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Location Spoofer Helps Cave Trolls Play Ingress From the Comfort of Home (Update)

After admitting that I was a self-proclaimed cave troll on last night’s Droid Life Show, a reader sent in a tip that will help me and others like me to play Google’s Ingress game that relies on actually leaving the house and walking around. The app is called Location Spoofer, which will trick apps and the device into thinking you’re in whatever spot you want to be. Smart, right? 

Update: Google hates cave trolls. Mock locations are not allowed when using Ingress. Sorry!

Play Link

Cheers Jon and Just_Reboot!

  • Mike

    Thank you for freaking posting this. The better under wraps it is, the better. Don’t need lame people do this!

  • qpinto

    i acutally wanted to spoof my location for 15 meters because its impossible to get a certain portal unless you work in that facility where its prohibited to the public. otherwise i dont see a need for it.

    • Then you need to report it as inaccessible (http://support.google.com/ingress > contact us > Report issue with portal > Portal(s) in an inaccessible location), not cheat to get it. Are the resonators too far away? Tough luck, then you need to get higher level XMPs. It means it’s a valuable portal, because it’s hard to capture.

  • Jake

    I just tried tested it out, and I get the message in Ingress that the scanner is disabled because location is inaccurate. Every few minutes it will work okay for just three seconds or so, then it goes back to being disabled. I tried disabling wifi/mobile network location detection, disabling location reporting in other apps, like Maps, etc. Nothing fixed the problem. I tried tethering my tablet to my phone and doing all of the above on both devices, still no go. I think Google patched it up.

  • William

    Dang I really wanted to use this because I’m on a Nexus 7 and have no network access. I have the game but can’t play. Really sucks.

    • Dod

      Buy a phone…

  • Doesn’t that kinda defeat the purpose of the game?

  • jfherring

    Anyone care to share an invite? rlot10001110101(at)gmail

  • mgamerz

    To capture some portals you need to spoof your location. For example, one in my city is located in teh dead center of a USPS shipping center, where no GPS (or even wifi) location can reach. (close enough)

    • Then you need to report it as inaccessible (http://support.google.com/ingr… > contact us > Report issue with portal > Portal(s) in an inaccessible location), not cheat to get it. Are the resonators too far away? Tough luck, then you need to get higher level XMPs. It means it’s a valuable portal, because it’s hard to capture.

  • Jeff

    Is there an app to spoof my phone number and serial number from apps? You know, the “identity” part of the “read phone state and identity” permission.

  • I just got my invite. I was unaware people cheated at this game. I would hope they don’t. This is the only thing that makes me walk around my campus–other than classes. Such a neat game.

  • It wouldn’t be too hard to compare the “GPS” data to the “Network” data to catch these trolls. No speed limits required.

    If someone is near their home access point AND is showing GPS 4 miles away, I would say they should be flagged for cheating.

    • partyzan

      wifi could be shared from any android phone.

    • n1L

      The Question is if it is a good idea to filter these players. Google wants accurate GPS data, that’s why Ingress was created. If google let’s the Cheaters play with these relatively easy ways to cheat, they can filter out the cheaters data and get clean data as the result. If they try to lock out the cheaters the cheats will start to become more sophisticated until there is no easy way left to distinguish the cheated loacations from the real one’s. (I’m sure everything that an App can access can be faked with root access) But it’ll be still made up data which can then not be filtered out easily anymore!

  • It’s such a waste to try cheating on a game like this. Especially when some of the portals lead you to historic landmarks in your area that you otherwise may not have known about. Doesn’t seem to be anyone cheating in my area and hopefully it stays that way.

  • mgamerz

    Congratulations on doing your research and learning it’s been this way ever since it came out.

  • Lost

    What the hell is everyone talking about lol. Is this like a location game or something you use mock gps to cheat with?

  • NickS

    this is hy I stoped playing

    • NickS


  • It won’t take Google long to catch up with the rest of the cheaters. One of the major data collects for this game (read: reason why they made it) is to collect and compare GPS signal data with Cell signal data. This will help Google be able to geolocate devices better while GPS is turned off. As they get better at this, they will be able to spot cheaters more easily. I wonder if they will start booting people from play.

    • Yes. Directly from the Ingress guidelines page.

      “We will review reported or flagged player accounts and content and will determine whether or not they violate these guidelines. Accounts are penalized for Community Guidelines violations – we may issue a warning, suspend you from the game, or (for serious or repeated violations) terminate your account.”

