • Jason Hatherlee


  • Kent Seaton

    The top of my wishlist has : “Tim Cook to develop pancreatic cancer” and the paragraph ends with “apple curse”.

  • C

    My wishlist would be to get a job and to use the money to get a Galaxy Note 2! Screw boring IPhone 5!

  • Top of my list is a Nexus7!!

  • David Joyal

    Nexus 10 makes the top of mine this year πŸ™‚

  • Nexus 7 for sure.

  • Mark

    Santa to pay the bills, cuz the rent is too damn high!

  • mustbepbs

    Don’t celebrate.

    I do want more Wii U games though!

  • Zachary F

    Still not quite sure but I think it will be a Nexus 10.

  • villian1998

    Whatever my wife wants

    *I hope she’s reading this*

  • sakebomber77

    I want a new car!!… LOL Please santa!!

  • A case for my Nexus 7

  • Kyleen Blanchard

    My Christmas wish is for my kids to let me play with their Kindle Fires that Santa is bringing.

  • NotTheTodd

    Droid DNA. Because I can unlock the bootloader (last time I looked anyway, please don’t dash my hopes and dreams Verizon).

  • SteveG12543

    I already got it, but it was getting my 40″ LCD TV fixed. Power supply burnt out in it, needed a new one.

  • Nexus 10!

  • luckyaussiebob

    A nice bottle of Scotch. Preferably a Dalmore 18yo.

  • Natticus

    Multiple Nexii

  • Rob K

    I dropped my Galaxy Nexus again the other day, and it now has a large chip in the top left corner. Luckily it does not go down to the actual screen. However, at the top of my list is a new phone. Hoping for a galaxy note ii, but i might have to wait until my birthday in spring.

  • Ramon Gomez

    The only thing I want is to capture a picture of my kids reactions when they realize that they each got a Nexus 7 and no longer have to wait on dad to put his down.

  • SysWiz

    Whirled Peas

  • Chris

    Galaxy Note II.

  • Time, to play with all my great gadgets, movies and video games.

  • Jon

    Nexus 10!! Then again… it is a wishlist… πŸ˜›

  • Neil Ostrander

    Nexus 7 official landscape dock!

  • What I really want is a 27″ IPS LED Monitor for my computer that is on the top of my list although something tells me I’ll be waiting a while.

  • summit1986

    For this rash to go away…

  • Steve Tu

    Spend time with my wife and daughter!

  • GALAXY NOTE 2 or a 1998-2002 Honda Shadow Aero 1100 haha. I think the Galaxy is more attainable lol.

  • MikeD675

    I’d like to get a Nexus 7.

  • azholio

    Hey, what about my Kwanzaa wish list? I’d sure like a new Samsung Galaxy 4!!

  • I want a note 2 haha I still have a flip phone!

  • John

    Nexus 7. That’s all I want.

  • Pudding! Specifically banana pudding!

  • cloutist4

    Contour ROAM for my upcoming ski trip πŸ™‚

  • Brock

    A tablet running the Android OS

  • Mark Lewis

    Nexus smorgasbord: 7, 10, Q

  • I want a Wii U or a Nexus 10! Id be equally happy with either.

  • KnappyRoot

    Harley Davidson Motorcycle

  • anezarati

    black ops 2

  • maverick9611

    Top of my wishlist is a trip to Boston. Need to find a good place to live before I accept a job offer for when I graduate.
    Seconds is Bugless Beast 4.2 for my Verizon Galaxy Nexus.

  • Kidqwik

    A new job so I can afford all my gadget desires.


    The next couple of lines aren’t for polite company.

  • A new pair of jeans cause i recently ripped a giant hole in one of old pairs!

    might not be techie, but i didnt want to lie!

  • Carmelo Gonzalez

    I’m just hoping that by some miracle Google ships my Nexus 4 by then.

