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Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Turns Two Today, Currently Available to 250 Million Americans

Has it been two years already since the birth of Verizon’s 4G LTE? I specifically remember being in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show, when some Verizon executives took the stage to announce a lineup of devices to take advantage of this baby network, available in only a handful of markets. Since then, 4G LTE has become a standard for many smartphone buyers, and no one in America offers as large of a market as Verizon. Not to toot their horn or anything, but it is currently available in more than 440 markets, servicing 11 million people.

As the years fly by, even Verizon’s CEO has mentioned that as their competitors catch up in the 4G LTE race, Big Red will already be looking to the future with 5G and 6G networks. Some exciting times for mobile.

What was your first experience with 4G LTE? Was it magical?

Via: Verizon

  • Still waiting for 4g in Great Falls, MT i dont know what the holdup is. A small town north of us has had 4g for over a month.come on Verizon what gives?

  • Kizaru Hiruko

    First experience on Verizon’s 4G LTE network?
    I was using the HTC ThunderBolt in New Orleans, LA. It was amazing (25 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up), until the battery died four hours later. Later “upgraded” (with regret) to the Samsung (don’t call it a) Droid Charge, which had better battery life and got roughly the same speeds. When I want a “blast from the past,” I compare the Charge’s LTE speeds in my apartment to the Droid DNA’s.

    not-a-Droid Charge: 11 Mbps down, 5 Mbps up
    Droid DNA: 42 Mbps down, 26 Mbps up

    Same location, five minute interval between testing. Gist of the story: your network may not be slow, but your phone very well could be.

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  • nimbyist

    my lte speed is about the same as when i was on tmo on 3g in nyc…

  • Jonathan Williams

    When Verizon sent me a free Galaxy Nexus to get off their 3G network… and keeping my unlimited data.

  • belsonc

    Magical? My 4g works fine at my apartment on Long Island. I used to work “in” Times Square, and now work “in” Rockefeller Center (<2 blocks from each one, so "in"), and it doesn't work for crap. And my current job has a Verizon hotspot in the building itself, so according to the IT guys, I should have the strongest signal possible. I'd call and complain, except I can't be bothered doing so anymore. At this point, I'm thinking about just calling, asking for retentions, and seeing if they'll do $omething to help me make my decision to stay easier (I've throttled back my data usage so damn much as a result of all this that grandfathering me into unlimited wouldn't be all that interesting to me anymore).

  • Danja88

    4G in my neck of the woods is still non-existent so how is the CEO ready to start talking about 5G and 6G

  • Shawn Goede

    5g and 6g already…. So much for lte (long term evolution)

  • ericrd09

    When 4G came to Grand Rapids, MI I had just bought the thunderbolt. I took a day off to drive around just to see where it worked. What a day 🙂

  • Diablo81588

    Its incredible to think that my grandparents, who live in a town of no more than 2000 people, have full LTE coverage. I love you Verizon.

  • Silver Veloz

    It’s been about a month now since 4G LTE hit Santa Clarita, CA. Before that I lived in part of the town where the 3G signal wasn’t great. I had to sit in a couple places in my house to get a decent signal. Luckily I always had WiFi. 4G LTE has changed that for the better. I can now get a signal anywhere in my place, but still use WiFi when at home. I currently have a Verizon Unlimited data plan. Motorola Droid Bionic here.

  • Still waiting as Verizon slowly inches it’s way west through Chester County, PA. I looked at the coverage map again today and I am surrounded by 4G coverage on 3 sides but it is not yet in my township.

  • Still not available in the Northwoods of WI.

  • TheDrunkenClam

    I live right by FedEx field. I used to be able to get great 4g inside my house. Now whenever I turn off WiFi, my GNex immediately shows a solid 4g lock. Then in the matter of like ten seconds it’ll switch over to 3g. My sister’s GNex is bone stock and does the same thing. My theory: it’s as if Verizon knows I’m at home and wants me to use my WiFi. Anywhere I go more than a couple miles from home I get a solid 4g lock. Anyone else have this happen?

    • Diablo81588

      I found your problem, your using a Galaxy Nexus.

  • Radgatt

    Droid Bionic was my 1st 4G device. That lasted for about 3 months then its been the galaxy nexus in December 2012 and its been like that since.

  • chris125

    and nobody gets to benefit from it because of the tiered plans.

    • Diablo81588

      I’m not on a tiered plan, are you?

      • chris125

        Nope and that is why I won’t be upgrading and will look for other options once my contract is up. If I am going to be forced to pay full retail might as well be able to get a nexus device and not deal with the carrier bs. For what I do lte isnt that important

  • I get 20 down and 10 up with my SIII. I’d be happy with half of that

  • LionStone

    I’ve been mostly satisfied since Thunderbolt, it made all the difference between being able to stream movies or not. On West coast at this point I’m pretty well covered from San Jose all the way north to Ukiah, with maybe a small town or two that doesn’t have it. On East coast in Raleigh area and at the house solid also. I’m still getting average 10 down and 5 up, same as what I was getting with TB with ping being much better, which is fine for tethering, etc.