  • ToddAwesome

    Are we the most overweight nation in the world? Of course we are. Go OUTSIDE people!

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      I rooted my MotoActv to show that I am burning 100/calories a minute while jogging. Makes me feel happy when I take a jog to and from the Cheesecake Factory.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    Fake GPS with root access can simulate fake gps locations while keeping Mock Locations turned off. They advertise how to do it in the description of their app. I was writing a review for Ingress for DL and used this very app to see if cheaters could manipulate the game. They can, and do. Checking the times and distances where some people’s activity is, proves this. Unless they are playing ingress with their personal chopper.

    *edit – Ingress could add a simple line of code to the game that will flag users who change locations at speeds greater than 60mph. Very easy to do, math wise.

    • Hunter

      +1 for personal chopper scenario

    • Bill Anderson

      Maybe a speed a bit higher than 60 would be in order. I leave Ingress up on my commutes to capture XM, and I often am going a bit higher 🙂

      Still, there could be some easy logic added to discourage this.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        I do too but rarely in a straight line. 😉 average in some turns, lights, etc and 60mph average is pretty fast. But OK, even 80 just for $hits and giggles.

        • JoshGroff

          I think somewhere ~100-120 would be a better cutoff.

    • Royal2000H

      What if I’m an ingress player and I happen to fly from LAX to JFK? Surely there will be portals near each. Hard to just do based on speed of location changes.

      I’m not promoting cheating, I think that’s dumb, why even play if you’re going to cheat? But I don’t think that’s the proper fix.

      • Philip A. Kaiser

        That virus game. Forgot name. Used to have it built in. Would lock you up if you moved too quickly. I flew from Phoenix to Los Angeles and it locked up for a couple hours.
        Not sure what the solution is.

    • Andrew Remmers

      But I drive faster than 60 all the time 🙁

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Ok, the speed of sound then…. When you hear my sonic boom, you will know I didn’t cheat. ;p

    • Joshua Barta

      Maybe they’re still fine-tuning it, and have removed or relaxed this check during the beta, but I would be quite surprised if they don’t have server-side code in place to detect suspicious activity.

  • CodeToJoy

    There *are* people abusing this, installing location spoofers as system apps so the dev option doesn’t need to be checked. Please don’t though – we’ve been trying to report the people who are doing it.

  • Anthony_Armando

    still waiting on a game invite. blah.

  • duoexo

    Yay! Go Google, disable them trolls.

    • Google is disabling half of their fans! 😛

  • UndergroundWire

    Sorry. This is only good for Foursquare. Ingress doesn’t allow it. Believe me I tried this on Monday.

    • Hunter

      I’m afraid I will be forced to believe you on account of you trying it Monday. Had it been Tuesday though, I’d be calling you a liar right now. 🙂

      • UndergroundWire

        I only lie on Tuesdays. But seriously, I got my invite on Monday and tried this out right away. I was rather surprised that Tim would post this without testing it.

  • Silver Veloz

    I have friends who will actually tag me (Facebook) at places I’m not. Once I was tagged at the Betty Ford Clinic, at a bathhouse in New Orleans and a gynecologysts office. If you are near an area these things come up and you can easily tag yourself and a friend with you on Facebook.

  • Someone else has said on Reddit that there’s an easy way to do it without Mock Locations. I’m not sure if it was using another application or not. He just said he had to Google to to do it.

  • summit1986

    But how if Ingress requires that mock locations be disabled in Dev Options?

    • partyzan

      Just root it!

      • summit1986

        I AM rooted. Location Spoofer won’t work either way.

        • partyzan

          move app under /system/app and set permissions to rw-r–r–

  • coolsilver

    Foursquare cheating will never be easier.

    • justincase_2008

      See honey i checked into the gym!

  • Ryan Melnick

    Nicely researched

    • God you’re sweet. Can I friend you on Facebook? lol

      • dizzle

        Tim, u are the troll slayer! 😀

        • dizzle

          I personally think that every sight needs a troll slayer. So whenever a troll pops their head out like a prairie dog pushing cotton, someone needs to come along and push their head back in.

  • not going out there

    Cave trolls spoof your location and pretend to unite!

  • not going out there

    Cave trolls unite!

  • summit1986

    I’m only going to use this for the portals that are inconveniently placed and out of reach, like the one behind the fire department in town.

  • Doug Kunkel
  • cortesjues

    i feel like that kills the point of the game…..