  • Louis Parrilla

    The things on the topofmy wishlistvis the Galaxy note 2

  • Michael swaim

    Nexus 10

  • Jay

    Droid DNA

  • Josh Schinagle

    Bluetooth headphones.

  • For everyone else to stop commenting and taking my odds ratio away from me πŸ™

  • Nexus 10

  • Dave

    At the TOP of my wish list would be a Nexus 10, just below that a Samsung Galaxy SIII

  • Cdiggs08

    Nexus 10, 32gb!! bought my wife one and love it! Have a N7 8gb, constantly taking apps off to fit others on! Plus, just received our new Razr M’s, could use more Play money to load up with! Also need that Slingbox tablet app!!!

  • jakymiwm

    Nexus 4

  • Alex F

    I’m hoping to get a new BMW but I’ll settle for less.

  • CGull

    A mechanical keyboard!

  • kkanemt

    beats by dre solo hd

  • inzandity

    I’m looking at the Canon 60D πŸ™‚

  • Rodeojones000

    32GB Nexus 10. I think there’s a good chance I’ll get it as well. My wife was OK getting the Nexus 7 for my daughter.

  • Soundfreaq Kick portable bluetooth speaker

  • Nexus 10.

  • I just want sleep!

  • pouxonu

    The only thing I really want/need for this holiday season is for the worl not to end in 15 days (probably not going to happen but just to be safe). My birthday is on the 22nd and I would at least like one more year LOL. But not a lighter note a 25 dollar play store giftcard would really be awesome,so I can pick up Vice City when it goes live again, and a few new root tool apps wouldn’t hurt either. Thanks and everyone have a great holiday.

  • A Nexus 7!

  • thesocialshift

    A bumper for my Nexus 4, Das Keyboard, and a job, ha!

  • A $25 gift card πŸ™‚

  • A Legend of Zelda Ocarina from Songbird Ocarinas

  • A date night with my wife. With kids those are pretty few and far between

  • Nexus 4, pl0x

  • jhjr24

    A Galaxy Note 2, that Verizon didn’t mess around with.

  • Kirk Hayes

    a Google Play gift card! πŸ™‚

  • van hoi

    Nexus 10!

  • BestonMars

    That snazzy new dock for my Nexus 7.

  • a new kitchen!

  • A Nexus 10, but I’m quite content with just the break from work and the time with family.

  • Arie Hoogendoorn

    Nexus 10

  • Justin Marquis

    Next year’s nexus device

  • Vacation Approval for my USE or LOSE Vacation Time. I’m such a workaholic

  • Gaurav K

    Google I/O tickets would be amazing!

  • bffhusker

    *Was* on my list. Nexus 10 arrived two days ago! Happy Christmas to me! (But now I’m broke.)

  • gooner13

    Nexus 10…but I think I’m getting a N7, which i’m prefectly fine with! πŸ˜‰

    oh, and world peace.

  • Eric Hauser

    A new TV

  • topherct

    Nexus 7 or 10

  • KreeTerry

    Minecraft for desktop, if i dont get it i already told my wife im flipping every table in the house

    EDIT: After a few minutes of thought i decided the n4 on verizon would be much better, alas i know it may never happen πŸ™

  • Kevin

    Nexus 7 32GB

  • Nexus 10 – 32GB!!

  • Google Nexus 7!

  • 16 GB Nexus 4

  • FelisLachesis

    Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

    There’s a reason why I don’t care about camera quality on my phone πŸ˜€

  • Nexus 7

  • Winning this gift card

  • Well since my laptop just went to hell in gasoline undies…. O_o

  • ScottyByrd

    I wish I could win a good chunk of the lottery so I could retire from the military

  • Emmanuel Sanchez

    I want to get GTA: Vice city πŸ™‚

  • Derek Duncan

    The Nest

  • Erik Cho

    Top of my wish list is world peace. Wait does that not count?

  • David Caccavo

    1) dark knight rises blue ray2) jelly bean 4.1.2 for the galaxy S3

  • slops

    i cat.. not that i want one, she just has this thing about being in the way.. cats are evil.

