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Early December Release Set For Nexus 7 Dock From ASUS?

For a tablet that seems to be selling quite well, we sure haven’t seen much of an effort from either Google or ASUS to produce some accessories to go along with the Nexus 7. Every now and then we hear about covers for it, but who cares about that? Finally today, we have some news on an official docking station from ASUS. According to their site, the dock which works with the tablet’s pogo pins, will be out in early December. 

From what we see in the translated listing, it is priced at 3,480 Yen, which according to Google’s conversions is about $40. If it does get released for that price, we will quickly award it for being the most reasonably priced accessory ever compared to what Samsung likes to produce.

We’ll keep you posted on when it’s available.


  • Dat Nguyen

    Accessories are important. If there was anything I envy in the Apple offerrings, it’s the accessory options. It does matter, people!

  • omgitzjose

    Google obviously couldn’t care less about accessories. they’re like the anti-apple in that department

  • EC8CH

    Rather have one for my Verizon G-Nez for $40…

    But I’ll probably end up getting one just so I can use the seashells on something I own.

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  • Buckoman

    They’re gonna need to fix these major software glitches first.

  • BrianLipp

    Google needs to get their accessory market in order. By the time any accessory for any of their devices come out everyone is preparing for the next device and doesnt care about the accessories for the devices they have. They should take a “cycle” off, wait for production to start on new Nexus devices and then START MAKING THE ACCESSORIES AT THE SAME TIME AS THE DEVICE AND LAUNCH THEM AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!

  • Trevor

    I would LOVE to have this for my Nexus. I’m sick of it just sitting on my end table like it’s some sort of lowly coaster (I only set a drink on it once, I swear!).That price would be scrumptious too.

  • If this EVER is released I’m getting it release day. the difficulty of hacking together a working pogo pin setup is easily worth $40 this setup will (hopefully) cost.

  • Ed Robinson

    Rehabbing my knee, and I could really use some new music! If I got a gift card that’s what I would use it for. Thanks!

  • nightscout13

    Android OEM’s are failing with accessory support.

    • Too many different shapes/configurations/OS possibilities. Get rid of skins and make devices fit into (relatively) the same shape and we might have something better

    • michael arazan

      Asus seems to have the best keyboard docks and has released one with every tablet they have made, how hard is it to make one for the N7

  • r0lct

    I sense a Play Store crash in the near future.

    • fixxmyhead

      pssh for this cheap worthless accessory , yea right

      • r0lct

        Seems everything they sell cheap makes it happen.

  • J Davis

    I think the manufactures wait to see what sales figures are going to look like before the begin the process of designing and manufacturing the accessories. Its cautionary on there part that in my opinion leads to lost sales. I personally want all the “cool” accessories soon as I get the device.

  • RedXander

    Give me some sort of TV-out capability that enables device mirroring and I will be happy. My biggest gripe is that the Nexus 7 has this gigantic (to me) functionality hole.

    • Mike Wazowski

      Agreed, any way around this right now? or in the future?

    • summit1986

      Unfortunately, there is no MHL support on the 7.

  • I would have liked this months ago, but now I’ve got a different solution so no point in purchasing.

  • DaveTea

    And I have a bridge to sell…

    Lets hope this happens, everyone I know with a N7 will buy one.

  • Tyrian

    Wonder if it will have hdmi out

    • burntcookie90

      Not possible, the tablet doesn’t have the hardware

      • 4n1m4L

        Unless you got one of the prototypes they used at i/o

    • Daniel Maginnis

      from what i understand, the tegra 3 is supposed to support wireless HDMI and one of the reasons why the usb doesnt support MHL. i believe it should be coming in some future update. i dont really like the idea tho, because i already have a usb to hdmi cable and i dont want to buy a wireless receiver. but what can you do…

      • Tegra three supports Miracast which is a WiFi based technology. It’s not wireless HDMI, but I guess you could look at it serving a similar function.

        Miracast is officially supported by Android as of 4.2.1, but I haven’t heard of it being officially supported on the Nexus 7 yet.

        • Would be cool to see someone get this working. Finally picked up a N7 after being nearly committed to buying a N10. Glad I got the 7, perfect size for reading and portability. I think if I went bigger I’d want to go with something ~13”