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Spigen’s Note 2 Aluminum Home Button Covers Should Take Care of That Verizon Logo

Thanks to our friends at Spigen SGP, that Verizon-branded home button on your new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can look pretty and logo-less in no time. Made from 100% aluminum, with diamond cut edges and a laser marked design, a 3-pack (silver, black, and pink) of Spigen’s home button replacements can be yours for $9.99 (Amazon has free shipping too). They should be easy to apply or remove, so what are you waiting for?

Links:  Amazon | Spigen site

Cheers Kobalt!

  • Serpico

    So I actually DID buy them, and they came in this morning. While nice, they are a little too “thick”. I can lightly press on the flap cover and easily turn on the device… damn. Also the device switches on in your pocket (if you use the flap cover).

  • Nunya

    Wow didn’t want to hear a bunch of emotional blob about how sad it is for many of you to have the logo but was hoping these comments would have at least mentioned how to actually install the new button

  • I don’t own a GN2 and I just looked at a photo with the logo on the button to see what all the fuss was about. I see in one photo they have their logo on the back as well. I think that’s overkill on the adverts but I can’t afford them anyhow so I am not one to complain. Does the logo stay intact the life of the phone or does it appear as it it would wear away over time?? Just curious.

  • yarrellray

    This is pretty comical

  • nightscout13

    Isn’t a bottle of acetone like $3?

  • mohamed yosef

    Thanx a lot

  • nightscout13

    It’s ridiculous this is what it comes to.

  • I wish Verizon would just brand all their phones on the back of the phone instead of above or below the screen. It’s nice looking, not overbearing and doesn’t take away from the look of the main part of the phone.