  • Sven Enterlein

    A job at a big pharma company would be nice! But for myself I’m not giving up getting that darn Note II!

  • Marcus

    Manchester City to beat Manchester United

  • sanchpa

    wish wish wish…an lte enabled nexus 10

  • JG

    I would like to have a new Nexus 10 tablet……

  • Rich Howe

    70″ TV

  • Some help with my upcoming honeymoon.

  • Jawbone bluetooth speaker

  • CodeToJoy

    Nexus 7/10 maybe?

  • I’d like to win only because my wife just GTalked me saying we needed to buy one of these for our nephew who is 10 years old and just got a Nexus 7 for his birthday πŸ™‚

  • A wort chiller.

  • nexus 10 baby

  • One of Each of the Droid the Life shirts!

  • Kyle Yoder

    I’ve got the nexus 7 at the top of my list!

  • A Google Play $25 giftcard

  • MiXoLoGiSt

    At the top of my Xmas wish list is a Galaxy Note 2 or Nexus 4!

  • World Peace! LoL but to actually get A Andre Either dodgers Jersey

  • Hazadriel

    I need a new gaming desktop.

  • gbenj

    New 7.1 A/V receiver

  • Jon Hickerson

    Top of my list? A $25 Google Play gift card, or course!

  • my number one item on my wishlist is for Dallas to beat the Redskins on Dec 31 while I’m at the game!!!

  • nexus 10

  • 4.2 for my galaxy nexus or 4.2.1

    • Jon Youngblood

      root already… it’s super easy!

      • I have root, I currently have 4.1.1 but Im waiting on official build of AOKP or CNA.. dont want preview build

  • Jon Flikkema

    A Galaxy S3 or Razr HD. The Thunderbolt isn’t really cutting it anymore.

  • humidity

    Compact megazoom camera!

  • Jerald Bondoc

    A Nexus 7!

  • AceXMachine

    I would love a 64GB SDXC card for my Note II πŸ™‚

  • chey023

    Got my s3 on black friday. Christmas came early.

  • shehippie

    A few days in New York with my Dad!!! I just hope Santa got my letter! =)

  • David Hodge

    Nexus 10

  • Zach Ramaekers

    Nexus 10

  • DanWazz

    If I had one wish that I could wish this holiday season, it
    would be that all the children to join hands and sing together in the
    spirit of harmony and peace. If I had two wishes I could make this holiday
    season, the first would be for all the children of the world to join hands
    and sing in the spirit of harmony and peace, and the second would be for 30
    million dollars a month to be given to me, tax-free in a Swiss bank
    account. You know, if I had three wishes…

  • GoPro Camera

  • M C

    4 27″ monitors with a stand and desk so i don’t have to use my tv

  • pd240

    A galaxy note 2 on Verizon. I have not read one review that was negative. Plus I am looking forward to the battery life. It’s going to be a big change from my gnex

  • Nexus 7!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlie Landin

    a new laptop is at the top of my wishlist

  • Jake Siemer

    New i7 17″ Laptop is at the top of my list… (Wishful thinking!)

  • TomStieger

    A $25 Google Play Store gift card from Droid-Life!

  • Anthony Myrick

    To be pain free and walk without a limp

  • Got mine early, Note II!

  • Barlog

    NEXUS 7

  • Wnagatani

    Top of my wishlist : tuition for the son of a single mother that I know

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s for my fiance and her dad πŸ™‚

  • Chris Velez

    To meet the guys in and was in the band Fear Factory.

  • Bigwavedave25

    Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook Developer edition.
    Linux / Carbonfiber / backlit keys … OH SANTA!

  • Sean Stone

    A clean kidney biopsy, having it on the 19th

  • A Nexus 4

  • mytam

    I want a ps vita for this christmas

  • thronez

    a new smartphone at a reasonable price ahaha #cheap

  • BmoreHuntr

    New tattoo.

