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Contest: Win a $25 Google Play Gift Card From Droid Life! (Update: Winner Picked)

If you follow us on Twitter (you are following us, right?), then you already know that we’re giving away five (5) $25 Google Play gift cards this week (one per day). Each year, as we approach X-mas, we try to give DL readers an opportunity to win a variety of prizes. For example, we gave away a Tegra 2 device a day for two weeks, last year. And while there may be something similar happening again this year, for now, we’re talking gift cards. Five of ’em. $25 each. One per day. To spend as you please in the Google Play store.

Ready to try and win the first one? 


Update: We have our winner! Congratulations to Skipregan who will buy “apps, apps, and more apps!”

Prize:  1 (one) Google Play gift card worth $25.

How to enter:

1.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel.
2.  Follow us on Google+.
3.  In the comments, tell us the first apps you would spend this $25 gift card on.


Today, at 4PM Pacific, we will choose the winner randomly from the comments.

*Contest is for U.S. addresses only.

  • DanRunsWithSwizzors

    Titanium backup pro

  • ajm135

    Gonna buy rayman origins

  • Alexander Lizama

    I’d buy a bunch of music and a few movies to listen to and watch when I deploy in a few months.

  • Light Flow Premium and Swiftkey Flow

  • SwiftKey flow if it isn’t an upgrade for current version.

  • Tony Retrobot

    I would put this gift card towards Titanium Backup Pro Key, Tasker, TV Show Favs Premium, and GrooveIP.

  • arthur2142

    The first app I will buy when I win this $25 gift card is the paid version of Angry Birds Star Wars, plus the Jedi Levels.

  • rocco2640

    falcon pro to keep track of my twitter page/feed

  • Josh Oberg

    Splash top remote HD

  • Nova Launcher Prime or SPB Shell 3D

  • tsf shell

  • Jon

    finally purchase rom manage with touch capabilities! 🙂

  • Rich Eakin

    I’d probably buy falcon pro after the review earlier and then a few book

  • root4life

    Wreck it Ralph and minecraft and some new tunes

  • robertlwalters

    Put it towards a nexus 10 or swiftkey flow.

  • tyler cole

    Full versions of what I already own

  • htowngtr

    Would buy Touchdown email for Corp use. That thing is expensive.

  • Morenoc12

    Well since I already have most of the must have root apps probably buy a game some mags and music

  • Trevor

    It pains me slightly to admit it, but I’d probably buy Angry Birds Star Wars. I just want to hear R2’s signature robo-scream (ad-free of course)

  • VanshGandhi

    Titanium Backup and SwiftKey

  • Thomas Lau

    I would buy Tasker !!!!!!

  • Titanium Backup or one that I could rom better with

  • I might use it for books or movie rentals rather than apps.

  • midwaymons7er

    I need some new music. Some Mumford and Sons

  • Plex and taskr

  • Towards a new Nexus 7 for sure.

  • BestonMars

    Jet Set Radio and GTA: Vice City when that is released.

  • jathak

    Probably XDA Premium at the moment, but I’d save most of it for whenever I find something new.

  • I would buy Jet Set Radio for my son, SwiftKey 3 for the wife and Root File Manager for myself, then splurge the rest on Santa

  • Brian Dandoy


  • qsj7

    Angry Birds Star Wars!!

  • Christian Johnson

    ROM Tookbox Pro and Shadowgun

  • Titanium backup

  • lashawn

    Swiftkey 3, Nova launcher,monopoly millionaire,nba jams, Rayman jungle run

  • Jordan Gibson

    Dang, I barely missed it…

  • Log me in ignition, need for speed hot pursuit, and angry birds star wars HD.

  • I would save it cause I think I may be a hoarder:)

  • kylebrodeur

    Falcon Pro and maybe some games!

  • Extra levels on angry birds star wars

  • Lyn Scott

    SwiftKey, titanium backup, nova 3, piano master and Cerberus

  • Alex Mosqueda

    The first right away would be titanium Backup and rom manager have been dying to get them but the price tag was a little to steep for me after that it’s music with the rest of it

  • I will buy all pro or premium versions of apps because I don’t care for ads

  • Warren McDonald

    Final fantasy III


  • Marcus Pitts

    Swiftkey, Tapatalk, and Juice Defender

  • Ryan Ball

    Can’t wait for Vice City!

  • I would definitely buy the new “Falcon Pro” Twitter app. It looks pretty sweet.

  • GTA Vice City the minute it is released!

  • Frank Klun

    Books! Can’t get enough!

  • Jordan

    I would finally check out Granny Smith

  • auronblue

    Final Fantasy III baby!

  • I’d get Swiftkey Flow as soon as it comes out. Plus a new book.

  • Aran Miller

    I would buy more music!

  • need for speed most wanted

  • Niall Fox

    Nova Launcher Prime most likely, or trade it with my mom for $ 25 in cash to buy a home button sticker for my verizon note 2 -_-

  • Titanium Pro!

  • Probably Spiderman, or Power amp. Been wanting both but Im poor

  • ki11ak3nn

    I would buy a ton of games. Shadowgun, Riptide GP, N.O.V.A. 3 etc. Just go crazy.

  • Azazel_Hellion3

    I’d probably by music. No wait! a TV show! No wait! a book! ARGH… too much to think about and I haven’t even one yet.

  • Tyler Morrow

    Final Fantasy III

  • Brandon Sikes

    Jet Set Radio!!!!!!!!!!

  • JordanMcRae

    Falcon for Twitter

  • jrip

    I would spend it on a case for my Nexus 4 (when they are available again) and return the one I bought on eBay for $80.

  • Juan Arroyo Flores

    TitaniumBackup Pro, Runtastic

  • Mark Woods

    Some Tasker Plug-ins

  • Kevin Wright

    Swiftkey, book or music,

  • Kristen

    I would buy Workout Trainer Pro

  • JS629

    I’ll probably pick up a few books to read for my upcoming honeymoon, its gonna be a long flight.


    Need for Speed and MLB for next year!

  • Tablet Swiftkey. So I can type like a boss.

  • jhjr24

    Wreck-it Ralph and a bunch of movies.. I love me some movies

  • Falcon Pro.

  • I’d probably spend it on PocketCloud Remote Desktop and Tasker.

  • Any app for my daughter. Geez im going broke. i could use the 25 bucks :/

  • Miguel Hernandez

    Either Nova Launcher Prime or Swiftkey Flow (or both?)

  • paintblljnkie

    It would go to buying my wife a Nexus 10 for Christmas.

  • Benjamin Choi

    i would spend it on some games and then save the rest for future games. i like games.

  • a nexus 7, forsure! or I’ll give the new swiftkey flow a try when it comes out.

  • Easy. GTA Vice City.

  • I will probably buy minecraft… It’s expensive

  • Matthew Bennett

    I would spend it on Need for Speed Most Wanted!

  • Faux Kernel control 🙂

  • DillonDaniels

    Going to buy a few theme chooser themes I’ve been looking at and a couple movies to watch on the new Nexus 10 🙂

  • Stan Anway

    Need for Speed Most Wanted would look good on my nexus 7. Though my wifes droid x2 is going downhill fast, so maybe i should wait to see if there are any phones going to be given away later..

  • Akeem McAllister

    *Checks My Wishlist* I really want to try this Devil’s Attorney

  • grim7r

    Grand Theft Auto III!

  • nightscout13


  • GrungyNA

    Photoshop Touch comes to mind….

  • zachjen

    Swiftkey flow

  • hamblindave

    I would use the credit to catch up on some recently released movies that I’ve missed.

  • kevin solomon

    Use it to buy music and movies…

  • NexusMan

    Need for Speed Most Wanted and Puffin Web Browser!

  • Card would go to my son. I bought him a Nexus 7 for Christmas. So my guess is he would spend it on games, game and games….

  • Erik B

    Get some EA games I’ve wanted for a while like Worms and some of the Need for Speed’s

  • Trevor Clement

    Need for Speed – Most Wanted!

  • Andy Christiansen


  • I’d use it on the next season’s MLB app 🙂

  • Not sure I might buy a book I wanna read game of thrones, but maybe swiftkey flow

  • Buy the new SwiftKey

  • dwilder

    Swiftkey Flow and music!

  • Jonathan DeJong

    I would get a magazine subscription!

  • I’d use it to buy/rent movies I think.

  • Dillon Brown

    tough, might get the new need for speed game, or do my brain a solid and by a book.

  • brandito

    Think I’d use it as a gift.

  • Books and magazines for the Nexus 10 I’ll be getting!

  • Music

  • RBI411

    I’d have to say Final Fantasy III. Would take a massive chunk out of the card, but I hear its spectacular.

  • I would finally buy Titanium Backup Pro and Poweramp Full version. And a few games of course.

  • books and movies definitly

  • Alexander Lizama

    I would buy a bunch of music and maybe some movies to listen to and watch when I deploy in a few months

  • ChuckDz3

    Probably some new music to add to the collection!

  • It would go to one of my children to use with their new Samsung Galaxy Player they are getting for X-mas.

  • Probably a bunch of kids apps. My daughter uses my tablet almost as much as I do.

  • nsnsmj

    I’d spend it on a the Pro/Premium/Donate versions of some of the free apps I have to support the developers I feel deserve the money.

