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16GB Nexus 4 Now Shipping in 6-7 Weeks or Not Until 2013

The amount of time before new orders for the 16GB version of the Nexus 4 will be fulfilled is increasing rapidly. After going back up for sale on Tuesday, the estimated ship date had gone from “1-2 weeks” to “3-4” weeks in a matter of hours. By the following morning, it had jumped again to “4-5 weeks.” Here we are two days later, and the new estimated ship date for the 16GB version sits at 6-7 weeks. So if you planned to purchase a Nexus 4 at either 8GB or 16GB, you won’t see it until 2013.

Via:  Google Play

Cheers Kevin!

  • Ryan

    I ordered an 8GB on the 4th when it said shipping was estimated 6-7 weeks. I’m typing this message on that same N4, very impressed with Google. But I do feel bad for those that ordered before me and are still waiting on their delivery 🙂

  • bobJ

    I’ve read on other forums that people who ordered their phones hours after me, have already received them, or an “item shipped” email. This makes me sad. It’s very unfair

  • Ordered today. It said 5-6 weeks, hopefully it’s less than that.

  • Phil G

    i bought a nexus 4 16gig today (canada) through googleplay in the email i got from google it said i should get the phone within 1 – 2 weeks…

  • james_mcgowan

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  • http://mobilegeeks.de/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/nexus-4-32-gb-lte.jpg

    what about that guys? says there was a 32gb LTE version in the store for a few minutes.

  • Wise_Spinner

    6-7 weeks… most likely means 8-10 weeks. I would NEVER pre-order something that far in advance. There will be totally new devices out long before that.

    What good is offering a device… that can only be made in such extremely small numbers… that millions of people have to wait until next YEAR just to get one.

    No thanks, Nexus.

  • jab416171

    Google said they won’t charge me until it ships, but I was charged on the same day as I placed my order. Does that mean they shipped it, or are they just charging everyone?

    • Bob

      They charged me too. Then the charge was reversed 3 days later. Called them Sunday, they said that it would ship 6-7 weeks if I did not get a email confirmation of shipping or tracking number. Weird thing is they just put a charge through this morning one week later. No email from google as of yet.

      • jab416171

        Well, that’s a bummer. I mean, we ordered on the same day it was announced, but we have to wait 7 weeks, just like anyone else who waited a week before ordering one?

  • jab416171

    And the 8GB is simply sold out.

  • chris125

    Well I guess this is one of the few times I am glad Im stuck with verizon and didnt have to deal with this fiasco.

  • Bobknows

    Will this translate into tons of new folks moving to T-mobile? When I ordered a sim from T-mobile, they said it might take a bit longer than usual due to “high demand.” Could an influx of Nexus 4 users impact the quality of T-mobile’s network?

    • P233asw

      It could just be, I know I will be using their service when I get my Nexus 4 in hand (t-mobile prepaid or Simple Mobile prepaid, both run on the same network)!

    • chris125

      I doubt that many are going to flock to tmo for this. I think more are going to use it with at&t since they have a little better coverage

    • jjohn

      Just tried to order a Tmo micro sim. First error page I got said they were back ordered and wouldn’t ship until a later date. I agreed to that and it just gave up and said sorry we cannot process this order. I tried it with a couple different cards and tried different shipping methods. Either something is wrong with the site or it didn’t have the nerve to tell me it doesn’t actually know when more sims will be available.

  • Aaron

    I have a good feeling about this phone. I’m not happy about the sell out and shipping times but I believe it will be worth the wait.

  • 2-3 weeks estimate, but I hope it comes in 5 days

    • Me too. My email confirmation said 2-3 weeks and I check my order status daily hoping it will ship before the 2 week mark.

  • WPNX

    This is seriously ridiculous…really all joking aside..You’re telling me that a company like Google who is in the business of giving people the results they want couldn’t do the damn research or anticipate just how many units to have readily available?!!! I am just waiting for them to replenish their stock so I can order the damn thing..but this really rattles my confidence in Google

    • zoobey

      If you read Steve Jobs book you would know that even Apple could not predict how many units that they would need. Steve ordered double the amount of iPhones that he thought they would sell and guess what; they sold all of them and went to backorders in the 1st few days. This is a good thing. Ordered mine and will ship in 2-3 weeks. I cannot wait to kick VZW to the curb.

  • zepfloyd

    By the time these ship you might as well start waiting for the Nexus 5. :/

    Come on Google…

  • Torchok

    Got my shipping confirmation on my Nexus!! I ordered on the 27th right at 12pm

    • Saltiel

      Got mine also. Order on the 27th around 6PM. Shipping notice came this morning

      • you got your shipping notice when you ordered at 6pm?

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    My order went through Tuesday at 2:30 PST but haven’t received a shipping email. Would be nice if I do get it in the next week 🙂

  • JMonkeYJ

    i ordered at the 2-3 week mark…here’s hoping it’s closer to 2 than 3 xD

  • Fackwors man :/

  • legend618

    how long does it take to construct a smartphone?

    • David DeCoste

      7-8 weeks?