  • Booyah

    So THAT’S why my speeds have decreased over the last year…

  • Well then I will be 251 I sign up Friday …..

  • ddevito

    I’ll switch to AT&T in 2013 and save me $40 a month

    • Diablo81588

      AT&T is just as expensive as Verizon with less reliable coverage.

      • chris125

        not necessarily. I compared prices and by switching to at&t I would save about $20 a month not to mention getting 3gb of data compared to 2 on verizon. It all depends on the plans and what people need, there will be some price difference.

  • wpscompute

    And all this bitching about the battery life, My first phone would barely last on standby for 8 hours, forget it if you had a call… maybe 25 min talk time.

  • wpscompute

    Ontario, California. 13.3 Mbps down & 12.5 Mbps up.

  • My first experience with LTE was April 2012 when I left T-Mobile and joined Verizon. I got sick of waiting for the GSM Galaxy Nexus to be available in the US, so I jumped ship to Verizon, only to have the GSM model become available in the Play Store three weeks later. Talk about crap luck!

    That said, Verizon’s LTE wipes its butt with the T-Mobile’s HSPA+. Here in the Durham, NC area, I consistently get anywhere from 6-15 kbps downstream (depending on signal strength) and equally as fast upstream. Moving from T-Mobile HSPA+ to Verizon LTE was like the difference between black & white and color TV for me.

    • rodney11ride

      completely agree. I never thought that when my area Central Valley california recieved 4g that i would be this suprised. 12-21 download and 5-12 upload. i switched to 3g the other day to try and save battery. um no thanks that is slow as hell. im a high data user 12- 16gigs a month and downloading movies to xbox demos 4g is the shizz

      • I’m from the Central Valley originally. Born and raised in Madera and Fresno. 😀

        • rodney11ride

          bang biscuit! From Sanger!

    • antinorm

      6-15 kbps? Wow, that’s blazingly fast :p

      • When you’re used to 4 kbps max, 6-15 is quite nice. #firstworldproblems

  • drgalaxy

    maybe if the updates were quicker itd be magical.

    • rodney11ride

      i completely understand where your comng from. that said, why are you waiting?OTA updates are usually buggy anyways. i dont care what service or phone. unlock,root, enjoy for many years on an up-to-date device.

  • wpscompute

    I have fiber optic to my house and I could pay for 20Mbits if I chose to spend an extra $20 – $30 per month, but the 12 Mbits seems fast. I was not prepared for 20 Mbits OTA to my phone for the same cost as 3G. Thank goodness for legacy Unlimited Data and free WiFi Hotspot.

  • WAldenIV

    My feelings before getting a 4G phone were, “Eh, who needs it?” Having a Razr M I thought my feelings might change. I get 35+ Mbps on 4G at home, which is awesome, but use wi-fi. I don’t have 4G coverage at work. Since I don’t really use 4G, my feelings are still, “Eh, who needs it?”

  • moelsen8

    my battery never forgave me

  • DanWazz

    LTE has been good to me and my GNex.

  • ToddAwesome

    Available? Ha, yeah, if I drive TO it.

  • GTIguy

    So Verizon has the slowest 3G and 4G in my area. What do the speeds need to be to be officially classified as 4G? When I am connected to 4G in my area my speed is comparable to AT&T 3G speeds. It’s embarrassing.
    Also, when I am at work in my states capital city, which is covered by 4G according to Verizon’s website, I can’t even get a 4G signal. What makes it even worse is that I can see a Verizon billboard on Rt.95 outside my office window boasting about the largest and fastest 4G network and I can’t get a 4G signal there.
    I can get 4G in other areas of my state but the speeds are not even close to what I was expecting.
    I’m glad Verizon’s CEO is already thinking about 5G and 6G though. What an ass.

    • T4rd

      Sounds like your phone if you’re not getting 4G where you should be. Are you a Gnex user? The Gnex doesn’t have the best antennas (that’s putting it nicely). My wife’s Rezound has considerably better 4G reception than my Gnex.

      • GTIguy

        It’s not the device. It would be much easier if it were. I’ve been in areas where I get 30-40 Mbps down. I get about 10-15 down while in Boston.We have 4 GNex’s in the office as well as 2 Maxx’s. It’s the same with all. Also, I do 99% of the exchange configurations for my company so I get to use pretty much every new device and it’s all the same. Verizon’s coverage is better but the speeds are the slowest. I have been in contact with Verizon and the answer I get is that I should be covered and that the coverage map is not perfect. My response is “if the map is not totally accurate then why to you have right angles and clear lines as to where your coverage starts and ends?” Crickets on the other end… Nobody holds these wireless carriers accountable and that’s the problem. I think I read something about the FCC investigating the advertised speeds a few months back but haven’t heard anything since.
        Does the rezound actually have better reception or are you going by how many bars are displayed? The Razr Maxx’s show more bars of 4G when we can get it and compare but the signal strength is the same. Just the bars display differently.

