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DROID DNA Drops to $149 at Amazon, $50 Off Regular Price


HTC’s DROID DNA, the phone with the best display in the business, has dropped to $149.99 at Amazon for both new customers and upgrades. Verizon is selling the device for $199 on 2-year contract, so if you are interested in picking one up, you may want to go this route and save yourself $50.

We reviewed the device a couple of weeks back and came away very impressed. The battery life far exceeded our expectations, the display is brilliant, and the form factor doesn’t feel as big in hand as that 5-inch display would lead you to believe it has.


  • Uriah Romero

    Well that’s great for those who decided to wait for it! One of my DISH coworkers actually took advantage of this deal, so he’s got a DNA like me. I chose not to wait, but it’s no matter since the screen makes it worth every bit. There really is no beginning to explain the quality of the 1080p display. All I can say is that you have to see it to believe it. One way that I take
    advantage of the screen is by watching movies and shows on it. I have the DISH Remote Access app on my phone, which lets me stream live TV through the Sling Adapter that I have connected to my receiver at home. The app comes in handy most when I can’t be at home to watch my shows.

  • The price drop is obviously a sign of how sales of the DNA are going.
    When I was at the retail store in my town yesterday the rep said the Note 2 is outselling the DNA 5-1

  • Tyler Casilio

    Anyone know where the cheapest place is to buy the DNA Off Contract?

    • K L

      New or used?

      • Tyler Casilio

        New or Barely used/Mint maybe even with a mint too on for a side

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      They’re already showing up on swappa.com — under $500 in a couple of instances.

      • Tyler Casilio

        Thanks! any other sites like that?

  • Richard Clark

    Already on backorder at Amazon.

  • Richard Clark

    Any difference between upgrading through Amazon versus Verizon? I’ve only gone through Verizon before. I’m already on the Share Everything plan and am eligible for an upgrade.

    • K L

      No difference.

  • Too bad Verizon doesn’t offer deals on full retail price devices! You WOULD think that since they have to pay less up front they could offer some type of compensation!

    • Tim242

      They do. Unlimited data.

  • ryanallaire

    The only gripe i have is the damn non-removable battery, why HTC why?!?

    • cause they are following the rules of what google want android phones to be like

      • JetBlue

        Then why no on screen buttons?

        • Tim242

          On screen buttons are terrible. They take up screen space, and the phones still have the same bezel. On screen buttons serve no purpose.

  • joe

    Note 2 = King.

  • breadable

    Let me know when there is a discount off of the no contract price

    • chris125

      Wait a few months and then go on Craigslist

  • Bill

    I just returned mine today, I kept going back and forth as to whether to keep it due to that lovely screen, but in the end it was the software driving me nuts (no full-text search on emails, the yahoo “pin expired” issue, not including a “silent” option for certain notifications, etc.). I used to love Sense, but they really seem to have lost their edge. Amazing hardware though, I almost always scored over 8000 on Quadrant too… It’s too bad but they seem to still be stuck on the same interface as they were during Gingerbread without any advancements since.

    • steevka

      Returned mine also. For a note 2. This battery life. Omg. This battery life. This screen. And this battery life.

      • the battery life on mines been great, and i am a very heavy user on days i dont have work or my son

    • I love mine so far. I dropped a “Silent” mp3 in phone storage so I can get around that small notification problem you had.

  • QQpayne

    This is because the price for retailers ordering this phone is so much cheaper than others. I believe it is a ploy from HTC to try to sell more, they are offering it cheap. For example the cost is $100 less than the Razr HD for me to order the DNA, and the Maxx is even more than that. Price coupled with good reviews and great stats on paper, this phone is attractive for any retailer to carry and push for extra profitability.

  • snowblind64

    I have mixed feelings about the DNA. It’s an ugly phone with a beautiful screen.

    • I’ve gotten nothing but compliments about mine so far. It’s a very sexy phone in person and in hand, just looking at pics of it doesn’t do it justice.

  • chris125

    I’m sure within a month it will be $99 or less and then shortly after that be .1 Happens with every android device

    • ryanallaire

      Exactly, so if you keep waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting, well you get my point…

  • Alvin

    Still waiting on my red employee edition….

    • leoingle

      Wouldnt they already have it posted if they were doing an employee edition?

      • Alvin

        Its in the system and Droid Life already did a article on it. $99, red color, free Fatboy wireless charging pillow. Sweet deal I can’t pass up

    • Justin Scarano

      as am I… still no release date.. Just “december” lame

  • too bad if i want it ill have to get it full retail