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Review: Eye in Sky Weather for Android

Last night on the DL Show I mentioned a weather app called Eye in Sky Weather. Read on to see what makes this app good enough to be on two of my home screens.

Eye in the Sky Weather (ESW) doesn’t have any standout features that you haven’t seen in a weather app before, but it does combine a lot of them into a beautiful, holo-themed package. For instance, ESW has the option for a persistent weather notification. When your notification shade is retracted you will see the current temperature in your notification bar in a brightened holo blue, but upon opening your notification shade you’ll see the temperature, weather conditions, cloud conditions, and how it feels outside next to a customizable icon that represents current conditions.

When you open the app itself you’ll see the same information you found in the notification shade, but larger and including wind and humidity conditions. At the bottom of the main screen you’ll see a truncated forecast for the current day and the three following with high and low temperature and a a summary of weather conditions for that day (for example, I can expect some sprinkling on Saturday morning and some rain Sunday evening). A swipe to the right shows me the 48 hour forecast. The 48 Hours tab shows what to expect over the next two days in the morning, afternoon, evening, and night in terms of temperature, cloud coverage, and precipitation.

A swipe to the left from the main screen shows the next two weeks of weather. This is an example of a way in which the app shines. A lot of apps show the next few days or the next week, byt ESW shows the next two weeks so you can really plan ahead if you need to. Obviously the further you look into the future the less accurate the weather information is, but if you’re planning a vacation for two weeks and you want to have an educated guess, this app gives it to you. The 15 day (it includes the current day) tab shows the highs and lows for each day as well as the chance of rain.

What Android app would be complete without a little bit of customization options? Eye in the Sky Weather doesn’t leave you hanging. Aside from the option to add as many cities as you want to toggle between, ESW lets you choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius for temperature, kilometers per hour, miles per hour, meters per second, and knots for wind speed, and centimeters, millimeters, and inches for rain or snow measurement. ESW also has twelve different icon sets that you can choose between for in the app, on a widget, and in your notification bar (yes, you can have three different icon sets for each item). The twelve icon sets mostly follow a metro or holo like design language with some coming in monochrome, some in light colors, some in more descriptive colors, and one (realistic) in extreme color and detail. Every icon set looks great and scales well across the different sizes.

ESW comes with four different widget options. The first is Cities, seen above, which shows you the weather for the next few days in every city you have added to the map. To toggle between cities, simply press the arrow button on either side of the widget. Next is Forecast, which is a 4×1 widget showing the forecast for the next five days. The icon widget does what every iPhone owner wishes their weather app could do – show the current temperature and conditions in the icon for the app. Finally, Temperature is an icon sized circle that simply tells you the current temperature. All of these widgets come with optional refresh and edit buttons on the widget, text color options, background color options (including transparency), and location options.

Eye in the Sky Weather has taken over my homescreen. It is my app of choice for accurate weather information not only because it gives me everything I need in a weather app, but because the design is beautiful and customizable to my liking. Android has a history of having apps that are great at giving you information, but lacking in the design department. Eye in the Sky Weather gives accurate information in a gorgeous package. Instead of making all of the design choices for you, the developer, Tim Clark, provides beautiful icon choices to let you have the look that you want.

Eye in the Sky Weather is a free, ad-supported app in the Google Play Store. For $1.91 you can remove the ads. The app is universal so it will work on both phones and tablets and Clark promises a 7-inch version is coming soon. Download Eye in the Sky Weather here.

  • Looks pretty well designed and thought out (I currently use BeWeather myself, but have used or at least tried to use most of them out there at some point), but is there any radar for this app? I don’t honestly see how a weather app is useful without radar…

  • joejoe5709

    Hmmm I’ll give it a try. Weatherbug Elite’s app UI is a mess, but their Widgets aren’t terrible. Plus I likes me a good radar.

  • JamesU513


  • FortitudineVincimus

    Did you get paid for this.. as that is a bit long of a post just to mention an app you like

  • Been using it as well. Really like it.

  • This is by far the best looking weather app on an Android tablet.
    It just needs faster refresh time, an hour-by-hour view, a better weather data service (weather underground for example), and more widget size options on tablets.

    • You can adjust the refresh time in the settings.

      • The fastest available refresh time is 30 minutes, while most apps allow you to go as fast as 15. This may not seem like a lot, and I didn’t think of it as a big deal until this morning, when Eye was as much as 6 degrees behind beweather at any given time.

        • Wow. I guess I’m just used to southern Californian weather. 🙂

          • Kansas weather can be crazy at times. I’ll grant that most of the time updating at a 30 minute interval probably won’t miss me much, but there are also plenty of times when our weather changes crazy-quick. That and pretty much every other weather app lets you refresh at a 15 minute interval.

          • ProfessAndObey

            Yeah, I’ve found detailed weather information to be unnecessary in So. Cal. I can’t wait til I move to a better climate and would need a weather app.

        • rohicks

          Faster refresh also means more battery usage. Look out the window if you want a refresh rate that fast.