  • [email protected]

    the first app i would buy would be predators to start and then 24 others

  • Jeff B

    GTA: Vice City…love that game

  • Gabe

    Swiftkey flow

  • jvrcb17

    Definitely some awesome games for my new N4. NFS for example. Oh and also Wolfram Alpha.

  • James Watson

    Definitely SwiftKey Flow

  • If i win one of those giftcards, ill support all the awesome root apps out there i.e. stickmount supersu etc.

  • Alan Paone

    Probably on Falcon Pro that you guys just reviewed, if I haven’t already bought it by then. I’d probably just spend it on books, just finished Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, need to read something else.

  • Josh Karwoski

    I would buy Falcon Pro and any of the apps Droid-Life recommends to me!

  • Patrick Maher

    Need for Speed Most Wanted

  • Fifa, the snowy live wallpaper, Remote Desktop Client.

  • kselby

    I would spend it on GTA and maybe swiftkey flow when it comes out.

  • Mike M

    I’d put it toward some Quantified Self apps …

  • Scott Manders

    Doodle Jump?…man thats messed up.

  • BAoxymoron

    Need for speed and then probably either towards a donate edition of an app I like or to my nexus 7

  • Ryn Calrissian

    I would probably spend on some Pinball Arcade tables, lol

  • skipregan

    Apps, apps and more apps

  • Jeff Broders

    Hmm..not sure I really need any more apps at the moment, so hopefully something like Zombies, Run! has a sequel or something similar.

  • Alexandros Georgiou

    Need for speed, GTA Vice city!

  • Touchdown Exchange email application

  • kwwwar

    GTA most likely.

  • Steven Lenhert

    I would put it towards a Nexus 7 or Nexus 10! I’ve been wanting one of these beauties since they came out.

  • I would buy all of the Tegra exclusive games on my nexus 7

  • EnriqueNOrtiz

    Id use it to buy Where’s my Perry and all the in-app content for Where’s my Water! Id then buy the Yoda levels on Angry Birds Star Wars.

  • Brian Ruden

    office, maybe?

  • I would get BeyoundPod I listen to a lot of podcasts and would like to update all at the same time.

  • Raven

    I pretty much buy all of the apps that I want as I find them, so not really anything that I am waiting for. I would probably use it to buy a HD movie from Google Play Movies since they are so over priced.

  • Angela Baldwin

    I would buy the following: Amazing Spiderman, the Bard’s Tale, Paper Camera, Paperland Pro LWP, XDA Premium, and GrooVeIP. Phew!

  • FOXFI, swiftkey, titanium pro

  • mangst

    nova luncher pro, beautiful widgets,

    Need for Speed Most Wanted, and tasks

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    vice city! and a decent reddit app 😛

  • Dave

    Photo shop for Asus Transformer Pad

  • Grand Theft Auto Vice City when it releases. Requires a lot of developer work, they deserve it.

  • i would buy Angry birds star wars full with non ads.

  • eddie

    I will buy reddit sync pro!

  • Alan Taylor

    I would first purchase Granny Smith, then GTA and then Chameleon Launcher for my Nexus 7

  • i’d give it to my two kids as a stocking stuffer. they are both getting nexus 7s for christmas. making santa look good. i’m guessing angry birds star wars would be a purchase since the free version isn’t compatible with the 7.

  • Jesse McCall

    “Titanium Backup Pro”
    “TabNotes Pro”
    “Battery Widget? Reborn!” once it gets out of beta!

  • cJeep


  • Jong Chung

    I’ll actually be getting my first tablet as a gift this year, so I’d put it towards a utility app like Logmein Ignition, for a start.

  • Daniel Scully

    Need For Speed

  • GTA Vice City …
    and Poweramp….

  • MJ

    Minecraft – Pocket Edition! – I havn’t bought it since it’s $6.99

  • I’d probably buy the pro versions of apps I already use… Apex, Titanium, that kind of stuff.

  • Boundzy

    Just started the Dresden books, so I’d buy the next in the series and maybe Granny Smith.

  • fodawim

    Titanium Backup Pro for my shiny new Nexus 4

  • Brian van der Werff

    Endomondo Sport Tracker Pro – legen-dary (so I’ve been told, and what I really would like to give a try)

  • cfb

    I’ve been meaning to buy Titanium Backup Pro for a while

  • summit1986

    Vice City!!!

  • HD games for my DNA… assuming they patch them to work.

  • Apex Pro, maybe Chrono Trigger, and definitely a book (11/22/63: A Novel)

  • Guest

    Games for my new DNA

  • GTA vice city… Or need for speed

  • Daniel Zhao


  • Christopher Mann

    Very first thing would be swiftkey after that I’m sure I’d splurge on something stupid

  • KleenDroid

    I’m not really sure what I’d use it for since I buy darn near everything. I would probably get something for my new Nexus 7… sorry I can’t be more specific.

  • Chrono Trigger. Been dying to get it

  • GuidZilla

    Definitely would like to try out NFS:MW… but being cheap lately

  • kevintufts

    Wreck-it Ralph

  • tyguy829

    Swiftkey flow for sure.

  • Sergio

    I would buy super monkey ball, granny smith, ski safari, bloons, and zaxxxon escape.

  • I would buy GTA Vice Cit or maybe use it towards Logmein Ignition.

  • Kerry Knopp

    the first app I’d buy would be Titanium Backup Pro.

  • humidity

    Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Final Fantasy 3!

  • DanThompson87

    Probably GTA Vice City

  • Nate Olson

    HD widgets. Don’t know why I haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but this would give me great motivation to

  • Alex SkroBot

    Titanium Backup

  • Chris

    Nova Launcher Pro!

  • hxrookie

    Minecraft Pocket Edition

  • Granny Smith – because I still haven’t shelled out for this widely talked about game

  • Need for speed most wanted

  • Been trying to justify buying Vice City. This may just be a good enough reason.

  • Prince Dela Cruz

    SwiftKey Flow and THD apps

  • aj34

    I need productivity apps so I would be shopping for a few of those

  • Raymond Dionne

    boat browser pro

  • jaxxmjd

    Granny Smith

  • Towards swiftkey flow

  • MichaelFranz

    anything that has a paid version that I have a free one that uses Ads. Love to support the devs who give free options

  • ROBV_100

    Nexus 7 32 GB!!!!!

  • RoboRobP

    Need for speed!

  • MasterEthan

    Titanium Backup Pro, SwiftKey Flow (when it releases), and many many more.

  • Bradley Ruiz

    Need For Speed Most Wanted and Wild Blood

  • Jerry

    I would buy vice city

  • Matthew Neilson

    Swiftkey flow as soon as it’s out!

  • Vice City for sure

  • ChrisConner09

    games…lots and lots of games

  • I’ll get myself some Titanium Backup Pro and some Nova Prime first. then go bonkers on my wishlist.

  • GTA Vice City when it’s released.

  • Larry Franks

    Vice City

  • Steven Brechbiel

    I would buy swiftkey

  • Craig

    I have no clue as to what I would buy, I’ll just save it for the next “must have” app 🙂

  • i would put the 25$ towards a nexus 7

  • Grand theft auto 3

  • Tuowls22

    Foxfi and GTA Vice City when it’s released.

  • john_h_r

    Could I use the gift card to help buy a Nexus 7?

  • Need for Speed!

  • Bigwavedave25

    I would put it towards the purchase of a Nexus7, but it it must be apps…
    Rom Mgr Pro
    Torque Pro (OBD 2 & Car)

  • J. Wolf

    I second swiftkey flow.

  • tomgillotti

    Sorry, besides Twitter I don’t do social networking, so I can’t follow you on Google +, but I would give this as a gift to my awesome girlfriend who is going to be getting her very own Nexus 7 for Christmas!!

  • Jarek Pełczyński

    Zombies, Run!

  • awalkerz

    XDA Pro, Vice City and Tactics.

  • zmberven

    I would find a few good movies, and perhaps shell out a few bucks on those apps in the category of “I would if it was free, but i”m not even though it’s only 99 cents”

  • Harold Goldner

    I’d get rid of the ads on every version of Angry Birds.

  • Jeffrey Harris

    ARLiberator for the AppRadio I’m getting for Christmas. And then I’ll have $1 left over for a song to play on it. lol

  • Michael Forte

    Chrono Trigger and Need for Speed.

  • Drock274


  • Rob Dennie

    Of course SwiftKey Flow and GTA Vice City!

  • Um, full version of Falcon widget, Pure Calendar widget.

  • TankerTufff

    Bards tale, upgrade to pro( ad-free) versions of apps.

  • samthomas86

    I would have to finally buy SlingPlayer for tablets.

  • Keith Johnson

    Gotta have Grand Theft auto Vice City for sure. In addition I would send some of those funds to my Nexus 10 fund!

  • D503

    SwiftKey and Tasker

  • Abbie Rosario

    I would use it to buy the Capital Cities CD first.

  • Lani Fleming

    Need for Speed most wanted for my son and the game of Life for me

  • Jay

    I would put that money towards a nexus 7, or buy up some Apex Launcher Pro.

  • whosinaname

    I would purchase TED the movie 🙂 looks funny.

