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Eric Schmidt Thinks It’s ‘Extremely Curious’ That Apple Hasn’t Sued Google Directly

Eric Schmidt is Google’s Executive Chairman and also the company, and Android’s, biggest cheerleader when it comes to the media. In a recent interview, Schmidt sat down and talked business about a lot of things going on with Google and the conversation inevitably leaned towards their patent struggles with Apple. Schmidt said, “It’s extremely curious that Apple has chosen to sue Google’s partners instead of Google itself.” But he didn’t stop there. 

He continued about Apple v Google, “The adult way to run a business is to run it more like a country. They have disputes, yet they’ve actually been able to have huge trade with each other. They’re not sending bombs at each other.” It seems as if there is a mutual respect between the two companies, but Schmidt would like to see it go down in a different way.

Schmidt was also asked about the juicy rumor that Google is looking into making their own wireless carrier, to which Schmidt didn’t really say no. After saying that their current focus is Kansas City and their new Google Fiber, Schmidt said “The current spectrum shortage is real, but it’s an artifact of a licensing and regulatory error. New technology allows there to be lots of spectrum, far more than you could use.” Sounds like Google might just be waiting on this “new technology” before launching into the spectrum game.

Via: Wall Street Journal

  • Justin W

    Apple is afraid of our new Overlords.

  • Indeed.

  • Prime7

    When Google’s carrier comes, I’ll be leave Verizon so fast that special relativity will apply.

  • angel maldonado

    Apple is afraid of Google

  • antwonw

    Yes. They are waiting on DiDo. (That’s my speculation. Google it if you don’t know what it is.)

    • joejoe5709
      • Luxferro

        You guys need to learn how to search better. Try ‘dido wireless technology’. ;p

      • antwonw

        My apologies, read my post below.

    • EC8CH

      Google’s waiting for their tea to go cold???

      I wonder why?

      • antwonw

        Sorry, read my post below.

    • I saw one of these after accidentally clicking a wrong link and taking a terrible turn on the Internet. How that relates to wireless service is beyond me.

      • antwonw

        Sorry I wasn’t clear. I was in a rush. Read my post below.

        • Sorry, this was a poor attempt at a joke, but it looks like no one caught it (with good reason, it seems). None the less, kudos on including an explanation of the technology, many will appreciate it.

    • alex drum

      maybe next time just give a brief description, as it is far too much work for me to open a new tab in chrome.

      • antwonw

        My apologies to tall. I was in rush and on my phone. Here’s a brief description.

        Distributed-Input-Distributed-Output (DIDO) technology, is an experimental wireless communications system that is said to soon render cellular connections obsolete. It is invented by Steve Perlman, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Perlman. If you Google his name and DIDO you will find articles about it. You can even see his research paper on it. While it’s a really touch technical read, there are parts where he simplifies it better in layman’s terms.

        In a nutshell. DIDO will make it so you can broadcast a signal that will wrap around the curve of the earth and doesn’t need a lot of power to do so (think of you home wireless router being able to broadcast a couple of hundred miles). It works at a distance of over 250 miles and there is no need to evenly distribute speed among users who connect. Everyone gets the same, MAX, speed.

        The technology has been labeled as impossible because it “breaks” Shannon’s Law.

        That is DIDO and something that Google is more than likely looking into. It should also be noted that Steve Perlman helped to back Andy Rubin when he ran out of money when starting Android.

        • alex drum

          YOU ACTUALLY DID IT 😀 YOU JUST MADE MY DAY SIR!!! but thank you for summing it up, made life allot easier for some of us simpler folk on here. thanks again

  • Icehunter

    Shut up and take my money Google.

  • CapnShiner

    Google bought Motorola’s mobile business and Apple has sued Motorola, therefore, technically, Apple has sued Google.

  • iMade_in_China_

    because ugly Apple vs Google lawsuit would BURY IT immediately. #marketing #brand #disaster

  • enigmaco

    It could be 5g , could be Volte, it’s hard saying, if it has any effect like google fiber did I am all for it. Trying to hold out as long as I can until they launch it but its very hard, may make the leap to t-mobile if need be. But all hear is good things coming from Google.

  • Sorry Eric but your story needs a bit of a rewrite. It’s a jumbled mess

  • Brent Cooper

    Is “new technology” 5g? Are they waiting for what comes after LTE before they play the carrier game? Or is LTE this “new technology”?

  • PyroHoltz

    Now that he’s made this comment Apple says…


    • alex drum

      BREAKING NEWS, apples 100 lawyers were defeated by a raging stampede of what a appeared to be another pack of lawyers, there is no way to judge their pack size exactly but it was estimated at 5000… this just in, there was reports that all the men/women had small green men on their suits.

  • chris125

    Apple isn’t going to go after google because very few of their “patents” would affect google, that is why they go after other manufacturers. Plus Google has the money to battle it out in court and other manufacturers do not want to get caught in that. well except for samsung

    • Apple isn’t too worried about Google “having money”. Apple could buy Google several times and still have spare cash.