          • The hell is your problem? It’s a setting.
            Change it to refresh every hour if you want to save the little bit of battery, but there’s no reason to disallow those of us who like up-to date weather from having it just because you wouldn’t use the setting.

          • rohicks

            There is a manual refresh on the widget for people like you; enable it in settings. 30 minutes is plenty for weather; be social, look away from your phone and out the window sometimes. Enjoy the view and chill out jackass.

          • You’re being silly and unnecessarily rude. Most other weather apps offer a 15 minute refresh interval. I like having up to date weather automatically.

            Also, I can’t tell temperature from looking out the window, friend.

  • Dick Smuggles

    Colton ca?

  • I really like this app for it’s cleanliness but I have no clue where the data comes from. I live in Bailey, Colorado and the only weather it pulls near me is from the very top of a mountain many miles from my home. The weather is obviously always off by about 30 degrees. This app would be better if it had a lot more locations.

  • Ron’s a church going Guy. Me too buddy.

    • ProfessAndObey

      Me three (as my username would suggest).

  • Dee Mann

    Ron your from Colton??? im in fontana man your super close

    • Not originally. My hometown is Rancho. I’m definitely a member of the IE 🙂

      • Bionicman

        wow cool…IE guy right here too

        • Matthew Merrick

          no! internet explorer is bad! =P

          • ProfessAndObey

            IE = Inland Empire (San Bernardino & Riverside Counties)

  • jbdan

    Great weather app, dig it, thx!

  • How is this on battery life? Can you change the frequency of data polling?

    • Yep. I had mine set to 4 hours and didn’t have any problems, but you can increase or decrease the updates as you prefer.

  • Brett R

    What about this “best cruise app” I’ve heard so much about.

  • A simply beautiful weather app. Add a radar page and it has everything I need.

  • illuminati 😛

  • Looks nice but im sticking with Google Now.

  • gbenj

    Looks nice, unfortunately the follow my location feature is putting me across the river in Hoboken NJ, where its apparently 3 degrees colder than NYC which is where I actually am.

  • Chris Hollenbeck

    1Weather as the best widget out there in my opinion. Worth trying out.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Thanks for the great review of Eye In Sky Weather, Ron. Downloading now. Plus, I really do love the holo theme, a bonus.

  • ddh819

    this guy has a busy sunday

  • Disqus Sucks

    The notification icon is blue, therefore it does not follow the Holo guidelines. Fail.

  • hehehe illuminati much

  • Plenty of pretty weather apps out there. What I (and ANYBODY in construction) needs is one that uses NOAA. Why is this so tough?

  • stevethepirate

    I dunno, ever since JB arrived I haven’t had a need for any weather apps/widgets. Google Now just gives me what I want.

    • For most people Google Now is probably the solution that will work most of the time, but most people still don’t have Now.

    • Guest

      I like Google Now, but it doesn’t give me the option of having the temperature in the status bar.

    • michael arazan

      With my Weatherbug and Google Now, I doubt this app could be better.

  • rodney11ride

    need radar

  • S_T_R

    It seems there are two real choices when it comes to weather apps:
    1) One of several beautiful, elegant and well running apps.


    2) One of two or so with radar widgets.

    And not both. I really want both, but the App Gods deny me.

  • Nick S.

    “All of these ridgets come with optional refresh”

    Turning Japanese I think Ron’s turning Japanese I really think so

    • Nice catch. Fixed it!

    • bogy25

      ………no sex no drugs no wine no women peeewww peeew…. ppeewwwwwww…..

  • No radar? 🙁

  • Deandre Brown

    Conversation about the weather is the last refuge of the unimaginative- Oscar Wilde

  • Daniel Maginnis

    Colton, ca? I grew up in fontana. Anyway… I am currently using the circles widget on my RAZR m. I do like the look and persistent weather in the notifications bar. I’ll check it pout on my n7. Dunno why we are so obsessed with weather in socal when 90% of the year the weather is the same.

    • CopierITGuy

      Daniel, it is obvious that you don’t live in Arkansas where the weather changes daily – sometimes even hourly!

      • Raven65

        Which is why he explicitly said “in socal”.

    • trixnkix637

      True but that 10% is unpredictable as all hell.

    • Ralph Machio

      Riverside here, I noticed that too. I used to live in Colton back in the day.

  • Ron has scheduled to keep himself company on December 4th =)

  • Futbolrunner

    Ron, you love to write. lol

  • James_Kernicky

    Going to have to give this one a shot since I’m such a weather nerd.

  • DarkKingSilvers

    Uh, Ron. Miles per house?

    • Stinker

      You’re ignoring the fact that, with screenshots, this is an 8-page article about a WEATHER APP.

      • EvanTheGamer

        Your point being?

    • Thanks for the catch. Fixed it.

      • DarkKingSilvers

        No prob. That said, thanks for the great article. I immediately downloaded the app and can’t wait to check it out when I’ve got some free time in the afternoon. Gotta love the Holo theme!