  • Phil Austin

    start with Nova Launcher Prime…. missed the $0.25 sale… 🙁

  • FarmerTechno

    I’d probably start with XDA Premium and BetterBatteryStats, then go from there. I’m a sucker for must-have tools.

  • Gage

    Titanium backup pro and Camera XOOM FX

  • Tasker

  • Roog

    SwiftyKey Flow

  • chey023

    I have a few donate apps i need to buy.

  • bonanzalarry

    buy AOKP Backup since I haven’t gotten around to it yet

  • MrMLK

    I would probably get the Touchdown App.

  • Sool777

    Apps for my Nexus 7, Games(final fantasy, GTA, etc.) The full version of Nova Launcher and maybe a couple of other apps.

  • Abdallah Hirbawi

    Vice city, modern combat 4, swiftkey flow, probably some more games

  • Bradley Gartz

    I would grab GTA3.

  • I would spend it on a few if the Final Fantasy games I’ve had my eyes on for so long.

  • Once I get that gift card, I’m going to pick up Titanium Backup Pro and ROM Manager Premium.

  • A decent twitter app, maybe Falcon

  • Adam Collins

    The first app I would use the giftcard for would be the new swiftkey keyboard! I have a feeling it help make typing easier and quicker. 🙂 Seeing Vice City coming to android also has my jimmies rustled ;D

  • Swiftkey flow, and finally getting around to buying root explorer, instead of using all the alternatives

  • Tasker! And lots of racing games. Or a few, anyways.

  • I don’t know if this counts but I would by The Hobbit. A nice reread before the movie comes out.

  • James Boles

    Funamo — to keep my pre-teen son and his new Nexus 7 from finding some of the more depraved crap floating about on the ‘net.

  • ROM Toolbox Pro and Rom Manager.

  • Bobby Cornwell

    It will go towards my purchase of a Nexus 4 as soon as the damn thing is back in stock

    EDIT: Ok I guess according to other users comments you can’t put it towards any devices. Hmmm in that case, I’ll but Kendrick Lamar’s new album and have some left over for a couple of movies


  • stephen shavers

    The first is would buy is horn. Then power amp.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars & GTA VC

  • John George

    Titanium Backup PRO

  • Sean

    Swiftkey flow or Nova Launcher Prime

  • arp

    Swiftkey Flow and Quickoffice so I can do homework!

  • Probably Swiftkey, or pro versions of rooted apps.

  • Tough question…. I would likely start off by buying a Nexus7. At $175, I simply couldn’t refuse… now if this can only be used on software (boooo!), then I’d have to consider music for the wife.

  • jsngrvn

    Is this the line for the apps?

  • fyrhtu

    Titanium Backup Play store pro key (I have the old-school “drop this file on your SD card to unlock” pro key, but it’d be nice to be able to just get it all from the play store…) and Wreck ’em Ralph

  • Twitter paid app

  • thiefnthanight

    I think I would have to buy wreck it ralph for the kids

  • Iron_Catastrofe

    Need for speed, wild blood, the impossible game, and a few other games

  • MaxGruber

    Scanner app, GTA 3, Design software.

  • I would buy the full version of AIDE!

  • mbagasao

    Swiftkey Flow!

  • Michael

    DilDroid pro! I’m not sure this app actually exists lol!

    Actual answer probably a game like Final Fantasy

  • tjubb

    probably Swiftkey

  • Poweramp, Apex Launcher pro, grand theft auto

  • EC8CH

    I’ve been checking out checkbook register apps lately… so maybe I’ll blow $9.99 on:


  • usmitcboy

    mSecure to save all these freaking passwords

  • I’d love to get some new games for my Nexus 7 and rent some movies for my upcoming travels.

  • kniceguy

    Prometheus HD, and some Gov’t Mule tracks

  • I would purchase radarscope because it is essential when it comes to severe weather alerts!

  • Todd B

    I’d probably buy the latest table release (Twighlight Zone) from the Pinball Arcade and any other tables that I don’t already own.By far my favorite game to play on my phone or tablet!

  • Richard Abramas

    Predators and Devil’s Attorney

  • drkylecArchvile

    Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition when it comes to android.

  • Scott Eppler

    The new GTA Vice City (which should be out in the next few days) 🙂

  • aholland1

    Probably gift it to my brother who will likely use it on games since I’m thinking about getting him a Nex7 for Christmas

  • Chuck Hansen

    Definitely will be buying some more tables for the excellent Zen Pinball HD!

  • I’d get Grand Theft Auto Vice City

  • CodeToJoy

    Need for Speed… and then hold on to some and hope Super Hexagon eventually comes to Android.

  • lilott8

    Swiftkey Flow and Wreck ‘Em Ralph.

  • Keyan X

    I still need to buy Titanium Backup, and maybe the Angry Birds add-on

  • Bjornbam

    Movies, books, and music.

  • Eneko

    Buy some good apps!

  • Games for my Nexus 7 and swiftkey flow for my gnex

  • Swiftkey flow 🙂

  • Brad Dickmann

    Swiftkey flow, some books, COD black ops zombies, and whatever else tickles my pickle

  • Ryan Thompson

    Getting a Nexus 7 for christmas… so the first app i would buy would be Swiftkey!

  • DXHusk3r

    There aren’t any apps I’m wanting right now, so would probably use it for magazines or music.

  • 3M4NU31

    I’d finally buy Plants v.s. Zombies!

  • brandon griffin


  • Swiftkey flow!

  • Granny Smith. I wanna see what all this fuss is all about.

  • DanSan

    that torque ODBII scanner app! want to make a sweet in car setup with my nexus 7

  • Sam Learner

    I would buy all of the paid versions of the apps I own, then use the rest on paid root software like root explorer and titanium backup pro

  • Vineet

    Titanium Backup

  • Juan Rodriguez

    Swiftkey Flow

  • Vineet

    Titanium backup and need for speed…

  • ok

    Horn! Still haven’t played it 🙁

  • Nelly547

    Nothing is currently jumping out at me that I don’t already own. I usually purchase an app if I want it.

  • CoryDobak

    I would use it to get the full version of Plague Inc. Love that game!

  • ankit199

    Titanium Backup Pro

  • SubMatrix

    mostly games: GTA, need for speed, final fantasy 🙂

  • antwonw

    Games. Lots of games for my 32GB Nexus 7. Games like Need for Speed, NOVA, etc

  • something similar to lookout for tracking the device when lost.

  • DigitalEnforcer

    First apps would be that Bard’s Tales game that I’ve heard so much about… and then that SwiftKey Flow app

  • MITBeta

    Educational apps for the kids, especially any by Intellijoy.

  • Tons and tons of music

  • jafunk

    Vice City in a couple days! Going to be buying it with or without the credit, but it would be nice to have the credit

  • whatever $25 can afford!

  • Jean Rivera

    Would use it to buy my kid his Chris’s present…Nexus 7

  • swiftkey and need for speed most wanted

  • Dustinv

    I’d buy NBA Game Time so I could stream games on my new GS3!

  • I would totally get Final Fantasy.

  • tomwhite86

    Would have to go with Vice City and another hi res game for my Transformer Prime!

  • I would spend it on zen from the latest zenoia games :>

  • Prime7

    SwiftKey Flow and Puzzle & Dragons, when they come out.

  • Kernschatten

    I would save it until Baldur’s Gate is availabel.

  • Angry Birds Star Wars HD

  • Would be either Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger

  • Adam Cargal

    I think I would have to hit up the games section first.

  • Jerry Menser

    Angry Birds Star Wars. That way my 5 year old wont click on the ads.

  • I’d probably use it for music or a movie. I’m not jonesing for any particular app at the moment but you never know…

  • John May

    Just got a Nexus 4, so I have to catch up on all the recommended apps I’ve been seeing.

  • QQpayne

    Games for my tablet most likely, I hear NFS is nice, and I would look into a few other things like live wallpapers.

  • Kory Knopp


  • I think it would go towards the Nexus 7 “app” 🙂

  • Dániel Marlen

    The first would be Swiftkey (flow).

  • Justin W

    I’m going to go with mine craft… I’ve heard a lot about the game and am interested in playing it.


    I would use it on lots of games!

  • SD_Scott

    Need for Speed.

  • Harrison

    Swiftkey Flow for now, and if I get a tablet soon, Swiftkey & any other tablet specific apps that I don’t have yet

  • Final Fantasy 3!!!

  • BrianBrick

    A couple movies, a couple games, a couple albums, and a magazine subscription, all of which I have wanted for a while now

  • apex pro since i use it so much, should at least support the guy

  • I’d probably use it for music or movies. I can’t think of any apps that I’d need other than the ad-free version of Angry Birds Star Wars.

  • KRS_Won

    $25 off a Nexus 10!

  • Final fantasy

  • Jerry Barbero

    Falcon Pro and some movies!


  • Roga

    Nexus Media Importer and NBA 2k13

  • Kent Burton

    I think I would actually use this to get some books or maybe some mags.

  • cloutist4

    Buy some high quality music.

  • Teng Taing

    Rom Manager Premium, Titanium Backujp Pro to name a couple

  • pseudonym_b

    final fantasy III.

  • Slingplayer for Tablets and Chaos Rings.

  • chris jones

    Call of duty black ops zombies!

  • Swiftkey Flow

  • TB pro, Tasker, Poweramp, Swiftkey X.

