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XBMC Beta 2 Released for Android, Xbox 360 Controller Support and Audio Fixes


Late last night, the development team at XBMC released the second beta for their application that brings a lot of bug fixes, and console controller support. For anyone using an Xbox 360, you can now use your controller to control the application, which is sweet. To top it off, they have fixed some audio issues, along with some other bugs that users submitted from the first beta.

The download link is below, so try it out and let the team know how it is.

Download: xbmc_Frodo-Beta_2

Via:  XBMC

  • how do you import your photos videos and music into it ? i cant get it going. not to mention my fingers are too big for the buttons and links haha

  • brando56894

    I can’t wait to get a Ouya and throw this on it!

  • Cgmartin33

    I am completely lost…what does this do? I clicked on the Twitter widget last night and it automatically started to download…I stopped the download and went to their “forum” that explains nothing and has no threads that make sense or have more than 5 comments! Is it a remote PC app like Team Viewer?

    • XBMC is one of the best media and video library players in the world, if not *the* best. http://www.XBMC.org

      It’s a full UI for video collection browsing, playback, and exploration including lots of add-ons such as PVR (with receiver support), YouTube, Netflix, etc. We’ve been waiting for a good Android port for quite some time.

  • ddh819

    xbmc doesn’t run on a 360 does it? the article almost makes it sound like it does – but it must mean a 360 controller on a pc…

    • jonny6pak

      Doesn’t work on a 360. You are correct in that they are talking about using a 360 controller on a pc. I don’t know if 360 controllers work on Android, but it may also refer to such a case.

  • XBMC n00b here: is it possible to use a PS3 controller with the keyboard attachment to control XBMC? Not just on Android, but XBMC in general.

    • brando56894

      With XBMC in general? Yes, but you may have to re-write some of the config files to map the buttons to what you want them to do. I had an old knock-off Windows MCE remote that came with my dad’s dell XPS and I had to completely reprogram it to do what I wanted it to do. They’ll probably offer the same functionality for Android eventually (if they haven’t already).

  • EvanTheGamer

    Nice! Have been wondering lately as to when they would release a Beta 2. Excellent!

  • Cory

    A little off-topic but honestly it makes zero sense that Microsoft doesnt allow for the option to remotely control the mouse and keyboard with a 360 controller with the keyboard attachment. Everyone’s trying to invent these nice compact HTPC remotes and MS is sitting on top of a solution right now that they would just have write a driver for and start selling the connection pucks again.

    • michael arazan

      And why can’t Microsoft also build in a browser with internet full access on the xbox 360? it is just like a computer.

  • Sean Wood

    Does anyone know if this works on any of the GoogleTV boxes… especially the Revu since that is the one I have..lol

    • I know the Beta 1 did NOT work. This was tested by several people who could only get it installed. It would never run however.

      • Sean Wood

        I’ll give’r a try this evening when i get home…

  • AK

    No 4.2 support yet 🙁 ” Beta3 should be right around the corner, and we hope to have a fix (for 4.2) in place by the time that rolls out.”

    • I’m sorry, but I’m not going to cry any tears for the 4.2 users, considering how short a time period 4.2 has been out. Not even the custom ROMs are up to it yet.

      • Colin Zack

        Definitely have some custom roms out there with 4.2…

        • For something other than the Nexii?

          • Colin Zack

            no, but your post made it seem like nothing other than the brand new nexus devices had it. guess I misinterpreted

          • It’s a given that the Nexii will have the latest and greatest. Surprisingly, my Droid 4 has a (barely) functional 4.2 ROM now. Funny how things change.