  • KleenDroid

    If in fact Google can’t ship their phones for almost 2 months I think they will lose a lot of sales. Two months is a long time for someone to resist the temptation to buy something else. I hope they get their act together in the future.

  • Teng Taing

    woot ordered mine when they went up again and got a shipped email today, even though mine said 1-2 weeks

    • JMonkeYJ

      super jealous!

    • Droidzilla

      I got my order in then, too; fingers crossed for a shipping confirmation soon! It’s really in Google’s best interests to get me my N4s as I’ve sold a ton of people on Android (and even Chrome OS!).

      • Torchok

        Stay patient my friend!

      • David DeCoste

        The iPhone 5 is still not fully caught up/available and it came out what 2003?

  • Good thing i ordered mine yesterday, i think i made it right before it was bumped up.

  • Pandalero

    Got my shipping email and UPS tracking number this morning.

    • Droidzilla

      When did you order?

      • Pandalero

        Tue 11/27 at 3:25pm MST (Phoenix)

        • Droidzilla

          Sweet! Mine was ordered at 3:38 MST. Still no shipping confirmation for me, though. Was yours a 16GB? Just one?

          • Pandalero

            Cool. Hope you get your shipping confirmation soon.

        • Andrew Bernath

          🙁 My order is at 12:01pm PST (a minute after launch) and no shipment confirmation yet. I knew I shouldn’t have read the comments below this post.

          • Droidzilla

            Did you order 1 or 2? 16GB or 8?

  • My hope is that since the order i placed on Tuesday said it would ship in ‘1 – 2 weeks’, that that actually happens. If my order doesn’t actually ship until January, well, that would be pretty f’ed up.

    I just want to get off of Verizon, and into the world of unlocked phones, untainted by carrier shenanigans.

    • Droidzilla

      I’m with you, except I already got off of Verizon in preparation. I’m like a freakin’ Amish person right now without a smartphone!

      Granted, I’m still posting this on the internet . . .

      • Alexander Anteneh

        reminds me of Michael Scott selling his condo on ebay before finding out if he got the job

        • Droidzilla

          Damn you people! Now that I know people who ordered around the same time as me got their shipping confirmation, I think every email is from Google telling me, “There, there; it’s going to be OK.”

          I need to turn off Disqus reply emails.

      • David DeCoste

        Um, all my Amish friends already got their Nexus 4’s. Although Malacki is still waiting for his bumper. Or he calls it boomkakash which means “pig veil”. I don’t know. He’s odd. But he has the NFL Sunday Ticket on directv so he’s cool.

    • Pandalero

      I ordered this Tue and got the 1-2 weeks shipping ETA. Got my shipping email and UPS tracking number at 2am today.

    • Alexander Anteneh

      I got that 1 to 2 weeks in my email and it has already shipped. Google is always fast and is just being conservative with expected time frame

      • Derek Haneman

        Mines says its supposed to ship in 2-3 weeks, havent seen aything yet. But thats awesome that you guys got your emails.

        • I got the same shipping timeframe 2-3 weeks. I haven’t gotten any news from google yet. I’m hoping to get it soon. I can’t wait.

          • me no give name

            Same here on the 2-3 week mark. it been 2 and a half weeks hope to get me conformation email soon.

      • jjohn

        Why didn’t I place the order when I decided I want this phone on Tuesday?!?! I wanted to take a couple days to think about it and make sure. Now I’m waiting 6-7 weeks for the 16gb. Should’ve went with the impulse buy.

    • Karl Gerner

      I ordered mine with a ship time of 1-2 weeks as well & was notified earlier this morning that it had shipped. Hopefully you have the same luck I did. It was a pleasant surprise that it would be coming a little early & I really hope Google is able to beat everybody’s expectations with these ship times because lord knows they need to right now

  • kennedy myril

    I think it’s still worth the wait for those who are fortunate enough to be able to order it.

    • David DeCoste

      Or those fortunate enough in this economy to be able to buy one. Nice having this as a major life issue. 🙂

  • Jigga_Z

    I know people on this waiting list are frustrated, but I’m glad to see that the devices are selling well. We’re come a long way since the Nexus One was sold online (not very successfully).

    • kennedy myril

      True, I think the demand for this device has shocked Google and LG immensely.

      • I think they price it well below the competitors and it looks and works as well or maybe better than the competitors. Lots of great reviews for Nexus 4. I’m not surprised that it’s doing so well.

    • S_T_R

      I’m pretty sure the Nexus 4 sold more in its first month than the Nexus One ever sold.

      • I bet the nexus 4 sold more on launch day than the nexus one ever did.

      • chris125

        he said the nexus 1 didn’t sell very well

    • michael arazan

      Anyone know of a site that shows how many phones on carriers are sold? I’m really curious to how many Galaxy nexus were sold in total and by carrier and how many Nexus 4 have been sold to date, along with other phones.
      I’d really like to know about the verizon GNex, in how many units sold, to figure out if and when Vzw stops updating the phone. Verizon has a list of reasons not to update phones, because they have to buy the updates from oem’s and pay for testing, and I know it depends on how popular a phone is, to units sold, and a sleuth of other things. And if a phone falls into one of their categories to not update it, they won’t.