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LTE Advanced Talks From AT&T Emerge, Could We See It by The Second Half of 2013?

According to industry analysts, who are reporting on comments made by certain AT&T executives at a recent conference, our nation’s second largest mobile carrier plans to launch an LTE Advanced network in the second half of 2013.

In early November of this year, we reported that AT&T was planning a massive investment to the tune of $14 billion to enhance their existing network and to finish off their 4G LTE network by the end of 2014. To begin work on an Advanced network before you’re done with full roll out of 4G LTE doesn’t seem ideal, but at this point, it’s a race between carriers to offer the furthest-reaching and fastest network possible. 

By the time AT&T’s 4G LTE even became notable, Verizon had already sealed the deal and their 4G LTE was spread out from coast to coast. To put it simply, Verizon beat them to the punch and is also talking “5G and 6G networks” around this same time.

The analysts wrote this on the exec’s comments:

The network strategy will involve mainly LTE networks and LTE Advanced networks, which AT&T will begin firing up in 2H13. These enhanced networks will provide faster speeds and coverage to its subscriber base, as well as open up growth opportunities in new segments.

The way we see it, this is AT&T’s chance to beat Verizon this time and begin work on an even faster network, for the playing field to become even again. Although, according to AT&T’s Labs president, the company might only intend to have test modes by that time, so we will just have to wait and see. Once a test site is built, that’s when we get to start talking about upcoming phones to run on it.

It’s hard not to get excited about talks of LTE Advanced networks.

Via: Fierce Wireless

  • chris125

    Hopefully sprint and tmo can get on the ball and put a little pressure on the big 2 maybe get some reasonable prices back or give those of us on one of the two a viable option to switch to

  • Sobr0801

    I have recently left Verizon (no complaints at all), and have had nothing but good experience with ATT so far. Their 3G+ works great, and when I hit their LTE in Minneapolis it FLEW. My biggest complaint with Verizon was after the iPhone 5 was released I felt the network slow a bit, but after they did some tower upgrades in our area shortly after everything was good again.

  • Butters619

    As long as AT&T brings LTE Advanced to California first then I’m cool with it.

    Although I did just travel back to Michigan for Thanksgiving and I wanted to punch little children and pull my hair out while lighting myself on fire every time I used my data connection.

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  • teevirus

    I for one am very excited about these series of numbers and letters.

  • Uriah Bullard

    In my opinion, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile are trying to catch a ship that has set sail years ago. Verizon began to dominate the market when they started offering better phones than their competitors, which gave the capitol influx to expand on the network infrastructure. Now a days with all these OEM’s basically offering the same phone or a close comparison phone on every different carrier, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile will have a tough time catching Verizon because there isn’t a outta this world reason to jump off their ship.

    • JoshGroff

      Besides tiered data and ridiculous plan pricing. I’ve actually been considering dropping my phone line in general, porting my number to Google voice and just using my cell for WiFi calls. Almost all the calls I make are from work/home and there’s no reason to pay for something I can do for free.

      • RadicalPie

        Battery life would be amazing as well. Also you could have any phone. Nexus 4 makes sense considering lack of LTE wouldn’t make a difference and it is cheaper off contract than any other phone.

    • Butters619

      AT&T’s success and downfall are the same. The iPhone. It brought it a metric crap ton of subscribers and a whole boat load of money, but sank their network faster than the Titanic is you watch the movie in fast forward. To this day they are still playing catch up. Part of the reason they have a higher cap on LTE data is to try to get people onto their LTE network and off their HSPA+ network.

  • mgamerz

    So no VoLTE?

  • boybert

    I wasn’t sure, but from the linked article, a brief definition of LTE Advanced:

    “An upgrade to LTE, LTE Advanced will allow operators to take advantage
    of advanced topology networks and also deliver improvements in capacity
    and coverage.”

  • Dave


    • DC_Guy


    • Dr_Buttballs

      I am amused. Good job.

    • shane lawson


  • milanyc

    They really said that they’ll be starting their testing of LTE-A in the H2 2013. That doesn’t mean that we will see their commercially available network by then. It’d be nice to see their LTE expand before they start talking about LTE-A. This is a pure PR stunt to get the average users excited…

    In the mean time, Verizon will have the entire 3G (300 million pops) footprint blanketed with LTE by mid 2013, and will start deploying AWS carriers for possible carrier aggregation at that point.

    Also T-Mobile is deploying Rel 10 LTE-A equipment and their network will effectively be LTE-A ready at launch. AT&T is all PR talk at this point….

    • Come on, T-Mobile! Time to catch up!

    • michael arazan

      But Verizon’s LTE towers are spread thin and only cover the bare minimal within cities. With LTE towers only covering 4 square miles and reducing speeds exponentially the farther away you are, and only having minimal amounts of towers that have 5 x as many people on it from a year ago is just slowing the networks speeds down. St.Louis and Chicago have slow and spotty coverages for lte, 3g fine. They need to double and triple the amount of lte towers in order for the masses to actually get any speeds. I used to get 15 mbps down, then 12, now 10, in one years time and barely get 5 up.

    • Nick Bohl

      I mean no disrespect, but as an AT&T wireless employee, I’ve heard nothing of this until yesterday, so I’m not sure if the “average user” would be terribly privy to this discussion. Many customers are still unfamiliar with LTE in general. I feel that this is more towards stock holders than users.