  • Tijuanatom

    Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Jason Brown

    i would buy swiftkey flow once it’s finally released to the market. the beta version can’t get here any sooner!

  • slyder0244

    Swiftkey for sure and then dslr controller

  • I need that zip backup from Titanium Pro


    I’d but a book or something. Google Play is more than just apps!

  • HellRa1SeR

    Quite a few apps
    1. Minecraft
    2. Chameleon Launcher
    3. The new GTA

  • Bobby Stockert

    I’d spend the $25 on the Droid Life Hype Beast Edition Pro app…..(if one existed)….

  • JoshGroff

    Chrono Trigger and Chaos Rings Omega.
    Gotta get my Square ENIX fix.

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    I would totally hook up my children’s new devices they are getting for Hanukkah! Of course, I would find a few fun things for me too.

  • Andy Johnson

    Definitely would look at some books and maybe Chrono Trigger!

  • Ryan H

    Grand Theft Auto III!

  • Samvelavich

    I would buy the whole season 3 of The Walking Dead. Definitely worth the buy, best season yet!

  • GTA: Vice city!

  • gp126904

    The pro version of Titanium Backup!

  • topherct

    Titanium Backup Premium

  • Brandon Parsons

    Angry Birds Star Wars HD! Since I can’t get the free version on my new DNA.. 🙁

  • Vice City!

  • I would buy digical! Its an awesome calendar app, with some really sharp widgets.

  • Kidqwik

    I’d buy Swiftkey and then do the beta for Swiftkey Flow and theeeeen buy the official version of it. And also spend some of it on the Google Music Store. 🙂

  • Kal5el


  • Andrew

    I would send some money towards foxfi

  • Definitely Swiftkey Flow, some Square Enix games like Final Fantasy, and some paid versions of apps I have to get rid of all the ads!

  • Brian Koppe

    I’d be purchasing Chaos Rings and Chaos Rings Ω

  • giovanny

    Gta vice city and gta 3!!

  • Josh Parish

    I would spend the gift card on loading up the Nexus 7 that my daughter is getting for Christmas.

  • GTA:Vice City when it comes out because I loved that game as a kid!

  • Mark Lewis

    Minecraft Pocket Edition, maybe a couple of Gameloft releases.

  • zUFC

    Swiftkey flow (when it comes)

  • Curtis

    I would probably purchase a few Christmas albums.

  • jacob neves

    Minecraft would be the 1st.

  • CN

    SwiftKey Flow as Swype Beta is starting to bug me.

  • antinorm

    Some tablet apps (not sure which yet). Just got a Nexus 7 about a week and a half ago.

    Maybe some music and books too.

  • Stephen Gaskins Jr.

    I would buy Mumford & Sons new album with it. I know that isn’t technically an app. Just being honest.

  • namos23

    I would use it on some quality games for my N10

  • Would use towards a nexus 7 for my son.

  • I would actually buy some more music myself.

  • Jet Set Radio and Vice City

  • Kyle D

    I would get the New GTA once it come out then I would take the rest and buy some tech magizines

  • billracine

    That’s a toughy, there’s so many to chose from, what should be first? Probably at least one good gids game and/or animated book (Charlie Brown type)

  • Kirk Lei

    put towards some games.

  • Office Suite Pro 6.5 and a couple of games or movies

  • Tony Horning

    Titanium Backup PRO Key root, FoxFi

  • Jonathan Presnell

    some new tunes

  • Jessica Casteel

    I’d get some music, upgrade some of my current apps to the ad-free versions, and download a couple more apps for playing games with my son

  • Bill Slowey

    No Brainer….Swiftkey Flow!!!!

  • r0lct

    I would probably scour for some apps I have passed up in the past and/or buy some media.

  • LTE4G

    GTA, Office suite pro, Printer share premium, tune in radio pro… 🙂

  • CorranHorn421

    I actually wouldn’t purchase an app. I would probably buy the Hunger Games Trilogy.

  • Dc

    I’d probably spend it on some games, and ‘donate’ versions of others apps I’ve been using.

  • giovanny

    I would buy both GTA 3 and Vice City and the Dark Knight Rises games

  • pezjono

    Gonna have to go with Chrono Trigger!

  • SwiftKey Flow, some Final Fantasy games, whatever else comes out in the future.

  • Richard Colon

    I would spend it on a movie or two.maybe dark knight rises..

  • I’d definitely pick up Final Fantasy and probably Chrono Trigger.

  • cmonnats23

    Grand Theft Auto and Granny Smith!

  • I would buy accessories for my nexus 10. (hopefully they put them on gplay soon)
    or buy swiftkey app

  • Chrono Trigger and GTA Vice City

  • titanium backup pro 😀

  • Franz

    Swiftkey for Tablet.

  • Aklein1200

    I would put it towards Nova Launcher Prime, and towards a NEXUS 4!

  • Bethlyn184

    I would finally buy myself some games to play. I have 2 full screens of kids games on my Droid Razr Maxx HD that they love to play while were out. When I have to wait its more like “uhhh” never mind I’ll read the news. LOL

  • Joseph Joffe

    Jet Set Radio!

  • I think I would finally pay the $7 to check out minecraft

  • Fhel Dimaano

    granny smith to see what the fuss is about
    then more maps for auralux

  • DA Bowman

    I would pickup the pro versions of Antipaper and Nova Launcher.. Thanks for the contest.

  • I wanna be able to play GTA: Vice City on my bran’ spanking new Nexus 10

  • I would probably buy some books or maybe pick up GTA Vice City.

  • Scott Briggs

    I’d buy SwiftKey 3 and Nova Launcher Prime with the gift card.

  • Granny Smith, swiftkey flow and NFS most wanted.

  • The Race To Die

    Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy III

  • SexciiP

    The first thing I’d buy with the gift card is “Swiftkey”. I have a Samsung GS3, and although it reigns supreme over all smartphones, I find it’s stock keyboard insufferable, and that Gift card could really coming in handy with purchasing the best Keyboard in the play store 🙂

  • GTA: Vice City and Granny Smith

  • Karen Rapposelli

    Does it have to be an app? How about a Nexus 7 or Season 1 of Homeland?

  • kraze050181

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City!!!! Yeah!

  • Don’t laugh; Madoka Magical TPS.

  • Jared Fulgham

    I would definitely pick up Chrono Trigger and maybe a Final Fantasy game!

  • Well, I’d pick up Chaos Rings and then possibly Chrono Trigger because buying anything Square-Enix, even mobile games, is crazy expensive.

  • Would 2 bumpers for the Nexus 4 count as apps…? Oh, and GrooVe IP for my wife’s new phone when we get it!

  • Kevin Mills

    I would get Final Fantasy, then use whats left to put towards SPB Shell. Always wanted to try it so if I get the gift card….. why not?

  • Ignacio Cardenas

    I would buy need for speed most wanted… fox fi, the full version of lonely tree, or I might save it to apply it towards buying a nexus tablet because I really want one ;)..

  • Sparktweek

    The first app I would buy with $25 to the Play Store would be FoxFi so that I can have tether my laptop where ever I go.

  • Steve Tu

    Tasker, Titanium Backup Pro, Root Explorer, HD Widgets, and then the rest on music!

  • Ernie Manning

    would use it for Poweramp Music player

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    Swiftkey Flow

  • I would grab some books/movies/shows. No apps I’m interested in right now

  • the new swiftkey

  • slider112


    Hamilton’s Adventure THD
    Rope Rescue
    Puddle THD
    Tablet Talk



    That should do it…

  • BigLa

    Well I’ve already bought Tasker and Titanium, so the next on my list would definitely be the full version of Unified Remote to complete my home audio/video setup.

  • GTA Vice City when it comes out! 😀

  • overclock

    I would buy the full version of FoxFi and a song player.

  • Havoc70

    Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Shawn Hickman

    Television shows all the way

  • jcorf

    Granny Smith, Grand Theft Auto Vice City, and Sonic CD.

  • I would use it to buy Chaos Rings.

  • Definately GTA Vice city and one of the Final Fantasy games!

  • Kie

    GMD gesture control for sure. Then, hmmm. Might give Beat Hazard a try, seems like a fun game. Possibly CarHome Ultra because a car dock mode would be nice. See how much I have left after that. A movie or two on top of that would be great

  • Paid versions of apps I already have

  • I think i’d plop down $7 for Minecraft.

  • Tyler Lawhon

    I’d probably use it to check out some sick themes for my device!

  • I would actually spend it on movies like amazing spiderman Bourne legacy and the avengers

  • anoneyemou5e

    Nothing on my wishlist except to get rid of the ads like on Angry Birds Star Wars.
    Music would be a more likely purchase.
    PS- Question-My username & email are different on all my accounts-how will you know it’s me following/subscribed??

  • Steve Douglas

    Some games for my GN2!!!

  • I’d use it for WidgetLocker Lockscreen, Wreck-It-Ralph, and a bunch of music singles

  • GMD Gesture Control because having the ability to do things via gestures on a big screen like the Note 2 would be very beneficial.

  • VNC Viewer

  • NFS and HD version of Angry Birds Star Wars!!!