      • chris125

        yes but buying them, and winning in court are 2 very different things. I never said apple couldnt buy google but in court google has the $$$ to draw the courts out just as long as apple.

      • That statement is far from accurate.

      • Tarak

        No they couldn’t

      • Stephen Clagett

        Google market cap is about $225 billion, with lot’s of cash to boot. Apple could not buy google, even once, with it’s current cash reserve.

        • aSensibleGuy

          And apples is above 600 billion, with more cash to boot. So yes, if it came down to strictly numbers, apple could buy google.

          • alex drum

            you know a market cap isn’t how much a company is worth… right? its just the value of all the shares that are on the market, google isnt 100% on the market… OR ANYWHERE NEAR 100%

  • mustbepbs

    I personally welcome our new Google overlords.

    • so much agreement between me and you is going on right now.

    • mikeparv

      I concur. I’d switch to Google Cell Service if offered. If they set it up anything like Google Fiber, you know it’s gonna make all the other carriers cry themselves to sleep.

      • slops

        what is google fiber and how do i get it? it’s almost gotten to the point where google picks what clothes i wear in the morning.. but there isn’t an app for that.. yet

        • overclock
        • alex drum

          very basically? google fiber = very fast internet, at a very good price.

        • michael arazan

          It almost sounds like Google found away around using spectrum frequencies for people to use their phones differently..

          Imagine if all of the US was covered by Google fiber, and their were wifi hotspots everywhere you went, from home to the corner store and along all major highways, with almost a gb up and down, you wouldn’t need radio spectrum anymore.

    • thirded

    • shelooga

      I get it at least…
      Id like to remind them that as a trusted tv personality I can help in rounding up all the others to toil in their sugarmines

    • EC8CH

      Seriously Google… launch any ISP service in my area and I’ll be on a waiting list.

      • MeMan

        / this.

    • pezjono

      me too, good sir, me too.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    All I read was blah blah blah


    “The current spectrum shortage is real, but it’s an artifact of a licensing and regulatory error. New technology allows there to be lots of spectrum, far more than you could use.” Sounds like Google might just be waiting on this “new technology” before launching into the spectrum game.

  • mustardhomie

    “The adult way to run a business is to run it more like a country…”

    This is essentially a proxy war. Current battle grounds are Samsung and Moto. To sue each other would be equivalent of the US and China battling it out. It wont happen

    • Agreed. There are probably a million different things the companies could sue each other for. But then, I’m afraid, they would opening pandora’s box.

      • alex drum

        it already happened… a woman sued McDonalds for her coffee being hot… and won… now we all get to look at those 100 warnings every time we get coffee anywhere… or anything hot really.

        • MeMan

          McDonalds sold a woman a cup of super-heated coffee (in the tank it’s held above boiling under pressure) and then gave it to her in a defective cup. She sustained burns that required hundreds of thousands of dollars of surgery and in the end the Judge reduced the damages. The Jury initially assigned very high damages = to 1 days sales of McDonalds Coffee. The foreman explained that they were shown evidence of how often this happened and how badly people had been injured, that McDonalds knew it was a danger to serve coffee so hot no one could drink it, but that they had conducted a study that showed most people don’t drink their coffee till they get to work / wherever, and so as a corporate policy the coffee is served at temperatures far in excess of what you expect from “hot coffee” so that the coffee would still be hot 30 minutes after it was poured. The woman, who was in her sixties, required skin graphs over most of her legs. Her skin was literally flash-cooked and fell off. Or, hey, tort reform I guess.

          • Ibrick

            Just to add another little tid-bit to that well famous story, the woman did not want to sue McDonalds originally. All she wanted was an apology, and when they refused to even do that, she decided to sue.
            In related news.. I hate when people use this story to prove some point obviously not knowing any of the details.

          • alex drum

            all im saying is people love to sue for everything now days… including the guy who’s phone battery “blew up” and messed up his ear… he was lying just like 99% (I dont know exactly what the percent is but im sure its high) of people that try to sue huge corporations now days, everyone wants a cut of the pie, and suing has become the scam artists greatest friend in recent years. but I am truly amazed that you put this much time into researching this topic just to reply to me, or do you just know all of this information just for fun?

          • Some people just like to know things for the sake of being well-educated and informed, myself among them. Personally, I rarely speak unless I’m sure of the validity of my statement; it’s more a general love and thirst for knowledge on behalf of being helpful and a wealth of information, versus a superiority complex type of deal.

  • For What Google v apple “No Competition”

    • alex drum

      …I ether really agree with you or completely disagree… because I dont know what side you are on.

  • Sparxx2k7

    Curious? Not so much …. not that I promote Apple, not in the slightest! But, it’s pretty simple – divide and conquer. The more you divide your allies up, the easier it is to get to the Commander.

    • Abgar Musayelyan

      Quiet insightful. Hadn’t looked at it from that prospective.

    • alex drum

      granted this is like… try and divide but mostly fail… so much for conquering