  • A nexus 4 and cash to cancel Verizon contract.

  • Alex Hernandez

    Gifts for my kids. That’s all I want for Christmas.

  • sogajeffrey

    A nexus 10 πŸ™‚

  • mz.ap

    a kindle fire hd

  • A Nexus 7 case for the one I just bought (:

  • Teng Taing

    Nexus 10

  • Wireless speakers/headphones for my devices

  • dwm

    A $25 Google Play Card!

  • Corcode

    A new SSD for my PC and a new Phone (will decide which one in Feb when I go get it)

  • Drew Day

    Nexus 10

  • Drew Carpenter

    Google I/O Tickets (Yes I know they dont go on sale until Feb)

  • Top of my X-mas wishlist is my kids getting what they want for the most part and being happy.

  • zmberven

    A new laptop!

  • root4life


  • hfoster52

    SSD Drive for my laptop.

  • Havoc70

    New Sound card

  • Del2337

    Nexus 7 32gb

  • A n10

  • Nexus 7 32GB

  • I would love an i Robot!

  • 32 GB Nexus 10!

  • brian


  • Nick Verderico

    Nexus 4!

  • Jared Tau

    Nexusy 32gb

  • chris31jct

    A Nexus 7 32GB tablet with keyboard and case to replace my dead laptop.

  • Roswell Cummings

    Nexus 10

  • guest123

    I want the Nexus 4!!!!

  • MJZ

    Top of my wishlist?
    An early upgrade from VZW!

    Other than that, I’d love to get me a Razr Maxx HD or a Razr M

  • 32GB Nexus 7 (Wi-fi)

  • AnthonyMoya

    The top gift on my list is Borderlands 2 and my wife got it for me early so I’m good and happy!

  • top thing im looking for is for my mom to actually like her present for once…..

  • Derek Babe

    A job

  • Eric Kubbe

    “I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle”

    But really anything from Thinkgeek.com

  • moelsen8

    Nexus 4. It came early! πŸ˜›

  • Jacob Neves

    Extended Battery and Scotch.

  • brazola

    nexus 7

  • SagarPatel

    nexus 7

  • Three way tie between nooka watch, jaybird Bluetooth head phones, and nexus 10

  • EvanTheGamer

    Games. Games. And more games.

    • Bigwavedave25

      Hahaa… wouldn’t expect any less of an answer!

      • EvanTheGamer

        Haha. Yep!

        • Bigwavedave25

          I have recently rekindled my love of the Ratchet&Clank series. My brother-in-law usually gets me a gift card to Gamestop… I know exactly what it is going towards this year!

  • Joseph Joffe

    My Hanukkah wishlist is already complete (we got a camera and a camcorder on Black Friday and Cyber Monday)

  • jonathon johnston

    I have already bought my ‘toys’ for the year (4-wheeler, tf300 tablet, Note 2, others) so right now my wishlist is something for my girlfriend and our baby.
    $25 to the play store would get a movie to keep them both occupied while we travel πŸ™‚

  • Nexus Tablet … Most definitely top for this year !!!

  • mangst

    New Car Speakers!

  • Wouldn’t complain if Santa brought me a Nexus 10.

  • Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 lens. that is all.

  • JoshGroff

    A new laptop. In the realm of feasible gifts, I’d put Google Play credit or Riot Points.

  • justincase_2008


    P.S. i hope those games can be loaded on the OUYA i have on order.

  • chris125

    Nexus 4, hoping santa can pull some magic and make it magically appear for me skipping over the super long wait times

  • My two front teeth!

  • Solving the Rubik’s cube… And maybe surround sound!

  • Solomon Seal

    A Nexus 10

  • sc0rch3d

    sex – beat that

  • A Nexus 7 (or Nexus 10 if I may be so bold)

  • Corey D

    Ninja Turtles action figures. Yes I am serious.

  • Mike Cox

    To replace my nexus 7…(dropped it a broke the screen)

  • bweiand

    Nexus 10

  • Andrew

    a Nexus 7.