  • Big_EZ

    The first app I’d buy would be that stick sniper game you guys featured

  • Tony Byatt

    GTA & Crazy Taxi

  • Dan

    Scramble with friends (Pro) for the fiance. She is adamant about not spending $ on apps!

  • Daniel Clifford

    A bunch of music. Already spent a fair amount on the games that I want.

  • Nicolé Reneé

    School books for my daughter.

  • Corey Smith

    Swiftkey and some of the more pricier tablet apps.

  • Andy Foard

    swiftkey flow

  • mipd1980

    I would spend it on apps for my kiddos for my rooted nook color.. and taskr

  • AntiJeff

    Grand Theft Auto Vice City

  • I would buy the full version of Minecraft instead of using the free. Plus buy a magazine to see if I like the electronic version.

  • CopierITGuy

    I’d spend $25 to break in my new Vizio Co-Star with some movies.

  • Benjamin Sicard

    I’d probably finally buy into some of those expensive Square Enix games if I had a gift card. That is, if I didn’t splurge on some books first.

  • Bryan Saroza

    if i won i would be truly appreciative. i’d probably use it on either bible study apps or books on the play store.

  • KnappyRoot

    Titanium Backup Pro and donate to the devs that make my Gnex awesome

  • I would catch up on some game purchases, starting with NFS: Most Wanted

  • elemeno

    Need for Speed Most Wanted…

  • AnthonyMoya

    I would get Predators, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, Minecraft and buy a movie.

  • Joe

    I would buy some new Music and rent some movies!!

  • Brien Gerber

    Probably Nova or any other paid games!

  • John E. Jablonski

    Probably Angry Birds Star Wars HD. Got burned out on that game awhile back, but the SW version looks pretty cool.

  • EdsonDJ

    I’d buy Need For Speed: Most Wanted and maybe one of those Sonic games. I’d also probably would get a year subscription on a magazine.

  • Chan

    I would buy Wreck it Ralph, MineCraft, and Swiftkey! 🙂

  • Addison Todd

    Rom Manager Pro, I’m sure, then go from there. Probably some expensive games I’m too cheap to buy. 😀

  • sakebomber77

    I will purcahse swift key for my tablet

  • I would buy Tasker and Wild Blood.

  • JMac726


  • Video mix pro

  • Fernando Montenegro

    FoxFi Full Version Key – Swiftkey Flow – OfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD) – Titanium Backup PRO Key ★ root

  • androiddict

    either swiftkey, rom manager premium, falcon pro, or all of the above

  • Matt Schepp

    Magazines and Movies!

  • Jason Rock

    I would probably be either GTA3 or NFS one or the other.

  • S Turley

    Ad free versions of Angry Birds.

  • Seth Arrazola

    I’m already subscribed and already follow. I’d be spending it on some games. Because work gets boring!!!!!

  • duke69111

    I would probably buy nova launcher prime and tasker.

  • mplacido9


  • Justin John

    Jet Set Radio, Swiftkey, Final Fantasy

  • gbenj

    I’d wait for Crazy Taxi to be released and then buy that.

  • Swiftkey Flow

  • Brian

    Pay versions of some games

  • I pretty much get every app you guys recommend.

  • Doug Slezak

    Swiftkey for Tablets

  • Chris Wilkey

    vice city and sixaxxis controller

  • More Games!

  • Some fresh jams for Google Music.

  • Fredy Nativi

    nova, and some Tegra three apps. And something for my son.

  • Jeremie Hittenmark

    Chaos rings, want to try a full fledged game

  • Flyinion

    The first app I’d spend it on would probably be Power Amp, and then some upgrades for Plague Inc.

  • ericsorensen

    The full version of maildroid

  • I’d probably buy some albums with it.


    More movies and learning apps for my kids.

  • Get the ad free version of Words with Friends

  • Nicholas Micucci

    FoxFI and Titanium Backup Pro for sure!

  • Jon

    developmental app (some are over $100 – still have to determine one) for my daughter.

  • Captain_Doug

    First app I’d get is NOVA. I have the free version and love it.

  • LGT

    I think I’d start with Beautiful Widgets first…

  • Michael swaim

    A GOOD High end HD game that would support the DNA…

  • Pure Calendar Widget, then I’d save the rest until another big sale day and make the most of it!

  • F1™ 2013 Timing App – Premium

  • my comment

  • Michael LoCastro

    I would definitely buy a movie and finally try out granny smith or need for speed.

  • markgbe

    Clear vision, tasker, pro torque to kick it off

  • Nova Launcher Prime!

  • Michael Ouellette

    Some essential tablet apps for my soon coming Nexus 7!

  • Eric Franca

    No TSF Shell, anyone? Nothing like a free $25 gift card to justify the purchase of a $16 launcher.

  • PhillipNorris

    I would buy Chrono Trigger so I don’t have to play it on a emulator any more.

  • stridakira

    Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy 3.

  • Droidzilla

    Actually, I’d probably use it to purchase music. Call me old school.

  • Ismael Camarena

    shadowgun! titanium backup!! ROM manager PREMIUM!!! NOVA Launcher Prime!!!! and moar!!!

  • Corey Foltman

    GTA when releasted. And some books/movies

  • Benjamin Oberts

    I would get Color and Draw for kids and other educational apps for my soon to be born son. That way I can get him off on the right foot. With Android!

  • azholio

    I really would like Tasker! Praise Mithras!

  • bheider

    Probably a bunch of games, GTA, angry birds star wars, etc.

  • John Nagy

    I honestly see it being used for something in the future, as with any apps currently in the store I’ve looked at I’ve either bought it already of found a better alternative for free. I’d use the $25 in full just for Carbon for Twitter to be put out already.

  • I think I will take the plunge and try Chameleon with the gift card.

  • Michael McAfoos

    I’d grab Final Fantasy III and Photoshop Touch

  • Rod

    I would actually use the card to buy some books.

  • Sean Stone

    Chrono Trigger

  • trav23

    gta3 and gta vice city when it comes out

  • Put it towards a Nexus 7!

    • Dc

      You can’t use Play Store credit towards any devices at the moment 🙁

    • giovanny

      I dont think u can use giftcards towards purchases of hardware

      • EC8CH


  • Troy Walbaum

    I’d probably buy Apex Launcher and Tasker.

  • Either Final Fantasy 3 or GTA: Vice City

  • violator702

    I would buy the new Deftones instead of apps.

  • Quang Tran

    I think I’m set for apps. But I can use the gift card for some movies.

  • SagarPatel

    Titanium Backup Pro

  • Drew Day

    First apps I would buy with it would be Chaos Rings and Need for Speed Most Wanted!

  • Zac St. Louis

    any swift key app

  • Matolan

    SwiftKey keyboard tablet
    Faux123 Kernel Enhancement
    Various ganes

  • Jordan Dewey

    I would finally get Chaos Rings. Then probably FoxFi since you have to pay for it now. Thanks for the opportunity DL!

  • bobbymay1


  • Probably GTA

  • Erik Cho

    Titanium Backup Pro is definitely top of my list. Root explorer would be next and then a bunch of games from there.

  • Drunkwookiee

    Get paid versions of all free apps to stop ads and save battery!

  • moelsen8

    Could always use more games! Lots of good stuff coming out for Android these days. Maybe I’d buy Final Fantasy!

  • zakry obrien

    Granny Smith! no question after how much Kellex talks about it

  • Daryl Batson

    The new GTA Vice City, Angry Birds Star Wars and try out swiftkey.

  • Andrew Baylor

    tuneinradio pro fo shizzle

  • Swiftkey for my dad’s new note 2 and some sweet games for (hopefully) my nexus 10

  • Fox Fi pro

  • Jasen Moran

    Nova Launcher Prime, Beautiful Widgets

  • David Hodge

    I would use it to buy books for my kids new nexus 7’s..

  • cjgm86

    Music and movies

  • Brent Cooper


  • Roswell Cummings

    Titanium Backup Pro and Office Suite Pro

  • Games for our son.

  • I’m thinking that instead of apps, I’d purchase me some music from the Play store!

  • Heather Johnson

    The full version of AniPet Aquarium. My free just expired and I miss my fish!

  • Cory Parker

    Definitely SVTP for my wife

  • Liderc

    Foxfi since they’re making me pay for it now.

  • jeff laird

    Falcon pro and grand theft auto

  • Haskell Gray

    Probably go pro on titanium backup

  • Swiftkey Flow! (I know, it’s not out yet)

  • Marty Halpern

    Thanks for the cool giveaway… As for apps, I’m intrigued by Softmaker Office 2012 — from what I understand, *the* best Microsoft Office compatible suite for android.

    – martyh

  • Crockett Kimberlin

    Rom tool box pro for sure been using the free version too long.

  • Jay

    probably use it towards music and movies!

  • Rodney Solomon Jr

    first app I would buy is dark night rises.

  • Jeremiah Brockman

    I would be getting Angry Birds Star Wars for my 6 year olds Christmas Nexus 7!

  • Vyrlokar

    I would get Chrono Trigger. Blast from the past!

  • When I find an app that’s not free I’ll let you know.

  • will


  • Hockey puck55

    Certainly one of the launcher programs. Touchwiz is getting old.

  • FoxFi Full.

  • Arie Hoogendoorn

    Swiftkey Flow, when it comes out

  • I would buy Kendrick Lamar’s Good kid Madd city (though I have his CD already ), GTA Vice City, & any new app that droid life feels is good when you guys report about them.

