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Samsung Sets Drinking Curfew at 9 PM for Korean Workers to Battle Drinking Habits

Enjoying a drink with your coworkers every now and then might be a casual thing here in the States, but over in Korea the practice is a little more culturally ingrained. Hoesik, which means ‘staff dinner’, is a regular occurrence that involves a fair amount of drinking, but Samsung is looking to make things a little bit stricter. Samsung says that the staff dinners were not excessive, but they have implemented a new rule that restricts their employees from having any of these dinners anytime after 9 pm. 

This new rule also says that you can only have one type of alcohol, to prevent employees from mixing crazy shots and regretting it the next morning. Certainly an interesting set of rules, but in the name of professionalism it makes sense. Hopefully this will make a change for the better that Samsung is hoping for.

Would you apply for a job that limited when you could drink?

Via: WSJ

  • Epell

    Here’s a Korean’s point of view: This will actually give the employee more freedom.

    I remember my father working at a tech company in Korea.
    This Hoesik is mandatory if you want promotion and your superiors will force you to drink more than you’d want to.

    Imagine your boss telling you to drink shots after shots even though you have had enough to drink. If you drink anymore, you know you are going to throw up but if you don’t drink you won’t get that promotion or even get fired (they will come up with some sort of excuse to get rid of you).

    Then you come home to his family well after midnight. Drunkenness clouds your judgement, often leading to domestic violence.

    The corporate culture in Asia is very different from what it is over here. It is hard to imagine or understand as an outsider.

  • Going out with co-workers is a HUGE part of getting things done here. I’m not stopping at 9pm, I’m just going to pay cash after 8:59.

  • Shoredid

    Nothing like a little corporate intrusion in their employees’ lives… it’s soooo sweet of Samsung to think so much about their staff’s well being!

  • Lactose_the_Intolerant

    So we’re moving dinner to 4pm? Sweet!

  • ChrisI

    If my employer here in the United States EVER tried to implement any sort of a curfew for ANYTHING in my personal life, I’d burn the place down. Since when did corporations own human property and legislate what you can do outside your place of employ? Outrageous. Shocking that any self-respecting human being would put up with such a restriction.

    • kretz7

      You could always choose not to work there if alcohol is so important in your life.

    • I think this means do such drinks on their dime after 9. From then on you pay cash and you’re off to the races.

  • That’s a hell of a lot of head there.

  • zUFC

    Does that mean they are working at 9:00? Or just they can’t do it at home? if that was the case Samsung wouldn’t know anyways. And if it’s while they are at work (9:00pm) then screw that. I can barely make it till 5 working.

  • NAME


  • MikeKorby

    If it gets me a job at Samsung, I would be down.

  • Andrew Bayley

    I can 100% confirm this. The new “1-1-9” rule is essentially:

    – 1 type of drink
    – 1 establishment
    – 9 pm curfew

    …and the mixed drinks are typically nothing more than simply Soju (half-strength vodka) and Makeju (beer). If you’ve ever had Korean or Japanese beer, you’d want to mix something with it as well. I only wish this new rule was in effect last August. My flight home after a night on the town (Suwon) would have been a little less painful. 😉

    • EricRees

      Since you’ve had some personal experience, do you think this is going to be effective?

      • Andrew Bayley

        For business meetings, sure. For cleaning up alcohol abuse that runs rampant, not likely. As “slops” hinted, most Koreans prefer to drink at home… while eating copious amounts of pineapple (???) I tried to find a local bar to simply walk up to and buy a beer while watching the Samsung Tigers (baseball) play, but those places are far and few between.

      • Andrew Bayley

        Also, there is the practice of “handing” your soju (shot) glass to guests. It’s custom to accept the glass, at which point the passer will fill the shot glass (often considered rude to fill your own glass in Korean culture), take the shot, pass the glass back to the original passer and then pour a drink for them. This practice has also technically been outlawed, but still practiced regularly.

  • r0lct

    Good, this should ensure the GS4 isn’t designed by nature.

    • duke69111

      I think that was less of the drinking and more of the reefer!

    • michael arazan

      No wonder the SG3 was water inspired, they come in every morning dehydrated from drinking all night and are constantly re hydrating through the work day!!

  • Nothing sounds bad when you’re drunk. No wonder TouchWiz has so many useless features and about 10 good ones! Mystery solved 😀

  • DanWazz

    Their beer sucks anyway.

  • hfoster52

    That picture makes me thirsty. I never had a job where it was ok to drink at an employee function unless it was something like a sporting event.

  • slops

    it only limits when you can drink at said dinner. nothing’s stopping you from going home and drinking by yourself.. which is obviously the best way to drink

  • I used to work at an aerospace company where drinking within 8 hours of showing up to work could get you fired.

    • EricRees

      Was it a huge deal for you or other people?

      • Not for us engineers. The company also had an (effectively) unlimited sick day policy, which managers were pretty liberal with. Non-salaried floor workers had regular run-ins though.

    • Hunter

      “Used to work…” sounds like you had a night cap a little close to the 8 hour deadline 🙂

      • LOL I was not dismissed for cause, so no.

    • mbaldwin85

      like the military. Only you can’t get fired. You get NJP (Non-Judicial Punishment)