  • Nexus 7… oh please oh please oh please!

  • Shubham Aggarwal

    Asphalt 7 Heat, ShadowGun, NOVA 3 and a few other games for my Motorola Razr!

  • Russ M

    My wish list includes the Droid DNA and a wireless charging pod or mat.

  • The new Samsung Chromebook. I really want to check it out.

  • Mark

    A new 47″ LCD 1080p TV. My 37″ CRT is not cutting the mustard anymore, and yes, i still have a CRT.

  • Definitely the Nexus 7 32GB. *drools*

  • NC State rug for my office…that I’ve been waiting on since last Christmas lol

  • Nothing. I don’t have a Christmas wishlist.

  • Money for tools and car parts. I’ve got a project car to get back on the road.

  • athom07

    My XMAS gift list:
    1) Nexus 7 (I already know my wife got me one)
    2) Some books off amazon

  • A Nexus 7 tablet

  • RickSch

    Nexus 7

  • Rafa Sandoval

    There’s nothing that I really want for Christmas. Just a good meal with my gf and family.

  • Rob Dennie

    A new desktop or Nexus 7.


  • Top of my list is a Nexus 7

  • Jelly bean on my Verizon galaxy s3

  • Didn’t really ask for much this year but an External Hard Drive is probably at the top.

    Had it on my list for the past two years and wound up crossing it out for other things but it’s an absolute necessity now after my HDD just crashed recently and I lost almost everything of value and don’t want it happening again…

  • nexus 7

  • EdsonDJ

    A new car.

  • Eric Franca

    Nexus 10 keyboard dock

  • Final Fantasy III for Android! *-*

  • Joe Trinosky

    A pair of footy pajamas. Seriously.

  • A set of LG bluetooth headphones for playing Ingress with.

  • j-wood

    Intel SSD hard drive for my gaming pc!

  • I really want a new laptop to make editing my podcast less of a hassle.

  • Aardvark99

    A new watch (i don’t understand how you people just use your phone to tell time)! Also, JB for the Verizon S3.

  • casbar

    3D printer un-assembled would be amazing!

  • count me in

  • A credit card bill under $1,000.00. That would be a nice change…..

  • John Nagy

    a new job.

  • JDHokie

    Red Rider BB gun. Bluetooth headphones.

  • masterxchief

    Nike Fuelband even though it only works on ios

  • A turtle.

  • David Willden

    A new i7 laptop. πŸ˜€

  • TheWenger


  • jbegs

    Galaxy Note 10.1

  • elemeno

    Nexus 10

  • Parts to finish my AR-15 build.

  • Carlos Arzola

    I’m good. I’m going home to see my family after 6 years of not been able to.

    • Camden Smith

      My top christmas item is to have a baby next year but in the meantime I could really use the paid assistant (not Jeanne) for my phone as I run my company off it.

  • Malcolm James II

    A Playstation Vita!

  • A Raspberry Pi

  • A Nexus 10 but would settle for a Nexus 7.

  • RoboRobP

    Asus Transformer Infinity

  • A touchscreen monitor.

  • Xbox 360, halo 4 edition!

  • Nexus 10! Already purchased it, just waiting to play with it on Christmas Day!

  • Eric

    Headers for my 87′ Iroc-Z Camaro

  • a margin. Followed by : booze.

  • HuskerDad3

    I would love to get a new desktop computer and an android tablet.

  • Christian Guarino

    A new tattoo!

  • A small 20-something inch LCD TV, so I can play my PS3 games while the wife watches her TV shows

  • Frank Urbanski

    I really wanted a Nexus 7/10 but I cannot justify it (nothing wrong with my Xoom). So I have a bunch of ice hockey equipment instead.

  • FarmerTechno

    Nexus 10 16GB!

  • Justin Kos

    Cm10. 2 for my galaxy nexus πŸ™‚

  • Alan Paone

    My tech life is in shambles, I need a new camera, new phone and new laptop. So “cash” is basically every entry on my christmas list. Top to bottom.