  • Jonathan Bunch

    To be honest I’d prob buy a bunch of music!

  • jdomann

    Swiftkey or the Final Fantasy games that FINALLY made it to Android.

  • Minecraft

  • Brian Sprague

    It would be the full version of the Connect the Dots app that keeps my daughter entertained for hours.

  • NYCdroids

    I will buy angry birds star wars.

  • I would buy officesuite pro 6!

  • Daniel Flowers

    Probably woudnt buy an app – I’ve been bookmarking music I wanna buy.

  • Adam Staggenborg

    Something awesome that I find that I can’t live without

  • Stephen Clagett

    I would give it to my little (10 y.o) brother, who has a Nexus 7, but my mom will not let him buy anything in the Play store.

  • Bill Weiand

    FoxFi Pro. Hate that they put in the 30 minute time limit on the free version.

  • br_hermon

    I’d look into some more games, plus I’m a sucker for utility apps too.

  • Mark

    The first app i would buy would Metal Slug 3

  • androidkin

    Need for Speed Most Wanted and music

  • BatteryWidget Reborn

  • jldad

    Swiftkey Flow….

  • Alexander H

    Swiftkey flow! And a Titanium re-donate.

  • granny smith

  • Br_d

    Swiftkey 3 Tablet
    Angry Birds Star Wars HD

  • I will purchase Rayman and Predators.

  • Jet set radio loved it on the DC

  • Save it for Swiftkey FLOW!

  • Jason Hatherlee

    GTA Vice City and Falcon.

  • B J Books

    Falcon Pro, FoxFi Full,The Amazing Spider-Man

  • grand theft auto

  • I will buy whatever paid app you guys review next. (I buy a ton of apps to help support the environment)

  • Jason Corder

    I would buy the FoxFi key first and then maybe some movies!

  • Jason Smith

    novalauncher prime, perhaps

  • A bunch of games that I’m too cheap to purchase normally

  • chants92


  • Ramon Gomez

    GTA Vice City when it come out and the rest on music

  • Robert Butler

    Definitely swiftkey for my touchpad and then a few games to go with it as well.

  • Ilan Alpert

    Rom Manager Pro or Rom Toolbox Pro, maybe both.

  • chilltech

    Jet Set Radio!! I loved it as a kid

  • I will spend them on games.

  • Granny Smith; Falcon Pro; Themes!

  • Probably hit up that AOKP Backup.

  • CyHawk60

    Apps to entertain my 5 month old.

  • tanknspank

    Would have to use it on NFS: Most Wanted

  • Rick Wilson

    I would buy Plex app as my first app.

  • anezarati

    GTA: Vice City!

  • Mark schweigert

    I would spend it on supporting the dev’s out there by buying pro version of some of the free app’s.

  • Tex

    First app to purchase would be Titanium Backup

  • KenBarnum

    Spiderman, and music/movies!

  • Chris Brinkley

    Probably Chrono Trigger or gta:vc

  • villian1998

    Granny smith , predators and I’m in for the WIN!!!

  • I think I might start with some music first. Maybe some Linkin Park.

  • George Rudgers

    I’d start with ROM Manager, XDA premium, and Angry Birds Star Wars HD…

  • David Rando

    i would get mindcraft to see what all the buzz is, and maybe a rom manager app, im trying to get better at this root and roming stuff.

    • Kie

      Minecraft Pocket is a joke compared to the PC version. heck, you’re even better off with the XBox version.

  • drparty

    Titanium backup for realz!

  • Daniel Rosseau

    Swiftkey – I’ve been too cheap to buy it because I love Swype but everyone talks about Swiftkey!

  • ForrestTracey

    I use my Tablet while on down times at work and I need me some new Games!!

  • yenmanmap

    First off I would buy tasker

  • Gord Garwood

    SwiftKey Flow when it comes out too… I’m forever in search of the perfect keyboard 🙂

  • RyanML

    The first app I would use it to buy would be Swiftkey

  • Foodster, Nexus Media Importer, FPS Meter Root and Rayman Jungle Run.

  • i would prolly spend on ad free versions of all my games. ads are annoying.

  • Jesse Dick

    Granny smith , predators, need for speed most wanted and the avengers initiative

  • Jonathan Hay

    Grand Theft Auto 3!!!

  • Games – Anything to make my Nexus 7 light up like a Christmas tree. i’m talking awesome games that will make the tegra dance.

    Productivity – Office Suite Pro – Need to get work done

    Music, Videos and so on. The options are endless.

  • jonathon johnston

    Not entirely sure on what apps but the $25 would get spent. 🙂
    I have SwiftKey 3 and several of the Office suite apps already, so maybe SwiftKey tablet edition for my tf300?
    Zombie Highway would definietly be high on my list, it looks really good. I just bought Predators the other day or would get it.
    May use it for a small IAP on Age of Empire…great game if you haven’t checked it out let me know and I will give you my reference ID number.

  • Phil hateon

    I would give it to my friend for a near birthday

  • Just used all my money to buy a Nexus 7 that is arriving tomorrow, so I hope I can buy at least something 🙂

  • I keep hearing jet set radio is cool. I’d go for that first!

  • BikerBob1789

    some books. maybe a christmas movie for my kids.

  • droyd4life

    When I get my nexus 4 I’m buying need for speed most wanted!

  • svonavja

    Magazines! I need more for my 7! : )


    I’d devide it up between our 3 kids to let them pick a game, movie or book to keep them busy for about 5 minutes… 😀

  • gardobus

    Titanium Backup, Falcon, and Tapatalk!

  • TheWenger

    I’d get QuickOffice, Apex Pro or some expensive app I don’t have enough for right now. Almost been through my free 25 from the Nexus 7.

  • Sven Enterlein

    I always find something nice in the Play Store!

  • Zack Walker

    Likely Chaos Rings and GTA: Vice City

  • I would probably try to purchase any Angry Birds games (ad-free) that I am not currently using. After that I am not sure but looking thru Google Play with this GC win would be like a big kid in a huge tech store.

    Good luck to all and thanks Droid Life for the contests!!

  • Corey Hine

    Upgrade many free apps to paid versions…and maybe some books or movies

  • Dustin Wen

    Final Fantasy Chaos Rings

  • Oh lets see… probably Angry Birds Starwars HD. My kids like that one a lot!

  • Brian Spearman

    Definitely GTA Vice City!

  • Jonathan Berry

    I’d probably pick up the Titanium Backup Pro key as far as apps go.

  • Damien Garbett

    Bard’s Tale

  • Joel Mathew

    i would buy PSY GANGNAM STYLE LWP and TONE. lol

  • Baldur’s Gate : Enhanced Edition, please. . . And thank you! $$

  • eck79

    Swiftkey Flow for both my phone and Nexus 7.

  • legacystar

    angry birds star wars and movies

  • Del2337

    SwiftKey, docs to go premium and some books

  • Jay W.

    Swiftkey Flow would be the first app (as soon as it is avilable). A couple Christmas Games/read-a-longs for my daughter… and the rest would go toward MLB at Bat 2013

  • Brian Worhatch

    The first app I would spend this money on would be Devil’s Attorney. Heard a lot of good things about this game. But its $3.00 so waiting to see if I get any gift cards for Christmas.

  • legacystar


  • Patrick Chapman

    Granny Smith

  • TheDrizzle

    Would buy IAPs from Heros Call. Great game that doesn’t make IAPs a money grubbing affair.

  • wish i could use it for magazine superscription. but would just buy movies!

  • MikeD675

    I don’t know, I haven’t spent much time perusing the paid apps. I guess this would be a good time to start.

  • Sodev

    Jet Set Radio

  • NolBi-Wan

    Bloons TD5 when it becomes available.

  • Kevin Lindner

    I would buy Swiftkey Tablet for my Galaxy Tab.

  • I would probably get FoxFi Key love the free, but would never pay…SO this would help! =D

  • tagrzadz

    The first app I’d buy with the card is Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Project

  • Lightflow, Autoremote for tasker, rom manager premium, kangerator pro version, swiftkey, some games

  • i would buy movies to watch on my tv via MHL

  • Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy 3

  • Swiftkey Tablet

  • Omar Sanchez

    Need for speed hot pursuit… Or an office suite.

  • steven sullivan

    I think I would buy Tapatalk and Rom Toolbox Pro for starters.Good luck to everyone who enters!

  • will bartlett

    Probably vice city

  • I would probably get Rom Manager Premium, Angry Birds Star Wars, Granny Smith and more.

  • I’d buy some games and a cover for my N7!

  • I would totally buy a new Twitter app and then pick a few fre apps I have and choose the Pro versions. Gotta help the devs out!

  • Mark Traverso

    I would buy swiftkey, pdanet and predators

  • Swiftkey. S3 autocorrect drives me insane

  • Adam

    I’d probably get the full versions of light flow, beyond pod, or several of the must have rom-ing apps like ttitanium backup so I can be ready to tinker with my gnex when I get my note 2 (don’t like to play with it while it’s my daily driver)

  • Lenny Fudenna

    maybe chamelion, tasker, possibly slingbox (and then ask for a slingbox from santa)

  • stephen

    First app …Angry Birds Star Wars..

