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Speaking of AT&T’s 4G LTE, They Just Lit Up a Few New Cities

We just got done discussing AT&T’s supposedly upcoming LTE Advanced network, but it looks like they are also making some regular 4G LTE moves today as well. Folks living in the below-listed cities should be experiencing some much faster data speeds as they go about their days.

  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Yauco, Puerto Rico
  • Guayama, Puerto Rico
  • San German -Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • Reading, PA

Mmm, taste that 4G sweetness.

Via: AT&T

  • Just_Some_Nobody

    Even though AT&T does not have LTE in my market yet, the cool thing is I still get a 10Mbps HSPA connection. And unless I’m downloading something I shouldn’t be, the speed difference is not that noticeable from LTE (I’ve compared when I’ve traveled).
    Note that I said it’s not that noticeable, not that I said there was no difference.
    Personally, I can live with HSPA. It’s fast enough and the extra battery savings is a plus.

  • Bob O’Daniel

    I just wish they’d hurry up with Greenville, TX and the surrounding area. We’re only about 30 minutes away from Dallas, and about 15 minutes (if that) away from 4G LTE. Oh well, at least I have HSPA+.

    • Sobr0801

      it is suprisingly fast

      • Bob O’Daniel

        Agreed, but I was on Verizon’s 4GLTE since the Thunderbolt was released, so going from that to HSPA+ on AT&T has been a bit, frustrating. Not terrible, and this is definitely a first world problem. 😉

  • FortitudineVincimus

    So what?

  • Jim McClain

    They are so far behind verizon, and still they say they are the largest, isnt there a law about truth in advertising?

    • DiamondDave

      IDK, ask crApple that same question….

    • dsass600

      HSPA+ can also be considered 4G. So by that standard, they are indeed ahead.

      • Here’s the problem though, they also claim that they are the fastest which more then just a few people would say is untrue.

    • Yes, but you would need a lot of people complaining about it to get anything done. Ooo. Maybe a petition on Change.org should be started. That commercial is so annoying.

  • kane

    Its commonly said we won’t make Puerto Rico the 51st state because the poverty level would hurt our economy. It can’t be any worse now. Bring on the 51st state

    • NexusPhan69

      Uh no. Its because Puerto Rico wants all the benefits of being a sate (like they have now) but they are not willing to pay the taxes. Who could blame them?

      • BulletTooth_Tony

        They actually just voted to change their status and join the Union in the November election… all that’d be required is congress authorizing it…

  • Guest

    Looks like Walter White and Jesse Pinkman just got LTE, wait…they use flip phones

    • Br_d

      Yo, yo, yo, 148, 3 to the 3 to the 6 to the 9, representing the ABQ, what up biatch? Leave it at the tone.

  • Yawn…

    • FortitudineVincimus

      slow day huh.. next, they are going to tell us about the new Apple iMacs.

  • Dillon Brown

    I got a buddy from Puerto Rico, and they all dislike the US treating them like their bitch, but at least they get a taste of that LTE goodness.

    • Yeah, I’m sure they’re much worse off being a territory of the US…

    • Just_Some_Nobody

      But they treat us like their bitch, too. Being a territory is beneficial to them and they know it.