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Google Voice for Android Updated as Well: Fixes Delayed SMS Notifications and Inbox Syncing Issues

Google Voice Update

On the heels of the major Google Search update that just rolled out, which includes a handful of new Google Now cards, we also get a minor update to my favorite app of all time, Google Voice. It’s nothing more than a bug fixer, taking care of delays in SMS notifications and inbox syncing issues, but hey, we’ll take it.

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Cheers Grady!

  • Royal2000H

    So the last update really borked Google Voice on my phone to epic proportions. I text a lot and only through GV, both on web and on phone and the last update was horrendous.

    This update may have improved on some problems the last update created (or maybe placebo) but it still has syncing issues and lag for me.

  • Ken

    oh thank goodness I was not having this problem until i installed this update… now i am.

  • Caleb Martin

    I’ll definitely take it if it fixes the issues introduced with their last update.

  • The Dude

    After a year we get a minor bugfix? Google has effectively abandoned Voice. It could have been so great. I still use it to save on a texting plan, but it’s not very pretty or functional.

  • Once it has fully functional MMS, im all in on Voice

  • This is all good and well but I still can’t send quick reply using Google Voice. You should STAR this issue to help it get fixed.http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=23176

  • Greyhame

    Kellen, you need to do one of your blog posts on why GVoice is your favorite app of all time. I use it for VM, but haven’t ported my number or anything. What I’m looking for is what makes this your favorite app.. I feel like I’m missing out on something.

  • Jim McClain

    ok, exactly what is google voice and why do I need it ?

  • Dave Miller

    A GV update is always welcome for me. Kinda brings me to a question I have…I’ve been having issues the past couple months with ONE contact being marked as spam or blocked MULTIPLE times per day…I have changed the persons number, made a new entry under a different name, made it so GV can’t mark people as spam, ETC to no avail. Just curious is anyone has an idea….tyty

  • nightscout13

    God Damn It, I was getting so tired of this…. Thank you for the belated fix.

  • PhoenixPath

    Thankfully, this is one of the issues I was *not* having on my Nexus.

  • this is the best/worst app that google makes. it’s almost lagging behind google tv when it comes to dedicated updates.

  • sc0rch3d

    i’m just glad that i can send texts via gvoice using voice actions again 🙂

  • ksat

    When will Google give VOICE a serious update?? It is definitely lacking!

    • What’s it lacking? Only thing I can think of is MMS for everyone.

      • Justin W

        I personally hate that all my texts from one person aren’t organized in one thread if I get a text or voicemail from someone else during our conversation. I’ve tried looking for fixes but haven’t found one yet.

      • Stinker

        Quality. I just quit using it (again) last week. Got any threads longer than 500? If so you probably want to shoot yourself every time you open the app.

        • I don’t have any problems with massive threads. Then again, my Nexus 4 doesn’t really know HOW to lag…

          I don’t know, GVoice is what it is. I use it exclusively for everything (with a prepaid throwaway phone number behind it), which means it pushes through hundreds if not 4 digits of texts a day. I’ve never had a major problem other then hating how it queues up messages on EDGE sometimes.

          • Stinker

            On my razr it got unusable. It looks like a recent update limited it to 500 messages per thread because it was a known issue, but even that is slow as hell. Plus the way it starts new threads is stupid. What they really need to do is publish the API.

      • Jamal Stephenson

        Well I would love to see Google do more of an integration of Google Voice and Google Messager/Google Talk to make a real competitor to iMessage. Also I have to agree with others that the layout is pretty bland/basic

      • the visuals. There are 10 messages from the same person in different places. Things that are deleted still show in my inbox. The pictures of contacts are small and the whole thing “looks” like some sort of internal developer’s build.

        • picaso86

          Same problem here… Every time I deleted a SMS still shows in my inbox – its really annoying!

          • tomn1ce

            Delete them from a pc or from the web log in and they won’t come back. That’s how I clean up my GV text through the pc and I haven’t had that problem. But they really need to work on GV to make it better.

  • They fixed repeated notifications too. I had zero unread messages in my inbox and I kept getting constant notifications.