  • Joe Shark

    Magazine subscription 1st

  • pd240

    SwiftKey tablet app and Mumford&Sons album.

  • William Peterson

    Probably Falcon Pro Twitter App. Looks pretty good and a lot of hype behind it.

  • Aaron

    Maybe a few games and some paid/donate apps to support developers. And remove ads of course 🙂

  • Not sure which app I would buy, because whatever it is…it isn’t in the Play Store yet. 🙂

  • picaso86

    OfficeSuite Pro and Player Pro 🙂

  • Bauce40

    Zombies, Run! The app always looked like fun and I already enjoy running, just wasn’t sure if it looked $8 fun and probably buy the versions I got for free from the Amazon app store just so I don’t have to have it installed.

  • subiedude85

    Foxfi and Granny Smith

  • I’d DONATE $1.99 to Falcon For Twitter

  • First app I would buy would be Faux123 kernel enhancement app

  • chdir

    I would buy the paid versions of many root apps and utilities

  • Movies and books for my new Nexus 7

  • Jet Set Radio, FOR SURE!

  • I would be a bunch of games, especially those that run really good on my Nexus 7.

  • Brandon Morehouse

    I would buy a tethering app because I’m getting a tablet for Christmas.

  • Adam

    Follow on Google+ seriously? What a joke.

  • brandon kosanovich

    i would be buying games and cartoons for my daughter.

  • JSiNeM

    Some Tegra 3-only games for my new N7!!!

  • Lenesse Berg

    Not sure my first comment made it through, I need to get some awesome productivity apps, such as professional calendars, planners, etc. I wouldn’t mind getting a few movies & some music too.

  • I would give it to my wife to buy my Nexus7 for my Christmas gift 🙂

  • Jet set radio, GTA: Vice City when out, Wild Blood, Beyondpod and The Bard’s Tale.

  • Titanium Backup Pro (i know, i know), Tasker, and Torque (the three t’s!)

  • Pete Townill

    I’ve been eyeing Photoshop Touch and Splashtop 2 for my Nexus 7

  • dapbmonkey4u

    Granny Smith

  • Ivan92116

    Titanium Backup

  • alex simon

    granny smith, jet set radio, and tsf shell for my tablet. 🙂

  • I would buy Granny Smith and Wreck-it Ralph! 🙂

  • Matthew O’Sullivan

    Need to pick up the SMS Integrator so I can use Google Voice with the stock SMS app on my nexus 4 when it arrives. That’s the first I’ll get! Then, probably Wild Blood… been wanting to try that out 🙂

  • Shawn Maloney

    Would use for some apps for my 3 kids, who all just got smartphones for the 1st time (RAZR M’s), can you say holy data batman!

  • Dontel Newton

    I would definitely use the gift card to but GTA:Vice city. Only because we can’t use gift cards to buy Nexus 4s, and because Nexus 4s aren’t available…

  • David Caccavo

    just picked up the S3 so probably swiftkey, predators and some holiday tunes

  • Chris Cuffie

    I would use the gift card on titanium backup

  • Illegitimi non Carborundum

    Get some paid versions of the free apps I already have.

  • Granny Smith

  • Austin Schulz

    I’d spend it on GTA Vice City, and then some books afterwards.

  • Travis Faulkner

    I think I’ll go for the new Need for Speed and the Avengers Initiative game. Its hard to get the wife to agree to app purchases. She wants to buy something substantial like baby formula and that kind of crap.

  • Dylan Wednieski

    I’d probably spend it on GTA Vice City when it comes out

  • Abgar Musayelyan

    I would buy “donate” versions of all the developer apps I’ve used over the years.

  • Kevin Bojarski

    I would buy bunch of new games for my Nexus 10

  • Apex launcher

  • Susan Shambaugh

    FoxFi, Tapatalk, Granny Smith (and a bunch of movies/music on my wishlist).

  • Kane Stapler

    Need for Speed Most Wanted for sure. Then maybe Zombie Driver THD

  • Falcon pro, rayman, tablet talk(if google will fix the broken lcd on my n7), and swiftkey flow once it comes out.

  • Prolly Tasker and would love to check out Chameleon launcher. Prolly buy a CD to 2 as well.

  • Zen Garden… I need the serenity to get through the stress of the holiday season.

  • Tasker.

  • 4EXT recovery
    Asphalt 2000 lol

    boot manager

  • Brian Morford

    Would get photoshop touch… That would be awesome on my Note 2. Then I would just have to explore to find other apps that I just have to have.

  • ReticulatedJig

    Apps for my new nexus!

  • I’d probably start with Busybox Pro

  • Eric Shelley

    I’d give it to my girlfriend so she can buy some more books.

  • chris

    chameleon launcher

  • Brian Bell

    Granny Smith, Need for Speed, and some movies & music.

  • Need for Speed Most Wanted and Final Fantasy I for sure!

  • Movies or Music probably

  • Richard Guadagno

    If I win the gift card I will purchase Titanium Backup PRO Key

  • Sb

    Probably angry birds star wars!

  • Michael Clark

    Probably on some games once I get my new phone

  • Nayners

    Tasker would be my first app, then, probably a game or two. I’ve been holding out on Tasker because of price.

  • erikiksaz

    Faux’s tuning app

  • kixofmyg0t

    I have most all of the apps I want already :/

    I’m terrible at this lol.

  • Bob Sacamano

    The Dark Knight Rises
    Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Alex Rieck

    Perhaps I’d pick up Rom Toolbox Pro, and some music.

  • scott cantu

    I would buy slingplayer

  • beng8686

    I would spend it on more books!

  • Detonation

    Rather than apps, I would use it to buy some books to read on my Nexus 7

  • Neil Lund

    Photoshop Touch and the Bard’s Tale

  • Rainier Fabro

    I’d buy some books.

  • Edward Figueroa

    Smokes, my first app would be Crystal Defenders or FFIII

  • enigmaco

    I would spend it on the prometheus movie, and a subscription to wired.com

  • Need for Speed Most Wanted

  • Star Wars Angry Birds!

  • Zachary F

    I’d probably buy the pro versions of apps I use like Nova, TB, and buy a hand full of games.

  • sciroccohsd

    Final Fantasy III

  • Barlog

    Jet set radio and Avengers Anitiative

  • wiz

    XDA Premium

  • Skye Villanueva

    I’d probably spend it on that 3d gyroscope live wallpaper. The one thats let’s u put a normal
    Wallpaper there!! And vice city!!!

  • Logan Anteau

    I would get Angry Birds Star Wars HD

  • Lee Sandy

    Ice Age 2!

  • kismet769

    All of the premium versions of free apps that I have yet to buy.

  • Radgatt

    I would finally buy swiftkey to see what all the fuss is about.

    • enigmaco

      Best keyboard I have found to be honest, you would be happy with your purchase

    • overclock

      Just try the free trial version. Then you’ll know. But I can’t wait to try Flow.

  • DrewNusser

    Tasker and probably either TSF or SPB Launcher. I’ve wanted to try them out for a while.

  • Jeff Bank

    Great contest! I would spend it on GTA III, XDA Premium, Angry Birds Star Wars, and Need for Speed.

  • Cory Teague

    Movies, yo!

  • Rootexplorer app comes to mind. not really sure. I’m sure I will think of something at the last minute.

  • I would definetly use it to purchase some music on my phone and then go from there. Then maybe swiftkey 3, Nova Launcher Prime.

  • I think the first app I’m going to purchase is Mobile Odin Pro so I can flash on the go!

  • tumatos

    TBP, Alpha Wave

  • cykotix

    I’d probably spend it on movies and not apps.

  • Brian Walker

    I’ve got my eye on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • jbegs

    Swiftkey Flow when it comes to the market

    • Tyler

      They said it will be an upgrade to Swiftkey 3(so if you have SK3 you wont need to buy SKF). I can find a link to where it was said if you like.

  • Samuel Victor

    I want to get CELTX for my touchpad running android, so i can update my screenplay while on the train

  • DodgerDroid

    Jet Set Radio would be my first purchase. Also GTA: Vice City when released

  • Granny Smith probably first…

  • I’ll give it to my daughter as a Christmas gift.

  • lastang

    Games and movies for Nexus 7. Thanks!

  • I probably wouldn’t spend it right away. I usually only pay for apps after I’ve read reviews on Droid-life and they pique my interest!

  • If I win, it would be perfect timing to get GTA VICE CITY!!!

  • Roshan John

    (did my comment just not post?)

    Well anyway, I’d love to check out Chameleon Launcher ($10) and maybe a couple other apps. But it’s been quite expensive still.
    Or maybe check out Tasker ($6)

    $25 please?

  • Jessie Ringley

    I would buy the Predators game and some new aokp themes

  • Gabe Covert

    I’d buy any more board game conversions that crop up on Google Play

  • Tasker and angry birds star wars

  • Titanium backup, franco kernel updater, rom manager, tablet talk and camera or game apps.

  • Bobby Kaufmann

    Touchdown for Exchange and good reading on my new nex 7!