  • JPC776

    I just ran Speedtest and got 33.56Mbps down & 21.73 up. Just outside of Atlanta, so I’m pretty happy.

  • ChristianJohnson

    It was pretty awesome turning on my Gnex for the first time and seeing the power of LTE. However, that was one of few instances since I never keep LTE on. Battery life is already bad enough on the Gnex, adding LTE just makes it terrible.

  • mustbepbs

    Magical? Not in the slightest. Yeah it was cool having 25 Mbps download speeds (most I’ve ever gotten), but my life wasn’t enriched in any way. Some things just loaded a little faster.

    Whoop de doo.

    • You never know what you have until it’s gone! No 4G soup for you! You go back to 1X!

      • mustbepbs

        It’s the 4G Nazi!

    • moelsen8

      hey now, the battery drain was magical. never saw one go that fast before. i still can’t believe it sometimes. my battery percentage would make a great stopwatch.

  • Mark

    My first experience was on the Thunderbolt so it died before the webpage loaded. But seriously i loved it because i had slow home internet and i would just tether my phone to my desktop.

  • 46 LTE enabled devices…44 of them Android 🙂

  • schoat333

    I used to get 25 down and 15 up. It has gradually declined tho, and as of today I get 4.5 down and 5.16 up. Either they are throttling my service, or the network is overloaded.

    • chris125

      network is overloaded most likely.

      • schoat333

        That what I figured. Cleveland was one of the first cities to get LTE, so we have a lot of users that have upgraded to it.

        • Dillon Brown

          Same story in Boston. I think it has a lot to do with the Gnex that I use too. In my small home town with little traffic I first used LTE and it was mind blowingly fast. Large downloads were instant almost, and I could actually stream things. It was a revelation.

    • Greg Morgan

      Same here in Seattle. Speeds have dramatically declined.

    • wickets

      I’ll trade you my 0.14 / 0.06 if you want. Its so fast the velocity dropped it back a decimal point or two!!!

    • Odd, my 4G LTE speed has actually increased in Wausau, WI. I was getting around 20 down and 12 up before. But last week it skyrocketed to these speeds and it’s quite consistent.

      • michael arazan

        Now if Verizon would beef up their network by adding more 4G towers, because their are 5 times as many people using LTE now, and the speeds are dropping horribly because they only do the bare minimum with everything.

  • J Davis

    Verizons 4GLTE network is the only thing to “toot” about their service.

  • Zacharypt

    I remember the first time my T-Bolt switched to 4g. I immediately hit speedtest and was looking around 33mbps down at 15up… Then they turned the tower back off 3 minutes later. 🙁

  • duder

    “Currently available to 250 million Americans…” …. and I’m not one of them. 🙁

    • Crazydog

      Neither am I. Now to find the other 249,998!

      • QQpayne

        Another one here without the magic.

      • Hunter

        249,998 that also have access to LTE? The article says 250,000 people have access, you say you do not….


        • Crazydog

          I ninja edited! I had the dumb for a bit, but came back to fix it.

          • Hunter


    • Nathan

      Me neither! 🙁

  • MichaelFranz

    I wouldn’t really call it magical. Yea the speeds were great, but I had a thunderbolt, and the second I went to NYC where they had LTE, my battery drained so quick. We all knwo the tbolt had problems so whatever, but i think they have come a long way with battery life and subtle software improvements and hardware improvements in efficiency. Once we can do VoLTE things will be better

    • Diablo81588

      What’s so great about VoLTE? A marginal improvement in call quality and a considerable increase in battery usage?

      • MichaelFranz

        well its all hit or miss really. we just need to see what the technologies bring us. Hopefully some newer battery technologies come around and dont drain as heavily while using stuff. we’ll see what happens.

  • Oreoman

    It was magical….then it was gone. Then Verizon got the network back up and running again. I was happy for a day, and then it was down again. Then the service was fine for a few days, and then it was out again. This happened off and on for awhile, but has been pretty stable lately. Honestly though, I was kind of expecting faster speeds than what I’m currently receiving.

  • Josh Hendrix

    Thunderbolt, Release day. 4G was magical. The phone wasn’t.

    • MichaelFranz

      said the same thing….lol

    • TheDrunkenClam

      I quite liked the Thunderbolt. Rom’ed with cyanogen 7. Those weren’t bad times.

      • Josh Hendrix

        Naw, It was ok at the time. Looking back thought. Mind blown at what I thought was good

  • JPC776

    I expected it to be fast, but was not prepared for the jet stream of goodness that is 4G.