  • Nick

    The top thing on my Christmas wishlist is a new tablet – my original Kindle Fire died. πŸ™

  • markgbe

    Time with family of course…. same line, 2009 BMW M3

  • Thomas

    Tim your on my Xmas list πŸ˜‰

  • Galaxy S3

  • PS Vita or ICS for Droid Incredible 2

  • Corey Foltman

    Dark Knight Trilogy on BluRay

  • travisvesely

    Nexus 7 Tablet

  • john monsalve

    the 25 gift card or the nexus Q!!

  • JR Tapper

    Looking at getting a Droid DNA for Christmas

  • Lambo_21

    a new tv… its much needed now

  • epidemik

    $25 google play gift card from droid life

  • MichaelFranz

    Looking to grab me a Nexus 10 on my wishlist.

  • I wish that I’d get enough money to fix my car.

  • A Nexus 7 with HSPA+

  • A new PC. my laptop is terrible.

  • Nexus 7

  • jakemyster84

    Nexus 10!!!

  • Abbie Rosario

    Now, only a $25 gift card to Google Play from Droid Life.

  • Jeremy_Bowling

    BCS National Championship Tickets – ROLL TIDE!

  • Puffstudios

    All I want for Christmas is a Nexus 10!

  • PhillipNorris

    a Cobb Accessport for my 05 Subaru Legacy

  • Nexus 10 and a nice beer mug.

  • Jay W.

    A joyful christmas for my children

  • Justin W

    Honestly.. Got my N4, N7, N10. All I want now is that damn Nexus Charging Orb (or the Nexus Q with wireless charging capabilities)!

  • A new PS3

  • ForrestTracey

    A gift card to Sportsmans Warehouse

  • Lenesse Berg

    Jot Stylus Pro in Gun Metal Grey to go with my S3 ^_^ (I’m easy to shop for lol).

  • 128GB or higher SSD

  • Dilson Silva

    Nexus 7

  • David Rando

    A new job, got laid off in July

    • King of Nynex

      Sorry to hear that man. Keep grindin’

  • Either a GSM GNex or Nexus 4

  • matt masino

    New Hard drive for my PC old one just died πŸ™

  • Butters619

    You know, I honestly don’t know.

    I would say Nexus 7, but I am getting my girlfriend one so I can play with hers and I already own a tablet.

    I would say a 65″ Panasonic VT but yeah right, nobody would buy me that.

    A Chipotle giftcard would be pretty sick.

  • tyguy829

    A nexus 4 variant on Verizon. Come on Google and LG , make dreams come true!

  • J Davis

    Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a Droid Life T-shirt and Hoodie.


    A $25 Google play gift card from Droid-Life!

  • jmasterj

    A Note 2/DNA. Undecided.

  • Samsung Chromebook..

  • Jose Antonio Quinones Jr

    Laptop, so I can continue to learn Andriod programming on the go

  • jmcdoo

    A Nexus 7. Still haven’t grabbed one.

  • Josh Ingram

    Mass Effect N7 hoodie

  • Richard Abramas

    A new lens for my Nikon V1

  • Mathew Colburn

    Nexus 7

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    My #1 wish is to have everyone enjoy a safe and awesome holiday season.

    • JoshGroff

      You sir are a gentleman and a scholar, you deserve all the up votes in the world, but alas I can only give one.

  • The words “Christmas Wishlist”

    • Can I give this guy my entry?

    • www.Ace60.com

      til I saw the paycheck of $5006, I did not believe …that…my friends brother actualy making money in their spare time on their computer.. there brothers friend started doing this 4 less than 14 months and a short time ago paid the debts on their mini mansion and bourt a gorgeous Land Rover Defender.

    • I second Dan’s reply. If I win give him my card. Nexus4!

    • This guy can have mine too!

  • craig1989

    New dslr camera

  • Motorola Motoactv.