  • J Davis

    GTA 3, predator, music

  • Blake Croft

    I would definitely spend it on some great new games and office productivity apps such as, Need for Speed: Most Wanted and OfficeSuite! I really wanna spend most of it on music, books, and shows though! 🙂

  • Tasker, World of Goo, and probably some movies

  • Falcon Pro & Baulders Gate (when it releases)

  • Asphalt 8 when it comes out…been having a blast with Asphalt 7 🙂

    PS…this is the time when my comment to like ratio goes down the tube :/

  • mike mcginnis

    I would buy need for speed, and its not an app but season 3 of the walking dead

  • Alex

    First I would for sure buy the pro version of a few of my favorite apps, to support the devs! After that, if there’s enough left, I’m goin straight for Call of Duty: Black Ops: Zombies! And maybe another magazine sub.

  • sogajeffrey

    I would spend it on good games for my galaxy s3 🙂

  • Falcon Pro!

  • Derek Lockovich

    I would spend the money on a bunch of games honestly. Jet Set Radio Future, Cryptica, The Curse to name a few! Vice City when it comes out in a few days is a definite!

    Yeah… Games, games, and more games.. :p

  • Chris

    Chameleon Launcher!

  • Ryan McFadden

    I would go through my apps list and buy the pro versions of some of my favorite free apps.


    I’d spend the $25 on a couple of great music albums!

  • Tom Dwenger

    i would get titanium backup pro, then all the angry birds games i don’t have yet without ads

  • Apps? Naw K, it’s going towards my Nexus tablet (still haven’t decided on 7 or 10 yet). Now if you’re assuming Santa brings me one, then it’s going towards games like GTA or Max Payne probably.

  • Another world definitely

  • hfoster52

    I would buy Rayman Jungle Run and a couple HD versions of some of the other games I already have installed.

  • Alexa White

    I would probably pick up a year’s subscription to Last Pass for my N7.

  • I’d get the pro version of Reddit Pics HD.

  • Henry

    First app would be Chu Chu Rocket

  • I’ve been thinking about paying for IM+ or maybe just clearing the adds off a couple of my old games (Angry Birds, etc).

  • Masterminded


  • i would buy swiftkey flow when its released, some music, and probably a movie

  • Tania N

    Office Suite Pro

  • chris125

    Falcon pro, maybe some movies

  • I would buy chaos rings, or tasker,

  • Keith

    No apps for me, I would buy music.

  • Heyitspeej

    titanium backup pro!

  • Alex Valerio

    the first apps I would spend with it would be the Titanium Backup Pro and Nova Launcher Prime!

  • Roshan John

    I’ve been waiting to get my hands on the Chameleon Launcher. It’s been quite expensive still though.

    $25 would help 🙂 not to mention I missed the opportunity when they were giving away this credit with those early N7s.

  • Jem

    Can I use giftcards to put towards the purchase of devices? I would totally use it on a 32 GB Nexus 7. If not, I would purchase:

    Predators – it’s on sale for $0.99, why not?

    Apex Launcher Pro – I use the free version, the developer deserves the $3.99

    From there, a bunch of games for the little guy and my girlfriend. They deserve some play time on my devices, too.

  • Micah Calloway

    I would buy Dog Catcher and Titanium Backup just to name a few. Thanks!

  • I’d buy Torq Pro with the gift card.

  • MotoRulz

    $25 worth of music

  • Bonzix

    Maybe a fun racing game like Need for Speed or something along those lines.

  • Vice City, possibly some books and movies.

  • Dylan Neu

    Honestly, I probably wouldn’t use on apps, but instead on books from the Play Store to read on my new Nexus 7!

  • GTA Vice City!

  • Probably buy some music or watch some movies!

  • jackie chen

    The first apps I would get is a couple of awesome games like clear vision and GTA 3!

  • bwarwick98

    Paid version of several apps

  • Rafa Sandoval

    Vice city! .. i miss that game 🙂

  • King of Nynex

    I’d give a magazine subscription a try.

  • EvanTheGamer

    I would totally spend this $25 Google Android Market Gift Card on Sumioni THD and of course GTA: Vice City(this coming Thursday!)!

  • Chaos Rings Omega, GTA Vice City

  • Mike Kilar

    I wouldn’t actually spend the 25 dollars on anything.

    I would give the gift card to my little brother who just got out of an 8 year run in the marines.

    This would be just a small token of my extreme gratitude for his service and everything he has done.

    I’m sure he would love it.

  • prededors

  • Michael Ramirez

    I would like to say that i would spend it on apps, but i think id much rather use it on some music!

  • Tasker, Granny Smith, Angry Birds Star Wars

  • Chrono Trigger

  • I’m not entirely sure. Probably Reddit News!

  • Josh Haug

    Wreck-it Ralph I’ve been thinking about buying it for a while now.

  • EasyTether
    Beautiful Widgets
    Touiteur Premium
    Titanium Backup

  • rader023

    Granny Smith??!?!?

  • Chadwick17

    I’d definitely be spending it on music or movies. But if I had to choose an app it would be Photoshop Touch to use on my Nexus 10

  • Tyson Young

    I would have to get Splashtop THD for my TF201 and Horn just looks awesome =]

  • Capt. Crunch

    Foxfi paid version

  • Scott in MA

    I would actually like to use the credit for a book or a movie.

  • Knox05

    I’ll get foxfi pro!

  • Austin Coile

    Mostly games, some tools.

  • Steve

    I’d purchase a bunch of apps that I’m using the free versions of – these devs deserve $$$, starting with light flow, boat browser, and apex launcher

  • Deanna

    SwiftKey 3

  • Star Wars Angry Birds definately, I need some force in my life!

  • Get rid of the ad-supported versions I have. Upgrade evernote, get some new games. Office when it is released (eventually…)

  • David Willden

    Games for my new Nexus 7!!!

  • rom manager pro

  • Ryan Ellingson

    I would buy The Sonic Games!

  • John
  • Greg

    your mom app! jk, I would probably buy premium versions off all the free apps I use.

  • Aaron Galloway

    I will buy the premium version of ROM Manager. May be old, but I use that app all of the time still!

  • ssjnimma

    Hmmmm… probably Chameleon launcher! 😛

  • Ryan Powell

    I’ve purchased all the apps I want for now so I’d use the $25 to catch up on all the movies I’ve missed.

  • I would buy some awesome games!

  • Kyle Way

    I’ll be picking up Grand Theft Auto: Vice City!

  • Chris Herbig


  • John Davis

    Falcon widget. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

  • nmaxfield

    i’d probable snag zombies, run!. i’ve been putting it off due to price 😛

  • Reading about the Zombie Apocalypse to prepare…

  • Joe Trinosky

    First apps I would buy would be the paid versions of dice with buddies, words with friends, and wordfued. Get rid of the annoying ads since I’m currently running a stock phone.

  • Rom Toolbox Pro (W/Donation) from JRummy.

  • DennisHeffernan

    Books and movies, probably.

  • Josh Ingram

    Wreck-it Ralph!

    I know it’s only .99, but I’m on a budget…

  • JoshuaCaleb

    I would immediately buy Bards Tale. Then Chrono Trigger.

  • Falcon Pro. and maybe some movies.

  • Dustin Billings

    GTA Vice City

  • Rick Stone

    GTA Vice City!

  • The new Falcon twitter client!

  • cashclay

    Caustic. Then random games.

  • I’d throw some serious cash down on the mobile GTA releases.

  • all 305 versions of angry birds? lol jk i’d upgrade some free apps i’m using to the paid versions, like foxfi

  • rooting apps when I finally root my nexus and my xoom, sorry been kinda lazy

  • Guest

    Wreck-it Ralph

  • Michael Robinson

    I would get adobe touch form my nexus 10

  • Mark F

    Granny Smith !

  • I would put it towards a Nexus 7. Need one so badly for work!

  • DrAndyRoid

    The first app I would buy is Tasker

  • Futbolrunner

    I would spend it on Angry Birds Star Wars

  • APPS!!! Time to get the Pro-versions of some stuff.

  • SchwannyT

    I NEED to get more movies on Play. I already have my music in Google music. This would be a sweet starter!

  • Derek Duncan

    I’ve been waiting to buy Light Flow for a while

  • Chris

    Plex, Titanium Backup Pro, Tasker, and Tweetings for Twitter.


  • I’d definitely use this to buy movies.

  • t3chi3

    Angry Birds Space upgrade
    Shazam Encore

  • TomStieger

    Titanium Backup Pro

  • jakemyster84


  • Geoff Johnson

    I would use it to buy LogMeIn, GrooveIP, the new GTA game when it comes out (can’t wait!!), and root explorer.

  • probably granny smith.

  • it would be GTA 3 !

  • Probably haxSync and some movies.

  • muffnman

    The first app I’d buy would be Penny Arcade’s Rain Slick 3

  • I would probably use it for music

  • I would probably spend it on a movie so I can keep my Two year old entertained on the plane flight to see the family for the holidays.

  • Andrew Smith

    I would probably spend the money on movies, or books through the store for my Nexus 7.

  • Dale Bloom

    Apps? It’s going towards my Nexus 10!

  • Titanium Backup Pro!

  • Prox

    the first app i would buy is Microsoft Office for Android in 2013 of course.

  • Mathew Colburn


  • T4rd

    I’m sure I would spend it on games for my Nexus 10 or TF700 that I’m (hopefully!) getting for Christmas =p.

  • Diego Diaz